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Car Crash!

Car Crash! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Madbox located at 68 rue jean Jacques Rousseau Paris 75001. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the amount of ads in this app are ridiculous! if i wanted to see that many ads for things i would go to a random free tv app. decrease the ads and i will change my rating but until then i will keep at 1 star. i wish i could rate it lower...
Too many Ads!! Completely ruined the game and made it unplayable. First the "levels" are too short and with an ad every other run it seems like you're watching ads more than playing the game. Which, if you time it, is a completely accurate statement.
Sorry, I'm with anyone else who thinks that there is way too many ads. Seems like I spend more time watching ads than playing your game. And I'm not paying you money to take them out. I'll find other time waster games, which sucks cause I was enjoying this game.
Too many ads and they are long ads. the game is not that exciting to begin with and not worth waiting 30 -45 seconds to play the next round.
Don't bother downloading. Just another generic ad infested waste of time. It gives you an option to watch an ad for extra coins but even if you say no you're still hit with an ad. Seriously, I'm actually begging you not to download this.
Great game if you like adverts because you'll spend more time watching them than actually playing the game. Ridiculous amount. Uninstalling.
So the game stops when changing the ccar had to reopen thegame, the Car moves to fast, the swerving side to side is out of control... So are you supposed to explode the dinamite before it runs out? Bye Bye
Game is alright, so far. Wish it were easier to control the vehicle preceding the crash or just after, but it's alright for a free game on my phone.
unlike most of the reviews, this game works perfectly on my note 9. i like the fact that you can wait until the crashing stops to blow up the car. maximize damage
It is so glitch and when I try to upgrade my stats the game freezes and i have to go on it again and restart ... I hope they will fix this game.
Quite refreshing to see an ad model done right. No banner ads, no Iframe ads, no intermission ads. Just reward multipliers and free unlockables. This is what I call a perfect ad model. I don't feel like I'm forced to watch anything. I can watch at my own leisure. Only one minor complaint. The upgrade selection buttons are a bit small. I am playing on an S9 so switching between upgrades can be a bit tricky due to its screen size.
Are you kidding me? You play a round, and it gives you the option to "Watch ads and collect 5x coins!". Or to just "collect coins.". I don't want to watch any ads so I just "collect coins.". And then shows me a freaking ad anyways!!! IMMEDIATELY uninstalled. I cannot stand games or developers like this. I wish i could give it a negative rating.
2 stars because its entertaining , other than that way to many ads.. the part that makes no sense it's when you're done doing a round it asks if you want to see an ad and it multiplies your income , but if you press continue you still end up seen an ad so makes no sense ... most likely will be uninstalling and I just downloaded a few minutes ago
When ever I open the app I either see a black screen or it logs me back to my home screen. Fix this please, as I can see others are struggling with the same thing.
its very addicting and great game. downside- no music! also keeps telling me to watch video for free car but when i watch the video nothing happens which is annoying. fix this and i have no problem goving 5 stars.
Great game. Smooth controls. A few ads here and there but show me a game that doesn't have them. Hands down 5 star because I can't go higher.
Not sure what's going on here. This game is literally a suicide bomber how to. W! T! F! had to give one star to post it should be a -5β˜†
if I decline the ad and your FORCE me to watch the ad, then give me a reward. if I watch the asking ad and force me to watch another ad, I expect another reward. to many ads is reason for low star rating
Cool idea, like the game. However, you literally spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. Sucks and not worth it. Deleting the game after maybe 10 minutes.
I'm typically happy to play advertiser supported games, but this is just too much. Literally an ad after every race, even if I decline to watch an ad to receive a bonus. This would have been a fine game, but it is unplayable as a result of the constant intrusions.
this game shouldn't even exist on Google Play at all game is being reported. suicide bomb car blowing up near the White House. everyone in America needs to track down this developer and beat the living s*** out of them and their family. teach them what it is to be an American
This is just what i was looking for. The ad is just like the game. it reminds me of the xbox 360 game burnout:revenge. The only thing missing is sound
two things, the ads in this game are borderline predatory. if I click the no ads option and I get an ad, I should be given the bonus for watching the stupid ad. the second thing is you want to avoid bonuses at all cost, you think they would help, but infact they actually are more often to lose you money. the worst ones are frost and jumping cars. however bonuses aren't bad compared to cars pushing you through the sides causing your explosion to not hit any of the cars you crashed.
I saw this as an advert on my phone and thought "this looks like a game that I actually would like" then I installed it and played ever since
So many ads, pretty much each time you crash, you get an ad. Controls are wonky at best. You're hounded to get premium pay items and features. Overall not what I expected. Played five minutes and was bored with it and angry at the constant ads. No replay value unless you are a pay- player.
idk DJ kml ok6n FCC DJ onk pl kml V ch tdc gdx hdb yachts and I have to be a nice card for the first one was a little bit more of the galaxy Tab for a few min ago but it looks bad and it is not doing anything else but I have no problems in your ass up and put your car in there and you can do that by your place and I don't think it would have been a rough start to get the puppy to get the job
honestly really fun game just turn on airplane mode and you won't have any ads I would recommend downloading
WAY TOO MANY ADS. Dont waste you time watching all the ads that paid for this game. It gives you an option to collect bonus for watching an ad and if you dont watch it then it still shows you and ad. And if you do watch an ad for the bonus guess what happens after its over?... ANOTHER FREAKING AD
Fun game but clearly designed to make you watch as many ads as you can stand before uninstalling. That number was 5 for me because the "no bonus for ad watching" button worked as often as shouting "no you stupid garbage game, i want to crash cars not watch ads for baby laxitives!" At my phone. Neat concept that is far too greedy for me.
honestly i thought what the other people where saying was gonna happen to me but it ran smoothly for me
This game seemed interesting from the ads. It was one of those games which was a low budget game, but still kind of fun. This game is far less than that. Every step of the game, the developers make clearer and clearer to you how much of a cash grab this app is. Not only are advertisements integrated in every step & menu of the game, but the game is so underdeveloped that basic physics are thrown out the window. Controls and gameplay are laughably bad. Would not recommend. Waste of your time.
Disgusting! If you opt out to have your personal data collected, you get no sound! and if you try to open the settings, its locked and they try to get you to agree to data collection! This is illegal here! Reported!
amusing game, ads are excessive. there's not enough to this game to warrant all of the ads, like 3 ads for every minute of actual game play.
It's burnout! I love it. The ads are less obtrusive than they could be. The power ups are a genuinely fun twist. Try it!
Very addictive game, but a ridiculous amount of ads. I get that's how you generate revenue, but c'mon, the ads take longer than a crash run...
If your app wasn't so broken and bombarded with ad after ad, Maybe this game would've gotten like 4 stars. But it's getting one cause of how broken the game is.
This is a fairly average game. Very nice graphics and gameplay and my phone never lags durring huge explosions like how some other games are. However theres no sound to this game at all, not even vibrations when a crash happens?? So credit where credit is due but honestly even adding in stock sounds for now would do.
Well, this is dumb. I should have checked here before downloading. It crashed for me, just like for everyone else. It's been going on for quite a while judging by these reviews, so the developers either can't fix it or don't care. Neither scenario is promising. Good thing these games are a dime a dozen.
On the surface seems like a fun game. However, it's completely silent so got boring pretty quick. Also, the rounds are quick and the ads come thick and fast so uninstalled. Shame really, as the graphics are good and the game has the potential to be good fun.
Two adds after every level, each level lasts less than 30 seconds. That means you're spending twice as much time watching ads as actually playing the game. Deleted after 10 minutes, absolutely pathetic.
This game is the definition of why ads are such a problem. 30 seconds of unskippable ads for 5 seconds of gameplay. I enjoy those 5 seconds don't get me wrong. But I hate games that are so infected with ads that it takes away from the actual game. Less ads for more stars.
This game has caught my attention and has showed me my driving standards remain utterly standard, in all ways now and forever, i recommend this to all new aspiring drivers around the world to make our world safer.
disable wifi/data usage in app options. really helps making this playable. i'd watch the ads for the devs if they didn't force them onto me like they do now with unskippable ads even if you chose not to watch them.
Its terrible. It lags literally if you touch the screen. I have android version 9, l that game is gonna need some bug fixes. I gave it 3 🌟 because it literally has no adds. I played it for 10 minutes and it didn't have an add
So many glitches. Good concept but some of the mods actually make you earn less money. And sometimes the cars on the road randomly move to the left even when they've been hit. And sometimes you can just fly off into the distance for no reason at all with the stupid bounce mod.
Ad city. Cars are stupid. You unlock a ice cream wagon...then ypu unlock the same truck, but with a burger on top instead...waste of time, and game space. Soops orig. PFFT!
A fun game but most of the upgrade videos dont work and I miss out on good stuff. Reall %@%@^& me off. May or may not play it again. One of those I just keep hoping it gets better
lots of fun wrecking stuff! lol! very relaxing game and easy.... ps. I don't mind watching the ads... cashes you up very nicely! thanks dev's!
you need more of a run up here to make more of crashes maybe I need to get to a higher level the games awesome though
The game is pretty fun for a mobile game, but there's two very annoying things in this game. Number 1 would be the booster that makes your car jump, it literally adds nothing to the game and only makes you lose money in a run, therefore I think it should be removed. And number 2 is the map boundaries, the map isnt confined to a small area so you just sort of fly out of the map if you get a powerful magnet, and the cars dont come with you so you just lose all the money you would get from the tnt.
This kinda reminds me of burnout 3, I loved the car crash mechanic then and I love it here. The controls are easy and simple and the graphics, while being the common style for mobile games are nice and cartoons. Only gripes are that there could be a bit more content, and that the city feels a bit small/empty. Otherwise great game that I recommend you try. BuT wHy Is It So HaRd??!! 😩😩πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😀😀
I am perfectly fine with games that have me watch ads for bonuses, I will immediately delete a game that asks me if I want to watch an ad for a bonus, then forces me to watch the ad without the bonus if I select no. This game does this and forces you to watch an ad every level, with each level being about ten seconds. Literally unplayable.
Terrible. Everything requires you to watch a video. You want $80,000? watch video. if you don't. you only get $10,000. - Upgrades increase by a ridiculous amount which force you to watch videos. to write this I had to write a video
Worthless cash grab. Not a fun game and no progress unless you spend money or watch ads. Even when you click the button for less reward and no advert you get an unskippable advert.
easy fun game one down and only down side is that it's the same ad every time atleast today since I just started playing the game if I. gunna be hitting the 5x button every time I'd like to at least see a few different ads
the sexist was of advertising, saying "when my mother drives" and then continues to drive a car straight into traffic. this plays on stereotypes that oppress women as horrible drivers and reenforce the "norm" that women need man to take care of them.
I personally think this is a great game, it builds on a simple concept and makes it fun. The only issue I have with it, some as most every other game nowadays, is the large amount of ads. Please, for the love of God, less ads.
Probably would be a fun game if the ads were cut back about 75%. Look, I know ads are how game devs make money but when there are 30 seconds ads after every 5 seconds of play, that's how you lose players.
the game has no sound!!! I hate when the ad has sound but the game doesn't. stupid game, very buggy, don't waste your time.
A good game that is a good way to waste time, but the best part is that it does not make you watch ads, but you can for rewards.
YOU SPEND MORE TIME WATCHING ADS THAN PLAYING THE ACTUALLY GAME!!! YOU SKIP AN AD BUT THEN ARE FORCED TO WATCH AN AD ANYWAYS. JUST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DEVS AND REMOVE THIS FROM THE APP STORE. Shame, game had potential but is overwhelmed by ads. if you like watching mindless advertising, then this is the app for you!!!!
Ads every 30 seconds like all the rest of these greedy crappy games. I get so tired of downloading games that are literally only created to milk you for as many ads as they can before you uninstall. Whoever made this is a greedy, no talent hack.
If your can place this game on add block before you play it do it, holy money grabber this game is full of adds. Some how I don't think it's an American that creates this game with the amount of adds it have. I get it you have to make money to manage the game, but every minutes no seconds you do something with the game an add thing show up.a
This game is... ok. the smoothness is kinda bad but not terrible. it's mediocre at best. gets boring after around 20 minutes.
The game is prettyfun for a mobile,but there's two very annoying thing in this game.Number I would be the booster that makes your car jump,If you can place this game on add block before you play it do it,holy money grabbing this game is full of add.I hate game that will ask if you want to watch an add to multiply your earnings,you say no but there is still an ad.This is one of those game.Don't ask of .I wantto watch an add,then force an ad me....
I'm making this a five star review so you actually read it. No affence but I really dislike this game I never say hate because it's a very strong word and I understand. But if you want money take time on the production of the game. Ad farms are horrible and nobody likes them. Don't make a game and make ads every second the levels can be up to 10 seconds long and ads are up to 30 so basically I am playing 1/3 of the game and 2/3 is going into watching ads if you lost some ads this could be good.
I just downloaded this game today and it runs pretty smooth on my Galaxy S7. I don't know if it's just me or not but the only thing missing from the game is some sound effects and music.
Honestly was fun but too many ads, every round? But i cant watch the ones that x5 my 25,000$ tho conveniently, or a free vehicle. Basically just a clickbait game :s sad the game stores flooded with only that anymore
A very good relaxation game but I had two glitches today I had 14+ explosion and some traffic cars spiralled into the sky this is common with high explosion the other glitch is when I had green(common) magnet and I reversed to the launch area this is common with high impact cars came with me because of magnet but when a car touched me it disappeared and finally please remove the bounce because it sends me past the traffic and I get nothing from my explosion Also magnet gives u loads of money!!!!
You know what, No! I really wanna like this game, Its very Burn out ish, but you get hit with ads every other time you race. I can see ads for power ups or cars but this is F#%king ridiculous, Until this is ratified I wont be playing and I will make sure to let everyone on my social media know too. I understand Free games need ads, but two to three in a matter of a minute?! Hell no!
I like the game it's a real relaxing game and the just having the ads makes me want other games and this one! (how did you do this to me?) and the crashing is just entertaining so this game is (almost) perfect!
this game is riddled with forced 30 second ads after every other run, even if you didn't select to watch them to increase your money.
Its a good game to pass the time the money ratio is off abit in my opinion. as well as after you explode you just lose out on all the money on the cars about to hit the ground. BUT WAY TO MANY ADS! if you wanna make ads an option to earn more gold then awesome! it's a win win for both parties. But to make the other party watch an ad when they chose "no thanks" is just stingy and ruins the fun of the game. I get it you guys wanna make money. but mabey put up an adremoval for.3$/($2.99) win/win.
so far its a really fun game. simple straight forward. hasnt forced me to watch adds, just the option to watch for more coins.
so many ads UGH,and it so slow,and one I press the screen...IT GOES IN ZIGZAGS,who would ever make this gameπŸ˜‘.like why.there are WAY better game then this EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT..if you dont well..BYE.
If you love watching ads, get this game, otherwise give it a miss. There's way to many ads, possibly the most ads I've ever encountered in a app!
So everyone says that the controls are bad. They are so easy to control! The game play is excellent, one of the smoothest games I've ever played! Those are hard to find nowadays. If you really don't want adds then cancel the agreement, or turn off wifi and data or put your device on airplane mode! IT'S THAT SIMPLE. Amazing job devs! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Good Fun Game! But there is too many ads and it needs sound because games are always better with music and SFX. Please cut down on the ads too but except from that its really fun!
Fun game, however the amount of ads ruins it! I get to play 2-3 turns and an advertisement comes up. If the ads were spaced further then an easy 4 star would be given.
very awesome game it like u ride and collect coins and crash and then Boom that how u win and level up
Garbage due to constant long ads. Also, noticed you're denied settings for opting out of sharing phone information. It's a clear money grab and data collection for the app owners. You'll spend 95% of your time watching ads instead of playing the game.
Not a bad time waster, but some of the "power ups" ruin your chance of earning money, primarily the boucing cars and ice. I consistently earn less when I get these power ups.
good concept, but the car is to difficult to control. If you just glance at the left side of your screen the car veers hard left.
Advertisement is a joke, first crash i performed i was given an option to watch an ad or collect regular value. I collected regular and was forced to watch a 30 second ad. I wasnt even capable of playing the game for more than 30 seconds.
This game is a walking ad for The Walking Dead mobile game. You either choose to watch an ad for a reward, or you get redirected anyway. the gameplay is not terrible, but not great. exactly what i would expect from a cheap chinese game thrown together just fast enough to make money from advertisements. i would have at oeast expected them not to rip off Burnouts idea aand come up with a video game of their own.
Way to many ads. I say no thanks to a 5x bonus to not get an ad, still get an ad. Could have just said yes and get that 5x bonus from the ad...
Advertisements pushed to quintuple your money after every "run" and an ad eun anyway every second run. Else, the game is pretty decent and cathartic.