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Cardfight Vanguard Database

Cardfight Vanguard Database for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by stefsquared. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great App for Vanguard Fighters... Convenient, easy to use and keeps up to date with latest sets and release...πŸ’―πŸ”₯
Just noticed a few Errors: 1. Grand Strike Dragon doesn't have the V series tag. 2. Diana of Moonlight has "Star Chanter" instead of "Astral Poet" in its skill thus making it unsearchable through filters. 3. Origin Deity Uranus for some reason doesn't appear when you turn on the Astral Poet race filter Please fix them, overall an app great for Vanguard players.
The app keeps kicking me out. I just started playing Vanguard again and I'm trying to make more decks but it won't even let me on the app for some reason. Edit: Apparently my phone just needed to update. Rated the app five stars because it's honestly a really good app.
A great translater app to have on standby as i play Japanese cards for the fluff of it. Very useful when i dont have the internet with me. But i wish there was a Battle Spirits database because searching the wikia is tough. Cant wait for the Battle Spirits database to come out soon
Edit: Everything is working perfectly. No problems at all. July 14th, 2019: After the recent update the app constantly crashes if you try to veiw the cards img. On Galaxy Note 9. Besides that everything seems to be working smoothly.
Just found a minor error; "Illusory Spirit Manuscript, Fancyclopedia" doesn't show up upon using the "Normal Order" filter. The card doesn't fall in the group of Normal Orders in the app.
The ad bar at the bottom has gotten larger over the years its really annoying now. I would gladly pay for a premium version that does not have the stupid ads
July 14th, 2019: After the recent update the app constantly crashes if you try to veiw the cards img. On Galaxy Note 9. Besides that everything seems to be working smoothly.
Hi i love this app and all. Just wondering what do you use to make this. Will you do one for rebirth for you?
Love this app a lot. I also have a sort of question: if you guys are working on a yugioh database app, when will it be put on the google play store?
Hello dev, I just noticed from set VBT09 a card named Tender Breeder doesn't have any images, would you mind to update it in the next updates? Thanks ~
Come On It Been Forever Since Zero Been on Bushiroad I Really Want To Play It Like Right Now Pllease Just Bring It Out
Well, It is really convenient. However, I wish there is also a distinction for Vanguard Zero cards. Also, please update errors and pics from Vanguard Zero.
Great app, really helpful for deciding which decks I should build. The ability to filter by set gives great insight on what is likely to come to zero. Only suggestion I would make is adding a hand/field tester like the yugioh database app.
When i search and try to erase the search it doesn't work, and i need to uninstall install it again, then if i search again it will crash But overall its good, it makes me see what i want to see. I hope you guys will make the UI more nice
Stays up to date and recently began to separate premium sets from standard so you don't see GB cards while building a V Series deck.
So after spending more time with this app I gotta admit it's very useful and easy to use, but to keep it short I'll just name a couple things that I like and dislike about the app Pros: Deckbuilder/Search tabs are easy to use. Cons: Deck builder doesn't have a "clear deck" option, so your forced to delete. Cards aren't seperated by Grade so it makes it tedious. Grade 0 and 4 need their own search tabs since they each have several types(Stride, G Guardian, Triggers, starters, normal unit) Etc
I think that having a filter that uses the Keywords (Special Clan Abilities Ex: Ritual, Darkness, Rush Etc.) would really help :)
The new list making option is really neat, will there be a similar option to add multiple cards at once to an existing list as well? That would be really helpful.
Really useful for deckbuilding for cards that aren't released in English yet. Also useful for keeping track of the specific card code in your deck for your deck list in tournaments (because let's face it, looking at every card in your deck irl for the tiny code is annoying)
Great App to look at cards, build decks and compile list of wants. Developer shows consistency in updating new cards as soon as possible.
How do you search Order cards only? The addition of VG ZERO cards ruined the whole app. I'd pay just to have an option to filter all ZERO cards out of my search.
I wonder when the test deck feature will arrive tho??? If they had a test deck feature It will be the best.
It's good for finding cards you couldn't think of as well as finding those that you didn't realize existed.
Great app! Use it all the time, very handy with excellent deckbuilder. Crashes out fairly often, though, without any real reason.
10/10 good app , but tbh i prefer the older card explaination (like the red cont. icon , sou charge icon and counter bast icon) since it is much simpler and minimalist
Too good of an app. Simple Succinct Beautiful. Please make one for Weiss Schwarz. There will be so many players who will love it
Perfect app, amazing for planning decks before buying the necessary cards. This is a great way to plan builds ahead of time or keep track of cards you need to get for decks, definitely recommend. Always has updates to make everything as smooth as possible, hats off to the team working on the app for always working hard to fix any issues that may arise.
I have been a subscriber of thos app since last yr. And I dont have any issues yet. Thanks guys. Kuddos!
Love this app been using it for 3 years now. Is there a plan to seperate the Cadfight Vanguard Zero sets? Like do new card release per set (put The End and PBD in the Set 4 filter and put Maelstrom in Set 7 filter) or something like that?
Loved the app, great details on the cards. Just needed the system to search for the greatest resolution on the internet regarding the cards. Overall i like it
The app works well however I have trouble loading the search menu and whenever I click it it closes it again which is unfortunate
Overall this is great experience and a very useful apps. Love it! But i have issues, my app keeps force close, i wondering if there's a missing file. I re-installed this app many times but the problem wasn't fixed. Edit: Erasing my data and cache fix the problem, but deletes my decks and lists. It's oke tho, totally worth it, better than unable to open Anyway, i hope this problem fixed in the next version, Great app and always love it!
Love this app. Very easy to use. but i wish "The List" column show only the Cards not the Numbers on top of their arts. When i wanna see the art clearly, i gotta go and search the card again in the card list. Anyway, Love this APP.β™₯
Ur missing a vanguard card for murakumo. The card is called stealth fiend of unhappiness Shirasagi. Add this card plz its missing from the murakumo clan and i want to build a deck that needs this card. U guys also dont have stealth fiend White Heron another murakumo clan card plz add both these cards
Been using it for years now. My go to database second only to the Wiki. My recommendation for all Cardfighters I meet.
I've been using this app since I first started playing Cardfight!! Vanguard in 2015 and it's as reliable as ever. I hope Bushiroad hires you guys to make this app official because they don't do a very good job making their own database (or even advertise if they have any).
Great app, really helps a lot, hopefully some time, gift marker arts and code would be included in the future 😁
Overall a very good map and necessary for the game if you're playing the jp version. One thing that's bothering me though is how the G series have a majority of their cards missing, please fix.
Great app! although it would be cool if you could add a draw test and a field simulation, just like how the app Yugipedia does it ^^ I would like to see this as a feature in the future, and i'm sure many user would enjoy it too
Everything is fine now and i managed to make some new decks. Can you guys look into making a deck tester for the app so we can test decks we make?
Stand up, vanguard. I ride Solitary Liberator, Gancelot. Sorry I haven't played i a while and lost my deck. This helped me form an even better deck that i am dying ti try out. Just have to buy Gancelot and it's complete!
I dont have evidence for new cards existing but cards that I have seen around many different areas that are newer but kinda old news aren't in the app yet. For example Standard Lambros is still missing. Also you should add some sort of deck test feature like a similar app to yours, Yugipedia. That app is very similar to yours but for Yu-Gi-Oh and they had a deck test function day one where you could basically use it to duel as a fully digital proxy deck.
Since you have the deck building going, could you please incorporate a board (with the deck, hand, circles, damage zone, guardian circle, drop zone, bind zone, G zone, marker/token zone, etc.) as well where you could simulate the way you could draw, lay down, and swing with your cards so you could have a simulator of the physical card game similar to CFA or tabletop simulator. THANK YOU!!!
Trust me this app is dank 10/10. Feel like your opponent is cheating with skills that you don't know, open this app and slap it to their face. (note: do read before slapping)
Since cards are uploaded by set, can you have a place where it says the names of incomplete sets so we're not left in the dark?
I've been playing Vanguard a lot of years but this app helps me to build decks its very useful to me <3
great and is need to play the game but i do believe it requires a section where you can test play a deck
I loved this app ever since it's first version, but in the new layout many of the card's rarities don't show up in full, please fix that. Would be glad if you did, it feels cramped in the new card boxes
Anything beyond VEB07 doesnt show up the sets are selectable but no cards appear when clicking those sets so nothing for my glorious justice or aerial steed liberation appears... i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and reseting all the sets nothing works
Really good app, liked everything from it's primitive versions, though there's been an error. Water Elemental, Mistoph is a Premium Standard card although it's a V-Series promo. Nevertheless please keep up the good work, the app really helps a lot for making decklists
Very useful apps, when you need card info even when offline. It would be nice if you can add banlist and card restrictions too.
It often closes when I'm trying to change the quantity of cards in my deck and (while this isn't that bad thing just a minor complaint) The card images on most cards are really blurry and faded
With the increase of Order Cards being updated, the devs should add "Order Cards" category in the same selection as clans so building a deck made easier without having to single out each order cards from the all clans selections. Great app btw, loved it <3
Thank you very much for listening to my last comment soo I just have one thing to ask HOW TO LOAD ALL IMAGES AT ONCE!!! have to load them one by one is very frustrating If there is no way no on your next update could you pls make that possible thank you have a nice day
So for me its the best, from Vanguardzero to official game..... I can make deck and see insight.... Thanks to the efforts ✌ bt still if you could add another upcoming cards option that would be great, today is oct 24,2020....lock is coming next month or later, some cards are revealed.....juat telling that would be better.... Or else you guys are awesome ......5 star for that
Pls Dont hide the picture of vanguard zero jp card and add some link joker cards for vanguard zero too plsss....πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
Always accurate and updates in a timely manner. Handy to have if you play either the physical game or ZERO on Mobile.
The app is great and helps me think of deck ideas. However, I saw that the new blaster raptor in v-set 02 and it has the incorrect art.
It use to work great but now it just constantly shuts off and crashes on me a pond load so i cant build my deck i had when i had my old phone.
Man, this app goes way back. I remember back in like limit break era I'd spend hours just reading skills and deckbuilding. Glad to see this app is still maintained! Good job guys! Gonna get back to cfv XD
Overall the app is brilliant for keeping track of the decks I have along with their ratios before I play
Game Developers fixed it immediately and it is now working very well. Honestly a great app for people wanting to play Vanguard.
Wait I accidentently typed it here it's from SAO memory defrag but I don't feel like deleting it.I tried over 40 times to get a god character and I don't even get one yet I go to the lobby and over 80% of the people there has one and all of them said they got them in under 4 tries