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Castle Story™

Castle Story™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's only 50 levels, no matter what I do. I had the maximum number of a type of building. The goal was to make a new building. I made the building, yet I could not place it. After years of level 50, I finally sold the crafted building. Then, I was able to finish the 2nd part of the goal. I wish I could have gotten higher than 50.
i love this game, but it can't be saved for android devices and it has a MAJOR crashing problem. sometimes the game just won't open at all for DAYS, especially during special events. i've had to dump it, reinstall and start it from scratch 4 times. the first time i lost seven months of game progress. when i reached out about it, the developer just replied that they make it clear the app can't be saved for the device i play it on, so basically i shouldn't complain.
Love this game, but it has slowed down so much... it takes over 5 minutes to load the damn game. The lag is so consistent that you can time a stopwatch every 60 seconds. I play this a few times a year. Then quit again because its SO SLOW. WHICH HAS NEVER changed. Too much moving parts
It takes too long to gather or complete tasks. Pretty hard too get goals done . Too many goals at one time a little confusing & frustrating. When visiting nebs it is very very slow & then freezes up & stops. what's up with that? Like i said the game needs alot of work.
Worst game ever. Too many glitches and bugs. You need so much stuff to expand and I can't even find the lantern to craft in workshop. Total waste of time.
This is a very laggy game. The quests are unorganized, takes time to load the game and lags when you visit neighbors. I truly regretted spending any money on this game. I will be uninstalling this game as it is unplayable, even on a new phone.
I have been playing Storm 8 games for years. But I have to say these challenges are way too time consuming. You only get 40 energy no matter how far you are in the game and things take hours to regenerate! I have been playing several times a day for months now and I have completed maybe 1 of 8 challenges completely. You think people have that kind of time? or money to waste on games? Challenge shouldn't mean impossible.
Would give it 5 stars, but the connection keeps dropping while trying to meet goals for various contests which is frustrating. Time for an upgrade, TeamLava?
Un happy player when you click on some thing like atree to cut it down for wood to build a building tree goes away after you cut it down not stay &when you clear land to work on it trees come up
I love playing this game...when it will load...no matter what phone I have used over the years it always takes forever to load..if it loads 😠
Nice game with decent graphics but the stamina units and constant lag make it a not desirable game for myself.
Takes way too long to load. I've only expanded once and it already takes 3-5 minutes to get to the opening screen, another couple to get to my map. Half the time I get almost all the way through my energy, then the game will reset and I'll lose all the progress.
used to be my favorite. but it's too easy to lose your money by accident and some of the story / tasks are almost impossible to complete unless you spend money and way too much time and effort. I've written about both issues and not seen any changes. both could be easily corrected. Also all Storm8 Games take a long time to log in and they all have storyline where you need to do that. Also does a reset which causes you to lose a lot of your work.
it can be fun but very frustrating. Some of the thing they want you to do is impossible and wanting you to download more of their games constantly. I enjoy playing. Need to make task eaiser, stop making task to download other games. Make it easier to get Royal points and gems if you gonna need them for future use.
I like this game but it's expectations of the player is unrealistic! The current task is time limited. You don't complete in time, you don't get the reward. I've spent real money (too much of it!) trying to get the items to complete it and it's just not possible without spending more. In the end it's all for nothing. The task is IMPOSSIBLE without spending real money. It's like that for most time restricted goals. Also, not enough / slow energy's restored to do all that is needed. I'm not happy
it's a good game no doubt... I'm facing one problem.. I was chopping tree in my area... which is placed on last corner of my area... but monster came in that area... which is still not expanded... combat is not working over there.. if one monster 'll b stuck in my game.. how can I continue... I don't want to stop... so please fix this problem...
If you enjoy games that crash frequently, have miserably long waiting times for energy and equally miserable waiting times for resources and crafting to be available then this is the game for you! Very disappointed, especially because the game play (when it PLAYS) is very enjoyable and fun! Several times I've had to restart the app due to major lag or outright freezing up. Come on guys at Storm8, I know a lot of these games are just a cash grab for you but this is probably the most obvious xD
will never play this game again. takes way to long to load. some quest are next to impossible to complete without spending real money to buy enegy. i don't have time to play this game plus the others. even if you download one they want you to reach certain levels in that game also plus download more games. totally disappointed in this game. zero is my true rating but cannot post unless i rate at least one star
Love the game. But think some quests are hard to complete unless you purchase starter packs. Please please stop the home design thing popping up!! Have installed and played that many times I'm on level 60 and still not received gems or coins. Other than that I love it
So I'm doing a new review and I will change this once they fix there screw up. I did a $75 purchase-didn't get any of what I paid for. Forget ever getting your money back but I will settle for the items and they don't even wanna do that. I'm giving one star- I really do enjoy the game but I'm getting so tired of fighting the admin. and it wouldn't even cost them anything! I've been sending screenshots of everything they ask for- everytime they send back saying they need more. Don't get fooled!
I really enjoy the game. I find it exciting and challenging. I've note this game takes longer and it's harder for this game to connect to internet ir wifi than bakery story. sometimes my Bakery Story connects then Castle Story says no internet. please connect to internet
Castle Story has always been my favorite no matter how many phones I go through I always go back & start castle story again.Yesterday towards the evening Tuesday 14,2020 I bought crystals on this game & you were running a sale,but I never got my crystals 250 crystals were not credited & I paid $6.99 for them.Can you guys please work on that.I would appreciate it...Thanks!!!
It takes to long to load I can't even get into the game. And it looks so outdated. I guess you have to wait for it to load but the game kinda grows on you but you have to have a certain amount of energy to excelp into another level that's ridiculous
Great story and game, building and creating your own kingdom. Have to wait a little with some tasks but steady enough , not to annoy. Few glitches earlier date when first installed , developer seems to of fixed and improved story's collaboration. I luv it now
Every time I go to build walls or anything else it freezes on me and won't let me build so I can't expand to make room . Its very annoying
i love this game. i just wish there was more bug fixes and updates. i am being asked to adventure 4 times rather then 2 i think something is wrong. otherwise great game. i also wish support was a bit easier to get too. it is really fun and addictive. very good helpful community also.
Used to be my favorite game..it lags too much and it takes too long to load..it seems to do what it wants..i try touching a building to find out what i need to upgrade it and the screen moves on itsown and hit something else and you cant cancel it in time before you lose gems and there is not enough ways to win gems..this game has gone from bad to worse in a short amount of time ..update ..can a game get any worse..Ive spent time and money for years on this game only to get fed up and uninstall
Played for many years but it's just way too slow goal are extremly long. I'm giving up on these games, moving on to a different game creator. I see there hasn't been and update in nearly 2 years so I'm just going to assume they don't care. Just don't waste your time on this game
wish there was a way to create an additional log in, wanted to play this again but dont want to carry on from where 16 year old me left off but the only way for me to start a new game is to factory reset my phone? what a load of shite. just insert away to create an additional storm8 log in.
I'm gone!!! Every event is planned, so you must spend your own money. if not the event is planned so you run out of time. The game is slow in enter and change screens. I have a new phone, so the problem is the game. I have a fixed income, and I'm not rich enough to waste money on make believe items. Poor people are left out, and rich unskilled people get everything good. Bullcrap! COMPLETELY UNFAIR. If they didn't have the money they won't have a damn thing. No skill required just money, SAD!
Fun game but you run out of the ability to move higher. Energy used too fast. Cant expand... too limited but I still like it.
I used to love this game! I have just come back to it and am going to delete again as none of the problems are fixed. The energy you need to do things. The constant crashing and taking an age to load. The fact I rarely ever completed a timed quest no matter how much I played because it wouldnt drop what I needed. The normal goals get harder to comlete the more you go on as they need collecting items that wont get dropped and the amount of crafting to do it means I never complete these either!
For such a wonderful game it really needs to be updated. Too laggy that I can't play it at all. Nice graphics, fun quests too, just hasn't been updated or taken care of in a long time so it's too laggy to play and that is just too sad for such a fun game.
This game lags and pauses ..I cant even play it ...it use to not do this but now I cant even play it because it keeps pausing and lagging and says loading all the time
i will give 5 stars i like the game play the only prob i have is as i am in the game and trying to do some of the task it just shuts of and goes back to my home screen and the loading time it takes getting back into the game i fall asleep at times waiting to get back in
Game tries to get you to buy gems. Takes to long to get parts you need for quest. Then you might not get them. Some animals you have to fight dont show up until you spend money. Overall they havnt updated upgraded this game in 8 years so not worth playing
I really like the game but I have faced one problem. I have a task of building walls and towers and everytime I try to build one it freezes and I have to restart the game and the wall/tower I built is gone.
Hello developers of game.Change the energy amounts of playing I just spent a grand total of 2 minutes and out of energy collecting and battle with items of new event with sharks only have 40 energy but takes 20 of it just to clear one thing
I like this kind of games; but in this one, getting materials to achieve missions is too much hard, some of them for example, you can have them only with gems. Finding or crafting is impossible. This is annoying enough but here I came for to say smt else. I earned 50 crown prize from the last event but I can't find them in my inventory. They are just gone. This is ridiculous.
Totally FRUSTRATING. Used to love this game but now it takes way too long to load and when it eventually get to the gameplay its nerve wreckingly SLOW
I'm deleting this game. I can't make room in my inventory storage. I can't sell any items from my inventory. I can't buy land to expand. I can't seem to build some of my buildings because I have to buy other buildings to make the materials l need and l can't buy any of them because those buildings are still lock. I really don't understand that. So, I'm just stuck and that is boring...
Starting to dislike this game i purchased gems and they are just disappearing without me using them and they are not willing to put a safe gaurd in place to prevent this issue! I wish i could take this last star and give them zero stars! The game has just stopped working so i had to finally uninstall it! So sad it was a great game until ur Kingdom starts getting bigger then issues begin!
fun game but to hard to earn gems unless you spend real money. all the big tasks are impossible unless you spend at least 40$ at the least in real money. takes the fun out of the game . lots of glitches
Game was good New Quests spend money to play I stored the new items and am becoming bored with game Found other Games Gardenscape & Homescapes challenges with puzzles much better.
You have to be committed as it's a long term type of game . Initially they hook you by finishing the tasks soon. Eventually some tasks take months and months. Some tasks I havent completed for over a year. I took a year hiatus from it, but started playing again. Some of their timed events are fun to do, but I feel they need to give an extra day. I can rarely ever finish it without purchasing extra items. Once I change phones dont plan to install this, completing tasks just takes too long
The idea of the game was great. But somehow after i installed it, it takes too long to load. Even after restarting the app. It says that i should check the internet conection even though the connection is very strong. Please do something about it. Thank you!
The creators deserve -10 STAR rating for their lack of professionalism in email. (1) They don't keep track of the email thread and repeat questions previously answered. (2) They cannot be bothered to use correct names of the client. (3) If you express dissatisfaction with their assistance (without name calling or Any swearing involved) then they threaten to block you for "abuse" - clearly this is just a scape goat because they are not capable of doing the work or paying attention to details.
Used to love this game when it first came out but it takes an eternity to load... feeling less and less worth it.. finally get in and go to connect it to facebook so i could get my progress and it said facebook not supported in this version....
I download this game and played it some just so I could get some extra jems on the farm story 2 and never got them , so I deleted it and now reloaded it to get something new when I reloaded it and played it some and I still didn't get what I was trying to get , so I deleted it again , I'll try not to bother with loading this game again!!!!
I have played this game for 2yrs and haven't made it to level 50 due to the game just shutting off and then not loading up at all. I've replayed and downloaded it onto 4 different phones and have had to restart each time. I've spent too much money on Google cards over this game and it just stopped working AGAIN for the 5th time. So I'm done now. What a shame to have played for so long to never beat and have spent wasted money.
Thought glitches were my fault. got a new phone. game working quicker but still cant keep up. this is the second time ive lost gems because their server didnt go to my next command and took them for a rush on something im not concerned about. the server is about as slow as the mcdonalds druve thru is now. i deleted this game on my last phone due to slowness and stealing my gems. im about to do it again.
The game takes at least ten minutes to load. I cannot spend that much time waiting for it to load. I haven't played the game yet, and don't think I will be playing.
Its so amazing at first you zoom right through the first few levels then it gets a little little bit tricky learning some thing but I like that were it's not easy but it ant hard it's fun!! There are so many details it's crazy!! Lol In a good way.
Used to like this game, now it lags and closes when I play. And when trying to complete a task, the game stole 375 thousand from my game account when I had satisfied all requirements for the task. If I don't get the game money back, I'll uninstall. Beware anyone playing this game, it has serious issues.
Have played this game for a very long time. I have had enough now. Its glitchy and lags. It takes at least 1minute to open. It has supposedly 'random' drops but its not possible to have such a bad 'random' drop rate every single quest. S8 do not care about their users, because when 1 leaves 5 more start playing.
I used to love playing this game years ago. Came back to it and very disappointed. It takes ages to load in and after I try to build a tower, the game freezes and I cant progress. :/
Game was fine on my iPad. I wanted to move my game to my phone. So far I have been unable to find a way to get the game to download my game progress. I go to the link for Facebook and it tells me this version does not support Facebook. Very annoying.
it's entertaining but has a lot of issues, such as games does not give u gems after downloading another of its game when it gives it as a mission. It auto restarts a lot,and freezes. it's also very hard to open to play.
I have had this game on every phone I have had since it came out. Love it, however, I see it still takes forever to load up. I dont need to smell unicorn farts or brush the cows. Just load the game please. Also, I can't buy, load or otherwise use anything royal. Yep, you know the points, the points I need too expand and do many other things in this wonderful little game. Gonna uninstall then reinstall. Will update. *update* no change gonna uninstall I'm so sad
used to like it a lot. After many times of me using all of my resources and not getting the drop from a quest, not so much! Especially after this last quest set! I really wanted the turtle from a quest that I spent all of my resources on trying over and over, it never dropped!!!
It's fun. But... I can't build any walls, eveytime I do the game freezes and I have to restart, and the wall isnt there when I reload, rather annoying. :( Other than that I enjoy playing.
I've read through A LOT of the ratings about the game and they're basically speaking FOR me. The game is very laggy and slow. That's all I'm going to say because everything else I want to say has been mentioned MANY times before
I cant log on...ive tried several times..i emailed Storm8 support 3 days ago..i cant play my game..and again, same thing happening ...the game should automatically load when you get as new phone..this game I've had so many problems with..why cant I log on with my storm8 id on my new phone?
I love the game, but everytime I try to build a tower, it freezes. I've uninstalled the app and pre-installed it, and it still does it. please fix soon. I also see that I'm not the only one it freezes on when I try to build castles or get royal points. please respond soon. I also would like a response either way, since it's 5 days.
I play every day, but it's always a quick time, it don't take long to go thru 40 units, and there's no way to earn them,but other than that it is a good game 😉
I liked this game enough to play it to level 47, but I just got a new phone and now I'm losing all my progress. It's a huge bummer that there is no way to save my progress and log in on my new phone. I know that's possible because another game I play has that feature.
It's just loading and the loading isn't completing and I m sure when we will play this game there will be many ads that's why stars are 3 not 4 2 problems 2 🌟 s cut
Use to be fun. It would be nicer if your energy bar went up a little bit when you leveled up. I am at an event now where I cannot get past step 3 because the only way you can is to kill a songless bird and to do that you must spend 20 gems, but to get gems you must spend really money on the game, not worth it. So I will probably not be finishing this event.
Slow and frustrating. Updates seem to have slowed the game down so much that I'm thinking of uninstalling it. Don't need More frustrations now!
I used to love this game but now it's closing and lagging, sad to give a bad review but it's not a fun game anymore
This is NOT A SINGLE PLAYER GAME... There is so much wrong with this game its upsetting. Constantly buggy/laggy. The same 2 or 3 pop ups right when you get in game. The game requires you to use energy which is a rip off because you have to buy gems for items already along with long crafting and farming weight times. Why bother to add in the energy concept if you have wait times on everything else? The game honestly wasnt well thought out which suck because is this company does make good games!
Game has become extremely laggy!!! used to like it a lot. After many times of me using all of my resources and not getting the drop from a quest, not so much! Especially after this last quest set! I really wanted the turtle from a quest that I spent all of my resources on trying over and over, it never dropped!!!
I've been playing this game for years and I love it but lately its just so laggy and slow. I almost want to stop playing but its a great game. Just fix it PLEASE.
What i could do i enjoyed, but it keeps freezing up and saying it's an online game retry your connection I'm not fooling with this mess. I'm uninstalling!!
Constantly asking me to download other games to get rewards. I don't want the other games and my device can't store every game you want me to download anyways. I couldn't play them all. Energy is gone fast. I can only spend a couple minutes in the game and my energy is gone. The game takes a long, long time to load. If you cannot afford to spend real money, like me, you need to plan on it taking you years to get anywhere with this game.
I agree with other reviewers, energy is very limited, you have to have too many permits to purchase land, to many things to create to build, and items are very hard to get, levels are hard to achieve, game is expensive, I was playing this game for more than 7 years and cant reach level 50, still at level 46. Other than the above I enjoy the game but it's annoying...
Game freezes when I try to purchase royal walls, there is no feed back from game developers. Its a cute games.
i cant get ahead because i need to win more stuff dont wate so long to help me with this most of the games dot have a whell to win stuff
Totally sucks!!!!! Keeps crashing, keeps freezing when I try to place towers and kicks me out of the game. I love the game. Fix issues and I would give 5 stars.
Why this game take so long to load?! This use to be my favorite game and didn't take so long to load. I being endurance it for a hour and only advance so far as to level 3 (this use to only takes me 5 min)
The newest challenge is impossible to complete I have several farmhouses n might get one or two sugars at a time not fair I know need 70 n will not be able to complete bc I will not get the sugar i need in time
I like this game, I really do, but it's a super laggy and it crashes every time I try to build something with royal points. I can deal with the lag and I enjoy playing it as a thing to eat up time, but if the crashing bit keeps up I may have to uninstall.
I love the game but it never syncs up with the money I have on my Google play account which is very frustrating because I have money there I would like to use with this game but can't...
Love the game. But, time runs out fast before most contests are finished. Need to be able to go to alot higher levels. 50 isn't enough. Alot of us will give up not seeing rewards. Most games go to, at least, 100.
The game is fun to play but is really glichy and whenever i try to get something from the market the game freezes and stops working
I like the game but it's taking to long to load and it would not open when i go to it and when it do open it freeze up when i am trying to play the game.
Really fun! Use the official game forum to get helpful hints, like logging in from a NEW DEVICE! Set your forum password in-game (Menu-Help) and at the very bottom question there's a general Storm8 link. for specific go to forums.storm8.c*m/forumdisplay.php?210-Castle-Story Lots of useful tips and info! Enjoy!!
i love this game. been playing it since its release. The problem i have is that, it freezes. i kept blaming the phones i had but i just got a new Lg stylo 4 and the game lags like crazy. Plus, i have to start a new game each time my phone was replaces even tho i saved it and used my Storm Login info. Hopefully, the lagging/ freezing is fixed. otherwise, i love playing this game. :)
Really irked by the last event. Spent each day trying to get all the fairies. Let all other aspects of the game alone. Kept trying to get the flowers for the adventure journey. Without spending more money it was impossible to get the last fairy. Really disappointed. The flowers rarely appeared.
This game is great. I am so happy I downloaded it. So many things to do, it really is a great way to spend some time winding down. Always a quest, always something to keep you occupied. I will be spending much time playing this
Every time I do anything with royal points it freezes and it won't complete what you are doing, i bought a royal tower, and crafted the thibgs i needed to buld it but once i press build it freezes, if i click on a royal fense it freezes. I don't know whats going on FIX THIS PLEASE
I bought gems but it disappeared. Please fix it or refund me. I love this game but if my gems are going to disappear, I won't buy gems etc anymore.
The system crashes often. The goals are too long a d cannot be achieved without using a ridiculous amount of real money on a free game. Many times I have purchased gems but never received them or my money back. Were it not for the sizable investment I've already made with the game, I would've deleted it a long time ago.
So I've played this before, and it did not have the problems it does now. I have gotten rid of this same rock four times, and it will freeze for a second. When it stops being frozen, the rock is back. I have leveled up to level three multiple times, but the freeze and reset happens over and over. I'm not upset that I'm having to start over, but for all that is sacred I want to be able to make progress!
I used to love playing Castle Story, have for years. But lately it's become too difficult to gather the material and build the props needed to complete the quests in the time given. This game is no longer fun for me.
Having issues with it freezing when I try to complete the task "Buy 3 Walls". My laptop has been frozen all day. This sucks!
I personally love this game, but for some reason it's just glitchy and doesn't play well anymore. I can't even get it to load open after closing it. I remember playing this game on my computer through Facebook when I was younger and I would still like to play this on my mobile as an adult. Please fix the bugs.
Purchased gems, didn't give it to me. Lost 13.99 + gems. Wasn't able to finish event. They don't give enough time to do the events. They don't get back to you, only 5-7 days later.
Constantly freezing and gems dissappear. Need confirmation when you taking gems. Sometimes you click by accident. Like yesterday ive clicked skip dialog and somehow new challenge popped up and you took 50 gems from me to skip crafting 2 items (which I can make). I've tried to save gems to get something that I need but now I'm back to square one. I've lost over 100 for just accidentally double clicking. Ready to delete this game.
Have just returned to this game after a long break and all the problems that caused me to stop playing are still there. It takes forever to load, keeps losing internet connection and frequently crashes. It is SO frustrating because there is so much I love about this game. I had hoped that performance would be better on my new phone ( Samsung Note 10 Lite) but, sadly, this is not the case. Will just have to find a different game.
This was my favorite game for years. Perfect blend of different game styles, cute graphics animals and creatures. But it's so clunkie and slow it's unplayable now. Makes me so sad, I check back regularly in hopes it's changed but I don't think it ever will
As a mom of a 15year old daughter that has had all kinds of gaming systems & games that I could be playing, Castle Story is the only game, along w my other Storm8 games, like clue & monopoly bingo, that I have consistently and constantly played for the past couple years! I've had it transferred when I have changed devices & although the challenges & events they have are very time consuming & takes alot of game play to get ahead, the prizes are always fun to win for within your kingdom. 🌷🏅🎉
what the heck first of all i cant even get in to the game its just loading and its telling me that i dont have any internet when i have internet😑also how am i suposed to play the game if i cant even get into the game!? suggest u to not downloading the game.😑
some definite glitches in the game, but still super fun to play.👍... UPDATE!!! I haven't been able to open the game for weeks. every time I try it tells me I have no internet connection... which is not true, I either have wifi or LTE ... I'm starting to lose interest 🙁
This is a worst app. I have tried several times but the game is not working properly . Even though the mobile has the net connection, it only shows that the mobile has no net connected.
It takes too long to get goals done. And they pile up, multiply, etc. Why are some of the goals so doggone long? Also; it takes too much to expand the land. Ridiculous amounts of coins and other items that need to be crafted.
Really like the game. The stories are fine. But to actually finish a quest. It takes a lot of your time. That i don't have time due to having a job. Just upping the amount of things isnt very entertaining. And why, after level 50, we don't we get any more blue stars?
Love it but theres a bug/glitch on my android. It only seems to be with royal points, because everytime i try buying something with royals the screen freezes and goes black on me nd it doesnt let me buy it!
Horrible game and company representatives. I am shocked and appalled to have been treated this way. I emailed to let them know about the extreme lag issues due to infestation of adds. The offended hostility! They threatened to block me from communications because I had been rude? From now on I'm trust all negative reviews and taking it very seriously. I was having a good day up until now! POS.
Good game but the game seems to be lagging and being quite slow at the moment. Other than that good game :)
Starting to dislike this game i purchased gems and they are just disappearing without me using them and they are not willing to put a safe gaurd in place to prevent this issue! I wish i could take this last star and give them zero stars!
This is a fun, interactive game and does exactly what it advertises: the ability to plant crops, cut down trees/mine rocks etc. My only problem with this game is the Royal Points. They are required to expand land and yet whenever I purchase a wall or try to build a royal building, the game freezes. Very irritating, please fix this. Thank you
I liked to play the game at first. But the glithes and the lagging kept irritating me. I went from playing it all day to playing it once in a while. I started playing it as a stress reliever but it is now too stressfull for me to play. Actually I can't play the game because it takes sooooo long to come up that I end up getting frustrated and just go out of the game to play something else. Today I uninstalled the game because I am so disappointed with it.
The concept is nice. It loads pretty "slow". The energy bar level does NOT increase with your level. You get the same amount for every level increase. Energy does carry over, but it's still not much. You can play for about ten minutes and get out. If there was no energy, or if the amount increased with each level, the game would be great.
I've downloaded this game multiple times on several different devices because it is a really fun game! The problem however is that I cannot continue after trying to obtain royal points by constructing a wall or tower. Whenever I "place" the wall it always freezes up no matter on which device I have it downloaded on and it just ruins the game for me. I can't make any progress on this potentionally addicting game. Very big disappointment.
I love this game, 1 problem: every time I try to build or place anything with royal points, the game freezes. It doesn't matter what object it is. Please fix, I can't progress further un the game because some storylines require Royal points.
Was a cool game with 2 big drawbacks- gems easily used mistakenly if your finger touches, also not much energy to do substantial work in one round. Gave it a break and returned to find each time i am to place a wall it freezes n doesnt show development after closing n reentering game
I'd like to give this game a five star review, but... once again it's a straight up play for pay game. And unabashedly so. For example you need "lantern whisps" to expand your area, but the only way you can get said items is to buy them. They just aren't available anywhere else in the game. Do yourself a favor and find another way to waste your time. Read a magazine or something.
Game starts glitching when it's time to build walls for royal points. It's happened on multiple devices, so it isn't a hardware problem. Spent money on this so I would like a refund
I love playing this game for over 9 years, what i don't like is that it tends to freeze especially when time comes to play for the FREE unlimited life, the game freezes atboddest moment making you lose out on time. Other than that it is great. Love it.
I wish you could mess with camera mode like move your screen around with two fingers, but that's not my real issue. Why I give it only three stars is because when I click build for a king palace thing. It freezes. I go back and I have to redo that part and itll continuously freeze. Very great game, I RECCOMEND, but PLEASE fix this.
what happened to my game? spend a lot of money on ths game. stopped playing for a while and now the game is gone. unable to sign in through facebook and would not let me have my game back.
Building walls, towers etc causes game to freeze. Game relies on a lot of energy to be used which replenishes 1 energy per minute and doesn't hold capacity for lots of energy to match the gameplay.
with a big screen, I can see everything. I can press the buttons I want. It is easy to hide some things, although I do have to store other things that are useful, to make room, until I can expand. The levels get more interesting, but there's only 50. There's a limit for "how many of this item, I can have on this level." It is causing a problem with a goal. Maybe they will allow more of this building, so I can place the new one.
i have been playing this game for years and i enjoy playing it but i have only one issue with it and that is you cant save your progress on fb or somewhere. so if u uninstall it when it hangs or change your phone and reinstall on your new phone u you have to start all over and thats really frustrating. so please work on it so that we can always continue whenever its reinstalled
I have been playing Castle Story for a few years now. Unfortunately, I had to start over because my tablet broke & I didn't restore my old game. Let me just say, there is no other game that compares or that I like more than this game!
Genuinely amazing artistic design, but unfortunately that is all there is to this game. It's a typical F2P scheme, where progress is easy in the beginning and then becomes exponentially harder over time. You don't have enough energy to perform all the necessary actions, you can't stack crafting items, objectives are dependent on rare events and the game just bombards you with developer ads. They want you to open their games often and they want all of your money. There is also a semblance of a story, and at least from what I've seen of it - it's pretty good. But given it takes so long to advance, it's simply not worth the time. Unless you pay a fortune, of course. One of the biggest misses in potential I've seen so far, exclusively due to unethical game design.
Lag time is ridiculous. Last two years no effort made to fix this. Please hire a knowledgeable staff. The current one is doing nothing to help.
Have tried for days to get it to open all the way so I can play on new device it gets to game then it says no internet connection so I guess I'll quit playing again shouldn't have this many problems even took it to my carrier and they can't figure it out thanks for the time I've had to play bye
This game of you all's has me busy. Th as t for sure I just wish there was a way to get jewels so I can get stuff like engery when I run out & plus cool things u all have . I have downloaded the games but I don't seem to be getting any of the jewels.! Will thanks for your game kool stuff..
The game was great till a game breaking bug keeps occurring i cant place walls or towers and when i try to the game freezes ive attempted this several times now and everytime the game freezes so i cant progress because ur game is literally broken and unplayable
Please dont get invested in this game. You work your butt off and then you just....wait. 3/4ths of this game is WAIT OR PAY, because you cant even play without "energy". They even stop giving level-up bonuses (i.e. more energy) once you hit level 17. SEVENTEEN. There are folks at higher levels basically paying to get what they need to get done. It totally sucks.
the game keeps crashing when I'm trying to purchase a royal wall or something and I cant get anywhere in the game.
I like the game except for a few things. First is it takes to long to load. Next to many adds to play other games. You put them in as quest to complete and yet they keep popping up in the middle of gameplay. Lastly in just the last 2 hours the game just closed on it's own 5 times so far. Please fix these issues and the game would be awesome. Wait one more thing don't make all the cool stuff cost gems or be outrageous prices.
I actually love this game if I can ever get on it. Problems loading all the day I've not been able to play for days now
I actually missed these kinds of games even though it has action limits. At my pace i don't mind. What i don't like is the continuous promotion of other Storm8 games to the point that it can be rather annoying, ads popping up in the middle of quest conversations etc. Please reduce the ads, or if you want you can just put a small icon on the edge of the interface, so it won't be too bothersome for gamers.
I love this game but it's horrendously slow & laggy...plus everytime I earn gems, a button ALWAYS accidentally gets pressed & then I have none! PISSES ME OFF B/C I should have 150 by now.
I love your game and I've played it for several years but I do have a few issues that I constantly encounter. It freezes, will reset my progress, and lose items already earned. Neighbor requests sometimes show up days after they were requested. And lastly, I like the special challenges but they are constant and rarely can I compete them. I know it's a money thing, and i get it but it would be nice to get farther. Thanks, love the game and I hope some of this is helpful.
I love this kind of games, however this game i don't understand it...! I couldn't figure it out to gain or make stuff to expand and honestly I don't care for it anymore.. I find this game so boring. But I've seen some people that are doing well in the game so I guess is just me that dont get it... 😴 😴 😴 😴
This game would be fun if you could play it! It is beyond laggy to the point you can't even use all of your energy before it completely lags out and makes you reconnect. I've reached out to them in the past for help with no response!
Would be nice if you could save it when you have to change tablets or phone. I have started this game over 5 times. Lost all of my progress. Now cannot even get into the game. Says internet needed all my other games that need the internet work just fine. So much for finishing this event
Everytime I try to build a castle wall the game completely freezes and I have to force close the app. I have installed and played many levels in home makeover yet the mission won't complete. Crafting times are far too long. I like the story and game play but may uninstall soon as can't complete missions.
it's a neat game to play, but it kinda sucks how many things cost gems, when you compare it to the stuff that cost gold.