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Castle Burn - RTS Revolution

Castle Burn - RTS Revolution for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by PNIX located at 3F Jenith Tower, 557 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Favorite mobile game, ever! Great gfx, production, sound fx. Superb battle system. Extremely addicting!
The game is good. I dont know why but the game is more fun than clash royale, it depends on resources rushing early atleast here you could retreat and not waste your units heroes different skills i expect this game to not overexpand in memory for useless cosmetics or useless features overall game is good it can make me practice to be better ranking clans imo better than clash royale you took the idea of simple rts but make it better.
This is the game I was looking for for a long time. Strategic, no randomness like CR and its clones, but also not to much micro and resource managent and all that stuff, AND, it's not a social base building game like a thousand one out there. My only fear is that, whenever I truely like a game, that game usually not the mainstream one and most of them end up dead. Pls don't.
This game is great! Not to confusing but ifs a strategy game that ive been looking for! In your games you'll make some risky decisions, some people play differently and the game allows that with its many strategies and ideas.
the basics are well thought out but can be limited soo there is no big different playstyles also this games graphics are just not good its better to go for your own style like minecraft that realistic and also the clash royal pay to win method with buying lootboxes and the worst is that when you finish the tutorial and go to upgrade the viking it crashes and restarts tour phone
I really like this game. This is the best game I've played so far similar to Clash Royale as it has some interesting differences. Though it has many scope of improvements...
exceptional! the best strategy game that actually needs strategy. there's a p2w element sure, just like most free games out there but it still weighs heavily on good decisions and reaction time. just not sure if the ones I match with are real players since they kinda act and play the same way. no forced ads which is noice too.
when replaying battles it freezes in a way that I can't go back but have to exit the app instead. otherwise a great game and has improved since I last played on another account
Awesome RTS game. The fast-paced action make for a great time especially when you only have a couple minutes at a time to play. The only problem is that I can't find any active clans. Many players haven't been on for 220+ days.
What time is it? Sweet Buttery Biscuits!!! So much fun, that time flies by... Okay back to the game...
So the game has a cool concept. when you enter a battle you start with a castle that generates mana and a hero. You have to choose how to spent the mana to take your opponent's castle out. You can go for a longer game where you take over mana springs that boost your generation rate and camps that let you build more minions, or go for a more rush down approach where you select a unit and try to win early. Trying to balance your mana use and counter your opponents minions and strategy is what makes it fun. Then it falls into the same freaking issue every game has these days. Loot boxes and the grind. The minions you can play during a match can be leveled up outside of battle. In order to level them up you have to buy packs and if you get duplicates you can combine them to upgrade your minions. You can get packs by winning games, or get better ones by spending a ton of in game gold, and buying more gold with real money. So if you have two equally skilled players the one that spent money will have straight up stronger units that good strategy can't overcome. So a fun game that is ruined by a pay to win structure.
Really great game. Its a combination of Clash Royal and Clash of Clans, similar gameplay mechanics from both.
This game is so Amazing. I love it a lot! Wide card selection, no forced ads but you can watch them for rewards and good ones. beautiful clean and smooth setup easy to learn and play. Very fun and strategic I will be playing this game for a very long time.
Everything is really fine, Very well gameplay, Just please improve gameplay grafics, Its not good, Thanks alot guys!
Been looking for an actual Real Time Strategy game for Android since about... well... honestly, now that I think about it, I've been looking for an RTS since the day Google anounced google play store was going to allow my phone to download games. I AM SERIOUS! There are so many other turds out there that claim a "true RTS" gameplay style, but fall short in every category. This game has it all. A plethora of units to build Multiple Heros, and you dont have to pay to be considered a winner.
Thanks! this game is awesome, highly recommend to the gamers that love RTS Games with anime style. 👍👍👍
Literally been looking for years to find a balanced pvp game that's not pay to win. If that's what you're looking for, this is it. Hundreds upon hundreds of games I've played where you get to the point "this person paid a lot of money they have an advantage " if you like strategy and pvp this is the one. If you don't like pvp and just want to put in a lot of money to show you have a small wee wee and lots of money, go play something else
Strictly pay to play. Matchmaking is horrible. Going against players several levels higher than you, with units you cant even get yet. Could be a fun game if the devs bothered to make it balanced, but they dont. 0/5 stars, not worth the time to download.
Great game 1v1. The 3v3 however was disappointing. Glad it's still in beta! If it's just like 1v1 but 3 base vs 3 base that would be sick! 5 star of that happens
This is a combo of AOE plus clash royal but only required 10 min per game . Plenty good gameplay Hopefully the system wont tilted toward gold spenders
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Instead of challenges saying "deploy ogres 8 times" cause we all know people will. Why not "in 3 matches, do NOT deploy archers" the most utilized unit/s. Now THAT would be interesting.
Graphics are a little weird but runs perfect in not so good devices also feels like one of the best rts games I have tried...good time killer!
good game but now went i open like 3-2 min my phone Automatic reboot.. this game and bloon tower 6.. is that because my phone settings or the game.. the another game ok went play.. anyone know why this happens.. now i can't play this game
Probably one of, if not the best mobile games I've played to date. No pay to win walls, a lot of free stuff when you play a lot, and a extremely well thought out style of game that's unique. Think warcraft 3 in 5 minutes on a clash royale style of mapping. Has a very high skill floor as well due to being able to counter everything while not being stuck with a pre built deck
as the 3 stars imply, mediocre. it's got a few good pros. the graphics and gameplay is pretty decent. however, it then takes a turn. I don't believe the people I've played in 1v1s are real people as advertised. I've played about 10 matches .. won all 10 .. doing literally anything I wanted. I could have played with my eyes close. no way these are real people. the UI in battles also seems clunky and missplaced. the tool tips and descriptions in menus are horrible.
I rated 5 stars yesterday but downgraded to one star. Here's why... Once you get to a certain level you run into nothing but p2w players and will get cheated due to massive imbalance/advantage given to them in 6-8 out of every 10 games. They'll have troops and heroes u can't get and you'll be cheated no matter how much better u play the matches. So fun at first, but now it's one of the easiest uninstalls ever. The p2W gets horrific and rage inducingly bad. DO NOT PLAY THIS GARBAGE "GAME" !
The 3v3 mode that is the staple point of this game is completely unbalanced without any type of intelligent matchmaking. In the end this game is reduced to a simple pay to win, who has the most rarest cards at the highest level. Strategy isnt really important as overwhelming opponents with cash supported armies will always, and easily, win. Good concept but these games are fundamentally flawed at their very foundation by charging cash for, essentially, trading card packs with absurd advantages
You win. You won. You did it. You pulled it off, like DomiNations...Only Better. You made a game that is forgiving enough for the Free to Play consumers, but Worth enough for the Pay-for-Better Costumers. As I always say, Just keep moving Forward...and we Shall see what is in the future for All. I look forward to seeing how much Intelligence you can Actually pull off.
Great game but needs to tweaks. 1) Card donations take way too long for each tap. it's obvious each tap is talking to the server. it takes 10 seconds to donate 7 cards when it should take 2 seconds. 2) If the sound is disabled on the game it should be auto disabled for the ads as well. right now they go off the system volume or you can mute them mid-ad. 3) the chat filters curse words and you can't turn it off. it's also hyper-sensitive. it filtered "assumed". you should be able to turn it off.
About 2 hours in, gameplay is very straight forward. I like the fact that the matches are short enough for a busy lifestyle.