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Cash Adventure: World Spin Master

Cash Adventure: World Spin Master for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very interesting lots of fun features of great everybody should play this game you can win lots of money with one more can you lose nothing you have nothing to lose but game have fun everybody should play
Needs more options like coin master I like playing it it's kinda boring though get more options to keep me or others playing
So far so good seems like it might be worth keeping i usually delete a game like this after i play it a little while but im going to keep this and give it a chance
The review as follow's the game is helpfull like a gunny sack with tidbit's of help here and there blow's the lid so.. zippy!!
So far building is kinda fun except I've heard that not anyone so far has gotten real money check it out yourselves
So far it's been a really fun game. Not sure about the pay outs, as I've only been playing for a short while, but I'm hopeful.
It a fun game to play because you never know what you are going to end up getting give it a try you might like it I do it does help pass the time away when you're bored and I get it way quite often get bored
Wow I've played a lot of games and this one is at the top for holding my interest. My hats off to the developer. Bring us more 😊
I can't believe how fun & addicting this game is ! I cannot stop playing it ! To the makers who created this game , you did an excellent & perfect job ! I mean it ! You could'nt get it any better than what it already is ! Thank you for creating such an Awesome game that's actually worth downloading & playing !
It's crazy to review after just started playing the game. So far I like it, but as I go on in the game I will either upgrade or degrade my star review.
Please fix this issue, I have been waiting for the next level for weeks now, it keeps saying coming soon I have updated the game a few times when it tells me to but nothing is happening,
Awesome wish there were cards to collect though ot maybe pets like on coin master. But, i absolutely love thr slots add.
I like this its fun ill change my rate after i go farther and find out whats the surprise to play this long !!!!
I like the game so far. I just finished the first island. Hope to see competions and card sets as I continue to level up
Its a fun game to pass time with ive not played but 30 mins so i will definitely rate again if this game is worth downloading
Enjoy playing this game is educational end relaxing a lot of fun I recommend this game to anyone try it you will see
This game only go up to 9th level it does not reach 10th level I've been playing it now for over 3 months have not updated the software not worth playing I deleted the program it really really sucks
Yes l am playing this game to seen what come out of it because so many games are child's play every one is making fake game to make people to waste there time for nothing as an adult is too bad for young people to be playing over them they tell you to watch video to get more coins but the coins go to them he never add to your game they is no need to scammed or used people to make your life a bitter live why others will remain for nothing is so painful to me
I just started playing this game. So far it is fun. Just the building is way to much this early in the game. I did the update, finished my village now waiting on new thing on villages. If I get attacked on my finished village because I wasn't to move on ,I WILL UNINSTALL!!!! So what still is the problem. Still not moving on to next level. I did uninstall then reinstalled a little later. Still same problem. If still the same in the morning, well goodbye game.
Iv uninstall it you can only get so far then there's no purpose of playing. Like the game and also confused
This app keeps getting better and better!! Dont try it just jump on and keep playing Cash Adventure @
I gave it three stars just because it's a fairly simple game not really much of a challenge as far as game play goes
Very addicting just like coinmaster love it . It does has some things I wish were on here. But over all good.
Not only the underlying degree of mass movement between eye and coordination of fingers at play, the best of talent will miss many underlying challenges.
It's really too early for me to rate this game, I just started. However, it's a fun game. There does seem to be a glitch in the game- some pop ups in the game when I try to X out of them, they won't let me- it instead freezes up causing me to have to shut down and restart game.
Just started playing but so far it's okay just wondering how and if you really do when real money. It's a stress reliever and that's always good.
The game is fun and intresting, i will return to give five star, if am able to cash out into my local bank account or any other means.
Love the game but when's the next update for a new level? When is the next update coming? I can't go up a level until it does?
So far so good , fun, entertaining, flashy, not getting bored yet and seems to have very little ads...which is so nice
Really cool game. Keeps my attention. And win $$$$ I just started so I'm not sure how or when I can cash in.
Still figuring it out. Now on other games you can upgrade all of the things but this one its on floor at a. Time.
What a joke. Play and build up coins and wait to build for days and nothing happens. Signed pissed off.
I like playing this game but I would enjoy it more if you get it right to the next stage if I don't see the next stage then I am going to have to uninstall it cause I am not able to move forward in the game
I am loving the game so much it make my day go by in it give me something to do even if it's just peace to think about having someone that show they love having fun
Going good so far. Like the game. I was wrong I don't like the game I love it. Everyone should try this one. Great game
Very fun but I dont see how to make real money. I am only at the beginning. I was angry when I started playing and it got me refocused and calmed me down. I recommend it for anxiety ridden people like myself.
It's very easy, fun and rewarding I would recommend anyone or body to try it for yourself to believe it.
I'm absolutely enjoying every minute of it!! I Luv it Honestly,its one of the very few 100%100%Game Apps Out There SO PPL MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD AND GET PLAYING A🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟To You Cash Adventure
his games I give recommended 100% is awesome game but I have one a little bit off of it but I haven't received the funds I will willing to do any kind of option to get close to where the mount I have to cash out all right people try this game out if you like what I said and then try it out that's why I gave it to the judge of four Star
This Is Games Hasbeen Keeping My Attention And I Have Just Played 15 -25 Minutes - And I Don't Get Tired Of If At All GREAT GAME - And Lots Of Fun For Us All...
This game is very similar to coin master which is a game I love so I'm very much looking forward to what the game has instore for me just hoping it doesn't take forever to complete sets as it does in the other game along with people willing to help one another in trades if possible if it's not possible it should be added
So far it's a decent game we shall see if you actually pay out. if you do you get 5 stars if you don't 1 star 0 if I can find it
I have been waiting a long time for updates , I'm getting very discouraged with it like others that has already quit the game . When are you going to add more places ? Why has it taken so long to get them ? I have sent email to you and no answers , maybe we all should quit your game . I'll give it a couple more days then I'm deleting it myself
It is a good game but can't get any further then the ice cream can you please tell me when I can go up a level please
Its pretty fun so far just hope i will be able to caahout wth out haveig log in evey day and can cash out at any time
Hi this is my first time playing This cash Adventure world app game and it's so much fun" and I just started playing it and now IAM getting the hang of it too" and it's so easy to play please download this game and Good Luck"
This is 1 of the many app's that I have that I really enjoy playing alot but really have anytime to really get into this game an all I get is nothing compared to this game. I love this app it is really an awsome app to take your mind off things that are really stressful an kind of puts them at a less streasful and puts your mind at ease an have a more pleasent day but if you want to spend some cash you can try to update the buildings to earn more cash to flow in so if you want to rich update
When you get so far and run out of building to build have to wait for up date people can take you to the cleaners with your money that sucks
It's ok...just another tweak off of coin master and the like. And while I guess it's fairly new it's pretty bad when you complete a stage and it has no where else to take you...not much of an adventure...
Its ok a coin master c opyb. However I see it as another game I don't need as number games that wind up hemming me up for money I don't have , I don't think ill be investing the time into it the way I did coin master . And thats just me learning from past b experience .all of these games start c off fun but a monthor2 into them I just wind-up passed off and broke , the game has a fun quality to it however im just not looking to wind up passed c offagsin
Very awesome game I love it I can play it all day long and every day after that he is many more years to come absolutely awesome game thank you very much your customer always
This would be more fun if I could just add everybody for my contact list so they're having to be on Facebook
This is great fun when I get bourd for hours I will play this game it's so much fun it's like coin master
I like the battleing with the drug lords. The game keeps shutting down reverting back to home screen. Runs slow and can't catch up to the sound, love the format and liability disclosures. Overall takes time and you need patience just to power up game.
I really do like Cash Adventure:World Spin Master better than Coin Master and I have been playing that game for years, sooo that's really saying something.... Well done you!!!! :)
This game is TOTALLY FUN & FREE u can't beat that combination ! I believe if you try it u will have fun and like it 2 !
The levels haven't been updated in awhile starting to loose interest in the game due to not being able to continue
It isa fun game to play but everytime i go to play it says i need to update its started yesterday , can you fixthis please. When are we gonna get new villages to play with ?
I just started playing the game and so far I like the game and it reminded me of the game coin master with is a very good game to play very addicted to
A good game could be better though if there was more bonus things to do and when you get more spins be nice being able to up the amount of spins you can bet with instead of just 1 spin a time
Fun game, but only 9 levels is disappointing. Could use an in game chat where players can add friends and gift cards.
This is a good fun game and fun to play, I agree with the feedback so far as the game goes a long it will need other things added to keep the game fun and interesting. It's still a great game as a starter.
Old Animation and and scenes are very good,i don't understand why change the Animation so tiny, It seen very wrost .plz restore old Animation for better playing experience.
The game was interesting but you got to learn it first cuz he got different levels you got to go well I think it would be a good game for someone to play I like it so far.
AWESOME time consuming if you have nothing to do and are bored at home or arm work breaks any of them kills times fast!!!!!! ️
I like the app, something doesnt seem right, mabey its just me that thinks like that but i have seen errors.
It's a good game it's just like going to the Master's it's not getting money game then I going to pay you it's just like coin master and like the life on Facebook but it's cool it's a good game it's fun.