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Car Defender

Car Defender for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by CoCo Magic Games located at Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Haven't even opened the app yet but just reading the the reviews, I'm with @FOzuna who also pointed out.... SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON THE DEVS OF THIS APP!!! Not one single response! Why should we play this stupid elementary game??? If you can't care enough about your creation to to even wonder what your market has to say about it then why do we bother? Do you know how many passive income opportunities there are for us that are legit? We don't NEED you. We're TRYING you. SHAME. UNINSTALLED.
Please can you sort out the problems with adding additional slots moving the bin and the crystals because I have had over 3000 crystals and when you stop playing the game and go back to playing the game it has tooking all of the crystals and it's making me want to delete the gameπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
I'm enjoying the challenge and it is holding up to its advertising so far but I have just start. I will play and see how thing go from there.
It alright but no money involved. Building your car up to unlock new powerful car is good. Killing tyme is all we can do. Wish we can make real money on this game.
You are being forceful with your ads. You Force us to watch ads in middle of gameplay. On top of that your ads FORCE you to go to thier links whether it was safe or not. Lucky my phone's got a blocker for redirects. This is actually an infringement upon certain rights. Unless you want to hear from a lawyer I suggest you fix your ad content. I know it makes you money but the fact is it's okay to give us the option to watch the ads. Not forcefully redirect. Thanks.
Reading the reviews and I don't see ONE response from the company/developers, bad juju on their part. So, basically the public who are writing their review, are just writing to air!?! Sucks that the company/developers don't care what we think or feel about their game. Just care that we play and they get payπŸ€₯πŸ˜²πŸ˜±πŸ˜΅πŸ€•πŸ˜–πŸ˜«
It's fun! But it's a little confusing at the beginning. When you figure out the controls and bonuses you never want to stop!!!
I would not reccomend playing or downloading this app not only is it confusing there's too many ads they need to fix this app the ads keep interrupting the game. When the ad is finished playing your dead and can't progress to level 2 at all.
So far I like the game, I think they should raise the Coin rate payout and increase the base coin rate.
So far I got about $5 and maybe 10 minutes it's a really good kind of game in the way of sitting at the doctor's office to half the time in each thing is a different level and stuff so it's good for all ages I think
WHY DO YOU FORCE ADS? In 2 minutes of gameplay I had to close because it was the 6th ad I didn't want to see. Give the option and not just auto start an ad. Additionally if you want us to tap on cars to earn money,then the cars shouldnt just trade places with other cars. Lost two rounds because of that illogical action.
I really like this game as it makes you always keeps you thinking on how to best achieve getting to the next and higher levels.
It's a real good card game I like it you know only hit Disney it's a little bit more Firepower of a weapon more stronger but other than that it's a great game I love it please make board games you to make trucks
Good but needs work. Why cant you pause the game? You get an ad break and the game still runs in the back. Lame
I love the app! I use it with my just play app and earn coins with EVERY video I watch and each new car I unlock.
Its a fun game, a little busy with the tipical repeat the same three or four different ads every frealin minute until you just can't it any longer.
Good graphics but really very boring it takes to long to get money to lvl n such, all ur mainly doing is waiting for boxes to drop n watching cars shoot bullets mainly.
Nice and fun to play for money. This app, I love it all you have to do is work your way up from noob to pro, it takes patience these ads are annoying to others, but it takes getting used to it just to be calm, and these ads show you the main idea of what this game is about instead of the details.
The Game it self isn't complex, the combination of cars to make better weapon brilliantly placed however the buying of cars and upgrades are overly priced for coins after the point of buying 5 or upgrades after 5 as well the cars get better however the waves continue wave after wave. I would like a breather between at least 2 waves to give time to upgrade.
This game is a lot of fun. I gave it a 1 since the ads don't load. No ads then I'm not able to play. Please have the ads load so I can play. Thank you so much
(WARNING THIS GAME IS EXTREMLY ADDICTIVE .BE PREPARED TO LOSE A GOOD FEW HOURS PLAYING IT.....OR MAYBE YOUR LOST TIME IS DOWN TO ALIEN ABDUCTION .)Probably the best free game I've played very addictive .once u start firing you just can put I pad down .well Done guys and girls for making game ....,more like it pleasseeeeeeeee .is fantastic .theank you all
Great easy game to play and pass time and earn points towards being able to earn real money, still got to earn points though to claim Β£20 cash to see if game is either a total waste of time or genuine game not a scam
Only install this app so that I can go ahead and make money while I play that but you guys instructions are out of the water I only have one car that can defeat it and then I spent all my money and I don't know where my car is went so you know I uninstall that happened told me to install you to make money on most all you both.
Playing game Car Defender but it say's u canget paided thru pay pal more with face book. My buddy can only play game now that $31Thousand theres no way for u to get money out like u say there is. If your game for real like u say it is so help me out. David Hagin
Too many ads every five to ten seconds, interrupting my game play. I suggest you fix this, until then I will uninstall.
It's amazing game love it thanks to the developer, but it gives low points on playsport and it has so many ad's...
After playing I was getting addicted to how you interact with the game.it's quite fun upgrading your cars and buy them or each one is different.I got up to 21, it's just fun.
This game has some fun to it but it's a little slow and catchy with moving around so that really needs to be fixed but otherwise it's a pretty good game.
Lots of fun nonstop playing action. Dont give me enough time to upgrade any of my sources. But thats not a problem, it makes me act at a faster pase. I like it, πŸ‘πŸ‘
The worst game ever when it comes to ads and game play, if you start the game you will instantly die and you can't do anything until the death screen goes away then right when you merge you will get an ad, but the game is still running behind the ad so you will come back with a death message where you will have to wait and then you'll merge one or 2 more and you'll get another ad and the process repeats. I played for a total of 20 minutes and about 5 was actual game play.
I force to play in a week my dollar coins was in a billion it didn't update what my dollar coins to change in cash,so wasting.
Way to many ads I understand having ads to pay for the development of the app but every couple of seconds is ridiculous cant even enjoy game because of this so in my eyes it's a 1 star game unless you like watching ads
Great game, some room for improvement: like being able to lock a row so you don't accidentally move a car, making the buy a car button not so close to a car spot (I'm constantly accidentally buying cars). Just lowered my rating because now i can't buy cars to complete daily tasks, even tho i have enough $, it says I don't have enough.
Every time I couldn't pass a level, I had to see the words "Wave falied". Seems to me the game developers committed an epic FAIL!
Love the gameplay, got in trouble for not paying attention to my lady. All day long on the same game!
Well you know this video game here is one of the better games will you have fun but you also make a few cents and stuff you're not going to get rich but you make something you do something with it so just keep trying play other games along will you have fun but you also make a few cents and stuff you're not going to get rich but you make something you do something with it so just keep trying play other games along with this one just to enjoy your time and it should work
The most annoying game I've ever played. Every few seconds it's either an ad on your screen or the words "wave falied." Do you have any idea of the irony in the game telling me I've failed when the word failed is spelled incorrectly? Do not download, utter waste of time.
Adjusting my review because it appears they removed the filthy ads. Fun merge game. I like the twist of having things to attack and increasing the cars' power as well as merging for the next level car.
It's so addicting! I love it. I almost forgot I was earning money with this game! I could end up earning $20 and wouldn't even care! I could play this all day! P.S. there was some weird glitch that gave me two of the same car without having to merge. I got 2 tier 13 cars while taping consistently to get in-game currency. At the same time I merged 2 tier 3 cars that were next to the trash can. Somehow, this ended up stacking a tier 3 on top of my tier 13. I went out, came back and found 2 13's!
This is a dope game, I just would rather the rocket with the coins and diamonds inside to be explodable instead of having to stop what you're doing to tap it. I'm also not a huge fan of the fact that there's no pause so whenever you level up and have the pop up telling you what you earned or even just need to level up your cars, the gameplay is still going. Cool game overall.
Well it's kinda like the space invader shooter game except with the cars I really like it. I really like the pairing of the cars that's so badass I love the game.
Super fun tapper game, it's simple but it keeps me going on it for hours sometimes. I love it. A few to many ads but other than that πŸ‘πŸ‘
THE GAMES ARE STUPID AND YOU DON'T get very many coins when you do credit it takes forever just to get to the pro I mean you need to change the game a little bit better than what it is I played this months and months ago probably a couple years ago lost the phone never got anything out of it and I had a lot of coins and points built up when I had played it now here it is again and I didn't even install this it just popped up because of another game I had installed so I kept it so let me ask you