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Is a Puzzle game developed by Cross Field Inc. located at 東京都新宿区北新宿1-1-19. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a very cute game I rated this 5 stars because the ads are exceptional and the levels are great for kids 7 and up! I love this game! You should download it!
Omg BEST GAME EVER its fun cute and they should add more cats tho. My only critisism is i was at level 17 and it restarted me so thats disappointing.
I have installed this game since 2017. And then I uninstalled it due to my storage is not enough. So I did free some space for re-install this game. But when I re-installed it again, I cannot linked to my previous account. So I have to start from the beginning again. They said that account linkage is not gonna happen in different device. I'm still using same device when re-installed it. Why is this happen?
This game is amazing, AMAZING I tell you. There is so many cats you can get or collect. Right now I have the original cat, the black cat, the Scottish fold, and the munchkin! They are adorable. You can expand the room for your cats or stuff! You have to be the right level tho. I didn't see any glitches or, I don't so far. Overall, this app is great. I recommend! See you in the game 😺😺😺🐱🐈
Simple and fun. Can you make the puzzle game less difficult. Its hard to get more cash and level up with only just playing with the cats.
I've played this game and its AMAZING!!💖 I really do recommend this game💖 who wouldn't want a game about kitty cats? Its amazing!! I really love how you can make your own room for your cats, get more cats, buy more things, I love it so much!!💖💖
It's pretty nice and cute so cute And why is everything is kinda expensive so nevermind IDC about that much so I love the game it's good for kids download now.
I really like the game, it is so fun I love how you collect all the cats and then care for them. I like how you play puzzels and the cats clean the stage up. This is a fun, cute game. I also like how you can design the house yourself or look for some suggestions of how to create the house. 👍
I love this. I mean, well things have been changing. Before, no phone call allowance. Now, well. I don't know why it's like this now please remove it. And answer my question: Why make this change? Other than that, I really like this game. If you fix this, then I'll recommend it. Peace!
I'd love to give this game a 5-5 but I had to restart EVERYTHING two times, the first one was fine we make mistakes but this time I had too much progress to just restart and not get a bit pissy. So yeah- I play this game every now and again and it's kinda annoying to see everything gone like I never played it
This app is amazing! The art stlye is cute and adorable people are really nice in this game and the puzzles are really fun and challenging and there are so many cat breeds You won't regret downloading this app!
I like this game very Much but the reason I gave it four star is bcoz it freezes in middle... If you can fix that please do...
Really cute cats, and furniture! Not laggy at all. The reason I give it 4 stars is because the puzzles get ridiculously hard after about leval 45 or so. But other than that its an amazing game and defidentily reccomanded.
I accidently bought something worth 900 coins yet when i want to sell it get 180 coins,this makes no sense so please fix the prices,also why are the prices so high? I just really hate that also i play on a samsung tablet witch means i for me it is extremely laggy and it sucks,the wording and spelling makes no sense so please fix your wording and spelling ok?,edit:the puzzle is not fun not possible And waaaayyyy to hard so please make it umm i dunno about umm 9 levels more possible,
its awesome but there should be a thing when u can sell cats and their kittens for the amount of stars they costed
The English translations are a bit wonky and hard to understand sometimes, but the game is so cute and simple it doesn't matter all that much. Definitely an adorable game.
Very cute and great game I love the cats and everything in this game the levels are a bit hard but that doesn't bother me I also recommend it to all cat lovers! 😊🐱
Its such a cute game! I love way that we can get lots of furniture's and rooms :D I love how I earn coins from that minny game which is also really fun! If you are interested of game please check it out :)
It's so nice, i been spending 5 hours on it and it is cute love the cats in the game but one thing, you shoud make a conchery picker so when you go vist it will be what ever concher you picked.
Would give 0 stars for not even going to try this game. It wants access to everything on your device! Access that it shouldn't need! Plus it's only played in portrait mode? There are more than phones out there! So, it looked cute too. But too much access makes it bothersome!
This is a really good cat game but when you get a new cat or a kitten make it so you can add the new cat without having to use cat food to keep both cats in the room other than that this a brilliant game
I like it, u build and build. Its like match the cats but u can build ur cute home. I love it but i hate the ads kay
I love the game its so cute and is a great game! I haven't run into any problem yet so far but i would like an easier way to get the star this because i would like more cats T-T.
All the cats are so cute. My daughter love's this game so much. But wan my daughter cames in it takes a long time to lode.
The cats are adorable! The game is amazing but try to add like, were able to take care of 5 or more cats instead of 4 and switching. If you get it you get it.. I'm not sure how to explain it but either way, the game is great
This is the best game ever. I love it so much, i literally cannot stop playing it. It's very fun and addicting, i totally recommend this if you are looking for a good cat game. It's also not very hard to earn things in this game and especially the levels get more fun in this one, they get hard but not hard enough to take days to complete it like other games i've played, it also doesn't force you to pay if you don't want to pay (like me 👁👄👁) This game is in the top list for me.
It's actually fun but the takes a lot of time to load I think it should be till 100% or something because 1 or 2 or 3,4,4, blah blah its too much and people get bored waiting for it download.... Just for that loading thing I gave 4 stars Please do something about the loading
I really really LOVE this app lots! But this is just a pet peeve of mine but is it alright if the next update would have more puzzles? And also another idea I'd like that can be added, how about giving an option to choose one kf your pets to go outside? And you can play games and even finding old furnitures you can sell or just a few coins too! But you can take as long as you want! no rush haha
i love this game! The cats are so cute! i used to have this game years ago and coming back to it in 2020 is nostalgic. There is a cat that is the same breed as my missing cat and seeing the cat every day has helped me cope with my sadness! Definitely worth getting this game.
I really really love this kind of game, there are so many choice of furniture, cat good...many activities for cat as well, all the cate are cute! it's so so good! I love it so much
its a good game its really entertaining and fun my only complaint is that somtimes the text is hard to understand because the developers of this game probably dont speak english as a first language. but overall its a great game.
Its absolutely fun but loading takes long i really love decorating its my thing it took me 6 hours trying to find a game like this
It's amazing! As a cat lover I really enjoy this, I had to go on a 24h trip and I was trying to find games to play so I wouldn't get bored and I've been playing this for so long. Honestly it's a great game I definitely recommend
I love this game but... The friend coin is a bit hard to get even tho it takes effort just make it a bit easier next time
I gave it three stars because the loading is so long! Can you please fix that. I couldn't get to play the game but it looks cute!
I love this game so much, but the problem is, when I go to the babyroom, it says "an error occurred"something like that, I just wanna claim the baby cat that I raised, but it always said like that, and I tried to restart my phone if there would be my phone's problem, but it still doesn't work and my connection is all good, so I try to re-install this game for now, I hope they would be okay, and please fix it? Thank you very much... Love your game❤️edit, I got that baby cat after reinstalled it💕
Best game ever!!. The cat is very cute and i love cat. But i give 4 star because this game is always stuck and said unfortunately cat room has stopped. I don't know what happening. So...... Please fix it or I have to do something about it... idk. But this game is amazing. Tq.
I like to play this game to calm down :) The cats are absolutely adorable and help me feel better whenever I feel very scared or angry. Its also very fun to play the mini game thing to get more levels and stuff like that. I really hope whoever is reading this plays this! Its a very simple and cute game :D
Hello, friends and people of the internet, I love Cat room, it's adorable the cat's are so cute, i've had the game from 2016 - 2018 - 2020, I kept unstalling the game cause i got new devices but it came into my mind & i declared to install it again and i'm addicted!
This game is fun and I love cats so much so thats why I'm giving it a five stars and the cats are so cute!
Cute game. Takes some trial and error to figure out play because instructions are a little hard to understand. I'm enjoying it now that I've gotten the hang of it. Love the animation. Sad that I wasn't able to save my game and import to my new phone. Hate having to start over. Oh well. Still enjoying the game. One more thing could you please give instructions when a new challenge is added to the match 3 game. For example the whirlwind around level 215. Thanks. 😎
I love this game and it's so much fun but ... theres no problem at all, I love all the cats. But I would like a offline version for it but on that game
Its a very good game you can decorate adopt cats play and care of it you can trade or request for things you can go at neighbors but I gave it four stars because of puzzles its hard to solve puzzles after some time and stages please remove it and you can add minigames for rewards or you can have unlimited moves till there is clear and clear is come too late after easy stages pls fix or remove that and add minigames of cat but still its my favorite game
The game is very nice and a great way to pass time I highly recommend you get it,But I think you should make it easier to collect stars so we can get more cats but other than that it's a pretty fun game to play keep it up and stay safe 👍😷
This is the cutest game I've ever played, and I love all the kitty cats in this game but, the directions are sometimes hard to understand because of the grammar, and the 'Care' option can only update 4 cats to care, what if you have 5 cats or more than that, you won't be able to know what they want so plssssss, fix that part. I rated this at 5⭐ because this game is so addicting download it now, arigato guzaimasu.💓
This is a really good game got cuteness overloads . It doesn't have any adds except for when your playing puzzles if you want to get extra coins they give you different ads every time . The best thing is that they don't send notifications and wake you up in the middle of the night it's a life changer for my experience of cats cause I love cats and it would be perfect for cat lovers and animal lovers thank you for for downloading and have a great cuteness overload
Amazing game and CUTE GAME EVER!!!! I love to renovate the room too! I sometimes laughing when i always taping on the cat then the cat is angry🤣🤣🤣😆😆!!! I love the paradise place too, cuz there soo many CAT FRIENDS!!!! I still ENJOYING YOUR GAME!!!!
I love this game the cats are so cute you can even make friends It does not lag or crash for me i will rate this game a five!
I love this game cause its SO SO SO cute and there's lots to do and explore and I love cats I really have 5 FIVE cats so we can get lots of cats witch is somthing I LOVE
FIX THE LEVEL 82 GLITCH on the game part! There is literally NO GOAL to complete, so you kill the mice, get rid of the boxes, and get down to zero and it SAYS YOU LOSE! It is impossible to win.. This is the SECOND TIME on the game that I got to this level because I was FORCED to START OVER on another device because the game was incompetent, and it STILL IS BROKEN. Fix it immediately, because without this level being fixed, you can't get enough currency of any kind to continue playing!
I just love it but some times it can get hard but its a perfect time killing game I've been play for hours and hours so please give it a try
Its a good game the cats are cute but the game kicks me out sometimes but it may be just cuz of my crapie internet
one day i was bored so i searched for a game but then i saw this cute game (wich is this game) so i downloaded it to play it , very cute nice gameplay but it was laging a bunch of times so i went to uninstall it so i very miss this game
Cute game. Takes some trial and error to figure out play because instructions are a little hard to understand. I'm enjoying it now that I've gotten the hang of it. Love the animation.
This is my favorite game ever. There is always something to do and the cats are so cute. I love that you can decorate your rooms! The English is a little off but not bad at all. I do wish you could make your own character like a personal avatar to live in the house or you could dress your cats! 5 stars!!!
Super fun way to pass time but I wpuld really like if we could rotate the furniture in other directions!
I love it!! It's adorable and fun! I love all the cats and that u can cook,I also like that u can request things and plant! I recommend you get it if u like cats and cute stuff!😎
love the game its great but it takes a long time to load if you can spide that up pliss but the game is grate love the mini game and the art style
It's so adorable and you can take it to paradise am I saying it right but so cute!but one problem I'm just 8 years old and the puzzles I cannot beat please fix the levels on my phone,easier cause I cant figure it out that's why I keep getting no points
I love this game because it is very cute game. I give it 4 stars cause it lag so bad (i am using ZTE ) but i would recomment downlaod it. The animation is so cute! Please fix it..<3
Eh. Its fun at the start and levels for puzzles are alright, but i got stuck on a level and was unable to complete it. I tried for days but to no avail. Other than that, I love the gameplay. I love the art style especially. Overall a good game besides level difficulty.
Nice and calming game. Only thing that irritates me is how kinda useless is money (game money)compared to food cans.
I downloaded this game because I needed something new for my down time, yknow something I can somewhat turn my brain off for. I usually dislike the bejeweled type games but this one has more than just that, giving you something else to do while your lives are gone which is pretty nice. You take care of cats that live in a house you decorate and expand, the stars you get from the match three game lets you unlock more cats. Its a nice and relaxing experience and I'd recommend it
Its so cute can you make this game offline? there some need my phone fixes not the game the cats looking super duper cute I love the game thank you very much! 🐱😸😹😺😻😼😽😾😿🙀.
Very cute and relaxing game, great way to pass the time. What I do recommend to improve though id that some puzzle stages are ridiculously hard to do, with little movements to support. However, that is not a huge issue and by any means this game is thoroughly enjoyable
So far I am enjoying the game. I would like to have more chances at the mini game but I suppose money needs to be made somehow. It does take some grinding but it is a game you can easily leave and come back to. Very cute and many kitties to collect and you can help others. There is also a kitty plaza which I still yet to understand how it works with the missions..
Played this game for a fairly long time and it's a really fun and cute game. There are times when I won't play the game but everytime I come back to play it it just relieves me from my stress, so I really recommend you to play this game.
The adds in this game make you WANT to watch the, the adds are a secret that you can discover from the very first time you play this, but I won't spoil how you find them.
this game is EPIC! you can visit other people and i really like the relaxing thingy for the cats. this game is a little similar to soda crush, so i would recomend this game to people who like cats, online chats, and soda crush. this game is Awesome! :D (✯ᴗ✯)
I was looking for a animal game that isn't all kid cartoons and this is what I saw it looked so cute but I couldn't download it, it just black out. I give it a 5 for cuteness but a 3 for good staff
This game is AMAZING I LOVE IT. The cats, the furniture it's incredible. I love how you have to level up and get more room and new cats! Definitely recommend if you LOVE cats and if you don't but just get it!!!!!
Its very fun!Especially the animation is really cute,i love the way you can decorate the rooms all you want!
I really like this game! There are so many cute cats. But the puzzle is so hars but this is still my favorite.
This is nice, the only reason why i gave it a 4 star is because getting cat food is so hard. Please fix it because its gonna be very hard to unlock cats without cat food
I really like this game! It's fun and there's cats that you can take care of and it's nice and relaxing 😊. It helps take me away from constantly scrolling through Instagram haha. At least I've replaced it with something else 😂
I love this game so much! 5 Stars all the way! I have had this game since I was nine on different devices and this is the first time I am rating it. The game is very time consuming and very fun.
I like kitty!!!!!! I'll give 5 star it's amazing 🙂🙂🙂😃. But also Al lot hard work lol!!!!!ʕ·ᴥ·ʔʕ·ᴥ·ʔʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
It's very fun, and I like it very much the puzzle game is like candy crush. The cats are very cute but some times I cant pass the stage at puzzle game but I still rate it 5 star!
Haven't gotten super far yet, but I've been playing a LOT since I've installed it. Super fun and cute! My only nitpick though is that catfood cans are too rare.
The reason I'm giving it 4 Starz is as time goes on it get soo much harder to get cats, other than that I think the game is super cute and really addicting =3
I super love the game but I wish there are other ways to earn money like adding different kinds of games. I really wanted to design my room but I'm always short of money. The is really addictive.
I looooove this game, it's amazing. But there's one problem. There's no way to restart your progress!!! You can uninstall, reinstall and uninstall again, but your progress stays the same! There's no way to start over! Please make an option to start all over again.
Such a good game! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the mailbox system is a little laggy and confusing...also the foster care simulation is very slow lmao
Cute and fun. No pressure of constantly farming/maintaining status. I also like how I'm not pressured into buying just to upgrade
One day I was bored and I came across this game on the play store. I thought looked cute so I downloaded it. The cats are just the cutest little things. But the baby room confused me a lot because I couldn't figure out how to care for the baby kitten. Also the wait times for everything is just too long. Otherwise this is such a good game and I recommend downloading it.
I love this game! It's addictive and fun to play. It has just the right amount for coins and cans ( for most games cans would be diamonds or of the like), and it's calming to play. It's sort of like housescapes, where you use a matching game like candy Crush to get more stuff and coins for your house.
If you're a cat person this game is definitely for you! You can buy cute cats, play puzzles, visit other people's rooms and so much more! so yesterday i thought this game was CAT LIFE. Lol i was so dumb😐😂 like i said if your a cat person i recommend this game🙂👍✨
Love it. Before didn't it would lag all the time. Had to restart all over. But it's better no freezes. Thank you cause I miss this game.
This game was so awesome to play! But i just hope you make another game with this design but different animal! And please also add the profile so we can edit it :))
This app is really good bye when I was trying to do the Puzzle I couldn't 3 stars so it wouldn't let me get the 2 star and that was all I needed
This game is SO FUN I have been playing for like a week and I am already on the match 3 game level 37 And I have 4 cats! I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes cute, house decorating match 3 games. The cats are so adorable that my mom says she can't even look at them for one SECOND without crying. ❤️
I like this game!its really cute,if you want buy a new cat,you gotta buy it with stars!but the problem is its gotta hard to earn the stars,and the photo of the cat is doesnt shown,one day i wanna buy "munchkin",and when it show up,its doesnt same as i expected,i just waste my stars.. Everytime after your cat use a facility you gotta wait for that faclity can be used again,and its takes kind long
sadly, i cant log in to my room after reinstall the app even I enter the correct name and password..goodbye to my lovely cats and rooms and furnitures and stars and levels...after so many hardwork i put and this is what i get😩😩
Very cute game but I wished that it didn't lag that much But other then that it is a very cute game full of many cute catss I wishe I had those cats irl-
So cutee😍😍 I would tell that this game is PAWsome I love it download it right now!! Its so chte you will have to take care of your cats and play some puzzles to earn stars to buy cats so awsome!! I LOVE IT!!
I love games especially this one becuase this game tells you how to take care of a cat properly its like monopoly monopoly is about how to be successful in life what I am trying to say is that every game teaches you a leason of how to be responsible
I love it!but can you add so we can make toys like in Minecraft Like a bed and a bath = the relaxing bath it ups bath time and sleep PLEASE
I love the designs and the graphics! It is so adorable and cute! There are ads but they didnt pop up if you didnt wish one! No glitches. I just want to say to everyone to download this app, it is totally worth it!
I'm giving it a 4 star, because when you first get in the game it takes a while to download, and when you wait and do something else while waiting for it to download, it freezes.
It's a really cute game, even if some of it isn't in english. Also, it won't let me log in through Facebook. It keeps saying that the app is in development mode or something?? So I cannot save my progress :(
Cute game!!!!! It would be nice if it was easier to get cat food But i give this game five stars 🐱
I.HATE.THIS. A year ago I installed this and it WORKED PERFECTLY FINE, now that I got bored I deleted it, and now I reinstalled it. And when it loads IT JUST STOPS AT 24.90% !! I reinstalled it AGAIN AND IT JUST WONT LOAD! My internet IS PERFECTLY FINE, I restarted my phone and IT WONT WORK! ITS BEEN 2 DAYS AND ITS STILL LOADING IT JUST STOPS AT 24.90%!!!!!!! UGH I HATE THIS F GAME 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🖤
I tried several different cat games, and this is my favorite if you want lots to do. In a good way, it feels like Webkinz because there is so much going on, and you can even make friends and see other people's houses and cats. You have plenty of cats to choose from, and mini games, and taking care of your cats, cooking, etc. However, this is probably the worse English translation I have ever seen in a game before, so just try to figure out what the instructions are saying and you'll be fine.
I still em downloading it but i saw a comment that ses it will restart in level 17 so im kinda changing my mind if this will be a cute adorable funnn game so ᕙ(͡°‿ ͡°)ᕗ /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\(@_@)(˘・_・˘)
It's a really cute game! I love it but It keeps crashing I uninstalled it to rid of the problem, it got rid of my progress. Which was fine, got it all back with ease but it started to crash again so I rated one star lower than I would want to
Great game but loading is shocking I recommend it if u are very patient if not it's not for u Unfortunately I had to uninstall it (I have my reasons) but u should try it out if u want to
I love this app its a cute game! I love this game besides all my other cat games this is the cutest apps even if your bored to wait for your cat to finish the cats stuff they even have mini game so you can wait!
Absolutely love the game, everything about it is just so cute and relaxing. The puzzles are also easy which is good since you don't have to struggle to level up for days. Would definitely recommend it.