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Card Game Head - Lucky Head

Card Game Head - Lucky Head for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by mos software. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm giving it four stars because I do like playing s*it head however, it does need some improvements. I'm sure if it takes off and is used a lot more, that'll be inevitable.
The latest update has made the game laggy. Takes ages to play a card. Opponent often lays card ontop of mine before its even left my hand. Thanks for you response. Yes its working now. Updating rating accordingly
Great game. Just need to implement a timer for players to take their turn to deter players that stop playing mid game and ruin the game.
The game should change 2 things. First make it open to being a 3 player game (not just 1 vs 1). Second, it should give the player an option to pick up the pile if they want to. In the real game a player is not obligated to put down his highest card. He is allowed to keep his good cards and pick up the pile if he wants to. This is a big deal
Can't play tackticks with this game forces you to play your next card in line regardless... the ui is decent but game play no so much.
Would b better if u could have an option for making ur own rules. I don't play any of the ways ur rules r apart from the 10 nd 2. The 8 also should b able to go down on an aces as it's miss ago
App cheats. You can play an Ace and it has to pick up. You play another Ace later and it picks up and does not play the Ace. Later uses said cards to smash you. You can't "sandbag" but the app can.
Good game play ai has trouble with playing a 6 or 9 when playing rule set 4 even after playing a 2 it then picks up the cards
The game cheats. A.I will always be dealt a better run i.e 10 , 3 , 2 and you will be dealt 4 , 5 , 6 so you can't lay any cards.
This is the worst game app I have ever encounter in my wholeeeeee life. You need a new dev team for yesterday.
Best Sh*thead sim ever, can even flip both your own and the other player's bottom cars over at the end 🤙 nice to see the true standard rules as well for this game as it's variety of rules are often diverse to say the least, depending on where you're from.
Nice game, brings back some memories! I got stuck in an endless loop in my first game, but other than that it's all good
Great game We used to play it in a group all the time Just dissappointed it has only option for 2 players.. Also sometimes gets very minorly stuck if you press two things, its not in the middle of a game and its super quick to just go back and press again. But it would be nice to fix
It's a good game as I play with mates in real life few problems with rules you play with 5 hand cards not 3 and other issue I see is how can a 10 beat an ace other then that it's an easy game
Stoked I found this game. Would love if you could set your own special cards as I play by the rule number R4 except the two doesn't skip aswell.
The app is full of bugs. Couldn't play with my girlfriend. Sometimes it said the other player disconnected. We we're in the same network. Sometimes it would couldn't start the match because the other player might be blocked. I liked the app if it was not for the bugs that makes it very difficult to be able to play.
I played with my friend and he got two tens and a three i got 4, 5, 6. This game favourits a player and its immpossible to win.
Put the game on free mood so the player can choose to pick up whenever they want even when they don't have to pick up it's annoying how I want to pick up cards and the game doesn't let u so stupid
You cannot play normally, as in you cannot play a lower card than a properly with a nine and an ace as well as the two and the five. It is a waste of time and useless. I honestly think i would be better playing a 2 year old which is disappointing as it is my favourite game to play in real life :'(:'(
Great game would have got five stars if you could set your own special card's would make this perfect as there is so many different variations
Rules are all wrong, just so wrong. What is play lower than 7? Who made up these rules? Not even close to real skitgubbe.
Super addictive and easy to use format. If I could change anything it would be to put a timeout counter on players so they cant leave you hanging for more than 2 minutes or they forfeit the games. Also if a player disconnects mid game they also forfeit so they remaining/active player wins the points for the game rather than they being 'unfinished'
No 4 rule? wth? The rules are all wrong and there's no option to set your own rules. with such a widly played game it seems obvious it will have developed many rule variations. I'm sure that everyone is as attached to their version as i am to mine.
so many people play different rules Ace is high, 10 burns, 4 is invisible and 2 resets. rules are not customisable enough for me. ill stick to playing good old fashioned way with real cards.
Worse card app ever. Dec team need to go back to school as a 6 year old could do a better job. App cheats constantly so what is the point of even doing the app when it's totally flawed? Shockingly poor effort 💩👎
Absolutely useless. Fixed. App always wins because it always seems to draw the card it needs. Waste of time. Played 23 times and won once!!
Something is wrong; when I create a game and click on 'wait', I no longer get notifications that a player has joined a game - phone doesn't vibrate (when phone is on silent) and the icon doesn't come up on the top of the screen - notification settings on the app are set to 'allowed'
This game is soo fixed its unbelievable. The A.I cheats all the time. Your facedown magic cards are always the lowest cards (ie 4s or 5s). The A.I is always given the higher cards and you will lose about 8-15 matches before you win 1. You'll never have a streak of more than 3 wins
Great game... but everyone has their own rules, so maybe an extra option to modify the game completely