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Car Recycling Inc. - Vehicle Tycoon

Car Recycling Inc. - Vehicle Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by pplee27149 located at Room 2102, 35 Binhai County Town, Huanshi Middle Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province . The game is suitable for Teen (Sexual Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would like to add, that this game has added alot of ads. Advertinly they have added so many ads, to play the game ads you to forcibly to watch ads none stop. And I thought I would add that half the time playing the game you will be watching ad after ad. unistalled ya greedy adholes
Gives us the option of watching the ad for bonuses, just for you to be forced to watch the ad anyway. not only that but they put ads out claiming if yiu get to lvl 100, you get something. but yet the gane has ni true "levels" so false advertisement there
Adverts ... Just start the game, theres an advert. Collect your cash, small advert, or double it for a large advert. Oh whats that, you want to upgrade? Well heres an advert you cant skip. You enjoying the game? Well heres another advert. I know there is an option to pay $5.99 to get rid if the adverts. But im not willing to pay that much for a game i dont know. Did i mention ADVERTS!
Ads! Ads! Ads! you're bombarded with ads in this game. A top bar ad, premium currency fill half the screen, every "bonus" pushes ads, and every few minutes you suddenly havw a full screen ad. The game would be fun if I could ever play it.
it's a good game. way better than all the other crush games I've found. way to many ads though and at the most inconvenient time. most noticable one is the idle earning after reopening the app. it will ask If youd like to double your offline earnings or just collect. if you press collect, it takes you to an ad anyways. :(
So many ads, so many bug. when I got notification to take my idle cash then I choose "gather" not "gather 2x" it still display an ads and it can't be skipped...! and very big bug. Sometimes i left my phone for idle in the night. in the morning I checked my idle cash and I already collected at least 105t .. After I tap on "gather" it display the ads again then it CRASH...!!!! After I re open the game my 105t just lost nowhere... FIX THAT DAMN BUG.
Too many ads. On every upgrade, when you run out of money to level up the money option is replaced by an ad service option. You must upgrade something else to avoid it. On every gather (even when you very first launch the game) there is an ad. Choose to, instead of forcing ads down players throats, offer some incentive like boosts (and only boosts). Having to spend more time watching ads than playing the game is ridiculous and you should be ashamed.
Average idle clicker game. But so many ads! Even when you collect resources and don't click for the multiplier they bring up an ad. Out the game and back in, ad. Just too many ads. If it wasn't for that I'd say 3/5 as it's nothing special.
It is a good game, but too many adverts to make this enjoyable. Even when hitting buttons that don't need adverts, it shows them. I spend more time watching adverts than playing the game. Shame as it would be fun without so many.
I really wanted to like it, But the Ads got too aggressive. When given the choice to watch an ad for a reward, I'd still be forced to watch an ad after choosing no. what's the point? after collecting needed money? Ad. phone hard crashed after one and it left me bitter. I wanted to like this game, plays nice. but the Ads really rot the heart.
A quick read through the reviews shows that most of the longer and more thought out reviews are low and complain of advertisements, while on 2/28 and 3/1 there was a huge amount of one or two word reviews with a five star rating. My guess is that the dev payed for reviews to get the game trending in order to generate a quick influx of ad revenue. AVOID.
Entertaining game with some issues. First is that the game isn't full screen on my xz2, it has a huge border at the top. Second is a deal breaker for me, adverts. Adverts for bonuses is acceptable but making us watch adverts just too gather is too much. Game was fun until i couldn't put up with that anymore. Zero chance of me spending money on the game now.
If you like watching ads, then you'll love this game. The game is good but not addictive due to the amount of ads that are pushed onto you. I won't say don't waste your time playing and it's another good idle game but sadly the ads kill it for me.
I don't mind that the game has optional ads to get bonuses, but it's actually quite annoying when half the time no ad will run, so that one loses out on getting a great bonus. If you want to make a game where players can buy a whole raft of extras by watching ads, then you need to make 100% sure that I ads work.
Obnoxious levels of ads. Every 10 seconds the game throws an ad at you in some way. You CAN hit back on your phone to skip the ad, but that doens't prevent the game from wanting to load a new ad a few seconds later. Unless I CHOOSE to load an ad, I should NEVER see an ad in a million hours of gameplay.
Although I enjoy the game, when you have to watch an ad to collect what you've earned, it negates the purpose of "watch ad for x2!!!" because even if you don't... ad. Everything in this game leads to more ads. ads. ads. ads.
There's some good games out there for the clicker/idle genre, this is not one of them. This relies on heavy times x boosts bought by real world money and even with an overpower amount of those boosts the grind quickly halts. There's no end to the game, even if upgrades can be maxed. No way of making it further, like resetting the game allowing higher level upgrades or even an objective. and after all of this, the game will have a point where you need to watch ads to get upgrades. Total cash grab
Really BAD. Not the game itself but it DOES NOT RESPECT your ad choices. All idle games bombard you with Ads. But this one, coming back to the app shows an 'while you were away...collect so and so cash' screen with an option to watch an ad to double your away earnings. Normal for these type of games. So you can choose to watch an ad or not. Picking NO, the game forces an ad that you cannot cancel from anyways (and without the doubling option). This is beyond bad as every single time you switch app and return. So even if you switch from the app for a few secs and return. YOU GET AN AD. I do not want or care about the 2 sec 'while you were away cash'. Switch to send a text, ad. Switch to audio app for a next track and back, ad. I will not watch an ad to double said gains. But if I click no/gather... the game forces the ad anyways.
I didn't even play the game I'm just giving it one star for destroying Marvel toys in the commercial just to get people's attention when the game isn't even about doing so they easily could have bought a ton of those cheap toy cars from a dollar store I would have stuck to the car destruction theme
I was fine clicking ads to get bonuses. The game was good until it started playing ads when I didn't want them. I immediately closed and unistalled. Chances were good that I would have played it more if I wasn't forced to watch ads.
Way too many damn ads. Seriously...Played 5 minutes and enjoyed it. After that, I was getting bombarded with ads EVERY time I tapped gather for money. Not paying 6 bucks to get rid of the ads either. Decent gameplay but the ads killed it.
Boring game made specifically for you to watch Ads. It gives you the option to claim your money, or double it for watching an Ad, which is fine, except when you're forced to wztch an ad when you select to just claim it normally, and then it doesn't even double the money!
Another one of them games that have been made just to force adverts on you every 30 seconds. The game play can be finished within the week. Don't bother downloading as you will spend more time closing ads then you will playing.
You open the game, spend the money that you have, watch the game run for a few seconds, and shut the game off till tomorrow when you will have more money to spend. It takes little time and when you have bought your way up to the space shuttle then you have no more goals to achieve. Can somebody tell me why I would keep this game on my phone after I get the space shuttle??? Other than getting to watch vehicles getting crunched for a few minutes a day this game has nothing to offer.
Bottom line, too many ads. Collect your income, ad. Want to buy something, ad. I get that game developers want to make money but lighten up a little. You don't make money from people like me who delete the game 5 minutes after starting it. I don't mind SOME ads. But if I spend more time watching ads than I do playing the game, then there's a problem.
Gives you the option to collect money without watching ads, but still forces ads on you when you select the option not to. Games like this are the absolute low-point in the mobile industry.
when you go to upgrade something, as soon as you run out of money for upgrades it turns the upgrade button into a "free upgrade" button, but you have to watch a 30 second ad. yeah TECHNICALLY i clicked it but i didnt want to, dont just jam ads under my fingers. also when you collect your money you can get more by watching an ad, which i never clicked but it still shows an ad if you dont click that, a skippable one, but it gets so frustrating that every single piece of progress has ads. 0/10
Don't know what this developer means when they say no ads. I bought the no ads option and game is still filled to the brim with ads for everything including a always on banner ad. I often buy the no ads options because i want the bonus without the 30 sec time waste. But in this game "no ads" means we will remove some ads. Feel cheated. The game it self is standard competent time wasting idle game. With nice graphics. Will not play for long too ad heavy for my taste.
Update (Sneaky methods exposed): Sneaky Method One: I noticed today, After I got 1Q, and hit the Blue "Gather" button, I let the next window (with the Gather or Watch an Ad for 2x buttons) open until the blue "gather" button was up to 2Q, then I hit the Green "Gather Button" for my 1Q, and the Blue "Gather" button reset completely. Sneaky Method Two: The Mineral Or Fire boost for an ad, is only a small time... If you happen to watch ANY other ad, the REST of the game stops (as in, with an ad open, you are gaining NOTHING), but the boost time remaining, continues to count down. Sneaky Method Two B: As stated, watching any ad, will completely stop your earning. Match this with all the ads, its nothing more then an ad stream for the developer... Software version of a Scam Artist. Orig. Review: For what it is... the amount of ads for leveling, boosts, etc.... even after paying tge $6 for "remove ads" is too much. playing though, and getting all the boosts... in just 10min... i think more then 1/2 of that time was ads. After I paid for the "remove ads"
barely playable. cash grab is used a lot on reviews but since i accidently installed it i tried to give it a shot but on top of an ad bar on top it asks if you want to watch an ad every 10 seconds. even forces you to watch ads for basic gameplay functions.
It's a good start to a casual mind-numbing game. However, after a few days, you max everything out and that's it. There aren't additional levels or multiple stages. Once you hit the max once, you're done. Also, as many others have stated, the ads are annoying. I usually don't complain about them because I'm all for an ad funded free game. But, when the game offers a choice of 'collect rewards, or collect x5 with an ad' I shouldn't be forced to watch an ad using the non-ad option, but you do.
Seriously? Stop trying to get me to watch a video and let me PLAY!! Every 15-20 seconds there's something that pops up that tries to get you to watch a video. If i clicked on them I would be watching videos 90% of the time. no thanks. cant even play properly because of this. i gave it a chance, no good. could've been, though. uninstalled.
was fun and addictive until all upgrades were maxed out and all vehicle types were bought then the game just became another repetitive game would have been better if it took more than a week to complete maybe ad an update to keep it interesting.
There are, as any other game made by greedy developers, too many ads. If you pay to disable ads, they get shown anyway, and when you opt out of watching an ad for a reward, they get shown anyway. You see, the problem here, is that this shouldn't happen.
found this game from Facebook, looked like a game where you drive the car into a machine till it gets damaged and stuck and then destroyed but was NOTHING!!!! like advertised, lost interest and uninstalled, I would highly suggest fixing your advertising before someone Sue's for false advertisements
Adverts support devs yes, but having more ads than gameplay is just flashing greed 5/5 idea (if they finish it, it seems less than half done) but with the cancerous amount of ads I'm gonna say this is a terrible experience. I just hope a decent dev runs across this idea one day and recreates.
5 star idea, just too many ads. Every time the gather button is clicked an ad would pop out and they are unskippable 5 second ads. If they were skippable pictures ads instead of videos, this game would have gotten 4 stars. Original new idea with lots of potential.
They follow a strategy where they don't smother you with ads until they've asked you for your rating twice. The game deserves 5 stars, so people will usually give 5. After giving the rating, prepare to hate the game.
the game itself is very addicting. The ads that net you extra money and upgrades are fine, but what I do not like is being forced to watch an ad from collecting my money. remove the ads that have no benefit and I'll 5 star. the game is very very fun though.
bad... paid to have ads removed for $6 but still gettting ALL ads and banner ads. You devs are a bunch of thieves. For $6 we should get all the boosts without having to watch ads. I wish I could get a refund but sadly these thieves would never. Dont waste your time on this game. Needless to say Ive reported them and flagged them as inappropriate for false advertisement.