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Card Crushers: Multiplayer monster battle CCG

Card Crushers: Multiplayer monster battle CCG for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by NOXPLAY - big head puppet sports for kids located at Velké Karlovice 901, 756 06 Velké Karlovice. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is a fun game I really enjoyed playing this game is simple easy and not complex I also want to thank the developed team on adding a campaign mode because most games like this don't have campaign mode but this one does and it made it more entertaining so thank you to the develop team sometime just playing PVP mold can be boring and unfair but with campaign mode there's something always to do instead of playing different people online so once again great game and thank you
It's a pretty fun game. There's a bit of grinding and ad watching if you don't want to pay, but that's pretty normal these days. Overall a decent game.
It is a very interesting game bu i give it three stars bcoz it don't provide us legendary cards or epict cards in random chests. Also its clan feature is bad
I like the game, like the mechanics of it. But the jump in difficulty is too quick for your level progression, too many adds, and the gold cap really holds back this game
Don't bother to waist your time on that game. Everything is blocked, gold gain, opening chests, upgrading your heroes. Unless you like games where you play 5 minutes a day and then leave it for a day or you like to spend some cash for a nonsense. I've seen better versions of that game anyways ...
I decided to open it and see if it was a game I could get into. Tutorial was basic and uninteresting. Then this purple chest catches my eye. It says enter the code. I look at its instagram (which it linked me to) and behold! There was a story labeled code. The code was shadowdeck and was an advertisement was for another game. Typical but I didn't mind. However the code straight up doesn't work. I hate it when they pull scummy moves like that. It sucks (and I mean SUCKS) the fun out of the game.
Amazing game only thing piggy bank u should be able to 1. Get cards out of it and 2. Be able to open it with diamonds
Great game, can be addicting!! Then you see that constant offer for the 95% off legendary chest for 1500 gems? But only when you have less than 1500 gems!!! Its daily!! Go pay real money for some gems, you finally have 1500 gems+ and guess what you NEVER EVER see that 95% offer again, but you do see 80%! 85%! Whatever is slightly a higher cost than the gems you currently have is what you will see!! Disgusting money grabbing, avoid
The game has been unfair. The campaign part where i had completed the game i was in the second spot and when someone else completed it i was pushed to third but i never git a chance to be at first. The best top players have hardly played but they have the best cards? How is that possible ? Are they the game developers or hackers? There card has different fight strengths and others are all different. I would request your concern on this ... i am the greatest fan of this game... plßsss check...
Good fun. Fair rewards of gold and gems. Would suggest a information summary of thr various abilities and how they work.
Very small coin rewards which are needed to upgrade. Free diamonds for watching ads enough to purchase at least 1000 coins a day plus. Basic and slow gain gameplay not bad though.
I like the game and I like the mechanics, but I've been stuck in a guild due to a bug and no one is helping me solve it that's why I'm rating it 2 stars
Glitched and buggy game. Its just another hearthstone style game. I purchased a pack to eliminate ads which didnt get rid of ads and the upgrade units purchase takes your gold but fails to upgrade units from lv4 -lv5. Would be a neat little game otherwise.
its got a good concept but they make it basically impossible to evolve unless you spend 24/7 trying to get to higher arena leagues. they should allow all ranks to evolve with out it being such a hasle
Paid for no ads and they're still required to open the chests and other rewards. Hmmm Otherwise, it's okay. Same as most tcg
Very $ hungry/Ad heavy game. Especially forced ads (which is something I very much dislike). Art style is bearable, though it looks like it's made by a 12y old. Gameplay is entertaining, but this is not quite a card game. It's more in line with Idle rpgs. Auto play feature proves it. Guess devs were lazy/$ focused/lacking the required know-how to make one, hence they chose the card theme. It's still a great introducing game, especially for kids. Take what u can from it, then go play better ones.
Pretty fun, plus, I also drew lucky with starter picks and setup! Got myself a pretty strong deck! I rated 4 stars only because I am new and dont know what to fully expect deeper I get into it.. Other than that, great job devs!
Card CrAshers instead. Crashes during tutorial, and I have to start from scratch every time. Artwork is a bit so-so. Uninstalled after less than one hour trying to play even one turn of the tutorial
I liked it at first but it was impossible to get further in the story . Because of the overflow of purple cards when I don't even have a single one been playing for two days already And it's also another pay to win money grab.
you need to have less ads and more characters and some fun events if you do this the game would be alot more fun
I like the game but the bugs are a bit much. when you try to upgrade cards it starts you over at level 1. and still I get no answer about this! how about 1 star now. I like the game but every ti.e I evolve something it starts me over at level 1 so in other words it's a waste of time. hello people
I like the game but ur not giving enough coins and diamonds to compensate for the fast pace of the game
Wish I could play it, but the card popup screens keep freezing and I can't "x" out of them. So the darn card info takes up the whole screen, nothing I do will close it out and I can't play the game. So 1 star and uninstall. Maybe I'll check back down the road to see if it was updated to run on newer phones.
it promoted the other game called Shadow cards, i personally like this one more, simple looking yet fun enough for my taste. edit : -1 rating cause the game desperately needs a chat feature, or at least a fix to the guild function...
it has potential but the biggest flaw im seeing is everyone starts off with the same cards, get some rares and use them and everyones fighting with the same cards. mox it up a little. add more cards. UPDATE great game and all but i just got a new phone and there isnt any system backup so i have to start over. no thanks, lost interest.
...I have nothing to say about this game other than the cards are too expensive but i will not minus a star for that its exceptional
I really liked this game up until I purchased a few of the smaller gem packages only to find they charged me a hundred dollars for no apparent reason! Be wary of purchasing anything from the store! The prices change randomly and they overcharge you!
Was fun but got annoyed with extra ads and problem with evolving cards. Didn't submit ticket didn't think it was worth the time. Thanks for making the game available.
waaaaay too many ads. even when you try to avoid them for chest openings, they still pop up between pvp matches...too bad
It is a very interesting game bu i give it three stars bcoz it don't provide us legendary cards or epic cards in random chests. Also its clan feature is bad
Forced ads and daily limit on coins ruins the game. Opened chests via ads sometimes results in getting no rewards, glitch. Game needs more variety in cards.
Great game, I even paid the subscription ... but why only a 1/5?...Its simple... Arena ranking linked progression!! This totally and utterly sucks. The difference in power between gold and purple cards is outrageous . Its clearly a cash grab game, because you cant get your own gold cards until you reach a certain arena level, then you may evolve your purples into golds... Sounds fine, until you come up against gold card users in the purple card arena league, to totally stop you unlocking golds!
You can match lvl 2 player with legendary cards which are not even available. Game is forcing you to buy gold, you have cards, but not gold for upgrading.
Very frustrating game concept - you need to pour money into this app if you want to progress properly. Not worth your time!
It's alright. Not really p2w, but in some sense, is p2w. Doesn't seem to be many players. I also don't like that there is a daily limit on obtaining gold.
I like the idea of this game BUT one thing holds it back from being really good and that is the lame idea of only allowing you to gain so much gold in a 24hr period. If I want to play for several hours straight then I either have to consider my winnings as nothing or make up some excuse as to why I'm not allowed the gold. Exactly who thinks up these games for phones??? No wonder PS4 is a real gaming experience and these things are for people that have no IQ.
Fun but no fair pvp matches. I was level 7 and twice put up with a level much higher then me. But, only a 15 coin quit fee is fine
Lots of adds and they break the game. Some how they click thru to good play store with out even being clicked, then it doesn't return to the game properly. Adds for general progression, adds for timer boosts, and also adds for chest item boosts. I understand having adds in the game but this feels like it's designed to be add focused. To bad cuz the art, animation, and skill complexity are good.
its alittle bare bones atm. i belive that for this to be a game i really enojoy i wunna see more complex game systems, and i really dont like the faily limit. id like to see it raised. whats the point let people who enjoy yoyr game grind... and thats were i belive the lack of content comes in. this game could be amazing. will change rating if good updates come through.