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Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure

Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Once you prestige a few times, it starts shoving mandatory ads down your throat every time you open the app and every 30 seconds after that. Even if you're like me and watch all the ads anyway to: double away earnings, 3x cash, 5x/10x on ufo's, 20% investors... Already uninstalled and never want to play this sad excuse for a cash grab again. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME AND IT'S WORTHLESS DEVS!!!
Was nice until i have realised that ads are not only optional. I did not mind watching ads for boosts and support the game, but being forced to watch an ad is incredibly annoying.. Totally ruined my experience.
Absolutely wonderful, can't believe how astonishing the graphics are and although others complain about the ads, the ads are needed so the game can be free, and the mandatory ads are so the developers can gain money from the game while they are busy developing other games and this one, anyways, great job, really enjoyable, would suggest to everyone!
This is the best and most addicting game in my opinion. Cash Inc. literally makes life easier to enjoy. I just installed this game today, Febuary 21 2021, and I'm already making so much progress. Oh and for people who blame this game for lags, it's the gadget not the game. I have never experienced any issues so blame gadgets, not games.
This is a very fun game and easy to understand ...i love the fact that it is fun and u can name money by selling your tower and make even more money by buying more businesses and upgrading them
This. Game. Is. Awesome!!! It is completely ad free (unless you choose to watch an ad for more rewards), collects money for me while I'm gone, and the layout is good.
I love this came because there are so many different stores that you can get. This game is awesome and I would highly reccomend this for all ages!!!!!! This is fun, intruiging andsuitible for all ages. The only bad thing is that this game is higly addictive and as soon as I turn my tablet on I come to this game pretty much strait away. I love how you can get auto clickers so that you dont have to go back and forth clicking because (to be honest that would waste good game time.)DOWNLOAD DEFINETLY
I used to love this game but now I'm getting an add every minute and a bloody half. Sure you get 2 diamonds but I never bloody asked for it and there is no way to say no. I'm never spending money on this game seeing how greedy they are with putting one add every fricke minute. Don't download. Unless they get rid of some ads I will install and make sure everyone I know doesn't download or spend money on this game. And I know a lot of people.
The game is fun, but what if you could look at other people's buildins. Like visit them, I absolutely love the game. Keep up the good work guys.
One problem needed fixed. Everytime after I watch the ads for the in-game reward, it keep on restarting to the title, So fixed this problem.
This app was easy to use, exciting and relaxing. You just have to open the shop, and buy and buy till you open another shop. Have fun guys.
Game is enjoyable. But, I can't give five stars because I took the time to take the survey and didn't get the gems promised. So, anyone asked to take a survey, beware. Also, expect pop up ads to start as you progress. They're not present in the beginning. However, you are given two crystals per pop up. Still annoying though (one star off).
Used to love this game but now we get forced to watch ads almost every 5 min witch is bull because im sure the company makes tons of money off the ad to get x2 me an my wife wont be playing anymore
ADVERTISEMENT FACTORY. Unskippable and not optional ads. You know? I was actually enjoying playing the game, thank you for ruining it. God help you dead man.
The game is fun but impossible to play. It wont stop crashing before you can actually get to the game itself.
It's actually a pretty good game, helps me kill time. Not sure why people are complaining about ads cuz I got like at most 2 ads. The graphics are adorable too.
Too many ads. Advertisements come at random moments and dont even let you choose whether or not to have them for rewards. I understand you're trying to make money but this is loaded.
This used to be a good game a couple years ago so I thought I'd redownload it, waste of time really as there is now an advertisement pops up every minute or two with no way to opt out (you gain all of 2 diamonds each video), ridiculous really.
Amazing and fun .. Try this game and you'll be addicted ..not only will you be addicted but you'll have the experience of working or having your own business and that's what makes it so fun and enjoyable 😊 ..big shout-out the the makers
So far it is like any other "idle" style game. Shall see how far I get with this one before I'm bored. Cute graphics but the music is pretty annoying-change it please 😊
Brooo!. I litterly have so much fun of this game! I wish its offline but ill still rate 5 stars for the game its making feel better if im stressed or sad. Thats all i hope you make it offline so day!. Thanks!. Btw im from 2021 rn So I hope vacine for this cvid-19 come out!.
Awesome game they make it exactly like the advertisement I love it, it's very addicting and a bit challenging which I'm glad, this game is super fun and no complaining from me πŸ€— Keep up the good work Lian Studios!
It is fun but there is one problem for me. When u get a new building u have to start all over again but it goes a.bit quicker than the other building
It is really a very good I really recommend it, one of the best thing is that you can just close the ape and it will still make money. The only two reason I gave 4 stars is that you need internet and it is a lil laggy (it might be my device) but it's a really good game and I like it very much
The game is great, but the ads for boosts and other misc. Features keep prompting on the screen. Then it will glitch and the add wont play. The x3 and the spin wheel on the left side go gray and I can't get any boosts :(
I was enjoying the game and I didn't mind watching the occasional add when it suited me but they have recently introduced forced adds which is not something I like so will probably uninstall
First, I like this game. The graphics are good, game play is enjoyable. The reason I'm giving it one star is because of the pop up unskippable ads. Ruins an otherwise good game.
The Greed of the developers is ruining this game. I'm not interested how hard you worked on it and I get you need paid but remember your game is nothing without people like me playing it so keeping players happy is a win for all. Do you honestly think it keeps players happy forcing several ads per minute? You can't get a decent run at the game without interruption it's so frustrating. Uninstalled you had your chance.
Way too many ads! It should be an option to watch ads if you wanna get extra rewards, not mandatory! I rarely play, I don't need the extra rewards so it's super annoying when I'm forced to get them by watchind adsπŸ™„
Amazing game, no ads shoved in your face. No anoying pop up sales. Really tought me the value of money.
nice game i enjoy it but i really don't know how to cash out the money from here.. i update my review and give 5 star if its really pay me..😊 but over all super fun game..
What's up with all the ads. There not even for ed on you as much as you think they do. And when they do there like 0.2 sec long and you get rewards every time. You also have the option to watch them to get crazy awards. And stupid addictive. I'm not a fake. It's just that good
Initially it was pretty fun, but then you level up enough that a random person pops onto your screen and you're forced to watch an Ad up until this point the ads were optional but I can't help but feel like this particular thing had ruined the game for me. So l will be uninstalling the game until this idiotic decision is dealt with, I know the Ad revenue is what pays for the game but you already have the in game transactions, the forced ads are unnecessary.
Ok i gave this a 5 star review before, but GO EASY WITH THE ADS DEVS, i reached about octillion today and those characters keep popping up saying some sort of bullcrap, and if you tap anywhere on the screen you get an ad, prestige and start over AD, make some purchase from the virtual store AD, three secs later AD!!!!!!!! Wasnt already getting enough money devs from your crappy games? Well enjoy your greed turn around get 0 rev.. Bye!
I like this game because it is so easy but for the final shop it takes a hour fix this I think roblox is better because it has no ads and it's fun if you don't play if you want you can install it on Xbox pc and ipad
Great, simple idle business game. Has almost all the bells and whistles of the genre, just doesn't have any sort of missions that are now common. But there's so many regular boosts available, that it's not a loss at all. Myself, I would keep it as a second tier game, only it does take a bit to load, everytime, so it's not really conducive to switching back and forth often.
This game is soooooo fun and I would recommend buying it. I just hit 4 quadrilion pound and it's so easy to get a lot of money and you can too. (BEST GAME EVER!!!!!):-)
I like this game a lot but there is one problem that i hate. Often some random people ask me to watch ads which is really annoying for me trying to do something
Its really fun untill..... the ads there is soooo many and there is no option to close the ad they force you to watch it as soon as a ad finish a new on came in not exaggerating i reacomed to not download
This game is so freaking amazing pls download this its free and be happy when playing but if you play this its a little buggy so fix your internet so you can play happily.
The reason why i gave it 4 stars was because of how sometimes it crashes a lot and frezzes so i hope you will improve because this is my second favorite game on mobile.
Awesome and fun game! If I watch an ad it is because it will give nice rewards~ I don't have to log in everyday but when I do come into the fun app I get lots to collect. Super simple too! I have been playing a month and now I have quintillion fame! The characters animations are cool to see. I only wish that as you upgrade your tower you get extra shops to unlock. You need wifi to play but it is still easy to access. Thanks for this game!
It really is a fun game IF you can get by the forced ads that occur sometimes every 30 seconds... It takes away a lot of the fun and replaces it with frustration.
I love playing. Don't even mind the ads since they don't happen unless I want them too. Almost have all the towers.
You may be fooled by the game at first glance, whoever made this game is an absolute scumbag. You first start the game, thinking "hey, this game's pretty cool!" At first, it doesn't MAKE you watch ads. But once you progress further, they just BOMBARD YOU WITH ADS. AND THE ADS DON'T EVEN HAVE A GOOD REWARD! Don't waste your time playing this game, like I did.
I love it I saw this ad pop up one million times but I decided to download it AND I LOVE IT I LOVE WHAT U HAVE MADE THIS GAME I WAS HAVING A BAD DAY BEING BULLYED IN SCHOOL BUT I JUST LOVE IT THIS IS MY SECOND DAY ON THIS GAME BECAUSE I got it yesterday I love it tho
Originally i gave it 3 stars but now I'm giving it 2. The ads are ridiculous, you forced 10+ adds back to back in a day, and somehow the forced ads don't crash the game, yet when I try to watch an ad to multiply my offline earnings by 7 it crashes the game and doesn't give me the reward, same thing for fame, it even gave me the new tower but didn't give me the 350,000 fame i had built up and the revenue was exactly the same. You're constantly cheating me of my rewards and forcing ads
Please fix ads. We are already watching a lot of ads and yet the game gives more without asking and it just doesnt go back to game. How do I play the game?
Could be a great idle game, but the forced adverts absolutely ruin this game. 5 mins of "gameplay" involved three adverts. I can't recommend this because of that
The game is great, I really recommend it to people who like the type of games where its like a story tycoon!!
At first the game was fun, then something changed. Now, when I start playing the game, after a minute or so, they require me to watch a video advertisement. Then the game begins again after the ad. This happens a total of three times before I can just play the game in peace. The game did not require me to watch these ads at first, but now it happens every time I open the game. The devs did a great job on this game, but because of the now mandatory advertising, I have deleted this game.
Really fun idle game to pass the time with, no frustrating ads interrupting gameplay (only around if YOU CHOOSE to watch them) and adorable little people cameos like stan lee in the comic book store
VERY good game but their are not many story's to play on and the top stories take about 10 hours To get money if they make it short then this game total success And there is are some secrets that makes no sense
Easy to play, good time killer, and I'm able to just forget about it and come back later. Definitely worth a download if you're looking for something to play, without actually having to devote cash to it. Think Ad Cap, meets Tiny Tower.
This game was so good until the ads would randomly pop up and didnt do anything until you touched the screen. The game was better before
Ad every 2 minutes Came back roughly 2 years later, thinking maybe I was too hard on the game for it's ads, but no. Still every 2 minutes an ad, please, is there any way to get rid of them, the game is soo bad with the ad, still giving it 1 star, would give it 1Β½, but, the ads are too much
Like others, I actually really enjoy this game. However, ever since they updated with unskippable ads every few moments (a character pops up and says something, and can't avoid or skip it), it's gotten a bit more annoying. I get games being ad supported, but the game was fine with how they had some of the random objects floating with the ad incentive on them. Adding screen filling unskippable ones was highly unnecessary.
Really enjoying this.its like Adcap n such but rather than a list of investments u get a tower which helps create the illusion of actually owning these businesses.graphics are nice n I like that there's a real 'rich list' of global players to rise to top of.but I can't stand social media so that's a feature I mite miss out on.but for others it's gotta be pretty cool.the ads arnt too invasive so far either.i wud add one negative.altho cute,the music gets quite tedious.unlike Adcaps sweet tunes
It's a very good game but the thing I don't like is that whenever the guys pop up and tell you to watch the add you are not able to say no it forces you to watch. Fix that and I'll give 5 star
Very nice game but I gave it 2 stars because when I opened the game it always not responding so I tried next time but again not responded..
It is a good game for wasting time or when you want to relax and taking an break i put 4 stars becuase when u get to end game there is close to nothing to realy do doing an times 10 playthough might be an ok idea but besides that and end game it is very good for a mobile game
In every 10 seconds you show a video for 2 crystals which we don't want Please either tell us the cross button or STOP IT! Other wise it is a very 5 star game πŸ‘πŸ‘
Was really enjoying the game until about four days ago when you decided to add completely unnessecary people popping up on your screen with a gift every five mins. You cannot get rid of this without watching a 30 second advert I believe so it has completely ruined the game. Won't be playing at all anymore. I don't mind adverts for rewards, but at least give the option whether we want the reward or not.
Awesome game!!! My friend came to know about clicker games and loved this one so he told me, but I wasn't interested. Now I installed it on my tab and I'm lovin it!!! As an extra you get to know big number names! (Quindecillecion, octavigintillion etc.)
The game is just one big ad. Make one upgrade, guy pops up "did you know that blah blah" and forces an ad, watch the ad do one upgrade and, guy pops up. So go into airplane mode, can't launch the game. Would give zero. So f yourself developer
Great game but whenever you click an ad that comes up every five secs, it kicks u out the game and is really annoying.
Reason why i gave 4 stars: It was easy to control, for me no ads. Meh for graphics and also meh for co-workers for how they dress up. Idk how to get more gems / diamonds, but there is one way which is wasting money in app purchases. But i will still recommend it, I guess....
this is one of the best games, i swear there r no ads, just like 1 each half hour. The only problem is... you need an internet connection, and whats worse is that ROBLOX uses LESS internet than this. but anyway if you have a stirdy internet connection this would be the best game ever! Download this game or thisπŸ•· spider will crawl in your mouth when your sleeping.
The game progresses fast at the beginning. Good graphics, in-game purchases are optional. But the store does not load. It would also be nice to earn more of the other currencies such as diamonds and tickets in the game and not have to buy them like through ads or stuff. Anyway, good work on this game!
I am just in love with this game.I highly recommend each and every single person who is reading my review.I mean you can earn millions of dollars in second (as a game) and i am sure you will love this game. I am playing this game for around 2 - 3 month and this is my best game.
Amazing game, is so addictive and fun. You can earn so much money and build up your business so quickly! 10/10
Gonna be honest this game is fun in first day or two but after it gets boring and when u sell ur place and move on there is nothing get changed it's just like a restart and only get 1Γ— more money that doesn't help that much
Your game seems fun if I could get into it. All I see is a black screen then after like 3 minutes it crashes. If you don't fix ur darn game within a week I am uninstalling it.
I've inc for about a month or two. It's a very fun yes and it saves your progress overall it is a 4 star because it has room for more potential.
Started playing game, is great. Then get hit with random characters asking if you want medicine....etc. There is a no option to not watch, so all the fun sucked from the game.
Its a fun game, the adds are optional so we don't have to watch them and there is never any glitches.
Absolutely amazing. It's a good game. I'm usually picky with mobile games, but I have a problem. It needs more things to do whilst earning money. Like maybe mini games. Overall, amazing game.
It's was very addictive and I like the game so much I would play this over fortnite I think it is a good thing to say about the time fact of of a cold and the is what I have been doing in the past for a while now so I have a friend who is a good friend of a kind and I was wondering if I can get into the game to see if I can make it to work on Monday night and I can get to the decision of switch platforms from the bottom of my heart and I have a friend who is the owner who is the owner who has.
I have only played for 5 minutes and I already love the game. There are no bugs I'm aware of the game is perfectly fine the way it is but it need to be more realistic. I lovethe game keep it up!
Hi yes this is almost the best idle ____ game ive played 4 stars cause the people who say "Hey! Check this _____ out!" Then a ad appeared i thought it would show something cool and could there be a no thanks button for that? Thanks :)
It's fun and I love pretesting for the start of the next level to be twice as fast as the old one the only flaw to this game is you have to be on wifi and there is too many adds but in conclusion this game is amazing 9/10 recommend. TRY IT NOW
Cool game but dev fix HOW MANY ADDS COME IN THIS GAME PLZ FIX IT and please when you sell the tower it you must make it less like paying a lot of money and the dons secret hideout makes it so you dont have to wait a lot of time to get money
I really enjoy playing this game. It's fun, it's easy to play, it's a great time passer, the animations and graphics are phenomenal and overall it's a game I have on every device I own because it's truly a fantastic game. I suggest this to anyone and everyone.
Garbage ad spam, I can't even play the actual damn game because I upgrade 3 things and have to reload the damn game because it gives me a 30 second ad way to damn frequently. Will drop my review to one star if y'all dont fix this. The game is practically unplayable at this point
The game is fun enough but the downsides outweigh the fun. It's an idle game that requires Internet connection (which is unnecessary for anything other than ads) and I ain't gonna waste data on a game that isn't enhanced by being online. It insists on showing you ads all the time - a character pops up with "do you want some free money" and there's no X button to nope out. Most games are like "do you want extra coins? You Can watch an ad but you don't have to"
Good game very addictive but easy to exploit:( because you can leave it there for days and weeks but when you leave it for too long add l7ke a reminder to get on or delete the progress
Too much ads and you are forced to watch those ads. Whenever you touch your screen you are forced to watch ad.
Cant play it offline,worst is everytime i click the msg it said my earn offline will be 7x if i watch video,sad is when i click it it will restart the game and need to download the data again and again,when i turned off the wifi cant play it, :-( the game is good but it wasted bcoz have to play it online and waste of data,sorry,just being honest..i think too soon to uninstall it..
Very fun application i love it i am addicted i just open it many times to check how many cash i earn than i upgrade ... All the stuff in the game is really interesting and attrective ...you can upgrade you fame and profit manager love it 😍
Very good. But in this game the range of money is very high. For this reason it need to play for Everytime.😀😀
Pay to win game. Or should I say watch to play. This game has so much ads that keep poping up and you're forced to watch it to continue playing. It's a real shame.
Very addicting. I don't like that you need internet to play though. That way it makes it much more annoying for me as I'm on the Polish seaside and there is no free internet. But gameplay, amazing!
It's a good game, although further you get into it the more ads pop up. ITS RIDICULOUS! I used to love playing it, but everytime I get on within 1 minute there are 3 ads.
The best game I've ever played the. Ads is not a big deal and you can earn an instant money when you always prestige
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game the imaginary numbers and the amount of strategies u can use!!!! And the fact that prestigeing gives u a boost is amazing(when it's a good time to do it) and that gives u more money and then that makes u more fame witch u prestige with, and then the more money u have, the more fame u have!!! And u can buy vips that boost the stores and they are all based on famous people! And u can boost everything with fame!! I wanted to say more:( no space
Its fun but every fu*king minute is a ad If I click off for one second it's a ad Y'all not that desperate for money to place one ad every fu*king minute!😀 the ad is crashing the game like...😀🀬
Im honestly very close to uninstalling, the amount of ads I get in 5 min are ridiculous. There needs to be an option to say no to the ads or an option to watch an ad for gems. Otherwise just get rid of them
Yo at the first time I play this game I was shocked because my business are giving me a lot of moneys and one thing that I like to this game is you can upgrade your business and when you upgrade your business the money will increase too and the graphics are good too so that is why I rate this game 5!
- you dont have to pay or watch ads to make any decent progress - decent graphics - not addictive and doesn't take much of your daily time. Edit: there are some forced ads of their other games which takes the entire screen randomly
such an amazing game i play this for hours. i used to play with my brother when i was younger and found it again today! its good to use your time up and when your board! defiently recommend. you cant sinkly play with other people but can play at the same time!
Overall a pretty good game! Not too many adds, and it builds up money pretty quickly, making it an easy game to get into quickly. The only issue I have is that you can't play offline, even though the only internet the game uses is for adds. There are some in-game purchases, but they're not required to progress. A good tycoon game in general!
I am giving 1 star for most of the time the game worked perfectly fine but at the time I am posting this it stopped working for me I uninstalled it and reinstalled it back but still didn't work please fix it and I will change my stars higher up
The experience was so good. That clicky haptic feedback when you press on every button, thats feels so good. But the biggest problem I faced is the innaccurate cloud save backup! I uninstalled the game on 1 Billion and reinstalled the game after so long hoping that money will increse but No! The game started where I exact stopped playing leaving me with no credits.... But hey, the game's cocept is extraordinary!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
This game is really good and fun I really liked it and I enjoyed playing it and is really good so yeah keep updating your game and make more new floors
I love this game i would never give up of this games everytime i get bored i get my phone and play this game first for like 46 minutes who doesnt love this game this is a fun game and one last question there no ads when we play like everytime they are gonna offer you something theres ads thats ok because is a fun game so go play this game right now thank you gor making this game bye love you guys
I love the game. I highly recommend everyone to download this game. It takes patience but eventually you will get where you need to, more businesses and bigger buildings. Build up slowly and wait patiently.
i love this kind of tycoon games! specially when i am on pc playing it and i know i know you will say how on pc i will tell you blue stcks on mobile is avalabile on pc so i don't have to click with my finger alot just with the mouse so i really recomend playing it on blue stacks in pc and i really love this game i give it a five stars indead its sooooo good
Used to really love this game. Have started over several times. However in the last few months, they have added UNSKIPPABLE ADS every couple minutes. I already used to watch the videos for rewards anyways. The constant unavoidable pop up ads make this game no longer worth playing anymore.
This game is absolutely amazing but I rate 4 stars because of the ads! It keeps on showing me a girl or boy with a message in a speech bubble and when I click of it, an ad pops up. Please take that feature of the app.
I would give it five stars if it would stop crashing every few minutes. That is just frustratingly annoying. Fun way to mindlessly pass time though.
Very nice game but not now it doesn't work after google sign in it shows initializing 10 /29 and doesn't goes forward and I don't know why but for some reason the game doesn't starts.Pls help
Great experience with the game no lagging nothing just amazing but need to improve in some small aspects and graphics not much. That's all.
This game is hard but realy goed you rise to fame and play even faster then man the mony you gathere then you gust want more and more and more but why not add a team work mode or a 2v2 the game is already great but a 2v2 event will be even better 2 persons work agenst othere 2 in a gathere battel untill they reach the requird number of mony and fame prib pit in i dount now what else i mean the game is great and prob my fave yet great gob you gus!!
Ffffff the best price. I am not a good idea. The first time in the UK. I have a look at the moment. The first one of the year, and I will be in the UK. I have a look at it. I have a look at the moment. I have a look and feel free to contact us on Twitter join the team. I have a
Great idle game, the 1 or 3 day gem products and the spin wheel is good for new people to the game, The only problem is that I can't participate in the robber thing, fix that and I'll give 5 stars
Don't waste your time with this game you may enjoy it at first but once you go further in, it starts forcing ads on you. You cant play the game normally anymore u will always be forced to watch an ad even if u dont want toπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
This stupid game keeps crashing on the Note20. Game is unplayable. Fix this for higher rating. I can't even open it. None of my other games crash like this.
Enjoyable enough if a little repetitive, although needs internet to play. Completely ruined by recent update forcing ads to pop up in the middle of gameplay. Uninstalled
This game is good I have a problem in neocosmic era it is too easy to complete plus there are so many ads its hard to keep up they should make it so that there is less ads
It is a great game and I have played it for a while now and there have been no major bugs and I love the oh wow when you buy or upgrade a VIP.
Its cool and fun,no ads. But...... you watch ads to get money,so no freaking ads when you are playing. when you watch ads you will get a lot of to upgrade your comapany
this is a really good game but there's not that many ads but there's some ads but I would recommend getting it and I think it should not have internet so people can play it without internet
I'm sick and tired of the characters popping up on screen with something stupid to say In a chat bubble AND YOU CAN'T TOUCH THE SCREEN WITHOUT AN AD PLAYING. about to uninstall.
This game is amazing its a little slow when you have all the stores unlocked but im wondering how to get fame cause once i unlocked the next store i started not to get any fam and the money is kinda slow when you want to save it for stuff and i love that it doesnt even give you ads unless its for a prize or something like that the game is very fun and awsome but it also sucks up a lot of battery but if you dont play it that often the your good
This game is so amazing! It makes you feel really powerful because of the amount of money you make. The only thing is that there are a lot of ads, but they give you rewards and are worth it. Totally recommend!
This game is the best but the thing I didn't like is were I got a billion bucks but when I sold the dusty tower the billon was gone and now it's gonna take a long time for me don't let him do that ok
I really like the fact that it has no ads in the middle of the game and money games are my favorite games. But there's one tiny problem, when the president tells you to switch the buildings you can't keep the business you have to build it up again but it's easier cuz you have more fame
Absolutely loved this game, it was so fun. But I've stopped playing due to the incessant automatic long ads that you have no choice but to watch every 30 seconds after you get invested in the game. It ruins the experience completely to be interrupted so often. Better when it was a choice to gain upgrades etc. Not happy.
This game was enjoyable until the developers decided to put a time based revenue grab into the game. Every (I'd say two minutes) one of the characters pop up on screen, force you to watch an add and then give you two gems afterwards. Not even worth the time and effort anymore
Its a perfect game, However the ads are long but they only come when I decide to choose to do so it's a 4 ⭐ I recommend this though. I'm not a fake btw. Also check out my channel.
Good game, simple concept, works properally. Only thing that annoys me is there are characters who pop up on your screen with "surprises" which is you being forced to watch a video for gems and there is 0 ways to skip it. Happens 3 times before they go away and I can enjoy my game
Whats up with unskippable popup ads? I understand and usually watch ads in games for an advantage every now and again, but for some reason recently this game has a random character show up on your screen every 2 minutes making you watch an ad for 2 free gems. The frequency is annoying and the one ad with the numbered dice sliding into each other always breaks my game and forces me to restart. Please fix it
It is fun but a bit boring but i do like it thx for making the game.There are no lags and is the same as every game but just difarent.I don't realy play for long but i love buisness games byeeeeeee!!!πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ―πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘β€β€πŸ’€:-$
I like this game, and even though you dont do much, its still pretty fun. You can get loads of money very fast and i've only been playing for like 20 minutes and already getting millions! I reccomend this game and hope you like it
The game used to be real fun, but now they've added way too many Ads, like every 2 mins an Ad pops up..When you launch the game almost every single time an Ad pops up..Had to rate it 1 star
Game is moderably good, until you reach a high level then characters will pop up with little messages and if you click ANYWHERE you will be forced to watch an advertisement... I know free games are add supported but the amount of ads is beyond the joke. 1 star.
It's a fun and simple game. All you have to do is tap a few times and then upgrade and then business starts booming. Also lots of money is earned easy and fast.
The developers need to stop dumping us players with so many ads. There's even an ad whenever you open the game. Every minute or so, the game forces you to watch an ad. There aren't even events now unlike before, and there are no new features, shops or any new developments.
I play this game every hour! The best game ever seen! But one issue, to play it you need internet. By the way if you want happiness in your life, please download this!
I used to play this game and got really far and wanted to play it on my s20+ but i can't even play it because it crashes before I can even get in the game.
I loved this game at first I stopped playing it a while and now its just ad after ad, you cant even play for 1 minute without an ad coming up such a same as it was a great game. I understand that ads must be ran for a free game but it should not be to the point you cant even enjoy the game anymore. Uninstalling this now
If you love making pretend money this is the best game ever, loads better than those rubbish fake slot machines, loads more fun, I'd recommend to everyone, love this game sooooo much
This game is totally amazing🀩I got it a few seconds ago and I'm already a billionaire (in the game) So my point is that the game is amazing and you get money so quickly I left the game for 1 hour and I got 50 billion and you still get money even when your not playing the game πŸ˜‚ So in my opinion the game is amazing 🀩 you should get it πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ
I love this game a lot. Ads don't pop up. And randomly the game doesn't freeze. This game is stragiticly awesome !
The game has an ok concept and is overall decently run to play, however the ads absolutely ruin I get 1 ad every 30-45 seconds playing normally. The thing I hate most is that the character that opens into the ad gives you a passive question, like do you want this or would you like this, but there is no way to say no, you have to reopen the app or watch the ad. They do reward you for watching the ads, but it gets INCREDIBLY irritating, if the ads weren't forced I would bump my rating to 4 stars.
I really do liked the game but with my Samsung S20, the game no longer loads. All it does is just sit on the opening screen and stalls. Worked great on my S9, I guess it will be it. I'll keep it up for another week and see what happening. Please fix if you can. Thank you. 😊
Such a beautiful game. But theres a little bit problem when you watch an ad to money the game will be quitted but the money from the ad Did not send to my own money wish u guys to change it
Don't you guys ever play this game. I'm the one who believe this game is good but the reality is so bad. The developer of this game is not cooperative at all. Also this game can easily hacked so you don't get anything if you purchase diamonds and now I want my refunds.
This game is really good but the most hated thing here is forced ads. They are so incredibly annoying even though u get gems. Also I'm really pro in neocosmic era and when u wanted to to the all profit Speer, it just does not work like example I need 100 profit and I had all profit over 100 but it doesn't do it. Please. Fix it :(
This game is very fun but over time it becomes harder to level up. Way to many ads please reduce ads but overall this is a pretty good game. :)
This app is not to be suggest to download. It has no pay out ,it cause of delaying tactics in a span of time.no result on how you can convert your points for equivalent money pay out.most of the game i played here are all scam.no hopes for pay out.I can rate one star for the game.but i dont recommend it,dont trust on that app.you can play the game,but they also playing with you.ITS NEGATIVE FOR PAYOUT.
Good time killer. I was a little hesitant about downloading this game buy after I played it was pretty cool. Very simple, easy, and fun.
I love this game its sooooo addictive i play it 24/7 its so fun and has a lot to do. Its has adds but its worth it, because its a good game i would reccomend it if your bored some day
It's really good but when you get to your 5th tower it starts to give you a ton of ads that you can't say no to you just have to tap and watch it😭😭
HI i love this game i have been playing for about 2 years and I love it so much it is the best but i would of gave you that extra star but the ads i Hate because this game needs data to use but normal on other games that dont alow data dont give us adds so PLS remove them or just make the it so no data is being used thx bye.
I loved playing this game and didn't even mind the ads because they were only if I decided to watch them. However the most recent update has the game freezing within the first minute of opening the app. Now I can't play it at all. Please fix this so I can finish the game. I was only 3 towers away from the last one!
Too many ads? No problem. Just turn off your internet. Thats what i always do. Trust me, its way better then.
Awesome game, you have to be patient but you will keep growing bigger and stronger and it will be even more fun by the second!!
I like this game. It's not only make your fingers move but it trigger your brain also. I guess this is a must try game for anyone look for fun and knowledge about business.
I enjoy most of the game. The things I "don't" enjoy are more just indifferent about. There are 2 things: 1) I couldn't get the roulette to work at all just now, 2) there's no way to exit the game without having to close with the "recents" menu. I know you don't want people leaving, but that's just not ok.
Trust me. It's not like Idle _____ tycoons. You can go off of the app for days and it still collects your money, and there are ads, but the ads give you gems after you watch them! And the progression is great, I'm pretty close to the last tower. If you like idle games, download immediately! πŸ˜ƒ
Trying again to see if they got rid of the awfull relentless pop up ads, have done 1 reset (game doesn't appear to have levels) and so far no pop up ads. Will update later. I'll add more stars if they fixed things. It's a really fun idle game so I'm hopeful.
The CONSTANT FORCED ads get unbearable. Overall a decent game that I enjoy. But now the ads are forced. There isn't a X to say no. Super annoying and when I eventually erase/uninstall it will be because of this.
Was great until the new forced ad's now anytime one comes up there is no way to get rid of it or get out of it. Getting rather annoying so I may end up just uninstalling.
There is an ad literally every 30 seconds I'm not joking. Come on developers did u really have to do that I would of wanted to enjoy this game it's good but the amount of ads is actually ridiculous. I know it keeps the game free but still not even those fake ad games with lots of ads have this much ads like- I'm gonna play another tycoon inc game cause this one is not work it for me.
This is a really fun game I like this game more than all my games here's why you start off with 100 gems and I got a lot of money from wasting the gems this is a good game and I really like it
It is a very nice game we can loose our stress by playing this game but if it a offline game it may be in top 10 the reason it is online is for ads we gets very angry because of that ads if we dont care about that it is a very niceeee gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Too many ads, even if they give rewards. Having two forced ads in a minute, or a forced ad IMMEDIATELY after a rewarded video isn't nice. The game itself is nice when you get to enjoy it.
Really good game it's fun and addicting but I wish you could prestige once the profit speed says 3Γ— which would mean you could get more fame so you can grow your business quicker.My tower currently is the white bank and my fame is 5 septillion. Neocosmic era i have 1 trillion fame thats the end of my review. Btw I'm not a fake robot review im 9 and I think it's fun and easy.
Great game little to no ads, very addictive. I haven't had this much fun in a tycoon game for so long. Thank you😁
When i was quit small my dad and I would play on a game like this but a few years later it gotten down for unknown reasons. When that happened for around half a year there was really not much to play until I found this. This is a better version and very fun. Its fluent and you actually have to try to earn money. Its also very addictive. Good game
I actually enjoyed the game UNTIL the crappy devs made forced unskippable ads. I'm not sure what the trigger is but it might be time based, eventually characters pop up and say something. When this happens, there is no other option then to tap, forcing an ad to appear which is unskippable and rewards 2 diamonds (literally worthless). The games also short for an idle game, I'm at the point where it's now redundant to do anything as it's nearly all maxed. Better choices out there.
Fun one, I had one moment the ad froze, and made me restart the game. Other than that it's fun trying to get as much as you can out of the tower before selling and getting fame 😊
If you are into stereotypical mobile games like me, you will definitely have a great time. There is a little more aspects to the game when you progress. I would definitely recommend it.
A very addictive game to play while doing other stuff at the same time, plus the repeated background music makes you want to dance to it when doing the other stuff haha multitasking.
Its buggy but addictive. When it opens (which about 50% of the time it crashes on the loading screen) its a simple but addictive idle game. The micritransactions are balanced and the game, at least in the semi early stages where I am, is easy to play without paying for it.
Would be 5 stars, but unskippable ads have been added, and the only choice is to watch them - and the reward isn't worth it either.
Was enjoying the game a lot until I started getting forced ads every couple minutes or so. I don't mind watching ads as I know it supports the developer but the sheer amount of ads make the game very unenjoyable and the fact you don't have a choice on the matter really makes me not want to play anymore. Sorry but I am uninstalling the game.
I got an ad that make the whole screen a clicker.. and it doesn't leave until you watch the ad.. or restart the game.. this ad happens almost every 7 minutes.. and I waited for 10 minutes for it to dissapear but nothing happened.. if this isn't fixed I am deleting the app.. At least make a (X) option
Things that pop up to make u watch ads.. mar won't play no more was enjoying it but not now.. to many pop ups to make u watch more ads.. no pop ups would of been 5 stars. But 1 star now... Good game but pop ups for ads NO
Was fine until I was FORCED to watch ads, one after the other, just to play. Like there aren't enough already. That's straight up greed devs. You are now part of the problem.
I have never really played clicker games before but its pretty neat. Tired of the same old games i tried something new, glad that i did. Pretty interesting
I really like it could do with some improvements such as have a small prize of a ad remover for 1 time use but other than that it's fab.
I don't even know what to say it's a brilliant idle tycoon game you work as a manager and open more businesses as you go and even you can get on the leaderboards a really great game I recommend it to anyone
After you play for a while the app begins to be super slow. And i can't even open it anymore. It is constantly stuck on the opening loading screen then shuts down and it isn't just for me. I've been playing with 2 other people who have the same problem. We really liked the game but i don't want to uninstall and start over
Fun game. Bought a new tablet and started all over again. Previously. I made it to the end and there wasn't much to do. Good game to pass the time.
Ok the ads are a problem but when it happens go back to home on your phone then get back in the app then you wont have to watch the ad but still get the reward
Nice game although you have to wait that's okay that's what makes this game unique and cool so it doesn't get over addicting and you have to step away from it sometimes. Great job to he developer(s)! πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŽπŸ€ βœ¨
Love this game but the random little people that keep showing up forcing you to watch adds is getting beyond a joke im playing less and less I might keep trying to play for one to two weeks if not fixed I think I will find something else to play. That is I last that long playing it. It's so far annoying I'm starting to dislike that game
Great game love it and I'm addicted but you really can't use the money to buy anything it would really be nice if I could have my own mansion and expensive and useless stuff like a white tiger or something love it but until that 4 stars yeah and maybe let me have my own character I can design
The game is fun, colorful, and easy. I enjoy leveling up and seeing my tower grow. Pretty fair with upgrades, level ups and the like. The ads are only there if you want extra stuff. I'm having fun so far. However, it's a little glitchy. I've had to reopen the game a few times to get rid of text boxes and spawn the "VIP's". No major glitches so far, and I'm hoping it will stay that way. I'd say it's worth a shot if you like idle tycoon games.
Pretty fun have been playing for about a day now and it's fun but I feel like it might start getting repetitive
this game is great. i am not one of them robot accouts that give 5 star reviwes this game is amazing although addicting. if ur not a serious gamer like me, it wont bother u. but i understand people have better things todo. if u dont like it u can always uninstall it and redownload anytime. From Jamie Age:10
A LOT of this game is based on extras and a couple of loot boxes. The rest is actually timing it out to buy right. If you can get past having your screen slowly fill up with extra stuff as you play, then go for it!
It's so nice. My favorite type of game is idle games like idle miner and idle lumberjack. But this one is so incredibly better. There are so much things to do & explore and so many ways to earn money faster and it just doesn't stop, there are always new things to unlock and so many updates. There's nothing bad in it or anything that makes me remove a star from my rating. The best thing about it is that there are not so many ads. I've been looking for a perfect game for a long time & I found this
Continously say about those ''events'', ''rich boss'', and towers with every single update, but doesn't actually create them, instead using those sayings to mask bug fixes or other. Also, I expected the whole time machine thing to be more entertaining, but it's been 2 years, and the only available world besides normal is still ''the future''.
It's really addictive if you can really get into it, it's probably just because I'm addicted to tycoon games. The only issue I have with this game - and a couple of other games like this - is the constant need for advertisements present in the games. It's also a bit strange how the game needs an internet connection to even play the game considering the only thing that actually requires a connection is for comparing your statistics with others. I recommend trying out other games instead
Lol,I know all the one star persons doesn't like ads or other reason, ads doesn't bother me,like this game so much and I am not bot,this game is not giving real money so if you like an idle game that gives real money, eh don't download this
A ticking add bomb, you get four levels in and the add bomb goes off. Full screen tap blockers taking away choice of add rewards. And you get almost nothing for them. The rating for this game is way too high for this piece of garbage.
This game is really fun and I play it all the time The one thing is that I wish you could play this game offline, that would really make it better otherwise DOWNLOAD THIS GAME
I found this game highly addictive! Its 1 of them ones where u just cluck and the money comes ROLLING IN! The graphics are really cute and funny, and if u just wanna chill some day and enjoy an exciting time clickity clicking, download THIS app! Highly recommended by me! 4 stars! β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†