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Castle Fusion Idle Clicker

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Shark Jump located at Room 406, Level 4 33 Pirie Street, Adelaide South Australia, 5000. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At some point in the game it just becomes ad watching simulator as getting the items from the bottom up just takes significantly longer
surprisingly deep game( story wise) , mechanics go deeper than most fusion games. edit Ive maxed out everything thanks devs it was fun
Beautiful game. Easy gameplay. Nice and good mechanics. Nicely optimized. Satisfying feeling of progression. Not intrusive ads. Good reward from ads. Not annoying banner ads. The list can go on and on. Simply beautiful game! Thank you for providing it for free with ads.
This is so cool and you can do alot of thing if im bored im playing this games and it makes me so happy pls put a updateπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I like the design of orcs and goblins they're cool this game I'm addicted to so I play all the time good game
Fun in beginning, but after 527 Presteiges & Level 3300 game has gotten boring. Got all Awards & Dragons. Tavern at level 76 & all World 7 tiers Maxed. Fastest Prestiege is 3min 48sec & can average about 10 min. Game seems endless UPD 07/22 Game stopped delivering crates. Nothing but Gatling cannons for months, now started over with Ballista? Last change 3-4 weeks ago messed up Alchemy and melting gems. Now shows Crate delivery as -152530%. NEGATIVE. Lowered to 2 stars. Please fix the game!!!!!
Love this game I play it all the time on the bus on a trip pretty much going anywhere it's good for when you have to waste time plus the new graphics look a lot better
Nicely done game. Ads are not invasive nor mandatory. It's a game with ads, not the other way around. All in all it's how games should be. The story repeats itself. The story repeats itself. The story repeats itself. The story repeats itself. The story repeats itself.
This great game can relax me always god download this game it's free and you can fight enemies but don't get catch by your team
I have been playing this game for sooo many months but the proplem is that you can barely get any gems like I get them fast but I have to pay like 999999999999999999999999 gems for an hero is that a glitch or somthing?
I love this game but can you add players so everyone can play together. And I have nothing bad to say about this game.Thank you
Overall pretty good, earning scrap can get slow, and alchemy can feel unrewarding, but other than that I have no real complaints, it's a fun little game to pass time with.
It's a good game just going to say that and how to say of the grasses for kids which I am but the graphics that you have multiple options of what you want to do I like it so I don't really know what to say I just have to say that everything like a 4-star
Fun game overall. Good animations, decent value for ads. It is required to watch them a lot if you want to make decent progress without spending money though. Also I got 500 currency for this review. EDIT: as of the latest patch, a couple of upgrades now cost gems rather than in game currency. This allows down progression even more.
Some of the permissions this app has is a bit suspicious, I mean preventing your app from sleeping, able to use excess mobile data along with the ability to see all devices connected on a wifi network, including their names is a bit suspicious.
Best merge game ever. This game had time put into it. The ability to see that when you merge weapons, I can see the upgrade just brings joy to me. This is nothing like those other mobile games where they rush it and slap it full of ads. This game even has the option to enable or disable ads FOR FREE. This game is a light in the dark abyss in which other mobile games have formed. 10/10
Hi, I've found a bug in the game. Once I got the dragon that gives 5% idle collection, the idle collect calculations are wrong every time, way less that it should. Can you take a look to that? Thx
Love this game! If you put a little effort into it with watching ads every now and then you get auto merge on 3 stages of the game. I've progressed enough to start upgrading the tavern! Only complaint I have is there isn't enough to do on this game. Please add more πŸ’œ
Different from most games of this type. The only draw back is you only get boxes for the first land, nothing beyond that.
Really good game. Every time I get a new phone I install this game. I just love how it's not just a tower merge game, It has story to it. The is just immaculate!
Ends up basically being a whack-a-mole game with some side quests.. it was only fun for a couple of days.
Great game and I love the story element, but I wish there was more to the story. Once you max out the tavern and "complete" the game, it's just over. I wish there was more to the story about what happens afterwards, when the player is no longer destroying the world every loop.
Not too bad. Ads aren't horribly intrusive. Still an idle clicker overall but it's not one you feel you need to spend money to go higher and further with.
Pretty fun but I think if you would add a better tank the one that looks like the real ones would still a tank with a can look
Pros: addictive, easy, progresses nicely, not PTW, and an interesting story for an idle game. Cons: screen changing is a little clunky, tough telling difference between the two ballista and cayapults when merging, a little too addictive.
Cannon Fusion does more than most idle games set out to do. Not only does it set out a storyline for the players to pursue and watch unfold, but it diversifies in the features in order to delay the eventual and remarkably common onset of boredom from prolonged exposure to repetitiveness, which often leads to the eventual deletion of an app. This game by far is deserving of a 5-Star review. Unfortunately, I cannot write as much as I wish I could. So, I say, you MUST try this wonderful game!
Its really fun for an idle game and it has this cool story that goes along with the game as you progress
Its a good idle game with an actual story and the more you play the hetter it gets and may I say there is a plot twist.
Slight improvement over the Target Fusion game. This one is to many things going on in the story mode quest. Trade. Watch video. Yada yada yada. Needs to be simplified.
It's pretty fun. Better than most games like it. I'm still annoyed that I can't turn off the auto crate thing. I am the type to like uniformity and the randomness of the crates makes it hard to.
This game is so much fun the hero mechanic is greatly the sound design is great the characters are entertaining
Very nice game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘I like it 😎 . I am requesting the developer to make friends code so that we can get friends in this game
Towers should fuse faster so that the chain doesnt break when you fuse gatlings too fast. Also make the level up less invasive on the fusions after 170 levels its just annoying
Great game overall, but it is repetitive, even for an idle game. It gets annoying to have to spend several minutes merging gattling cannons after every prestige. Maybe add a bonus that will increase the speed of auto-merge. Removing equipment that increases max hp should not take hp away from heroes. I've accidentally killed my heroes just by changing equipment. Fix this and I'll make it 5 ⭐
Pros: It's a very good idle game with addictive simple mechanics. The 3d art is well done, especially for the merging turrets! It has a nice game progression as well, with a prestige system. Many opportunities for free gems. Cons: too few game stages gives the feel of something is missing. No real threat from enemies, damage is aesthetic. 2d art of characters doesn't feel like it fits. Heroes seems misplaced and doesn't tie into the main game at all, only benefits of quests is tiny bits o gems.
Love the game, very cathartic. A small issue: when merging towers rapidly, the auto merge upgrade stops working.
So relaxing game you just to swipe2... And when you close the game he can still collect the gems...anyway its a good game i love it...πŸ‘πŸ‘
You can reach the end of the game without paying anything. Extremely repetitive economy game. Watching ads helps but is optional.
I really love this game. It is a very fair game with more than one way to advance in the game. There is no need for IRL money just a little patiences.
Latest update ruined it. You used to be able to watch an add as far as you could buy towers, now it is 2 spaces behind. This has turned the game in to a god awful grind. Please fix.
Surprisingly great. No ads, unless you opt in. No annoying notifications, like some apps do. It's a merge game with fairly progression and good graphics. Definitely better than most I've tried
This game is great theyve done literally everything right from the ads being optional to the replay value this game brings
Keep having issues with the sound and music playing even though I have them set to mute. No mandatory ads which is a nice change of pace compared to other similar games.
I'm pretty indifferent to this game. The scaling is fairly wonky, you never seem to earn enough and a lot of stuff costs gems to purchase/use. Gets fairly boring really fast.
cant stop merging triple cannons, very addictive! and best of all, it's rewarding. after every prestige you feel like you progressed a bit and that is what you should expect from any game. nice music, funny quotes, and I think graphics are more than enough. the only aspect I didnt like is the hero/quests/items. it's like a feature added for beta testing and has not reached its full potential or final version. like it needs some tweaking and such. and usually I leave it alone. or start a quest, my hero dies while on it, leave him dead, after prestige he revives, send him to another quest, and so on. after consuming tons of potions for end/str/int my hero is still weak with full gear he found on quests. and I cant seem to find any benefit that my hero adds to game my progress. but still fun. cheers!
This is the very best game is game is amazing defense our base is very interesting part of the game i am rate 5 stars this game i am rate 5 stars all the game this game control is very best this game map dsign is very beautiful i love this game this game Name is very good this game graphics is very good this game is my favourite game congratulations for 1 million downloads this game zombie is very funny i write 500 words on rate this game this game is very good this game weapon is very good by
This is just a bug i found and in no way a review. The game is great anyway. So whenever you tap a tower or turret it will reset it's cooldown meaning that if you have, lets say a mech, if you keep taping on it you can get thousands of scrap with half the time spent. Its not game breaking, but its still a bug nontheless
I love the game. I have a billion scraps in the game! Good TD game. I also love your game turret fusion!
I've played other idle clickers and none of them have lasted. I enjoy the genre of this game. Great job.
This game is very interesting and lots of different defences great graphics and I like how they added heroes
It's a really fun Idle game. When you're bored or have nothing to do this game will entertain you only if you a fan of Idle games but if your not I recommend you try it. You may like it or not but I like the game.
This game is no different than your average "fuse two objects together to make a better object" type of game. I will admit at least they make it a little creative with it being a tower defense game. Though the objective is pretty mediocre. It is still a enjoyable time killing past time game.
This game is well like a idle game you play for a bit go away and get money and that tipe of games i LOVE!!
the 3 area battle human vs orcs is cool and satisfying for a merge + idle game the good part of this game is the RPG side mission of the hero to fillup the gap of merging genre and to keep the player occupy while the merging turret part is piling. 5star because it can kill time and simply like a stress reliver thank you Devs for this game. Hope you can update one of your game like this like the Idle Turret Fusion if you can put a side quest like the hero quest here it can shine.
It's a good game and I like the big boss. And all but I will make it five stars but a bunch of games or doing that it may be a different style and one not but still a bit kind of similar so four stars as my rating
Great game. I have around 20 prestige, and the game hasn't stopped its momentum of fun. I would really like to have a "player stats" button where I can see my gem chance, double gem chance, and other boosts.
Honestly I love the game but the only problem is that everything's too much money that's why I don't even play that much instead I just grabbed the money then I play into all my money's gone please make everything cheaper or at least make it the way to get more money This is all I request end voice acting
I was loving the game until yesterday when every quest I sent a Hero on came back being hurt by every monster except one. I would gain only 1 exp no matter what level quest I chose. Note sent to the developer with my data. Other than that, it's quite an enjoyable clicker.
Nice game, rough start but i get a crate every 4 seconds and i have a high rarity 4 stars due to the fact that gems are useless in late game
Awsome experience and the ideal idle game in my mind. No intrusive ads as well as nice flow with the graphics and frame rate
Uninstalling since last update. Progress which was already slow is now a crawl thanks to the "cooldowns" for ad bonuses and the bonus wheel. Really? I'm watching the ads and even they have a cooldown? And the bonus wheel, which is a farse in itself, now gets a 12 hour cooldown. If I'm watching the ads, is the cooldown really necessary? Was really fun ruined for no real reason. One would think they would want you to watch as many ads as possible. Too bad.
its a fun game maybe try doing a online where you get to attack other players and u have to defend and if u do defend well you get what they wanted to take form u and if u win u can take what you wanted to get and if u go in deat u have to work ur way back up untill u get ur money back now i see that would or could be hard but it would be better if you did in my opinion
This game is good but the hero time need to go down does it take 50 minutes for 9 it takes nine times that you get loot that you get 15 minutes how do you
5/5 The ads actually show the real game 10/10 it is not a app that wanted full- promotion ( Ads that developers put a lot of work on to have people's attention ). It has all of those historic details and awesome movements. In this universe they are having the fight with the goblins and you have to let them taste their own medicine by making new weapons. The Gattling Cannon is my favorite. The third phase is really cool, trying to defeat the golem. In conclusion. A great game.
There is one very handy glitch I have found, I can't say it out loud on here or else they'll fix it, but once you have found it, the game become one million times more fun, good luck people's
Game constantly opens Google play store. Watch ads for bonuses isn't too bad, but this is different. The game constantly and randomly opens the Google play store.
It's a nice little game has nice art style nice looking towers a good little story and a hero system overall I like it
Great game, but could use some quality of life for the late game. Add an option to disable the popup from leveling; at a certain point, it's more harmful than helpful. Let us auto-fuse things every X seconds. I don't care if it's at 1% of our crate speed, if anything a reason to boost crate speed is needed for late game. An option to make crates take longer to give +1 level would also be an interesting way to push progress faster than the current, where you are limited by APM.
This is a very good game and im glad that its an idle game so i can keep earning more gems when im doing my school work (yes im in school) but anyway its a really good game and i would definetly reccomend this game to anyone else who wants a game they they can play even when theyre not on the phone.
I may have found a glitch when I buy the ballista and I spend money but it didn't give the ballista it was like a glitch. Well anyway the game is good I rate it a 5 star 🌟
Very fun, 5 stars. Not many ads, rebirths, and a good storyline. I've been playing for almost a year and definitely plan to keep playing.
I absolutely love this game. The graphics are amazing, I especially like the gattling cannon's spinning graphic. I also like the fact that the amount of enemies scales based on what weapons you have, so you are never in danger, but always feel powerfull.
A good time consuming game if you're bored at work it will help pass the time five star worth my honest opinion.
it is a super fun game I can't stop playing it but when you get to the tripal canin you go to the whatch tawer after. but it is still very very very very fun!!!!!!!! but I can't get my hero to come bake to life and the only way to do that is you have to buy it with REAL MONY?!?!! but still
Great time killer just one issue i have is that when you get to the point where you can upgrade the level of the tower to remove lower tier towers i have a level 1 stuck with no way to remove it because level 1 dosent spawn anymore. tips?
5/5 but this is a PSA, not a review so; 1: a bunch of the negative reviews are either misunderstanding something, blaming the game for something out of it's control, or are just flat up wrong. 2: The game will save your progress IF you link it to an account, it does NOT "send you to the play store randomly. 3: you can turn off banner ads, and it isn't "suspicious" to ask if it can keep your phone on and use mobile data, and just because you can't lose doesn't mean it's "not a real game".
A lot of content for a simple game, plus the ads are actually optional for your play. A lot of respect for the devs!
This game is pretty good. Its not super ad/premium driven and is a good time waster. Easy five stars.
This game is awesome, with high graphics, 3D characters, legitimate merging process. And many more undescribable features, i bet you'll love, the game is original, with it's unique features you can find, quests, heroes, assortment of merge levels and many more to do.
Best Idle game I have ever played. No need to spend for gems and the prizes for watching ads is worth it. No forced pop up ads, all ads are from your own click if you want them.
Same complaint as others, I don't know why the autofuse option doesn't also include automatically opening crate. But honestly it kept sucking me in, even tho I stopped watching the ads for the free spins etc. You almost have 2 different games with sending heroes on quests and then you switch back and open and fuse all the crates you earned while you were tending them. And then I prestiged for the first time AND LEARNED AN EXTREMELY HORRIFYING TRUTH THAT YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE UNLESS YOU SAW IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plot twist, mind blown!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been enjoying the game but i have been stuck in my daily streak, i have been on day 255 and it wont go up in number any help in understanding this would be appreciated
Thos game was really fun at first. Until i found out i had to destroy everything i did just to restart all over again just to progress.
By far the best merge game I have ever played. No matter how much I prestige it never gets old. The turrets are creative, as well as the story. Wonderful job.
I rarely give a 5 star... This game hits everything it needs to. Little to no bugs at all. The gameplay is easy and intuitive. The upgrades you get feel valid and you do feel a constant sense of progression, even later in the game. It's awesome sending your soldiers out on quests as side missions from the main play. Even cooler that they get their own equipment from the field that is visually represented. I've been playing for close to 3 months now. Good job.
Awesome game! Progresing could be a little faster but it pays for that with its amazing animation! Best animated game I've seen in a good bit.
God I played this game for a year minimum. i have gotten almost everthing in the game. The only thing I dont have is a the quests achivement, because it was added when I stoped playing as much. Over all good game and pleas reskin this and make a new one I'll play it. Also old Story mode charecter skins looked better.
Started of good, story driven, interesting. Makes you want to find out what is happening. you get to a certain Point where the story just drops... As in disappears... You are told to keep doing the same thing over and over until you have grinded the game for a vast period of time. You get to the end and the story doesn't "line up" and disappointing after working so long up to it New trading system is very unfair. Only recommended if you feel like playing for a bit, before the grinding stage
Very addicting but i have an issue. When i go offline and come back on i get like 50b scraps and when i watch the videos to double it, it gets ride of everything
Almost there. One small fix I would like to see of when you purchase the premium crates to prevent lower tiered weapons from appearing in crates, that same tiered weapons disappear or upgrade if they are already out on your castle as they occupy an unwanted space if you forget to merge them beforehand.
I really enjoy this game. I have been playing it a lot recently. I would just like to say though, I preferred the characters original design. I am not trying to be rude because I'm sure it took time to make. I just can't adapt to these new animated designs.
been playing this more than a month. first prestige, having tavern, yea it is ok. second prestige. get some good upgrades, yea its good. third prestige has dragging crate and auto merge, really awesome. and fourth prestiges, i got nothing and its really sad. upgrading heroes, tavern, and tower. only those 3. still fun to play tough. fun free to play, pay with ads. its amazing at first day and weeks.
This is a really good game don't get me wrong but I give 4 stars because it's not as good as stick war legacy
Very fun game. And it's easy to play for all ages. Ads are optimized to wher you can choose to watch them to get rewards it's just a simple and AMAZING game. Much love to the creators❀❀❀
Oh sweet jesus the sharp turn of events at the end. I didn't expect that! Hey dev's do you think you can add a button/theater so we can rewatch past scenes/character dialogue? Because I dont want to delete the game and do some mumbo jumbo stuff and then reinstall just to read some dialogue. [I wish you guys/gals had a wiki] good job by the way the game is great, but i really love the story!
Started the game skeptical. As i continue to play the game, it has a good gameplay as far as a merging game goes. they have managed to put a rewared for allowing banner add on the topof the screen . So far i am just now reaching the second level of merging. so as i continue i hope the game continues to as good and not so much pay to win.
Great game but the problem I'm having is how much scrap you get per second compared to what the game says I'm getting please fix this problem
Bug: If you get x3 scraps for 3 hours in spin then you spin again and get 2x it won't multiply or time extend for next spin but it will alternate and you lose the x3! So you spend diamond to lose some scraps instead of win Review: In one word awful! Game: First seems not bad, then you find it boring but curious to end it and some kind of addicting but with no challenge and difficulty. Then you go on and try, finally you find out the story is a mess and the game will keep last like forever.
Good game but it takes to much to level up it seems and if you added a counter for the acheviments like 4/5 so if you changed those I would give 5 stars and you alien shooter game is good too I recomend trying that as well
Great graphics. The humour in the dialog is entertaining. Fun at first but slow to progress. After first prestige gets faster
Not really good, the graphics look awesome, it's so hard to get to a new level, I don't like the way that they die atomicly if they get to close the the castle, it's so annoying when you get a new thing they have to talk.
I love that you can either have, high income by enabling Ad Banners and no income, but no Ad Banners and the amount of ads are great. And this tower defense idle is my first favourite game on Play Store.
The game is fun and easy to pick up on but I feel like it is a bit to repetitive. Would like to see different levels, more detail, and maybe different monsters to battle.
Amazing it can still be updated and upgraded and that would just make it even more awesome I gave this is many stars I gave Minecraft it is amazing
Completely voluntary ADnoyance and simplistic but well designed wall defense game with merge towers , idle sidequests and offline playability. Well done.
Pretty good game mo problems I think when I watch this add I think it's boring when I play it it actually not boring I wish the developer at some new features pls
I love the game everything I love it but in the quest I have a lot of gear but the hardest thing for me to find is boots I can barely find boots I only have enough boots for 5 of my hero's.
Really good game. The best game I've ever played. It has no ads! So it's the best game. Merge weapons and attack de goblins lol πŸ˜† I only upgrade if there's an exclamation (‼️) mark . This game the best pls download it πŸ’πŸ₯ΊπŸŒπŸŒπŸ˜‚πŸ₯°πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰
This game is addictive. A nice change from other idle clickers. I like the different levels and the graphics are fun.
Quick and fast paced. No idle time waiting to gather resources. Enjoying very much! Just reset. More amazing quests.
Ots not bad, no glitches or problems but c as n get a little tedious after awhile. Good for killing time though.
Largely fun, but gets a little annoying to farm until you get some of the gem upgrades later. Also the chain fusion doesn't seem to work all the time between screens, stopping only after a single fusion or so.
Love it when we can merge towers I haven't played the full extent of the game so I give it a 4 for now. Good luck on making the game better.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Love it. I especially like the fact that you can choose to have ads above the game for an ingame currency boost, instead of having them pop up randomly out of nowhere. Graphics are nice and the story is good as well as the new heroes. Nothing I can really complain about here.
This game is so awesome!!!!whenever I'm bored I just tap this game and boom I'm in good mood pls put update!!!!
I love the game so much! Great job! But you might want to remove the crate delivery because my crate delivery is crazy fast and please change it to something else.
A lot of fun. Plenty of idle gains, and I haven't needed to spend anything! Just watch the ads when I want to!
Well balanced and the banner ads are optional and give a bonus when enabled, which is a feature most devs are not too keen on using for the "remove ads" revenue This is one game I won't delete
Damn I love this game! It brings plenty nostalgia from when I played a while ago and best of all, YOU CAN DECIDE YOUR FATE WITH ADS. this is something almost no other idle game has and I am really proud of the devs for making such an experience.
It used to be a fun game I mean I had a lot going on in the game I was really far up in there and then all sudden my phone crashed and I had to reset the phone and lost everything has to start all over again they would have kept my progress I would have gave it five stars but since they don't want to keep the progress when something happens to your phone it's not your fault 1 * and uninstall
Honestly the best fusion based game I can think of other than the other one they made About shooting aliens, there are a lot of ways ads are incorporated but they never really get in the way. Good game
The game is nice, but the problem with the new heros mode is that the heros always need a heal but I never get enough meat to heal them equally, and spending 3 gems seem like a waste, and the ability to heal is very minor. Maybe the meat should heal more the higher lvl the hero is.
Hey guys having issues with my lvl 15 and 16 heros. They always die on a quest they are the level for this shouldn't happen and we need a way to pass on quests that are to high of a level. Meaning we dont have heros high enough level but the show as one of the 3 options
Absolutely incredible!!! The story plot, the characters, the ending, it's all absolutely extraordinary! I would recommend this to literally everyone.
Really like the game but a few complaints. The heroes are horribly unbalanced, I've got a good hero with great stats and equipment but he dies regularly on quests 7 or 8 levels bellow his?? Why does the story end after multiple prestige? You also seem to hit a wall after a certain level and the game becomes tedious.
A fun game to pass a minute here and there. I would give more stars but I dont love love idle games. Great game if you do tho.
This has got to be the best game I have ever had, it has a better plot than a tv show, such easy gameplay/you don't need to wait ages for anything, not that many adds, basicly i could not give this game higher praises
Good game so far. But when you watch videos for the first section to automatically fuse, then the boxes need to open themselves too. It defeats the purpose of wasting data to fuse defences by watching an ad for you to make money, if the boxes don't open themselves during that 10 minutes. Especially if you could have wasted the same 10 minutes of fusing defenses yourself, if you still have to open the boxes on your own...
Out of all idle games I'm a big fan of this , has a bit of a story too , only downside is the quests kill your hero's all too often, even when I'm higher and stats are high !!
Well not typicly the best game... however the 3 stars are only for the heroes mode.... where you can manage your heroes make a separate game for that revolves around that particular mode of this game... the merging thing not the best but its enjoyable.... i hope to see a game from you with the heroes mode only.
Funny npc dialogue, moves quickly, seems more repetitive than most. I like the prestige system,though.
I quite enjoy the game, i would just appreciate an update adding new or more things/options. Like i dont have everything done, but im pretty far and would love something new
It's an engaging game. Yes there are ads yet they are not as intrusive as other games, you get in game stuff for watching them.
The game is really cool, very addictive, ive prestiged many times and sunk many hours into it Im hoping that more content is brought out soon Only negative for this game is that you get almost no gems for grinding achievements
Fun game. The match mechanic is engaging. The hero mechanic is interesting. So far, so good. Will go over my review again once I reach late game mechanics.
Really great game, yet it has been a while since it was updated for a while. Other than that it is a really amazing and fun game!