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Cardstone - TCG card game

Cardstone - TCG card game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Running Pillow located at Pod hrází 1447 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is not a TCG ... It is alot of fun based on strategy and timing , I've unlocked anything , it's just a matter of deck building if you're lucky or not but timing and strategy will Cally you for the most part , there are ads every 20deconds tho....
+Good time kill +Speed Run +Low battery eat -Any time is hard to click card before gone -Low hero level(need patch for more) -Dungeon level limit (low hero def/mana) -Get new card (now i hit +270k for new) I will give 5star after fix - Ty for this game.
Bunch of forced ads, no real strategy as cards just fly across the screen and you tap them. Pretty boring game, no strategy, mana builds horribly slow. Cant reccomend this game at all.
just wish there was not a timer to have to wait to play in the dungeon kinda poopy and kinda hard get Crystal's but meh would pay to contribute if there more updates and stuff
This is definitely a great game for something last updated 3 years ago. Probably top-3 card games on Google Play. No idea why developer doesnt try to make anything bigger out of any of his games. Check out his other projects, i played some and i liked them just as much.
Agitating more than fun sometimes, often closes app in middle of battle and have to restart, makes me not wanna spend on this game.
It is the best game ever but you still need more hero's but I like because it is offline so thank you for the game.;-();-();-()
It's a "scrolling" card game, where cards are continuously dealt and you play them if you've the stored mana/energy(?). Too fast paced to really enjoy or to be strategic, as you really only choose to execute 1-2 cards at any time, all while you're receiving enemy damage. All you're doing is clicking whatever card happens to be dealt at the time. Lame.
This is actually a really fun game and am thuroughly enjoying it. However I cannot give more then a 1 star rating or even come close to spending a single dollar on a game the crashes every 15 mins which is just enough time to get deep enough into your dungeon run to get really irritated that it justed crashed yet again! Even if the game saved the dungeon run and I was able to just reload the game and resume my run I would be willing to push to a 4 star. But restarting my run every 15 mins not ok
Game has been great. As of today it Keeps crashing before I get to floor 10 though. Please look into it
Fun and replayable. And 30 blue crystals for posting this rating it said, so if it doesn't.....gonna find out now!
u can finish the game on 2 days there is a gold hack that works with golden hands just use 6 times that gold boosters on a fight and every win basically 300-5000 gold
Interesting game mechanic but I prefer turn based games. Also, I was disappointed in the assassin, figured he would be stronger. I prefer the vampire and warrior so far.
I really like the game it's fun and tricky for me but it's tricky in a fun way so good job to the devs
What it has as of the moment it provides a lot of entertainment. Sadly Ive seen a lot of bad game optimizations and glitches. Im not going to list them but other than that the game needs more content. Ive worked hard to clear the game on and off for the past week and finished it. It just feels like such amazing potential for a game thats heen left behind. I will definitely come back and give it my last start if there is more. Otherwise its now a non progressive arcade game. Reach me at 80 floor.
Any entertainment this game may have provided was almost instantly overshadowed by the ad wall. Suprise frequent popup ads some of which have no skip. The microtransactions are unbalanced and earning in game currency is extremely labored. Content is so unbelievably limited that the developer put an energy consomption on playing that regenerates over time in an effort to stretch out game playability. The concept is good, the monetization is terrible and undercuts everything.
Like the premise overall , getting a different deck each time you start definitely keeps you on your toes. Only thing keeping me from a higher review is it needs some form of exit option. The back button doesn't do the trick and I have to reboot which is annoying.
Please fix / update this game to more compatible with new device / Os. Sometime crash in the middle of the game, really annoying.
The game is built around having you replay the same battles over and over again and around every corner you'll find a mechanic meant to trick you into paying money. I wouldn't actually call this game, I'd call this a cheap money grab. Or at least, an attempt at that.
This game was good but I get bored after playing this game for a week. This game might get better if you able to choose on what floor you able to start (the floor you already to clear). Add more characters and cards too.
It's a great time waster. Not fully polished is why I only gave it a 4 star. Needs ability to complete a character, like finish a quest instead of just fighting till you die.
I've only encountered one bug, but it doesn't mess with gameplay enough for me to stop playing. The method for card usage is one I haven't seen before. I find the gameplay to be intuitive, as I was able to pick up on how to play easily with almost no instructions.
Great little game. Neat mechanics that engage over time. Only issue is that dev has not updated game in years.
Overall a great game with good replayability...1)Cannot save progress and have to start over from basic level monsters each time ...game really needs a save option as many others have noted 2)Ads are fine and don't get in the way 3)Wizard did not unlock even after playing 3 days
Great little game. Neat mechanics that engage over time. Only major issue is that dev has not updated game in years. The game is buggy on modern Android and the game system needs a bbit of retooling. I am sure the sec can make come improvements to this game based on the quality of their recent titles.
Simple lovely game. Not much to hate on it about. Classic flash game graphics with a band of fun characters. Take some time to play it and you may to like it.
Reasonably interesting deck building dungeon crawler, but the card selection is frustrating - many of the characters can't play the majority of the cards due to mana, even hours into the game. Spending money may help but the basic game didn't entice me enough to try.
DON'T waste time on this. At level 51 there is an unbeatable boss that one-shots you before you are able to play anything. It's a waste of time.