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Carmageddon for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by HandyGames located at Klingholz 13 97232 Giebelstadt Germany. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood and Gore, Strong Language) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
First of all it is good it exist - yet we are far from the past, very far. That's why I gave only 3 stars. Physics are correct yet driving in water is way easier, lighting is not working correctly - some parts of the map are dark for no reason, other otherwise. There is very limited amount of power ups compared to the PC original that makes this app quite boring. I am driving on the hardest difficulty and it is much easier than it was on the PC. To be honest guys - it would be so great if you keep this game here and as it is not really being updated you can just make money on in-app purchases but release the engine source code for the community so I would not have to use dosbox anymore on the PC. The people will fix it in no time and both sides will benefit from releasing the source code of the engine. Hope you will make it one day. Take care and all the best.
Old game but great adaptation to it. Loved every bit. Took me back. Hope you all enjoy! It's still a dam good game
Controlls are so indifferent, move ur steering wheel a bit it doesn't do anything,move it a bit more n u make a "U" turn... this game used to be awesome on the PC. 2 stars till the gameplay smooths out
Back in 2013, I'd have been played this before when I was 7, The iPad version was only Free and the another one is Paid version. It was awesome game, Thanks Stainless Games, I'll want to wait the Carmageddon II mobile port. Also, this game was censored in German version of N64. They changed the peds to robots. So what's next? The latest 2016 Carmageddon game that only compatible to highest RAM of the phone? Here's the extras, I'll want to add the "Zombie Mode" so the players will appreciate.
Just downloaded this game cos I love to her as a kid to come to find out that there has been no updates since 2017 it's not compatible with my current phone which is on Android 10 come on people we need an update.
Good port of the original game, but the minimap is missing, so the game is a lot less fun. The minimap was crucial in the original game for finding my way around without popping out of the main screen.
As solid and faithful to the original as it possibly could be on Android. Love these devs and have always loved this game. ๐Ÿ‘
game is a faithful recreation of the original, but I bought the full game before the ads became a thing. please ad the option to buy the game for an ad free experience.
Just as cheesy and gory as I remember it on my PC back in the day. Does not appear to need an internet connection either which is a plus when all of the games today seem to need internet to be able to play.
I didn't think I would like it, but the gameplay makes it really easy to ignore the gore elements. I ended up playing through it twice. Controls are slippery, but you get used to it.
I'd say this is one of the absolute worst games you can find on the app store. The controls are TERRIBLE and stiff, the gameplay is annoying and flat-out nauseating, and the repetitive sounds make me want to tear off my own ears. If you want to waste your time, play this game. If you want something entertaining and well made, play just about anything else. ๐Ÿ‘Ž
Great fun i never thought i would see this game again as the other ones for ps4 were pretty lackluster but this is as if not funner than the original.
It Crashes When i Open It! I Cant Even Play The Game I Restarted It So Much And it Still Crashes! It was A Big Deal To Play This Game But It Crashes! Fix This Game! I Want To Play It So Bad!
it is awesome, it has the same feeling from back then and its so good even the steering of the vehicles crashing all over the place makes me laugh, but even better will be to a port of one of your other carmageddon games, which i bet will get a lot more attention than those bmg.drive knockoffs
Some fun stuff here and a lot of levels it seems always seen this game and was turned off by the cover silly me this is funny as heck LoL
I never rate games... But, this is nostalgia. I remember playing this on my old a$$ pc for hours. If you were to tell me then I would have it in my pocket.... Bananas. No school like old school. Good work
This game is actually fun to play but the graphics are terrific it is like I am playing a 1995 game plz improve graphics quality and remove the people because my son wants to play this game it is violent
id rate it 5* if the developers would increase the control buttons size and move them further towards the middle sides of the screen. as of current it feels like the developers of this game or at least its Android port I have never once touched a mobile device, or they would know that you're breaking your thumbs just trying to play a game with controls so far to the bottom and so small.
Its a good Racing game i love the gore and the controls for the game are bit weird i got used to but still a good game.
Terrible controls. A dead on port of the original, but no adjustment for controls... absolutely game-killing.
Great, faithful remake but having never uninstalled this game all my saved games just disappeared after the last update, hours of game progress gone. Not happy about that at all.
A perfect port of the classic pc game. Feels just like the original game. Controls are fluid and intuitive, gameplay is fun, and the graphics are just like the original game. A bit on the repetitive side but thats Carmageddon for you and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just really glad this game is on mobile tbh. Also I should mentions that no ads get in your way at all and nothing interrupts your game time.
With a feeling close to the original and a steady framerate, I find this a pretty good port! The steering controls need some getting used to, though.
Not bad at all, but could improve. Just for reference, I have not played the original, but I can see that it remains very true to its counterpart. The car though turns like its on ice. One of the victory conditions is killing all the people in the stage; its fun for a few minutes, but it takes very long and gets repetitive (516 people in the first level alone). For what its worth, there are no ads that I encountered, the gameplay is interesting (besides the people objective), and its quite fun.
Time travel I loved this game as a kid, and it is good to play it again. So much fun. Looking forward to seeing an Android version of Postal as well ;) Thank you developer.
I used to own this game on my desktop but lost the disk to reinstall it, when I rediscovered it on android I was ecstatic. Great game lots of fun playing it. Wish I could find a download for my desktop again.
Satisfying return of an original, haunted by the typical touch screen problems but very much so playable and above that enjoyable, plus, the choice to forgo the grind at $2 CAN being all I've spent on it? Thumbs up.
It was ok until i reinstalled the game i lost every bit of my progress and i had beat the entire game. I just wish it had a cloud save or something but i got to rank 1 and poof all gone
My first game I ever played on PC, its very good, even now its fun to play. Works great on mobile phone.
Just like I remember the original! Awesome! Simple game, easy to play, hilarious graphics and audio! Made for an older Android but still works well.
life changing. if youve never played this in the past. tou simply must. tru to the original. best game in history. thank you for the Android version. and kudos to a job well done !
Banging game. Controls not great on Android 11. You can't make the digital controls any bigger so you get these tiny buttons to try and play with which I miss press most of the time.
Hey guys, Iโ€™ve purchased this game on multiple devices now, thank you for porting to both the Android OS and IOS. The game port is pretty well done, hardly has any performance issues on the older devices too. I used to play this game as a teen and it was the closet thing I had to replacing the big hole in my heart left by โ€˜Quarantineโ€™. I completed every stage in this game multiple times, for racing, enemy eliminations and pedestrian challenges, and yet Iโ€™ll play it again if given the chance. The sounds in the menu give me an instant nostalgia trip every time I boot the game up. I really hope other game devs follow suit and port the older games which were so much better made back then. I love the work you guys have done and I hope to see Carmageddon II ported one day!
There is a bug, Ive reached past rank 93 (94), yet I can't get out stop, which you have to get after death valley, yet now I can't go further cuz of this bug, please fix
Needs controller support!! Trying to start the game the touchscreen is off or there's some glitch making it real hard to select any of the starting options. It looks great on my tablet but driving with touchscreen controls ruins it! Controller needed
A violent and overall fun experience I would recommend this game if you want a retro feeling racer but if your sensitive to gore dont play this game but I have lots of fun playing this game
Brings back alot of memories from my miss spent youth. I do have the complete collection on STEAM. Love the sound track to one and two but four is my fave.
These devs should have spent that time porting carma 2 or even Max Damage instead because there's way too few powerups, map geometries are a nightmare, there's no splitting or crumpling cars. No use trying to get all peds/lap goal if you can't disable your opponents (and die too easy), plus 2D peds are much less satisfying to play with than 3D and cops are way too strong. Intro and win/loss cinematics override your audio, I got yet to find a compatible controller, no cloud saves, BUT NO ADS!
So far just as great as the old game on pc. Bit of a meld of 1 and 2 but gameplay is like 1(the better one) One of my all time favorites. I'm stoked๐Ÿค˜
I remember playing this game on the computer way back in like 2001. I feel the mobile version is worth giving a shot to play. It could use some better graphics and smoother gameplay, but it's not too bad for a mobile game. I would reccomend this
Pure fun and nostalgy, fun mechanics, very interesting physics model. If you like driving games with a whacky twist, give it a try, you will not be dissapointed:) There is bug with game getting halted and shuting down, and if i remember correctly, this was the same issue in pc version of the game. I wonder if developers are aware of this, it would be good idea to release patch.
Nice game but could the developers please add more control options and would be nice to make the game multiplayer and add a mini map cause it makes easier to navigate through the race track
Originally played this on my trusty win 95 machine. Holds true to the classic, no issues at all with game play, graphics, etc. Playing on an S9 with touch controls, and is flawless. Worth however much I paid for it, definitely a nice blast to the past.
I give it 4 out of 5 because it's true to the original, the graphics are superb, the opponents are better, but the car is undriveable. It's good for reminiscing but not for playing unless they fix the controls - they should add a keyboard control option. Options that allow to set viewing position (height especially) should also be added.
Amazing!!! Brings back so many memories... Please keep updating this game, 20 years later with the same graphics and mechanics and it still has no rival in its genre. Please, do keep working on this game, developers!!! "
As a 90's kid the fact this is available to play on my phone now is, frankly, incredible. Excelent execution from the dev team this is an amazing port.
Perfect 90s gore lover's nostalgia this game is perfect it's exactly like the original PC version. This game is definitely top ten for retro violent games. I even went as far as to purchase all of the vehicles I love this game.๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
pretty much the exact same experience as on PC, except for wonky controls. you will get used to them in about two or three races, but driving in this game still feels really outdated.
this, combined with a Chromecast is the greatest thing ever to happen. loved this game when I was a kid, thanks for porting 10/10 would salute those about to die again
great old carmageddon :D sound from that game are just awesome. pure controversy fun game. graphics like it should be. ride or die xD
Can't believe I stumbled across this! I haven't been able to play this on my PC in years and I really missed it. It seems to be as close to the original game as an app can get. Controls are a little funky on a tablet, but not too terrible. I have about a dozen races in so far with no problems or app crashes to this point. Thank you for making this available!
no microtransactions, no loot boxes, no timers... just pure gameplay. they remade this 20+ year old game in a amazing way. just an amazing game
Wish there was an option to stop camera rotation when backing up. Cars also feel extremely slippery. Don't know if that's a mechanic to make the game harder, but it's annoying and hard to control cars.
I loved this game, was same like pc, but its worth downloading, graphics are really nostalgic if you played from a long time, controls are good, gameplay is ASWOME.
An amazing blast to the past. The only thing wrong is the handling, but it supposed to be that way because this ain't your average racing game. The graphics are dated but its supposed to be like that since its an old game. Its really good, only the controls need to be resized but it dont let me. Pretty much perfect game.
Good port, but the lack of physical control support really bites, and no I'm not going to use a touch-to-button mapper because they're all dreadful and obtuse to set up.
Lots of blood and screaming pedestrians to run over. Loved the original and Carmageddon 2. Graphics look way better on this one than on the PC.
Pretty much a flawless port of the original, but with better resolution, textures, draw distance and after-effects. A remaster, really. The progression is a bit slow, but I don't mind.
It is a good game but it should have a multiplayer option that allows our friend join the match and play with us. That'll be great if you will do that btw great experience
This game was a good port when it was ran by SCI and not this company. Older versions of this not only were more stable, they were also completely free of ads! Find an older version of this app because this version put on the Play Store isn't it.
Theres a bug 1)The Carmageddon will automatically shutdown your phone if you crash the car but not always just sometimes, 2.)The avatar are removed and I didnt Know what happened I want that avatar in top left but what happened it Nothing and im sufferring that 2 bugs but the game is good can you pls update the game and have focus in this game for just 1 year husssssh Im just 11 yrs old Sooo im not good at english
Loved it since the start back in the early days & happy to finally have the freedom to get my "100 points" bonusses again, we keep on saying things like that IRL cause of this game... LOL
Finally someone realized that the future of mobile gaming is on the epic pc games from the past. I would pay full disk retail price if your next project would be to bring back JA2. All the remakes today are awful.
the best game ever!!! Thank the lord there were some people that adapted it for mobile devices! Great job guys you've done it perfectly. My greatest respect for you.
Controls horribly. Doesn't turn properly, doesn't brake properly, feels sluggish and slow paced. Not at all what it should be.
Great game! So much fun to play this again after all these years. Would be cool if you could bring back the other drivers' faces/profiles like in the original game though. Forgot what some of them look like. Also please give us Carmageddon Splat Pack as well. Same graphics but more cars, opponents and tracks.
this is a pretty god port! I don't usually play on mobile because of the controls, but on this game it is very playable abd fun! the only bad thing I could say that sadly this is the (vodoo) version for the original game, but the spat pack with the coolest cars and maps is missing
One of my fave childhood games and it works quite well on a smartphone, easily the game I spend the most time playing on my phone. A great port and free! thanks.
Carmageddon is a classic. The controls and the gameplay might not be for everyone (and the gore and violence too, might turn some ppl off), but this game is, hands down, one of the most entertaining and fun open-ended racing game ever created. The concept is unique, the characters and vehicles are fun and varied, and the tracks are absolutely insane! If you love racing games but looking for something a little different, then play Carmageddon!
exceptional quality, colorful language, great game all together. Have found game played alot while waiting anywhere in a line.
Well it's a fun throwback and I'd play a lot if it wasn't for the uncontrollable gameplay, the cars don't steer properly, don't brake properly, they overall just don't work right. Fix that to get more players
This Game Is My Uncle's Favorite Way Back In 1996 When,He's Still A Teen! (He's The One That Tells Me This Game),Unfortunately,There are People Saying That ADS Are So Annoying, But There is a Solution,When Playing The Game,TURN OFF YOUR WIFI OR DATA CONNECTION! This Is A Very Good Port (As Well As The Other Ported Games),Only One Thing The Controls Are A Bit Tiny For My Fingers.
The most fun I've had since a 300MHz Pentium MMX was fast. This is a Faithful Port of the original. I only wish it had support for controllers or a physical keyboard as an input for that AUTHENTIC feel. that would really make my inner child smile.
The game is good and so nostalgic, some people here are saying its bad and its graphics arent good. listen here idiots, this game is supposed to look old because it has to recreate what the game from 90s looked but on portable. the gameplay lives up and is still the same premise even now.
What can I say? It's near perfect. Their are two things stopping me from giving this legendary port a perfect 5 stars: One: the splat pack should be updated into this game , for those who don't know, the splat pack was an add-on that added more cars, tracks, pedestrians, etc. Second: the original version of the game had a great first person mode complete with a steering wheel and damage layout. If these two things are added, it will be the best damn app game in my opinion.
Fun, when it doesn't crash. Sometimes I can't even get through one race before it crashes. Samsung A20
Exactly as I remember it from my childhood. Which brings me to why I reduced 1 star of a perfect score: this type of game couldn't justify its existence in the modern gaming landscape considering the subject matter and the game play. For those who've experienced the original back in the day this is a great surprise and a fun blast of nostalgia.
I first played Carmageddon on the PS1 and it almost exactly the same as I remembered except for the zombies here are pedestrians. Also everything is free as you can unlock them as you play plus it is ad free too!
I played this game when I was a younge kid although I shouldn't of (mom was angry) but I always remembered it because I thought it was fun an unique it brought back those early morning memories so I gotta give it a 5 outta 5 cause its exactly like I remembered it. Top notch port!
100% truthful to the original, and still, one of the best games on mobile. Old fans will definitely appreciate the developers' efforts to bring this good old game back together with great memories. This game is simply perfect and accessible to all for free. Thank you developers!!
Better on a PC. Which leaves me wondering, why the fk didn't the creators of the app not allow for a wireless or bluetooth game controller? Some of us no longer have kids fingers that loved this when it first came out. Even us grownups still like a laugh. Make it available for windows 10 and you'll make a lot of people happy. AND DON'T USE STEAM. THEY'RE A BUNCH OF CONNING BASTARDS.
if you loved the desktop version, you'll probably love this, controls take a moment to learn (miss my mouse) but once you get a handle on the controls, it's just like old times
Not working with my controller, controls are not mapped and there is no way to map them. I am very disappointed, the touch controls are of course awful! I wish there was a way to map controls to a gamepad
Used to love this game gears ago, stumbled across it again & even though it's a old game, it's still one of the best!
Handy games eh? Carmageddon has so much history of name changes... The original ver referred to itself in errors as "Death Race 2000" Kutter in game is Frankenstein from the movie (David Carradine) Some vers had OK Simpson in a white Bronco (OJ Simp) The only change in this version is old ladies w walkers are super rare compared to the version I had on MacOS 7.5. So my only complaint is the lack of old lady murdering makes it more of a challenge wnk, HandyGames, when u need to come in handy.
I'm caught between the ppl who say it's unplayable and those who love it here. True, the controls are confounding, and the game incredibly difficult. But it's fun for a "race " or two, but now not as funny as it would have been in the 90s. The prospect of levelling up promises a more satisfying game if I stick with it. Hopefully. The graphics themselves look like a PlayStation game. Can't complain about that. $1.59 total for almost every car in the game. Can't complain about that either.
Nice, nice ,nice. So nostalgic and perfect game. I love it. It works just like I remember from 20y ago ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿคฃ And it have perfect music during game ๐Ÿค˜
Probably one of the best PC games I played when I was little, I'm so glad I found it on iOS as well as Android. Works a treat and all the original stuff is in there. Just perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ!
Best Game Ever!!!! Such a kickback to the original pc game, for years kept the old pc just so i got a place to pay this game on๐Ÿ˜‚
Good throwback to the olden days. If the developers are reading this - PLEASE consider adding an option to 'cancel' the rear view (or just remove it altogether). When I back up to gain some speed for ramming another car, I completely lose all overview. I've never once thought 'nice, good thing I had that rear view'. Even if it means that in 1/50 times I'll back into the ocean or whatever, it'll still be worth it to cancel that damn rear view. Otherwise, thanks for a cool game.
The only thing I don't like are the controls. When you are racing and trying to steer left & right and your fingers slip out of the immediate area of those controls and you don't know it, next thing you know is the controls aren't responding and/or your whole screen is moving and what you were trying is gone and you are suddenly getting hit from all sides. Other that the controls issue the game is great, I love & play it all the time.
I've never played the original before, but I've seen it on YT and damn, I'm glad to be able to play it on mobile. This is Gta BEFORE Gta. The maps are surprisingly large and bonkers with an abundances of peds to kill. The game is also very generous in giving in-game currency that doesn't force IAP or grinding. There's only one major critique that I want to discuss, and it is the controls. Honestly, it's bloody horrible. The buttons are too small that it's easy for your fingers to miss the area.
Love it! So far this is the best version of Carmageddon ive encountered. I wish there was a version that looked this nice for PC
A good transformation from the original. It's all there, only diffs I've found: an order to unlocking vehicles and no free cam- These are non essential. The game mechanics are exactly as I remember, clunky but powerful. collision weight feels potent and get some mad air collisions. Spent many years playing this before and really enjoying it today. It's still got that hard race difficulty, catching a low graphics splint (which were prime in its day), sending you spiraling into the police.loveit
Great game but I see 90% complain about the controls, please make it playable with gamepad controller too. Making it available for Android TV would be awesome too.
Great game - just control's terribly with anything other than the digital scheme. If you leave it at that its decidedly old-school - just don't rush to select analogue thinking it will be better - it won't, because of the age of the game.
Absolute classic game, and still great years later on all platforms. Hope it recieves ongoing support to stay available.
The older version of this game is way more playable. It's also had a difficulty setting, plus it did have time bonus for clearing checkpoints. Thanks to the removal of that it's now near on impossible to complete the game by using checkpoints.
Amazing classic masterpiece! IAP just for unlocking car. It doesn't affect your game. Everything depends on your skill!
Full version and still features intrusive ads, for shame. Additionally, it would be great if the game could be installed on the external SD card (like any other game) instead of cluttering the already saturated built-in storage. These two major drawbacks are what is keeping me from giving full 5 stars for what is otherwise an excellent port of a PC classic.
Perfect adaption of the original. Plays great and controls are pretty easy. Love it. Thanks for bringing it to mobile. 5 stars
Amazing port, very faithfull to the original. I breezed through the first 4 levels without noticing any bugs and without seeing any ads.
Loved this game when it first came out in the 90s. I own every version. Even the crappy N64 and GameBoy Color ones. This is a very good port from the original PC version. 6 out of 5 stars in my book. The controls are the exact same too. So, you can't go full throttle everywhere. You have to feather it. Yes, there's better steering/controlling games out there, but this is the original demolition, carnage, and banned game in most countries. Love it.