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Carpet Bombing - Fighter Bomber Attack

Carpet Bombing - Fighter Bomber Attack for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Synthetic Mind located at ReduttvΓ€gen 46 18768 TΓ€by Sweden. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
good game play with great scope for enhancements. fun and simple and with proper placement of ads which are not irritating. all the best guys, keep improving!!
Panorama style side scrolling shooting game. Challenging, mostly not too unfair, would be far better with gamepad support as the on-screen controls tend to oversteering and activating bonus missiles and the like is often not cleanly recognized. ADnoyance is voluntary and rewarded with in-game currency. Grinding up is possible without spending but will take time and patience.
Incredible game this is one of my favorite games it has like no ads and is really fun 100% would recommend. Keep up the great work
You guys should add a confirmation button before buying a planeπŸ™‚ because I've mistakenly bought the F-22 instead of the A-10 which what i was going for, please add a confirmation button.
Fun game and well built controls, doesn't barge with unnecessary ads. Found quite addictive so far. Five stars. Cheer guys
Game has grown on me significantly. Was pretty annoyed at first by the controls. Once you get used to flying, it gets a lot more fun. Biggest petpeve by far is how enemy aircraft fly into you. Overall fun game
not enough stars to be honest, the best 'gotta wait for half an hour at the dentist's' or 'right before sleeping' game! no ads, no need for actual purchases though you can and interesting yet not hard gameplay. I swear I'm not paid to say that, would highly recommend β™₯️
Absolutely love the game!! Took a little while to get used to the default controls but now thar I've got it, the game is quite enjoyable to play. I especially love the addition of desert strike to the game. Grt job. Looking forward to futuet updates.
I've been playing a couple days now, so far seems to be fun. Haven't got to the harder levels yet as I'm still in the easy mode. We will see as time goes by.
It's amazing! And even if you hit a tree you take damage and it's super realistic I really love the aircraft (;w;)
Nice game but it's a bit hard to control the plane. Sometimes it just flies in the opposite direction that i intend to fly to.
Love this game it is so satisfying and fun,I really recommend this game if you like bombing games,overall I love it!
Really fun and when you get into it challenging game, som of the hitboxes are a bit off but thats a minor thing
Great game! difficulty increases at a good rate and upgrades are easily achievable without purchases. I did buy the F16, best plane in the game imo. Fast, and double machine guns! Do wish there were more mission types though.
This is a surprisingly well-done mobile app for the sole purpose that don't ever receive adds and that in game purchases are balenced.
This is a great game and the best part is there are no forced advertisements. They only ones there are, are the one that you can willingly choose to watch to get bonus Stars (in game currency) all in all great game!
Made purchases and now this game literally doesn't work. You press play and nothing. You hit daily mission and it goes to void with no topography and random vehicles on where the ground should be.
Absolutely love this game! Devs. please add more planes. And a thought. I love the Spitfire. More WW2 planes would be terrific! And perhaps a WW2 scenario? D day? Or WW1 planes. Anyway, love the game! Oh... thinking of CB2.. the Spitfire. Love taking off and landing for missions. Night Fighter WW2 dogfight is a similar game, yours is muuuch better, but theur variety of WW2 planes is super! WW2 bombing missions, with a B17, etc. would be fantastic! Or escort missions!
Great time killer, reasonable cost of extras if you want em, and challeneging enough for an adult while safe enough to hand to the kids. great find
it is great expct I've noticed the hjgher the leaves the. ore. the helocoperd an planes try to kamikaze you as they go straight towards me even if a obstacle is in the way d then they die if they hit it
Please make it so when i turn the fighter upwards, it goes up and not to down. The controls keep throwing me into the path of enemy missiles and the ground.
It's a very entertaining game. Their are ads but the game doesn't make you watch them, you have the choice at the end of every level. The only problem I have with it is there's to little to do besides the campaign and endless mode. Besides that it's a great game.
Fun and simple game, but still challenging enough to keep you playing. However I wish it would show the criteria to achieve 3 stars for each level.
Good game, but will not let me restore my purchases to get my money back. I accidentally bought a jet, and i cant get my stuff back
Love this game! Cheesy graphics, but controls are pretty good. Straightforward side scrolling shooter with multiple playable real-life planes with different attributes. Easy upgrades that get harder to obtain as you go, plus purchaseable ones that are not required and fairly priced. I've been playing for awhile now, on and off. Best part? NO forced on you ads like so many other games these days! Can't remember, but I believe it was only a one-time 99Β’ to remove them forever.
Very nice quality game remind me me back in their 80s or 90s but now they're more advanced good job team
This game is absolutely awesome and I really enjoy playing it. The mechanics are fun and easy to get the hang of. Also NO ADS IN YOUR FACE. WOOOHOO take my money
I LOVE IT!! The only two issues I have is that it would be nice if there was a screenshot to show what each control layout looks like, instead of having to back all the way out from controls option in the settings and then start a game.
Give a option to change the controls or make them better they are really bad I can't do anything without crashing bc my plane will go down it to a dive bomb or turning back and forth and I cant do anything
Its a simple but great game, simple concept, and as easy as it looks the game its quite challenging and i like that. Great game all around
its ok graphics wise, but the rest is bad. you have to spend stars, which by the way are incredibly hard to earn, EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU PLAY. You have to waste 50 stars to get more bombs and what not, which makes it hard to earn more stars. Then, there are the controls. Horrible joystick. I ve lost more times in this game because i crashed into a mountain because of the joystick than by getting killed. EDIT FOR CREATOR: the plane sometimes dosent even turn and goes strait.
Amazing game,soon I will download the second game,I highly recomend this game.And the Devs are the kindest I have ever heard of.
One of the best games i played recently. The aircrafts represented in the game is pretty accurate along with there own ups and downs.controls are very fluid and also the levels are pretty challenging too.a round of applause is deserved for the developers as they haven't put any ads.however you can watch ads if you wish.so generally i would highly recommend anyone this game as it is a good time killer....πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘Œ
A very awesome game. This game meets all the following features to be a perfect game: *Fun. *Entertaining. *Should challenge the player. *Free of ads. I haven't come across a single ad in this game. *No stress of hidden transactions and getting offers. No pay to play or pay to win. This game meets all the above mentioned features and is a perfect game to me. Kudos to the developers and the whole team behind this game. You people have done a marvelous job. Thank you "Heroes without Capes"!
The game seems cheezy at first. It really is a tad cheezy! But in an asteroids or Galaga cheezy. 2 of the most successful games in history. The controls take patience 2 master. Your patience is paid in full. this game is addictive! I have both 1 & 2 versions. The 2nd is even better than the 1st. But each game stands on its own & both are great free games with almost no ads to speak of. I recommend spending a few bucks. U will b glad u did!
The planes don't have two much upgrade to them for example only the heavy bomber and A10 are worth it because their special ability keeps on going the stealth bomber and f22 are all one use and after that they are useless 😑 and got the second game and payed for a plane and it was shite just update this something rotten I'd pay a fiver for an update I got the AC 1 30 that I now have to use air speed and land but the main this is that gun isn't in a fixed spot and is highly un accurate
Its a great game but it gets boring after a while, I'm on level 370 and its not too different than level 330, pls add more things
Great fun. No ads. I really enjoy it, I am trying Carpet Bomber 2 for the first time today. Developer seems kind and respects players. I like that
Very good game.. Good bombing fairing turning rate every things very good.. Bomb power is slow not destroy tank to ΓΆne bomb
What a great game. I love it. Consumes time, fun, and challenging. Rapid try again and no pressure to upsell. It's great and I wish there were more like it. Download now
I simply just stinking freaky likey this game lime all the weapons and the bosses are dope and graphics and there are never any ads what more do you want?
Good old fashioned 2d side scroller, can be hard tho.once I got controls down its Not bad, if tad hard too soon in2 game.my main gripe is it takes ages 2 upgrade collecting stars. Was happy 2buy Desert strike missions,as almost done normal ones.hats off 2 the devs πŸ‘you've made a cracking wee game..better than 2nd in my humble opinion..would like2 see my stats after a mission,like how many infantry I killed with machine gun or cluster bombs.To let me try beat my best runs. Thanx & keep updating
I like the whole concept and layout, I'd like to see more of a choice in fighter jets and other aircraft options. Add some more weapons but all in all a really cool time kills... O_o
Well 4 stars is kind of a lunge for the game but everything is just really great except that everything is overpriced
couldnt enjoy the game. the controls are just not to my liking. the graphics are great. the controls are not smooth and takes a long time to get used to. however i am sure once u get the hang of it, you will like it.
I hate this game, it consumes so much of my time I can't put it down. How can such a simple game be so much fun. It's easy to control but a challenging game. I've had this game on 2 phones now, if you can buy a plane or the expansion pack throw these guys a few bucks for their work.
Absolutely fantastic side-scrolling, fast paced, action packed and best of all, it really is free to play (a few none essential in-game purchases help extend game play if desired). Be sure to Upgrade (for free, collecting Stars) "Armour" and "Turn-rate" because as the game progresses, those baddies get hectic! 6 Starts!
Fun, free, bit difficult, but gets easier as you advance. Paid items are not necessary to enjoy the game, but add some variety.
This game is sooo addicting..One oif the best I've played where your skills can get you up grades you need without a life time of repeating levels etc.Your up grades seem to be stronger at times than others..To keep the game entertaining.
Awesome game, but when I reinstall the game all my progress was lost and I made sure I was signed in to save the progress. i was on 343th level.Please help Yes I am sure I was signed as I reinstalled it multiple times, Can you work on it? I was having all guns bombs with all star achieved
Best Offline game for time pass. I personally play when I'm traveling. Kinda like this game flying aircraft and dropping Bombs BOOM BOOM.
It's a crazy game with some angry enemies. Would be nice if the upgrades you gave stars for stayed after the first oppps that was a hill
its a fun casual game to play that is different from a lot of other mobile games that it uses a older style
Best game, no ads unless you like to double you're points really easy to play... Can quick jump on for 5 min and play with any complications! Create more games plz
Incrediable game gameplays nice with good physics and levels. It is also adds free which i loved so much i spent my own money on some optional dlc. 10/10 could not recomend more
I play the daily mission everyday. This game is sick if your bored in a waiting room and if you not into HD graphics
A minor gripe of mine is that I'm pretty broke so it would be nice if I could grind for all the planes but other than that, fantastic game!
I love this game simple and fun. Hit targets with booms is satisfying. Things I would improve a bigger sky box to fly around. But it's very cool game please developers dont give up on this gem.its good.
Absolutely excellent !!! Never played a better mobile game !!! BEST THING NO ADS !!! Excellent grafics and game play. The second version is out and I'm really enjoying that aswell. A big thank you to the maker's it reminds me of the good old days of Atari and Amiga ! But without the load time and crappy grafics πŸ˜….!
I love this game. When you make a now game I would suggest that anything you get like missiles or the mini bomb things you should be able to keep for the next game. It is annoying to get 5 lots of the mino bomb things to have nothing at the next match. This is why I give 4/5 stars. If there was an option for 4.5 I would but there isn't so I am sorry. Either way I would recommend this if you are looking for a small, fun offline game. Well done Synthetic Mind! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Honestly a well thought out game. Yeah maybe a bit of bugs but the overall sences of the game is amazing. I play this game alot to pass time because of the amount of fun it can be. I would suggest having this game just incase you need to pass the time.
This game is super interesting😜, the planes are easy to control. Best graphics and sound. And user friendly also. On one thing they need to work is the soldiers. They are pretty tiny and and it's very difficult to shoot them, please increase the size of them. Rest of the game is extremely nice! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜šπŸ™πŸ€˜πŸ€ŸπŸ€“πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Œ. It contains no ads no offers, it's just great. Hats off to all software developers and the whole team for making this game, you all have done outstanding job!
This is the best bombing game out there you should make a number three as I have played it as well keep up the good workπŸ‘πŸ‘
Ads done RIGHT!!!! This is the most beneficial way to present ads. When it's forced and the player gains nothing is when greed sets in. There is no reason ads that always benefit the player should not be the default way.
This is very fun and it has no ads after you die and there is soo much cool stuff to do in it and it never gets boring
Really enjoyable game with no ads. Reminiscent of games from yesteryear and is overall a satisfying game to play with good difficulty and a variety of enemies to keep the experience varied. The big problem for me is a lack of controller support. To be able to play this with a real analogue joystick would make it worth putting money into. For now, I'll suffer my hand cramp and allow it as it's free.
Excellent game in enough ways for me to give 5 stars. Question: why doesn't the nuke destroy the surface of the land when dropped from the B-2?
Fun but very very poorly balanced. It's pretty clear this is just a simple/low quality game, buy it's still fun at low levels. In endless mode it's very glitchy and the opposition uses direct scaling in strength, which, eventually makes it literally impossible to get past a certain point. It was fun, but I'm uninstalling now
Really addictive,really good for passing time,ive just past level 2000 and wondering how long it goes on for so I can back to my life πŸ˜†
In app purchases for me didn't work not sure why.. controls are a little sensitive for me but other then that great game
I think the game is incredible so far and while I havnt experienced parts in which some people have that can be annoying, I still think the game is incredible! I also thank the developers for not having pop up ads and only ads if you choose to double your stars and such. If there was anything like donations available, I would glady dump my wallet into this remarkable game!
It's fun but to get new planes I have to pay. I am lucky to afford a phone and wifi but I can't afford stuff for all these games. DISAPPOINTED πŸ–•πŸ»
I've had this game on my phone for almost 2 years...its fun, the controls are good, AND NO ADS! It requires skill(which I like), and no 2 games are alike. You can strafe, bomb and fire missiles to your heart's content, spin, do loops, all while bombing and strafing, and the graphics and game play is reliable. I downloaded CB 2, and it wasn't nearly as good..haven't tried 3 yet. I've kept this on my phone while trying and deleting 100s of other games. I always come back to this one.
I love this game. and for those saying you've lost your upgrades when you purchase new planes well yes and no. everytime you buy a new plane you have to upgrade it. upgrades do not transfer from one plane to another. all precious upgrades are not lost go back to your old plane and they will be there. I do understand being frustrated with this since the game doesn't give many stars and you have to spend so many to get the upgrades I too don't like this. But it is a free to play game it takes time
Has potential. Not too much ads, eliminations are satisfying, no bugs.... the controls dont feel right tho. Its difficult to orientate. The plane shouldn't be so centered as while I'm approaching the enemy it comes into my sight but in split second I have to dodge him. Maybe the camera shouldn't be so zoomed in. The progress is a little but underwhelming as well as is the world that I'm flying in. But it has potential. Needs more diversity.
This game is so fun. And it is nice you can play it while you are in the go or while you have no wifi. I like the boldness to it as well. Makes me want to play even more😁😁
Free to play, no random pop up ads. A good balance between challenging and chilled. With endless mode you can play as long or as little as you want with gradually increasing challenge. The few iaps are very reasonable, you can choose to watch ads for fair rewards so after a run on p2w idle games, i love this. Controls can take a bit of getting used to but that's pretty much expected. 5/5, looking forward to working my way through the selection of aircraft. (hopefully with more flying my way ;))
A fun game, i like the gameplay but the graphics and sound effects do need some work. Also a big plus is u are not bombarded with ads
This is a great game to spend time on. There are no ads after every play like most mobile games. Ads to get extra stars for upgrades but they're optional. There's paid dlc for those who want it. The best mobile game I've played in a long time. Control interface could be improved however. But otherwise, I'd reccomend this game. 8/10
Good simple game, great for when you dont have service. No ads, spent a dollar for a plane I wanted after playing it for a few weeks. fantastic value, fully recommend. also, B52 ftw.
A really challenging arcade style aerial combat shooter. Upgrades keep you in it and ads are optional if you can't afford to buy them.
I love carpet bombing because its soooooo satisfying🀀🀀🀀🀀 the cool other things are amazing wow I fought it will be rubbish no I don't think that when I played after I said to my self play before delete I rated carpet bombing ( drum roll dun dun dun) 4 fab stars
Very cool. Am up to about level 200, I'm not sure how high it goes. Extremely addictive. I don't understand the daily mission though. The first one is Escort the Jeep. I passed the mission, waited a day and it's still "Escort the Jeep". Is there meant to be something else?
Pretty fun shooting game. Very easy to fly the plane. The graphics are also pretty cool and somewhat realistic. Loads of fun. The developer did an excellent job in making this. Cheers
Amazing game, but I would like if you could move the controls where you want and add different buttons for: cluster bombs, rockets and the a-10 cannon. Or just add a different button for the a-10 cannon. If the developer does read this I would like to know how many levels are there, or if there is an infinite number of levels. Thanks, I hope you and your kids are doing well.
The game was alright. I enjoyed it, but only really when I was trying new missions. I found that stage 40 was a high step up in difficulty compared to the others due to the boss's high level of accuracy, damage, and firerate. I could beat it, but I would have to grind, so this game isn't really worth playing anymore for me. There was also a bug in the endless mode that started to make everything black and create more powerful enemies than there were on earlier stages.
Having a fun time with this. The gameplay strikes a good balance where it's satisfying and still challenging. But not difficult for the purpose of selling you microttansactions (there are some, but I feel they're a good value, and that skill and patience will get you through levels without spending money. But spending just a buck gives a new plane that's different to play.) highly recommend
I absolutely adore this game, it's a treat to play and a great time killer. the only unfortunate part is that after I transferred phones, (same sim card) and logged into my google play account, the only thing that seemed to half transfer over was the planes I bought. All my stars, progress, upgrades, and two of my planes had vanished. It's pretty unfortunate, and I dont think theres a way to fix it, but it's still a fun game and starting over isnt terrible
This is a insanely addictive game ....please ad the Ju- 87 Stuka - or the F - 105 Thunderchiff- it would be awesome. Thanks.
The game sucks it gives you impossible missions and when i spent MONEY on this game it helped in no way what so ever, i bought the stealth bomber and all it did was allowe me to be invisible for 3 seconds, please dont download
Game is fun but i cant restore my purchases or levels response: i did pay with real money the button still doesnt work
Great game!! Some issues like small and hard to see enemies and projectiles, and the circular controls can be a little wonky at times. There are microtransactions but they are very cheap, reasonable, and effective,and non obnoxious. Sometimes you get killed off screen and it can be frustrating, and the surface to air missles are murder. They chase you forever, and bullets fired by infantry and helicopters lasts forever too, till it either hits something or goes off screen. 9/10!
im giving four stars, becouse i dont know how to reset level progress? I just reseted rank, but i cant reset level and upgrade progress. Please give me instruction how to do it and i will give five stars.
It is an awesome game Trust me you're gonna like this The only problem is it needs work The music is bad the sound effects are kinda boring But it doesn't ruin the quality of the game The only problem is it needs work Like The planes are 3d but the enemies (except for the jets) are 2d The landscape Its wrong But it's still a good game
I love the game but it seems to close on its own ALOT. Could you please fix. Note 10 plus user! Thanks. I have notice that Carpet Bombing 2 has the same issue. Please fix! Thanks
It's a roller coaster ride playing this game, but overall it's a fun game to play. Seriously, what's more satisfying playing infinite level challenge game mode with a B2 bomber and gripping 5 bombs as you annihilate the enemies? If you don't know what I am talking about, you should see for yourself.
I wish more games were like this one . No annoying ads at all , unless you want to watch a couple to get a few extra stars. Totally optional. Classic 2d game play , nice gentle difficulty progressions on each level. Challenging and addictive. Simple smooth graphics . Controls can be fiddly at first . Best game I've downloaded in ages ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This is still the best one. But these days no matter what planes you buy you can't kill the helicopter in level 320. Red bugger! :-)
I'm on level 165 and you can be stuck on a level for a month or more but it is challenging and does not get boring.unsure how many levels butmy hands get tired before I want to quit playing
The game is really good and awesome, but. IT NEEDS AN UPDATE for example new jets that you don't have to pay money for of pay a alot of star for a jet because it's bullsh*t.
I love this game, takes a minute to get used to the controls but after that soooo fun. I had an idea for a new map tho keep in mind Iranian School. I think that the idea has alot of potential and I hope to see it in the game soon.
It fun,it's challenging, and has no forced ads It's also a good time killer 10/10 you should play it.
This game is pretty good. No pay-to-win. Premium content adds to the experience. Level progression is challenging and fun. Minimal ads. This is what games should be and I'll end up buying more just to support the developer.
Thanks for such a great game No adds well made Update 3/22 so cool developer reads these and fixes quickly. Will keep this one!
Pretty good! Free game with NO ADS?! Sign me up! In app purchases are cheap too but not nexessary to the game. Controls can wack out at times and sometimes I find the plane wonks out mid turn but I think it's just how the joystick acts. 10/10 fun but CHALLENGING game.