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CATRIS: Cat Merge Puzzle Games

CATRIS: Cat Merge Puzzle Games for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by AppCraft LLC located at AppCraft LLC 16 Kalvaryjskaja Street, office 280, Minsk, 220004, Belarus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is cute and engaging. The price to get rid of ads is a little ridiculous, I mean 8 dollars? Jeez, just charge for the game at that point. and having a subscription feature for a mobile game seems shady imo.
I find this game both frustrating and relaxing in equal measure with the combinations of tiles that drop but that's game play. What annoys me the most is the constant intrusive ads, especially when nearing the top of the game. Way too many ads
I was really enjoying this game. However, after the milestone perks were removed the game lost some of it's fun factor for me.
Ads aren't annoying but the game is silly. Too silly for me to even spend idle time on. Am going to uninstall, pity as the game idea has potential
Where is the store I got the subscription and my store went away i cannot get more boost when I need them please fix it on top of that the subscription is a waste unlimited boost only if you can wait 12 hours for the spinner to recharge part of me wants to scream false advertising.
Still a lame rip off of slidey. Stupid amount of ads. We know why there's ads, we're saying theres too many for a game that is a boring rip off of another. Replying to each of us with a copy and paste paragraph doesnt do anything for you. Improve it yourself, not ask people to do the work for you by asking for free ideas
I love the game itself. However, even with ads turned off, I still seem to get them. Also, the in game prompts to buy packs pop up far too often for my liking, which really interrupts game play, causing annoyance rather than any desire to buy more.
Very fun way to kill time and isnt hard. Only thing I would change is the ability to customize the cats
Seems my review was deleted so I'll post another. Too many ads!! In the middle of playing the game and to claim booster rewards. All these mobile developers prioritize ad revenue and not making an enjoyable game. Any game that has more ads than game time isn't worth it to me. I won't spend my free time watching ads!
This game is great. Addictive. Fun. Boredom Buster. You can pull it out for 5 minutes. Or for longer and still be entertained. BUT.. and yes this is a big but, I will not pay $12.99 Australian Dollars a week for it. I wouldn't even pay 12.99 for animal crossing a week. And I LOVVVVEEEE animal crossing. So I'll happily keep the advertising. Sidenote, I'll happily pay for this app for ad free outside of a subscription service.
The game itself is addicting but the amount of ads of this version are absolutely absurd. Anytime you hit a mile stone for points, ad. Anytime you use a spin for a power up, ad. Anytime you try and back out of the spin menu and choose to not watch an ad to spin, you still get an ad! Even going into settings and coming out of settings will hit you with an ad. They reduce the number of ads to maybe each reset or 2x power ups that's fine. The ad free and subscriptions are over priced too.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Fun game but the ads (the ones that you get After Paying For No Ads) ruin it. And yes, ads for your other games are still ads and are still annoying when over done.
Cute and remains simple yet just difficult enough to make your brain work. Really enjoying this game, but I do think there are a lot of ads (which yes, I understand the point of), but overall I think the "No Ads" price is too high. That being said, I recommend giving it a try and making your own decision! Enjoy, A.F.
Actually quite good!! Would be cool if there were achievements /levels to complete too :) Update: just now, the game background area starting doing this crazy strobing/flashing effect which is horrible. I'm stopping playing till it's fixed. It was fine this morning. Started at about 5pm. Turned my screen filters off incase it was that. No change. I have Samsung galaxy S8 (Android). Hope you can fix it easily!
Basic game for ad farming. Only about 2 minutes of play between adds. There is no side merge so you need a lot of those specials. The run around $3.99 or watch an ad to get one. Too much ads not enough game. The game could be good if it had more to it, but it's just a really basic 2024 style game thats mostly ads.
Love the game, and I don't mind ads on a free game, I really don't. But the last four or five full screen ads that have popped up for me are completely unskippable - there isn't a timer that lets you remove the ad when the timer hits zero. No "x" button to exit the ad at all, the only way out is to completely close the app and reopen it. It's getting pretty annoying, I can't see myself playing any more if it keeps up. No real complaints otherwise, there are a lot of ads but it's free so whatever
I have not made it through my first game and have been stopped twice for ads. I am uninstalling because that is ridiculous. First game!
I subscribed to the premium gold package on 04.30.21 that was supposed to give me unlimited power ups and no adds. Instead I got no adds and unlimited undos; that's all. I didn't get unlimited swaps and unlimited deletes. Then it took away my shopping option so I couldn't buy anything else, which would have been fine if I had received what I was supposed to in my premium gold package. I am still in the 3 day free trial period and hoping to get this fixed quickly. Thank you.
Good game but there are too many ads and maybe 5 minutes or less of game time. Got frustrated and unistalled it.
Cute and fun game, but way too many ads. Like any time the screen changes or if you navigate to a different app and come back...ad. Long annoying ads that pause your podcasts. And it's nearly $9 to pay for ad free? No thanks.
I like playing the game, it's laid back, and fun, but as many others have said the ads come in ridiculous amounts,. I was cool with paying the price for ad free, but even then I still get ads, a lot of them and now it tells me, even though I've already paid for ad free, that I need to buy a subscription to remove all the ads
I honestly think there are too many ads less adds means more fun Also indont like having to think but the game is still fun
The game itself is cool, but mid game adds are super annoying, the adds could be before and after matches like in tetris. Would be much more bearable this way.
The game itself is good but the amount of ads is ruining it for me. I keep putting it down because I can't play through a single game without an ad interrupting.
Fun game, a bit addictive and repetitive, but I liked it. It is a bit more difficult in the beginning, but as you accumulate "spins", "undos", "deletes" and "swaps", it becomes easier. I grinded my way to a rather high score and paused the game for a while. I opened the app tonight and my score is gone, the game reset, I'm back to square one... I'm disappointed, not sure I'll start over again.
A fun game, but updates have really pushed the ads. I appreciated the system where you could choose to watch ads for additional wheel spins and power ups, and used it frequently. Now, the game is using a system that initiates ad on closing the wheel.If I opt to not watch an ad for extra rewards after using the wheel spins earned through playing, I am then forced to sit through one anyway, but don't get the reward I could have gotten. The wheel randomly opening sucks too. Probably going to quit
I adored this game, and then they tripled the number of ads so that it's completely unplayable. Used to be bonuses when you reached checkpoints, now it's just MORE ads.
The game is good but require to watch ads every minute so it kinda force you to either buy the ad-free or uninstall.
Love this but come on. Then make it harder as you progress so you have to pay. Please, it's so fun but why? (oh I have made purchases, just doesn't seem worth it).
Fun gameplay, but the ads are just too much - they're aggressive, many are unskippable, and they appear randomly in the middle of gameplay.
Three stars because the game is great, I love it. HOWEVER, it does crash a lot. Please fix, asap. Otherwise, I would totally give this 5 stars. The crashing is very frequent too, so it's pretty annoying.
Its fun, but don't buy the "ad free" version of the game. That's so misleading. You pay so much for it and there's still ads just for things in the actual game. I bought it in hopes to remove the ads for the wheel, little did i know theres a /montly subscription/ needed for that. Its a nice game but the ads are annoying, and it also seems like an absolute cash grab
Cute game and I really liked it and I've never minded ads in a free game. Gotta hustle, ya know? I liked the spin before the update, I could choose what I wanted to double but now it's forcing me to double it and watch an ad. I can't click away back to the game. Lost some stars because of it. Other than that, I enjoyed coming and playing every once in a while... but maybe not now. :/
Really liked the game at first, was addicted even, but once my score gets super high it just completely wipes all my progress. I couldn't make myself get back up there again so I had to uninstall.
Recent updates launch ads so frequently that this game is unpleasant to play. I used to play this for hours on end and watch ads often to get power ups but now that the ads play every time you close out of the wheel (and sometimes just for no reason?) I get frustrated and find myself closing out of the game. The x button on the catris ads that pop up immediately after the video ads is too small and I can never seem to hit it on the first click. It's a shame because the game is fun.
I love puzzle games, but this game is just predatory by design. The designer (which is a stretch) forces you to watch adds in order to get abilities to move pieces (which is statistically bound to happen). I paid $8 for no adds and still get adds. Do not buy into this trash design. This is not a game, it's an add simulator. What a joke of a studio.
Overall I love the game concept. However, the power ups are all ad based or buy based. First off, the short ads in the middle of playing are very annoying to start. I bought no ads but it was more expensive than most no ads for games. Secondly, even with no ads I STILL HAD TO WATCH ADS FOR POWERUPS. Bunk stuff man.
Kind of fun once you get the hang of it and understand how it works. I can see this being highly addicting for a short period of time but losing interest not long after. My only complaint is the amount of ads.
the music can get a little repetitive but otherwise it's a fun game with simple mechanics it's also a good time waster
Fun game. Wish ads weren't so invasive. I completely understand requiring ads for free games. I don't mind the banner ads, but the pop up 30 second ads are way too frequent. And the only option to remove is a WEEKLY fee subscription. There's even microtransations, so I don't understand why y'all must be so greedy for the revenue. Just wishing there was a more affordable way for me to support your app and have no/less ads, cause as I said the WEEKLY subscription is just too outrageous.
It was awesome till it kept crashing, and had pop up ads, like the ones that pop up like a message and the traditional ones that usually show up between rounds on mobile games.
A fun simple challenging game!!! It reminds me a lot of 2024 but with a solitare type twist!!! Definately worth downloading if those are your types of games!!!
I was really enjoying it until I opened it after reaching the highest score I ever had and found that the game had just reset and lost all my progress...
i love the game but the incessant ads are way too much. getting an ad after closing an offer to watch an ad for a free spin is unacceptable. i didn't want to do it for a reward so you FORCE me to watch one? are you TRYING to get me to uninstall?? and its 6€ to remove the ads. if i were rich i would pay that amount in a heartbeat.
Love the graphics and idea of this game but way too many ads. I am playing my second game and already I have had around 20 mid game ads, literally I have a few moves before I'm given another ad. I know you have to make revenue but this is the worst game I've ever played for ads! Additional ads for rewards are super long videos and give you one reward if you're lucky! Looks like I'll be deleting the game already!
I understand the need for ads, but the amount of them in this game is insane. And, unfortunately, the app just isn't reliable enough to justify purchasing the ad-free version. The tiles frequently glitch and fall through each other, or fall without being touched. Plus, the rules seem to change randomly; yesterday I could play until all four rows hit the top, but today the game ends when one row hits the top. Overall, it's a fun game with a lot of potential, but it definitely needs some work.
Fun and addictive! Ads get a bit annoying as they interrupt game play but you can pay to remove them.
The ads make the game unplayable. I understand putting adds in-between each game but this is crazy. I can't even get through one game without at least 6 ads. I deleted the app about an hour after I got it. Sad because the game is cute...but completely not worth the trouble
I kept getting ads for no reason, buying ad blocker popups randomly, and just sudden lag. The game style and concept is good, but how it turned out wasn't that good for me.
Fun game. Just wish it was a little deeper. I was wondering does the music used in the game come from a movie or TV show? My wife's been bugging me about it! Thanks
I like the game but it keeps on resetting and then I have to start from the begining again. Also, the amount of adds you have to watch to make a success of it is insane.
πŸ‘It's a very nice app I (app)reciate at least I can play Tetris now but cuter! Because on the switch it does not let me play thank very much for the nice gameπŸ‘ Appcraft llc i love it thx
Paid for the ad-free version and still getting random mid-level ads (not linked to power-ups) popping up in the middle of levels. It's a fun game but for Β£5.99 it was advertised as 'ad free forever'. Not even ad free for an hour. Edit - thanks for giving a response but it is the full screen ads that are still playing
This game is the perfect chill way to turn your brain off BUT after playing for a few weeks it becomes totally focussed on trying to get you to pay to upgrade and becomes increasingly ad focussed the more you play. Bit of a bummer, we're all a bit miserable and out of work and now even the nonsense games we play to distract ourselves want our non existent money.
As many said, the ads were extremely annoying. So I went and bought the no ads option! Guess what. The ads are still annoying. When I lose, I have to wait 5 seconds in order to press Restart game OR I can revive immediately by watching an AD. In order to progress, the game seems to push the boosters on you, which you have to either buy or watch an ad to get a random booster. It's extremely infuriating design. I would've rather paid $4 for an ad free version of the game.
Game is great and the concept is really fun. I can find myself playing this for a long time. The only reason its not 5 stars right now is because the option to get rid of ads costs a whooping $15. That's a little steep.
Would-be much better if you didn't have to pay to play. There are so many long winded adverts but I begrudge paying for a membership I also think that the cost of the help aids are too expensive so even with whatever currency it is you would need to pay more than you earn in game if you wanted to get a better score. I like these games but after a week or two they get tiring as it's the same old things you get to a point and it just doesn't change
I like logic games and puzzles. I don't understand the "cat". What am I building? What are the levels? The puzzle nature is the only thing that keeps me engaged.
Cool spin on the 2024 style number match game. I will say that because the pieces only fall in one direction, if a higher number lands on a lower number there is almost nothing you can do to save yourself without using a power up. I also second everyone on here saying that mid game ads are super annoying. I don't mind watching ads to get power ups though or even an ad at the end of a long game, but in the middle of a game will almost always get a delete from me.
I like this game the free version has far too many ads that drove me nuts so I have paid for the no ads feature. I have also trialed the 'GOLD' premium feature (shop ad states unlimited powerups) which is NOT WORTH the Β£7.99 a WEEK price tag - what is actually included is 1 free spin every 12 hours and limited undoes which are also on a timer after you use. Despite the obvious infinity symbols next to both 'unlimited' is it Hell...
Constant ads make an otherwise cute game completely unplayable. If you have six plus bucks to drop on a simple time killer you're good, otherwise it's just not worth the it. Bummer.
I'm sorry, but if I pay to have ads removed, I expect to be able to play without sitting through ads. "Get ready! An ad is headed your way!" What a joke!
The game & graphics are cute. I wish there were levels with different goals. The ads are a bit much. I get the need for them, and I don't need an apology response, but I have to believe there is a better way to include ads without it being so incredibly detrimental to game play. I'm uninstalling for now. I hope the game improves at some point.
Very fun game and concept. I docked a star due to the type of ads. While I understand the free version contains ads which is fine, but it is very annoying to have music on Spotify and even when you mute the ad the music doesn't always come back on. Also, the price for premium is pretty unreasonable to me. 7/8 bucks a week?? Oh boy. Again, fun game though.
No levels, so there is no threshold to clear the screen. Almost impossible to get rid of incorrectly stacked pieces without making a purchase every time.
Was on a 200,000 streak when my game reset without my having done so. Very frustrated. Gonna uninstall for a while. Too many ads that are easy to bring up the payment info. Every time you run out of a booster it trys to selk you more, and the cost/quantity seems a bit high.
All ads. It's a cute idea, but they destroy the game with all the ads, and the no ads upcharge is extremely overpriced.
I actually enjoy the game- honestly, I do. But the ads are infuriating. Waaaay too many. I can't go 30 seconds without seeing one, I swear. Had there been a few less, I might have bought somethin- now that ship is long gone.
Fun but..no levels? No progression? No save feature so I can come back to the same place? I wanted to like it and well I did, but too many faults to keep. Only way to end the game is to force a fail. Not very fulfilling Imo.
It's super cute. And the gameplay is enjoyable. But there are SO MANY ADS. Like you lose, ad. You start a new game, ad. And there is a SUBSCRIPTION to get rid of the ads. This game isn't in depth enough for a subscription
This is a really fun game! You el have to think a bit more than most games! Good job guys. I would love to have it without ads! One day...
This used to be such a cute, relaxing game to pass the time. Then all of a sudden, the controls went haywire (I click a column and it will register that I'm clicking it by shading in, but the cat won't drop so I click again and then it will register twice so it drops a cat I didn't want dropped), the number of ads increased (it's infuriating), and for such a simple game, the cost of premium or to get rid of ads is ludicrous. Uninstalling this game for sure as it's no longer enjoyable.
Querky cute game. Played one round and i know ill probably delete due to ads. Love the premise & play though.
The game is a complete money grab. The odds are heavily stacked against you unless you use near constant deletes and swaps, many of the advertisements for this game have it as a match 3 when it's a stack-merge game. The minute one value higher lands on a lower value, you cannot do anything with that entire colmun until you merge it 10 times. And given 6 or 7 cats do not spawn, you'll be waiting for every rainbow cat to clear a mistake pile which is inevitably going to become many mistakes
I was really enjoying the game and was on my way to a 300,000 point game and it restarted my game back to zero and I lost all of my deletes.
There are way too many ads trying to get u premium stuff for the game. Every time I leave and come back there's an ad. I even got a glitch where it added more cats, but they were fake because they didn't merge or do anything, just blocked the view of the real cats in that column, even if the fake cat was a 1, it wouldn't merge with a 1 cuz it was fake. Besides that, the game seems like a good time waster.
The ads are triggered by successful moves... This basically de-incentivises you to continue playing. It interrupts game play. If they were at the end of a failed game, you would want to play well to avoid it. But instead touching the game seems to trigger an ad. Also it took me a while to notice that one of the pop ups was an in-game ad because of how hideous and off branding it was.
Fun simple game, unfortunately it's been freezing from time to time on my phone (my phone's fault not the game's) I've been playing it anyway it's relaxing
I love this game! It has the cuteness of other cat games and the added challenge of the puzzles. Overall, this is a great game which I highly recommend. 😻😻
It's okay. Short gameplay, but cute. When you level up in points you get an "upgraded" cat... But you never see it? And it resets as soon as you fail. I'd like to see the option of themed colored cats, like ocean style, butterfly, etc.
Its a fun game but super glitchy! It gets stuck on the same level over and over; my cat has reached the "new level" of 1000 like 7 times now πŸ™„ and also that screen has no close button so i have to keep closing and opening the app till it finally disappears somehow. Also the number glitch, sometimes when the number merge the cats disppear but they dont change into the next number. Like i said it was actually fun, but it needs some work and an update please so we can actually enjoy the game.
I think its a great loveable game and so fun its just great and you can get yiur math higher and its so fun i cant stop playing
This game is something interesting that I've been playing for hours on end by now. I love it to death already. However, two of the downsides, is that one: whenever I use a power up, a a pop-up will show on the screen and then so will the power wheel, so I have to click out of both of them before I continue my game. Two: the game keeps showing me ads for super cool packs (ex. never see ads again, get ten power ups of everything) and it gets annoying pretty fast. All in all, the game is worth it.
Was enjoyable until feeling forced to make purchases. Uninstalling. Price gouging doesn't seem right during this pandemic.
I liked this game because it had very few ads. Hopped on to play today and got At Least 5 ads between me starting the game and it ending. Please do better.
This is a really cute and fun game. However...there are SO MANY ADS. It's a shame because I like this game. I don't like it enough to pay $7.99 a week for it. I would probably do a one time payment of a similar amount, but seriously? $7.99 EVERY WEEK?
Super fun game!! Hate the ads. Literally unplayable with how many ads there are. Super disappointing.
Enjoyed the game and spent money for game helps but will likely uninstall. Now that I can't just play the game without ad interruptions.
I love this game, well I did. I've had the same game going for weeks. Today, I opened the app and it reset my game...I lost all my progress. It doesn't even list my high score.. cool, because I've spent money on this game...
I give this a 5 star rating because there is nothing wrong with it! It is tricky but also fun and cute all at the same time!
Good time consumer when you're bored. Unfortunately, I've been noticing lately some more mature rated ads (playboy, mature video games, etc.). I would appreciate being able to opt-out of inappropriate ads.
The game itself is cute if you don't want to think much. Not much strategy is needed to keep the game going. HOWEVER this game has so many ads that you barely play. Every few minutes it automatically plays a ad. If you want to spin to get a prize there's an ad then to double your prize there's an ad. It's really annoying. Makes me not want to play the game anymore
The game is cute and fun, but even after paying to remove ads the game now pops up with a window that says 'time for a short ad break' and gives me an ad. What's the point of paying if you're going to show them anyways?
The game is fun, but never lets me design my cat! No matter what my score is, there is never a cool looking cat at the end. It always tells me to start from the beginning.
This game could be a lot better than it is. The aesthetic is cute, but the frequency of mid-game ads is way too high. They warn you before rolling the ads, which I appreciate, but I still shouldn't be getting an ad every 5 minutes in the middle of a single game. I also really dislike the ??? Blocks. There's no strategic challenge to them, other than to mess up your stacks and incentivize paid boosts
So it's a cute puzzle game with cats that has a simple concept and a lot of strategy. There are a generous amount of ads and every time I go back into the game from my "open apps" it gives me another one, but it's a free game so πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. I spent a few days grinding up to 250k+ score. Imagine my shock when I opened it tonight and saw that not only did it START OVER, but the high score was way below what I had been at. No idea why it happened but I'm way too frustrated so I uninstalled.
So I loved this game. Yeah it is repetitive but it was relaxing and I even spent some money on spins and the other perks. I played almost daily. Today I get on and my game has been wiped and my score reset. I spent I think months playing this game and building up my score. Now I can't bring myself to start it again. I'm upset I lost my most relaxing game.
There were a lot of ads before but now it's just too many. "Watch this ad to double your prize, oh you don't want to? Well here's an ad anyway but you don't get the double prize" what the heck!? No thank you. Uninstalled!
Needs work, more content. In game currency to buy boosters rather charging real money for them. Less intrusive ads and an ad reward system. Also scoreboards and weekly tournaments and events.
Nothing like Tetris and where is the gameplay from the ad, where you tap 3 blocks of the same number and everything moves up? That's what got me to download the game. False advertising if you ask me...
Too many forced ads. Even when i reject the ads to double my spin reward it forces me to watch an ad. Could be a fun game if the ads weren't so intrusive
This is directly to the creators... apparently YOU don't COMPREHEND what I said in my previous review!!... I play MANY FREE games that DO NOT have as many ads as your game does and they seem to be able to develop and support their apps!...why can't you??!!
Don't get attached to this game. I really enjoyed playing this game as it helped with my anxiety but it just wiped my game for no reason so will be deleting it. For context I was over 4,700,000 points. You read that right. Like the others have said before, the adds got more annoying with the update.