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Carp Fishing Simulator - Pike, Perch & More

Carp Fishing Simulator - Pike, Perch & More for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Dangerous Derk Interactive Ltd located at Ketwell Lane, Hedon, East Riding of Yorkshire HU12 8BW. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game but lately gets stuck on loading screen. Had to uninstal to get it working again but now it doesnt except my login detail. Please help!
Really like the game just not getting coins and photos of good fish.had a couple of doubles.and more little f1s to top 7lb 8.just want to buy off my catching.?
The game were good before the update. I can only catch fish at the haven but they are all super small nothing over 1,5 kg. I get no bites at other venues.
Hi. I have a lot of glitches on my game. On Marina my fish gets stuck and my alarms doesn't always work. Please can you sort that out
Don't let the high rating average listed fool you. I bought this game without playing it first, assuming it was a good good game because it has over 4 stars. PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME: 1. It's extremely overpriced, 2. It TAKES FOREVER LOAD (even on low resolution), 3. The fishing is subpar compared to the majority of the free fishing games out there.
Really love this game but every time I catch a fish then release it doesn't let me pick anything else up ie rod 2 or marker rod so i have to come out the game then reload game so i lose the fish and points please please can you sort it as really love this game
The game keeps crashing on me since the update. Lowest resolution. Also why is there even a reel button on here. I reel and reel and reel and nothing happens. I have literally set my phone down and the fish caught itself. Perhaps there needs to be a little tweeking still. Not bad for where it started till now, but should be altogether by now I figured. Oh well, let me know when you fix it and I'll redownload it.
Awsome game and the update on game has been fantastic.. awsome job to the guys who made this game possible.. i give this game top ratings best game goin..
Brill game wasn't to sure after update but come back on it after a while and it's being great upto now no complaints
if you guys dont update the game to where u can catch fish and you dont have to spend money to fish your game wont get exposed
Game so good you will get caught up on it play it so much sometimes I run my battery down I plug the charger into it and still be playing even when it's charging or not it's that good.
Love the game around 2 yrs ago I bought this I even started torneys with other people on FB but now they definitely need an uplift I have a recent phone and the graphics are really bad now shame really so only 3 stars but if they did an update man this game definitely 5 stars
Downloaded game and doesnt open just crashes, use to have this game a year ago but my god do not buy this game unless it gets fixed !!!!
Switched to a New Phone Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra. Now the game won't even load. I've had this game about 4years now..and worked on my previous samsungs..but not The S20ultra! Please fix!
really used to love this game but it's really bad now I go on the easier lake to fish on and it wont let me catch anything dont no if it's my phone or what the alarms beep once and that's it then nothing at all
just bought the game and the whole thing lags. when I stop running it keeps going. when I turn round it keeps turning. I only seem to get single beeps on the alarm no runs. when I select a peg it freezes for a min or so. seems poor quality for a game you pay for. Looks like a lot of time has gone into different rigs and baits and so on but controls are poor... 1 star from me. hope it improves 🖓😔
Don't waste your money, it took me 4 attempts to download it then when your finally in have to pay for nearly everything, I fished most venues and spent 3 hours on one not a bleep on the alarm nothing if I could get a refund I would, to many glitches to list just avoid it , If I could give minus starts I would ,
Fantastic, Game has Evolved, it is now a complete Sim, that was the aim. Well done Steve and everyone in the CFS team.
Great game at first was a little stressful with loosing coins but nothing major. But the recent updates are brilliant best fishing game by far.
it has bugs alright...but the actual experience is just amazing...just like the real thing..love the app, the community..hope you can update for more species and less bugs...
Great and challenging fishing game for those carp enthusiasts out there. Has lots of graphic setting for older phones which is very helpful. There are some casting issue bugs and sometimes the game has a hard time starting (takes a few attempts of opening and closing the app). However, there are plenty of lakes, rigs, baits, and tackle to unlock as you progress through the game. The controls work surprisingly smooth and shouldnt take you long to get used to. Hope this helps, have fun.
Honestly probably one of the best fishing games I've played! Just wish we didn't have to pay so much! Please add more lakes, rivers also maybe like the river Thames in London? There's some really good spots.
Was working when first loaded but now App don't load gets stuck and no refund option Still no reply from developers
great game love it. if I carnt get too the lake I bring the lake too me. just like the real thing chuck your rods out and like the real thing wait
Ive been looking for a realistic fishing game and i finally found it. And it just keeps getting better. Update: after last update its working again. Thanks for fixing
Please improve the game please and my multiplayer purchase doesnt show and all my ingame coin purchase is gone
Not far off the best fishing game full stop. I've played most of the others and they're either to arcady or too easy. This game has got the balance right.
Their need's to be a reel so that you could actually reel in the fish manuly and their needs to be a bob for the hook
getting a refund. never buy this game, 1. it rarely starts. 2. it crashes every time you tap "fish here" at a peg no matter what so basically you cant play at all.
I love this game it really does need updating, downloaded the game a good few years ago, just downloaded again and nothing has changed, please give it a uplift
Great game but lots of bugs after playing awhile it wont let u put rods down it almost freezes please fix
Seems to be a good game but lately buggy as in not getting credits for caught fish and now not able to re download the game
very bad graphics, game keep on throwing me out. does not want to reel in all the time... for this type of price for a game i would expect more. other 3D carp 2 game much better.
Other than the fact it takes up to 5/6 attempts before this game will open and the fact the reel auto winds on some casts and it's impossible to get your line out of trees it's ok....very Annoying it takes so many attempts to open the dam game though, sure people must think it's a dud as the screen stays blank for so long or fails after the first sponsor ad! don't know how you can justify to charge to purchase this game when technically isnt working properly so a refund would be great please!
Great game, really good, and for the people out there that giver 1 star, they need to learn how to play the game, if there were a six star button my ratings would go up to six 😁
Needs a little more work in the tackle area and if the boat could take out my rig that would be great. Also better indication of fish on the depth finder would be great
What has happened to this game!? I can't change bait or rigs and I and I spent money just to get ripped off THANKS
Amazing game but alot of bugs. It hangs. The reel retrieves line automatically when attempting to cast and i have to restart the game. Loosing bait i paid for. A hints or tips option would be nice so as to get into fish on the harder venues
Hello, I have a small problem with the game. I reset my phone, re-install the game, and all the carp rigs and all the bait are missing at the moment? I have to buy everything all over again.
Don't load up right don't waste your money .wish load right as it the game that I want to play .shame feel let down big time .when does load you go fishing pick the peg and that's it freeze.that it such a shame 😒
I have been playing the game for a year and a half now and i really like it.....but the new updates still contains bugs such as difficulty switching pegs after fishing at a peg and then changing.... And perhaps most annoying every time after I catch a pb fish I can't take a picture because the fish and my character disapear....... PLEASE Fix
Update sucks! Have to buy all bait and rigs. Casting power gauge has no consistency at all!!! Haven't caught a single fish, since update. Graphics are way better but its causing my phone heat up to a ridiculous level.
My only issue with this app, is that it will not run my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ just to a black screen, any ideas please .
Please sort this game out in need of a up date can't play multi player gets kicked out and on single player cant net fish come on sort it out
When ever you select bread for a bait it says you have non available even though bread is supposed to be unlimited and nothing works the only lake you can catch on it the haven using maggots nothing else on any other lake works sort it out
I like it but every so often i lose coins if i havnt played it for a day or more there are also a few bugs that stops me putting my rod back down and not giving me coins after catching
Bad controls , bad game doesnt load get stuck nothing much to do , waiting for hours to catch something , waste of money an time please dont support this game its bull
I had every thing on the game been playing it 5 years. Had a update in 2018 if just downloaded it agen and back to swear one wouldn't of minded but when you pay real money to get somewhere on a game not acceptable thanks carp sim nice work. NOT
Lots of Glitches!! It will not allow me to set up my Rod 1 everything else yes keeps saying rod or bait not set up I spent lots of money on different rigs bait etc .... but still does not allow me. And purchasing a venue is expensive also Come on sort this out !!
can't pick up the rod keeps saying bait and rig not tied properly and bread flake as a first bait bit of a joke purchased this game when it first came out was pretty good back then now it got a lot of problems that need to be sorted out otherwise it would be a higher score
Took two payments off me as didn't unlock at first attempt of purchase. Now keeps freezing when it fancies and can't actually get any gameplay in at all. Are these bugs going to be fixed and am I getting refunded for the extra money taken from me?
good game just like being on the bank and waiting for a bite lol had it on for a few hours and still didn't have a bite lol but it is addictive just like the real thing
DO NOT BUY!!! I was really looking forward to this game. unfortunately it looks better than it actually is there are too many bugs when it comes to casting. rather confusing menu and I've tried and tried to work the game out and just can't get my head around it. I'd like a refund but I don't see me getting one.
One of the best fishing simulation game going! Few bugs here and there but it doesn't ruin the game play.... Can sit there for hours playing this game as its pretty realistic
Please work on multiplayer and give more time on it i have been spending money but nothing emproves...please this game could be awesome if it was more realistick like if jou could craft and jump and get hunger... the real time is just time waisting... please emprove it....i hope the game creators reads my review please... spending money on a game and hopes it improves.... thanks when will this game update
Great game if you're a carp fisherman. Elements are realistic and engages you to think the same way you would when you're fishing in real life.
the only time I can play the game is when I delete it and 're install it otherwise it black screens. this is only since the latest update. please fix this I'm gutted
I brought the game 2 to 3 days ago and I impressed with how they have formatted it I fault it was going to be rubbish but the graphics are rly good and there's a online bit that u have to buy which I don't like it should be free but it's an amazing game....
great game good graphics. love it. but some actions like picking up a rod or using the bait boat will cause my game to freeze often. I end up losing money from fish I've caught and for using that lake
I bought the game a few years ago and when i downloaded it early this morning there was a problem the game goes in and works fine but as soon as i choose a peg the whole thing freezes and doesn't want to work L
Game did not open, even after a couple of attempts. I had the older version for a long time and thought it was due for an update. Lost all my previous game data and was unable to do a rollback to the previous version. Extremely disappointed.
Probably the best fishing game made for android just a shame theres so many fault and it seems the games been abandoned by the creators I've spent alot of money on this game and it just seems to be getting worse
Disapointed! I purchased the game, installed it. I taught is looks nice so i spent a couple or more bucks to buy some gear, just so i can loom at it a the lake. Every time i try to pick up one of my rods, i get an error message saying that the rig or the bait is not set up properly. althou everuthing is selected. Don't buy!!! i spen my miney on a game i can't even play
The game does not even open. It just gives me a black screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and paid twice. It is completely ridiculous. Why must I pay for something that doesnt even work? A waste of money
Way to many bugs. Keeps not letting me net fish or just points at the ground . Sort the bugs out and this would be a 5 star game.
Worst fishing game in the app store. Horrible mechanics and no real instructions on how the controls work. Just plain terrible.
Awesome game freeze sometimes love to see 1 or 2 south african dams featured description of some of the baits uses dont understand what half of the baits r used for flavours example krill and active baits
i am gutted i was lookin forward to playing this game byt after paying for it and installing it only ever gets to the selection screen then crashes and sends me back to my home screen .. big shame a refund would be nice or even better fix the app thanks ...😣😞
I've been on and off this for years. I don't know what happened when, but this time around I'm getting around 2/5 fish snapping me off, and they've only been 2 - 6lbers. Just had the extremeof, drag set to 1, was not winding as fish was running... Snap!!
I've just started playing how am I meant to catch fish when it says rod one isn't set up all i have is a hair rig and bread flakes
Well first started playing this it was good but now it freezes up and won't let you press any button the amount of time I've wasted is unreal
love this game had a few monsters out of gigantica and whiskers lakes. I have the multiplayer mode but never anyone one so that a small disappointment. overall great game and well worth the time spent on it. would be good if we could see our marked spots we found in the bait boat so we could cast with our float rod or spods.
Game controllers is bad. Cant cast after you catch one fish even tried everything the Facebook page said to do. Sometimes alarms dont work. But biggest problem is the casting. Need to sort it out and dont tell me its my fone i download the game now on 3 different mobiles from nokia, Samsung and Hawaii and still same problem
Very good realistic graphics for a phone game, however you don't seem to catch many fish and everything is well over priced..... Just a money maker by the looks of it. What a shame
This game is amazing I love it i just have 2 issues that make me r star it, 1. The water lags instead of a steady flow. 2 fighting the fish isn't too realistic, like a small fish will bend the pole over as far as a big fish, and the fish don't really move much. Fix that me and many more 5 stars will be there
It does not even open??? It get stuck when openimg the first part where the water is there and the tree on the right side where it is supose to load nothing happens there? It just stuck there
Do not download this game, i had the first addition of this game and it was the nuts, simple to play you could choose your own bait WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND MORE MONEY, you cant cast your rods accurately, i threw 10 freebies and apparently used 50 boilies, you now have to pay for coins to be able to do anything on this game. Paying £3.59 to play it, and then having to spend more money to buy rigs and bait, ridiculous if im honest. You could earn coins catching fish, which is no impossible
hey guys you helped me to experience more about carp fishing and you changed the game so I don't play it not mutch
fun game love it a lot its just some waters are hard haha but its live have to work for the fish thank guys cant wait to see more updates haha
I love the game but for some reason my game stopped working after my sim card contract was cancelled. Game was paid for and fully installed and online purchases made yet it stopped working now and i cant get any bites or fish , on fish counter it says currently not working . And there is no reset option for the game to create new profile . Please assist
Love the game but since i upgraded to ver. 2.1.2 i cant catch anything. And why do i have a bait boat but cant use it to take in any bate. S7 edge
Amazing fishing simulator that truly stands out as a simulator in a world of cookie cutter arcade style fishing games. I'm hooked and can spend a few minutes on a easy lake waiting for a few small bites or wait hours for that monster carp out on lake gigantica. This is a must download for any true simulator fan.
U CANT FISH the bait set ups don't move so u can only use hair rig and bread flake and then says it's not set up properly very bad. loved it when it was before this update
Paid 4.00 when it's free on aptoid ripped me off.Plus it lags so bad on my tablet can't even stand to play it Tipp off don't bother buying waste of money please refund me.
One of the most realistic games you can get. I like the whole patience part because it relates to real fishing. 5 stars
Im gutted as this game was heading for 5 star but it stopped loading at the start fishing when it loads up to 90%. After a wait the screan goes black, another wait then back to my home screan. Thats it????? Best part of £4 waisted?
Don't waste your money.. crashes almost every time really annoying.. spent money and can't play the game.. would be a good game if you could actually play it!!! Waste of money and time and can't even get a reply on here to fix it that's how bothered they are. Just after cash end of.
The game doesn't work when i want to fish it loads and stays on a black screen i would like my money back if i can 🙄
games very good. when u can actually load in to the game. now can't get into game as comea up with errors
can i get a refund please, as the game doesnt work i start with one rig and breadflake but get an error saying wrong rig and bait, so i literwlly cant do anything besidee walk and look at the lake. not a good first time experience
Happy with the game, had it for 5 years now. A new update will be nice, since the last one was in 2018. Maybe add more baits, more alarm options etc. Different tackle brands. Big thing that needs some fixing is multi player, make it more interactive. Would be nice to see what your friends do and add a mic option to speak to them not just typing. See when your mate catches a fish etc. Just MORE INTERACTIVE. Otherwise, not to bad for a mobile game
This game and it pc version had the potential to be great games but after owning both for around a year now I don't see that ever happening and now and the so called updates have made the game so simple it not even worth my time to play it anymore. Combine all that with the fact that almost every time the creator of the game replies to people's reviews it rude and sarcastic you have a game that's better left unplayed.