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Castle Fights

Castle Fights for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Roman Vasilyan located at ul. Kutuzova, dom 2, Moscow, Russia, 121354. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Given a set amount of points you have to fill to build your castle, but you're given powerful weaponry and shields etc, but you can't use them agsidnt tougher enemies because they out you over the limit so you're left to choose either 1 5 star cinnon against their 3** cannons or you have 3 ** cannons.. Its so annoying and tjrtes no way to upgrade the points! It's a time killer but it's frankly awful and unbeatable in the higher levels
Really fun game and fresh concept of idea for the game would rate 5 but keeps freezing up on me so gonna take a while to get through it. Also there's no sound please fix should be simple things to fix, be lot more enjoyable.
Great game but seems to have bugged or crashed I can do everything apart move on to next island as have cleared 6 ?? Any help please
Huges Compensate for maintenance how many days this maintenance i will change my rate if this game is up
Its a good game but after playing and getting on to the second map I cant seem to win. Sold all my stuff to upgrade the things I can use and still can't win. Seems to be a pay to win game. It has to be a no from me
Good untill I reached islands 6 then they updated the game now the shop does not work and game won't progress properly beaten all the castles now stuck real shame 😑
pay to win. honestly of you had to buy this game and not had to deal with constant pay walls id consider it. but the amount of times I've watched an ad for the crown hunt chest and it having froze at the last frame is just laughable. don't play this game until its fixed.
This app isn't very fun to play. The combat mechanics are poor with you not being able to aim your weapons or play any role in determining the outcome of battles, leaving it to random chance. Your castle has a limit on your weapons, health and shield and this constantly goes down until it reaches zero meaning you can no longer play the game. I expect there is a way to by more limit for your building but that would be a con. This deserves no more than 1 star
Definitely pay to win game. It starts of as fun, then gets you annoyed that your cannons are less powerful than the cpu!
Was great but since last update shop disappeared, can't progress to next Island and quick play castle has twice my stats so can't win.
Was really enjoying this but found a bug which basically ruined my progress, When i upgraded my shield and king blocks to max it didnt work correctly, I had a 5 star 7 mana shield block which started at around 230 def after upgrade of 9 lvls at about +19 should have been at least 400 but only gives 84 had the same happen all my other shield & king blocks bar 1, I thought was an error just in the text but now I cant play because all of my blocks now amount to paper mache
Immpossible to win first fight as you cannot change your castle load out and you get one shot WORST GAME EVER
Fine until island 3 where you're outgunned and outarmoured. And you're lucky if even 1 of your units is armoured.
It freezes. A lot. I couldnt even get past the first level because the game would freeze in the first 5 seconds.
Should be good but is spoiled by irregular physics and by around a quarter of your shots missing the target for no reason.
Rubbish need to purchase upgrades to further progress, gave me shield block that I cannot use without buying from upgrade from shop, upgraded cannons and they failed just as before. Looked like a good game but spoilt by money hungry developers.
What a shame. was quite fun until I ran out of lives and can't enjoy this game. Live ruined it. Don't play if you want to have fun, this is not the game. Also with your limitations. You have to pay for basically more defense and you will lose lives because you cannot have at least equal defense and shielding to the enemy. Just go back to the angry birds game
First off the batt where is the sound I thought there will be some (caboom) and some words form the king this game is fun but the game is quite poorly produced because there is no sound and is qite boring that there is no victory sound or a battle starting sound or cannon sounds so can you add some sounds pls.
Love the game, strategy can defeat much bigger castles, but since the 4th of Feb haven't been able to load game just says doing maintenance:-/ was 5 stars but not been able to access now for 3 days so I'm deleting the game
I tried to use the super-shot, but nothing would happen, so I was stuck there in slow motion waiting for the battle to end. I repeatedly did the drag motion that was shown and that did absolutely nothing.
The game play is great and fun just as advertised! It would be nice if it was a little closer to even. When you get to the second island it becomes impossible to win without spending money! If it were a little more fair I would have giving it 5 stars
Games to hard to figure out you have way to many things you need to keep an eye on. I liked the older version where you had the outline of the space you had and no limits of power and stuff it was just limited to if you could fit it all in
It's a fun game, they added the "quick raids" feature so you can continue playing after you've defeatted all of islands but that never unlocked for me, even after completing all the islands.
This game pushes you to the edge until u cant win against the opponents. U can only play this game after a day or 2 after then u cant progressively enjoy the game
Not very pleasant, I like the concept, but it gets to a place where the only way to win anything you have to pay. You cannot go back to get experience, and the quick battles only go higher not lower, fix the game or it will have no support
The game is great and fun to play but having 5 lives totally ruins it. I got stuck on a level and couldn't play.
Its fine but after the first island you physically can't do anything except get lucky you need more cannon's but you can't get any because your power is too low. Okay so you add in a king you can't do that because you've maxed out your Kings. Okay so upgrade them you can't because you need to clear places to get the things needed don't get this game its a waste of time and space
Did not pay at all to win, did not even upgrade any blocks. I FINISHED the game it only has 8/8 Islands.. Tips you pay attention on the battle, attack and defense stats does not matter. Just pay attention to the enemies battle position and yours. If he has lasers or mortars you need your front blocks to be latteral. Positioning is important mortars should be on the middle and cannon should be at back or top. And I dont use lasers they are weak because your opponent sa high defense.
Needs work, but fun and challenging. I don't get how so many people can't complete it, yer you are a little out gunned in higher levels. That's that makes it that little more interesting with your tactics. I do think upgrading to another king should be done by experience alone, so even in defeat you earn experience and can get another king if your struggling. Hope some more levels come out as sat around waiting now.
The game baits you into selling all your starter cannons to upgrade your good stuff. But halfway into the first real island (island 2) it becomes apparent that 3 bad cannons are far better than 2 good ones. Nothing you can do now though as the chests only give good(expensive) cannons.
I kinda like the game, but its really frustrating, when you get to a point and it stops letting you upgrade and you can't possibly win against higher level opponents because you can't add more units. Also the block/defense stats on each piece don't seem to actually do anything. Cannonballs go through them regardless of stats so.... whats the point?
This game was good however after the update the shop has now vanished and nothing is accessible please fix
Don't get how you have so many parts but are limited on how many Kings you can have when your enemy has way higher defence and attack just got boring real quick