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Cat Painter

Cat Painter for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by waken located at 京都府京都市左京区下鴨泉川町34-19. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I do like this kind of game but seriously...there are so many ignorant people who uses this to satisfy their sexual urge or sharing their stupidity with others who take this game seriously (like me). I've seen lots of genitals and bobs in a child-friendly theme and it's not fun at all. Not to mention I wasn't being able to report properly. Please do add a feature of report button or at least put down a work that is rated lower than 2 stars by the judges...
Concept is neat and original. I like how you can level up your character and even pass leagues and such. However , the "apprentice rating" system is horrendous. You essentially rate other people's artwork and by doing so you get nothing in return. So you spend 7 minutes for each apprentice to spawn but when you rate their art you gain nothing? Makes no sense.
It has potential. I can't really actually play it because there's an add covering up a portion of the screen where the buttons go! I can kind of hit the shop and back buttons, but I can tell there are more buttons down there, but I can't press them! Will download again in the future and hope some changes have been made, it looks quite cute. apparently it's also in dire need of a report button (if you haven't read the other reviews, apparently you get a lot of dick art?)
Doesn't even open. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because I really love the idea of the game in general. But I open it and then crashes. I got into the game after many tries I am going to change it to a four star because the only hassle was getting it open.
its a nice game, but I don't like to be forced to look at only ugly "foreigner" drawings when there is so much beautiful art being done in this game in japan. So I have given up on the game and uninstalled it. I also couldn't figure out how to use the eraser or how to change brush sizes.
Super cute game art! The game is really fun, I've been trying to find games like this for awhile now so I'm very excited for it! I think a report feature is needed for artwork though, only minutes into the game and I have been given a drawing of male genitalia.
A really cute game, I love the ability to view other's art and to put up my own drawings to be viewed. The idea for this game is so clever, I'm actually surprised i don't see many other games stealing the idea! You can see a lot of care and thought was put into making the game run smooth and enjoyable!
Okay, didn't think I was gonna get this hooked to this game, but how do you get the smaller brushes and stuff? I went through the Twitter gallery and there's no way to do anything like that with the default brush. What does upgrading the brush even do as well? One last thing, contests being 20 hours long is way too long, at least make it easier to aquire canvases or something. Anyways, really digging this game.
This is a fun game with a lot of interesting opportunities to practice drawing. I do think that the drawing interface feels a little clunky sometimes, but to be fair, it's tough to draw on a cell phone in general (at least for me). I wish there were a way to communicate with and befriend other artists. I'm also curious about how the collection and gallery are differentiated.
I love the fact that you spend the time replying to each review personally. It's amazing to see, and gives me the feeling that you really care about your game and the people who play it. And speaking of the game, it's adorable and fun, and while the wait timers are fairly long, it's not too big of a problem for a game like this. Thank you so much for doing what you do! Keep it up! :)
This is probably by far one of the cutest, funnest, and easy-to-play apps I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I never thought in a million year that a game like this would be so addicting, but now I'm spending every second I have to make cute pictures! This game is easily a 10/10. Too bad I can only rate 5 stars!
This game is really fun and relaxing but when I'm trying to draw it lags which can make it hard to enjoy sometimes. It's also kinda hard to get diamonds so I always have to watch adds which can be annoying
Fun for all ages! Its like Pictionary but with adorable cats. I do agree with the reviews below, 20 hours seems like a very long time to get your work judged, then again, perhaps the art must go through a filter to avoid inappropriate art from being submited? That's my only best guess. It that case, I understand, no one wants their child coming across those things.
Whenever I click on one of the lil cat dudes, it says (no connection/request timed out), I've tried connecting and disconnecting my wifi, I've powered my device off and then turned it back on. I even went as far as deleting the app, and re-installing it. Maybe it's just me, idk. I was really excited to play. But otherwise I really like the concept of the app. Hopefully in the future I will be able to play :).
This is such an adorable & fun game! I've been playing it for super long on an older phone and when I got a new one I forgot to download it again, but now I did and I love it even more. The reason I like is because I can share my art to others and I really like guessing.. and the cute cats too!! can't forget em lmao
This game was a cute little pleasure to play, it's mysterious and I'd sometimes even bump into rating my boyfriend's art pieces. My only complaint is the time you have to wait in this game, but I guess there could be a decent reason for why it is the way it is.
one of my new favorite games! as someone who loves to draw I absolutely adore the drawing and rating other epoples art feature even tho i just got this not too long ago. the waiting time is a bit long, but for a good and reasonable reason, the artstyle is absolutely adorable as well!!! all of the cute cats just make my heart all warm and fuzzy since they're my favorite animal. I highly suggest this game to any aspiring artists who just wanna have fun with a cute little game to pass the time <3
Honestly probably one of my favorite mobile games, it would be cool if there was a leader board also.
This game is cute, fun and encourages creativity. The time between contests is nice, I appreciate not being rushed. I've really enjoyed it! It's like... Pictonary, neko atsume, and simple word puzzles. What more could you ask for in a casual game?
Great game so far! Only problems I have is the wait times and the fact that I wish there was a way to report other people's drawings. Considering it's a game for all ages it's not really acceptable for one to receive a drawing of male genitalia for the drawing prompt of "box cutter" :/
This game is one of my new favorites. I tend to tire of games very quickly, but the timing system of this game always keeps me on my toes, eager to keep playing. Sure 20 hours SEEMS like a long time, but it's there for a reason! The developer wants to give us as much time as possible to get likes on our drawings! Plus, you can skip the last 9 hours, which basically cuts the time in half. Personally, I can't name a single flaw in the gameplay of this game. However, I would like to see more unlockable things as you progress in the game. Maybe colors and more brush sizes that you can have permanently? Either way, this game is pawsitively purrfect!
I love this game. It's a nice idea and is very addicting but in a good way. But to have a addicting game I feel we should have a little more to play before we have to wait 8 mins, or watch a add. Still overall I do recommend.
I thought Cat Painter was relaxing. The minimalistic options for drawing (one brush size and one color) limit the art potential, but makes the game viable to those who can't draw well. The wait time to draw also limits the amount of art, but makes the art drawn the best possible work. The simple visuals and light music gives the passion to draw without the pressure to draw perfect. In the end, it's a light-hearted game about sharing fun artwork. However, it requires a calm and patient mood. 5/5.
Drawing and guessing the words is pretty fun, but the time you have to wait, aka 20 freaking hours which by then I practically have all 3 of my portraits filled in and it'd be fine if you didn't have to wait so long just for the results and there was somewhere else you could put your paintings that'd somewhat make up for it
This game is simplistic, minimal, and doesn't have much to offer... yet, that's the beauty of it: a simple, charming game that focuses on one key point: drawing. I love seeing other people's creations and how creative they can be with just one/three-worded art prompts. You can even create your own art to share to the world despite having just 3 tools. Yet, I think 3 tools is just perfect. I love how the game is easy to understand and play, and it's great for passing the time and just relaxing!❤
I don't EVER rate games, but I just had rate this one. Cat painter is currently my favorite game. The concept is really cool, the animations are cute. I highly recommend :). For the people saying it takes to long, darling, that's the whole point. You have to wait in order to receive feedback from enough people.
I used to have this game and I thought it was fun so I reinstalled it, but every time I try opening it now, it says 'Unfortunately, Cat Painter has stopped.' Please fix this😢🙏😢
its okay. the game concept is really cute and fun, the style is cute too. there's just too much waiting. it's a very slow game. after 5 minutes, there's nothing to do so I close it again. judging takes 20 hours, its like there's a game here, just only once an hour for 5 minutes. and every 20 hours you might get a contest prize.
This is definetly a game you should not expect to be played too quickly. That's not too bad considering I am the type of person who is trying to cut dow hours on the screen. I was a little confused about playing the game and sometimes found the tutorial to be lacking. All around fun! I just wish there was a way to report people. The game just needs a little more tweaking and it'll be even better!
honestly this game just seems like a cash-grab. you have to wait literally hours for apprentices to come so you can gain inspiration if you don't pay or watch any ads, and there are literally so many ads. after each painting, you have an ad break. this game was good for a while but now im ultimately sick of it and im uninstalling
This game is alright and kind of fun, but as other users have said, it is in a great need of a report feature. I came across someone drawing a butthole with the male parts out as well for the word "proof". It is disturbing, as well as not suitable for children or their parents who might see this game's pictures and think it's suitable for their age.
I enjoy this game. It is a very leisure based and slow moving game, and I mean that in a nice way. It is relaxing. I would not suggest this to someone who is impatient or requires instant gratification. The ads are just fine in my opinion, it's the only way the game can remain free. If you pay a simple $2 you can remove ads. There is room for improvement, such as a smaller brush (good luck drawing a spine with the big brush), or adding an eraser. As it is now, the only eraser is completely clearing the canvas. The art style is very cute and reminds me of Swap Note/Swap Doodle. You're off to a great start waken. Edit(Sept 27 2018): After playing for awhile you eventually unlock the ability to use an eraser, then a smaller pencil. That would normally be good news, except you don't own them. You either have to watch a video or pay good and diamonds to TEMPORARILY use them for one drawing. There is no option to own them for a higher price. I would pay a $1/$2 just to unlock them permanently. Because of this my interest in this game is fading away. It won't be long before I delete the app if nothing changes.
Another amazing game, i love painting and this game is perfect. it takes so long to get the result but you can still paint so, its awesome. i love it, i just hope i can stay with this game for a year!
Fun drawing game with cute kitties and interesting prompts that make you think to get a better score. It's fun seeing other peoples drawings as well. I just hate the long wait and so many ads!
Cute, charming, and simplistic, I've been playing for awhile until I accidentally uninstalled it, it's fine that I lost my data, I can get the fun of doing it again now! ❤ also, you, if you read the review, you should click on the painter cat and see the cute reaction!
Wait 20 hours? Im patient but i have to wait half of my day for this. And my gold keep going away i had 50 but it goes down to 0 the minute i exit out and get more gold. Mabye add more opportunities like making your own ideas and more abilites in the game like customising, diffrent colors, markers, pencils e.c.t. and so on.this needs more improving. Either than dat its pretty good.
I enjoy this game a lot! The nice soothing music and the chill and relaxed gameplay. Though there is a bug where when you try and put in any letters it shows the same letters with a blank canvas.
The game is pretty alright, but I didnt even get 30 minutes into the game without seeing a drawing of male genitalia under the word "beach ball". Also, the 20 hour limit for submitting your art is rediculous! That means you can literally only "play" once every day AT BEST. The game has an interesting concept, but it definotely gas some issues too. Please lower the 20 hour limit, and add a report art feature so that you can at least flag inappropriate pictures to be automatically taken down if they get 2 or more reports please, and then either ban or suspend the artist who it belongs to. Will rate higher if the previous issues are fixed. Edit 11/27/18 aparently a report button was implemented, have raised my rating to 4.
This game is super good and there's nothing wrong with it except for one thing.when you submit a drawing to a contst IT TAKES SO LONG TO GET THE RESULTS. now if you haven't played yet you would probably just think its maybe 30 mins but its about 10 HOURS just for the third time you submit a drawing so if you download it just prepare to wait
I love this app, but i just encountered a frustrating issue. I was attempting to guess, but no matter what order i arranged the letters, I couldn't get it to work. I went through every combination of this four letter word, but it wouldn't let me pass. I eventually clicked to give up and when it revealed the answer, one of the letters was the wrong letter. I needed "d," but it gave me a "g." Maybe this is an issue with Japanese/English translation, but I hope it doesn't happen again. :(
The game is very fun and I understand why there is a time for drawing but it would be better if the time is reduce by making apprentices appear more frequently. I would also appreciate if there will be more unlockable tools for making a better drawing
Despite the reviews complaining about wait times, i am very enthusiastic to play this game. But I cannot get past the controls being obstructed by the banner ad. If there were a designated space for the ad, I would be much happier with this game.
Not so fun bec if you run out of cats with out filling up the meter you have to wait for new cat or watch an ad or use Crystals.