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Cash Pusher - Free Prizes Coin Carnival Casino

Cash Pusher - Free Prizes Coin Carnival Casino for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Chivalry Technology located at Room 341, Building 2, Longguang Century Building, N23 District, Haiwang Community, Xin'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun & addictive but a rip off. I had over $100, went out of the game for a lil bit & when I returned to play my I had less than $100 and as I continued to play my money continued to get lower. Also, how are you supposed to redeem you $$?? False advertising if you ask me. DON'T say it's a game that pays real $$ if your gonna take it away & give no way to redeem.
Don't download. Calling "cash" and "dollars" in game credits and not real currency is lieing to people. Also, amazon gift certs(if you are lucky enough to win raffle) are also not CASH, money, or legal tender. UNISTALLING. BS garbage rubbish trash app!!!! I could write better code with my 3rd leg....
Absolutely love this game until about two weeks ago, it quit loading. Now I lost all the coins I gained 😢
I've been playing for many months won nothing! Now it won't play at all can't get coins to drop. Disappointed, playing faithfully, no win now won't work. Pls fix or uninstall again
I first downloaded this to see if I would win anything and haven't, I've been playing for a few days and I'm not at all upset I haven't won yet, thar game is alot of fun, so much better than regular coin dozer games out there. So many ways to earn coins and when you lose a prize it gives you the option to watch a small ad to recover it, my all time favorite part is the tower of coins, plus it has many mini games that you earn more coins, and the videos are short..Download now u won't regret👍
things started off okay at first, but got glitchy fast. it starts to load then screen goes black and freezes my phone. i have to remove the battery to clear it up. tried force stop-no good. Cleaned phone and used boosters-nope. took it outand reinstalled-no good. might be fun, but first impression is that it is full of issues and needs debugging.
Describe my experience huh? Well I tell ya what this is the only coin pusher game I know of out of about 7 games where u get the coin walls and something shows up takes u off the screen to somewhere else and by the time u get back to playing well u dont have the wall no more. What in the world I mean who in the world would want to play a game like that?? Anyone......??? I'll wait. I can say NOT ME!
I love these games I don't know how good they pay out I'm not that good at them but I love playing them some give you a few cents a day I'm going to check out this one for a while looks really fun and awesome let's play
I wouldn't even give one star. I have tried multiple games by Shape Keeper lmtd, all with one thing in common. You accumulate prizes quickly to begin, but pay outs decrease more over time. You need 100$ in prize money or Amazon vouchers to receive pay out, but with each of their games you cant acquire the last 5$ or so. I've played a half dozen of their games with the same result. They have been mind numbingly boring without any reward. Dont waste you time or energy, they are totally bunk.
fun game, but one nasty flaw - it COMPLETELY BYPASSES and ignores sound settings. I turned my phone to silent/vibrate mode and went into a meeting. Half way through the meeting, my damn phone makes this cash register notification sound at MAXIMUM VOLUME! I got chewed out by the bosses for nearly fifteen minutes about keeping phones on silent in meetings, all because of this stupid app!
Biggest false advertising I have ever seen says you can win real prizes but everything that I have done in the game is win coins and game bucks no where have I seen a chance to win prizes and also you lose alot of stuff when the game goes to an ad break not worth the download
It was fun at first, I don't understand why the reviews are complaining about "cashing out" because it's not that type of game? But yeah, it was fun at first, albeit slightly laggy at times. However, the ads become invasive once you get around level 15 ish. If you can handle the ads and lag, it's great otherwise, way easier to get coins to push and cash for power ups than other coin pusher games.
Its not worth the time. You have to pay for the boost that don't last more then 30 seconds. Why bother other coin pusher games are way better
Always have to uninstall in order to get new daily challenges. I keep trying to send a message to developers because it didn't give me any of my Christmas bonuses for winning and froze up instead unable to ask for assistance. I did give two stars because if they would fix bugs and make it easier to contact for technical support it would be a great game experience.
Nothing like they advertise. I played for several hours and won no money nor even a good prize or two. There were lots of ads. I kept running out of coins. It was all to push you to spending your own hard earned money to buy more in their shop. The graphics were good. The game is fun if you don't want to ever get any cash or prizes and like to spend money on invisible junk. Time to uninstall. DELETE!
Scam like the rest!!! Delete it if your trying to earn cash!!! Will never happen, but if your playing for fun,enjoy
I hadnt had all that bad of an experiance with it however it seems I'm not the only one with the issue of it wont load, I'm uninstalling simply cause I need to space and I'm fairly certain this game wasnt giving me any money anyways, it was good from a game pov I wont deny but I suggested to let us see the news somewhere so we know what's coming for those of us without social media.
Great play until you get to the 100 coin payout, game is loading at 99 percent all night for days. DO NOT RECCOMEND if looking to cash out.
I used to like playing coin pusher now I'm starting to dislike it because you have added way too many commercials of the beginning of the game I don't know why I'm getting tired of The Heirs
No, it's not the device because crashing. Every time the timer thinks it's time for an ad, the game doesn't freeze, but shuts down the whole phone, if you like, I can send you the tombstone that says its an ad if you like. You can't do that. It's too much on the processor. And if it continues, I will be forced to flag this app for being harmful to devices.
It's an attractive game that I barely get to play with an ad presenting itself ad nauseum every 15 seconds or so. It results in a terrible experience and all I've been doing is force stopping the app and opening it again every time an ad interrupts me. Even this is nauseating and so I've once again abandoned this app.
I just started playing this game keep it a high rating will see if it deserves it it's supposed to be real money we'll see
PLEASE FIX THE GAME!!! The game is stuck and even though I uninstall it turn off my phone and reinstall it, it's still stuck. This is so unfair to the player. Seems once a person gets a certain amount of coins the game stops. I enjoy this game and don't want to think it's rigged up like some of these games. Hope you get this message.
Complete scam, not real money and all the advertisements are misleading, negative zero star's... Scumbag app owner!!!!
I've been playing this game for a while, but at $99 it will not load up anymore. I think it's time to uninstall. Bonita
Fun and addictive game. Hopefully I'll win a gift card one day. But to all the people complaining about cashing out? The dollars in the game are IN GAME CURRENCY! it's used to buy power ups and wheel spins and such IN THE Game! It's not really money to cash out and out in your pocket. The only way to win money is from the sweepstakes and Amazon gift cards. My goodness haha
The game used to be a lot of fun to play, although I played for months and didn't win a cent. All cash winnings went into my coins and at about level 50, all of the coins we're just being pushed to the side, like they were too heavy to be pushed forward. I tried to watch video ads to earn more coins or cash, but there is rarely a video available to watch. You have to spend money at this point to even play. Which I wouldn't have minded spending if everything wasn't so expensive. Uninstalling.
The game freezes up at 12% and it won't do nothing else so I can't give it a review cuz I can't even get in it
Was getting close to maybe being able to cash out at $100 (because all the smaller prizes "sold out" everyday in under a millisecond), then oddly the app turned black and no matter what I do (force stop, reinstall, update, blah blah blah) it never loads. No one gives you free money.... ever.... Period.... Lies and wasted time are guaranteed though.