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Castle Cats - Idle Hero RPG

Castle Cats - Idle Hero RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PocApp Studios located at Kaplansgatan 18 541 34 SkΓΆvde. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its an amazing and adorable game!!! Full of so many cute cats and for a free to play game its absolutely a 5+ star rating from me and I hope many others agree! I used to play this game a lot back in 2018 ^w^
This is the best game ever. I never encounter any bugs, the characters are amazing, and I love finding out what's next in the story. The leader customization is also really fun. I have played dungeon dogs too, and I got to finish the crossover event. I just downloaded this on my new phone, so it reset my progress, but I don't mind. Download this app!
This game is awesome!! All of the cats are unique and when you edit your own leader, the options are unbelievable! All of the accessories you can receive are awesome and your never disappointed when buying the accessory box. 5/5!
I really like this game and how it also ties together with dungeon dogs never played dungeon dogs but he bit i have seen it looks just the same but with dogs and i also like how the dogs hate cats and the cats hate the dogs! if you are reading this please download this game it is really good
Great game! I played since its release and i installed it again 2 years ago. Im a og player and i love how the game evolved! Keep up the good work and i cant wait for the new updates!
There are minimal bugs and the pop-up ads aren't even that bad. A great time killer, especially on long car rides.
Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs are both games I've played before and they are great to pass the time with. Thank you, for these fun games!
I would make the time walkers around 70 Dimonds. I would also make it to where you can by the mogan pack more than once. Other than that it is one of the best games I have ever played. I love all of the cats I can't pick my favorite cat because they are all so adorable. I am working on getting more dimonds I. I really appreciate the time and effort put in this game I will not be deleting this for a long, long, long, long time. I'm also writing a book based on the game
This is a very good game I like its cats and we can fight with evils their are stories and so more but please can you make food for cats and thank you for making this game and be safe from covid - 19 it is the best idle cats game 😊😊
Really cute game, very simple but very fun. Would have given 5 stars if the resources could be upgraded some more. I have them fully upgraded but only getting 60 resources when it's full is definitely not enough.
Very good game! All the right things. Mini games you dont have to play to move on, story line, great characters, and the graphics are amazing. My favorite game.
I love how the Characters are detailed and made the graphics are amazing πŸ‘ the best thing is that it connects to the other game dungeon dogs πŸ• 🐢.
I got this game again because it is really fun I live it and all the characters but jeez I do not remember the amount of ads you get every minute of playing. There is a lot of them so if you have little patience maybe not download:/
Nice game for cat lovers and its playable offline. But sadly, the game developers changed Curio, she looks like an immature baby!! I know shes supposed to be a kitten, but shes ruined!! πŸ’” Also Bob and Benedict were changed slightly, if this continues, bye bye castle cats for me!
For cat and adventure lovers I suggest this game. It's a nice excitng game full of cuteness and mystery and adventures!
Its really fun, but it gets hard to level up your cats once you get to level 5-6 and it starts to get annoying when I have to level up one or two of my cats for a quest. 🐈 Also: there are all these things on Facebook that you can do, like DESIGN A CAT for the Valentine's day event, but I can't because I don't have Facebook!!! If there was just a place in the app to add something to upload submissions, that would be great. Another thing, the music score is amazing.
Ben playing for a long time, and when I switched phones I lost all my content, but they quickly fixed it for me and I'm back to enjoying my game
A million stars if only I could!!! I love how the game is so interacting, always telling you and giving you so many things to do!! You never get bored! I think some people complain about too many ads but there are very few. Also the cats are really really really really really really really really really really really really really really cute!!! Must download!!
I love this game so much! I found out about it 3 years ago through many annoying ads... After awhile I finally gave into the ads and installed it, though I didn't think it'd be worthwhile. I'm currently sitting here ashamed of myself for thinking that. Best game ever. Edit: I lost my coins and a cat and Pocapp was swift to help me, they even gave me a little more items than I had before! <3
i love this game and all, but i dont get the point of the reward changes. if the rewards are to change, why not change the prices too? everything is just as expensive, simply more difficult to get. a gem a day may not seem like a huge decrease, but it is when it costs 300 for one premium. and of all things, reducing the embers you can recieve in event boxes is like ?? what ?? i dont see what anyone is getting from the decrease, players and devs alike. if anything it will drive people away...
Very fun! Its got its mictrotransactions, but their not shoved in your faces. There's hardly any bugs, a good story and your fingers don't die after 2 minutes as you don't HAVE to click. Download this, you'll have a good time!
Its really fun, but it gets hard to level up your cats once you get to level 5-6 and it starts to get annoying when I have to level up one or two of my cats for a quest. 🐈 Also: there are all these things on Facebook that you can do, like DESIGN A CAT for the Valentine's day event, but I can't because I don't have Facebook!!! If there was just a place in the app to add something to upload submissions, that would be great
I love the game there's no ads the game play is awesome and there's not so many rules that you cant play the game and there's not to little rules that you don't know what to do
At first I really like this app. Battle cats sounds great! But ads without any reason spoil my impression and make me remove one star. Fix it, please. Also I think it will be good to redraw Stitch and barehanded guild leader attack, because it looks unfinished, and redesign some parts of heroes' (Ex Pipsqueak) appearence, because it looks strange through the battles. I dream about game like that, but with the foxes. It will be perfect, I think. And, yeah, thank you so much for this amazing game
I recently lost my email I used to play this game with, now when I try to play with a different email, it says "get cloud data" and I click continue it goes onto "success", "grab data" and goes onto "no data to grab" and it won't let me play the game, welp, that's dissapointing, had some actually good characters in this game, anywhoo, the game was fun back in the day, don't know what it's like anymore..
Good game, cool story as far as I've gotten. But I feel like there's a bit of a problem with customizing your guild leader. You have to pay a lot of money to get some of the better outfits and fur patterns, and I feel like there should be more options and custom colors. Nice game though!
I've played this app for a year now, and honestly, I have no complaints whatsoever. The app is fantastic, not too many ads (unless you choose to watch them), can be played offline, and best of all, has a great story line. I play this to read the stories, and I love all the cute ships and cats ^^ Great game, and if you like this app, you should download Dungeon Dogs, which is their more recent one.
It's a fun game I love it but they can put in more Money and Dimonds when you start and let you unlock more things like that striped skin but in white when you unlock a item let it have all the colours my favourite person is Nessie and Luna sparkle I recommend u Dongeon dogs also are you a dog person or cat
I love this game and the adorable cats. I do have one request though. This is for both castle cats and dungeon dogs. Can you allow transferring diamonds? Everything else is amazing. the best RPG game ever ❀️❀️❀️😊😊😊😊 amazing job on designs.
I want to give this game a higher rating, but I can't due to the fact that they have started intermittently playing random ads that constantly make the game crash. I don't mind playing ads to get perks in the game, but now that ads randomly play every 2 minutes, the game lags like crazy and usually crashes. Very frustrating and I don't play the game nearly as much as I used to because of this.
Awesome storyline! Awesome character designs!! Adorable art! It's got it all!!! (And hello developaws! I suggested a dog named piper on dungeon dogs) may I offer an idea for a cat: (her backstory ACTUALLY works for the story!!) Shadystep, a silver tabby she cat. Her design is a bit complex to explain Thru text so I recommend looking at my channel for a better idea of what she looks like! (Channel: help I need a unique channel name!) Her backstory: she got attacked by dogs leaving her wit scars
When i first played this game i was so obsessed with the designs on the characters! Theyre so cool i remember playing this on my dads phone that every day I'd borrow his phone just to log in and play this! This game is super duper fun!!! Looking forward to more updates to come! This game is the best! This is one of my top one favz also im so so so happy that you guys also made dungeon dogs! That game is also super epic! Thank you so much for creating this game and for us to get entertained :D
I've played this game since it first started and have like 10 cats maxed out on level but to progress in the main story it's like the app forces me to choose a cat who's level 1 to grind to level 10. It gets frustrating. Also, Francis looks like a grumpy old man in chibi form... but is always smiling and acting like a kitten in the story? Can you guys change his expression because it's entirely incongruent with his character and that's frustrating too. It's been years please fix him
Game is fun and cute. However there is a chance of overspending money on gems, so look out for that. We Love the characters and hero customization.
It's a fun game, with a good story line but its kinda hard to do without spendin' money on ambers and gems
I love this game! Could you add some of the controls of Castle Cats to Dungoen Dogs? I have both of the apps and I think I like CC better than DD soooooo yeah its okay if you don't :3. Ty!
I had to reinstall the game to get the popup ads to go away, clearing cache alone didnt work. This is a fun game. I want to love this game, but the crazy flashing loading screens and menus need fixing. Ouch my eyes
A very nice and interesting game for a cat battle game. The levels are very well thought out but challenging at the same time. And the storyline just keeps you interested in finding out what happens next. Also the side stories(Halloween,Christmas,ect)are a nice touch and also have amazing storylines and even introduce the side characters and give them some spotlight like Molotov and his girlfriend for Christmas. Along with the fact that theres a dog version incase people don't like cats as much.
Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs are pretty good games, and although I like them, they do get repetitive after a while. Also, I no longe have the story for that one event where Conan became evil. I know I played during that event... Anyways, I'd change this to five stars if you added different ways to fight, or reworked the battle system. Other than that, however, it's a good game! Recommend it if you're bored and have nothing to do or you really like cats.
I love this game! So cute, so creative! All the costumes, colors, designs, fur type, face looks, weapons! The story line is so addicting and so adorable! The attacks and all the enemies are unique! Who doesn't love the idea of zombie dogs without it be terrifying and sucks blood. Some of the things are actually funny and some show life lessons and question the heros who they truly are. It's purrfect for everyone! It even has a bit of things with crushes involved!
In my opinion I think Castle Cats is a good video game. You can make your avatar and go on quests. But there are not much stories. Maybe you guys should add more. Or make it so we can make our own story. Please read this. Thank you.
This game is so good! There is a ton of cats to collect and you can customize your leader up to the max! 10/10
Absolutely amazing game! Great characters, cool stories, and awesome events. I just wish there were more legendary heroes!
A few things to clear up about Castle cats: 1. It's about collecting cats, with some features here and there. So if you don't like it, leave. It's clearly not made for you. 2. Watch the preview of the game before downloading it. 3. STOP complaining about the ads. Pocapp Studios says if you buy 1 item (literally 1) with real money, the ads should go away. If they aren't gone, contact them via e-mail. They'll be happy to fix it, I'm sure they can.
Love it! I personally RPG and the fact that they use cats give me such "Warrior Cat" also the dog version Dungeon Dogs is great too! I recommend to anyone who like cats, RPGs, customization, or just like the art style cuz its so cute!
I really love this game so much!! The cats are super cute and The gameplay is so fun and addicting :)
Very addictive! I just dont like how you can get the same cat twice, it stole 30,000 of my coins and made me very mad.
I love this game its super fun and enjoyable 😊 the style is on point πŸ‘Œ the story line is awesome so far and I recommend this to ppl who like battles and 🐈 cats!
I do really like this game, the characters are cute and the games are fun. But what annoys me is that when I try to watch an add, I keeps exiting out, it takes around 5 tries and then you claim the reward. Can you please fix this and I might change the rating.
I love this game so much!!! It feels so nice to give cats some spotlight since in alot of movies cats are often portrayed as the villian. I also really love cats!!!
I LOVE IT!! THE CATS ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!! YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DOWNLOAD IT! but one problem you may encounter is the ads. They can really get in the way. BUT OVERALL ITS AMAZING! But do you mind getting rid of the ads please? It would really help.
if you love cats, you will love this game just like I do! Amazing, You can create your very own kitty clan! Also, another one like this but in dog version: Dungeon Dogs, Just like this one its even from the same creator, Even if you have no games, Download these ones: Dungeon dogs (DD) Castle cats: (CC) . Amazing!
I lost my data on my old phone but I like this game so much I reinstalled it on my new phone. I thought I would just play dungeon dogs but I needed more. Luckily I saved it once on my old phone. I love that you have opportunities to get old cats again. The only thing is sometimes I wish the battles had a little more interaction or something different than just tapping. I do love the idle aspect though.
This is a really fun game about fighting cats, also the thing I really want is Dragon Dog. Castle cat is so much fun, I think that you should download this game. I got a lot more cats and I'm still working on stuff to get Sandra's egg but it is so fun.
I LOVE THIS GAME! AND MY SISTER LOVES DUNGEON DOGS! THIS IS SO SO AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT! 5 STARS ALL THE WAY! And.. Can you make an update to where you can make your own story? That'd be so cool!!
I love this game it's so fun and it has some cool cats and clothing. My favorite event is the Halloween event because of all the cool cats and clothing
The game was great it has a lots and lots of quest free to do what I like to do is take a break from it and then it has another question is right for me and my catsπŸ‘
Castle Cats is super fun! This game is the perfect mix of humor, battle, and customization! (Plus it only plays ads when you select "Whatch an Ad") I highly recommend! Whish I could give it 100/100 stars!
I love app and dengon dogs but were always stuck in one place maybe you could let's a couple of cats go outside but there's a limit or a portal that let's them travel anywhere even to lupiania that would be really great. Overall a great game.
First off the game is super entertaining! There are so many things to do like fight monsters, collect loot and upgrade your "base", Evolve your hero cats to look bigger and better with unique abilities (NO two cats are the same), and you craft and trade. Plus the game is always being updated so you never get bored of it! Over all this game is just so great and if you are a cat person you should definitely play this (All though they have another game called Dungeon Dogs if you like dogs more.)
I love the idea of all the cats and finishing everything in the morning but it's a bit boring right? Because you have to basically wait 12 hours.
I forgot about this game when I got a new phone. When I opened the play store to clear the stupid notifacation, I was like, "oH kEwL dunGeoN doGgOs" and I looked in the reviews, the first thing I see? "as good as it's sister game, Castle Cats!" My brain immediately said; HEY U! U L'IL IDIOT! U PLAYED THAT AND WAS GOOD BUT U DELETE. KEEP ROTTING ME AND REINSTALL..! Glad I did, still lub it. Also, somehow, probably because I have Play Games, it saved all my old data! :DDDDDD
This is a wonderful game, and i deeply suggest. When i had an issue with my save data, they got back to me just the next day to help solve my problem. The game is fun and you dont need to spend money to progress like others. You can watch ads for rewards, but theyre not thrown at you or required. Although, it has been a big pain getting new items in outfit boxes and events are non stop. Apart from that, great game!
This game is so cute and The animation is sick and also the speech is in the talks they have, and also the impressions on their faces are adorable,?!
Well, i played this a year or two ago and it was AMAZING! The characters are adorable and it's super fun to play. Unfortunately, though, I just got the game and it keeps crashing. I can't get through the loading screen after entering the game :,( anyways, it was really fun and cool last time I played it. I recommend playing this!! ^^
I love this game. Though it saddens me when I installed the Dungeon dogs. I never recieved my reward on castle cats. The envelope is like it's froze or inactive. It won't let me get passed the play Dugeon dogs to recieve reward pop up. And I am now playing both games. Even found my old save I use to have for castle cats. So, please help. I've already reinstalled three times. And no difference :[
Its great! I dont actually care about the ads, Cuz im used to the ads, But its great! I got a mythic cat just because i watch an ad :)
events are way too grindy. impossible to complete without paying actual $. also whenever I try to backup my game data the game freezes. I have the same problem with dungeon dogs
This game is really fun and my daughter loves it. Its helpful to keep her distracted and it is for people who are really big cat fans. The only problem is the ads. They are really annoying.
I liked the customization, but I wish there were fur patterns for guild leaders. I also would enjoy if there was a way to have custom colors, too. Other than that, it's a nice game. There are a lot of heros to get and I would definitely recommend this. Meow!
This is such a cute game it has a bunch of adorable cats and story's you can adventure through this is definitely a recommendation for a game!!
I love this game because it's very cute and I love cats and I really love the idea of how they made us very heroic heroes and my cat and me she loves playing it so I would be able to five Star if I were you.
I honestly really do love this game but I would honestly think it would be funner to play if I was able to fight with the cat I made. The guild leader cat. It would be so much funner and to also upgrade attacks as well. This game is fun but I would really like to be able to use my guild leader cat as well and to up grade attacks.
This game is a lot of fun and not to many adds. I love playing it and the only thing i would change is to have more quests avalible for events
I'm in love with this game so far. The gameplay is a mix of tapping, idle and needing to refill your energy playing 2 different types of games (maybe more in the future?). The graphics are beautiful. The only issue I had so was that I had to reload the game to watchtheads for the free items. Besides no other bugs and the purchases are working correctly.
This game is incredibly good!! I mean the battles are easy. To do, I've downloaded this and the dog one.! And I'm playing them non stop!! You should make an update. You know how you get money but holding the cats. When it drops they should try to take the money to if you not fast enough. And when a cat gets it you can hold the cat to get the money back!, if you could add that would be great. add it to both if you want to I'm not forcing you BTW you really should add it tho. Gtg I have no space-
Love the game, cute characters, great story, etc. The only problem is I have watch so many freaking ads for 1 thing andd everytime it finished, my screen would just go black and when I re-open the game I didnt get the item, I wasted so much time just to get 1 item but still didnt get it.
Good game but I don't think they know where cats come from.They dont com from eggs since their mammals the detail is good but its not that realistic.I understand that this is family friendly but then kids will think they came from eggs. Either way good game!
This game is a fun and silly game! I love playing it and I recommend it if you love quests and or adventures!
꧁❀It is a good game but one more thing... I lost my progress because my phone reseted which makes me really sad, I just reached the 28th day to get megara which is quite a little hard to do, also I lost my progress in dungeon dogs too but I might can retrieve it.. If I can.. but still this is a good game..good job developaws! :'>❀꧂
I love this game. My four year old had reset my phone and erased everything, including a years worth of gameplay that didn't save properly. But thanks to the wonderful developaws of this game I was able to retrieve all the cats I had purchased and continue playing this great game. Edit 11/15/2020: The only thing I wish is that they could control the ads that play. My little one and I have been having nightmares from all the zombie game ads lately. I turn my phone over so we can't watch them.
Very fun and entertaining, and a great time killer too. I'm not sure if its a glitch or not, but whenever I open the app it stalls for a few minutes then goes back to normal. It didn't do this before the summer update, so please fix this! Other than that, I reccomended the game!
It's rlly good, Ads, there's not much of them, which is good. (I'm not far into the game since I just downloaded it today. But if so, can the dogs and cats maybe make peace then the dogs decide to betray the cats and attack, but the cats fight back and maybe the ending fight of the betrayal the Guild gets attacked but her/his team helps and gets backup and then if the dogs loose, they run like cowards and if the dogs win the cats have to move their base and stuff *JUST WHAT I HAVE IN MIND*)
It's Amazing!!! You can create your own guild and go on quests! There's no high graphics for battle, so I recommend it for every cat lover!
This game was a lot of fun when I first downloaded it a couple years ago. The ads were optional and got you extra bonuses and gems. Now there's an unskippable ad after LITERALLY everything you do. Evolve a hero? Ad. Play a minigame? Ad. Complete a combat? Ad. It's honestly ruined the game.
This is a AMAZING game. 11/10 it reminds me a lot of my favorite book series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. I love it a lot. If you are considering downloading it, DO IT!! This game is super fun, the story is well put together, and it's really challenging. My day is never dull when I play Castle Cats! β€β€β€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I used to play this game every day, but had to uninstall it to save space, but after discovering Dungeon Dogs I couldn't let it go. I play them both back to back now. Like I said on the Dungeon Dogs review, I absolutely ADORE the art style for these games!
I'm only an hour into this game and I'm amazed! Everything about it is perfect, i'm honestly speechless. I deal with severe anxiety and I wasn't exactly having a good time tonight, so I thought I should try out a game about cute cats. I started playing and in a few minutes I was distracted from all my worries and super intrigued. The graphics are beautiful and the cats are SOO cute. I highly recommend this, especially to anyone having a bad day or dealing with anxiety/depression!
This game is simple and easy to start I expected to uninstall in a week, but I found it really nice and fun. A perfect 10 out of 10.
5 stars not only for the fun and character of this game, but also for the wonderful community of people who have gathered around it! almost everyone i have met from this game has been a great person, and the devs are very helpful and present :) i also want to point out the fantastic character design in the heroes, which are often implemented from fanmade designs haha
I love this game I got to watch a ad to pick my very first mythical cat to help me on my journey soon I got a ticket to buy a mythical box and I got a lunar sparkal cat I really recommend this game
SUCH A GREAT GAME!!!! This game is so cute and so much fun!! what I like about it is you can still play it if your out of Wi-Fi and you can easily earn coins. If I were to give one thing that needs to change about this game is maybe have a limit more than 4 hero's? Other than that, this game is amazing!
This is a good game but for some reason it would kick me out for no reason hopefully there is a way to fix this
I liked this game forever so now the update is awesome :3 but sometimes my sister uninstals it so I couldn't get on till I got it back but I still have it 5 stars <3
This game deserves 5 stars just for customer service! I'm very impressed with their response time & assistance. The game is very cute and fun to play. The cats are adorable and so creative. Also it's easy to play and earn gems so no real money has to be spent unless you want 1 of the limited cats. This game and their customer service is what other games should strive to. 5 stars all around!
Amazing game!!! Great graphics and art, and I love the gameplay ❀ There's a very frustrating bug though. When I try to change the level and/or time for non storyline battles, it doesnt do anything. The arrows dont seem to work and it's just stuck at level one. Please fix this!!!!
I love this game! The graphics and art work are beautiful! The gameplay and UI are well made and they story and characters are engaging! Worth a download for sure!
i really love this game, and i already play it before. but now i install it again because i miss it. Everything was okay, even my data lost but i dont mind it and i started as a new player. But, after it show to watch ad video for mythic cats it's crash. My game crash very bad. I cant even play it, it always kick me out to my home page. I cant even started to play :') except do the tutorial one. and now i feels so annoyed so i uninstalled it.
This is an amazing game with like almost no ads at all. I think if you like animals,fighting and adventure get this game and check out dungeon dogs it's basically the same but with dogs. I love this game one of the best I've ever played. I recommend it
I would make the time walkers around 70 Dimonds. I would also make it to where you can by the mogan pack more than once. Other than that it is one of the best games I have ever played. I love all of the cats I can't pick my favorite cat because they are all so adorable. I am working on getting more dimonds I. I really appreciate the time and effort put in this game I will not be deleting this for a long, long, long, long time. I'm also writing a book based on the game.
Amazing! I've been playing this ever since 2018/2019 I think! I LOVE this! The stories and the battles..And everything!! If you dont want cats then there is a dog one too! And catniss and conan are so cute together :)
My experience of the game is the best, I love all of the heroes and the battles. I like that you can customise your own character and collect heros! (Super cute designs!!!)
This game is awsome!!!!!!! Basically all you do is complete quests, get gold, get tickets, and get more cats! If you love cats you need to get ths game!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game it's so so perfect in action, skill effects, dress up, skins, graphics etc. I like this game so much now and it's really fun and exciting I hope this game will improve and improve in the future, keep it up πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
It's so addictive! I think I played for like 4 hours straight lol. I have no complaints and I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a casual game to play (wifi or not). It's not hard to progress, but it's also not too easy. The cats are super cute and the events are fun, but I have noticed a bit of a problem. I've crafted eggs and recruited a hero, but I haven't received the rewards promised. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it would be nice to be able to get the rewards.
I really enjoyed this game, after a few things,I'm unsatisfied and upset. I've been playing for a year and bought myself a new phone and had to transfer data. But, they deleted 5 levels from my save file, and deleted a bunch of stuff. I had proof from google. Also, when I went back to my old phone, I couldn't acess my file! And I was really upset about how they changed the tutorial, I loved it the first time, now its annoying. Sad to leave a bad review, but I'm disappointed.
This is cute as hell. I played this back when it first came out and recently felt the itch to log in again. Story and characters as cute as I remember. The in app stuff are still to pricey as is usual for f2p games and the pop up ads have become obnoxious (in fact I don't think there were pop up ads before). I will likely log in now and then to just check up mostly because it exudes charm.
The best game ever! There's so many things to do and I love that you can rename the cats and evolve them. If you love cats I definitely recommend this game.
I absolutely love the game. It's amazingly fun, the arts cute, it's genuinely something I love! Only problem: the ADS. THE GOD FORSAKEN ADS. almost after everything I do there's an ad; even if I do nothing. It's so annoying and so frustrating and there's nothing you can do to get rid of them. I understand you want money. But doing this makes you seem greedy. REALLY greedy. Go play dungeon dogs instead.
I love this app. Good graphics, exciting storylines and always new goals. To those complaining you can't get anywhere without paying: first of all, you can, if you grind hard, and second of all the developaws need to monetize some things to make money. It doesn't cost much and it cuts corners. I think there's a pretty good balance between playing for free and the boosts you get when you spend money. Keep up the good work :)
I really really love this game! But I feel like the vip thing is a ripoff when you buy things in game it boosts your "vip" level im a level 2 but you need to get vip tickets to be able to use the perks of it. But vip tickets cost money or you could win them but they don't do much. I honestly think that after you finish a vip level you should get the perks of it to stay without a vip ticket. That's just my thoughts but besides the vip stuff I would totally recommend this game!
I don't write game reviews often and almost NEVER on the same day I downloaded it. It's usually after playing it a long while. However, I'm addicted to this game! The cats are adorable, the plot engaging, & controls easy. I was also blown away with how much you can get for free! It's definitely NOT a pay-to-win game. If you want a cute cat game that kills time, has a decent plot, and doesn't have long wait times between tasks, I highly recommended this one!
This game's best game ever! Except I have a bug to report.. when I open up an ad sometimes whether it is for a prize or just a pop-up sometimes it kicks me out of the game completely please fix this other than that the game is so fun! The game is awesome!!!!!!!
While I like the game, I have a major complaint: When you are hatching eggs in Alchemy, you can tell which cats you've collected, but not which ones you actually have in your Fortress, and there isn't a display of their names when you look at their portraits once you have collected them. This makes it more cumbersome to keep track of which cats you have when you've had to sacrifice two or more for another egg.
I'm changing my review to three stars for the moment. I know you mean well and everything going on has been a hit to businesses, but I'm frustrated with you devs. I'm a long term player and your "things for long term players" to do like pushies and eggs are ridiculous! I wanna do rep, but i have no time with events constantly taking my attention. The eggs are very hard even for me, and the plushies have hard unlock conditions. And the daily gem change is stupid.
Seriously amazing and original!! Barley any ads, nice art, animations, and it's not really pay to win. Really love it! They also give you free stuff for playing.
This game is very fun to play! Even if a lot of stuff repeats in action it never feels dull and all the new cats are great in design. I also love the contests for the game, and the community is welcoming and very helpful! Even the pop up ads that have been added aren't super annoying as they're only a few seconds long. Though they've been a bit buggy, refusing to close to the point i've had to exit the game. Though not overall worth a star being removed, it's just a bit annoying until its fixed
It's absolutely amazing! I enjoy being able to connect between Castle cats and Dungeon Dogs! It's awesome!
I love this game so much! 5 stars! The cats are just too cute and the story line is so cool! I totally recommend this game, and while your at it, download dungeon dogs too! They are both amazing games, that you Pocapp for making these wonderful games!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I really love this game. I like both cats and dogs so castle cats has like cats that you collect and battle with bad guys but this is only my opinion so don't get mad at me but don't just love this game.I kinda don't like it too.I really don't like ads because they are so annoying and I wish they could be blocked so no one has to watch a 1 hour ads JUST TOO PLAY THE FREAKING GAME.Otherwise I like castle cats. (but I don't like in app purchasing cuz they wanna make money)its a good game play it
The graphics are amazing and really eye-catching! There is also a lot of things to do (e.g. Alchemy, Quests, Daily Quests, opening Hero Boxes, etc.) I love the storyline. I just want to say that I joined a lot later into the game than other people and I'm having a hard time trying to collect all the heroes. During events, the gem price for heroes is really high and heroes are being added faster than I can obtain them. Overall I highly recommend this game!
Previously, I would have rated the game 5 stars, but every. Single. Time. I open up adds or the game itself pulls up an add, I get kicked out of the game. That means I can't skip battles or collect daily gold. Overall, I think this game is awesome, the designs are flawless, the story is enticing, and very addicting.
So I used to play this a lot but now the ads are really getting to me like after every single quest there is a ad please I know you just released dungeon dogs but please remember that people still wanna enjoy your game caslte cats
This game is awesome! But I had to give you 4 🌟s because the game kept kicking me out and I had to go to the app store to re-enter it. πŸ˜”. Other than that the game is great!
THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Ive played this in the past before and its just how i remembered it ! I also like how you added a character who has a love interest(i forgot her name btw), im still trying to find out who are they, my guess is either Conan or Francise but ill try to find it! Keep up the good work!!
I really love the game! The characters are so cute and its fun to play but i dont see the daily rewards.... Can you fix it? Or am i missing something?
I absoloutly love this game, everything about it is great and I would recommend it to anyone. The only problem I have had is the screen going black, exiting me out of the game and losing my progress to when I had just opened the game. Other than that it's 10/10, amazing job.
I love this game with all my heart and have been playing it religiously for nearly two years. But with the recent updates, it's just starting to seem like everything is too busy, unlocking plushies is getting more complicated and longer... quality of event outfits/releases is decreasing... seems unless you really grind you can't get much of anywhere in a semi idle play style anymore... starting to loose interest as this game is becoming too much work for little reward...
So cool and i love cats! So much if the app can be installed couse i love love CATS! '`=Β°β€’Β°=`' its a cat i made not a mouse or mice but did you like i made the cat like this '`=Β°β€’Β°=`' but if you don't like it then il rate this only 1 star only if you like it then il put this a five star rating. : ) and its only 15 purrsent now nowhat il just wait and put it 100 purrsent now. : ) um when i check um it didn't install the app. : ( so i will install it again. : ( its pending. Ok its done il play it
It's the best game for kids and adults it has a dungeon dog's to if you get both you get special a reward for bot games
Very cute and fun Cat Game, with cute character design, gameplay and storyline. But it is very Ad heavy, I know it's for Covid-19 reasoning but there is just to much ads in between, Example, When you finish a quests, Upgrading a hero, and when you finish playing a mini-game. I understand it's for a good reason but there is too many ads and it kinda ruined my gameplay and sometime it crashes my game and it just have a black screen instead. Hope this can be fix. Either way a very good game.
For any can loves out there you just gotta play this because its very I can't even lie I have 2 reasons because(1. This game is very you get to go into war and see knew cats)2.you also get to detail your character also with new sales every holiday
I love this game! From the graphics to the mini games, to the story, it reminds me alot of warrior cats wich I've been looking for a game simular to for years, of course I couldent find one but when I saw this game I loved it! Ty for making this game!
Great game, all the heroes seem so PAWsitive and always PURRsevere! (da-dum-tsh!) My favourite characters are Curio and Bob because they always seem to break a few rules when making things right, for instance, christmas 2020 when they climbed a mountain alone. (I think) I do have a request though, could you make a different type of battle for every type of quest, for instance with, I think, "locked trees?" maybe it could be a quest where you actually open the trees using Francis' staff plzzzzz?
I used to play this alot until I lost my progress when my phone played up. I reinstalled this game again and it's still pretty good, just has a glitch where some of the textures turn into black boxes and stuff.
This game is awesome all of the cats and outfits are adorable this game is so amazing, easy, and fun!😍😍