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CASE: Animatronics - Horror game

CASE: Animatronics - Horror game for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by ALESON located at Вологодская обл., г. Череповец ул. К. Белова д. 35Б кв.7 . The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing, Horror) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm not normally scared by horror games, but this is inevitably going to make you jump. Brilliant game, Please make some more Horror games of different styles, i will definitely be downloading any released in the future.
This game is fantastic!! I understand that it may be a bit hard or a bit scary for some, but honestly it's just another game for us who like a bit of horror and adventures!!.. Anywho, I definitely love the roam-free, however at some points it may be a few glitches here and there, and I kinda wish for more lives.. The whole point of the game is probably trying to beat the game or get beaten by animatronics. I'm a big FNAF fan anyways, but this is awesome!! Good scare, good story, good everything!!
I really want to like this game but this is a subpar port which feels like its been created as somekind of a scam. In the game you have lives which take a long time to reset, however yoy can buy more. This combined with the fact that you can move an inch without altering the enemies-No matter how slow and quiet you try to be-makes it feel like the game is forcing you to buy the extra lives/infinte lives. I would recommend the PC version of this game over this.
This game is impressive but it glitch for me a lot the cat kills me when I was no where near it how is this possible so I think you should fix it a bit thx. your buddy fox😷😷😷😷😷😷 wearing a mask is hurting me face
I've seen gameplay on this before and always thought of trying it. Before on a older device, it just wouldn't load. But now, its fun and scary. One of the only things that i dont really like about is that you have a limited amount of lives, and what makes it worse is that when one of yours lives recharges, you have to log back in to the game just to start the next life instead of them happening automaticly. But, either way, its fun
OMG!!!!! So SCARY! i loved it Soooooooo much! Really scares me tho, But, in a good way! Keep up the Amazing WORK!!!! Also here's somthing i want to tell yoyu that you might need to fix..... OKAY, so when i got the game, i loaded in, but it wouldn't load, so i turn of meh Tablet and play some other games, and i load back in and it loaded that time. So yeah, try and fix that plz! But AMAZING JOB!
I love it its so an awesome experience! I even completed it the only things that make it a bit hard is lives. no lags that's great! I usually NEVER play play games that have lag it's really unexpected at the end by that I mean the anamatronics! I love it it'll always be a treasure to me and I will always keep a memory of this good graphical game!
Uh, sometimes i couldn't get the tablet to go away when i die but overall its a great game I love the graphics and that its offline❤️ I would love it if you remove the lives You would have to wait a long time for one life, so i would recommend to remove the lives, I really love the game
Awesome but laggy I do know this one glitch for the the game it's about glitching about getting alot of lives I don't really like life's either but I still awesome and fun the cool thing is you can roam and see the animatronics move on camera pretty cool that's I can say bye!
i absolutly love this game!! but i gave it 3 stars because there are lives and you have 3 hours until you get 1 LIFE. i love this game so much but its just too frustrating to wait that long for 1 life. i will give 5 stars if you take out the lives.
I love this game it is so cool and scary but I hate that it has lives and it takes forever but it's a great time and I want more information about the story but fantastic game
The is the scariest game I've ever played☠ and the graphics are sooo good❤ but I cant get past the part where you have to hide from the animatronic and then get the keycard😑 but I rate this game 10/10!
Could be good game. Graphic 8/10. Sadly controls annoyed me. Torch some times does not work. Dark screen till it works after repeated button bashing 3-5mins later. gets you kills. movement slow and sluggish. Sadly not much of option. Just fallow game plan or objective. Game has potential but controls poor and hugh let down. phone and movement icons to close together. Recommend granny game controls.
I really like this game. Scary BUT the only problem is the animitroncs are awlase CAMPING in the same spots so i cant do nothing. and also i hate the idea of having lives its a SURVIVEL horror game your supposed to die a lot. But i do like the idea of bieng able to free rome the police apartment and having a tablet with you. So i rate a 3 star.
Pretty good game actually! Well there's just this minor bug I think, but when I hide on the locker on the locker room,and then I go out it runs on its own and It lasts about 2-5 seconds I think, but it really annoys me because it moves toward the animatronic on its own I think you can fix it its just a minor issue
I love the game even tho the ending is short and u did another of work but its really cool like when theirs 3 of them. This is an awesome game thank you for it and keep up the good work :)
The best Horror game I've ever played...... In fact, one of the BEST Games I've ever played in my whole life....BUT I have a request please launch new updates with some weapons to kill or make Animatronics unconscious. By the way Outstanding game........
Aleson This Game Is Awesome I Cant Tell You! I Have Finished This Game A Number Of Times And Still Like It. Because I Always Wanted A Game With 1 Life (SURVIVAL) And Always Wanted Games That Are Really Horror Seriously This Is My Favourite Game. Keep On Working. You Deserve 5 Stars 😊
If I could rate this with zero stars, I would. It crashes everytime I go in and when it gets to the part where I turn on the power.... IT CRASHES AGAIN. Idk what kinda game doesnt update for 3 years but fix this please???? Like I really wanna play this and thats just disappointing.... I kindly dont recommend this game until it updates.... Thank you.
This game is awsome! And I played it but after a while, I deleted it because of my room in the tablit but very good game!, 1 more thing, can you make it to where the animtronics does not come alive so fast? If you could it would not be so scary good game!
Hello im Zero im a small youtuber i like the game and you can actually walk everywhere and the graphics are good and the controlls are okay i am planning to start making case animatronics content and keep up the good work!
This game is very awesome,scary and challenging. We can experience better horror scenes by putting on our headphones. In my opinion, it is the highest graphics horror game for Android devices.I have one request for the developers that you should give us unlimited lives for better gaming experience.
Most games like this, are trial and error. There is plenty of trial, and no room for error. You die 3 times? Wait 3 hours to get 1 life. It's genius, really. It's one of the best ways to get people to stop playing your game. Who thought the life system would be a good idea.
GRAT !!!! THE Animatronics are very smat and the part 2 of case animatronics is very well !!!!!! you cannot attack on them its a worst thing !!! but the game is still well !! and i will keep this game at my memory the animatronics and their smart memory please dont stop makeing games and i bleave that you can make game better than free fire !!!! SO ALL THE BEST !!!!!
this is a good game.i can tell a lot of work was pt in this game but one thing for laptop users you cant control the walking with wasd
This game isn't frightening it'$ more Frustrating than "Frightening" The animatronic is poorly modelled You die pretty fast in this game The animatronic in this game is just the worldest oldest and ugliest robot with the worlds oldest teeth and blood with the worlds'$ fatest robot stomach i'm a Fan of FNaF and started playing in 2015 i have the ar game and all the other games i even ordered an Oculus quest just to play FNaF vr and i admit it'$ pretty awesome the games to but this is boring 👎
The game is amazing!! Good graphics,good controls,and the robot SCARED ME. The jumpscare is amazing,its actually scary,im not experiencing any glitches yet,but if i did i would haved rate this 4 stars.
I have never played a horror game so good like this. This is so much fun for a mobile game. I play so hard and keep dying but I play more because it's so much fun. Hope you make Case Animatronics 2. I bet it will be even better
I really love the game. Usually when i see stuff like this there mostly just scams. People that are putting pictures with popular fnaf games on it. But this one isn't. This is real. I just really loved playing it.
THE GAME IS AMAZING!!! plus got there's the extra life problems? no worries without quitting your game go to setings and turn off automatic date and time(if it's on) then forward one day on days and BAAAM!! Lives recharged(it always works for me) no need to thank me just find this review helpful,glad I helped
i love this game but the problem is waiting for lives takes forever and if i wait like a hole night i get ONE LIVE ONE and then after achive the second power box they hear me if try walking around then the cat get out the vent if i stand their becouse if i walk they hear me so the cat get out and my brains go bye bye now please fix that and the waiting of the loves otherwise i love it anf also then ill rate 5 stars...
A very good game. The graphics are pretty good along with the objectives too, but the lives are the only thing that makes us all hate this game but i found a unpatchable glitch. So basically if go to where you buy lives, you will find "-30 mins of waiting" and you watch one ad then, turn of your wifi or data and press it again, then it will automatically think you watched an ad and there for taking 30- mins off your waiting, then just keep pressing it. Worked for me, it should work for you guys
Spooky. But its really short... when you first time play the game, its difficult but when you complete the game, memorize it, its really easy. On my 2nd playthrough i finish this game under 50 minutes.
This game is best but I have one problem my game is not opening so I request you to fix the problem of game not opening problem☺️ and one More thing that you bring back the bear animatronic beacause I feel bored when there is no bear in this game If you look this review then please reply me
I love this Soo much, it's a really good game that can get a little spooky when you don't know we're the animatronics are, I love that this game has been made on mobile for free.
Very good game the jumpscares are very scary but you might need to improve the scaryness of the animatronics maybe adding blood to the mouth or something I don't know but overall it's very scary.
Its a good game very scary game five stars for this and for the joystick its fine and the graphics looks good to me its not dificult 50% easy and 50% hard nice game!!!!!!!
I would give it zero stars if I could. This game sucks so much. When I open the game it starts loading for a few seconds and then freezes before it even finishes. I couldnt play this game if i tried. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Deleting the data. Force stopping it. But nothing worked. It only worked once but as soon i died once the game crashed and wouldnt open again. Plus i hate the idea of there being lives. Its a survival horror game. You are supposed to die alot. This game sucks.
Smooth graphics, creepy but not too annoying soundtrack, and hooks you in so quickly and effectively into the game. The voice acting could have been more improved though, plus the overall UI looks outdated and awkward.
This games dawgwater, I cant get past the first encounter no cap. The talking doesnt match the subtitles, there only three lives. This isn't an arcade game. We shouldn't only get three 8p
It was the best free horror game I have played in a while. I like how it will scare the socks off me. The lives are good amount of time to wait so my heart can calm down
This horror game is the best horror game through out the hole play store it's scarier than fnaf but as cool as fnaf but it has a great atmosphere to it and I like it how it's in a police station. with murderous element tronics loose all in all this is the best horror game I've ever played and I would recommend it to friends
The first time i was jumpscared it was scarry most other fnaf fan-made games arent scarry its just a laughf or a scream but they made their jumpscare realy good its also a bit hard which i like the puzzles are fun but i dont like how ypu have to re-start the game everytime.
I play a lot of horror games and all the rest were trash to me but this game peels my skin off...also the animatronic give you a lot of jumpscares... It also shows how you get eaten.instead of someone screaming in your face.its hard to leave my office sometimes because its so scary and detailed(you have been warend!)
When your tablet is turned on while your walking it doesn't show you the cameras, it just shows you the main screen of a phone/tablet
This game is Creepy btw but it is very hard to play when u hide somewhere after that u will not get out of there because of scary atmosphere and a scary attack from animatronic but Good game 😰😰😅
Hi developer! I tried this game and is so cool 😎 I just wanna say what you do at the locker place when the animatronic leaves just follow him or just ignore him and get to the door with the blue card?? Also I know your effort making this fan game but its really good maked! Hope you make games like this and some horror experience 😉 Bye have a good day! #stayhome!
If you get multiplayer I swear this will be the greatest game in history and I love the game so realistic and free roaming.
Best horror game I ever played. this horror game is the best. I mean but 4 stars is because there is an annoying bug is whenever I get the lockpick and when walk towards Ben's room, the scene starts and the player walks at its own and goes towards the cat. That is so much annoying and only this is the issue that is stopping me from completing this game but the game is epic. I loved it.
Such a awesome game, the graphics, the sounds, controls, considering this is a mobile game it's so well done, I do wish there was settings menu where you can turn the volume or change the control sensitivity, but other then that, well done, a truly scary experience
Great game, reminds me of fnaf! But, it's confusing and the lives take too long to refill! Other than that, brilliant! Unfortunately had to uninstall for storage, but it was entertaining!
This game is good you can't imagine how much I like this game but on other hand there is a problem that need to be solved.The problem is that the controls in the game are bad and it's image is bad too .This problem affect the game too much.Please fix this bug as soon as possible! Best luck for the game. ShubhGamerz You Tuber!
I fully recommend this game, great graphics, great quality, never lags. It is the greatest horror game ever made. The animatronics look awesome. you should make a multi-player mode and a private multi-player mode to this game that would be so cool and awesome. I BEAT THIS GAME ON HARDCORE SO ITS POSSIBLE DONT LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS. Five stars. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Glitchy stuff happen like the animatronix won't move or something but amazi. G graphics and still fun to play!
Actually it's a best game for players below 13 till 10 you play it with your heart, because no one could play it by fear In this game. Actually the reason I gave it 5 stars because it has actually pretty smooth graphics. 😶😶👍👍👍💀👀👀
I really enjoy this game, I love absolutely everything about! My favorite part of the game is that you can leave and go back in by clicking "load game".
This is the best horror game I have ever played. The sound, visuals and controls are perfect! But for the sudden boom sound in the ambiance... That's just cruel.
For a free game, it is just excellent! The suspense, the jump scares and survival aspect of it is just too real. The jumpscares and survival situations gives you a real panic and that's what makes the game worth playing and that's how you enjoy the experience.
This game is awesome. But after installing the game and playing for some days, it automatically stops at the beginning of loading page. It continued the same after re-installing. please fix ur bugs and errors of this game.
It's a great game. Great graphics, great everything. CASE Animatronics is a really immersive game and if you have not played it, give it a go and i guarantee you will love it
hey i watched this on yputube and it was neat but when i started new game and when the loadingn screen popped up it didnot don anything for me but in youtube it is fine and the people who are playing it are enjoying it so you deserve a five star i hope that i could play it thank you
This is a really good fun and actually entertaining and lore driven game it is like it is it's own fnaf game with its own lore good graphics and fun different mechanics not to mention the free Rome and how it is free on phone however on console it costs money. The reason I only put 4 stars is because the second game is even better not to undermine the impact this game had on me. This is my review thanks for reading.
I thought this game would be a cheap ripof of fnaf but it is soooo cool and unique and the story and gameplay is top notch. Well done😊😊
GREAT SURVIVAL HORROR GAME EVER. even better than Five nights at Freddy. players with flashlight problem don't use the flashlight too much like turning it on and off repeatly. Well If we could play multiplayer the game would be more better and that yelling dumb ghost changed the password of the control room. The story is great. My cousins stay in the locker because they become scardy cats when they play This game 🤣😂 Well you must add an feature to climb up on the hacked anamatronic 😁
👍This is very nice Game but please improved the graphics quality same to same gameplay screenshot and I am playing 2 hours until but after I am open the game again to play it is stop loading please fix the stop loading problem and also please improve the tablet I don't see anything please improve the tablet graphics 🙏 🙏Thankyou 🙏
Ok so, you only get 3 lives, and it takes 2 hours to get ONE back, if I try to leave or go back to the last checkpoint to not get caught, I lose a life, and in the original pc game there are no lives, so how about you do something good and take out the damn lives bc I know you're doing that to get money you greedy dumbasses. The game is hard enough so stop making it harder.
It is really scary and fun but j think that you should make it a little not laggy because I was hiding and it started to lad and when you close the game out it does not save your progress and you will have to start all over again and that really bugs me. So please fix that like what is the POINT!?!?! Sometime I think that it a glitch in the game that is not saving your progress. And still when your phone cuts of for a couple of seconds it does not even pause the game and you die. I dont like it.
Graphics are well done, I like that there is voice acting in it. The animatronics sound is crazy good. A well made app. I don't like that at a point in the game, I won't say where though is that there ends up being 2 animatronics. Makes it even harder than it already is to sneak around and find all the stuff. Other than that a good interpretation of FNAF.
The game's really scary. It's the perfect horror game. I love it. But the only problem I have with the game is how long you have to wait till your life refills. It really bugs me off. But apart from that, the game is great.Otherwise, I would've given it a five star rating.
I have played and finished both games on pc and i felt like trying this because why not? It's a good port, but i don't feel like people should complain about the lives system because it is obviously there bc the game is free, if the lives wasn't there it would be unfair to those who paid for the game. It's a good port so stop complaining because of the hearts and just buy the game. The devs did a really good job making this so i recommend this game to horror fans!
The only thing wrong with it is the controlles because I want to be able to turn while moving if you edit the game a bit I will give it 5 starts
Surprisingly amazing, I barely played anything and it's already freaking me out, I love this games graphics and the level of horror in this game is TERRIFYINGLY HIGH. I suggest it if your not like me and can take a creepy moment without putting it down almost as soon as the game starts. Amazing game.
This game is terrifying I love it definitely my new favorite horror game and if anyone have a problem with finding the code to the door it's on the animatronic sitting next to the cell door its a piece of paper sitting in its lap but if you quit before you put the code in it will change hope this is some helpful info now back to gaming 🎮🕹📱📲
This is a very good game! I'm not someone who usually plays horror games, especially on mobile but the game has much better controls and mechamics comlared to other mobile games! The gameplay was tense and thrilling, though I've never completed the game because of one mechanic: lives. I really don't have any problem with the lives mechanic in general, but the time to regenerate them is much to long, forcing you to buy lives with real money.
Best game. Bugs. Make a left over screen on the tablet. A Bug of that the heart checkpoint is stuck on time. Make a case animatronics 2. And I super love this game thats all
JAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........ Never been so shock and awe with a frightening flavour. Though the controls are bit hard to handle in mobile. (I know there's a PC version of this). Anyways, turn off the lights of your room (If you dare ^_^) for some jumpscare experience. :p
Peed my pants! And I didn't even open the first night! After i did i literally couldnt sleep for a week! Now that i think about it maybe I shouldn't have said that. Great game! Fricking scary! If you have a small bladder, or get scared easily um, good luck!
Ohhhh so scary😱 I feared. And my brother also feared so so scary and so darker when we do the Electrical Box when we open then don't see back the freedy look like a robot🤖 I need the this update miltiplayer and who will got caught he will out like this I love this game but fun fun fun and I do glitch and so laggy Freedy looks so horror and so room are looked we have alone on this game 🎮 . I like games so amazing not so we have to study also not all the time game game but play who loves 👌fun
This game is SOOO FUN i love when you can draw and color and you can adopt a pet and a baby and a family a whole family and yoi can have a walk and chat and make friends and you can make your own clothing food and accsesories and hairs so funnnn!!!!:-)
This game is awesome but the the problem is it doesn't open when I transfer this game to other device, by shareit .that's the problem. But this my FAVOURITE game 😁😁😁 I have played I like this game it is quite interesting. 😇 that's y I give all stars. Thanks for making this type of interesting games.. Can anyone help me to download (case2 animatronics survival ) game 🎮 🙏 in android tablet plz😭😭😭😭😢..
I like It but you should put weapons to defend yourself and put secret rooms so the game could be more realistic and more funner to play. Also you should put modes in it like sandbox where you can scout the map and you should make The place bigger and should put more places to play instead of the office to make it more fun.
This game is the best animatronic game I have ever played. You can actually walk to places unlike five nights at freddy's. Animatronics are scary but there is a problem with the game. It would be cool if the animatronics noises were different when they catch you. Also I'd like a co-op mode as well where the game and story is still the same but it's 2 player instead. There could be 2 modes co-op and single mode. In co-op there are 2 players instead of 1.
Yes yes yes yes yes 5 yes I love the game but I was wondering if you can add crouch in the game because it seems when ever I grab the key card and unlock the door I try to walk up to the 2nd power but the animatronic saw me through the window. Then just ran to me staring to come get me and I died and had to restart please add crouch for the love of God-love the game bye
I like this game the graphics is perfect and it good to be scared but there a down side that you have lives that make it hard to beat the ending I want to be better 0lz make it a little easyer and plz make that so you have five lives that will still be hard to beat and that why I don't like the ending because it hard to win and I think it sood be better because how hard it is
great graphics, great quality, never lags. Also don't listen to the people who say you should put a practice mode to this game because, it i much scarier when your new and you can die. also you don't have to pay for lives, turn off wifi or mobile data and chose watch ad for more lives, it gives it to you in a second. Also you should bring back the Bear animatronic you had in C.A.S.E steam Greenlight. I BEAT THIS GAME ON HARDCORE SO ITS POSSIBLE DONT LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS. Five stars.
The games great but the life system is very annoying cause you have to wait a long time to get them back!!!
its REALLY fun and amazing only if you can make it an online game so it can be harder. but I HATE the fact that when you turn on both fuse box, their is another one, I cant even past them
I love this game this contains real horror. Just faced this game and enjoyed it very much I usually make strategy and complete it thank you for making a very good game.
Super good game and really fun. I have had fun with this for my youtube channel. Only thing is that there will probably be 30 episodes of it because I am really slow at it lol.
This game is amazing. I love to play it But the problem is that you have only 3 lives. Please increase the number of lives or else make it unlimited like Pc. This is the only disadvantage of these game otherwise it is the best horror game. I appreciate your work
I love this game but I don't like how you have to wait three hours to get one life back. There is no point on having to wait because you are just going to lose it again, if you are a starter you will have to wait another three hours to get that one back.
This the goodest game in my life good graphic animatronics are moving on cams and when that evil guy call me and animatronics spawn i hide in cabin and go in other hiding spot thats soooo cool i love this game sooo good graphic that is something what i like so much and amimatronic but what is hes name of that two evil guys?
The game is good enough the graphics are adjustable but don't expect too much cause its just a typical graphics unlike on the pc version its much realistic and the voice acting is a bit cringey but considering that this is a free game its really good (:
THIS GAME HAS BEEN POPULAR ON DIFFERENT PLATFORMS SUCH AS PC,PS4,XBOX, MOBILE but... I voted 4 stars cause there's a little lag and also can you add a ghost mode so players can check out the 🏢
Would give the game 5 stars but the character's movement isn't too smooth when walking sideways left and right. Also is there a way to put away the tablet (especially when it doesnt have anymore power) so the character could have a better view of what he/she is doing. I was considering buy the game but i cant get over them two things.
This game is awesome but only experts can fully complete the game. One of the problems is that the subtitles are completely different to what the character you play as including the villain. Lastly, the CAT animatronic can jump in to the ventilation system and if you don't here it when it's above you and you try to walk slower it will still here you, jump into the room and devourer you. But the game is still FUN!!!!
Best game but you need to add case animatronics 2 to all android devices and remove lives and add checkpoints please developers please add case animatronics 2 to all android devices please this is my request, i am editing it again on 6 april 2021 to tell you to get new updates in this game like new rooms, new tasks ,new escape, new animatronics and add something that freezes animatronic for 10 second and new hiding spots and new cameras, keycards and much more
I love it but there are two things that make it hard first lives and second is the sound produced by animatronics when they catch us👍👍
Really good game! It's the first ever game to actually scare me a bit and give me the chills! I applaud you! And if I'm being honest, it might be even scarier then fnaf
I find it difficult, much like the FNaF games, I see that a lot of work was put into this, but the major problem: the lives system. Suggestion: Remove it. A lot more people WILL play this game if the lives system was removed. Nobody wants to wait just to play again and then fail just to wait again.
Its an amazing game but you only have 3 or 2lifes and its a hard game but when your trying to beat it and your into it and half to pay for more lifes it ruins everything I would give this a 5 but you should add more lifes that or make it unlimited I saw markiplier play and he didnt half to pay for lifes so why should mobile other than the lifes this game is amazing
This game is good and scary but when i was supposed to go to the archive I was in the closet and then i checked the the cameras and one animatronic was in the hall i needed to go to and guess what? THE OWL WAS TELEPORTING TO DIFFRENT ROOMS!!!!!!!!! So there are still some bugs and the cat just runs to me when I skip the part when he goes in a ventilation tube.
when I got towards the fuse box and turned it on I thought it that's it but when I turned I saw that scary dog and threw my phone after that I screamed for last half a minute all family asked what happened. Lol u are real horror buddies I will never play this game so scary my advice to all gamers do not play this game at night(especially not at midnight like me) you got it
Really good game ! I really like the Macanics and the Desings on the Animatronics but do you have like a Online Multiplayer opstion that way more ppl can join in the Frighnig expearince also the Jumpscares HOLY COW there awsome i havn't had such a Jumpscare since FNaF 4 came out as a 6 year old ! OWO Five stars at CASE:ANIMATRONICS
This game is pretty okay, but one thing I have to ask is why the hell does the flashlight stops working once in a while? Its so frustrating as even the available lights are doing too little to illuminate rooms and the hallways. The flashlight itself does a terrible job in lighting up the way.
Its really good it deserves 5 stars but one thing that bothered me is the text was way off from what it was saying and the characters were frozen in place and it was where i needed to go so if you can fix that i would deeply appreciate it thanks!
Nice! Very scary! A few bugs though: the animatronics don't see or attack you if you are behind the metal bars in cam 2 and the door is opened out towards the hallway. Also the animatronics sometimes just stand still for a long time and just don't move, especially the cat. And I found a sort of useful one where if you turn on the tablet then quickly go into the cams it won't use any power. Plz fix these if you can. Though maybe not the tablet bug😉. Also plz make No.2 for Android!😎
I love this game even though l have passed it it still challenges me every time the controls are a little difficult but no insanely difficult other than that I think it's great! There should be a second one to follow up after the ending.
I LOVE IT so much im a fan of this game Can you release case animatronics survival 2 I really love it! Please release Case animatronic 2! Please please please! In google play for free And for andriod And when i play it its tooo scary Im just 10 years old And when the jumpscare I ALMOST had a heart attack And also Emma the cat just land on me i laugh soo hard And one thing....There IS A GHOST when I try to open the door with password And the ghost make sounds like Wacckkkkk But i love it+ ghostM
Really good game but No hate that you have to wait 3 hours just to play again if you die once. And once you get one life you can't get another until you die again.
Great game, great graphics, great audio Why the lives system though? It's kind of frustrating having to wait 3 hours for 1 life
Only one thing will be making it better if you had infinite Lives can you do it because Three Lives won't do anything and can you slow down the animatronics because they are way too fast if you ever update this if you put infinite lives and make them tronix slower I'll give this
This game is very cool, but there is one thing, its the lives, everytime I and everyone else who play this game dies, we have to wait a VERY long time (if they run out of lives) just to get one life back. PS: People who play this game including me dies quick, so its not fair to me and everyone else to wait such a long time for another life (if they run out of lives). So I give it a three. (please remove the lives)
Actually a decent game, and actually scary unlike most of the cheesy horror games on the app store. However, what seriously upsets me is the fact that the game is free. On Steam, you have to buy it. You don't get a demo, test run, or anything. I wish I would've known this before I bought the game on Steam, because I played it on steam for MAYBE 30 minutes and lost interest. Waste of money in that case.
This game dont open in tablets thats why i am gibing this game 3 stars but when i opened this game in my mobile it word very good and it is really a fantastic games if you love horror games you shoul play this game and this is my personal suggestion and i reqest game developers to do something about this problem and remove life system
I played this game last week and I really enjoyed! This game has an amazing graphics!! And junpscares are very good in this game.. I dont see any problem. So I give 5 STARS !
Great game it's meant to be scary and I got so scared I had to exit the game. I can't rate 5 star because I didn't play the full game and don't know the gameplay very well
uh game is best i have played it but ... when i am using flashlight or running i cant see anything in the tab... and to see the camera views i have to go to tab and it takes the whole screen i have watched streams on yt of pc version but they can see in tab without it covering the whole screen thats the only thing disappointed me.... btw Good game
It is a really good horror game however I had alot of issues with alot of bugs. I was unable to get past the animatronics because they start to walk at the same place, especially the cat, and whenever I try to get out of my hiding spot to run to a different spot the animatronics hear me and attacks me which is really unfair. I even tried waiting until the animatronics walked around the place but I had to wait for 20 minutes and the cat was just standing still and that's it. Hope you can fix it.
This is so good I recommend it I have one bug if you die at the enter the archives task the wolf animatronic is next to the archive and won't move unless you run and lore it and then hide.
Well the mobile game didn't change from it was originated from PC Case animatronics. But yeah there's a bit of change, that stupid yelling ghost did not know what it has to do with the animatronics & fix the locker I can't hide. I Have played lot of games most of it is horror but theres nothing scary in any mobile horror games. Except for this one.. And this one is thrilling I loved it when you manage to put it on mobile phone. I suggest you to have more horror games just like this or outlast.
I really love this game but the thing is that whenever I try to hide and I don't hear him and when I get out of hiding like in a closet apparently he is still there!? And when I check the tablet the animaltronic shouldn't be able to attack me when he is far away. Also I shouldn't be able to move so slow and wait like three hours just to get lives. Please Fix this!
I love this game! It's amazing for a FNaF fan game, but I wish there was some more exciting bits in it, you know? Anyways, 5 stars :D
I love the game but it's so freaking terrifying that I'd let my brother play for a little bit he screamed and turn white this game is awesome has real good controls unusual like other horror games they don't have good controls and I usually play horror games on my PS4 and PC but I guess I'm going to start playing this because it's a really good game still terrifying
Its good but the stamina is ridiculous and the difficulty is insane and in the second one the cat just opened the door when it was locked
I love the AMAZING gameplay and smooth controls but the only problem is that it's so realistic it scares me 😅
I gave it four stars because theres a glitch in the game where when you die going to the archives wolf just satnds there forever which it doesnt let me get to the archives plz fix this bug
This is good soon I love the environment of it flashing lights and a claustrophobic environment and the animatronic isn't that scary because I have no volume on my phone so I'd play it.
Best animotronic game you can free roam and theres good craphics but i want to play online or with more players atleast up to 4 or 3 becouse the game is very hard to beat but no problems its a fun game
Amazing, to get your heart's back just keep spamming the add thing. Done it will glitch and you don't even need to see adds.
Really makes me jump and I'm always on edge this game definitely fits in the list of horror games :). One more thing what with the lives? I wait twenty something hours and got 1 life gained.
BEST horror game ever! No lags and animaltronics look cool. But I'll like for u to add a co-cop mode because the game is a little hard. But anything ither than that is game is cool.
Trash game I would rate it 0 why is it so hard and solving puzzles this a horror game like i can't even pass the tutorial did it have to be so hard
I disagree with neha kotian's review. All she/he did was complain about the games difficulty. Obviously if the game was easy to play then what would be the point, wheres the challenge. I myself was able to beat the game tho it did take me awhile. What i would like to say is that if u could pick up the rate of how fast u can recover lifes, And add another stage or alternative ending after u beat the game the first time. That would definitely be worth to play the game again.
This app released on my birthday and damn do a lot of great things come from that day. (This game included). The FEAR IS TRULY REAL in this game. The graphics, controls, mechanics, everything is on point. And I would be lying if I said the jump scares wouldn't leave you shivering especially on your first time playing the game. But seriously great game 👌.
I love this game but I don't like gow you have to wait three hours to get one live back. There is no point on having to wait because you are just going to lose it again, if you are a starter you will have to wait another three hours to get that one back.
Wow An Amazing Game .... The Graphics is Just Mind Blowing... And the horror feel is there... Because other games has too much MB and there is no scary horror at all.. this game also have too much MB but this game is worth it.... Nailed It Developers..👌
This wasn't really fun because the animatronic won't move. hopefully this bug is fixed but the jumpscares and the sound effects are on point. but I recommend not playing because of the bugs. but in total it's a really good Horor game so play if you want. it made me jump it might make you jump also but maybe not. warning: animatronic will not move and flashlight sometimes shuts off for a minute or two...
Though it's fairly difficult to survive (and it's on easy!), you can get plenty lives, but that really breaks the flow of the game, disrupting immersion. At thus point, I need to find a charger to charge the tablet. Hopefully that will help keep track of that thing. It seems like there are two at this point. When I think it's clear, I make mad dashes and hope for the best. Lol
The story is pretty amazing but my only problem is this that after we reach to the warehouse game a hell lot of easy but the game is very good , you should try it and the graphics are also awesome it can run on any phone , my last appeal is to make this game's second part .
just like the computer version. Problems - • cat gets stuck around you sometimes when you hide inside and outside of the vents • audio option in the menu does not work, tried to keep audio up and music and character voice down so they dont drown out the noise of the animatroncs... no difference everything sounded the same. Other than that, like I said, good game graphics, gameplay, and overall just beautiful.
can you please add a difficulty option like easy medium hard and practice to make it easier for new players and this would also add more variety to the game instead of the game throwing you right in as soon as you press the play button without the player having any idea of what they are doing
There's a problem where if you use the tablet when it dies, you cant get out of it and the pause button doesnt work forcing you to restart the game. This takes away a life when it happens as well. Please just remove the lives, it ruins mobile games so dont let it ruin this one. Also there's a bug where animatronics get stuck walking in place so your stuck hiding with it right there forcing you to either die or back out, losing another life. Please work on this.
It's amazing, just wow. Okay, I know it's been out for a very long time and all, but would it be appropriate if you, the creaters, uploaded animatronic case 2? It's not on GooglePlay I've noticed. So yea...have a think please and reply if you can asap 👍 Caio for now ✌️😉
I watched a series of this game years ago,never thought that i would to install it and never thought that it would be free and also never thought that i would find it after all those years. I haven't played this yet so i will edit this review after i play it :)
I think the game is awesome and story is cool but you should get rid of the hearts stuff because when I die I have to wait a super long time before playing again and that sucks so if you change that I will give it 5 stars
This game was so good, the graphic was the perfect recipe, the controller work just fine, everything was fine, i am a scaredy cat, but i want to do it, and i done it! It was so great, yet the place was so scary, it already gave a warning, not for a heart fainted and pregnant women, at that time i was like sweating🤣
This game has several elements. Nice graphics , up to the mark . Solve cases of the animatronics. Total 4 animatronics are there. 1- robot wolf, 2- robot cat, 3- robot owl and 4 (last) - bear.
I can't play it because of how scary it is! I love the atmosphere it has, and the dark gives it another level of creepiness, well done!
This game Is Awsome the Jumpscares The Graphics And the Story It's all Good But I want to see free roam added into the game without A Animatronic Chasing You.
It's a good game buy you have one problem, when I was paused and I went to continue I press checkpoint and it took me to the part where the call happens then the animatronic is released without asking, so please add a would you like to go back to last checkpoint
This game has beened worked on alot and it's a very good game but when I need to find the code and turn the lights on is when I hate it a ghost comes on my screen and screams and it makes me turn my phone off but it's an amazing game I can tell there has been alot of work pit into it and it's basically fnaf cause the robot has a human inside if I'm sure and that would be willaim/purple guy in fnaf who went inside spring bonnie and died
Is this really the actual game? Compared to the PC version, this has a crappy VA, 3 lives, other stuff that doesnt make much sense, isnt this just a rip-off? Tell me if im wrong.
Its really good. I've gotten the jumps a few times, and the game is challenging. The controls took a while to get used to though, I didn't know th run was a button. No sensitivity or settings. But, the graphics are amazing fir a phone. I think tgis is one of the only apps that DON'T suck in graphics, am I right?
OMG THIS IS SO SCARY! The jumpscares always get me, the controls are easy, the gameplay is fun, and the animatronics look great! Although it's a little to hard so I think it could use tweaking like eye glowing so light shines from their eyes so you know when they are and are not there instead of having to look for just only eyes. But it's still a great entry to the horror games! :)
This is one of the best horror games i have ever played. the graphics, the gameplay the story, i was suprised i thought it was like a five nights at freddy's like gameplay but it was really awesome
this game is awsome, i didnt know it was on mobile ive seen videos of this game on PC but then i saw this game on my phone then i downloaded it and i did not know how scary it was by actually playing it! it took me days to catch my bravery and now i have finshed the game the ending got me intrested so i nust want u to make the second one pls! i want to know what happend to bishop! love this game i rate everything 5 stars!
Super fun and scary. Great gameplay. Just wish the finger controls were farther apart or spaced out more.
The game is good, but the ai for the animatronics is way to presise some times. The game can be complicated at certain parts and may need to be loosened up some. Other than that, it's a good game!
This is a nice game I played it myself and it's very cool I like how the animatronics play beat it two times that game is very
Granted I played the game once or twice back in the like release but never completed it I swear I screamed mostly the whole game I have yet to record it tho which I will do soon *whispers* sub to me on YouTube MR. SHADOW (all caps) and follow me on rumble MrShadow but yea look forward to recording editing and uploading the game and will definitely play again after I'm done wit that animatronic
This game is scary, and not to mention; its unfair like hello vitural mom stupid pool level thats badly buggy, and its very hard to charge the God darn tablet with a cat and a wolf, I got spotted when I was not seen, this game is buggy like hello virtual mom, please finalize and fix it, this is not my cup of tea, and you have to wait so f#$%@#$ LONG FOR THE LIVES TO REPLENISH FOR SH¡#
this game is amazing! if you are looking for a fnaf fangame so that is it well the bad thing in it are the lives please remove it so people can play whenever they want and please add more animations to the game like when it jumpscates you make a bite scene not to see your self getting bitted that will look gross i mean when you get a jumpscare the jumpscare will be an animatronic and opens his mouth and goes to you then close his mouth so it becomes more realistic Good game have a great time.
this game is very scary but ... when you lose your lives it takes a while for you to recover again And you only earn one life you could earn at least two, And if you lose the last life you will have to wait for you to come back to life again... And if you lose the last life you will have to wait for you to come back with life again I could fix it but the game is wonderful 😃 (that's my opinion) so don't criticize my opinion If you fix this problem of the Game, thank you!
Great, Very great game. This game is even better than five nights at Freddy's 4 But the problem is when the robot comes after the phone call in the game i can't escape it so please tell how to continue playing this game cause i love it 😍
The games perfece everything about it is great the only reason I gave it a four star rating is because when you walk forward you hold your finger over the run button making you run and the animatronic is attracted to noise so it always knows where you are so thats bs
I think this is an awsome game that you should try out for yourself and if you like scary games this one is definitely a start for you. But I have one problem it's just way too hard and it's so dark
Very fun and frightening. Kinda dislike playing on mobile but hey any game that is imported from pc to mob is like that. Prob cus of the controls.
love it it is like fnaf and that cat is freaking bloody scary I'm on the part where the animatronic is in the vents but this game isn't that scary when I got jumpscared I didn't even get scared but great game but when I went to a room the cat was there it supposed to be in the vent fix that please
Amazing scary fpp game ! Amazing graphics youll jump so many times with headphones in ! Only thing you have a certain amount of lives and if u lose them all you gotta start over . Should make it a lil bit easier to actually beat the game lol
Nice game even on mobile graphics are cool and camera system rocks and I don't see any bad thing about not having ghost mode like c'mon guys if you know everything how can it be interesting?
A great game, I've played this game last year and I've already finish the story.Wishing for more story or a game with another horror story to discover.