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Cash Frenzy™ Casino – Free Slots Games

Cash Frenzy™ Casino – Free Slots Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Grande Games located at Flat 20, High Corner Street, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 18 (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My app wont load. It's stuck at checking update screen. But my husband app works fine. Contacted the developers. Update 10/27. I had to factory reset to make it work again. Developers never did anything about it. Today, its doing it again. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Did not work. If I have to factory reset again, most definitely not gonna be playing your game.
Uses to be the best casino game out now once you get to a high lvl you cant finish daily missions or get anywhere on your mission pass your lucky to win anything after buying coins I have complained and all I get is a auto response of the same thing close the app reopen the app see if that helps nothing works sence 2 updates ago it has gone down hill I can spend over 100 billion and still not win nothing dont waste your time on this game if you play this game don't update it if you want to win
Used to love playing this. I think I am done. Used to win and play for hours. Yall changed something. Used to see all these players winning across my screen. Not one tonight. Got a new phone lost 250 billion coins. Disappointed yes. Don't think I am only one upset with this game. Used to play in weekend tournaments. Got to number 1 twice. Considered in expert category. Didn't play last 2 weeks. If you could find away to retrieve my coins greatly appreciated. Otherwise I am done.
Great Love this game but games are freezing when I have a big win. Had this problem yesterday you fixed it yesterday, but doing same thing today. Please fix this, , it's annoying makes me think about quitting. Hello my game is frozen again. Tired of this problem. Are you going to fix it or not.I I no longer give this game 5 stars, I used to love this game but now it's impossible to win if you don't buy something. Plus this morning just as I was going to cash in my depots you took my diamond away
What a lucky day, when you find a game that actually excites you, to your Inner core. This game has every thing you need to have fun and watch your day joyfully fly by. I count it as my greatest rare find. Dropped game, to play another game but returned to see if the love was still alive and captivating as before, so far sugar got fat, and my money has swollen and, is sticking with me. Loving ❤ this fat??,"great" sticky game. As an old song sang in the 70's, sweet sticky thang. "Feels great".
Terrible . There were so many pop up that I couldn't even start to play the game. I spent over 60 seconds closing stupid pop up ads that by the time they stopped I didn't want to play the game . No thanks . Ill stick with Vegas pop slots . Don't waste your time with this game . Id give zero stars if I could
This game has become a waste of time and nothing but a push to buy buy buy. If you do buy the smallest package it is not enough to cover more than a couple of spins, let alone win a anything but the lowest prize available let aline win anything but the smallest amount available on the infinity spin. Cannot even connect to Facebook. Their solution is to delete chrome. Coins gone so am I.
I have played many slots in my yearsleep this one beats all of them hands down. The graphics are far superior to any other slots. The bonus''s are fantastic. I really enjoy playing it. I look forward to it. There is no crashing and having to sign back in. It logs all your wins and bonus''s. It not over complicated easy to understand 10 out of 10. One happy customer.
Enjoying but have to keep an eye on what I'm spending. Which isn't easy when you're being bombarded with in-game ads literally begging you to make more purchases. It started out fun but now it's a case of bet small win nothing, or up your stakes and still wi nothing. The adverts are so in your face. Don't buy anything and they get pretty shirty about it. Adverts after adverts telling you between the lines to buy, buy, buy! Uninstalling. Cash Frenzy? More like advert Frenzy!!
this game is somewhat fun but the higher your level the less you can play. I can't see investing my paycheck in a game for entertainment every now and then is fine. I understand they're in the business to make money but I also understand this game is one of many payouts are not as good as they could be are hourly bonuses could be better they say in the wheels I have played it now for 6 months straight have never once seen jackpots I do not recommend this game
Some slot games are completely rigged.. others payout average..it passes time..so it is okayish.. I have seen certain slots give spins impossible to get a win. They are not auto generated like they claim. Statistical analysis odds prove some cases it is literally impossible odds to favor even small wins. Which shows at points the game is rigged to make losses on by design.
Half the fun in playing video games is in actually WINNING without having to spend a ton of money. That being said, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!! They'll get you to spend your money for upgrades and packages and you get absolutely NOTHING in return! I've spent money and not received all the things I've paid for and there's no place to go to get what I've paid for. One person they posted won a jackpot is a friend of mine and she had not won anything! Why lie about who's winning jackpots? Not worth it
Having trouble the Cash Frenzy over charging on coin packages. They keep blaming Google and Google says the charges are from the developer. No customer service on Cash Frenzy part. Now I have been experiencing problems with coins disappearing. Cash Frenzy only put some of my coins back and wont respond to complaints. Now coins diappeared again. So frustrated!
Continually crashes/kicks me off on my NEW Samsung Tab A tablet, No other app does it, ive wiped cache, cache partition,still crashes all the time, Even crashed twice whilst I'm trying to buy coins and I didn't get what i paid for, FIX IT! or I'll spend money on another game that works properly, Its crashing more often, surely you can make it stable on tablets too? Just read through reviews of people with the same device, this isnt new FIX IT or I'll take my money elsewhere..thanks
Can you please help. Not paying free speed up or cash bonus. Also when I spend emeralds for daily mission, does not double the money. Finding this very frustrating. Has been happening for the last week. I love these games, they are the best. Please, please rectify this problem. Still waiting for this problem to be corrected. It is so annoying becsuse I get so much pleasure playing these games. Please help
Game play is awesome , they have changed something. I have been playing for over a year, and the last 3 weeks you can hardly win anything. And it's not only me 4 of my friends play, and we have all decided to take a break. People the games are fun. But not now that you don't win and I play for about 4 hours a day. And thats not a high and low when you have to fight to win hardly anything
Used to be fun but doesn't play just eats coins. So now for 2 days I've been stopped by the ghost using appx 200 billion coins now to get the 92 billion held hostage , nice move now it eats every coin at the ghost and in a few hrs..you'll just keep it not sure why guess time to uninstall. 2 weeks doesn't play just eats every coin. To say each spin random is a joke you control an manipulative every spin so am going go uninstall and was wondering if you decide to play again can they email joke app
games tight up to pay out day after day . never hope to win a jackpot. mission daily need spin bet Billion to pass what customer service do? look like customer service automatic machine work not human. because when we have a problem contact them answer always same like said sorry.....but never take care the problem .i playing game suddenly stop I go out and back the game my balance drop down from 59 billions to 9 billion. they replied said sorry and my 50 billions disappear no result at all.
Loads of fun. A very big stress reliever. Many, many, many big wins. Some so big that you can't believe that you have won them!!!!!! I truly love this app!!!!! Play with friends. You get alot of freebies. Me and my co-workers have one of the best cash clubs in this app. I believe the apps r not working well. Fun fun fun fun!!!!
I used to have fun playing this game, however after tech issues and getting the run-around from their so called support team, I believe this is the worst slot game, please beware- do not spend money to try to advance in the game. Watch your bet limit, suddenly it will be adjusted higher, take screenshots of any of problems, it won't really do you any good. Try a different slot game, cash frenzy will cheat you. Go to any of their fan pages, more and more players are complaining. Horrible!
the side games with doors, dice, etc.. are rigged to keep you from progressing. I've done some data analysis and it shows you have about a 1% chance of passing an obstacle first time around. don't give me that it's a game of chance just like Vegas. even Vegas is that crooked.
I like the games, but sure don't give out many bonuses. I have been trying to get an answer why I can't download a new game Sushi Lover. Whats going on can't get the game to open? Keeps saying checking update.Having Fun.Love this game.Having fun.Having much fun.Thanks having fun.what is going on with the bonus pay outs. You take the money I spend and there is very very little pay out.😰😰
Fun, fun, fun. And more fun, and than some more fun. Winning is part of this game. Fantastic graphics and great variety of games. Payoffs keep getting better, amazing. Now that we're stuck at home, thank God for Cash Frenzy. Yes thank God. Now play some more. As I self quarantine, I'm making a killing on "Cash Frenzy ". ; ) a it's getting better. Flat out the most rewarding and enjoyable game out there.
Loved the game when i started playing yesterday morning but finding it to busy with 8 things like cooking, sookies and whatever else so u hardly get time to play slots game's. A bit much don't u think.? The idea is to play slots and not all that other junk.!!!Oh goodness must find something else to install before I have a stroke from frustration. Press spin and it jumps to beginning then u have to load it again.
Programmers are so proud of there level up party they have to interrupt the game not once but twice every time it starts and twice when it ends. The only way to win on this game is to not play stops kicks you out when you hit button to double your coin option then screws you more for trying to double your coin when they offer it.
I would give this app a 5 star rating because i enjoy the game BUT have paid for items and not recieved awards that go along with the purchase such as repeat wins. IF the items i purchased were awarded as they say they should be the app would recieve 5 stars but because of this issue it gets 1. I have spent quite a bit of money in this app and have been ignored and basically called a liar when i have contacted their support team. I have been ripped off and not compensated for the last time!!!
At one time I loved this game. Kept me interested. Always a challenge to do. Always a goal to climb. Great prizes. Helps with memory function. Now the blazing challenges are so outrageous one never wins or completes one . The cost of emeralds to do anything is outrageous. You need to spend hundreds of real money to buy emeralds . No fun anymore.
Do not spend money on this game, this is the second time I put up this review. The game was ok until I spent money and since that it is very hard to win. You have to keep spending to keep playing. Daylight robbery. Not very fair as far as you gaming experience is concerned. DO NOT SPEND MONEY!!!!
Loving the wins! Most casinos I've played only give you wins in the beginning, I have been winning since i started! I love the constant new fun challenges and missions! Its has great games with amazing graphics, its just a lot of fun. Also they are there for you if there are any technical issues, they took wonderful care of me when I had an issue! 💕💓❤💕😍💕
Honest Review... If you are looking to play a slot game... Don't waste your time. The slots are boring as hell. You'll spend more time playing all the mini games just trying to get coins. The slots are an after thought to take it all. Big wins, are a joke. Customer Service - That is a huge joke. It does NOT exist. It is Bot ran and looks for key words or phrases and then responds accordingly and translated badly. This goes for all games from these devs. Black Ball
All was going great until it stopped loading the start screen. Rebooting, clearing cache etc doesn't help. I was enjoying the games and all the missions and got to level 77 in 3 days. There seem to be a lot of people reporting the same problem here so I'll uninstall and play something else. Shame
It was fun at first but the more you play the less you win....more aggravating than watching paint run. I don't give me the free coins after watching a video. It locks up after watching video to spin slot of cash....
Great graphics and games fun! With that being said, I edit my first review! Just don't waste your money! 580 spins and not one bonus or significant win😆 The app is great, but don't buy anything. It's like buying stale bread...you know you should take it back to the store, but why bother 😆
As I said I try a lot of Free Casino Games but none of the other once can stand next to Cash Frenzy Casino not one of them. The Game Cash Frenzy is Hot 🔥 and great to play. When you start playing you can't put it down. You get so excited when you start winning and you just keep winning. Great feeling...... Cash Frenzy Casino the BEST GAME out there. Just try it...
DON'T SUPPORT CROOKS!!! Got a new phone had to re-download the app and sign in using facebook to retrieve my account. Each time an error occurred. Contact the support team through the app and get an instant reply stating the problem is on Facebook end. I contact Facebook they say it's the app developer. The thing is I had at least $100 worth of coins on my account. I asked for a resolution through app support and they stopped responding yet they send emails daily to get on the app. I feel robbed
My app, for some stupid reason won't load. I have tried all day and it still won't load. And on other days I can collect some of the bonuses but sometimes I have to reload it to get all of them. And if I want to play any of the games I have to reload it and most of the time it freezes my phone up. I used to think that this was an awesome site but not anymore. WTH?????
Games are all rigged, unless you buy coin packages or any of their promotions, you wont win anything. Games are constantly interupted with promotions and Comercials right in the middle of your spins. I would not recommend this game. Worst of all casino games. Very frustrating. You will be angry most of the time. Order a coin package and have numerous withdraws from your account! Biggest scam I ever saw. Game has a virus that will shut your phone down, especially if your winning.
Entertainment at it's finest, as long as your "device doesn't mess up their game". While playing this game, my of the bonuses were not working. After contacting support, with screen shots, their response, you ask? "It must be your devices fault". Don't waste your money! Play with the expectations of you may or may not get your bonuses.
You have 3 of the mission games locked again!!! So I'm unable to play. Second day in a row you that you have not unlocked games!!! You people should automatically unlock all games to play the missions. Plus your winnings are very very cheap and scarce. It's not like we play for real money!! Real casinos aren't as stingy and cheap like cash frenzy is with winnings!! Waited all day for you to unlock the mission games!! Why do I even bother with this game!
I've noticed a few times that I was awarded less gold than what I had actually won, but kept felling unsure if I saw it right. I'm posting this because it just happend again! I won 19M gold coins and was awarded 6.5M. I want to believe this is not purposeful, but the way they push the ads that are a little misleading (everything is always "UP TO" 310% more or 200% more ect. gold) I'm finding myself believing it's made to scam you out of gold so you'll want to buy more when you run out.
Love the game but it difficult to reach bonus games on several games. I have seen notifications that people won the grand jackpot but I have been playing for several months and never won one yet... although recently a few small jackpots. Maybe my luck is changing.
Need to move the max bet button. If you even brush it and are doing auto spin, you go from 800 billion plus dollars down to zero. Selecting auto spin is so a person doesn't have to sit and look at the screen. This is a constant with this game and I am ready to delete it.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Great game to play! Short term you can play for free & even longer term if you bet very small. Realistically, spending about £10 will get you enough to play for a good few weeks, if played regularly, betting around 200-300k a play. If you want to bet more then great, you may just have to fork out for coins more frequently, depending on said factors. I'm getting regular jackpots/bonuses (many to play for), winning streaks &features so it keeps you interested. No ads either. Give it a go!! 😊👍
This game use to be fun. Its gotten progressively worse in the last year. You take way more losses than wins. There's no way to keep your bank without spending money. Customer service doesn't care, you'll get a canned response. The mission bets are set too high. You're lucky if you can finish the quests. The rewards are too low to accommodate the losses you take for playing. Their buying packages are too high for what you need for a boost, and there is too much stuff you need to buy.
Regularly receive large amounts of bonus coins in inbox, then it turns out to be a mistake on their end. Contact support, and they say oops! Leave a bad review on here, and get a response saying to contact them in game! Contact in game, and they say oops, sorry! No one does anything! HORRIBLE APP! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! STAY AWAY!
I absolutely love this game!! Always new and exciting games and you always have something new and different to accomplish. The game has lot's of free coins to help you out and the customer service department is quick to respond and very helpful! My favorite part is the awesome graphics and gameplay, they have made it fun and you always wonder what the next slot game is going to be like!!!!!
It start out ok, but becomes a PAY TO PLAY GAME. I'm @level 2367 & lose all the time, example: Had 7 TRILLION and in less than 2 wks. I have 999 Billion. It requires high bets to play the game &bonuses, which r rare. Customer service is horrible. I have won special items twice gave proof &get ignored. Gave screenshots as proof, which cost me real money to complete challenge. Free spins &bonuses r very rare. Again Customer service is horrible.. Play @ your own risk, they will rip you off.
I love the game but it freezes for days on me some times I do everything it says but not until the third or fourth uninstall on like the third day and I have lost a lot of coins I mean a lot just in what should have been login bonus I was doing good for close to sixteen days then I lose it because it doesn't load at all when it checks the game recources update it counts all the way to 33,230 kb well 50 numbers away from finishing it freezes!!!
Like this game, When you win you can win big. The dailys are fun and for the most obtainable. Been in a club can get you some good prizes also. If you play sensibly you will make it to higher levels. The scratch and win can result in some major coins also. Two things that are tough are building your dreams, and the club missions but are obtainable. Badges also reward some good stuff. To me it's hard to get stamps. If you have problems with the game the help that the techs is fast. Fun game
Love this game 😍... but there's just one problem the game keeps on stopping and then it goes back to my home page and honestly it gets abit frustrating aswell especially when I'm on a winning streak. Can anybody help me out and tell me why this is happening please? Other than that Cash Frenzy rocks.
Love to win fake money, BUT.more real money spent the more you lose. Kills the drive. For example I won 4 Tril and lost it all on small bets. Just drained it with zero wins. You have to pay to keep winning. Its sad. UPDATE.moved stars from 2* to 3*.simply because someone replied. I have in 3 days dumped over 250.00 into this game. one big win. then loss after loss. It would be nice to reward Big spenders, they should get bigger rewards. We arent playing against people.
New enhancements have made this game great Since writing the above review my game experience has gone way down. I have lost alot of points and playing the games are not as good as it was. Iam very disappointed with the amount of wins you get now. I was surprised at how that went. My points were in the trillions and now they have gone down to the billions. The game now is not as appealing as it was.
This game use to be so much fun to play but not so much anymore take my advice don't waste your time it takes weeks just to get free spins you will never hit the big jackpot or max they could never get any more money from me if I don't have the coins to play then I just don't play they control this game and what you win it's all about spending money
I am very pissed off now, I made purchases and I did not get all the items in the package but what I purchased. I contacted customer service and they've done nothing, I sent them screenshots and well described what happened and nothing from them except for asking for copies of my receipts, when you should already have records showing my account and my purchases why would you have to see more receipts? Let me copies of the receipts and sent them, and still no reply back. 😥😡😠😠
It pains me to change my review of this game! If I could give a 0.. I DEFINITELY would! I had an in-game issue and customer service is nonsense! I'm a customer that PAYS to play weekly never complained about the many glitches and other rewards not received. This time I choose to make contact because I am sick of paying and not getting what I paid for! Clearly, this company knows about some issues and refuses to assist in anyway. Even the way CS responds is sad. Wish I could post screenshot here!
Predatory at best. Shamefully scammed at worst.About how it goes. Good wins for a bit, then the game cuts you off completely. Hours of play without a bonus. Any bet levels. Of course they will say its "random," but we all know it isnt Update: over 834 spins, and no bonus. Go play Cashman or others. Wayyyy better. Better games too. Chump games here
Very fun haven't stopped playing since I downloaded the game. 👍👍👍👍👍 Every time I play the wheels won't quit spinning, they keep getting stuck I love playing but if this bug can't get fixed soon I will uninstall, I have to keep backing out force stop the game clear cache then it works for awhile then gets stuck spinning again, I have updated to the current version and it's still doing it now, so I quit and came an edited my review. I just went back in the game and it's still spinning.
I purchased a money vault for 39.99 and it charged me but didn't put my coins or extras on my account. I went through all the steps and also contacted you all through the support link and still no response. This is not acceptable. I love the game and purchased quite a few packages for play and now I got ripped off. I have never had any issues with my game up until this point. No response from developer only automated reply sent in email and support in app. Wont get a dime more from me...
I updated game yesterday.... And today it needed another update?? I updated again... And now even after i for the 2nd time today dleted and reininstalled the app and updated it twice before.... The game keeps freezimg up when i get free spins and select the plus 1 spin or speed up on the scratchers .. And it prevents me from watching video to earn spin or speed up.. And i have to close out app and reopen.... Ugggg
I've been playing this game for a time. For a long time it was entertaining. I would purchase some credits and get to play for a time, then it would stop giving any credit or very few. As soon as I bought more credits, I would start getting points again. I accepted that I was being entertained for a price. This entire week it changed. Played a lot , but got nothing. Since everybody is stuck at home.Maximize your profits.I see your contact email is Hong Kong .Explains a lot. SHAMEFUL. PATHETIC!
Dont give them any money!!!!! I loved this game for awhile and made several purchases. Will never again after completing a task that once completed paid x amount in coins. Half a day later not only did I not get the coins the coin amount dropped to almost a quarter of what it was. After several days of sending a message and waiting a day for a response. I'm told that I was credited the coins owed twice now thank you and enjoy. Guess what nothing nodda zilch.
It use to be fun, but now it sucks. If you bet small amounts you will win some times. But when you bet big amounts kiss your money good bye. Just the other day I had over 5 trillion I was betting 56 billion boom it was gone. Not one jackpot. I will not pay for anymore coins it a waste. Always wants me to buy coins. Nope not going to do it. I don't know why when you have a good game and you have to screw it up. Fix the bouns games so win more coins.
Playing for a long time on here and it gets worse all the time. It is just buying over and over ongoing to even play. Hardly any winnings, and if you win something once ~ it is just loosing from there again. Just lost another over 4 Billion coins again! You also never win any of the higher jackpots. To participate in any specials you have to invest very heavily to even have a chance. You invest multiples compared to what you can win! Could be a great game but with all of that makes it horrible🤬
I've had this app for about 2 years. It used to be fun. The higher the rank you get the more it's forcing you to bid higher amounts and taking your money. Forcing you to make more purchases. It's getting harder and harder to even get a bonus game. Each new game that comes out weekly is less and less fun and harder to win anything worth keeping your attention. I haven't been even or ahead in months in winnings. The winnings I do get are a far cry from the amount I now lose.Very disappointed!
I have not missed a day logging in in months. There is one thing that is getting very irritating. When the bonus screen comes up every day. No matter how careful I am to press the X and cancel it, that crazy woman in the black framed glasses still pops up and tells me I can win 2 million in real cash a week if I download Blackout Bingo. I don't care one bit to hear that anymore. How can I stop having to live through that everyday.
Wow I would have to say"this is the best coin/slot game on the market" a truly,Fantastic game, full of amazing games, so if you want to play something a different slot game you can, well worth downloading. Graphics are amazing, go on give it a go I'm sure you will enjoy yourself. AAA+++
Searching thru games you can USUALLY find a winner BUT, I've found that there is either a never ending offering of duplicate stamps OR frustratingly, a halt to stamps altogether! Where are the "NEW" ones?? Very few sets get completed. No new stamps in weeks of playing is annoyingly frustrating!!
Super fun very very addictive. Some games just seem to take the coins but its winning that makes you want to play for hours. That Piggy Bank win WILL NEVER include a high $$ coin, NEVER! So just expext multiples of 5 or 10 when you do win. After you learn these things it tempers the level of the excitement you'll experience. Graphics are done well. Visually pleasing. All in all, my go to game. Give it a try! Been playing for over 2 years and spent a lot of money and no major or grand jackpot.
After playing most slot games, In my opinion, its the most fantastic slot game on the market. As well as keeping you busy, there are amazing wins(hopefully it keeps on going)the side games are great even more chance of winning and the quest is fantastic it gives you the chance to play load's of different games. Also the game graphics are the best, you feel like you're really winning, and with your adrenaline pumping, wondering if you are going to win big, its amazing A++ Download now it's great
Up in the high 9000's in level and especially since most recent update there is no way luck can help someone have fun on this game cause no way of spinning and staying in game. Past few days the free spins have been hard to come by and customer service says its luck. No that not the case I been playing Grande Games for a long time now 3 years and I got 4 downloaded now. All of them have been tightened and now is just ripping all the fun out of them and I have spent. That also doesn't help win
I love the game! But anymore you can't win nothing!!!! I can't even fill my daily tasks. It took me 7 hours to fill 3 daily missions. That is bull and I really don't call that fun. Well second week and I have lost well over 100 billion dollars. They need to change there settings, thats why people don't keep the app. Thanks for answer but its all bull, I have had this game for over a year. You changed your payout settings!!!!! But thats ok, it's only a game and there is a lot of them out there
I haven't been able to log into my account for almost 4 days and I've spent about $1,500 USD on this game and the customer support is not getting back to me and it's been 48 hours. This is ridiculous I love playing this game but after spending that much money on the game and not being able to log into my account on a new phone is stupid. Please will someone get back to me?
I really like your games. The graphics are great BUT there are tooooo many things that i am forced to participate in and it causes the game to jump and geat hung up. NOT ONLY THAT i can always tell when you want to get money out of me because it starts taking...UNTIL ITS GONE! Thats a bad deal for me guys. I would have supported you too but going from 9 zeros to nothing in just a few spins doesnt cut it for me. May as well give my money to Vegas. 😔
PLEASE HELP! I love playing this, I've spent quite a bit of money within the game, but when doing Mansion Quest, I have had at least 4-5 missed Big Wins. I have had to use hundreds of emeralds to skip them! I get them but they are not recorded as completed. It's really getting annoying! WENT FROM 5 STARS TO 1, but rectifying this would bring it back up! Please help!
Used too be fun but now they are too greedy and hounding withadverta too buy and the winnings are so small now its just not even entertaining. plus the challenges get harder and the payouts are less then not worth the efforts it takes sad as it was fun before the hounding and lowering of the winnings amounts and how often they happen. YOU FAILED AND HAVE GOTTEN WORSE STAY OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT YOU FRAUDULENT THEIF'S . GOOGLE DO SOMETHING ALLREADY ABOUT THEM!!!! PLEASE????
Just another money grab that you can't play without paying. So tired of greedy people developing games that ask a million times for you to pay and lose every time you play once you get chips. Wish I could give negative stars. This game is worst
This game use to be fun and I didn't mind spending a couple dollars every once in awhile but lately it's like if you don't spend real money you get screwed !! Spent 20 billion to beat a level and I'm not even halfway through , so until they put it back out used to be they get one star cuz they suck
Too hectic, too many pop up features...like the Stamps. Cartoonish graphics and background music not to my liking. Quickly ran initial $3M credits to $46M, but the game itself did most of the play. And, I do not like levels and unlocking new games...if I went to a real casino I could walk up to the games of my choice and play without having to advance thru levels. All in all, not my kind of online entertainment, so I removed the app after about 30 minutes. SORRY.
Dancing lions you have sped up the spinning of the game so fast that it takes all fun out playing. Why did you do that? I have played for over 6 months and no win on maxi, major or God forbid the grand bonus on dancing lions.The only thing that's random is to lose points and spend more money. As soon as my points are gone you can take your random and put it where the sun don't shine.
this game was great until you guys decided to up date, by doing so I lost all the millions of coins I had earned. Its sad that a company would stoop so low and treat their customers so poorly. My advise to other players is dont be fooled by this game, and I will make sure all my friends who play this game delete it also
Decent. Even better when you win. Game isn't about luck has to deal with algorithms. Would be even better if you could win more money instead of pay to play and win some before u start losing. Game should lower amount of gems used during daily missions and challenges...example if you have to reach a certain amount say 113 million 10 times and the gems say to complete use 500, should be lowered as you progress so if you complete mission 5 out of 10 times, the gems should be lowered to 250 thank u
It's a good game, but it cheats you, I bought some coins and was betting on a game, I got 4 gems which should have been enough to get me on the link feature but it didn't do it time and time again this happened. 3.5 billion lost which is about 20 pounds In real money thats so annoying especially when you can pay for the coins with real world money
Wow , I've given this App the highest rating before, even after loosing over a thousand $. It was getting better and now today alone it has sucked over 500. $ for me and took everything just trying to make the asking task,it forced me to bet a minimum of 576000000 chips to make it to the asking task,it never happened!!! It just took every Chip from my account and wanted me too but even more. I dismissed all the negative replys and praised the site !! Now I understand why the bad reviews.
I absolutely love this game. Amazing graphics, great wins, and overall awesome. You just have to play slow and steady. The ups and downs are frequent, but I still love this game!!!!!!! Still loving it, however, I find it odd at times. Take your time. I love Cash Frenzy. The best ever.
This is a fun game with a lot of extra side mini games. I have had some technical difficulties however, the customer support team is good at fixing them & respond within 48hours. However they often need to be told several times as they don't fully read your description. I have had one error that they still haven't been able to fix which it has now been 3 months. The issue is that it won't log into Facebook the error says "something went wrong & we are working on it" still waiting on a solution
Stll at 5 stars... Wish i could give more! So after the latest update, games endup kicking you off Sometimes it will auto start or go to home screen completley!! My last straw was when i won 25 free spins, did half was doing really well and then was kicked off and wasnt able to retrieve ANYTHING back ! My whole plays this game and we all have different devices or IOS..And we all have the same problem!! Please fix this ASAP!
Really enjoyable game if your a slot dog lol. The only thing I don't like is they want a lot of pay to play players. What I mean is they stop the game an ask would you like to buy coins? An you can only use your bonuses if you buy something. Other then that it's pretty cool.
I really enjoy this game the graphics are brilliant and the challenges are great but I am sick of having issues with it I keep getting kicked out of it, it freezes alot to at first I thought it was my device but my wife is having the same problem, I've even deleted it and reinstalled it but that didn't help, unless this problem is resolved I will delete it again and I won't be reinstalleing it
Not enough wins, could be a lot of fun but the constant need to constantly buy coins to be able to keep playing ruins the fun. wants constant purchases for everything, Most the contests cause you to loose most to all of your coins...Can NOT get anywhere without constant purchases. Its not even like you win real money but yet the slots are tighter than in Vegas. Great games but the fun is devoured by the constant need to buy coins in order to continue to keep playing.
Frustrating as you get to higher levels the payouts drop as well as the free spins and other bonuses. Don't waste your money buying more coins for the game. In the beginning the game was fun but now it is just frustrating. Level 900+ and thinking of quitting the game.
I absolutely love playing this game and the quest. However, it glitches and causes me to loose coins to frequently. The free respins have frozen on me after I watch the video. Then when I click out of the game to reset it the coins they claim I was supposed to win never appear. I wish you guys would fix these glitches. I also notice that the game does not let you get big wins, once you bid high. Plus the bid from 15million to 30million to 300million is ridiculous.
This is the only game I play, and I love the variety of games that you have. I would give 5 stars if it wasn't so difficult to finish missions and collections. I am never able to complete all the stamp albums, or any of the other side games. I always get small payouts on the slot of cash and never get more than x7 on Megaball. It would be great to win enough coins be able to play like a real high roller once in awhile. That would really be fun!!!
games seem to have been reevaluated, they have been consistently paying without having to constantly buying coins, 5 stars, you have changed my opinion.. awesome!! Website seems to have revamped. Allows you to at least play. Have enjoyed playing and not having to buy the store. Still playing, I have thoroughly enjoyed the games however the extra Chutes and Ladders or whichever I hate it you're almost forced to play and I have used as much as a hundred and twenty spins and still cannot complete b
The only game you can spin 1,000 times and not get so much as a single big win. The odds decrease based on your missions. Once you spend any kind of money, your odds decrease because they think you will continue to spend. Scratch rewards are far below what your missions require you to spend per spin. All around the worst phone game I've ever played.
Appreciate your team reply to my report of (DOS denial of service) in May7. But your reco to refer to an in-app service is inappropriate since the app did not load was the problem... It has been a week since the issue miraculously resolved itself. I do apologise for going thru this channel; email adds in your response are "no longer in service"??
Well I'm completely shocked. Completed the challenges took a very very long time and costly, to recieve my coins to be able to attempt to do high bet challenges to hardly win anything. That is shocking. When you bet higher you get absolutely nothing. I wont be playing any more. I paid for packages that I have never received contacted you but yet nothing. It's a real shame as I liked the principle of the game just not how it doesnt pay out I got free spins 10, on 400m and didnt even double my bet
I am ready to stop playing for real. I have played this game for 2 plus years but it is not as fun. You dont get the bonuses you use to get they are only 1 or 2 k and i lose more than i win. The missions were fun now you cant pass them because again you lose more than you win. I cant ever play the high amounts because i would go broke. Bumming....
The only game I play very addictive and so exciting I love it. I have been playing for a long time now the only thing is that once you in the bonus round the game don't give you back what you spend putting in. You have to spin for a long time before you get anything good.
Really enjoy this game, it feels like you are playing casino games with a challenge to complete your missions. I have only changed my rating from an 5 to a 3 because for me to meet goals I have to bet 1.6billon per spin and free coin is maybe 600hundred, even if I go to all of the great places for bonus it gets me only 2 to 3 spins.
This game can be really great or really frustrating, over the last few weeks I have been doing these missions and the blazing missions as well and on both of these they require either big wins, win ex amounts with a minimum bet or gain a certain amount with a minimum bet, now the frustrating part of this is you never seem to win in achievingthese missions, I have spent almost a trillion coins completing them with nothing to show for it, Cash Frenzy please take a look at what your players say
After playing most slot games, In my opinion, its the most fantastic slot game on the market. As well as keeping you busy, there are amazing wins(hopefully it keeps on going)the side games are great even more chance of winning and the stamp collection to win amazing prizes is awesome. Also the game graphics are the best, you feel like you're really winning, and with your adrenaline pumping, wondering if you are going to win big, its amazing A++ Download now and try it for yourself, it's great
I had a good time for awhile, but challenges are getting way to hard to achieve on the pay back and about two hours ago I purchased a coin package and after maybe 20 to thirty minutes after doing so the game froze up and will not let me back in, it has been over 2 hours, I can play and access all my other apps, they need to give me a refund plus some, so disappointed! This is a purchase that will repay you the next day for your highest jackpot and I can't t even play.
Was a lot of fun until the winning stopped. I'll admit I did purchase things here and there. Was doing pretty well and then it all stopped. 400 billion gone in a couple days. Not betting more then 1 million a spin. Everything became scarce, big wins, bonuses, free spins. How are you supposed to finish daily challenges if you can even win enough or hit a bonus to complete them?
Game is good. Ive been playing a while. Gives me fake casino money and thats cool. But i lose a lot and make small gains. Then a prompt comes up asking if i love my winning streak. Really? What winning streak?! Losing all your money so you can buy some fake casino money. The game is rigged of course. I know this for a fact.
This game just sucks money out of people with no return. The past 3 times I have spent money i have not won anything. This past purchase I spent $40 to get around 6 Billion coins and it was all gone within minutes because of the game not allowing me to win. This game used to be decent, but now they are just trying to take peoples money. Would have been a fun game to stick with, but your winning algorithms make nobody want to play. Sad to say I will be uninstalling after today's loss.
Played the game all day and was really enjoying the game. Then the game froze after playing for several hours and then i was unable to continue to play. Deleted and reinstalled and still could not get past the load screen. Im done trying to figure out the issue. As i said it was fun for three hours then locked up and wouldnt allow me back in the game
Hi, Your game is very good, found a few quirks or issues. I think Bonus tickets, I didn't receive those when I bought package. I bought the Daily Coins, you're supposed to give for 7 days. I never got a full seven days and then if I bought two packages, first day I would get three coins and then after that none. Crazy frenzy is it good game I like finding errors with products, hope was useful for your company. I'm a programmer, returning to persue my bachelor's, in January. God Bless TY
I really like the games on this site however, since the last update, the app freezes quite often and secondly, it has become a bit of a cash cow. When you get an occasional big win, I increase my stake to try and win a bit bigger, but it always gets swallowed up! I refuse to spend any more cash on this site until it becomes fairer. 5* down to 3*. Update; Just gambled 3 billion @ 40 million a spin and not a sausage! 3* to 1*
The point system for all mini games suck especially the depots, there's no way to complete all of them. The genie stamp collection is a joke, when you when more than one genie stamp it just gives you the same one over and over again. The pre determined amount you win in free games is obviously just that I'll win 12 free games win maybe 4 of them and then it cuts me off the scratch off and pacha game are jokes I can never get more than 12x multiplier. Really annoying stuff.
Keep getting a chance to shoot the target But it requires 1500 emerald points which I don't have and won't let me log out without restarting my phone. I am NOT paying for points when I have 10 spins that should be available. Really sucks!
Big Cash Frenzy, Thor, Medusa,Wicked Blast and Candy Magic! You can actually win and play 3 or more games at once! Great! Also free betting coins given away daily and on scratch cards! It took me awhile to find all the free betting coins but it's there for the taking! Love Cash Frenzy! Just found another way on here to get free play coins! Love the free scratchers!!!👍Woo hoo!!!
While there are some good games on it. If you don't invest money, you don't win anything. When you win, you lose it straight away. The missions are extreme it is too hard to get anywhere. It is almost impossible to win any big jackpots and if you do, they take it away by making you lose it all. A shame.
Okay for first few months. They have pushed up the minimum bet for you to collect items for slots to a minimum of 20 million. Most challenges now are 200 million minimum spin. Percentage bar doesn't even get to 100 per cent after spending 45 billion. Really frustrating as I do enjoy the game just changes for the worse
It started out as fun, but now they've changed & not for the better. Have to make higher bets for the specials, the quests are mostly jokes anymore. Like play spinup 4 times, even if you buy the cheapest its $1.99 times 8, so $16.99. Or get 200 stamps, i have never finished this one without using gems. Or 100 spins at max, when your max is 25mil. Things that use to count no longer count & with no notice of the change. Since I paid for this season I will finish but once it's done so am i.
I find it relaxes me !! however some of the challenges they give You are nearly impossible to achieve !! still mostly enjoy it !! all the purchase ads get annoying though ! it keeps You guessing at times, what's going to happen next !! 8/18/19 Game was really freezing up tonight, I lost quite a few coins because of this problem !! Not sure what else I can add to my comments about this app !! Re-download this app. Tonight, so far so good 10/22/2020 10/30/2020 Love the new features they added!
Love the game there's so much I can do to keep me busy and I can play for hours! But with most games there's glitches and u end up losin out on a lot of stuff. Contactin support only makes it worse and u end goin in circles takin to the wall before u give up they want screen shots for everything, the games is so quick it's not always possible to take a screen shot or video so they treat u like u are lyin even if u just paid a ton of money to play!
love the game and have being playing for almost 2 years now but I've seen ads for the game and it says win jackpots easy in the length of time I've been playing not once have I won one, plus I've spent good money in game and still nothing, I know it's a game of chance but 2 years give me a break I won't be spending money on something and get nothing in return
I really enjoy this game. But you don't get your luck charms as the say when you buy any package deals. You have to spend a bit more the $.99 cents . Other wise its fun. (Lol the only thing wrong is some of the games are posted for the wrong area. Like through back to the 70'!! The game music traffics are all late 50 early I mean early 60s.) Bahahah still it make it fun.
When I purchase the packs for games I do now receive what was purchased. For instance, when I pay for all spaces to be loaded with wins on the play board, I lose the upgrad I leave and return to the game. This continues to be a problem for every purchase. It adds up...