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Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PlayWay SA located at PlayWay S.A. ul. Bluszczańska 76, lok. 6 00-712 Warsaw, Poland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Basically talking about this game, by far one of the excellent simulation games that i've played so far. If you are an enthusiast and are eager to learn the mechanics of automobiles, then this one is a worth to install. Not only does it show you the components/parts that comprise the engine bay, But also makes you familiar with engine, chassis and suspension of a vehicle. This game has helped me alot to study and understand automobiles components. Kudos to the developers Good job keep it up.
To many ads. Unable to move freely around display with out reseting visual design. Not enough paint and vehicle up grade features. Not enough to actually build a vehical.
I love this because you get to take a car apart and fix. But I wish that you could drive the car after you fix it. I hope to see these changes. Keep up the hard work.
Good mechanic app love it but the only problem is tapping the screen with big fimgers but other than that i love the gamr
Awesome game so much more detail then any other one on the market. You should and in custom for the player chose or as the custom wants. Tire wheels options i like to be able to remove each bolt more body and engine design
I love this game, only one problem. U cant drive them. And heres why i really recommend this. You would need to drive it to see if it works and see how it handles to.
The game is really good, But maybe you could add more thing's like fixing the hood and etc. And when you finish fixing a car you can test drive it, and maybe a new cars and super cars.
Great game fun and interesting. I would and lines. Brack, fuel, coolant, a/c, ext. But a fun and interesting game. Ps. There are 3 collector cars that are impassable to get. I spent 5$ on gold for rerolls and I it still couldn't get the cars.🤷‍♂️
This is a good game for learning about automotive parts but the pc version is way better. I wish we could test drive what we built in this version. All you can do here is repair the car, change its colour, sell it and buy another one.
Good game but I cannot give it 5 stars due to lack of vehicle options, they should definitely add more cars to the selection.
I've not played this yet just saw a video of it I think this is the start to what we want fix up barn finds cruise with other online players in carpark meets show off your creations maybe even drag race for pinks risky but one hell of a rush... I'm a designer by heart have lots of good ideas just can't make my own game wish I could or help someone else to make the worlds best car game do you you this will go in that direction
This would have been a much rich gameplay experience if there weren't intruding ads interrupting after every action you take during assembly or dissembly. Also, there is something wrong with bid system when buying a barn. Increasing the bid highly for desired car doesn't guarantee that you get it even if you redraw 5 times. This is frustrating because it makes you waste so much gold for nothing. Third, please add 2 finger pan feature for navigation movement. Otherwise, awesome gameplay.
So far am enjoying the experience. I really like how you can get a blown up few of all the parts. I think it's a wonderful feature. However, the sensitive touch screen when I go to zoom in on a certain area e. g. I'm checking the radiator and some how I end up near the fuel tank. So if there was a way to bring down the sensitivities of the touch screen that would be appreciated.
It is really good but I do wish that there was more modern cars like a ford ranger or a Toyota supra the paul Walker version
This is an educational game to learn about how the structure of a car is made and built, I wish the devs could add JDM cars like the rx7, the s14, and a supra.
This game is amazing just like in real life but the only thing you should fix is the options to fix the car you have the one that says fix body they should have changed it to fix chasis
Amazing to learn the parts of cars great for beginners, hoping the xbox one version has descriptions of each part and what they do, how they work such as abs pumps and catalytic converters , I just google as I go along to learn but would be great on here love the game
Thought it was a time killer but it is a little more involved than that. I enjoyed it but I found moving the parts screen around, whether in regular or exploded view, was clunky and often I had a difficult time trying to move the camera around and zoom in on the past I had to remove and replace. Another annoying part was when bidding up the cars in the barn, if you want to lower the amount of gold , I couldn't remove or find a way to reset the bidding. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right area?
Awesome to back in here, i like this app & i have a phone that i can play it on unlike the others. Anyways i was thinking, you know, i would buy everything in this app if it also had the functions to each part, what it does, how it works, what is need for it like the oil..i know lil about vehicles, never owned one but this app seems to be a good place to start. Thanks many times for the app.
I do enjoy this game even though idk whats going on. But i saw that cooking simulator or house flipper was coming to mobile and im hella excited. Ive always wanted to play those games but my computer is crappy and i paid the game for nothing but lag. I hope thats free just like the rest of ur games. Keep up the good work!!
Just bought this game, haven't played enough to give a description rating. Therefore I will give 3 star cause graphics are very good and realistic looking.
It is a great game I do wish there were more vehicles maybe even more than just cars and trucks more modern vehicles and what not it would be cool if you could also do interior but I do have a big issue and it really upsets me I have paid for gold coins so I can find the rare cars that never pop up in barns I paid for the jeep looking rig and it crashed on me 3 times I was tempted to Uninstall and reinstall but then I would lose all of my progress that I have made. That's not cool!
Well the game is good I liked the concept of the game the only problem was that if I have earned 100000 dollars so then I bought the toolkit for the engine so they said that you need the other tool also so please fix this problem thanks and it is a very amazing game good job
I love the game it's just that is Will be soo much better if you make it where you can start the car and by start I mean like the motor can run with out a diff or exhaust and a way to. Gain coins slowly like a car a coin and a bit more wiring on the motor would help but other than that it's a great game and more detailed than most other games good job p.s it's a 4 star I just put it as a 2 so the devs might see it
Great gaming experience. Please try to avoid laggs in the case of parts purchase.please add a option to play the game in high medium and low graphics
Haven't play very much yet but its a pretty neat game thus far. My only grip thus far is some difficulty with orienting the vehicle when trying to get to parts.
Great game but when you think you can make over a $100 000 to buy the next tool kit you get vehicles that needs the next tool kit already and you didn't even yet start fixing vehicles to get over a $100 000. Maybe the developers can work on that for people that would love to grind the game without spending actual money on the game.
I'm rating this game 4 stars, b'cuz it doesn't let us work on the transmisson neither the clutch nor the differential. Electrial stuffs are also missing. Please, include these things in future updates. Other than that, CMS2018 is a marvelous and exremely educational game.
Decrease the Barn value and Gold number and add tyre and modifying stuff! Tools purchasing need to be easy !
Hello everyone! (and developers) merry christmas! I am writing to tell you (and all the customers) how cool this game is! I would just give you One thing that's the like the disc version for pc and console. Make it 3d. That's all i would change. And make it so you can go to junkyards and physically see the car you like. Just make it like the console version. Merry Xmas guys! Enjoy your christmas tomorrow!
This teaches alot of fun stuff around sometimes you can know the different type of parts of a car that you don't really know
Very good game to play but one only thing cant get level 5 tool kit on the game is there anything to get thanks blue man
There is a glitch that sometimes my screen locks when selling car in showroom and I ended up closing the app and selling the car twice, this happens to me twice already
Disappointing. It's awkward to control, constantly having to replace the same parts and rediculous amount of ads. It would be much better to have some sort of fault diagnosis and repair rather than just silly amounts of the same component changes. I wouldn't recommend anyone to waste their time on this.
Based on 18+...if you dont know mechanics itll teach you the steps...however the game initally didnt explain to do these things in proper order. I thought game got stuck. I sold first car without all repairs being done because of that. Its fun...early stages though.
This game is soo awesome. There are no mechanic simulators best as this for android users. They only main and worst problem of this game is " it doesn't save your gameplay. Everytime you uninstall and reinstall this game, you have to start from 0" soo that the only reason i gave 2 star because it unbearable. Sorry
Now this game is a very good game, but I only rated it 4 stars because I can't really get the movement of when you're fixing the car. Also there are soo many parts my brain can't handle it. But this is a free game so it will have adds. The adds aren't bad or stuff like that. So I recommend you go download it. (I am not a creator or robot )
I rate it about 4.5 the game is pretty decent compared to the PC version and MAC version its just similar to the PC itself but you cannot walk (I think) and the game is pretty lag for low end phones which i tested on my other phone Samsung J2 Prime compared to the Iphone 11 PRO it runs smoothly so for low end phone i cant recommend you this PS.
I'm studying mechanics at college. I love the animations of the car being disassembled and being able to move the camera around it all. Though I would have like more to the removal process than just holding then component. I haven't played too far into it, maybe some bolt removal and such will be invovled. But for example removing a battery could at least have removing the leads, teaching the correct order for removal and reconnection.
I love this game keeps you busy for hours. But I thought u used to be able to start up the cars and rev them a bit. That would be cool if it got added back in
One of the best Mechanic Simulation Game. Tutorial is must watch coz if you skip it you won't be able to understand the whole game. Although the time for selling car is long which should be made to short ei that users can repair and sell.more cars and upgrade their tools.
Good game but I would like to be able to start the car and fix the fenders and doors. Mabey add dents to the doors also I wish you can design your garage and move around the map. Overall a very good game.🛻🚗
I like the game alot but I wish it had more cars to repair and I wish you could make a new Car Mechanic Simulator Cause I like this a lot I have learned a lot of vehicle Parts and stuff from this Game.
Great game but its difficult to keep buying parts one by one. Also the profit margin is too small for the amount of effort you have to put in. 30 minutes of repairing for an extra 1k of cash is not worth it.
It's a great game, I love what you can do, I love the whole concept of the game. I just wish that you could test drive the cars after you fix them, or even before you fix them. Other than that, great game, I love it.
Amazing game, love it, only problem is on the 3rd car I had to write a whole list for the parts in the engine, apart from that it's an epic game, great job
Works and plays great, I've been a mechanic for 35 years and absolutely love this game very realistic. Could use engines specific to the car, that would be awesome.
Believe me when I say that this is the best game that makes you familiar with car parts. Thank you so much Developers, I love you all. Thank you for this beautiful and amazing app. It is good for "learning/education."
the game was great! but i would like to recommend some game features. i would like to recommend that there will be a customer that want to repair his/her car from time to time. then the customers will explain what is the problem with the car. you can also make the customers clueless about the problem with the car, then it's up to the mechanic to figure it out. this will be a massive update to the game. there's a lot of things i want to say but i thougt my suggestion is not good to notice LOL.
As a mechanical person I find this game extremely pleasing and very well detailed. Thank you for great graphics and constant learning material
Sorry dev. Even with the instructions I understand jack s*** of what I'm supposed to do next. The game is unresponsive when I try to remove, what I believe, any of the damaged parts highlighted. I can only change the angle of the graphics to and fro, but that's about it. Uninstalling. Maybe I'll try again at some later time, and then change my rating accordingly.
Realistic game and it has good graphics I can learn alot when I grow up and get my first car so I prefer a 5 star
Well I replaced the battery after by 15 whole seconds of gameplay and a pop up appeared saying I would be bombarded with ads if I didn't decide to pay 16 bucks. Lol I haven't even played yet bro. 🤣 so, yeah, I turned it off.
Own this game already on Ps4 and Pc and for a mobile title it's not half bad. Having to purchase the "Starter Pack" twice on the other hand was a major drawback.
It's a awesome game I love it, I wish you could get supercars quicker but other than that I love the game.
It's interesting, and so far is doing the job of wasting some down time! Navigation is a little difficult, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it, I think... Little more time will tell. Well after some more time with the app, there started being more and more adds... Not as bad as a lot of apps out there, but could be if it keeps increasing at this rate. Also, if you leave the screen to answer a text or see an incoming emails, the car you were in process of repairing is gone!!! Frustrating...
Can you add like you can activate the car when it's repairing so you can see what happen if theres no example:crankshaft,Belts,Radiator that would be a great idea!!btw the graphics is cool physics are perfect!!
A great game it could use some way to transfer accounts between devices and the ability to upgrade cars to make them prestige or luxury or sport or racing versions of the cars which you could then sell for a higher price There is a company copying and plagiarizing your content On the Microsoft store you can sue them
This used to be my favorite until I got bored of it so I deleted it. In my opinion it's still a little boring after a few days, I would really like it if you can test drive and race cars cause I know it's a mechanic game and stuff, but it's not realistic without test driving the cars.
This game is so great. I learned and enjoy playing this game, this game would be greater if more details added into it like test driving the car, sanding rust of the body of the car, tuning cars and adding more models of cars.
Great detail, lots of fun. Early on it's hard to make enough to get the final tool kit, which is frustrating, because you end up getting a lot of cars that need things that you can't do, and thus, can't make much money at all. I would love, as another user mentioned, the ability to upgrade parts, and have a dyno.. it would add a while new aspect of fun. Overall good game, and with a few extra touches, it could be great!
Excellent game for people with general knowledge of car mechanics. Only problem I've found is once I completed every car and trophy, I didn't get any bonus cars or trophies. Maybe it's something for the creators to think about or change
One of my favorites. It's now in my top 5 favorite games. I started playing this game just because of my favorite YouTuber (who is Canadian) playing this game, also because that I know that this game can have tons of cool vehicles like a Toyota Supra or a GTR to fix up and repair. This is a very good game. Thanks so much. Continue with these kinds of games.
The game was good looking at all it's the part whenever you get to the buying I could not buy a single part I had the money I didn't let me buy anything it's ridiculous y'all didn't put better work into this game
This is what I have been looking for. Hope there will be updates to more detailed repair in gear box. More variety of engines (V10, V12, W12, rotary maybe). Truly this game is for petrolhead and also learner. Also wanted to look for more improvements in car body area where the challenges should be present there to repair the body. But anyway, this has been good and I enjoyed it.
Love the game only issue I have is selling cars and buying tools takes awhile unless you pay $10 for the package. Other then that fun to play while on the toilet or just chilling.
I played it first on steam PC, now just downloaded it on mobile, i like it.. there are plenty of things unavailable on mobile but still a good game to play when youre bored when not at home.
A great game, detailed and immersive. However I have purchased the extra speed and now have all tool boxes, this game is still interesting but is getting boring to play. All we do is buy cars repair them then sell em. I would like to be able to put more powerful engines, and body kits onto the cars along with stickers and multi paint them. Maybe have buses, trucks and other vehicles to buy, repair ans sell. When I first played this it was 5 stars now only 4.
Controls are good and it's simple and you learn about the parts of the car better if you're not around three mechanics like I am.
I really enjoy playing this app..too bad vfd 300 or 700 is not the phone/device to play it on. only plays the beginning of the app after the first time i played it. The names of the tools used to repair the engine needs to be up in here though. Yall..the game though..did not know..hope to get my hands on it one day..
Loving the experience .. all that needs to be added is real dents and that i can do myself .. mags and interior that can make it more interesting but i love this game tho
Its fun. Build cars and sell them. But it takes 3 Freggin Hours it sell a car.. So i downloaded the game. Played for 45 min. And then i had to wait for 3 hours before i can play it again. A waste of space. Why build a game you can only play for a short time, wait 3x the amount of time, and play again for about 1/4 the time... STUPID!!
Everything is good with the game only one problem I have ran into so far is it won't let me do the Jeep at all I buy it and the next screen won't load then if you close and reopen it won't let me do anything to the Jeep and it's the last car I need to finish other than that been great
It's not bad I personally, I like the original car mechanic simulator 2018 if you can make it more like that then I'd be nice like make it where you can work on the interior of a car from a junkyard and all that cool stuff oh yeah and when you can also custom the car.