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Carrom Friends : Carrom Board & Pool Game

Carrom Friends : Carrom Board & Pool Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Yoozoo Global located at RM C, 13/F, HARVARD COMMERCIAL BUILDING, 105-111 THOMSON ROAD, WAN CHAI, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just love this game.😘😍 can;t just get enough of this game…The most matured game in my eyes because it is full of challenges and at the same time so interesting too.
This is a really great and challenging game, always new obstacles. This was my childhood, very good game!…This is a good, game, because it challenges you, ..
The game was very nice till date,but from the last 10 or odd days,I am not at all able to open any ads.I am closing the screen,reopening,trying after some 5 mins, Uninstalling and installing again,but nothing is working.Still the same issue persists."No Ads Found,Try again later."everytime the same message.Got fed up with it now.Kindly fix the issue,else it will create an unpleasant experience.
This is regarding the game which I liked most and started even purchasing coins and diamonds at one point when I purchased the coins next day whole amount reduced to 1000 coins and 10 diamonds when I was having 1lakh coins with 600 odd diamonds collected. And now dated 29th August 2020 I was having 4lakh 90000 coins and 370 odd diamonds but now when I logged in to play today I found only 1000 coins with 20 diamonds only. This is going worse day by day
I love playing pool ....but to me this is alot more fun . Thinking and more strategy are involved it this and I even find myself making cool shots
Love this game. It's fast paced…decent game overall and quite original. i love that its a bit more challenging compared to some other mobile games. ....
Wow...just amazing...Everything is okay...But if it give us more chat option or writting chat...so, i will give it 5 stars😊
it is is very intresting game.This game is a part in my daily life. and I have been on a roll since, love it 👍👍👍…Fun, easy to pick up for a few minutes and just enjoy …
It's good but not entertainer like others,its should be fix some issue like total earning,country wise ranking,friends add option during playing,and weekly league options etc...
Great game. It's hard but not like super hard. I think it's good. ....you can play it when you feel bored or anything else…Good and awesome game which doesn't hang at all......
One of the latest and best smartphone/tablet games! Legends! Its a nice game for me. Fun game when bored and when theres nothing else to do. love the challenges.
I think carrom friends is a great game, l love that you can pass and play, play with friends ....Over all the app is great and l think you should definitely download it. This Game is awesome ...Number one app... well done... it gives us the same feeling while playing online with our childhood friends... I really ❤ love this game.
It's a wonderful game i have also played a lot of games but not like this games .... so my opinion is to download this game and play as soon as possible. ver fast
I am very excited to be a part of this Game. But it is taking so long to download back.…It is challenging it helps you get better at games like this game .....
Carrom friends game is superb. But now can I not viewing ads in this game.. My brother also playing this game and loved this game.. He also can't viewing ads... Please fix this issue.. We are huge fan of this game.. Please fix our issue.. Thank you.. Please please please....!
Just loving it. thanks. reminds me of my college days, and helps a lot to kill boredom in lockdown. It's amazing game.While I play online, it's so thrilling .. no problems at all
Love this game!! And the developers are awesome too. If you ever have any issues just send them an email and they will respond and fix the problem, or address your questions whatever the case may be. They take care of it beyond expectations!! ♥️♥️♥️
I would say to those people who think it's biased, try to play again and make some smart moves try to figure out why have lost ... and you will win for sure ... This is my favourite game. I love this game. It is awesome.my experience is about carrom friends is very good. Sometime i am getting bored, so I play carrom friends
Great game. Helps me with my concentration and focusing... Great game, levels go up so high you'll never reach the end! ..This is tricky and easy to play i like it
Amazing game and nice graphic design is very good…I think that it's great game and the wonderful thing is that you can not be tired playing the game...
I uninstalled your game.Issue solved for me. I'm tired of writing emails to you to be called a liar, or asked to send you more emails with details you don't want to hear about.Developers do pretend issues in your game don't exist,,,players would be leaving. I already left... What is a game without players??? Bankrupt. Do nothing, your choice,,, You have strong competition out there. Good luck.
Hello. I installed it,gave it a try. Uninstalled. I was tired of seeing over and over again one commercial (30seconds long, about installing a Facebook). Facebook is one of very few I choose not to use.Since signing in with Facebook was out of option for me I tried to play here as a guest. Playing this way has very limited options, getting boring rather fast. When you decide on more diverse way of signing in and more diverse, shorter commercials...I may try again. Good luck.
Have been playing for some time now and love it more as time goes on! Have many family and friends playing..and all are hooked!!! the small amount of time it takes to complete a match
It is a best and amazing And when you are offline you can play with and practice your skills ...It is a very great and a very addictive game. The gameplay is quite smooth
fix your services i can't login using Facebook, i can't unlock anything with ads, every time i try its show no ads found ,
This is a great app. I would like to inform you that if you could pay for our Bitcoin payment system, it would be good. Many people do not have credit cards so they cannot use your benefits. Sorry if wrong. Thanks
A very nice game loved it very much 👏 I appreciate the developers for making such a nice and great game with superb quality and graphics really even better from the real game thanks to developers to make this game great efforts yoozoo global
Advertisent not working more than one month. So not able to collect rewards. So many players complained about this issue mamy times. But you says only copy and paste reply. We know what is happening really in free reward collection. If you not to rectify this issue immediatly peoples jump to anothar game.
Loved the game, mainly because of how simple it is in terms of general feeling. It's not overloaded with visual or audio effects, just aim, shoot and progress.
Don't download it worst game because no chat system is to annoying don't download it my opinion to the developer that please fix it ,,,,😭😭😭it make your app so bad by the way the game is nice but when I rewive the game the developer say we will improve it😖 but no response🤢 I have do 4 update to the game but no improvement.😩😠😡😠😡😠😩
It's highly addictive and fun! No gimmicks, no lagging graphics, reasonable and short optional ads for bonus coins. It is what it is, and it does an excellent job.
It's a very good game. I have won many matches and sometimes I lose but it's so fun and interesting that even though I lose I feel like I have won it. Very good game .
I like this game. It's awesome, i love it. I feel like playing the game all day. Even though it's my first time in the game, i keep wining but not all time, only some time, and the most important thing is that it makes me happy when I win. I will give 5 stars for this.
The graphics are really good . I am very satisfied with the game. .. Game is better than another carrom games ..Love it. Best short time game to engage with
Recently I was reviewed the game with 5 stars but inow I am going to change my mind because I requested you to add more chats but you don't so I am going to uninstall it hope more people will be uninstall it Soon. Good by carrom friend.😭😭🤧
This app is not connecting to the internet for some reason but I'm able to use other apps and my phone is connected to WiFi
I m out of coins and advertisements also not running. Pls help and guide how videos can play and increase my coins
I have enough network but that game show me "not network available" why?? I I'm now disturbed for this type of problems. Please do something. And i couldn’t not found Leaderboard why?? Please please fixt it so soon. I can't play now I'm so up sad.
Worst experience ever! I lost my game data which was linked to my Facebook account all on a sudden. Don't know the reason.I was in level 12 and had an epic strike.Now it's showing level 1 and the basic strike. A big disappointment 👎 I want my epic strike back.
This game is great.…I was a little sceptical at first because most games you see during ads are usually crappy and have WAY too many ads, but I've been playing this for nearly an hour .. and doesn't contain that many ads…
One of the best carrom board game App but developer designed this App that all players are in his hand we just play as per his choice of players given as opponent and says randomly selected by computer which is unfair towards players Fun.. I reminded them many times to change this method, if all players are equal then promote me with high rank because players are not based on their talent, they play just for fun with beginner's and to raise up their skills.
The game is good for time pass and interesting to play with others ... You can also play it with your friends.i loved this game. You will enjoy this gameplay.
I can't see the ad to earn rewads.they always show no ad available.That's so disappointing. If you can solve the problem soon...
This game is such an improvement! It's engaging, quicker-paced, and has lots of bonuses and diff modes to keep things fun. It's official, I'm hooked!…I haven't played carrom in years.
I like this game but in the there are no single emoji to play thats why pls update emojis, more comments, strike and pucks to more interesting. And also profile for guest. Thank you so much for this update. Pls one last request update profile for guest and on winning time some sound have to come.. Pls. One more time thank and emogis also updete.. Pls pls pls 🙏
It is nice game, it is very interesting to play. And it is better to add worldwide leaderboard and giving some prizes like coins or diamonds...That means I want you to show top 100 members those who wins more coins in leaderboars worldwide or in a country, I have already updated my game it shows only top players in friendlist..
Hi carrom friends team since yesterday game is showing offline each time i open the game it says no internet connection retry or play offline but I do have internet kindly fix this issue
This game is very interesting and it is having my all friends and the main thing is it open very fast if there is no internet connection that time also it open very fast or we will say quickly . This is very nice, interesting, and fun game so much of fun . I like this app very nice 🏅🏅🏅 I have 1 rank for this game and for rating I have given all five stars in gameplay, in controls, and in graphics. And I am very happy to download this carrom friends. Thank u for giving this carrom friends.
Nice game, It's a real.it keeps me up,I try to put it down,I keep picking it up .. You can spend 5 minutes or 5 hours enjoying the various options open to you.
Such a fun game! And I enjoy it and I hope you do to!😊😁😁😁 I guarantee you will feel the same. ..its one of the best online games .... a good simulation of carrom game
Awesome game I enjoy this game very much.when ever I m free I like to play carrom very much bcz it's very interesting and if we will play this game our mind will feel relax .its not boring and one more thing its genuine game there is no chance to cheat with anyone in any game I love this game very much even my baby girl also feel gud to play this game and some times my baby and me both fight only bcz to play this game hahaha it's very interesting.so I love this game very much u all play and tell
Game is good but his table are little bit slow to carrom pool game plz fix that Please update his table to work fast like carrom pool did And aad leaderboard county and world leval And improve his graphics little bit More
This is amazing 👏 but many people are Not the real players..... I wish to play with FB friends only not with system 😕
Until next time, cheers everyone in the team.😊…I cannot believe that it has already been 6 months . Time flyes. Still a good game to increase your concentration level. .
It's a really nice and standard game for the whole world, that everyone can play together or say in front of everyone no problem.…Very good. Very good. I'm playing you.…
Lol games... no need to install.. A lot of bugs.... And development team is also useless 😉😉.. T
The game is good .I really enjoy the game. But some things is missing, "like A person how much win the coin , I don't no ' .If the owner of this game update this feature , that is the good update . otherwise ok.so I am giving 4* . I'm very glad of owner, if this features is update . ⛑️
Most worthless game, never download, initially you will win, after that if you pay then you can win else all the game you will lose. Most manipulating game
Yoozooo I'm very sad this game going too boring because i lost 2 lac Coins in game but coins are not available ads not opening 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭plz tell me why why coins is where 😈😈😈😈👿👿👿👿
nice game... i give 5 star... i hope we can add friends the opponents... also please update leaderboard to the world leaderboard... not just friends only....
Sir as told again I got the same pop up 'Try again later' Click ok You told just click cancel and login after 5-10 min.By saying just cancel the pop up you mean to minimize the app and remove it from background.As such there was no cancel option beside ' Ok' Button. Plz tell me clearly. If after your advice I am able to see the ads I will mark it 5 star. Everything is nice but after this update I am unable to see ads.
I like this app a lot, it is a great app. It would have been better if there was a emoji stickers in the message.
When do i start carrom ,Automatically disconnected and back to main page,,, please solve this problem.
This game is literally the best carrom game ever. Thank you! It was really very wonderful and amazing game,it has many strikers and plucks ... I get confused to choose from
I liked the experiance ! although you have to clearify 98.5% of the players are bots , honesty resault in trust and rep
It was going well and I loved it. But after a few days I can't watch any ads and can't even get coins.
Ok... but development needed 👍... ads not open.. "No Ads Found" error shows always 👎... we need update for this bug...In this game... "No Ads... No Interest to play"... seriously thats true... please update the game... 🤝
It's really cool!... YooZoo your games rocks $$$…The fun thing is that you can compete against your friends, you can change the striker and the pucks .
It is the best carrom disc pool game I've ever played >< I like the combination of all the modes...…There are also enough rewards, so that you don't necessarily need to spend money, if you play well :p…
I totally recomend this game if your bored, on a road trip, on a plane, while waiting, or just to kill time!!…challenge and awesome all at the same time love it ...
I love this game. Especially the elements they have used and the animations...…I have played other carrom games. But none of the others would match the colors and animations used here…
I don't know which app came first, but it's exactly the same as Carrom Pool, just with a different look. And just like that app, this one also makes every round cost in game currency to play.
Very Very Awesome game i like so much from other games, but The only problem is that there is no messaging or chats between game.
I feel happy 😊 for because you are only carrom board game who add 2vs2 mode in game But I request you for make some features that allows to play 2vs2 mode with only friends means that our opponents are my friends. In these features friends can team up and play with against our friends. I hope you will add these features very soon 😊.
It's good games but need more changes..like strikes can't buy with coin's. then can't chat with friends.. can't add friends..it's all need to activate.
Allow very unusual shorts, half of the game played by program logic, not very natural game like Carrom pool, I played both but this i think for too different and may be for basic players. I am playing some time guest and these people some time good and rerigistered and them playing with very novice. It is not good for people who are new- i suggest that if some is continue winning maches and continue want to play they should mandatory declared who they are- now onward I will not play with any ..
this is a amazing game to play online..I like it because this game's very easy to control ..Good work
Very addictive, great player match making, ZERO bugs/glitches and if you play your cards right, it won't cost you a penny to win & level up. I like the game.
It is the best game for timepass. It is very good and free of bugs and errors. Good game. Feels like playing real carrom .... So joyful and interesting game
It is a realy good app. In has unbeliveble fetures. I like this game.l was searching for a good caroom game and i found it.l would like if there were a feture that in offline we can play with family members.
Earlier I Played With Random People? Now Everytime when i play i play with ai. Ur practice ai is playing on online matches also. Less Users Full Of Ai Its Very Boring because they take so much time to play & i can notice that ai accounta are playimg with same timing
I like this game but free coins video not play why you add this option but not working so romove this option
Nice awesome app improve to play with your Facebook friend when I start it suddenly close it make me annoy and also improve your chatting system add some emojis like 8 ball p00l hope you will do it I am waiting for the next update .ThAnK yOu🇵🇰🤭😁🤑🤓🤝
I liked it very much but I don't like the beat who come before me . It has very nice coins and different types of coins also ...…It's a very nice game
Carrom friends?? There is no option for chat.... We are not dumb nd deaf. I updated but still cant talk each other..so im uninstalling. Luddo is better for me
It is the best way to play Carrom with friends and families. You can pass and play Carrom with your friends who is near you and also with the unknown people .. The best part is that this game can be played with your friends even if they don't live in your homes . I have played this game with friends and that really makes me feel very happy.
Very bad experience. Trying to play with friends sending them request but it goes to other rendom people. It also shows continuously error error and error. The name carrom friends doesn't justify actually. 1/💯
it's very challenging .... i really enjoy this game…This game is so much fun. There are adventures around every corner and it is just an amazing game! ...
This game is very good. I am enjoying it very much. The online feature of this game is awesome. But there is also a dismerit. The chating option of this game is limited. The players can't chat freely. I will request the game owner not to limit the chating options. Otherwise this game is very nice. That's why I have rated it 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐stars..
Not bad... I read some reviews that says AI controls the game and makes perfect shots. I think thats because of either original carrom players or the other on linene carrom game players who plays the shots with perfection. The offline game mode is better than other similar games. Graphics, controls and other things needs improvement. In offline mode if player allowed to place a puck of his choice, I think it would be better to learn the shots. Thanks to developers.... keep it up....🤗🤗🤗🤗😁😁
Why this game is not available in iPhone app store. Please update this game to iPhone app store. iPhone user cannot play this game . Please fix this issue. Every iPhone user crying to play this game. But it's not available in iOS app store
I do have an issue. Suddenly im out of my 55000 coins. I really dont know where they went. Simply lost 55000 coins how? N that too without any reason? Y? N no adds anymore y? It just says finding adds n then no adds available. Y? Kindly resolve my issue.
I have just started playing.. the reason I choose this app was for 2vs2 multiplayer option.. however I thought it will be between user choosen ones.. I want to play with my friends where I can select the rest 3 candidates/friends/opponents.. please make an update for this request.. I hope everyone will love it.. I don't know if it will be available in clan... However, what's happening with carrom pool you will get the opportunity.. please secure your app beforehand..
I play many other carrom games but i like this one because here i found a game which is near to reality and in this game i found many professional players... I recommend to download this game...
This is so much fun and so well made carrom digitally ! Everything is perfect! Starting from the controls up the the graphics!…I have played carrom since I waa 5 years old and I love it!
Best carrom board when compared with other carrom board games, but what is the use, this developer is behind the game plan he is monitoring all the players with the help of computer, they designed this game that snake will not die nor stick will break, slowly we will be addicted to this game, Actual game plan is that always we are motivated to buy powerfull Strickers from them, this is one type of doing business. Anyway best of luck for New comers..
That's a realy great game i think i don't have any complaints about this game because everything is going good ..I like this game sooo much and I wrote a review for this game 4-5 days back. I really enjoyed this game. Loved playing carrom friends 🤗🥰🥰. I play it with my friends and family In my free time... playing ito9nline is so much fun.
Its a really nice game to play but the reason why I gave it four stars is u can only play with someone who is on your Facebook I mean do something like an ID or something
I can't wait to play it daily even though it seems like an endless game…Relaxing game, though some matches are bit challenging but it's a very interesting game.
My carrom is not running since tomorrow... Even wifi is available, it's very disgusting😡😡😡😡😡😡 fix this problem 😡
This game is very essaintal for the beginners out here. It can be made more good 🙂, by providing best atomophere ,area and sequence for the children ,adults e.tc.
I love everything on this game. But I want that,the leaderboard would be between friends, League, country and world. And give the option for chating buy our own. So the game will be popular. 😍😍
The game is pretty cool, but every time I watch a video to unlock certain items they don't unlock after my video has finished. It's becoming rather aggravating. Ugh!!! I'll rate this game higher when they fix this problem.
Beyond a point I observe that after we start winning the games the pucks dont get pocketed and there is this mischief in the app which prevents you from winning. This is unfair and people will stop playing this app as trust will no longer be there. After I notice that app makes you lose the game forcibly, I have rated this one star. The skill set being the same as player plays more games and wins regularly and as rating improves, the pucks tend to respond differently. I am uninstalling now.
Hey nice game but my request is that pls dont involve hackers in this game keep it safe and fare and pls do change in game play like make it smooth as if we give a shot to any puck just see that after putting puck in the pocket the stricker get slow and stops suddenly it seems like game is just to pot the pucks no dues nothing ,just make the game fare and intersting and smooth. As of now it is ok better then carrom pool. I will rate it definately but after fixing problems.
It's an amazing game and customer support is good email response time. No hacks at all working amaing ... Love this game god bless you team prayers from pakistan.
It allows me to focus on strategy and winning which what I really love to do.…Great game for focusing on other things, especially during a time like now.
I play this game since 3 month. This game play and i observed the striker is very slow. I expect the striker must be speed and have a better game to play.