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Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps

Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by AxesInMotion Racing located at Horizonte, 1, 2nd floor 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe Sevilla, ESPAร‘A. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. Good quality graphics, amazing and exiting levels. Overall the game is very good. But now I have played every level of it and completed the tasks of free mode too and every car is also unlocked. So now please add new cars, levels and also new places in free mode which should be more tough then the previous places. Hope you will soon cone with an update with all the suggested changes. Hope you will surely add ney and more faster and futurestic cars and levels. Plz update game soon.
There's some problem in series 5 when I open series 5 level 1 it is causing errors please tell what's that I restart the mobile phone but again it is causing errors when I open series 5 level 1 the car is flying in the air and when it comes down it again go upper side and it is continously it is doing so please reply plzzzz I don't know what's the problem and when I do continously play series 5 level 1 my game crash plzz reply reply my problem is that but the game is very good at graphics
This game is pretty cool i haven't had any problems with it yet and there not that many ads. The only thing that could make this game better would be if when you crashed your car it actually got destroyed,because how it is now is if you crash the car only dents a little and the windows crack.But other than that this game is awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Only 2 maps soo boring Its been 4 months oy 2 maps so monotonous Its baked with advertisements in literally every single button!!! Such a nice game but adverts are killing it to death Not recommended๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿคฆ Also the mission commands are not understandable
Great physics, good selection of cars and fun courses. Needs more free roam tracks but the couple that are there are really fun.
This game is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it the controls and graphic are really good best mobile car game ever!!
giving 1 because like the ads don't bother me a lot but when one of the ads freeze my phone and then I have to restart my phone by pressing and holding the power button for over 10 seconds it restarts and then when I enter the game after the restart ALL MY PROGRESS IS GONE EVERYTHING GOT RESET YOU NEED TO ADD A FEATURE TO SAVE GAME OR LOAD GAME not like those who don't have the save and load game feature and my problem is i got reset TWICE BECAUSE OF THE ADS please FIX THIS PROBLEM PLZ
Very good stunt game I love it. I have one request can you plase add change bumpers, decals and spoilers and add racing mode with opponents. Thanks developer I'll wait for the next update.
Its soo fun with the cars where you can drift and to sunts too. But one thing i don't like is the ads. And the game is good but i don't like the ads.
A great for car lovers but there are some problems like there are too little levels and there not too much challenging. But the free riding mode is good
Its great because you can get some cars easily, and its really easy to make your own games for yourself, I recommend this game
I love the loop in your game it's so good and plus it's so realistic that's why it's my favorite and I like your game cuz you're actually can have races I didn't even know that from the beginning of when I played this game
very good game and im on level 4 all ready and i gust started so the game is so so fun and people should try it
It was fun until the second series course 4 because on the loop it kept kicking me off and making me restart the loop when I finished but was upside down. Everything else about it is fun.
Very good Asphalt 9 clone IMO, good gameplay, good soundtrack, the drifting I think is a little wonky but it's a very good Asphalt 9 clone. Edit: The new update came out, and yu can no longer access the card packs. I don't know HOW you someone -- an entire TEAM even -- forget about something so important to the game! And for this I give it a 3*
To be honest, out of the "extreme" stunt game things, this isn't bad! The graphics aren't crappy, it actually has a point. It's not random nonsense. Great game.
Good graphics, simple control, also have drifting capability, various of cars.Very nice and easy game. One should definitely play.
Okay so I love the game but I'm going to be talking about career mode and free play mode career mode first I love the game it's easy and simple because of the free play mode That's why I gave it a three-star so when I go to free play mode on the soundtrack it was good but when I get on the soccer field on that there's little legs that keeps me from scoring or something but if you fix those bugs I'll give definitely give it a 5 star deal? deal anyway show you how Corona works in emojis ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคง๐Ÿ˜ทโ˜ 
I'd like to say I love this game, but unrealistic steering physics and plain retarded placement of objects to stop you on the track just ruin it. That coupled with unrealistic timescales to complete a course get a big 1 star from me!!
This game is really extremely.... AWESOME ๐Ÿ‘ This game is really cool and also when you start and when you turn it's hard so you can't like turn really good so yeah this game is awesome And for the last I gave it five star rating ๐Ÿ˜Š
This is the best racing game I've ever played and I don't even like racing games definitely 5 stars great graphics and everything. You can unlock super cool cars, you can play free mode and there is levels where you race against the clock and i can't wait for some new cars!
Game is very good, drifting is perfect just like other racing games. This is the best racing game I have come across so far.
It was awsome. In freeplay you could do so many things and theres not much ads so i give a 5 star bruh
I would rate it 5 stars, but the ad for another game called What the Fight keeps showing. It is pretty violent for kids who are interested in stunt driving games since it is okay to crash, it is easy to use for them. Can you show a more appropriate ad instead? If not, I will have to delete the app for this game.
Liked the game but the challenges for the stunt courses should be reset periodically or new ones should be added. Also Series 5 Trial 1 is broken for me.
I'll change it to a 5 if you have a good reason for the invictus (one of the highest tier cars) being absolute trash. Maybe it's just my game but its slower off the start than a D class car goes between 30 and 50 max uphill the starting car is superior to the invictus in my experience. The other s class car is good but not much better than the As and the weird SUV S class is objectively worse than all the As lol
I love this game I have every car and have 3 star almost every level but in my opinion we need more levels and a ranking system in each level to see what the fastest time is between other players.
Somebody said this was easy. Like hell! I couldn't even figure out how to get started! Why no tutorial???
I really enjoy the game good driving mechanics fun levels but the stats on the cars are irrelevant like just got the 3 legendary card and 2 of them look cool but are trash even with max speed and max power it's slower than the Porsche looking car which is only rare.. you can get to a higher speed but the acceleration is so bad I worked so hard to get this car and im better of using cars ice had for so long. Please new cars new maps have 3 stars on every level
This game has improved significantly since the last update. I quite like the new customisation options like the plate and window tint. I still am slightly annoyed that you can't upgrade the vehicles. This is the reason I have rated this game 4 stars. I recommend returning to this game. So, devs, here's an idea for the next update. Give us the option to upgrade the vehicles. That's all I have to say.
All is nice but only one thing to be improved very slow speed in all cars if u buy nice high cost car also u will go slow I didn't like it so I am deleting this app worst app because of slow speed
I want the next update I want you to add servers and the new map and can play with other people I feel lonely in the game so please add all of that then I will rate it 5/5 so thanks.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„to join you will have to press the servers button and you should add that you can race other people and add offroad map and if you use a normal car you will go slow and if you use an offroad car you will go fast
Please add multiplayer so I can play with my little brother and other people. Plus it will be cool. People might give you 5 stars and wait make sure you can add friends
this game is amazing, and a must play for any one, but i would like two things, controls in the air for how you land, and an e-brake
This game is so much fun. But the reason I'm giving it a 3 is because you cant enter series 6. There is a huge glitch
I love this game, the loops are very easy the game is very easy you will have no problem with this game. Have fun with the game you can have a free mode and also a career the career is awesome I have gotten three stars on every level so far. I love this game download now. you should have an ad for this!! This game is so fun I've only had it for a day though so... Find out for yourself download now!! By the way, people who made this game could you add like a NASCAR race track with loops and stuff
You have done too good to the game when i left, now i m thinking why i left this game. I completed all challenges and unlock all cars but now i have to unlock all of them again๐Ÿ˜ข. I suggest you to save online data of players. But at last want to tell you that your game is OP๐Ÿ˜Š. I LOVED IT
I love to play it is souch fun but the times on some of the trixks it lags me off nut it still is a 5 star
OH HEY, STICK BUGGERS!!! I found a bug! I'm on English language and I saw a other language (bug) , also (this one is not a bug) I want to cars or something that needs 5-10 ads to buy with money (in agme money)(ads watched should be saved) I love dis game, sub to me yt
Nice game. The only problem is that the steering sensitivity is too high (I'm using accelerometer control method) and i always lose because I either go off the ramps or when I'm in a loop I just drift and lose control, then I lose a star because I was too slow. Can you please add a sensitivity setting?
I am enjoying the physics of the game play ,really smooth graphic . Just a little more upgrades for the cars , other then that I like it . Well done
I really like it but I think they could add a few things and I also think there should be some more events but other than that it's really fun.
Fun game but my friend on apple got 5000 credits from the update and i got none ( hes on apple ) he had black market and i dident get anything
The mechanics and physics of the game needs to be better and maybe more realistic. Like give us a handbrake button to drift and allow us to do burnouts. Allow a free ride with no objectives and no time, for us to roam freely and practice more. Make it so that when you unlock a car, you stop getting the same cards over and over again, or at least give us the chance to sell the cards of the cars that we already unlock.. over all very fun game. But seriously needs better features for driving.
I like this game I have play it for quite some time but in this new update I have realized that some of the old cars are missing and I think they should be added back in the game and I am not glad about the VIP I think everything in this awesome game should be usable for everyone so you don't have to pay anything like the old visions of the game but I like it when new cars & tracks are added it makes the game more fun & the cars that were deleted should be put back into the game & delete the VIP
Great game. Good learning curve. And it's certainly not pay to win. A couple of issues: It's frustrating if you want to upgrade a particular car as the blue prints are too random and take much too long for the correct ones to come around. There's also a glitch as it's impossible to reach the rated top speed in any car, it just bounces off the rev limiter at a much lower speed. And one very minor quibble, the underside of the cars shouldn't be shiny... Overall, a very enjoyable game.
Better than it look like graphics gameplay and controls uhhh love it..i would rate this game 10 stars.....
Very good graphics, damage, physics etc. But I want to ask for something. Could you try to add some spoiler movements? That would be great!
I love this game! Question: could you make a sparkle type paint? I want to make one of my vehicles look like my real life one, and sparkle paint would do the job. :D thank you for taking the time to code all of this!
Please keep a setting gor the player to choose weather he wants damage on the car or not. Only 2 maps soo boring Its been 4 months oy 2 maps so monotonous Its baked with advertisements in literally every single button!!! Such a nice game but adverts are killing it to death Not recommended๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿคฆ Also the mission commands are not understandable
Please fix series 05 the game is cool and all but please fix it the first level of series 05 is glitched is puts you in the air and when you drop it goes through making you hit water so fix it thanks
Yes I Love This Nice Game And It Is Dude Perfect Awesome & Fun.Cars Including Ford,Chevy,Dodge,Toyota,Nissan,Jaguar,BMW,Mercedes Benz,Porsche,Lamborghini And More & Also Tons Of Vehicles.
The game is superb, and the graphics are also good, but the thing is that they removed bowling, soccer and long jump.
I love the drifts and races. There are so many obstacles in this game that are sick. And one more thing, you barely get adds
The game itself is awesome and I recommend it, but I can't go on! The game is extremely bugged in the first level of series 5, you spawn outside of the boundaries and fall endlessly in water... Please fix it...
Best car stunt game ever, not to many glitches but the glitches are funny, add multiplayer and some motorcycles, the amount of adds is a good amount, keep up the good work!
I voluntarily came here to say yo did a great job guys. Its hard to find a quality game on android and you nailed it. I suggest you to add controller support everything else is fine. Thank you guys!
This game is fantastic but also add some bikes and also a button to buy cars from coins and in the stunt pack in free mode add water slide also.
Great I will redo my review and give 5 stars if you add dirt bikes and quads and drive them for free (please make them realistic)thanks .please answer my review.
It's totally awesome there's mega ramps and it's really cool you could like bite each different car it's really so awesome people that don't have it you needed to get it
I never really rate games unless I love them. I've tried many car games for my phone and this is the only one I truly enjoy. From the well made cars to the well made maps, this is overall a really great game and I can't wait to see the new maps that are said to be coming soon. ๐Ÿ˜
This app is fantastic the only thing is that there is a glitch where it makes your car invisible. And after 3 weeks it gets repetitive because all you do is drive around slowly make money and buy car which is a bit annoying. It would be better is there was a multiplayer part so you can race other people.
Bit early to be asking to be honest only played foe 15 minutes still trying to work out which controls are best will update when played more of the game
Enjoyable game with free mode being thr best part where u can just have fun but.... the career mode is A MESS! I had a perfect run and got 2 stars because i was 10 seconds too SLOW!! yes u heard that right 10 seconds on a track thats less than a minute long I've spent 50,000 on a car thats a few levels higher and it has done nothing .. please fix this
Yep. I just like it. It challenges me to be better. Difficult, but a nice game. No performance upgrades though...
It's a fun game doesn't limit you much the free mode doesn't get boring cause the optional missions but they could be a bit more better
Awesome back then the game makers sucked at games but they put a lot of effort and it's sooo cool. I like how they put the cars region and year Good game!
Good game with a few pitfalls. ๐Ÿ‘‰ 1. Audio - The SFX sound like they came straight out of Need For Speed (1994) and stick out the most in the overall presentation of the game. ๐Ÿ‘‰ 2. Damage model - The damage model deforms the car and makes very sharp edges. Unrealistic. ๐Ÿ‘‰ 3. Levels - Series 5 is completely unplayable cause the first level in that spawns you out of the track. One of the levels in S6 has some Texture glitches. ๐Ÿ‘‰ 4. Input delay. ๐Ÿ‘‰ 5. Framerste drops/stutter. (Using a OnePlus 6)
It's just okay Game play is okay, free mode is better. Career mode is no stunts, just time trials with a few jumps. Drifting should not slow you down as much as it does in this game. Level 5 spawns you into a free fall you can't get out of. Never can race it. I'm uninstalling it
I give this a 4 star rating is because it breaks up a lot please fix this in the next update. Also it sends me to the home screen i truly love the game its just that it breaks up a lot and i can hardly play the game so please fix this. One last thing is that the game not have a vip that you have to buy so you can assess everything in the game ๐Ÿ˜ถ
I absolutely adored this game for almost an entire year until one day the updates stalled for a long period of time. Though it got boring I kept the game due to loving the process of gathering vehicles and progress in story obstacle courses. However, recently a new update has occured with a vip option. Costing $7 a week, $28 a month! This costs more than an online membership with a console! I'm highly disappointed as a long time player of this game.
This app is brilliant! The graphics on this game are phenomenal! I would only add some explosions to the car and no timer on the free mode.
I like all the new kinds of cars, and a few of the maps but I would also prefer more maps for free driving mode and more cars and I also love the new levels type but I want it for all the levels
This is a good game but it's just when you try to do a skid to to go forward from backward doesnt work very well as you just go the complete wrong way but overall it's a cool game to play (I hope that what I've put makes sense to you cuz it doesnt to me)
Omggg this is the best realistic racing game ever. Damaged effects, realistic ragdoll, smooth graphics. This game is really fair, you don't have to pay to win. Even though some levels are hard, it's really fun and enjoyable, i mean, there is a quite few decent games like this. I love it!!
Really good but the reason why I gave it a 2 is because it is so boring like there's nothing to do in this game so please make this game more fun by adding more stuff to do like practice mode.
No matter how good the gaming experience or graphics or it's addiction level.. it all gets swept under the rug with the ridiculous amount of ads and especially placement of ads.. they'll throw an ad at you in the middle of a stunt.. the placement doesn't even make any sense.. and ad will repeat over and over during one gaming session and at times you'll get 3 different ads in about a minute or less making me change to another game and ultimately uninstalling the game.. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
I like this game a lot it is really fun I play it a lot if I dont have wifi I just play this game it is super fun cant stop playing not the best game I rate this game a 5 out of 5 it it's very good Itried other games like this game and the games were very bad I like the graphics of this game the other game graphics are trash I dont want to try those games again
Game is really fun and my son loves it. He's just disappointed that Series 5 Level 1 just crashes by the car falling from a high place and ends the level. The spawn point is killing the play and he can't progress.
It is very fun but one thing is that their is no coming back were you want like you made it on top of something and then fall off and you want to reset and it you drive off into water and reset but it doesn't reset you back were you wanted
The game has gotten better. My favourite part is that free mode has no time limit. Also they haven't fixed the fact that you cannot get keys in free mode.
Too many ads. There is literally one after every single race. And it's all time trial no stunts besides occasional jump and if you're lucky maby a drift or 2
Okay so I usually don't nitpick at all but I've been playing this game for so long that I've unlocked every single car except for the last two on the a class and I wish that it was easier to unlock those two cars i really like the game
Its a good game but please add a multiplayer racing mode to make it better and a search player section to add friend so you can race with them
Super fun so many ramps and it looks so epic I love the graphics this is the only stunt car game that I like
Very nice game but has some glitches. When I fall into water game restarts car on last position and if last position is under the hamer on bridge when restart happened I have no time to move away so keep going in loop. Pushes car into water and then reapirs and again pushes into wather in loop. So only solution is to restart game. I have some more rounded in game and I will send you e-mail about that.
Guys the game is great... Wonderful gaming experience.. But i have one thing to say i recommend u to change ur game's icon i think its not very attractive but game is great.... So i have no problm with this game so you get 5 stars from me
Awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž,cool,nice ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ™‚ . I am very happy ๐Ÿ˜Š from this game. The free mode is awesome. Plz try!!
Four stars because whenever u play it times u and u dont get to do that much things whoever made the game if u like the game with a time please make it an hour please
Love the game and the music we just need the truck the hummmer the Jeep back and we should have the bronco that would be cool love the game and music keep up the good work
I've played this game alot and after beating everything it got kinda boring. I think in the next update they should add more free ride tracks and unlimited time. They should also have different career tracks like in the last update where it's like an actual track. Lastly they should add more trucks in the game I think that would be cool so there's a variety of vehicles not just some sports cars.
This game was awesome till the VIP update came and I loved collecting all the cars but now I can't because of the VIP update. And I would also like you guys to add a new city map. And PLZZZZ make new cars
I love this game ! I just wish free mode did not have a timer. but overal this is the coolest game ever!
The game is really good! But there are things that are missing 1. First Person View 2. Improved car sounds 3. Google play sign in and progress save Cars id like Koenigsegg Jesko/ (2020) Chevy Corvette Stingray (2020)/ Ferrari Monza SP1 Ferrari SF90 Stradale/ Lamborghini Aventador SVJ/ Lamborghini Huracan EVO Lamborghini Sian FKP 37/ Ford Shelby GT500 (2020)/ Aston Martin Vantage (2019
Im not the type to write long reviews, but here i go..Its a nice game, but there are problems not yet fixed. Levels 7 and 8 are gone now because of the new "follower system". There is a lot of cars, but if you want them all', you have to pay for this VIP thing. 7.49 a week, thats 28$ monthly?! there are more issues that i hope you fix
In tilt sometime its become too hard to tilt so please fix these bug and good game graphics are good but please fix tilt.
This game the problem is that on the loops you drift out and that is the problem and also the time is to short for the loops and if you can fix that that qould be way better but for now alphat nitro 9 is WAY BETTR!!
This is among the greatest car games ever, i hope one day you guys will be able to make a racing game with multiplayer
This Game Is Vere Nice When i Play This Game I Fell I Set In The Car And The All Stunt Track Are Good I Like This Game So Much Thank you
Great game very good work although one or two things when i press the control button in free mode it doesnt work and please make the career levels harder except for that great game.
not bad game its pretty fun would like to see more american muscle cars and more customizations like lowering and bodykits but overall a pretty good game and would be better with the stuff i mentioned thx.
Oh yeah!! This one is challenging!! Great graphics, great gameplay!! Doesn't lag or buffer!! Thanks, developers!! Awesome game!!
This is such a good stunt game I love it but theres just one problem... I am TERRIBLE at stunt driving but am pretty good at this stunt driving game so yea I totally recommend it you should get it down load it now BUT ITS FRICKIN GOTTEN HARDER MAKE THE DAMN LEVELS EASIER OR AM DELETING THIS IDIOT GAME!
It's a good game I've had it for around two years and it's pretty fun one thing that I think you guys should add though is a online mode that is accessible if you're connected to internet and I know that's a lot to ask but it would be fun to play with other players in a big training map for 10 minutes before it kicks the players out to the menu screen or something like that. but good game developers keep making it better๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป edit: one more thing you should add is more gruesome car damage
It's really fun and its gets so fun when u unlock all the cars and I got the fastest car in the game and its really . No problems download now!
Great game. Career mode and free drive all i need in a game. Ads arent really annoying cause i can skip mine in 5 seconds.Only problem is you cant upgrade a car you can only paint it thats why i give it 4 stars.
I rate this game a 5 because first of all the graphics are good really good and second because of the realisticness of the cars. I have always wanted to play a game where instead of just distorted metal they give you broken glass and it makes the car actually looked like it wrecked. Thanks and keep up the good work.
It's a good time killer not enough cars to choose from and the cards you win to unlock the cars you keep getting cards for cars that you've already unlocked so the cards get converted into rp whatever that stands for maybe reputation points ( woo hoo ) there's no leader board so the rp is just a waste of cards and cars but I guess they had to do something with the cards that have cars you've already gotten
Supa Good i really like this game cause its it so realistic alot of cars to buy and cool stubt tracks. Also you can play multiplayer races and you can play free mode. Theres is no ploblems. And yu can customize your car very well.
Cool game! Unlocked every car but I have one problem. At the stunt track, the piston below the Initial starting platform pulled me under the map. It's really tedious to escape and I haven't escaped yet. Fix it and I will remove the bad part and make my review 5 stars instead of 4
i love the game its just the adds. when i went into free mode i completed a mission and it gave me an add. so please take the adds out of free mode.
This is simply, without question, the best Axesinmotion game I ever played. I'm really speechless. Just keep it up Axesinmotion.
Cool game I've been playing it since 2019...need to add more free mode tracks it's been the same since it got launched...๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
It is a very nice game for boys and car loving girls you will like it very much, my brother may not now how to drive the car, but he still loves it very much please make more games thank you.
Good game but it definitely needs long tracks that focus on speed rather than precision, just to expand it. Almost every track feels cramped and so fast that you can barely enjoy the great controls and physics
This game is pretty awesome. I thought the graphics was gonna be like the pictures but it's not. But anyways the game is amazing. Keep up the good work developer's, and goodluck on updating the game
Decent game they need to refine the controls a little bit more and have a great and your vehicle more of a thing and the game would be great I would play it all the time Renee Army play on I'm really really bored
This game is very well put together and has a reasonable amount of ads. I wish that they would add a "track builder" mode. It's clear that the developers put lots of hard work into this game, and I like that.
This game is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it the controls and graphics are really good best mobile car game ever!!
I like this game but there's a glich that makes your car really slow and make another stunt track.๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš˜๐Ÿš”
This is the best free play car game! But the amount of ads is kinda annoying but the game is still lots of fun.
Plastered with ads. Dev, yes I know you want to make money. However, with marketing gimmicks like plastering your game with ads to try to force me to pay $3.50 to get rid of that isn't going to keep me around to play your game (if you had ads once in a while, I would stick around and even pay to have the few ads removed, so you can make some dough. Make a good game, people will play it and pay in to it.
Overall not a bad game however it is flawed. Career mode Series 5, first level is unplayable therefore no progress can be made. Car spawns mid air making play impossible.
I love this game! It has gotten a lot better than the last time I played it. The graphics are awesome, and the engine sounds....WOW!!!
Great game in general. 1 thing I'd like to be changed, tho, is the time limit on free mode. It's free mode. Why do I have a time limit on *free mode*. That's it.
I love this game so much, I wish there was more like, editors choice & stuff, and more maps, 100% credit to the creator of the gameโœŒ๐Ÿพโค๏ธ
Hello. I have played hundreds of games but I rarely write reviews. This game so good and amazing that I am plying it forever. It has perfect control , perfect graphics, everything is just perfect. Thanks for making this game.
The free roam was good and the career mode is great everything is great quality and I would suggest this app if your bored
this game is really fun and the grafics are so good also mabe add more of destroying cars and make them explode
A really good stunt game for kids/adults alike and girls&boys alike worth a download.๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ––๐Ÿ–.
I give this a 4 star rating is because it breaks up a lot please fix this in the next update. Also it sends me to the home screen i truly love the game its just that it breaks up a lot and i can hardly play the game so please fix this. One last thing is that can the game not have a vip that you dont have to buy so you can assess everything in the game ๐Ÿ˜ถ
Great game and good time killer,but it sucks that all the time i spent unlocking all the levels are now locked again due to the new exp rank system. Also, Please add more missions to the free play!.
It is a good game but the level are hard and it take a long time to get to the better cars but over all I think the game is 4 stars and a good game to play before class