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Car Simulator OG

Car Simulator OG for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Oppana Games located at 630015, Dzerzhinskoko 1/1. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hello. oppana games. I enjoyed your game and still enjoy it. Please make another update to the game but with a sport car like a Lamborghini hurricane BMW i8 and Porsche 911 or many another cars. I know that there is a second car simulator that you have made. But I just don't enjoy it as much as this one. So please just add new sport cars a bigger map AI's more traffic car's. If you do read this please make the AI's more smarter fix the controls and add a third person view when driving the car.
I think this was a good but not bad game it was pretty good but u should add more details to the cars and more map and more cars and more ways to interact with the people like having ur own house instead of living in a garage
it was really cool when you fist got it even though it does have problems like freezing dometimes but at the same time it is hard to find some of the items like keys and stuff it is hard but a little fun
I have been playing this game for a while and I love it keep up the good work but also I have a suggestion maybe you can add more places, roads and other cities if you can but rather all it's pretty good
Its a good game, good idea. But the controls for moving are bad and the graphics should be better. I personally enjoy this.
Dude this game crashed when I wasn't even 5 minutes into the game but this happens really often with your games but with other games it doesn't. Is it possible to fix this problem??!
Best simulator game. I have been looking and this is amazing and I also think the player should move a little faster and be able to see him but anyways best game. I think also you should communication and the people in car move to thank you
I think they should put the new car update on the tablet version to.Also could they use like keyboard buttons to turn the car or if they already do how do you do it?This game is so awesome I enjoy it so much this game keeps e occupied when i'm reallly bored. :)
I love this game above all othe games you made, but i think it needs new updates, add new cars with real interior designs, just like the other car simulator2, also dont change the game play, its far better than the rest.
This game is so cool I dont now what to say it is just the best car game I have played. But I think there should be another update were you can have a house more cars. I LOVE THE GAME SO MUCH!!!πŸ˜€
its good , you get to hop out the car when you want , you get to find new missions , and new cars also you find 1 homeless person around but am guessing you find at lest 4 homeless people on that map ...i like this game
This app is awesome, but i need more cars, because there are only 4 cars in the Dealership and also add a 2nd camera because it is hard to look in the driver's seat. Add cars like: AE86, Ford Crown, and add cars in the Car Simulator 2
I love it..Best game i ever played just that why don't the people behind of the first car move like even when i an driving the other car's they are just in that one car and also it's too dark when it goes to night time can't you make it light or add sport light's so we see what's going on infront of us ..And why when i put fuel in the car on the highway it will on in but once i get to the car without a wheel it would not work so plz fix that . So yeah i'm going to continue playing thank you bye
I am not gonna lie I love this game but sometimes it has problems,this is the problem once I sit in a car the back door and the hood always opens and when I get back in the car hood opens again I know there's a door lock key in the corner of the screen but I dont have enough time to press it. And the cars on the street that drive around they always cause traffic and I always have to restart. I like the controls the steering wheel and everything but only I dont like is those problems. Please fix!
This game is real car driving. I like it but please add long drive map with mountain curves and high traffic. also add garage. I have recommended this game to many friends they also like it . but need update so please add these updates to get 5 stars
Good game this is just needing more cars and option to fully peace by peace take it apart and upgrade what we want and put it together peace by peace
This game is amazingbut the problem is of petrol you can fil your car tank only 15 time fix this not 15 times every day
I think its a great game the only problem is that i dont know how to go into 1st view but otherwise amazing oh and can you add to change you character.
I love your game! 😍, I really want some new cars in this game and more interactivity with buildings or something. If you're adding any cars soon please make them look as much as the others we have now so it doesn't change the style of other cars, the ones we have now are great! I suggest adding in-car lights (an option to turn on lights in car because it's too dark in the car). That's everything I would love to be added. I want to feedback more! Where can I go? :)
the game is billiaddictively good. BUT when you join a the time trial and it counts down and no one joins after 1min approx it puts you in with one country a 5 sec count down stuck and carnt do nowt an loose 1.500 a time. An all you can do is drive so thier for close the game an start the game again πŸ˜ͺ
thanks oppana games for Car Simulator 2 but no thanks for this game. It's because the speed checker is not there and we can't switch to the second camera and the door lock and the mad Police officers standing in the middle of the road saying to saying to limit the speed to 90 but if we don't limit, they are going to ask us for 2000 dollars I think the police officers are trying to make us beggars. Please fix whatever I said and then I am going to see whether I like it or not.
This game is fun makes me want to play my phone until it dies and you can have woofers and you can choose your songs and you can find other cars without fixing them even those one in the middle of the road what a spare that needs one and it's just a cool game the doors can go upto you have people riding in the back with you sew creative man and I mean is creative so creative I can just pass out
this game is the thing i wanted. only you need to is 1. make wiper accessible. 2. make weather conditions like rain. 3. make lever, bracks & gear accessible too. 4. make keyboard & mouse supported.
I played once and then it crashed and when I went in the app again it crashed again and again .I wish this didn't happen because this game is so fun . Absolutely would recommend.
terrible, i have played this game before and it crashed maybe 20 minutes into playing but now when i launch the game it crashes almost immediately after I open the app I am very disappointed in this game I was very excited to play it again please fix this bug in the future
The driving physics are nice. But the camera controll is inverted.there are no settings to optimize the game.
Too many ads..it's stupid to have am ad pop up in Tue middle of your drive!! Hate that..the game is good though I like it but too many ads!!! It's almost making me want to uninstall it..
No orbit or outside camera. But thus is ok because this is a beta right? But u unistalled it due to the intrusive ads. I mean it's ok to have ads but for them to pop up in the middle of gameplay is too much. Unistalling for now.
The game is very nice but you guys should make it little bit more interesting like for example 3rd persons view ,make places where you could hang out drink a beer or something ,places where you can go and shopping in side the stores and also to be able to talk to girls and to be able to pick anyone up if they insist But afterall the game is very nice I love the controls and the fact that you can open the doors
I am so addicted to it it has realaistic controls,graphics, and it is just so fun the only problem is the adds if you could just get rid of it I would play it so much more πŸ˜‡
Game is very good but when I start playing for few days after that when I start my game suddenly the game stops and when I try to restart the game again same thing was happened again which I don't like,, so I will recommend every one not to download this game
I like the game . Well in this game , you get the features like Cargo delivery to port, Multiplayer racing,city sprint racing which is my favourite and Water front racing.you get to do the maintenance of the car . I also like the music which is played at second time in radio and you get to drive the car for upto 300 Kmph as I love speed. Nice gameπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.
well, i like it and all first person police but there is one problem. i bought the car keys in the game but whenever i press the button the car does not lock up. and also there needs to be WORKING mirrors on the car. otherwise what is the point there is literally no light in the caras well i dont know why but i open the back door and i cant get in. iwas trying toget in for like twenty mins. why can you not get in the back seats
Spend $10 on coins and no adds and I get nothing from it. So I wasted my money for something that didn't give me anything in return. Fix this issue and get my money back 😠
Really really good game I've had this game for a month and I think it's still good I hope there's a new update that gets rid of the speed fines make it a bit cheaper but it's still really fun
Love it but you need to fix the game Because there is a crash of walking when You walk it opepens the door and boot And I like how it is fun