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Case Simulator Ultimate - CS go skins box crate 2

Case Simulator Ultimate - CS go skins box crate 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Silverlime located at Šimonova 1109/3 163 00 Praha 17 Česká republika. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Beautiful app, slightly confusing but the mechanics are pretty simple but hard to understand I think this could use more explanation because it is confusing at first
Cases cost nothing so you can open to your hearts content and there are a bunch of different side stuff to do with the skins you earn, such as voin flip and roulette.
Super Awesome Game.Loved it and repeated it from the start a few times now.Devs may I suggest adding stickers and sticker capsules but katow 2014 is paid.Also please add more souvenir packages and add an option in upgrader where you can you have options choose the outcome skin.Also I noticed a bug you haven't fixed where theres stattrak gloves.Please fix and add my suggestions,might improve your game.Overall,excellent csgo skin case simulator.
it doesn't restore my progress, it's connecting to play store and saying the progress was restored but it's not
It's the best case opening simulator I've played. Nice controls, nice graphics, not annoying... The only thing is I wish there was more to it such as the option to inspect a skin or more minigames, ways to get money, or more choices in the tech tree.
need to update the prices, and give an animation like the real opening case in game (when u saw gold will get 100% gold)
It's really fun I like it just got Into it and couldn't stop grinding because it's just opening cases and you can get more money by opening them, simple.
This game is amazing so competitive against friends but if you could add trading or a market place run by players it would be cooler
Does what it says. You can gamble without spending real money so I can make poor decisions and face no consequences.
Its really fun, like a slot machine that you get top keep stuff from. There also aren't any annoying explosions of unrelated color.
Really fun game but the sides of my screen are getting cut off. I'm playing on a S21 Plus. I've tried adding it to Full-screen apps but nothings working. Could you also look into adding a lock feature on weapons? Wouldn't want to accidentally sell an item.
Really great CS:GO case simulation app. Not much problems at all, but... 1. some souvenirs are missing (such as the Vertigo souvenir), 2. missing collections (such as Safehouse, Lake and Dust) 3. There are skins that are impossible to get in the actual game (AK-47 | Redline FN and Doppler FT - BS), 4. Some missing skins (such as the Case Hardened Blue Gem pattern, rubies, sapphires and black pearls for Horizon Knives, the Doppler's 4 phases, the Gamma Doppler's phases) Overall, very nice!
I love the game, it's just really cool. I love how it looks exactly like in the real game but for free. It's also a great time killer and I really loved the new update. I just wanted to ask (if possible) to add the 3d viewing option, I've thought it will be really cool if this function wad in the game
Actually a pretty fun sim. Inspecting skins would be an amazing addition. Also, more realistic prices, and even the ability to make our own cases, would be super cool.
It does what its suppoed to do and a little bit more. It has all cases + some cases from gambling sites It has a leveling system that is actually pretty nice It has a some known gambling games where you can gamble your money and skins ETC. The only thing missing or rather that i wish was in the game would be a better way to inspect skins and a better value of the crystals(Theyre hella useless)
When I first download this app, I felt like it wasn't that great and after a couple of minutes I stayed with that feeling. But later I realised all the space and things the app let's you do, and all the fun that goes with it, I recommend this app for those who like playing minigames and opening cases
Coin flip is rigged,good at start then dropped to below 20 percent win rate.you SEE a knife every like 15 spins.not gonna talk about the probably of winning one.then I see a perfect line of 10 and above of blue rarity
Needs to be updated to look more like modern csgo. Prices are also way off. And for some reason there are Stattrak gloves?
its was fun and it did not take long to get a knife wich in most case sims it take a long time overall it was good
The images of each skin are pretty low resolution and when ever you go to open a case (At least for me) you must use your phones back button which can get annoying and navigating menus can be tedious. But all around this is a pretty good app. also add trading and update cases. otherwise good.
Been using this game for over a year, really good. Only stopped grinding because I have over 3m xp + 200k+ inv.
Desperately in need of an icon change and perhaps a name change this is genuinely the best case simulator out there, I didn't think it would be anything special based off the icon and name but I've genuinely doubled my screen time on my phone just from this game. Pulls are realistic and the custom cases don't take away from the value of the game. Really good for cs:go fanboys like me who don't have money to spend on real cases.
Its really nice and its really fast and also it feels like you would actually have that inventory in csgo. They should also add a feature to see other peoples inventory and make it a little more real in a sort of way so that will be amazing other than that everything is really nice
it's a great game but I hope u keep ur items because I deleted it so I could clear space but I'm getting it back, BUT I THINK YOU SHOULD ADD STICKERS THAT WE CAN OPEN UP AND PUT ON OUR GUN. sorry for the caps
I just hacked this game and i like it sooo much. Edit:You can hack this game with Lucky patcher and get the liimted time offer..
I love how quick the unbox is, though the noise can get annoying and maybe the rare special items are a bit too rare.
Not bad it's a case opening simulator for CS Go but I only gave 4 stars since it's flawed you'll see the same weapon like 8 times and some other weapons, Oh and you will see a rare at the beginning of the spin so there is practically no chance at geting it on top of all that
Game itself is fine but it's the same old story.....ads, ads and more ads. I know you need to make money but I literally open a few cases, back out and there's an ad waiting for me, every time, it's too much.
I think it is a great game but there is still room to improve. The odds are not very accurate but my experience will still prove to be great either way.
its fun but there isn't a challenge, if there was a challenging aspect to the game, like mini games for money, and not jave free cratea unless they hold bad items. But still a hood game!
It sucks I found a better one that has a money clicker making money easier to obtain update it to that then I'll open the app and give it 5 stars again.
Very nice but there should be a sorting option thats called duplicate and I think that would be very helpful
its perfect and the most perfect games to pass time but can i suggest a large update where you will put cars,phones,houses and other stuffs IN CASES :/ \ (^O^) / that would be incredible and can add upgrades like i can upgrade my chance of winning and getting better stuffs this will really make it a better game and i would not let it be a free to play game also more knives more gun skins more gloves add armors c4's defusal kit SKINS?? and even planets in cases WHAT??? HEHE...dont stop the update
Really fun and easy to do when you get a good gun skin it really makes you feel like you accomplished something
had the old one and got a duct tape gloves and i risked it lost it and i was hunting for it until i uninstall, i never did get it... anyway good time yeeter
it's a good game but I will love if they change the upgrader, so u can put it a skin and chose what u wanna upgrade to even of it multiple skins, so u put it let's say a dragon lore and you choose what u wanna upgrade it for and then it show u a %, it will be wayyyy better
Game is great good graphics,good game play over all a good game My only problems are is it should be added to ios and should have a trading update Also for other players having issues with ads its an offline game just turn off your wifi
Very Nice Pls Update The Prices and good job for the new UI and upgrader very nice and add more custom cases but even i purchase a bonus for more odds for knifes still so hard to get a knife it will take me 30 cases to get a knife pls fix it so the purchase is worth it and make the case for sale so it will be more thrilling not a easy money need to work hard for skins so if you pull a knife it will mean so much i really love this game good job😀😀😀
It's really good, though some cases (like the new nuke souvenirs) could get updated to the new skins they added there. Happy with the guns finally showing their quality (FN, WW, etc.). The game also, unlike some others, fits into my stretched out screen, which is very nice. All in all a good game. P.S.: I have no idea what was that review before. Sorry?
İts a awesome game for spending time , when I got bored i immediately open this game and play for like 30 mins easy .
You need to add a make your own case like the websites have. That's the only thing that I think people would be interested in well in terms of cases. Other wise it's a pretty good sim and I hope that you can further improve it.💯
So let's get some points clear. First of all, this app is wonderful as you can really get the experience of opening real cases. Like few days back in CS:GO, Prisma 2 case was launched. This also gives you the true experience of opening the cases and you can also put your in-game money to play the in- game games like mines etc. You can also upgrade your skins. But if you play this for a long time you can actually get bored. So in my opinion this is a very good game. Not a waste of time. Worth it.
I think its the best one out of all of the case opening App. The design is clean,And Simple. Not like those really complex designed Case simulator. I love That they made custom cases.They even Make the Original Case and souvenirs free,So we can Have fun Getting the money we want and not Tapping Your phone To death. Anyways,Really amazing and Really reccomend this to all of you.Peace~
Great game! Just spent the little bit of money to get rid of ads which is worth it. I would like to see some changes in the Case Reveal layout. Prices, Stat Tracks and Condition all in the same box as it pops up, that would be cool. Maybe a item check list for all the collector fanatics out there. Other ways to make money? Hmm... Im big on " if you put in the effort you will be rewarded' cash bonuses to players who put in time by OPENING CASES!!! You shouldn't have to gamble to get rich!!!
It's a good app, would be cool to see more souvenir cases tho, like Dust 1, Inferno 2, Nuke 2, Gods And Monsters.
The simulator was very fun. It has great variety of skins, even skins that are impossible in the real game. There are some broken parts, as there are conditions on knives, but that doesn't matter. It was fun to watch myself become "homeless" after gambling away all my skins in the simulator. I wish the company fixed more bug fixes like quality errors and case content errors.
Great simulator app, really feels like the same as opening cases in game but there should be an option to save your progress like linking it to a google account or something, else you will lose everything when you uninstall the app and will have to start over again.
It's perfect, but the chances of winning are incredibly low. it's a sim, yet, nobody likes to lose at such a high frequency. Kindly, improve drop rates in cases and win chances in mini games.
The upgrade is literally broken. I had a 57 percent chance of getting an upgrade, and yet I would fail like 7 times in a row. Even the cases were broken, as I would open something around 80 cases and see the special rare item go by so many times, whereas in Cs go, is you were to see a special rare item, its a basic guarantee that you would get it. So basically...... FIX YOUR GAME.
Amazing game. The devs are constantly updating the game everytime there's a new case released on csgo as well. Please add sticker capsules in this game as i am not the only one wants it in this game. To balance it all out, make the katowice ones paid to open instead of free.
In my opinion, this is the best case simulator game that I have ever played this far. The sound of the case opening really sync well. The quality of the weapon skin (From Factory New to Well Worn) also have a very good detail and also easy to earn money. But please update the ranks to the latest ranks version
issues with knives. chroma skins drop from bravo case (not sure about others) and certain skins dont have certain wears. you cant get battle scarred doppler, fade, or tiger tooth. but i got a battle scared doppler black pearl. and skins from collections can't be Stat Trak. but otherwise it's pretty decent.
Quite good and I've played for quite a while now. The skill tree is a very interesting feature, but it takes so long to rank up by the end that the exp bonuses dont even make a difference. Would be nice to see the skill tree being expanded, having 3 or so skill points per rank, or having upgrades that you can spend money on, like case opening time, casino games luck ect, ect
This app is amazing! They have added so many features and have easy ways to make money and get you favorite skins in this simulator only one request that does not even hinder this game is to improve the screen quality of when your in your inventory and looking at your knives its quite pixelated!