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Is a Card game developed by PointZero Co. located at 1002-4 Shinohara-cho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I won a 1,000 yellow card and it magically disappeared? Yes I'm more than irritated,this game sucks,false advertisement,don't do it waste of time.the makers aka vendors have an explanation?????what a bunch of fake BS...you folks going to reimburse me???? Let's see what kind of ethics ya'all roll by....ok again I'm irratated.... Where did my 1,000$ yellow card go,? I deserve an answer. After all I made u money by watching all those ads that pay u ,where's mine?
I still am learning how to play, but I already, love, so much about this Apps, game version! Its real looking, like in real life! Back when i was a kid, I got to play this kind of game, for the first time ever, at the West Fargo, ND, Fair, when I was 6! I fell in love, with the game, right then and there! It's so fun, when you get the mother load of coins! When I see them all, falling down, all at once! So Exciting! Bravo! Great App, ya all made here, Dev! Thank-You, for the awesome game!
In Hope's that it's a real paying for play and view time app could use the money due to this pandemic here in Washington being hit hardest but thank you for the fun game.
Playing dozens is my thing and this has to be the coolest dozer game yet showing it off to all my friends
I enjoy playing this game it's kind of hard to find a good game like dozer stuff like that but I tell you if you like playing games like this you need to try this one for sure
Pretty cool... was exactly what I wanted. Basic but realistic. Kind of simple an drags waiting for money sometimes but is exactly what iyer says.
Okay what's going on with this app I really don't understand that when it comes to the roulette it just shifts on one side is that my lucky chance how do you get the walls as it's about just paying money to get the things that you need I own installed it because they said if you play this game you can earn money then I don't understand what the heck is going on the graphics are cool but that's about it
Real change dozer game it's cool probably one of the coolest games I've played I just started but it pays you alil while you're not even playing the game! I don't understand it all I just wanted to start playing! So far it's fun!
I thought I like playing but i don't like it freezes and takes away the money that should be moved to your account. You have to keep restarting.
Great game not enough moneyoo play , because the coins slip under each other and pile up and the game stops.
Payout is way too low. Run out of coins too fast. Not enough prizes dropping. Walls don't stay up long enough.
Much much better after several updates including phone OS update..I appreciate the new collections. Coins behaviour is less hectic and prizes are quite easy to get. Design is fine and game smooth to play. Still regret the "Quit App" in the menu panel. Thanks a lot for your good maintenance.
The game sucks you don't win any money. And the little bitchs they use for their ads are lying , because you don't win hundreds of dollars you only win pennies. They are a JOKE!!!!!
Real life coins has better gaming experience. Games features allows longer game play than other coin pushers.
I'm having a BLAST...I've enjoyed playing like this, reminded me of my youth...Fun Factor arcade room and Chucky Cheese yu cudnt pry me away from the machine😜💯💯🔥💣!!!
Im still not real sure yet, ive only been playing since yesterday, but so far it seems to be fun, graghics look real but just like with every other game that ur suppose to WIN REAL MONEY at im not so sure of just yet but we will see...
my coin falls off before it reaches the slider and it just took my 200 points and dont make no different whats color the unlock is it dont open the vault till its trady then lose all mi collection cause my coin s bounces off the slider
With all the little print they want you to read to understand what to do it is not very self explanatory and there is really nothing to be made off this......the word search games are more itreaguing for the ming and the pay outs
Exceptionally simple & realistic.Unless i missed something (that's very likely), I could appreciate it if the developers provided a more in depth directions / sumnorization prior to attempting to play, Overall, I'm impressed with how detailed everything is & it surpassed my expectations. Kudos to you guys. CASH DOZER USD is a dope ass game.
I just started an I am getting the hang of it I like it so far I just get confuse on how to collect when I win
I'm only giving you four stars just for Android game I have to say it's great it's good only one problem the game does not pay out real money and if it does it will be a very good game I'm going to wait out to see if it does pay out then it will be guaranteed I will come back and give you a better post
It's enjoyable and the few unique features that pop up make it not get boring so it's worth playing I just wish it was for points so you could put it towards cash
I like it because it looks like real money I'm not quite understanding the game but I'll learn it as I play it but it's a great game
I lose what I've collected during play if I leave the game... Noway to save progress? You need to fix that or describe how to keep your previous earnings?
This is advertised to pay out real cash you dont lie to ppl on purpous thats called false advertising
I don't have words yet for this game, it like nothing I have played before, it's very,very,addicting, crazy,new way of coin doze, you should at least download and play for a while, I bet most will like it
Rigged against the player from the very beginning. Coins dropped very frequently roll or quickly fall off the sides and out of play. Total ripoff! Uninstalled.
Constant freezing up when there's big collectables... then you have to leave and go back only to find it didn't save the collectables or any progress...
I was shocked with the graphics,,awesome..lots of ways to get extra money to play more..lots of prizes n cool things u win..just ah whole lotta fun!!
Dont know about payouts, but all around good game. Just tuff enough to make it challengeing but not impossible.
Very inlightive when it comes to coin i like the reality of this game im a coin collector and this game os on point when ir comes to what i like to see ...show me the money!!!!!
Game starts out good but keeps you locked in at 94.83 cents for who knows how long??? I qiut after i was stuck at that for over a 2 week period.. Didnt take that long to reach that amount but stops you a few dollars short on cashing in.. What a scam.. Dont waste your time like me..
I give it a 4. It took a while how to drop the coins slow, that way you earn more money. It is an entertaining game. Just wish there was a lottie more to it. It doesn't make me want to buy more coins. Still it is entertaining and I would recommend it.
Its the most fun and most real dozer game i have seen and played i love the app its vedy entertaining.played it for a while it jas a glitch two coins stood up on edge and are locked in place wont budge. Trying to take a screan shot of it cant seem to get one to show.
Bring back the close app button ! It's now way to easy to accidentally sell part of your collection when you run out of coins ! All that work, and the vault is regularly empty when it opens !
This is a delightful game, cash is one of my best friends, where would we be without$$$$ and cents. The world would be standing still. S.p.