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Car Driving Simulator: NY

Car Driving Simulator: NY for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by AxesInMotion Racing located at Horizonte, 1, 2nd floor 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe Sevilla, ESPAΓ‘A. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
although I don't like the game it's still okay it's a good game I mean yeah it's a good game but it could it could use more Patrols without pushing hard and I mean absolute more cars man come on only nine cars I think just add more!!!
boring like so boring and make multiplayer,put chat in,and put microphone so we can talk but chat so we don't have to be bored anymore.
Hello Guys This game is cut nice and super but there is a problem is there no update please add more cars and even add bikes even rods it seems boored very much so please update the game please
Perfect but can you please add statue of liberty to the map you can see it so why not just add a bridge to it please
The Best Simulator Game i have ever played but please can you make a new update for this like extreme car driving simulator i am a biggest fan of your games please make new updates on your Every game like the extreme car driving simulator also please give it a super summer update like that
LOVE the Crash graphics and everything and in future games maybe possibly put a character you play as if you guys want to:)
It is the best game in my life and please put a way to go the staue of libetry and please put walking and all and more items in the next update and yeah and subscribe to sidessh exploring and games
This game is STUPID SO STUPID my car is driving and the controllers dont let me go backwards at one point then the fixing button makes me Go up so It dosent work do NEVER EVER DOWNLOAD the app then the ADS SO STUPID FIX IT NOW
It's very good game but there is one thing that I found was that ki you can have map inside and points at which the blue print and other level completers are there. Otherwise the game is too good!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
i am attempting at playing this game and i have been driving for years and this is very realistic however i'm doing a real good job but it's alot of fun and i'm in the river and running over stop signs, etc. i'm laughing so hard i have tears in my eyes! it's hysterical !
Vera level game but this one suprice what suprice because new car lonched iam play to the new car that car sooooo fantastic car.
This game are very superb i love the game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
really good game may get little boring if youve had it for 4 years that's how a game like this should get 4 and a half 🌟
I love how this game is a fun game and not a farm game a nd I really think that you guys will love it too once you download it so, trust what I say when I say this is a stupendous game!
i love the game it is easy to play and what's the Point of the the game if it is not a good game well that won't happen to this game because its easy.
It's a pretty nice app but the speed is off like she speed limit will say 20 and all of the other cars are going 40 It would be a batter app is the speeds were correct I feel.
Man Iam always palying these games i love it its almost 4 years when the started it for the very first time And i downloaded when it was in early access
I like this game very good cars but I would have voted 5 star but I didn't because the destruction 1 is so unfair you always need to start on the middle of the mountain so we don't really have time to destroy the boxes so please fix that and also the lag it's so annoying I always crash so also fix that last of all the ads everytime your driving, joining a radar, trial and destruction or pausing the game ads always appear and I always have the same app so please fix all of that.
The game is good and I saw that lot many people are complaining about ads I got a tip simply turn off WiFi than paying money.πŸ˜€
The game was great just a few little bugs where the AI cars would try to fall off the thing to get into the water and it will just fly and ride up on invisible wall and then the cars would sometimes sink into the ground like I just saw this orange van just sunk into the ground and I like the feature where when they get like upside-down and they crash they get like smoke out of their engines so when they have like smoke out of their engines that you know they're out of order so yeah add a Camaro.
It is a nice game but the reason why i just rated 4 stars cause first of all when you already set your game it lags. Can you please fix it thank you.
This game is better than extreme car driving san francisco and extreme car driving simulator in this game there is a bridge and tne statue of liberty amazing game it has 26 luxury cars better than extreme car driving I suggest all of you to install this game on your device and enjoy your lockdown Thank you πŸ˜€
Its a fun game and i love it but i really wish there was a bridge to the statue of liberty and please make a 1970 sodge charger with a blower other that its a good game and i love axesinmotion games so yall keep on making those great games
Love this game but the reason I gave it four stars is because there are no cars on the "brooklyn bridge" and it can get boring when there's no cars on the brooklyn bridge and also you can't get to the statue of liberty make a boat or something to get there. Thanks.
I don't like the game it do sent have blinkers and ifmyoumcold get pulled over for speeding and the steering is so bad.
I gave four star cause its little bit cool but can you add multiplayer mode its fun to play with friends
I played this game all thing is good but there are no many cars in city driving increase amount of car next time when you update this game
Its a grate game but please work with the AI but still its great if you dislike it please don't. Thanks for all the makers of this game.Can you make A gas stations or multi level parking and some pedestrians on the road that could be plesant add mor cars pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss.
I found 2 bugs in this game 1. In the park near the paint shop, there is a blue truck that either sends you flying or softlocks the game 2. The green car is oversized and tops out at 178 MPH, only goes up to Gear 5 even though it shows Gear 6 when you jump.
the game is nice.l even play the game in the toilet.you can buy a house and a car .and you also can get stars
I love this game. Its just like 2015 extreme car driving simulator and why i love these games. I am a motorsport guy myself
This game is very fun I would be better if you added a dodge demon in my opinion but other than that this game is fun
I love it but there's a glitch when you go to a different island you have to go into water for other cars to come back and that's the same when you go back to the mainland
I think this game is stupid.The cars have no control whatsoever. I drove along time and earned a big zero. This game goes around in circles needs too much work to be a hit with me.Im uninstalling right now pure rubbish do not download waste cod time and memory.
This game is totally glitched. All the dummy vehicles are flying in the air, they are being crashed by something invisible to me and are getting upside down, please fix this problem. Thank You.
This is the newest car game they made the bad thing is the map and car speeds are boraring so please update map
It keeps kicking me out every two minutes because there hasn't been any update to this game since last year. UPDATE NOW
i hate the graphics they look like they were made with crayons than dipped into a pool.Also it it is stupid how you need to spend real money to buy wheel tilt. And even the cover picture looks like it was flushed down a toilet and than fished back out. never play this game it is a waste of time dont do it
my experience was amazing this game is the best game that I've ever played in my life I love the easy controls and I love the cars I love how the cars drive I love everything about this game there's not too many ads the challenges seem fair it's really the best game in the world I think.
So I love this game its super fun the graphics r good but theres one problem. I want to have a driver and have different characters to choose thx
This game is awesome, its not laggy, its nice and smooth, and the ads are not bad at all. I just love it, the cars are nice and if i could i would of gave this game 100 stars. I love this game. πŸ€—
I got all packs pack cars are cool but thanks axes in motion 1st game maker I recommend thank you for the lambo not in a pack.
This game is an acctual joke. I mean you have to be retarded to seriously not mind the ads. The quality is worse than a Nintendo 64 game I mean please just don't get this game
The game is really fun and I would rate it 5 stars but it's just the first 2 cars have terrible handling it's no big deal but if you fix that it would be great
Superb graphics but limited places to visit because of which am giving 4 stars...still need to improve by adding some more places...otherwise a superb app☺☺☺
I love axesMotion Racing almost every car game I have is from axesMotion Racing I even rated it on another game called extreme car driving and I recommend downloading it I promise it's the best car games
The game is interesting but then the game has too many glitches. The cars are also to fast. But the game is enjoyable
I love this game the 1. THE HOUSES i can pretend one of them is my house 2.THE BRIDGE I can make my house there 3.THE CITY.you can go far out in the city But there is one problem... you can't go to the statue of Liberty.
Another great game by axis in motion .Big map everything I look for in a game .But can't get to statue of liberty kindly add a bridge to it . It would be wonderful.
The game is awesome! But there's a problem. Pls pls pls, built a new road to the Statue of Liberty. But all the other cars fly and fall through the streets or fall in the sea. Pls fix this problem otherwise I'll don't install this game again.
Like these games. Controls can be tricky at times but that's probably my bad D. U. I. 😝 A few ads, but not too long or intrusive.
cars are slow. barely got to five km. lags like hell of a devil. and no paint shops. has a delay of time(when i press brake it stops like five seconds after i press it). so and ads every ten seconds. really has to improve. if there was no lag i could have given it five stars. otherwise very good gameπŸπŸ˜‹.
It is a nice car game.but alot of things go wierd in this game cars are flying sometimes the game crashes. but it's a nice game. the developers are grate ate making games.axes in motion.can you do atleast the developers should've create even flying cars or airplane games ,but it won't help us in reality.it is a nice game tho.great work
Love the game. So much more interesting than Extreme Car Driving Simulator. But the only thing is u haven't updated this either. And also I suck at this now XD but ik that's not ur fault I just needed to get that of my shoulders.
Its a very fun game but I wish there were other vehicles and more maps ,and I wish vehicles. Were cheaper but over all its 4 🌟 game
ur games is the best all of them bedies the handling and update them if you can but keep doing it and i will download some but not all becuse storge but they are a fun offline game oh and could you put stuff like tuneing and upgarding and wide body kits. but alex you are one the best car games for phone. buuuuuut YOU NEED TO FIX THE HAAAAAAAADLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀 FIX IT but never stop what you want to do BUT YOU NEED TO FIX THE HANDLING and are you gonna make a new game pleas do thank u
This game needs a major update. Keep every other element the same but pls update the app so it wont lag as much or glitch so hard. I downloaded this and in 20 mins i experienced lag and my car would not stop turning right. Plus the steering is way too sensitive when using arrow controls.
Could you please add McLaren P1 it would look awesome and also can you add nice shaders and a bright sun like in the pictures and more realistic headlights for the cars because the circles aren't that interesting. It would be nice for the McLaren p1 to unlock at 350 km. All those things would make the game so much better.
I love the game but there are a lot of problems. First of all I hate the graphics second of all please add a driver third of all please add cars (not for me to drive) other people driving cars fourth of all it does not have to time us for an AD you will get 1 damn star
'M having fun with the axes in motion games but the problem is it needs more cities or countries to tour .
The only thing I can see that the best of luck with the help and I am not sure what the problem of a sudden you are looking to buy the tickets for all of your life
Sucks controls are garbage drifts when i dont want it to and ramps are trash when you do them its like there is a invisible wall or corner i would give it more than one star but even one is too good 0 suites it best but its too god for this app
i kind of like the game and i wanna say all the glitches i found. the jeep can seem like it can go faster even though it doesnt. the headlights are glitched. the daily rewards car`s taillights dont turn on. the dodge charger, the ford focus, the jaguar, and the daily rewards car, they all go 178 mph. both the mercedes and the chevrolet sound annoying. i would recommend making this game a little more fun because i dont play it alot because i think its a little boring.
It harder than it looks but you really need to concentrate and it is a little bit easier because there are no other cars so that means you can drive without anyone disturbing you.
Congrats u made this game bad everytime i press the fix button it jumps fix the dang game idiots! You cant make single game without fixing it every month ur supposed to update it or once a year passes
Why there is a jeep grand choke in one of the picture but it doesnt exist in the game here we go again!
It's a nice game and all but can you add a freaking map so we can see where the collectables are I just need 2 more collectables but can't freaking find them add a map OR ELSE I'M UNINSTALLING
The controls should be more stable becouse when I hit the gas button the car goes crazy and when u try to turn it's to strong one tap and your turn so hard but overall very fun entertaining game
i played this in a computer and the mechanics are trash but thats the only downside its pritty good tho
Onostley i luvvvv this game im serious but in the game theres a few much ads and it breAks the moment all im Trying to say is like stop the ads and I would give this game 5 star keep up the good work download now! Btw graphic not that goodπŸ˜‘
awesome game but I want to read 5 stars because of the game animation and physics and all are there but you can remove the lots of boy the premium also part of the earth so please check and update not alone
It is a nice game.... I usually prefer AxesInMotion for car games.... And like every other one, this also perfect for me....And a benifit of this game is that it does not take too much of space of your device. I usually pretend that one of the houses is mine...But I would love if you would add free walking and real walk-in and customizable homes like in GTA..... But no doubt, without the features also it's very awesome. Thank you.
I never play it before but I like New York and it's so fun and interesting ways of driving and stuff with record and other stuff too with clients with all parts by slot of stuff so have fun πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜
I have had a lot of fun on this game me and my sister and my cousins play it but for some reason when I enter a new world in traffic mode, there are no cars. In order to fix that I have to reload by jumping into the ocean. Also the game glitches, but I have a lot of fun.