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Castle Wreck

Castle Wreck for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great concept but lag makes it unplayable. Fine with ad after every castle which is a lot but the game is worth it. However, the lag is really the only issue and if fixed, the game would be perfect in my opinion.
Man this game is so fun it brings back the memories when I was at lvl 500. Back in 2019 now it's much more fun but please decrease the ads to like every 5 lvl
really fun game. the controls are very good. the graphics are mediocre at best but it is pretty cool watching the knights still studiously guard their area as the rest of the castle explodes or watch them fly through the air. the only knocks I have are if I press "tap to continue", why do I have to tap "continue"? what's the point of a "perfect hit" when it gives you nothing special?
It's a fun game to pass the time. It could be better if there was to pan away from the zoom in feature.
fun for a minute. ads run smooth and loud. no sound in the game and gets choppy. most castles can be blown in one shot. others, they make the physics near impossible. I wish it had a replay feature so you can have fun with one after having blown it up in one shot. It also would help the game because once you get stuck on one level, that's what you are playing forever, no option. But the concept is exactly what I would love, just needs tweeks. AND SOME SOUND
It is an amazing game the only thing that needs to be worked on is the lag with my small tablet that dont have much memory space it is horrible. I have also had good experiences with the creators VOODOO they make alot of great games.
Stupid game no instructions. You have to aim then pick ammo then it makes you reaim. Each step requiring you watch an ad! Not worth playing 4 ads to watch1 castle fall. Aiming is a joke uninstalling also a data hog! Ate 61 mb data in the background not even playing!
Basically, its a game youll play on the toilet and thats it. Nothing special or unique at all. The game lags when your level has a bigger castle, it makes your phone get hot, the ads are hell to deal with. Someone who just took an online programming course and has a decent game engine could probably make a better version of this game in a day. Dont bother touching this game unless you have adblock. Its the typical 0-effort, 0-passion, all greed Voodoo game.
it would be a bit better if there were more castle types. it's a bit easy as well. just the same thing over and over again. got bored of it after reaching lvl 105. the physics are really good. the reason it's getting 2 stars and not 1. Those complaining about low fps just need to get a better phone. something of this magnitude will need lots of ram. if you dont have 2 minimum you shouldn't even try. I played in airplane mode so I never received any ads. also why I rated 2 stars
I have so many apps of VooDoo's apps that just some of them glitch out, but VooDoo has such good games! they are really fun to play and are a great time killer! i have dune, balls rotate, and animal rescue! VooDoo is probibly the best game making company ever!!!!! if you like games that are really fun then you should get these apps! just serch up VooDoo on tue playstore.
Great game for passing the time. Thumbs-up. Would be great if the further you go the bigger the castles
Limitless and personal stress reliever. Honest opinion it's worth the money I spent and the level 600 I'm on, good job guys and gals.
I made it to lv 9 an watched more ads than played the game. The game is fun but because of the ads I will never down load this again!! I CAME HERE TO PLAY A GAME NOT WATCH ADS!!!!
Great waste of time. I would love to be able to kill everyone in each level instead of leaving anyone standing.
Make it harder to destroy Castles. On level 750 and it's still too easy. One cannon ball destroys most Castles.
I love you IT! If you ever want to release some tension this is the game for you. No complicated issues, just blow the thing up and watch it fall.
All about the ads. I've tried to not win levels but as long as you hit the castle- every level seems rigged win....so you can go on to watch more ads. Disappointing
you cant even get passed level 1... I dont know what either I'm doing wrong or other people are doing to get past 70% destruction, but I'm fed up with the game. work on the power or at least one more dynamite block.
The game is ok but the adverts playing after each level is just beyond annoying and totally corrupt. The game play is not good enough to warrant it. I don't know if any game play would be good enough for it. Advert to play each level. Advert to double your coins. Advert to open a chest. Advert to get a free chest. Advert to get more moves.
Probably the worst game I've played. Bricks falling down cause the screen to lag, which effects the speed at which the aiming target moves, sometimes without warning. Almost impossible to complete even one level, I've been playing for half an hour and am yet to destroy more than 50% of the castle. After the first ball, further shots dont seem to do much damage. And to top it off this game is filled with ads.
Great starting point needs to be developed futher to make game even better. suggestions would be more powerful cannons or power ups the perfect shot is nice but variety is better. Obviously more castle designs. Some lag but not terrible this will differ between different devices and their processing abilities. over all like the game cant wait to see more updates!
Avoid this game. Game failed to install. Took all the processing power on my phone during the installation attempt. Forced to cancel installation and finally had to reboot the phone to recover. Not going to try again. After reboot, phone still really slow -- everything jerky -- Google Play Store said the game was installed. Uninstalled it and rebooted phone again to get my phone working again. 😣😣😣
Amazing -mind is pleasantly hypnotized. I can hardly wait to hit the button and watch my fury be done unto thee. I dont care that the only objective in this game is to shoot and destroy the castles. I will spend every second of my life from now on playing this game. I have already waisted enough time typing this.
Awesome game relaxing and challenging it drags a bit making it harder to aim at times but overall not bad thank you
This game is terrible. it starts out ok for the first 2 or 3 levels. then the bugs start to kick in. this game is even more buggie than the already low Quality Control standards I've come to expect from VooDoo game developers. the physics are a disaster and the targetting bugs almost makes the game pointless to even play at all. I have been hoping for the best for simple games with VooDoo. But this is the last VooDoo game I'm ever going to bother with.
This is a very nice game Leave the game the way it is but change one little thing people can make their own castles and Destroy them
A good stress buster...destruction is such fun. A pity the castles are repeated and you can't move the view around when the bombs are going off to destroy the whole castle.
Do not download!Too many ads,lagggg from ads and too much rendering of blown up objects,ad close buttons put in trash places. Concept is good, execution is complete garbage.
Aeroplane mode! Only way yo play it without ads no wifi connection. Just dont expect game to get hard its same castles same effort on a cycle
I love explosions and I love to wreck things. This is being a great experience . It's very relaxing, Not too easy, not too hard . It's a very good pass time.
I had to remember my basic engineering. Once I started to hit corners and structural supports the castles started falling. Of course, you hit some of these castles where the dynamite is and nothing will prevent their destruction. The thing is, sometimes you can't always hit where you want to,so you take what you get.
Excellent game but would be better if you could finish off the castle afterwards as sometimes the castle isn't fully destroyed
I wish I could replay past levels, but there's no option to do so on the map, hence my 3 star rating. Challenging aim mechanic but not frustratingly so. The emoji reactions are a nice touch.
I found the game to be a decently fun time killer if you turn off data/wifi otherwise the ads make the game unplayable due to the lag. It feels as if the game is unfinished though. No power ups or upgrades. No score, just pass or fail. Same few castles from different angles that don't seem to get harder. It seems that the game stops at level 99 or there is a glitch/bug because I have destroyed that castle multiple times and topped out at 98% complete.
Ok game to play, however way to many ad's. Which is why I'll be deleting this game. Ad's before and after each round, not worth it.
This is a really easy to play, extremely satisfying time-waster and playing it helps calm my stress by blowing up imaginary castles!
This game is very fun it's just that it glitches runs too slow I like different kind of balls level different it's fun I'm on level 56 glitches and everything which to fix it
This is so much fun. Yeah, there's an ad after each battle but they can be dealt with and in nearly all cases, they can be shortened so you can resume pretty quickly.
its fun to play BUT big time but you HAVE TO WATCH an ad after every single game you play, then this game freezes so much you can't play it more then 2 times before it freezes and i have to shut down my phone. Time to send this to Uninsall city.
A combination of very primitive graphics with extreme lagging & battery munching. Takes a full minute to animate crumbling of a castle on the same tablet that smoothly runs highly responsive 3D shooters.
No turotial, pointers, nothing. Epic fail on the first level! I made the castle a pile of rubble but it said I only did 48% damage. I went to settings to send support a screen shot but I found there is no support but could restore my purchases. That was nice. Graphics got jumpy at the fourth shot. I wish I could tell them. Restarted the game and guess what. My first shot hit in the same place as my last try and suddenly 100% damage with more castle standing that before. Don't waste your time.
You spend more time watching ads than playing. Made purelly to get income from ads. I don't recomment this to anyobody.
Concept is awesome. However, I've played commodore 64 games that have loaded faster/has faster gameplay. Had to change my screen timeout to 15 minutes just so it didn't turn off before ball had reached castle. Uninstalling. Will try again in a few months after more updates. Tried it a month ago and it was laggy then. Apparently 'performance enhanced' on 15th of this month. If so, its not evident.
Great game, so satisfying!! It could be the next Angry Birds. What you need is: 1. A Points System. 2. Make the levels harder, with more strategy. 3. Special power-ups or similar. 4. Differing block materials (with different reactions and attributes) with different types of ammunition. 5. Ability to replay levels. Good effort, but needs a little more.
love the concept, the physics behind the uilding damaged is hypnotic. needs more development. i paid to remove the ads, because with them its nearly unplayable... more castles please, morevadvancement maybe? upgrades, etc? please dont stop working on it.
Hint: AIRPLANE MODE Amount of in-game lag is INSANE! Good for an hour or two of fun in airplane mode, but honestly, the lag kills any fun past that.
awesome game. very addictive and soothing to play. soooooo slow though. some glitches on stage 138 and 238, nothing blows up when you hit it with the cannon ball but you can just delete from your history and re open the game and the glitch is gone. some improvements could be made like. once you hit something it would be better If the screen centered itself so you can see the destruction. would also be good to shoot more than one ball at a time, instead of having to wait for the towers to fall
The only thing that lets it down is lag, which happens quite regularly, and not just when the processor is busy with lots of bricks in the air. Otherwise a great physics engine. S7 Edge. eta uprating to 4stars, because its fun - up to lvl80!
Ads are incredibly intrusive. Every time you achieve a new level, you are forced to watch an ad of the same game over and over. Then after that, you have to click through another ad to get back to the "game." The sense of reward from leveling is tainted with annoyance and it ruins the game for me. One star.
It is well made although a little laggy i was pleased with the quality of the destruction. However, I would like to see an improvement on the water and terain.
An upgrade on the graphics would be so satisfying; imagine getting to destroy some beautiful castle brick by individual brick via cannonball, trebuchet, or how about a rpg or rocket launcher. you can even base the castles on the extensive number of famous castles from around the world or from famous fictional castles idk I got some ideas for this game..
Simple game of dexterity. Completely ruined by ads and insulting to users. At least 1 half minute ad runs between every 15 second at most round. Wow, just wow. Uninstalled.
The game itself is entertaining enough but after the 6th level (when they ask you to rate the game) you have to watch a video ad after every level, and the videos last longer than it takes to complete the level. As well as banner ads popping up in the way of gameplay the rest of the time. I understand the need for ads and ways to generate revenue on a free game, but the amount of ads in this game make it unenjoyable to play
I. Had fun destroying castles and the trick is to hit the right spot it's harder than looks the game is very fun to play and it grows on you it rapidly became my go to game because it's so engaging.
This was a really fun game but the developers got greedy. Having to sit through 3 Ads in-between stages is absurd. Way to tank your own game, guys.
Good idea, terrible execution. It was fun at first but soon got repetitive. There is no sound, no achievements, no main menu, and no way to go back and replay levels to get a better score. I'm now stuck on level 98 which has arbitrarily gotten harder. There is only 1 TNT and the balls have little to no effect compared to previous levels.
The concept is fun but after 600 castle's destroyed I'm tired of ads after every single match. Sick and tired of the frame rate being so slow the game is in slow motion a lot. Tired of waiting for the score & stars to get done so I can clear the ad & start the next Lv. Tired of destroying the same castles over & over. The game says I've started a new kingdom but so what nothing ever changes and the boss lv is always the same. The game itself is fun to play but all these problems make it boring.
Awesome game! Performance has improved but decreases after you when a few levels. Please keep up with the development. Some other features to see: skip/fast forward falling, localize control to prevent accidental clicking, menu button, level selection, restart button.
I sure would like to see what a missle would do and audio feedback n bass sound . Castle should advanced into a modern daý fortified castle with sound
After 4 years they still don't have the bug fixed that causes the game to stop unexpectedly. Maybe they should hire a high school kid to look at the issue.
Love the game... but the Lag is bothersome... im sure your workin on it.... then will be glad to give ☆☆☆☆☆ stars
one big ad interrupted occasionally by a game. when it takes one or two shots to destroy the building (about 5 seconds) and then forces you to watch a 30 second ad, that pretty much sums up the purpose behind the game.
Nice concept. Awful execution. Despite levelling the whole castle on level 1 it tells me I'm only 50% complete. Nothing but a pile of stones to hit with my last shots. Either the percentage is entirely random or it's because I rejected the collection of my data. Deleting after 30 minutes.
I'm giving it a conditional 5 stars... Love the game.. was over level 3000 on my old phone, but it seems no matter what phone I have (all android) it always LAGS LIKE HELL when I land a good shot.... Please let me know if there's a fix planned or any suggestions for me..... Thanks to all who made this for us :D
Gameplay is nice and simple, removing the ads is recommended as there are a lot of them between levels. Latest update improved graphics and now runs smoother. It could be optimised more though, and the settings menu is a little bare, sound settings at the very least would be a welcome addition. It does support my phones 16:10 screen ratio, which is a nice bonus. Overall: simple gameplay, low difficulty level, needs optimising
This game used to have a really good feel to it but after playing it for a while that feel has gone.....Ell crappo
I love the concept of the game but it needs a tutorial and after every single battle there's an ad. Even when i say no thanks i still get hit with an ad. It takes too long to inbetween levels. I dont have patience for that.
Its great, accually very challanging as you have to make your mark in the right spot to take down the castles. Fim ty joanne !
Quite a fun game but the adds make it unplayable, ive deleted the app. Honestly, an add every 20 seconds that runs for over a minute. What is it with app makers, do they not understand if you over do the adds people just bin the app. Like most people I can deal with the odd one here and there but this was the worst I've seen.
Great concept, but you guys really take the ads way too far. There's a point when it's just more hassle than the game is worth.
It is very funny game. BUT definitely needs lots of improvement. Very laggy while other AAA games are running smooth
Base game is fun, but there's no sort of progression at all. Levels are all randomly chosen, and some are much harder than others for no perceivable reason. Appears to only exist as a way to get the player to view ads, of which there are numerous. Intertitials between every level, a banner at the bottom, and a popover on top of each level at the start. Physics engine also does not properly cull stationary objects, so performance degrades very quickly. Great potential, but trashy implementation.
In it's current state it's really bad, the only goal should be performance improvement (I get 5-10 fps), I will update the review when lag is fixed. Also make this less of a kid's games like : removin *SMASH* text or BOOM when cannonball hits the castle, and remove stars explosion effect, adding something more realistic. Edit: 2 stars because its actually original and satisfying, but please also remove the TNT, but add more cannon balls per level.
I bought the ad-free version. I had to uninstall the app and when I reinstalled it I got ads again. Any help with this ? Thanks. Still waiting for a reply. I paid for ad-free. I'm getting ads. Still waiting for a reply... UPDATE: ads gone. Fun little time killer.
Starting to not be fun.... I don't even have to try anymore and the majority of the castle gets destroyed, --Not Fun!!
This game isnt worth inatalling with thw slow loading speed the unable to properly aim and the extreme low graphics. after every castle you take down you get a ad! Congratulations you won now watch a ad so we get paid! what happens if you lose? i dont know i beat the tenth castle and got fed up with the lack of aim thw tnt sometimes going yea im on the other side of the castle but im going to explode foe ni reason, other timrs going na im not feeling it right now can you hit me in the face later
This is a fabulous game and the physics are very satisfying, but (and I know there is always a but) the performance issues desperately need to be addressed!!! I have had the game for a bit over a week now and have played well over 100 levels. I am unfortunately getting to the point where I must uninstall it though because I can't handle the lag anymore!!! At times it makes it literally unplayable!!! Please fix this soon so I can enjoy this great game!!!
Loved this game but upon wanting to go in and play all my progress is lost and my purchases are gone (except the no ads). I was on level 200+ and now I'm back at 1 with no different lands or skins. Trying to hit the restore purchases button did not work.
still no feed back from developer of the game. so 1 star now. way to slow at loading and slow motion is to slow as well. controls are not sentitive enough u press to mark cannon balls marker still keeps moving. would be a good game if you took note of what people are telling u about the game....
its fun at first but it too repetitive and its not challenging enough. I've tried to not pass the levels but if you can hot the castle at all its probably gonna crumble.
This game. It has potential to be a good game, but, I'm chalking it up to design short cuts. After you fire your first shot get ready for frame, by frame, by frame, by frame, by frame gut wrenching agonizing action, or lack there of. I uninstalled and reinstalled once thinking that would help. Negative ghost rider. It won't even let me click on the remove ads option. Its bad enough each repetitive level takes 10 minutes to complete, due to lag time, but then your forced to watch an ad. Pls fix.
Very addicting. Funny how blowing things up can be so relaxing. I find myself on the the last shot of a level, when a screen overlay comes up and says "tap screen to continue to next lecel", waiting for all the castles to completely fall. And if the damage takes place off screen, i find myself turning my phone to try to bring it into view and get disapponted when i cant.
Very addictive! But I have to agree with other reviews. You should be able to view the rubble or even watch a slowmotion shot after complete. I like to see all the damage done. Maybe enable landscape mode.
The destruction physics are fun but it kinda runs out of steam quickly. By level 15 you will have seen every castle variation and by level 50 You probably won't have much reason to keep playing. A leveling/upgrade system would be cool to see, as well as larger and harder to take down castles. Has potential but as it stands it'll occupy you for maybe 2 hours or so.
not a terrible game in terms of the objective/mechanics the issue is, that there are 40 levels once you get to 41, 81, 121 etc, it's just a repeat of the same 40 levels with know difficulty change, it's not a faster cursor less tnt, it's just a blatant repeat. if there was more variety in levels i would have given more stars
Entertaining while you actually play, but the game feels less as a game and more like something they let you do in between ads. While i DO understand why and how ads are involved in free games there's those who really take it a step further.
great potential! ultimately gets old due to a lack of content. there seems to be only about 10 castles that you shoot at from varying directions. Any kind of progression would be awesome such as bigger castles, more options for cooler explosions, bigger explosions, some variety on weapon type, and even a creative mode where you build your own castle and then destroy it would be awesome.
Fun game, however the lag is absolutely ridiculous. Running on a Galaxy A21, feels like I'm waiting on a page to load using dial up internet with Windows 95.
I think this game is great! I have so far played 150 Castles and love it. BUT! It is getting boring... Because there is no upgrade ability! I think the game would be so much more fun if you could upgrade your canon and unlock new power ups like crazy cool explosive canon balls and so on!! Please consider this as it would make it a 5 out of 5 :D props!!
fun time killer, too many ads, though. after every level, and on the startscreen when it first lets you see the castle, covering half of it so you cant see any weak points behind it. bogs down a little towards the end of levels.
Nice game it need some updates more fire balls, cannons, different color castles, and you should be able to choose or win these things. I love the distance between the cannon and the castle. and the fire power. no sound. I've never seen a game with so many men who don't move, fight back, or shoot while being attacked. The cannon also need a man or woman behind it.
I was enjoying this game till about 5 levels in, it then prompted me to leave a review but I held off to give it a good play first. I'm soooooo glad i did. While the game itself is fun and well made there are far too many ads, one after every level and you spend more time in the ads than playing the game. I understand they need ads to keep the games free but come on, alot less ads and this game would be 4-5 stars
Its a cute game. The aim moves quickly so you really have to know when to tap your screen at the precise moment foe it to stop where you want it to. Good time user.
Fun time waster! Could be improved. There is definitely lag on larger castles but your experience will vary. Could be improved: zoom into the explosion area but zoom back out after contact. Would like a bonus for perfect shots. Should get bonus for hitting soldiers. Skin the cannon balls to match cannon skins. Would like it to be slightly harder to trigger chain reaction. Would like to rotate castles before shot to see where tnt is located.