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Castle Story

Castle Story for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Play Infinity Games located at Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i know everyone has done putting together this wonderful game soo adorable i enjoy playing it seriously just a very well all put together game you can play for hours at a time it's so cool you can actually pick out which one you want terrific job
Love this game! I am big on stories and there is no ads! I really love it when we dont have to watch ads all the time. You guys rock thank you!
Game started out pretty fun. However after the latest updates I've purchased boosters and only received 1 out of the three I was supposed to get. The it updated again which fixed that but I still lost what I spent. The bee booster is a joke. It doesn't go to a spot where you need it to go. It picks a random piece that doesn't help you at all. I really hope they get their ducks in order on this game! It has the potential to be a good one but it's not right now Edit: I sent you an email explaining
This game is not enjoyable to play!! Its not easy to play!! Whoever has made it has cheated the player out of chances to win. Its too selfish!!!!
Great game and story! It's slower than some but that's good as helps you relax!! The graphics are good as well as prices for things like Barrels!! It's quite addictive too!!
OMG!! What happen to the programming? Constantly freezing to the point I have NO CHOICE but to restart my computer/ipad... Then wait for it, I lose lives, boosters and infinite minutes trying to reboot Castle Story . Sooo frustrating ☹ to spend so time on game that doesn't work properly.
castle story is a puzzle game the princess has magical powers and she can fix up the castle with the puzzle that you play. so far it's a pretty cool game I love it. give it try. sign Kathy
Great game. Would give 5 stars but the last 4 times I've used a Booster to pass a level the game freezes, starts the level over and has taken the booster.
just started it. Story is a little glichy in the talking to the knight scene. Also not a big fan of the color of the cookies plus the backround color. Its all very muddy and kinda hurts to look at. It has alot of special moves to make different powerups. Not really sure if I like it yet but you asked for a review and in true fashion of todays world I spent the whole time talking about what I dont like 😁
I like, but i was hoping for more, like the property brothers game (see my review!). Instead, i got an identical game to homescapes. Plz make more.
I couldn't tell you if I even liked the game because after I downloaded it, the game crashed every time I opened it. Uninstalling!
Love the game, but it froze up 4 times yesterday. Had to uninstalled, then install again. Dont know what happened. Little worried.
I love this game but anytime i finish remodel the whole section it says i have to wait for the next stage and i am waiting over a week to open and it still cant open no matter how much time i update the game. I have update it now. N now it doesnt want me to remodel d walls. It freezes
Been waiting 2 weeks for an update to continue with decorating the castle. This is the second game were the developers didn't have a clue about what they were doing, so that's why I'm waiting so long for an update. Would love to give 5 stars cause I really like this game
it's a great game but can't go any further than chapter 8, I keep hoping it will update soon as I have over 40 scrolls waiting to complete more chapters, I hope it's sorted soon as I don't want to uninstall the game
It keeps cutting me out before I press play or even before that. And it started online first then offline. And then online again. I looked to see if the game needed updating and it doesn't. I even looked to find out if the game itself was compatible for my phone or not. And it doesn't mention it not being compatible for this device in red writing like some of the other games I liked to download and play and wasn't allowing it and now this game isn't allowing me to play it online or offline.
Pretty good game, is more gentle with you than some others, not so pushy about buy ing boosters Sometimes glitches though, just when you about to pass
Bad experience to play it, some level are not logic unless you using item, otherwise for sure you cannot pass the level. I am playing this game to reduce pressure but i am find that more pressure after play it expecially see the stupid bee go to bump the unhelp block...
I appreciate the game's scene and storyline. There are a few levels a bit hard, but I love the way they challenge me😝 P.S. Hope developer can make the difficulty curve smoother and add more elements.
It is a stupid game. I downloaded it after i saw those bad reviews but i just wasted my resource because this game isnt even loading. I open it, it loads than when loading is completed it closes. I would advice everyone not to download this game. Rest is up to you but dont complain afterwards than
It's very entertaining and challenges change often. So you don't get bored. Love the bees,very helpful they are!!
Was enjoying game reached level 233, it has now started getting ridiculously hard, and tedius having to play levels over and over, not wasting anymore time on it, which is a shame because I was actually liking the game until recent update, thankyou for your reply, my comment is very easy to understand, the puzzle has simply got very hard, and I'm not spending my time trying to pass a level, which is leaving me stressed out
Super game I liked very much but there is a small issue the levels are hard 😡 that one problem only but the game is superπŸ₯°
This game looked very goodπŸ‘πŸ» in the beginningπŸ’–and it is very good game, but level 97 is very difficult. So please make it a little easier......My Humble Story.....
had to start over,no data saved,already reached these levels , wasted of time 🚬sorry trying to finish the story
Absolutely love the game, probably gets harder as you level up but that's the same with all game's, can't fault it at all SO FAR πŸ€—
Other than difficulty understanding what the characters are always trying to say (misspelling or speech used here and there) I find this a fun and non "run-of-the-mill" version of most matching games.
It's fun to decorate but after you hit 200 the levels are ridiculously impossible with the amount of moves given. Im guessing they do this because they hardly ever release new content. Making the levels difficult will keep the players stationary keeping them from noticing the lack of content. My advice is to try out "Matchington Mansion" or "Manor Cafe". They are much less frustrating and they add new content on a regular basis.
This is such a beautiful game. It is like playing with my toy castle when I was a child. I would give it a 10 but not possible. Phenomenal and enchanting game.
It's fun and moves fast and not to difficult so you want to see what comes next and you can achieve the next level.
I'm only on level 9 so far, but it's fun to play! Cute graphics, can choose 3 different designs for each section.
Fun game, getting to higher levels, these games usually get so hard that in order to progress you have to spend money...hopefully this one is different
This is the best fun and relaxing game ever. I enjoy playing it and I'm addicted. It's interesting both for me and for my kids
THU 16.08.19 As the same as the other games like this good to start, too many moves not enough given not much chance of getting passed them. TNT barrels too weak hardly do anything, got game yesterday might uninstall now. Used a lot of weapons before harder levels, got most of those.
This is the best game I've played so far. More than 6 months, and I'm on 1215 level. The regularity of this game keeps me going. Of course it's hard sometimes but continuity is the best. I'm planning to finish it. The best thing is, it never bored me like other games, and the fact that I've come so far without getting fed up, it's the best. I don't have any other game in my phone. I just totally love it. ❀
the graphics and design is so barebone hhh interesting story and good gameplay. although i will reconsider playing bc the graphics aspect, no aesthetic gives less satisfaction
I love the game! So far the levels are challenging but not unbeatable. The story line has been entertaining. I also love the fact that we don't have to pay to change the furnishings. The only drawback I see so far is that some of the dialogue wording is a little confusing. Overall a great game!
This game is awesome! Just why there's too many dialogue? It's make me upset sometime but still I love this game
was going well but all of a sudden it started to feeze and i can't even finish a level can you please fix the problem. Thank you
I never rate a game before I get to level 120. This is a great game, but I'm stuck on level 117 and it's no fun anymore as that level is impossible. i used countless powerups on it, but got nowhere. also the rainbow blast always put the extra powerups in completely useless places. this is where the fun ends. it's pity, because i was really enjoying the game.
Love the game just wish when i play the levels i cant continue going in with out going back to the main part of the game. Would love to keep doing level after level.
As much as i love this game , i got frustrated when i could not go to another chapter or get more furniture. It keeps saying i'm not connected to the internet even when my wifi is on and strong. I 'm sad to uninstall @level 500!
Enjoy the game a lot! Some levels are very challenging and sometimes I have to leave the game for awhile but always come back and have been able to continue.
Hi this game was fun to begin with but not anymore level difficulty way to hard, your playing boards are way to big with stupid obstacles stopping players from completing levels and your lives are a complete joke need to double them and your power ups are never in the right place and only appear on our last life so come on you guys make an honest playable game and stop all the game fixing I rate this game 0/5 for how it is now make the changes I want and I will give you 5/5 thanks.
It is a great game and interesting story with the adorable characters. It is so addicted. The thing is your update is too slow. I played til level 231 and no more level available. And the task didn't come out after coplete chapter 8. Maybe you are working on the update or what i dk. I hope you come up with cool thing on the next update and please be hurry. i can't wait
The time it takes for lives to renew is ridiculous and the levels are annoying especially with the rings. The rings take forever to drop and seems like I either have 1 or 2 left then my turns are used up. I've been stuck on level 196 (a regular level) for 3 days. Lily's Garden is much better in regards to levels and lives refilling faster. I'm on level 1103 in Lily's garden.
Been waiting on the new update and today it was ready, so i did the update...and nothing!! Wth!!! I love this game but so tired of not being able to play because the game always needs an update. Decorating is what i like but u dont really do alot of that. Please get the game going again. I'm about ready to uninstall this game!!!!
I was enjoying this game but I reached level 260 and this level is impossible to clear all the squares when they go to dark grey when you have cleared them to light grey so this game actually cheates!!!
This is the best game I have ever played .It is so nice. The princess is so beautiful. It's graphics are also nice. And tha castle is so big and amazing. I love this gameπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘. It is so nice the princess look's so beautiful.
love the game. I will only stop if I think going to higher levels can only be accomplished by paying for items to move forward.
At the early part of the gameI completely enjoyed it, graphics, storyline but as it progressed to higher levels the level of enjoyment declines. We play games to have fun to be challenged but not too much that it stresses us out...pls keep this game enjoyable to play...
I like the game. I REALLY like the game. I have been playing for the past five hours, but it took me almost a full hour to get from level 50 to level 53. Once you hit the level with the rings, it seems easy on the first one and then the next round it literally kicks you multiple times while you're down. Anything above 50 is almost an impossible level. I'm honestly kinda just disappointed. It was a really interesting game.
Very addictive puzzles are awesome it dose not take 4 days to beat beat a level the only thing I have to complain about is how many stars I need to renovate other then that great game
when I started playing this game I truly enjoyed it but as I continued playing the game I noticed that the game blows up the power up before you could make your move with them which just makes it harder for you to pass on to the next level it doesnt connect you to Facebook so you can get lives I dont know about anybody else but it does that to me and I have the game connected to facebook it always says the same thing no lives available so once your 5 lives is used up game over going to delete
Enjoyable game, but stuck on a level. Can't get past it, no matter how many boosters I use. The booster bee's sometimes just fly over it and are wasted for nothing. After about 50 attempts to get over this level, I will be deleting this game.
I really love this game..... Buying dressπŸ‘— really good story I enjoyed Why I give 2 ⭐ Because :- β™‘ 2 star for one job ( that is really badπŸ‘Ž ) Can you change that please πŸ™ β™‘ game want 2 star but puzzle is really hard β™‘ speaking others to want star β™‘ gold making is really hard My main problem is 2 star⭐ for one job please change that (update) please...... I am requesting....😞
I bought some coins and they disappeared when I bought a power up...I got too many of one thing and none of another...What's up.
Actually I really enjoyed this game until today! Unfortunitly it froze up on me twice today on the same level. Both times it occurred just as I was about to beat the level. I had to leave the game without finishing so it took a life each time as well as cheating me out of my win! I didnt know there was an update till I came here to complain! Now I am debating with myself over if I want to update and give it another chance or not!!!
THU 16.08.19 As the same as the other games like this good to start, too many moves not enough given not much chance of getting passed them. TNT barrels too weak hardly do anything, got game yesterday might uninstall now. Used a lot of weapons before harder levels, got most of those. SUN 25.8.19 uninstalled sick of having to keep doing it with most games.
It's fun and moves fast and not to difficult so you can achieve the next level. Love filling the rooms up. I hope it continues to be easy to do. It keeps you wanting to do more levels.
love the story line and the match three playing is awesome. One of the best match 3 and build games I have played. I'm hooked on this game.
Very good graphics and game play, but it seems like you take forever to get through tthe game, very time consuming with very little h help with boosts! Other wise it is a really cute game and fun to play! And it can very pricey too!
obviously same as some others ie matchington etc but graphics and story good so far. as long as you dont start charging excessive stars per task as game progresses , will stay
I really enjoy playing this game but it freezes sometimes during game play.. where I'll win and than it just freezes and cant do anything and I have to start all over! or I'll be in a middle of a game and about to win and than all of sudden ot freezes on me!
This game is good but after level 100 it is becoming very difficult so please make it easy. And it is good that there are so many challenges but it is taking so much time and stress........
It is a nice game, but I didn't like that the orders need more than scroll. And sometimes we use scroll just for talking.
I love the game BUT since I did the update it will not load. It keeps saying network error please make sure you're connected to wifi ect. I am fully connected. So it isn't on my side. Please fix then I will change it to 5 stars.
Update Thank you for fixing the game and so quickly!! Level 564 keeps getting stuck after the first board is clear. Please fix, I am losing life trying to get the game to work.
β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œthe decorations are all really very great... Super i love it and levels are very simple and easy to play...πŸ₯°πŸ₯° add more existing decorations, stories and levels Can u include dresses and makeups for the charectors... It Will be more funπŸ‘—
i had an issue with the game but i contacted them and they fixed it for me. i was so ready to delete the app but then they fixed the problem so now i can go back and play πŸ˜ƒ
I just love the game and story. It would be nice if you could adjust the winning points to a little more. It's just expensive for extra moves and also the prizes you win for looking at an advertisement are not worth it.
I updated the app and the game doesnt run as smoothly as its needed and the side bar that tells you how many items to collect doesnt show up and i dont know what level im on. If its not fixed i will delete
Love it πŸ₯°! You can make choices and customise your own castle! Love it and keep up the good work!πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈπŸ₯°
Not at all like the game, I just download the game wasting my data here just to get stuck in the chapter 1, second mission...[mission: clean the antechamber] my problem is I can't even click the β€˜play’ button to collect scroll and I have checked my data and even restart the game 3-4 times...i can't get it why I can't click the β€˜play’ button, its not my phone problem?
Taken it dwn to 2 stars. Due to , story line is to long and you spend all your time with puzzle game and not NOT restoring the castle, and it takes 2 scrolls to walk and talk??? Uninstalling
Cute game, love the castle theme! I just wish you would clean up the story as a lot of the words are wrong and it puts a damper on the story. For example, when she goes to the master bedroom, the carpet is not WORMED, the carpet is WARN (used a lot so the quality has deteriorated). Keep up the good work!
Game won't open. I don't know how to record a video when I'm using my phone, sorry! It loads and everything but when I press the play button it just boots me out of the game completely. Please let me know when it's fixed and I'll try it again. 😊
Awesome πŸ‘πŸ˜Š ( it is the 19th of July 2019 and I am dropping my rating to no stars because I bought the starter pack and the game gladly took my money without giving me what I paid for!! Will update again if they fix it but until then DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!)
I like the game, but the amount of dialogue errors makes it difficult to fully enjoy. Alice sometimes talks to herself when the dialogue is meant for John. We miss some of the dialogue because Alice will reply but we don't know what she's replying to. It's also silly how we have to do a game for EVERYTHING. For example, putting wallpaper on. You have to do a minigame for each wall. It would be nice if the company can make some quality changes.
i been playing thiz game 4 months and its very interesting very relax my mind.The only thing tht i hate is tht it dont give alot of time and move on some of the levels tho ..Besides tht i really enjoy play thiz game
I loved this game until the new update and now it won't be load for me. I emailed you to let you know and heard back from you asking what the game was doing and sent an email back and haven't heard back. I even uninstalled and reinstalled still doing the same thing. If you can help me figure this out I will gladly give you 5 stars, I until then 1 star it is. Edit: Thank you for fixing the problem. Updated to 5 stars.
Disabled to hard for me to play!!! I read what you wrote,I want to thank you, I was so Impressed I lidded the game back! It is a little bit better! I'm still having a little trouble, but I do think you have a great gameΒ‘ For those who who are complaining about the. Furniture It's Victorian and only the wellthy could get it! Put that in your hat and set on it!
After reaching level hundred and something, the next day I had to restart, it's frustrating. If it does it again, I will uninstall...
Love it so very much. Super fun, exciting, and something to enjoy too. Enjoy playing with. It's perfect, awesome, amazing, cool, terrific, and fantastic too. Wonderful, beautiful, and pretty too.
The game was great then glitch after glitch. My items disappear, my game closes out every time I am winning the level. I use to enjoy this game. Now not so much.please fix these issues. It was a five star game for awhile.
I like it and it is one of my favorite games like this but I wish there were more decoration choices,with the color choices as well. I like pink,blue and purple but I like more choices too. Other than that it's a great game
so not very far into the game before they wanted a review. kinda was hoping for something that looked more like a castle not a knock off on the looks on the Homescape house. so far easy play which I like. interesting story line which i like to follow the stories but like i said just started. ill give more details as i get further into the game
I am deleting your game because it keeps freezing and crashing in the middle of levels and so then I have to exit the game waste all my lives wait 3 days before the game starts acting right so I can finish the level! Since I've had this game I have updated it 5 times and apparently none of your updates have fixed the problem and I'm tired of waiting for you to fix it when I can always go get a game with another dev who is willing to fix their game! Will not be reinstalling!
This game gives me many hours of fun,its hard to put it down. It is well worth downloading. Thank you. πŸ‘
I think one match is enough just for hanging three small paintings why do we need to play two games that also so difficult I'm uninstalling it, such a time consuming game.
I LOVE THE MUSIC! When I play the levels, the guitar and drums (percussion) takes me back to the '60's! And being married to a contractor, I enjoy 'renovating' games! KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!
Great Match 3 games, some of the levels are very hard to pass without having to buy the power ups & the power ups cost a lot of coins & you don't get very many when you beat a level. I'm still stuck on level 54 been on it for 2 or 3 days now & no power ups & not enough coins to buy any!!
I was enjoying this game but now since the last update my game wont load please fix it as I would like to give you a better rateing
This is such a fun game, the graphics are gorgeous and it has a great storyline. Everything about this game is spot on.
so far the game play is being fair about scoring, and I like the graphics, and sound affects, I would like more intense storyline though.πŸ™‚πŸ‘
Cant send lives keeps saying invalad access please fiix problem !!!!please fix cant send or recieve lives it say error invaled access !! very annoying !!! what is the problem here
The game makes sure you can't win the level unless you buy their extras or you have to continually play the level over and over again. Not happy, because I wanted to relax.
I like this game so much but it is stucking so many times but still I am with patience l didn't uninstalled so please check though it because of it I am giving you 3 🌟🌟🌟 stars
I had downloaded it.And I start loving this game.I also like the designs and the stories too.Really it was my best game but not for too long.Suddenly I don’t know what happened to this game.Every colour was changed and many things were disappeared.I don’t know why.I thought it can hang my mother's mobile phone and that's why I deleted this game.I felt so sad after deleting this game.That's why I rated this game 1 star.
nice game but there was a lots of useless targets in the begning .but I love this game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Enjoy the game but the word clouds over lap each other and thus hard to follow story line. I don't like when words like magnificent, amazing etc. keep popping up after making certain moves. They are distracting and not necessary. When completing a level they'd be OK but not while playing the level. Also no matter what the empty squares represent, if one can make a 3-match move with one square being empty, should still be able to use the empty square to make the 3-match.
Fun to play. I'm up to the 200+ levels. Not a cakewalk, not so hard that you rage quit 🀣. Not a ton of ads so far. Just wish more people played so I could find a team to join!
I am enjoying the gameplay and storyline. On occasion though the option to watch a video to double your coins does not work. Not a show stopper since it is random and works most of the time.
I was really enjoying this game until I needed help (I can't remember how to get rid of rings) and couldn't find a help/info section anywhere. Now I can't continue the game and have to uninstall and find a new game instead.
i havent even been able to purchase my first item to make improvements to the castle. it keeps kicking back to my home page and when i restart the game again...same thing, the screen goes black like its going to do its thing but then BAM...im on my home page again. tried uninstalling and installing it again but nothing changed.
Just started, but already having fun, good story and beautiful graphics can't wait to get back to the game, by gotta go.
I love this game but now I can't play anymore because it froze up tow days ago and today I reinstalled it but now it tells me that there isn't any task or level to do. I'm in 300 levels. Please solve my problem because I would love to continue playing.
I love the game and i would have gave it five stars but the last three days i havent been able to get on the game as it just shows up as a white screen with a black bar on the top stating the name of the game and wont load up please can u sort it out as i would love to play the game again thank you in advance
I give this a two star because once u get to level 35 it's so hard. I'm uninstalling this rn. plz fix this game. Level 77 is really hard I've been trying and trying but it's not fair there's not enough moves plz adjust this level.
It's a fun game and I do enjoy creating some design around the abandoned castle but today there has been some problems with the system on app like the game had a mind if its own and won't work properly as it keeps frozen for some reason. I don't know how to record a video on my mobile for you so you can see the problem on my game.
Like this game but the levels are very difficult so it takes lot of time to clear them. You are giving very few power ups. Please increase them.
it's the best game ever I love it and now I can't stop playing it ..good game I enjoy this game very much
it's a good game. but I hate it when it freezes and forces me to loose a life. i can do anything except move the pieces. the only way to keep playing is to quit out and lose a life
I feel like the advertisement for this game is false. The story doesn't show anything about her being pregnant or even having a husband. Maybe that comes way later. Anyway..its an ok game. No difference really from the rest
I love castles,,, I guess that's why I love this game... I also love the story of the granddaughter and her grandfather... keep up the good work giys!!!
One of the few games I've played that is worth restarting! When it updated and froze on me I had to uninstall then reinstall....startin over at the beginning of the game, I was a little frustrated, but I was enjoying it too much to just give up. So I started again. I'm hoping it doesn't do that again 😬
I love this game. The levels are fun easy great for relaxing and to unwound when kids go to sleep lol πŸ˜†
very cute game..great graphics and story but I really wish the dialog was fun and cheerful like Matchington or Lilys Garden..that would be so much more enjoyable..
One of the best games of this kind I've played. I'm going through these games for my 3 granddaughters, and to date I've played 60 or more of games that are appropriate for their ages that range from 3 (going on 30 lol) to 8 yrs old. And I can say that this game rates in my top 3. I've been enjoying it too. So 5 star game for kids of all ages. KUDOS. πŸ’―
id love to leave a review but after waiting forever for the game to install, all it would do is load to where it asks you to connect to facebook or just play. The thing is no matter which option you go for it crashes and takes you back to your icons. i gave up and just uninstalled after four tries. Not worth your time! Fix this and i will give it another try as it does look like a fun game, if it ever works that is!
Its a great game but for the past few days i cant play. It shuts down and will not load no matter how many times i try. Please fix it
Game is hard and easy. I liked it but soon i will deleted it because my phone is getting hot. Can you help me?
This game is so well written a d its truly magical. The levels are challenging and redoing the castle is so much fun. Great Job on this game. Thank you. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’šπŸ’š
I enjoying this game... But why do I have to buy the new dressess or accessories for the princess? Can you make that free ?! It's hard to earn coins you give a little reward not much coins
- im angry with some of the levels like level 129. There s nothing in it to win the level. it s for 4days that i m stuck in this level. - and also most of the things that the princess must reform need 2 stars which is a lot.
Love this game! Only downside is wish font and puzzle was bigger (im legally blind) and also sometimes when you complete a level it says you get 2 scrolls but when your done you only have 1
I liked this game but then it started to show no more moves when I had moves and I can't go into the game plz ficks it.
i can't updated my game and it stuck. still stuck within weeks and unable to update. my phone storage is free.. need to remove this game. stuck at level 1462 for weeks plus..uninstall...
love this game, but too much interference at beginning of each level telling you what to do when i know what to do.
I liked this game at first. I play games to relax. I am not relaxed when it takes hours/days to win a level. Over & over I get to 1 piece & I'm out of moves. It is irritating so I'm no longer relaxed. Am ready to uninstall it. Very disappointed.
Not a bad game, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the English is a little badly worded, but other than that, it's fun to play, easy boards and decent storyline so far.
I've been loving the game so far but after level 200 it's nearly impossible to clear the levels. I'm stuck on level 203 for a week. The moves are not enough to clear this level with or without boosters
Fun game but lacks originality. Its Homescapes with a castle! Everything else is practically identical.
The best game ever... It is good to release tension compare to other games which drive you to depression.. Satisfying. Generous in giving extra lives and bombs... Love it.
Been playing this game a while now and have enjoyed it immensely, rebuilding the castle is a lot of fun. So many choices, music a little monotonous, the addition of the grimoir makes the levels a little easier, can watch videos for extra bonus and coins but not essential. Worth 5 stars.
This game is a lot of fun. It has match 3 puzzles, decorating, and a storyline. The graphics are great! The only problem, and it makes a huge difference, is that on certain levels it bugs out. The game freezes up around where you change the armour. So I have to uninstall and start all the way back over. If I had to uninstall and reinstall, at least make it to where I don't have to start over from level 1. Let it link up so my level is saved. I would prefer the bug to be completely fixed though.
Avoid this game at all costs. While the storyline and concept are both superb. The games are designed to expend as much money as possible from the player. Ridiculously hard and not even the usual ad watching will get you through without buying lives/coins etc. Developers should be ashamed.
Good game at first but like most decorating games, the higher you go the more things cost. What I don't like is that it takes a really long time to complete a room and some items cost 4 to 9 scrolls which is crazy given how many puzzles you have to play to get them. I made it to the kitchen but I'm done - I'm not interested in playing anymore. And the spinning wheel that you watch an ad to get free moves is fixed. Every time I did this, all I got was 10 coins. Uninstalling.
It is good and fun to play but it has a major flaw in it, that flaw is boosters. See the whole idea of an in game booster (not the ones you choose at the start of a level) is to help with the obstacles on the board, but the boosters in this game are a pain, you fill the bar and you get boosters that don't actually do anything but ruin the moves you have in mind or just fly to random places that are way far from the obstacles making it difficult to finish a level. So please fix this ASAP!
Every time I try to double score game starts over!! On my seventh day the dailr reward srarted over. Im deleting game!! No stars!!
really good game..story is sweet.. shame I was stuck on the last level for DAYS. The bees are so cute !! Wish game play screen was bigger ..why so small ? There is more space on screen why waste it with back ground no one's looking at.
I got stuck because of the power swap. It just got unlocked and it was showing me how to swap but it's in a place that has nothing to swap with. It doesn't let you continue unless you complete the swaping as shown but it's impossible to complete. I tried exiting and going back in but it still did the same thing. Do to this I will be dropping the game as I have no other option.
So much fun Edit 6/25/21 I'm quitting playing. I've put money into this to keep playing. Collected all the flowers to buy all the flower furniture and collect a reward that wasn't applied. All my emails are answered in gibberish. I know you can compensate. Come on!
I like the game but so far it's nothing like the ads I've seen that must come in the higher levels. Why can't you let those levels be a surprise. Or better yet why not make the whole game like the ads show in the first place.
this game is still the best one I've tried. I have tried many to find the best one I enjoy. this one wins, the only problem I have with it is the stupid tasks. it would be better if you could just decorate
I enjoy it because I do not have to play for days to complete a game, but the time it takes to load is tiring as it takes time away when a person has won some free time. May not seem to much but sometimes a couple of seconds is a lot.
I was adding the rugs to the stairs when I closed the game. Now it's sent me back to the beginning. The game was good... until that moment. Glitches like that can ruin the mood of any player.
I really like the story and the game is fun and I like how you ask if i want to watch the ad I can't wait to see what happens next please make more games like this. Sometimes the screen goes dark and the all the icons disappear and you have to exit out of the game and restart it. Also sometimes you don't get your rewards and some of the things that are supposed to be available in the settings are not like the ability to change the cats name which is a feature that is supposed to be available.
I started playing in Mar 2021 & really enjoyed it (except that I felt like I had to spend real money to get to next level). When I reached level 1450, the game froze saying it needed to install new content. I saved my game to FB and then deleted it and reinstalled it to try to get it rebooted. I got sent back to the beginning and lost the $54.99 that I had just purchased. Tried contacting game support, they did not help or listen to what I was trying to explain. If nothing else, they owe me $.
I just started playing this game and it is so addictive and fun i haven't stopped! Lol 😁 love it ❀❀
I like the fantasy theme of princesses and knights. I play a lot of match three quest games I enjoy, this is one of the best, no pressure to buy add ons is good and you can play at your own pace which is a bonus. X
They should really gi with what it does in the add of this game. It said you can pick who you go with because the mom and dad got divorced so you can pick one of them to go. Then they had problems and you could pick what one to do like on the game save the girl. Although you don't have to pay for it even without it on airplane mode the game is still pretty glitchy but with out airplane mode on it is sooooooooooooo glitchy you can't 3ven play it. FIX TH I S GAME PLEASE PLEASE P,EASE PLEASE PLEASE
I love this game however the ability to relax and enjoy is limited. It continually gets frozen in task not allow you to continue to build. Ive made several attempts to reach out but no one response, leaving you stranded. Good luck with your adventures hope theyre better then mine.