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Catch Driver: Horse Racing

Catch Driver: Horse Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by The Farm located at 10700 Concession 5 Uxbridge, ON, Canada L9P1R1. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game but should add a passing lane in the home stretch for drivers that are trapped on the inside
Another absolute knock out of a game. This company apparently does horse racing stuff. I know nothing about horse racing but this game is insanely fun and addictive. The live aspect is kinda wild.
generally good some choppy frames and app stop while racing still says 7 hrs for credit why am i not able to get credits like before every half hr now im waiting for 8 hrs can't find where to update
Can't stop racing! I'm having way too much fun playing this game. Wish I had known about it when it first came out. The only thing I don't like is the wait time when your energy is up to race again
I assumed that this would would be more of a novelty for for people that race horses. But its one of, if not the best. mobile racing apps ever.
This game was pretty fun, then they basically took the drives away unless you wait 24 hours or buy more. so i made the mistake to buy more, and would constantly get locked in by the "bots" - not fun anymore
This used to be fun. With the new changes it is now horrible. It is very difficult to do things that were once easy. Also, the visual of the race is no longer satisfying. 7-20 Tried again. Agree with other commenters about the BOTS. Now game closes before the race after being OK for a month.
the game has improved ALOT! wish some things were different like you would be able to pick the track you raced at. and colors and racbikes/wheels should be cheaper.
All it does is glitch and freeze, terrible set-up. I have spent enough money, this game is an absolute rip off. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME
This is to good of a game to be waiting 8 hours for 1 energy. 24 hours for 3 energy. We should of at least get more energy if you 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Awesome. If you love harness racing and love the strategy of being in the sulky then this is a game you gotta try.
Awesome game good fun and no issues with gameplay. Would be nice to see a stamina bar as your racing and this game.would.be the greatest if you combined it with off and pacing and could train and drive your own horses
I don't know how this game gets significantly worse over time. Can you please tell me how having the horse with the most stamina and second most speed in the race, sitting a pocket trip behind slow fractions, and then you pull out in the stretch why does the horse just completely die while everyone passes you? Game is absolutely rigged to take your horse shoes because they want you to buy more. I've spent a lot of money in this game but not anymore. I'd rather lose my money on real horse racing
Game itself is great. Setup of mods is abhorrent from the App creators. Mods and "judges" use their "power" to perpetuate vendettas and or their friendships. Changing rules and making decisions at THEIR discretion. Creators have left the most informative area of the game (Discord) to be a personal playground for a select few. I've spent plenty and have done well, but the Judges lack of knowledge and bias makes the app intolerable. I have proof to everything I stated contact Discord: Jimmy P
Horrible update why the f did i update this, it was fun 2 min ago now I went to the play store and updated it. now you can't race without horseshoe entry and my ranking is gone with this new one at zero. I used to like this app now I won't play. Bad bad bad update
The game is beautifull.... I recommend it so much, I woul like to race on 2 mile as weel and other track like VINCENNES or Stockholm or Napoli track, a lot of European play this game but unfortunately no European truck for us... And I will not top up anymore until they do not suspend players like Clerance Lineshiver... I can't see my mooney going in the Bin because the admin doesn't suspend this player
Total scam one of the worst on line. Your either driving a 5 claimer vs stakes type or the drones cheat. 3 wide the mile dont fDe lol what a joke. It's a fun game but dont pay and dont expect to win much no matter who your driving they always put better against you. Blah.
This is like being in a real race..I have alot of fun playing game and & the new graphics are really really up to par really realistic just a good game all around.There's nothing else like it one of kind.
Fun to play but last update was brutal. Having to wait 8 hrs for a single race is ridiculous. If this isn't corrected soon, I'll be uninstalling the app. I'm sure my racing buddies will follow. Sure there's an option to purchase more races, but seems like nobody plays fair. Not wasting money. No sound either.
Use to be fun at least, when you got a free pack of 4-5 cards. Pay entry fees with horseshoes. Get possible nice cards in small pack. Very little chance in minipacks they give you for watching ads. Use to be a challenge, now it seems they don't want to keep this game accessible to average users. Will not buy horseshoes or drive packs. Once my cards are gone, you lost a 1 year player of the game, and a harness enthusiast. Downgrading my old rating of 3 to a 1!!
What's up with the 1 race a day to much time between races this is horrible top racers compete against bottom so they box you. The game will mess up and then you'll lose a race and get points doc off of your average what a joke do not download this game I've wasted too much time playing it. It was an all right game now it sucks do not download waste of time I've never seen a game company that don't want you to play their game but yet they want you to download it. (after a while game is boring!
This game sucks. It was a million times better with the old version. Now its just a complete waste of time. The game crashes and skips and sometimes you never even see the start of the race. Wont get another dime from me.
Great game if it would let me play it. Gives me about 8 drive cards and then I have an 18 hour wait for another small pack of maybe 1 card. Horse shoes are impossible to acquire when you only get 3 for a win 2 for second and 1 for 3rd. Should get like 10 for a win 5 for second and 2 for 3rd. Impossible to gain horse shoes without dipping into your own pockets and buying them so don't bother downloading.
Is this new August update working for anybody? I've lost all three of my racing cards without having a race due to it crashing and closing app right before the race starts. Hopefully you can fix this soon
the game used to be more fun and competitive. the game went from one extreme to another with the bots. In the older game, the bots would just stay single file to the stretch. now they are totally unrealistic and just run total interference. game is no longer competitive or fun. no more purchasing energy or playing for me unless they change the bots to a more realistic race style.
Hate the new update. Good concept, bad gameplay. I personally am not a fan of the 3d update. Uninstalled
With the changes to where the computer can pull at any moment, is good and bad. The good is that it changes the complexion of the race. The bad thing is that even when parked, they don't fade like a horse would that is played by a real player. I've noticed more than not, the computer takes the fun out of it, especially when they are parked and you're waiting for them to fade and you can get out, but they never do.
Do not download! I have high speed interent and this game will freeze over 80 percent of the time during your race. Too many cheaters on this game that don't know anything about horse racing. It would be a good game if you could race against your friends or even the computer only. In real harness racing you're not allowed to hold horses back and deliberately block people that takes the fun out of the game. The concept of the game is great there's no other harness racing game out there like this where you control the horse that I know of I myself. I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time to come out hopefully they'll go back and change a few things then you will have a great harness racing game that everyone will love to play. (I think if you make the horses when the driver blocks somebody on purpose that their horse will break stride now that would be awesome)
love this game ..my buddy and i have been talking anout creating a harness racing game for years? Id love to bring in the Big boysnof the sport like Always be Miki,Wiggleitjiggleit,Niatross,Somebeacheomewhere,ect,ect... great job creatoes
Excellent but frustrating at times. Messed up when gamers who's horse is used up move over to block. So much for not trying to screw your fellow gamer over.
Add simple sound like hoofbeats would make it interesting. Driving controls to sensitive. Over all good game !!
Needs work, plus very, very much a pay-to-win game. Almost could be considered pay-to-play. Either way, way too overpriced for what's being offered. Also limited support, no update since 2019, and very few features that would keep people playing. There's a reason there's no more that 50 to 60 people playing at any one time.
in theory the game should be cool. but in reality it's stupid.Its repetitive and the people who play it spend their whole time blocking and not playing correctly. I'm giving up on it out of aggravation. you will to. ok thats great but how does one become a verified user?
Ive been playing for a few months now and honestly the game is getting worse whats the point of having a game or app i can only play every 7 hours or so if im gonna have to wait 7 hours to race again you should consider more then just 3 energies 👎🏽
Too many cheats. Deliberately blocking other horses. Very frustrating. Getting a bad horse with an impossible chance to win from a bad draw and punished by losing driver points. Could be an excellent game. Improvement required.
yeah feel that I have been short-changed for my money a lot of glitches in the game no Pleasures here on-farm I find
Love the app. Fun, strategis, like party mode. Still figuring out how to drive certain horses, but really fun. How can I use the game on more than one device?
Its a great concept! As a harness racing fan it's a good game. They have improved it now ..I play all the time . It appears they have fixed the bugs! Have been playing with no issues thus far.
You really need to get this game right guys getting in your way so you can't get by them interference in the stretch and steering is herendus awfull
Truly an elite game, I wonder if purchasing a harness/wheels/helmet improves anything or if they're just for aesthetics?