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Car Parking 3D Pro : City Car Driving

Car Parking 3D Pro : City Car Driving for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game, but in night missions there could be something after hitting like what object do you hit or something else for help. At least car should turn on rear lights automatically when car is in reverse that's no rocket science right. This features expected in new update. Hopefully :)
It's fun and relaxing and techniquely teaches you how to drive a real car in the future with all the complexed equipmeant/controls you are given! The graphics, gameplay and controls are excellent, the layout is super and I just love your taste in entertainment developer(s) of the game and I would highly recommend you download and play this game if you're interested in cars! The controls may seem hard but that's just car-driving for you like some games make ot basic but this game is properly made
They're all pretty much the same your email find you well and you can do that for TT RS per the same your help in any case chisel you can jump on it for the first Qsc1249
Good game but wish you could change the steering wheel to buttons. Dont know how to put a shield on but apart from that good app!
Just amazing I'm crashing all the time but I love it but please make the first person view better but it good all the way.
Super Fantastic Levels, increase your driving confidence. I have clear all the levels of this game🀘🏻. Completed in 19 days after installation. Too Good. @admin anything for me please 🀭.
It is a nice game the problem is that there are SO MANY ADS like I get it needs ads but this is to much. Plus level 9 is messed up if you park in the first parking place and you press stop and p IT DOESNT LET YOU MOVE ON its ridiculous and to many ads AGAIN LOWER THE AMOUNT I prefer to not do this game it is messed up.
Level 119 made me delete the game. There is no way i could make that in 5seconds and the gate doesnt closed. I enjoyed it while it lasted.
I love this game but one problem whenever I brake and go to another gear thingy my car decides to still move and I crash then lose the level
Love the game if you're a beginner this will really help you try to well really not drive but give you ideas on how to drive so try this game out and let us know how you like it πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ–€πŸ’―πŸŒˆπŸ”₯πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜†
I don't like to give 5 stars, because when I was playing 101 level there was a circle and it is written as death point,i din't like that. So if possible change that word or remove it.
This game is really good because it shows you what it is like to drive a car and you can adjust the settings to help you should get this game its good
well I like it but I think they should have blinkers and more real life experiences but otherwise it is a awsome game
Love it; the steering wheel works correctly. Unlike some other apps that don't allow you to turn it correctly, even when your clearly turning it. And aside from being able to turn it correctly, its on the right side...which is excellent because, most people are right-handed. Only thing i dont understand is, that when i'm in driver license mode, once i reach the end by the security lady and press park, the test is not ending. And, then it says time up. Unless its only happening on my phone.πŸ€”?
I got to level 32 and it suddenly froze and I couldn't go any further. A car crashed and wouldn't move. I had to install I'm afraid but I really love this game. A bit of dexterity and picking your car as the game levels get harder. Hope the developer irons out the flaws. Will reinstall at a later date.
It is rlly fun because you can learn how to use stuff in a car and what buttons are what but be aware for ads. So download it today
Best Car parking game ever.. Lots of new challenge and features.. I'm in level 118. And the driver license part also very amazing
This game is very fun and really fun to play I'm on level 5 and so far my experience is apserlotely grait so I would recommend douloding this app because its REALLY FUN!!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
It's a good game, but you fail some levels because the left indicator doesn't work. Also, the steering wheel is too big and sometimes the x button is off to the side so you can't see it
When you first start off the game it gives you a basic run through of the controls, witch I do like but you can't keep the same angle you want. Each time you mess up it sets it back to the original angle. Also the "oh no" is VERY annoying! I don't know why they added it. When you get to different level you can't even choose how you want to park witch is also annoying.
At first I saw an advertisement on this and I wanted it so bad but then once your done with all levels it kinda boring and can we have more different interiors cause there all the same. And I want to drive on the road to park not just in a area but I recommend this for people looking for a parking game
This game is a really fun game to play but there is a lot of ads and when i turn the steering wheel it either goes the other way or it just doesnt work at all. If you are reading this then i would recommend that you should get this game because its really good. Thanks for reading...
It freezes non stop it's not the many apps I have it's when i press the button and start driving are park and do the same thing it freezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to this app because know I nearly no how to drive and I am only eight and I am now working on level 80
This game is great. Many levels are a challenge and each level is different. There a few minor bugs, such as in the license levels when driving on the wooden platforms the wheels get stuck in the small gaps between the individual platforms. Another slight drawback is that when in the inside view the camera is fixed, making it really difficult to see cars in the front and on the side when the mirrors are not able to see them.
This game was fun untill the Drivers test It Is So stupid and Hard I tried it at least 30 times. That's why I am giving it a 2 star rating
Good game because of graphics i don't like the chicken but it's just not the chicken that's the chicken in tubs 3rd and cole and the ring and mayo is very nice
It's pretty cool that how you can drive by yourself and practice so that way you can learn in the real life once you get a brand new car. I like it, it's not too shabby, and it's interesting. Thank you to the company of this game for making this possible.
Please make it easier to use the the signals then you have nerve to penalize me because the signals are not working!
The physics are sooo realistic! idk if there is a free play mode but that would top the game off! This totally amps up a kid like me who loves cars and physics!
Like this game! get it because it is not boring I even like it for a ten year old but still get it because it is possibly the best game I have out of all my 50 games just want to say again get this game you would like it unless you have a different taste of games than I do.
I need to learn how to drive someone to get older I know how to drive in this game is perfect for me I love it and it's really good app download this app today free on Google play store
I do not need any guidance, on how to operate my own vehicle, only at the first time playing the game but other then that no. That is the only issue, with this driving game.
Way too many ads. I understand that ads are the revenue, but having them after every level or even when you go from game to menu or exit the game is plain ludicrous. The game is really fun, its the ads that are actually taking out all the fun.
This app is REALLY fun but there are also of adverts 😠😑 and it is annoying that it takes so long for the steering wheel controls to turn! I would recommend this to anyone though! The only thing that is letting it down is the controller 🀣 this is why I am uninstalling this game.
I am obsessed with this game and by the time I hit something/loose I will press start over and it will bring me straight to an ad, which is very annoying and it will do it for the licences and the parking and I hope you get it fixed but until then I have the game uninstalled.
This is a fun little game, it will keep you entertained and your mind Sharp, I am an older gentleman, actually I am a 64 year old Pastor , I find myself playing little games, when I need to relax my mind or take a break, no doubt that the Play Store is the best place to go. However with all the games that I have played, I am more than willing to look at an ad that you send my way, I spend more time watching ads, then I do playing the game.
I hate that there are sooo many ads, I can't play five minutes without having an ad. That is so annoying. Little tip if you see this turn off the wifi on your phpne and you get no ads. But then you can't revive and have to turn it back on for other games or apps.
This has no purpose to pass a driving test so I suggest all of you that wants to drive so badly to not pick this app it's a waste of time.
It was a really fun game I was so addicted to it and was my go to for something to do when I had free time but after level 100 they started these "death points" which make you race and go so fast you lose control of the car I hate these levels their not fun like the others there annoying I would much rather have to get through small spaces than having to be rush and reck into a wall πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Edit level 104 when hit the ramp you game over so know you cant even pass the level
It is a good game, level 15 driving license needs to be better designed though. When the car goes in the gap between the wooden board it counts it as an accident.. πŸ˜…
This is what i've been wanted. Of all the driving simulator i have downloaded, this is the most realistic driving simulator.
This game is the mumber 1 game in the parking game so its kind notice to those who wamt install it dont install it it is worst game i have mever seen
Graphics not bad but the sensor is WAY TOO SLOW especially when your on the internet. Needs more improvement, I don't know why others rate five 🌟
I love this game everybody could come and try this game but I love this game please everybody can take this game out it's so cool but I'm going to guess what level I'm on Guess I'm going to tell y'all though I'm on a level 1,000 I've been playing game all my life I've been playing this for like 80 years I'll be playing this game 80 years this game is all my life like this the only game I have on my phone I'm not playing I got to talk lucky and car park and it's the best game y'all need to try...
You put the level in the night mode and cannot see anything at all. Atleast you should put some lights to illuminate the parking and the fluorescent light to show the way where to drive to reach the parking spot. There is only headlights which show what is in front but what about the back?
I like the game its the best parking game I've tried good controls so far it's very addictive hard to put it down. I've now got to level 119 and I'm stuck not a nuff time to do it impossible.
Controls are really slow and confusing it's makes me not be able to beat the level I'm on it got confusing on the 4th level
Very good It is really helpful because it can teach me some things i would have to know in real life like for example how to drive a car in real and not in a game so i fine this game is a very beneficial game and the best part is that you can also play it offline so you know when i not around wifi and you are bored you can always go on the game and play so it don't really need wifi to play.
I love the game but it did give me a bit of anxiety. When I was finally on level 20 I get to do the test that's where the game gave me some trouble, when I was ready to do my turn signal to go left it didn't work but the right signal works so I got a bit confused, I tried and tried again but the left one just didn't work. I think because the car wheel was to close to it so as I was trying to press the left signal it would move the wheel. I gave the game 4 stars because I did like the game.
Hey, well it's something unusual because this is a positive review and i never thought i will be complaining about the money you can get and if you watch an ad that would be double money i would have now after 5 days kindoff 2million i need one more car to collect at day 7 but fairly easy, i had problems with the dark levels but that is a matter of shields needed not really hard but some of the design and lightning are very bad otherwise its a good game for casual game, we need more levels!
Lots of ads every time you finish a level or get car, most of the time they are skippable, but they aren't avoidable if you turn off your internet. Other than that the game is pretty good.
I like this game very much, this game has made my driving better. Please make more levels, I have crossed all the levels.
love this game..appropriate for those who is the beginner to start learning on how to park the car in real life..
Love it! The graphics are great.. smooth operation. Ads but its free so dont care. Good way to pass time.
Great game and if some more features can be added then better: 1. Vibration when accelerator and brake are pushed. 2. Hand brake should be added. 3. Mini map should be added, in particular when the map is big I really can't find the correct way with just a vague direction indicating arrow... Rear mirror should be shown all the times.
This game it was not that bad or good . It was ok . Because there was lots of adds . And they even should have options For the staring wheels . And when even I push the button ( park ) it never parks and it goes forward . Hope u , do the updates fast . Thank you . ✨
Omg!!! This game is the best game ever the only thing is that when I get to level 20 the left signal does work i press it so many time but still doesn't work pls fix this so I can get onto my driving test
I have to give it 5 stars because I have enjoyed playing this game up to level 163 and got stuck there because of the light. only the headlights work but one cannot see around the vehicle and at the back. Please thanks for this game πŸ™. I couldn't go pass level 163 after 10 attempts.
I absolutely love this game. This game helps you for when you get your own car to drive and it just helps me so much. I already love car games like this plus this one really just hits the spot on these games like this. It is amazing anyone who looks at this you need to get it. It is amazing