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Case Clicker 2 - Custom cases!

Case Clicker 2 - Custom cases! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Hawk Games! located at 40-507 Katowice Francuska 98. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game I've ever played on mobile. Only problems I have are issues with the game glitching and making it so I can't click on anything. Also some of the achievements that I have definitely have done are listed as locked. One of the achievements like this is opened souvenirs. It won't unlock. Anyways great game 😁
personally i think this game is great! i like the new system with the ranking, instead of buying it as an upgrade you have to work for a better rank. highly recommend this game, there is a lot more to it than just opening cases and clicking for money.
I mean I enjoy it to kill time but I've noticed that I've advanced far enough to unlock certain cases but they dont appear on the upgrades list. For instance the Revolver case that unlocks after you open 50 cases didnt show up and therefore I cant get it. I saved my data to the cloud for my rank etc and uninstalled and reinstalled to see if its fix anything and its decided to put me back about 5 ranks and I've lost all my stuff. Tried to reload my save but just got errors. Fix your stuff.
had this game on my ipod touch. pretty solid, but i wanted to see if you would get a special item for writing a review :p
Really interesting take on clicker games. Challenging, yet relaxing and exciting because opening cases is always surprising. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars at the moment- I'd appreciate there being a confirmation when selling equipment in the equipment screen. Too many times I've accidentally sold guns that I did not want to. Love the game though
It's nice if you wanna play a clicker game and you like csgo. Game needs a small tutorial though, or a handbook or something. I don't understand everything.
inlove this app because i play csgo a lot and i am addicted to cases and this is a way to get that dopemine for free I WOULD RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
would go five stars if money wasnt so hard to get. You can be clicking for hours and only make 100 bucks depending on how far you are in the game. Everything else is awesome, ads are optional, cases are easy to get and make, and the overall easiness of the game is awesome. Just fix the money.
you can click your coin saved me so much annoyance when i found thatbwas selling crates and goijg wow this is slow coin gives money box gives box coin isnt useless lok
I would give this game 5 stars except for the fact that it's stuck to where if I want to see the game right side up then the charging port would have to be on the right side Contrary to how I usually have it on its left side and it does not let me flip it over. it may be a bug but my review stays at 4 stars until I'm able to rotate the screen
amazing game but ive had 3 knives out of cases but i only have 1 in my inventory the other 2 are no where to be found
Simple, fun, and cool. I love playing this when I'm with friends, or have friends over. We all just tap away and see who can get the best items first. Very fun and a great way to pass time. Also, you can play in class if you really want to. I love this game, and I don't usually write reviews but this one gives me memories.
love the game the only thing is the silenced USP-S dosnt have a slot i checked every area to put it and there is nothing am i missing something? Other then that love it
It is okay but very slow paced. You should be able to open like 50 cases at once coz it takes way too long opening 4 at a time trying to get xp to get to global elite +
Rated and deleted the second it showed an advertisement I didnt choose to play. I was just thinking about watching an ad for a reward, but this ruined the chance for a reoccurent player.
i think this is a great game to play when ur bored cuz i did that and lost track of time lol and i got 3 KNIFES IN 1 HOUR
Was a fun game for a bit then all skins without stickers were deleted, I checked the filters and it's not that so yeah great game but almost all skins deleted yeah cool 2/5 sick cool
Good game but trading needs to be fixed because I was trading and getting a dlore with a talon knife fade but I didn't get anything and my partner got the items but not the skins I was getting
Odds in the casino are rigged for sure, its gotta be a joke fr. Market crashes at 1.01 basically every 4th go, and wont go above 2.00 so bearly profitable. Tower is complete ass, no matter what option you pick somehow the AI will make sure you get "red" whenever your betting something above 30,000 tickets. Slow and boring, Even if your using an auto screen tapper. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Honest opinion....
I buy 200$ worth of keys and they all disappear after I have more keys than cases, 10 minutes of mindlessly clicking, this happens all the time
its fun but i got the item upgrader and it does not work properly because i put in a item and it says error: no item selected. plz fix. ALSO add a option to get rid of the coins that fall down when you are clicking for coins because my rubbish phone cant handle it. thanks.ALSO i deleted the app reinstalled and the cases and probably with that all the unlockables cannot be unlocked again even though i restarted so i cant get the full experience. You have to fix this. its game breaking. thx
best idle clicker out there. at the start all the rewards feel extremely awesome, and by the time you have all the good items it keeps you engaged with online games which trading keeps you playing. download it.
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i love this game, its so addictive and it reminds me of the games on roblox which i played nonstop. 5 stars!!!!
very boring very quickly, no objectuve to the game its literally just getting weapons then losing then and over and over. the game is layed out so badly and its so bad to the eyes
Good but please fix Weapon Upgrade... everyimte i select a weapon for weapon upgrade ot tells like please select a weapon as if i hadnt picked any yet i did.
I come back to the game after days to have 1.15 dollars? Clicks are nearly worthless. Idle is garbage. I am considering that I never even played it. Review is worth more of my time.
like il give 5 stars if cases gave better item I dont care if u change the price of cases its ok but if ur gona do that then pls pls make it worth it edit: Omg what is wrong with this game not trying to hate but I bought jackpot and after 1 week of me not playing the game It restarted my money was gone and jackpot too :(
I've had more crashes at 1.00 then any other number. Do something about that and I'll change my rating.
A really great game but needs a little price adjustments (some katowice 2014 stickers are 5 dollars and some bad battle scared gloves are 3,000+). I would like to see the new starladder stickers plus signatures. And the faceit london signatures as well as the ELEAGUE boston signatures.
Couldn't get back into my account and money is very hard to earn, but if you have fun with idol tap games, be my guest
Fun game. Wished it was a little easier to make money. Or at least the upgrades were a little more to help with cash
fun game but lost my load out. first items dissapeared then load out value slowly dropped to $0 when i opened game lost all my 0.00~ float items D:
The app was fun for a while, until i got into trades. I made one trade where i offered up my 3 most valuable knives and then tried to cancel. It said there was an error, and now my knives are gone... Stupid
its fun i have the full game of cs go but this app reminds me so much of the websites and the bs they pull on creats sometimes its funny not a bad ap at all wish i could connected my actual steam account tho would be sick if i could have some of the cool skin i have on the app.
The odds in everything is so highly stacked againsed you. Impossible to make profit with anything that isnt stacked highly in your favor. No matter what you will be driven back to buying something with real money or clicking. I decided to challenge myself by trying to gain a large amount of money (500-3000$) and ultimately gave up as there is no way to gain money apart from clicking so i eventually gave in by buying 2 300-3000+ knifes. I have never been so dissatified with a purchase in my life.
a little upset. hit cancle on a trade it popped up with an error and i lost every skin in i had posted. over 3k worth of skins. be careful with this app. it will leave you with nothing over a bug in the games trading mechanics.
it's a good idea for a game, there are lots if things that can be fixed but overall decent game. only problem I ran into is I get the revolver fade but have nowhere in loadout to put it. I will rate 5 when that gets fixed.
I made a payment to get 2 knives in the shop for 1.69. Payment went through but i was NOT given what i paid for
amazing game I just really need the ability to open like 100 cases at once or at least 10 to 50 I have easily over 30000 bravo 2 cases and I need that so bad
I just had a knife ang an asimov ak 47 and I just exit then came back 20 minutes late and lost all the good stuff.
I used to play this a few years ago and i resently started playing again and it's still really good! And by the way, there's a bug with the offline money gaining thing, im only getting 0.1$ when im offline for more than 20 minutes.
It was gonna be a solid five, but after they added new capsules, and since I'm max level, I can't unlock those capsules, and customer support never respond or try to resolve any issues brought to their attention. Other than that, a fantastic game.
I was playing the item upgrader and I was playing in 1.5x with 60% chance and in 10 trys I lost 9 of them (with 60% chance to win) this game is rigged and all the games are made for you to lose the money u made in the game..