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Cat Life

Cat Life for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Cross Field Inc. located at 東京都新宿区北新宿1-1-19. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of my favorite games. It involves cats, and it involves matching three or more things and it also lets you like breed cats and add new cats to your house and you know upgrade different things and get them different foods and whatnot so yeah it's a really cute game
I love cat life because it's super fun and amazing it's one of the best games I've ever played but also sometimes the levels are really challenging to me but no matter what I still love cat life!
This doesnt work, i've been trying so much times and it hasnt even worked even once. Its just been black the whole time. Please fix this. I am uninstalling this when CRCCG works. If they both do not work then i will play something else. Im sorry.
I loved the game and you know what about the first cat in the game... It looks exactly like my pet cat in Arkansas, thank u for bringing me back that memory! Also the graphics are awesome and you all are doing a great job keep it up!!! And I love all your games THX!!!!! 🐱🐱🐱🐈
i like play with cat and i have a 3 cat cute and is a best game i very very like cat but it so cute and i like play with cat and more
I have CatDays AND Cat Life. They are both incredibly fun. (Unless you have it on a phone and the requirement to "make and manage phone calls" (as it said on my Nexus tablet) bothers you.) Do not get this game unless you want to be overcome by cuteness and cute cats (: Match 3 is TOTALLY my thing and so are kitties (: (I have a real kitty and she is so sweet and so playful and so... catlike) Only 1 thing can make me like it more... more cats!
I love this game it is so fun you should try it!!! They are so cute and you can have a kitty born but it take 11 HRS!!!!!!! I don't mind, but I could to a time crunch but I kinda think it's rude so I will not do it. (Please find this helpful.)
Love games like this just I wish there was a way to make the cat capassed bigger without spending cat food
I thought it was a cat simulation. Simulation games get loads of people playing them. I kind of liked the game still tho but you should try making a simulator. And sort out the lag please.
I used to play this awhile back and recently started again. It was and still is very fun, not too challenging, and adorable. Im obsessed with this game. It helps me to be patient and it helps me work on my cognitive skills and it doesnt require you buy anything to continue at a steady pace. Thank you for making this game ❤❤❤
Why in the world does this app need the permission to make phone calls!!!! Looked great but no way I am giving that permission to an app that has nothing to do with calls or messaging
I like it! But can you make more😸 items free because its soo inresting. 😍but you need to pay so pls make 💖 it free and!. make it 😀easy and no timer thank you.
I love this because I love cats and this game is like the other cat game called Cat Room because the cats look the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is so cute! Its a great time killer and very easy to play. The only problem I have is that some of the instructions are in Japanese and I cant read it, and the translations to english are a little wrong, like saying hamster instead of cat lol, but its still easy to follow. I wish they gave more cat food tho since you use that to pay for stuff. Very fun and easy game, I would highly recommend this game.
I actually played this a long time ago. I absolutely loved it. But now it's ruined because the whole game changed from when I played it. I loved baking treats and having a LARGE house to decorate. Why did it have to change?
Perfect or should I say perrrrrrrrrfect.the only thing I'd change is at contact 3 like instead of squares and triangles and circles have cat things like string or mice or whatever 😻😻😻
It looks fun. But I instantly uninstalled this game because this app NEEDS permission to make and manage phone calls, I have never seen that pop up on any app that didn't involve texting and calling, I don't understand why a cat game needs permission for something like that. Super dodgey, great job tricking everybody into granting you permission to do that in order to play the game.
I love this! But you really should get rid of the NOT DESIGNED FOR KIDS sign, it's weird having it there cause I'm a kid and there's nothing at all wrong with this game. Love you bye
I love it but if u go to the Menu the letters are Japaneese but its ok i love it btw. And can u make other breed cats pls and can u make the kittens newborn and have a birthday party cause its just looking like 14 years and the bigger looks like 30 years so u may fix that or no. But if u have a cat just have 100000000 quardrillion cats cuz Cats are making my mind BURSTIN BLOW UP!!!!!
I can't play when I press deny on phone calls! Really annoying! Why is it an option if you need it to play a game! Why do you need phone calls to be allowed to play a dam game! No phone calls makes the entier game not able to be played! Do something about it! I can't play the game! Makes the game terrible! I dont understand why you need to press "allow" to play the dam game! I really don't get it! Its so dumb for a dam game to need phone calls! 😡🤨🙄 I have to press "Ok" a million times! 🤬
I love this game, its great. But I got to level 70 - 80 and I logged in one day and it was reset back to level 1. I gave the game another chance and spent AGES completing the levels to get back to where I was. I was on level 64 or 65, then again. I logged in one day and it was reset back to level one. Whenever it resets it takes away all the cats I have too. Please fix this. I love this game but this glitch ruined it for me. Please fix it.
This game is adorable. Collecting the cats and passinh the levels is a good pass time and saving the cats is a good insentive to play! Though somethings I cant read...
This is one of the only good cat games on Earth! Other cat games are simulators, match three, and even 3D games ( Which I dislike aaalllooottt) Thanks for making it!
This app does not need to make and manage phone calls, there's no reason why it should. Unplayable unless you accept and there is no way I'm accepting!
Wow youre game are so cute and so addicting but it so hard to get some cat foods i think you need to add more cat food prices in the achive
This little cat game is great! But I'm getting bored of just stages but this is still so cute and fun! (I am using my parents account for this) there are still many games like, dog life, fish collection, hanster life, cat room, and more!
Like it very much! Having the food can as a currency makes it a little tough to upgrade anythig but the cats are still adorable and loving! ♡
Some levels I can't beat but otherwise the same as adorable I love Nick and kittens and spending five cat food to get them grown up quickly, but I'm glad this game was made cuz otherwise my phone is just wasted space. It's addictive in a good way you should play it you should get it very soon I don't know if they have a dog version if they do I might be getting up too.
I really loved this game bc I'm a cat lover but the reason why I deleted this game bc I had to pay a lot or pay with stars,cat food or hearts and the levels are to hard and the Items cost way to much in the house and the about the item are in Japanese but the good reason I loved this game is the items are so cute and the cats SO CUTE!!! and you can make the cats have kittens!!! And you can name the cats and kittens and dress them up
What a shame! The game now demands permission to make and manage calls. No puzzle game should be asking for that. I used to play this game a few years ago and it was great back then! So sad that it has become shady.
I used to play this game all the time in the past and it used to be really fun but I tried to reinstall it and play it and it won't let me play without allowing it to make and manage phone calls, I don't understand why a simple game like this would need to make and manage phone calls, now I can't even use the game because I don't want to allow it to make and manage phone calls.
this app is creepy as hell. so my phone came up with 'allow cat life to manage and make phone calls' and i clicked deny but it kept coming up. the game then came up with something it needed updating and i said ok it then kept coming up with the same notice over and over and then my whole phone crashed. if this is just a glitch it really needs fixed but other than that, i really dont reccomend this game. it looked really cute so its a shame. if i could get an explaination i would be grateful.
A cool game.... I rate it five star . cause i love cats MEOW! But theres one problemo.. Why cant i have more cats and beds and food bowls for them.....😢 i love this game but fix all these problemos. And ill tell my friends about this game....and download GACHA LIFE😇😇😇😇😇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💝💝💝💝💝💞💞💞💞💞💞😺😺😺😺😺😼😼😼😼😼😸😸😸😸😸😸😹😹😹😹😹😻😻😻😻😻😻😽😽😽😽😽😿😿😿😿😿😿😾😾😾😾😾🙀🙀🙀🙀you won all....... This LOVE! For CATs MEOW
:D when I was 7-8 I used to play this a lot! I rlly love, my youngerself always asks for my phone just to play this!!<3 thank you!
This game is OKAY. The take over is a hacker! I stopped playin it for a few days and entered and my progress was gone. If you are thinking about downloading and doing this "take over" thing, DONT! Download if: You know take over is a hacker, and play it everyday so your progress doesnt reset and you loose it forever.
This game is a lot of fun, and gets more challenging the farther you go. The cats you collect are adorable, and fun to take care of.
Really cute cat game! I love it but I am a little concerned about some of the menus. I have the settings set to English but some of the menus are still in Japanese so I can't read them. I'm not sure what those menus say. It'd be five stars if we could get those translated.
I really want to enjoy it but it's not possible. The levels are too hard by the 30th and 5 cans of food for $1??? They are freaking crazy! I need a lot more just to get more than 4 cats in my room! I love the style, but the actual gameplay is the worst. It's good for breeding cats. Nothing else.
Really cute cats, but I literally can't do anything without it crashing. I couldn't even press "Play" without it crashing. I reinstalled and it got as far as the first swipe in the tutorial before crashing again. Every single time I restart the app it crashes at the same place (the first swipe of the tutorial). Pls fix I want cats :( I have a Google Pixel XL running Android 9 (PPR2.180905.00) if that helps diagnose the problem
I really the fact that it's too games in one. The thinky kinda games and the stress relieve game. Five stars all the way.
This is the only game I've tried installing that requests permission to make and manage phone calls. There's no reason this access is needed for this type of game and I can't play the game without granting it. Uninstalled.
So fun! The levels are alittle hard and it would be better if they gave you more moves, but i think im just bad at the game so its really fun lol
It's really boring I thought it was a cat game I cant find any cat games if anyone finds one pls tell me
This is a simple, calm, and fun game. This game is perfect for general playing. If you enjoy cute cats and mini games/quests, you will love this, and I recomend checking out their other games.
Lovely game with great graphics and easy controls. It's easy to transfer your game data to another device. Great game.
Why in gods name does this game need access too manage my phone calls too even be able too play the game. I'm never gonna allow a game this, its way dodgy and unacceptable. Uninstalling now, which sucks cuz this game looks as tho it could be good but allowing a game too manage my phone calls is a BIG FAT NO!
cute cats and matching game to keep me busy. I wonder if they have a volume setting to lower the sounds it makes the game.
I used to play this game a long time ago then uninstalled it. Now it has come back for me. This game is fantastic. The puzzles, the cats, the music, it's beautiful and cute. Keep making these amazing apps! Also, someone else copied this game! Maybe they thought this was so good they copied it. :0 Edit: I accidentally uninstalled the game and now all my progress is probably gone :( Edit again: IT ALL SAVED!! BEST GAME EVER :D
Love it so adorable! The cats are so loveable and the puzzles are fun. The furniture you can buy for the cats is so cute!