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Carpet Bombing 2

Carpet Bombing 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Synthetic Mind located at Reduttvรคgen 46 18768 Tรคby Sweden. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has kept me entertained for some time now. I love how simple but challenging it is. Just wish getting planes wasnt so expensive and wish missions were more based off using a different style plane.
This is an amazing game few things people hate but i personally think they do there best these are amazong people you should play it just for that and theyre always updatibg making the game better judt download youll love it
This an awesome game ! No ads it's really fun There should be a game mode where we have our own squadron and all and a custom match system would be cool to!
Its a great game . NOT PAY TWO WIN. i completed the whole campaign with my starter plane man. It is called gamer skills!!!
Cool game, simple but challenging. I was a 2nd Lt. and I bought a couple of jets and helicopter. The next time I played the game it reset some how and started back over as a airman, and levels too. Got the jets and helicopter but started over again.
Very good story for the first try (i've been reading other comments.) Also this is the best besides roblox for me. Yea your game is on roblox level for me! I hope everyone thinks the same! If your going for a realistic game dont make it let you instantly get up and fly straight up after just taking off.
Very fun, and surprisingly addictive. Ads only come up when you need a bonus not every 10 seconds like most games lately. Devs seem very attentive and clearly love the game not just a cash grab
The first game was very very good. This one is not good. What's up with the stupid dialogues. No no no. Plus you kill a boss after 10 tries and now have to land the plane and it crashes ? Oh well...start over. That's stupid. The core gameplay is flight and what you do during it. A secondary gameplay factor should not impact the core gameplay so significantly.
This game is very fun and simple, its also challenging i love it. But I would love more missions like another war.
Won't open, goes as far as get ready after tapping simulator then sends me back to the uninstall or open. After reading some good reviews i was looking forward to playing the game, so I'm let down big style.
This game is pretty cool and thanks for the help it works better now and it doesn't get stuck anymore now this game is perfect and I wont have to get frustrated when that happens because now it never will but yeah thank you for the help and hope this game gets more awesome and awesome cause this game is awesome and sorta reminds me a bit of ace combat. Well thank you for making this time consuming game.
Well done. I am on lvl 745 combat mode simulation. That says how much I play this game. I use the f16.
Addictive. Please add more mission locations and planes. Suggestion: add some European jets like Eurofighter Typhoon, Rafale, Mirage, older Saab jets. Loving it. Are more planes incoming? I gotta collect them all. ๐Ÿ˜… Edit: F22 Raptor is missing engine sounds. Edit: In my headphones, F22 sounds are only coming from the right side, while on phone speaker which is a mono speaker, sound is totally absent for F22. Sounds are working fine for all other planes. Sound settings are all turned on.
Game is really good, there is a storyline and provides space for player to design their own strategy. Plzzzz add to the campaign or create more games like this.
Love the 1st game and really want to like this one but it crashes a lot. I can't go more than one level without it freezing up. Playing on a Galaxy Note 10+ *Edit* I turned off airplane sound and music and now it rarely crashes. 2* to 4*
The game is good but it needs more story missions and more planes and it will be cool if you add like an alien campaign even if it's with real money and it's really hard to get money
Hey am not able to proceed from level 26 in story mode even though i clear that round. Recently purchased a new aircraft as well. Can someone help me.
Bring back the full screen controls like the first version!!! The joystick is too small and frustrating as ever!!! Good graphics and missions though.
Edit: Thanks for fast response. Gave 1 more star for fast reply and letting me know that option will be added. Could really use a option to reverse flight stick. I grew up on aircraft games where pulling back or down makes the aircraft go up and pushing forward or up the plane went down.
Fun game but real stupid. First, you use your coins for upgrades and they're only good until you die. Then the tips before each mission flash and no time to read them! Very fun very detailed game. All the way down to shooting trees. Why do I getcapture bonus weapons from killing enemies but they don't show up? Also I will make this a perfect game if you could reverse the controls. You know, like normal aircraft
I really enjoy this game but the only thing that bothers me is that it does not save levels that properly, I was playing campaign and after the first boss fight I closed it and the next time I open it I was 3 levels behind that what I originally was. I really hope you guys fix this bug Edit:thanks for the update and have a 5 stars :)
Its a lot of fun. I struggled with the first plane. But purchased the apache and love it. With the response from the developer. I shouldn't say struggle. The F14 is a good plane. And does get better with upgrades. But I really wanted the apache.
Good game but landing is way to sensitive, even when I do it perfectly the planes crashes, fun game though.
Would like more options for weapons, like buying permanent bombs and missiles in regular campaign, like it better than the 1st version.
The game has grown significantly compared to the first part. Finally, at least some plot appeared. Lots of new mechanics have been introduced such as helicopters, gasoline and more. There were only two things I didn't like: the strange control over the helicopter, but you quickly get used to it, and the characteristics of the Russian aircrafts, they seem to me to be underestimated. The game is amazing and you can see that the developer is developing for the better.
Such an Intelligent DEVELOPER. For just a simple game it makes a very good hit in mobile games, thats not all it also makes very and ultimately fun, and it keeps evolving. This game deserve more than a 5 star. I can't wait for more updates. Keep it up Dev, love your game and you deserve it.
Im a loyal player of Carpet Bomber and have great hopes for this game as well. The design is top notch, the engineers did a wonderful job at gameplay while keeping the game challenging..a real difficulty in similar games. The addition of helicopters and the unique rudder controll allowing the crafta to switch orientation really ope s the player up to a whole new set of strategy and keeps game fresh yet familliar. THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO US AND TO CREATING AN EXCELLENT GAME.
Hi, first of all, thanks for this such game, I love it!. But I've experienced a problem just right now, while I was playing offline with the Hind, I was knocked down but safely parachuted but when I respawn I was in F-14?. And when I finished the game, I looked in my aircrafts and it says I didn't bought the Hind and my stars back?. I don't know if this is a bug or it didn't save my progress but then why my rank still in the same? Please help me with this, thanks.
Campaign crashes. When I try to play one of the levels under campaign it crashes 75% of the time. I am guessing it's just a bug so when this gets fixed I'll be happy to rate 5 stars. Update: Thank you for taking the time to respond to this review, the crashes don't happen as much anymore. I love the game and my rating is now 5 stars. And my problem was happening with the easy campaign levels it would happen for good amount, so maybe the problem still afflicts other users.
I cant wait for the next one can you add driving tanks taking off of a aircraft carrier and helicopter also bomber squadron rounds/level please. And can I get refunds
Really good to be able to take the throttle off,and play arcade more without having to refuel,I prefer it that way, like the first carpet bombing game,much to my girlfriends annoyance if I play it like the first one and get to level 2000,Ial be kicked out๐Ÿ˜†,certainly great for passing time in the current situation.
Though i deleted for a while and downloaded again,i like the game better i completed the campaign and got bored a while but the loading fixed,and game is nicer and with the added new control.I can't wait for new planes that cost only stars and more new content in the future!
Game is fun, except when the controls flip you the wrong way and you crash into the ground instead of pulling up... Also, I can't watch ads for stars. No matter how long I leave the game up or how many times I tap the button it won't load the ad
Played the 1st game and loved it. I love this one even more especially the campaign with the new art work and realistic refueling. The more comedic dialogue in the campaign is also good. 10/10 good job.
Absolutely worth the year wait, finally getting to fly a chopper into missions, fluid and dynamic controls, great job folks. This game is definitely worth downloading, its not pay to win, but if your like me and you do, i suggest buying the Apache, makes unlimited mode a lot of fun. As if the game couldn't get any better, along comes 'wave defense' sensational!! Any chance you could add a alien space craft, bring me back to my grabathon days ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.
There some things that need fixed but the thing that makes me mad the most is that there's only one jet that you pay stars for the rest of the jets you have to pay money for and I can't really do that right now. But overall I like this game. Some jets shouldn't cost real money like the super hornet shouldn't be so much.
Still think the game is great but I recently transferred to a new phone and I reinstalled it but all the aircraft I unlocked, upgraded, and bought weren't there and I can't buy it again because it says I already own it. Plz help me I wanna use my spitfire.
One of my top 3 favorite games. Not too many ads. Prices not too high. Extremely fun game play, even to lose. I just can't figure out how to use a repair kit though...
This is one of my favorite games ever!! Why? It doesn't have the best graphics. The story is pretty cheesy, kinda like an 80's B movie starring Louis Gossett Jr. It's one of my favorites ever because it goes on and on forever. You never have to pull out your wallet or your Google pay account. And the only time you have to watch a commercial is if you want to double your score for each level. I've been playing for months and just watched my first one tonight. Download it! You'll be stoked!!
Any hope for bluetooth controller support like carpet bomber 1? Also, thank you for fixing it so we don't have to go through the dialogue so much multiple times through.
Nothing to complain about. Game is fun. You don't have to buy anything to upgrade your aircraft or systems. Great way to waste time.
Good game. Campaign not saving after level 6. Game is updated. Developers kindly solve my problem. Google Play is already updated. I followed the method you suggested. Progress still not saving. It even shows when I launch the game that Google Play is signed in.
The AC-130 is worth it's price but it's so hard to turn so I think it should have the 30mm auto cannon that shoots down to the ground instead of the AC-130 having to point directly at the target becau I crash it most of the time trying to do that Overall it's an amazing and fun game
Good fun! But by far like original best.Have almost done all original levels Its a blast! (1st version) didn't like controls. On 2nd version didn't like missions that go right to left are awkward because my thumbs on virtual joystick on left side of screen. Would like it if u show stats at end of game & alltime.like how many infantry killed by machine gun or cluster bombs etc. Would be fun trying 2beat my best.
This game is the only bombing game that is running my battery down, because I can't just imagine a day without playing it, it's very fantastic, thank you very much....
Perfect! I'll just give some sugestions for this game or even CB3. In missions that you're unable to land maybe have a tanker for air refueling (since this isnt a simulator why not rearming and repairing lol) since here in CB2 u control throttle too. Speaking about throttle maybe reduce fuel flow for mil power but also the engines power too so that there would be a reason to also use afterburnner besides taking off. Also with increase in altitude less fuel flow but less maneuverability :)
Enemies being able to hide behind scenery like icebergs and still continue to shoot from behind them while being invincible is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Also hitboxes are broken I watched a bomb that was going to the ocean explode and damage a ship and another dropped clean through the tail section of the helicopter without damaging it.
A bit repetitive and landings are annoyingly difficult, but it's an enjoyable game and an improvement on the original.
Loved the first game. This is even better....or so I thought, the first game is better, should have just improved on a great game already, 2nd game has too many hills on land, love the bigger sky, and more control of the plane. But im back playing the first game again, it is great
Pretty good, however Update 4: Got passed mission 4 and going into 6. The game will kick me out of the game and I would have to go back in to play the next mission. Play mission, try to start next mission get kicked, get back into game start next mission play and finish next mission then get kicked again. It is almost a 5 star. Cleared cache, no additional anti-virus program. Uninstalled and reinstall game.
Great game. I had a lot of fun playing it. There are some suggestion i would to see in this game. One of them being custom loadout, Options available air AIM Missiles and AGM Missiles, along with the update is a small green box or tv that shows the target (ground or air) when using the Missiles
Someone mentioned it before, the dialogue is actually a good Upgrades. The problem is we needed somekind of checkpoint. Many people who is not really good at this game rants about the landing crash.
This game is quite fun and i have been grinding gor 1500 stars but when i got the plane it was quite weak so i think you should lower the price to at least 1000 or 750 stars but overall it is a good game
It was a great game and I still play it randomly, I just finished the story and wish there was more though. Overall great game 10/10 would commit warcrimes again
A fun enough game, some definite upgrades from the first game. Helicopters are probably too nimble, easy to crash. And the campaign is pretty awful. Not to bash on it, I still really enjoy the game, but that's where I'd look at improving Reply: I hadn't seen a helicopter tutorial, no. I'll look for that. I do think that the helicopter max speed is a bit much. And props for trying on the campaign, character development specifically is what needs help. Island invasion is totally fine
Very good game i just wish the planes were easier to get as getting even 500 stars could take a while and i wish you would lower the prices on planes you can buy with stars. Although i think all the planes that you can pay for are reasonable prices other then that great game Edit: i did not know that since i just started the game yesterday. Thank you!
awesome little shooter, If you liked the original, there's a lot to love here. Great addition of the eject > parachute mechanic and the ability to land and refuel. On the other hand landing after every missing does get tedious, it really takes the wind out of your sails when you complete a mission and crash your plane. Also the dialogue interrupts combat flow occasionally, I'd prefer it show up in the corner and not pause the action, especially while in an intense dogfight.
Is level 20 in the campaign possible to complete The boss is he beatable to someone who only plays the campaign the idea of spending hours of the day grinding isn't very appealing I want you to know the the game is great except in some levels way too hard. Synthetic minds thank you the help :)
Updated, I did realize a bit more stars per level, but still some 3 to 9 star levels. Also thanks for fixing the backgrounds contrast helps alot! Now after time playing, I noticed on survival you can receive critical hits but not your enemies..?Higher levels have 5 jets streaming bullets at the same time lol and I miss stars when the game ends shooting the last target, stars too far away. The parachute feature is useless. Your destine to die because enemy shoots you before you touch the ground.
this game attacked my phone. it literally overpowered my system and I had to do a hard reset. THIS GAME IS DANGEROUS AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD. FORCED ADS AND OVERRIDES EVERYTHING. I AM REPORTING THIS GAME FOR REMOVAL ON GOOGLE PLAY
I love this game. I couldn't put it down. I recently finished the story and can't wait for the next game. The campaign on normal is challenging but not impossible. To get a new plane was a little bit of a grind but I'm fine with that. The only thing I can think that was sort of a problem is the turn rate on your plane, I know you can upgrade it but it almost feels like the upgrade does nothing or very little. Other than that the game is a 10 out of 10
Loved the first game and this one too! My problem is that it never saves my level progress when I quit and come back. Please fix.
It it pretty fun but needs some balancing changes or making landing easier (edt) It's gotten much easier to land getting used to it
Good campng mission new things like take off and landings are cool stealth fighter with big bomb cool effects but collecting star are diffcult then carpet bombing 1. Thanks.
The game is great no ads added with fun gameplay that you can play for hours makes a great game. A recommendation for the next update add maybe a stuka Ju87 dive bomber, a B17 flying fortress, or a SO-4050 Vautour jet bomber, I think it would make the game more fun.
It's a fun game and it makes me come back to it every now and then but I can't just NOT GET OVER how annoying it is to restart EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. If you die, then you have to press the restart button and wait 5 seconds to spawn in. You'd think you could get back into action from that point on, but NO, you have to TAKE OFF, then go BACK WHERE YOU WERE, and also stop to tap and skip through the very annoying and repetitive dialogue.
Changing my review due to glitchy game. I find the game often lags out and either shuts down or my plane ends up crashing into the ground. Other than that, still one of the best games availiable on the app store! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Loving the game but the latest update has brought up some graphic glitches. My plane is missing a cockpit canopy and a tail fin. Also the bombs are missing fins...looks broken. The issue is visible on the T-50.
Definitely an upgrade from previous game but is very short. dialogue is really stupid and includes a weird back story of a homosexual coms officer being fired due to inappropriate remarks to your character. Then he is replaced with a woman that you in turn make inappropriate comments to. She falls for you and becomes your gf.... Really awkward.
I like this game even bought the F-18 although f-35 is better. This game is perfect maybe adding a story or a scenario will make it much greater but it is already great thank you for this experience
The development team for this game is unparalleled and excellent. At first glance this game looks repetitive, however, there is enough variation in the levels, stories and planes (and helicopters!) to keep a gamer busy for years! Minor glitches, as are common with all new games, are quickly addressed AND there is constant improvement to the gameplay. BONUS: in app purchases are cheap too(but definitely not mandatory). Stop thinking about it!!! Download and PLAY!!!
I love this game. Casual, but kinda hard. Only two campaign levels that were hard: Big Fish eats little fish, and Final Assault. I completed the campaign. Doing simulation now in instant action. I love it! :))))))
Amazing game, I spent a few bucks to get additional aircraft, and I really hope there's a Carpet Bombing 3, or that the creator would expand upon this one. I saw a review about zooming in/out and I'm a rookie programmer so I know it's not easy but there is a very limited range of attack so the ability to zoom out would be nice
Not as good as carpet bombing... The original. This one is a little annoying. The landing bit is not very good. Fuel bs etc. Also you can see you have got a little more greedy. I don't normally pay for mobile games but I have on CB 1 but you are taking the p155 with this one.
Deceptiveley simple game. Sooo much fun, it could get quite addictive! Takes a little while to get used to flying, especially landing, but so rewarding to get it right. Please add more planes.
Very enjoyable gameplay is smooth and satisfying. Massive improvement from previous game without a doubt. Only could use some more polish and variety. Some examples would be new maps, new enemies and more weapons. Other than those this game is very satisfying and well made.
Fun, requires no purchases for a decently good mobile game. Story often seems like it was written by a 13 year old boy. Very weird dialogue sometimes, but still worth it due to feeling like an actual game and not a cash grab or an ad machine. Props to the makers for that.
Bad graficse wish that the tanks and aircraft were more realistic 3 star but I do injoy but that need a clearer graficse and more realalistic stuff so yea
When i land perfectly on the plane road or whatever it is i sometimes blow up for some reason. Please fix that. Also please add a custom map level, players can make their own maps (you can place terrain, troops, and other). Also please make a sandbox gamemode. You have infinite health and fuel in it. Those are my ideas. (EDIT) it did it on both i think
Absolutely amazing game. Played through the whole story and can't wait for the next game. 5 stars because I enjoyed it so much, and I only have two very small problems with the game. First the landing gear don't deploy early enough causing unnecessary deaths and rage after a hard mission. Second, level 10 Arctic Attack is far too challenging for somebody who hasn't bought any jets and should be optimized for the slower f-14. Thats all hope this was helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚
I havent figured out how to land.. They give info but it has never worked. Im stuck on level 1. Make landing more basic or make an auto option for those of us who are not talented lol As awesome as the first in every other respect so far!
Edit- I had dogged the game because my planes did not reload after installing on a new phone, developer responded immediately with basically try again. Took a couple of tries but the planes did reload. I really have enjoyed this game, and it will remain a staple time killer for a while to come.
Awesome. Difficult even in easy mode, but not too much, just enough for a challenge. Level 26 is wild, it spiked my adrenaline, and I felt like a badass after hitting enemy planes with bombs (which you basically just do or else they will overwhelm you) absolutely smashing. A bit short but it is only part one and more is to come so I thank the Devs for this great game and continuing to work on it!
I really like this game. I really do. But I think that you should make some of the planes accessible by grinding stars to get them rather for you to pay a few bucks. I played your first carpet bombing game and the A-10 warthog was accessible by grinding, but now its behind a pay wall. Im not trying to come up as cheap and just not wanting to spend money but I do think its a little dumb that a plane from last game is now behind a pay wall in the newest won.
This cr-app completely froze my phone and I had to reset it to get out of it! Didn't even manage to get the first level to work! Instant uninstall and even 1 star is too good for it!
The game is awesome thats why I gave it 5 stars but I think you should add more levels to the campane
I deleted my previous rating so i could make one about another issue I found, basically sometimes there are tiny ground parts that aren't even visible that I have crashed into, this is most often in base defense when most of the landscape has been completely bombed. Maybe make some sort of limit to how small a linked part of the ground can be? I'm not a programmer but i have a basic idea of how it works and I think it shouldn't be too hard to implement this.
Nice game to pass the time AND NO FORCED ads, the only thing is that I wish there is more distinguished features between different planes.
Very addictive, fun, simple, sometimes challenging. Overall, I would recommend playing this to ya'll. However, one problem I faced was that my phone kept massively overheating while playing this. Somehow I can play CoD mobile and asphalt 9 without heating up but this simple game makes my phone melt?
Used play the first one so was happy to play the second. The only reason it loses a star is because I bought the A-10 on a different phone and I cant get it to move over to my new phone (or my progress) when signing in to my google account. Edit: I'm not trying to move my purchase from CB1, but from CB2 on one phone to CB2 on another phone, sorry for the confusion. I've logged in on both phones and even tried to restore purchases in the plane selection menu.
Awesome game dowlaod it at first glance you might think its bad and you might die alot from the controls but when you get used to it this game is an absoulte beast
A fantastic arcade time! You just need to spend time learning to fly the plane and then you are away. It's tricky sure,but that's what makes it great once you get going and can evade somewhat. This is the first game ever that has made me enjoying collecting tokens to get better weapons. The balance is perfect... Remember what it's called! You need to get good at carpet bombing. Remember where your enemy is and get up high, bombing all the way. The descend bombing all the way....
A lot like the first game, but with improved graphics and a few extra challenges; including take-off and landings, critical damage, fuel use, adjustable speed, and a story mode. An enjoyable game and a developer that cares about the opinion of people who play.
Amazing game, better than the original in many respects. The helicopters are really fun and the larger maps add to the experience. Love how the game isn't riddled with ads, quality/trust pays off and gimicks are a shortcut, the developers see this and will continue to get my money because of it! Keep up the good work! Would love to see more variety of enemies (wanna blow up the aircraft carriers also)and game modes, lastly where's hit and run?
Amazing and I am a fan. I would like to see more options of vehicles not only jets. Should be introduce jeep, bike, tanks.
Hi thank you for making this game its really awsome game but do you think you can add a watch an ad for like 100-300 stars cause when i buy stars it crashes my game so do you think you can add that thank you i love so much๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
The game is awesome better than the last one. However the throttle disappeared in since the last update and is only available in campaign mode. May be this glitch will resolve if I reinstall but I'll have to start from scratch as I'm already across 300 levels . Is there a way to fix this?
Bought ac130 and cant restore it. I had uninstalled the game and just redownloaded it because i was bored. When i had the game before i bought the ac130.
Android 11 bug: pause and play/resume are backwards. Game starts off actually paused, but it thinks it's unpaused, so you have to hit pause to play, but then you have the big resume button blocking the center of the screen while you are playing. In order to play without this bug you have to crash first before starting each mission. Only campaign mode is affected. I started playing before Android 11 and really like it. I've spent a lot of money on this game. Hopefully the bug will get fixed.
Awful dialogue. Not funny for a game to start referencing talking about men's oenises and a man making sexual remarks to another man. 27/8/20 been asked by developer to rate gameplay as the homophobic dialogue is meant to just be funny. It's not funny really just a bit pathetic. Oh and as its fun it's OK to make sexist references now!
Absolutely loving this game right now. I've bought every aircraft and having a lot of fun. However I think that for the money it isn't fair that the aircraft are often not very good actually in game. F-35 should have some stealth capabilities or VTOL because right now it just isn't viable. I know the Spitfire is supposed to be hard to use but I think it should have some special ability from the era. Finally, the T-50 should have more base health. I would love to see the F-22 Raptor and F-15 too!
The dialog is nice, campaign was a little short tho. Liked the first game, like this one. Great job and keep it up! <3
No brakes or reverse thrusters. Can't stop plane. Thank you for the prompt response, it is just really annoying when landing the plane, run out of strip and plane just blows up when it's just coming to a stop. I like landing the plane, reason why I try to land it every time.
I loved this game with the easy controls and the funny dialogue alongside that one date night you get to fly the Apache, I've beat the game and I want to play carpet bombing 3 that will hopefully come soon [I mostly want to launch off of the aircraft carrier] I just wish I didn't have to buy most of the planes or save up a ton of stars
Wow the game is amazing and good for me,but need more update such like make it more realistic,when you spend star with real money and buy extra power it just waste your money when you die and game over,this game is joyful I appreciate it and pls reduce plane price ๐ŸŒŸand keep it up on update and make more plane and helicopter ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ
Sometimes when I land perfect it blows up and it's irritating after almost dying. Maybe add some checkpoints or a auto-land after watching an ad, or something like that. Yes I watched the video a couple times and I believe it happens mostly on the story.
Really great game ngl, story is kinda short, I have a suggestion for the game and it's to add multiplayer. And like I said the story is kinda short so maybe add more in the campaign. Again game is great keep the great work and make sure to take a rest once in a while.
I want to like this game and really hope the physics are edited. The enemy boats, tanks, helicopters are all way faster than they should be comparatively and landing, is too sensitive. Even times when almost sure its perfect, i crash and now have to do it all again. Additionally I think it would be nice to have a way to build your plane's permanent armament capacity over the game and have a targeting radar. I also think a cool feature would be weapon pickups boosting damage once at capacity.
Fun, easy to fly game that doesn't require paying to be able to advance. (Edit: still enjoying it, as are my kids, but occasionally app won't open. Unsure if my phone or app is the issue.)
add more fighters and improve the game physics the game is so exciting, i dont like that the enemy jets are just trying to crash into you , maybe if there's some ground backup it would be better , i like the landing option , maybe you can remove the tanks and add some anti air weapons , homing missiles will be great , i dont like that i have to buy extra weapons every level even if i died and restarted the game i have to buy again , the enemy planes follow me to the base and shoot me on thegroun
I see that you added the b2 and it is awesome,this game is improving and it's much better than the first one๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ, it would be nice if the camera would be a bit longer for the planes so we can gun the enemies while we are a bit higher on altitude.
Side scrolling dogfight game,sadly considerably less fun than its predecessor. The somewhat sloppy controls were acceptable without the need to land after missions, now there are too many controls on screen that interfere with each other. Edit: up to four stars as the icebergs are no longer indestructible. Landing seems easier if one approaches the runway horizontally and uses speed decrease to adjust the height. Still challenging on smaller mobiles in combination with too big thumbs. :P
best addictive game i have played, now its easier to get stars, just needed a little time since it was hard at first because i did not yet understand the game
Great game. But you need to add more story to it. For example the last mission where you get to see the air craft carrier. You need to add more missions related to it. For like you can fly over it or even land on it. This would make the game more fun in playing
Always thought this was boring at first but its actually pretty addictive, im just hoping you guys could work on the campaign and make new missions (its pretty fun) and on graphics also (anti aliasing, shadows, and lighting)
The game is good and addictive. When you're playing the base defence mode, each wave of enemies spawn after 60 sec. So you can easily burn 10-15 minutes every time you have a go at it. Late game gets laggy as enemies come in huge numbers. Campaign mode is ok yet a bit repetitive. New planes are a bit pricey but some can be bought with in-game currency. I still play it every once in a while. It's a good download and worth investing some dollars in if you can.
I review alot..And very negative when it comes to google games and the way the over do ads..But all of the carpet bombing games are AWESOME.The ads are to your advantage.Let carpet bombing be an example on how google should handle advertising..5 stars synthetic mind..An awesome game...Keep them coming...BRAVO
As expected,. Game is enjoyable and a good time killer. For some reason the latest update made the bombs look like tears. Is the pilot crying? They looked like normal bombs up untill now.
Played the original and loved it, this one has great potential. I wish there was a way to reward progress made in the first game as well as a continuation of the campaign. One feature that I think is definitely missing from CB2 is the daily mission but maybe a few more options other than the standard escort the Jeep mission from the first.
I absolutely love this game kind of old school I love all the plane and alot of the characteristics are the same as in real life like the a-10 Canon in carpet bomb in 1 awesome. So I'm over lvl 850 the game was getting to easy , then I realized there was an update after searching for carpet bombing 3, there wasn't one but I noticed the update , best update ever , they made it so much harder and introduced a new tank ,I absolutely love this games . P.S you needs a Harrier jump jet ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Surprisingly fun! No adds no Wifi and not a cheap rip off plus an good story that is ripe for expansion tho I'm still waiting for a mode to just bomb the heckfire ought of them
Game concept is fantastic, but controls in this game are crazy, so sensitive, especially chopper. It just makes the game unplayable. Hopefully future patch will fix it.
Eh pretty good game although no ads yeah id reccomend time killer but ie got a complaint when ie got the B 2 stealth bomber ie dropped the nuke but some cased it landed on and infantry but did explode like a nuke but nice game see ya
**update: crashing has stopped, Devs very responsive, changed star rating** Play this a lot and really enjoy it, quick simple fun in-between other bits! Only issue I have is the game now crashes and won't load any levels from 288 on fly now simulation on my pixel 3. Tried updating everything but no joy.
Really fun, difficult at times, but super fun, I also like that it isn't just one plane/helicopter that you can choose from, but they are expensive and need a ton of gameplay to unlock unfortunately, but I really enjoyed this game and totally a time killer lol.
Quite good game but I experience random things in game. 1)throttle fully acceralates itself randomly in lvl 14 causing my fuel to consume and to get mad 2)lvl 14. seems impossible to finish cozthe final ships on the edge w/ iceberg are too sluggish to appear and my fuel is not just enough to destroy them. 3).Maybe make some plane fighting game(jets, choppers etc.) w/ Enemy ai/cpu. 1v1 or 2v2 with them also with long health bars display & w/o time limit only based on health bars.It would be cool
I love the addition of a new story mode however the story mode was not perfect and here is why: Who was that person that got into the communication that never came back? Why isn't there a celebration level when I complete the story mode? From where did that helicopter from the date level appear and why do I not get to use it anymore? I would really enjoy either a update that makes the story mode longer (bc I smell some hidden lore in there) OR a Carpet Bomber 3 that finishes the story.
Still never stop playing this wonderful game. Such a responsible Developer. I love all the new updates that you have done and for the next update if you may, I would like to suggest adding a BF-109 plane (German's sexy planes๐Ÿ˜…) and to have more option were we can spend the stars such as equipable armaments like rockets and other MG's. Still loving your game keep up the good work Developer๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ
I want to give this game 5 but when I try to play arcade mode the game crashes and I have reinstalled it twice: Edit, I have seem to have found the problem I can not play any arcade level below 38.
Very fun. A pretty strong learning curve, but stick with it and you will have fun, even though you will fly into a hill fit no reason it seems sometimes! Still very addicting and fun.
Deceptiveley simple game. Sooo much fun, it could get quite addictive! Takes a little while to get used to flying, especially landing, but so rewarding to get it right. Please add more planes. Thanks! This is an old review, landing is challenging, but great fun. If you were to make a WW2 game, along the lines of Night fighters, it would be the best game in the Playstore. Loove your game, thanks! The Hind helicopter is absolutely beautiful! Two thumbs up! This game just gets better!
Im a loyal player of Carpet Bomber and have great hopes for this game as well. The design is top notch, the engineers did a wonderful job at gameplay while keeping the game challenging..a real difficulty in similar games. The addition of helicopters and the unique rudder controll allowing the crafta to switch orientation really ope s the player up to a whole new set of strategy and keeps game fresh yet familliar. Please ADD JOYSTICK REPOSITIONING IT HELPS TO PUT IN LOWER LEFT AWAY FROM FOV
Fun game overall but still the persistent bug where after pressing "touch to continue" at the end of each level, the text vanishes and the game stays in the same place
Side scrolling dogfight game,sadly considerably less fun than its predecessor. The somewhat sloppy controls were acceptable without the need to land after missions, now there are too many controls on screen that interfere with each other. Edit: I understand that landing in campaign is partly beneficial due to repair possibility but the risk of death by control issues both in starting and landing far outweighs this. Enemies hiding and firing from behind indestructible icebergs is also not fun.
I loved Carpet Bombing 1 and this is so much better. I know people will complain about the landing but I just really got the hang of it and I think it was meant to be hard, because once you get good at it, you will appreciate it more... I think this is what the creative team was going for... I wish you would recreate the Commodore Amiga game called Jerstike... You have the capability to do it... Jetstrike is better so please recreate it with better graphics... You will find it on YouTube.
Figuring out the controls at first was very hard I almost gave up. But then I figured out how to control the fighter. Now I can't put the game down. Update from 7/22 on 9/17. Level 183. Still can't stop playing. Awesome game.
Addictive. Please add more mission locations and planes. Suggestion: add some European jets like Eurofighter Typhoon, Rafale, Mirage, older Saab jets. Loving it. Are more planes incoming? I gotta collect them all. ๐Ÿ˜…