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Case Royale - all cs go cases

Case Royale - all cs go cases for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by cogscoding located at Belarus, October str, 5. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really fun but I can't open it if it helps I'm on a tablet and when I open the game it just shows the logo and go's black if you can help here is my discord Jjgaming06yt #0044
The game itself is decent. Has some bugs here and there, but what game doesn't?! I've been playing for just over a year, and been a chat moderator for some months - I can honestly say for such a small corner of the internet, the community is awesome. Updates are slow; but other than that I'd say it's the best case opening app out there, with a LOT of potential.
I am writing using an alternative account. I can assure you that the game is not the best. I picked an alternative account for identity protection due to false reviews made to target the staff team. I'm on of the Head Admin. I'll admit that the game is slow, broken in areas, the updates are wasteful, the staff CAN be immature at times, and that overall the game gets boring after awhile. Frankly, it's a time killer game and not something most would spend forever playing.
The game is good "Game crashing etc." thats on your side because I've played this game for around a year now and never had those issues. The profit gets better if you know how to play and ask for help etc. Just to explain that 99% of these comments are stupid. Ads rarely pop up. Only real issue is the developer being too lazy to update the game, otherwise everything is more than fine But again updates come out once a year at most
Very good game you will.get hooked on it for days just need the ads to go for a shorter period of time.
Bruh best game EVER love that you dont get ads all The time like some other games. You can open as many cases as you want with no stop.
I really like the game. Many people think that it is just opening cases but there are battles too. Not many people no how the battles work, it goes down the line of the weapons you equiped on your character then sees if one player has a gun better than the other player's. Overall great concept.
The game itself is decent. Has some bugs here and there but nothing major. The community is awesome. Updates are slow; but other than that it's a decent game with a LOT of potential.
This game is pretty fun overall but there should be different channels for different language speaking people because currently the en channel is mostly made up of Spanish or other language speaking players which can be confusing to new players or when a player wants to know something and asks the chat you get Spanish replys. Thanks for Reading!
The game is pretty well done, but currently appears to have no option to disable sound (and even when using auto-open with prime it plays sound while minimized). If there were a mute option this would be a 4/5 star.
The gameplay itself is fun. Theres some UI fixes that need done such as explaining the team you can buy and having multiselect in the inventory screen. I would also not mind an option to hide chat completely if you wanted. I've played a few of these case opening games and this is one of the better ones out there. 4 stars due to the above mentioned UI items.
Great game, very addicting. The games inside Case Royal (Upgrade/trade ups, Team battles and Jackpots.) are addicting and well made. The chat does need to stay off when you turn it off and the 3D and sell buttons need to be further apart (I've sold a total of $6,000 worth of knives after I've just unboxed them but in all great game.
A game with potential but bad development. i've played this game for quite some time and I've even been a moderator for about 7 months. Communication with the developer is really hard and he doesn't care about any internal bugs or security holes. Me as a developer/pentester have found quite some bugs to trick the server and even after sending it and offering to help these bugs still work. Also the game misses alot of features that players want but never got added.
3.5 stars of 5, it's a solid little game to pass time. One of the better case simulating games on the store. There are problems though! Needs more minigames! Where is crash, upgrader or trading! The game needs better optimization for lower end devices. Need to fix some of the sound effects. EG when you open a case and it's spinning. The open button still makes the noise. When the case is spinning the sound needs to be throughout the whole spin. Things i like: the design, the 3d view, the chat๐Ÿ˜Š
This app is so trash Some sauth coreans are hiding behing all the bots.if i say @$$ i get banned in chat for 15mins!!!and the other guy says Lmao, he does not get a ban.And why can i get a free Premium, all the bots have it.Im not going to spend 2.00$ bc of the stupid game.Do you know why??That money goes to some creepy guy that is spending the money on some big mashine powered by rice and plans to destroy the earth!!! But afterall game is fun and i love playing it in my free time๐Ÿ™ƒ
I'll change my rating when i can get an auto open or something for life cause i have been at the same level for 1 month and i don't think i should sit 24 hours hitting open. I think auto open should be given to me cause i hate wasting my time. If not i might uninstall it.
this is a great game i enjoy playing it quite alot, i have a few issues with it tho. 1.. the game dosent load up for me so anytime i want to play i have to uninstall it and reinstall it just to open the game again. 2.. there needs to be an option to choose multiple items to sell at once, it takes to long to sell 100's of items indavidually. i did pay 1.99 for premium so i do take advantage of the auto open feature i normally let it sit for about 10 mins before i go to sell the items i got.
The game is good and everything, but it's getting kind of boring i think u need to add trading and patterns or stuff like that to make it more interesting cause only thing u can do when u open expensive stuff is just to lose it on cf or jackpot.
I love this game this is my new favorite. And I don't play mobile games very much. It's like the real CS:GO
Poor skill progression, there is no difference in profit between silver 1 and global elite. There is no functionality progression other than nova 1 to be able to chat. If u buy prime... u still don't get anything out of it since the cases does not give u a greater chance for anything, u can get lucky but this is not the sorta luck based game u think it would be. Mostly a waste of time since it's more or less pay to win, ads or buy money to actually get money.
Very fun, i took off a star because everytime i close the app, then open it again, it doesn't load and i have to delete and re-install it. It's happened every time i close and re-open it. Please find a way to fix this.
I love the game overall. I'm one of those people that adores collecting all the weapons at their best rarity. Just wish there was a form of a collection tick off list and a vault to place all the items we don't want to accidentally sell. Other than that, good job.
The game is highly addicting. The chat is chaos when there is no mods on. Updates are slow, and are mediocre when released. Pressure seems to be on 2/3 mods at least.
It is fun, and has a a progression system for more unlocks. Unfortunately, you have to pay to use their auto opener. Also there is a lot of ads, but everytime you watch, it gives you a free roll; so I guess there is a silver lining.
I really loved this game until it forced me to download a completely different app that now won't allow me to access the game. I lost all of my progress including real money I spent on the game. I put up with the game constantly shutting down and having to restart. I put up with the glitches that made me lost my items. I put up with all of this while asking the dev to have these issues fixed. But now that I can't even access the game AND I've lost real money, I'm done.
Solid for like a day and community's toxic (I'm talking about the admins not the players or mods) overall very boring and if u want anything it's with ads oh and side note a ton of the 'good reviews' are from admins / mods so yea obv they will say it's good
I've lost my data 3 times over the time I had this game, don't know why I keep losing it but I'm done
One thing I hate about this game is the chance to get convert and above is too low. The only way to get these stuff is by watching ads and I don't like watching it. Let it easier to get convert. Just give the chance on at least 5 - 10% chance to get these kind of stuff. Overall, it still good. Keep this in mind for next update ๐Ÿ˜Š
Very fun game you can chat with poeple wich is also nice but 1 thing can we get seeds for case hardened, fade and more skins? And also could trading be added :)
Its not the Best Game ever. BUT i like that the game has a chat. (Even tho its hard to manage the non Prime Chat, F in chat for Tracer (Head mod)..) You Arent FORCED to watch any ads at all. But you can watch ads to get rewards. The ads are limited to 10/Day wich keeps it a little bit challenging pls add sell all lol
This game is just bad. You get better drops if you play on a prime account which means this game is automatically P2W. Plus the only way to get good high value items is to watch ad's to open a case that are only accessed by watching an ad. And sometimes the game even randomly forces you to watch an ad, And you don't even get anything in return. And to top that all off, The chat mods/admins abuse there powers by banning anyone who criticize them. TL:DR Don't download this game.
Pretty good experience. Ads are only forced on you occasionally and you have the chouce to view ads for rewards to avoid it.
The game is ok. its a good timekiller and very similar to a lot idle games. You can only open one case at a time without Auto opener. which will cost you ยฃ1.99 for one month. that fact its only for one month is a bit cheeky. there needs to be a permanent option for auto opener. There also needs to be a sell all button. when you have opened 100s of cases in a row. you have to sell everything individually its a nuisance and could easily be avoided. lastly if auto opening should be faster
This is definitely the best case opening app right now. No forced ads and a good community. I hope they add more games soon tho.
The game is fun no adds really the only downside is that the game will crash sometimes and the developers just quit doing updates
for a case opener. this is the absolute best one out there. everything from the cases to even being able to assemble your own team and customize them with your weapons. 3D viewing for the skins. and all the custom cases. personally I love the option that ads will pop up and if you choose to watch it, in return you'll receive a free knife case, glove case, etc. my only problem with the game is that the leveling up is slow paced but the rewards at higher levels are much greater!
Its to hard to get xp, and they never update the game, The admjns is toxic and i never get help when i need it the most
One of the best games to play when you're bored or to waste a bit of time. Its very addictive. Only problem is the chat is toxic so I have to turn it off. I wish there was a way to sell multiple items faster and to introduce some new stuff but overall i would highly recommend you download it ๐Ÿ‘
Open the app and it immediately goes to a blue screen. Never played the game before and saw an ad for it so I figured I would give it a shot and I haven't even been able to load in. Might be a great game, who knows.
great game, but I have to uninstall and reinstall it every time I go back on because it will not load. - edit: nvm i give it 0 stars. though this game has a lot of potential, it seems like this glitch has been happening for a long time. i perceive the devs, or dev, as lazy for not fixing it by now. gets my one star, i am not even able to play. happens to many others as well. fix this and it would be great.
I gave this game 3 stars because I know it's fun and a great simulation of csgo skins etc., but after a while I deleted the game cause of the amount of progress you can make only after watching an ad that gives you a really good skin or even a knife. In the end you really think that you have "finished" the game, even if you're not the highest rank. Then I redownloaded this game and I can't even play! After I leave for the first time it freezes at 0%, really annoying... Please fix this?
Fix your loading screen, It runs perfectly when I play it the first time, but when I get on a second time, it sits at 0% for about 18 minutes, and even then it doesn't go up at all. I've tried many other ways, but It doesn't work, This loops Everytime I reinstall the app.
This app is amazing so i would give it five stars of course,but a few changes maybe ? Let the new guys not 5v5 against people that have a level of 200 cause its completly unfair and makes you wait for like 5 days before you can actually use your team and win.
Game is very successful and also in-game buy options are very nice but i think if you guys are bring the auto-sell feature, game is going to be better.
I (thought) this game was really fun, i just hit 17 Thousand dollars and just unlocked knife cases, not only for my game to crash. When i Re-Opened the game it said the game wasnt updated. its been 3 weeks i still havent been able to update it so i lost ALL my progress. I also see tons of other people having this error. but other than LOSING ALL YOUR DATA its a good game
Its a good game but you really need to add more features, add trading not with others but with a full inventory from a bot or something because id rather have 3 1k skins than 1 3k skins, also add more gambling features, coinflip would be a good start do it with skins or money or have the option for both, add crash just so we have more to do on it as its getting boring and I'm playing less than i did originally
For one the skins are not valued properly. Some skins are half what they should be. Example being awp hyper beast min wear. The game crashes more frequently than most games. Skill progression is lack luster. No benefit other than being less restricted. Team fights doesn't seem to work properly. A highly built team seems to lose to a team that is not built at all quite a bit. To me that is a big deal considering it is really all that sets this game apart from the others.
Great game and in my opinion even rivals case clicker. However, the jackpots are rigged. no matter how much money I put in the jackpot, a 1700$ d lore is my top jackpot, the bots in the game heavily stack the odds against you. As I continued to play the game and open cases I realized that even the cases are rigged. Whenever you open a case you will always see upwards of 20 red weapons and knives as you roll, however you rarely get any of these items.
So the game is pretty good. But since today i dont get anny more adds. The last time i played was yesterday sooo uhhh. But overall good game
very fun game I play with multiple friends but the game keeps not loading when I try to get on and only load sometimes when I get on, it happens to be and all my friends do it's the app not our phones, can you plz fix this glitch so we can get on whenever instead of opening the app 100 times or uninstalling and reinstalling until we can get back in
Why don't I get anymore ads to open cases and upgrades it would be 5 stars if I get more because I waited for a week and no ads for cases or contracts.
Legit the game won't load anymore, I bought vip and other stuff. Cab you explain why its just a grey screen?? It was fun now it just robbed me of my money.
All I want is a collection list, where you would get rewards for getting something in a collection. A collection could be all awps or all items in 1 case, but not the stat tracks as that's too much to collect. Then once you complete a collection you get a reward like a special case.
Great game, been playing for awhile and got to Global Elite, few problems, mostly being the new team battles and glitches, and the other big one is to turn off the music in the game, you have to shut sound off for your phone.
Its a fun game where you can spend a lot of time making the perfect team. But we need some updates beucause its starting to get very boring.
Very good, great concept, little to no ads. I know there are a ton of case games out there but this is different to say the least. You can equip guns to your team to do team battles, each individual team member has an attack power and the better the gun the better the attack. The better attack your team has, the higher chance it is that your team will win.
Game was enjoyable at the start. Fun going through the ranks and took up alot of my free time. I feel the game modes can be worked on alot. Add more game modes etc. In coinflip once you start with let's say Black you stay black for the remainder of the coinflips. I lost around 8 in a row. Lost up to 70,000. I was black everytime throughout that run. The weird thing was that I was going up against the same guy in all 8. What are the chances he wins 8 in a row on the same colour. Very strange.