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Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-

Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot- for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by GMO GP, Inc. located at Cerulean Tower, 26-1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8512,JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It will be more better if I can control the characters just like normal football games please do it I will like to play it more and I will tell my friends about the game
Graphics is good. But the concept of this game is too stupid. The skills are used so randomly. You know that you need to save a skill in order to score that one goal. The "programmed to be" brainless AI would consume that skill randomly before you use it with a combo. GK uses his strongest skill to save a "white shot" from the opponent's DF. Can the AI be smarter???
Support won't reply to messages. Lost access to account and uninstalled since "support" never replied.
The new update especially with 6 stars player ruined the game. Soon/later our 5 star players turn become a trash. Feel sad for those people who spend a lot of money for a 5 star players.
Very good game. But to bad, this game are very poor in term of pull rate of buying player. Compare to others game that I use to play, they are not too stinky about giving good player and had high pulling rate. Because they want the player to play this game for a long time. But this game make, player install, play for a few days and then delete the game. Simple as that๐Ÿ˜ โ˜น๏ธ
Wow! Its a nice and fun Tsubasa game on phone ever! Finally I can play a game like this. Just remind me witg the childhood period. I just dreamed to had a Tsubasa game in that time. But now I owned it and play all Tsubasa role story on my phone! Please add the REPLAY MODE, and Versus Mode with another player!
As a pplayer who only raised and played with non-japan players i would like to say that japan players "door to the future" is too overpower, especialy tsubasa, misaki, hyuga, aoi, and genzo with skill lock down and solidarity+ traits. It's really stressfull if meet em in ranking or tier league match, even with my full-upgraded roster with mainly combo pass & shot (kaltz, schesner, and diaz traits) scheneider doesn't have a chance to win. So please nerf or re-adjust them.
Great game, first days of playing it I already loved it! Although there were bugs, I was thankful that they fixed them.
Nice game based on the comic. A lot of story provided so you can "watch" all the episode of Captain tsubasa again. Can play as good without purchasing anything too.
It is an ordinary anime game that needs a speedy wifi ,more than 30mbs.It doesnt suit me.I need an offline version with some online benefits.
The developer are gettin lazy now. Only Tons of Japanese player are comin out. No game improvement, No new and interesting stuff and traits. No new interesting character. So much left behind compare to CTDT
Dear Devs, We've been playing since release, and we've gotta tell you, the beginning of the game was amazing., but sadly lately I have to admit that interest for this game has started to fall off due to the game being in the same Generation loop (Elementary School - Middle School - Jr. Youth). You've put players like Salinas, Hino, Levin who haven't appeared on Middle School or Jr. Youth., their first appearance was on World Youth., why isn't this category ingame yet? When are we going to get new players along with new generations such as World Youth, Golden 23, Rising Sun and more., please add these and trust me, all our interests for this game would raise, and it would also bring new players in. I see many people switching to different games, because of this., Please fulfill our wish and get rid of this loop. MAKE CT0 GREAT AGAIN!
I like the game personally but my bro keeps getting stressed and frustrated because he's done 4 transfers with a 5 percent chance and he has only gotten 2 stars. It makes it worse when he sees the junior youths I collect from those transfers. Please fix this bug he has I hate it so much when he gets stressed so please please fix them bug my brothers name in this game is CerealFirst please give him two tq 3 stars because 5% does mean 1 in two please give him him the 3 stars that he deserves.
After updates there's always error after winning league matches. It will show score results 20-21 Draw. Please fixed.
Play this on a chromebook. JUst saying this game does require a bit of luck, but one day you will probably get lucky like me when I got blazing japan uniform hyuga and the older mamoru from one transfers.
Great game! I have an idea for a new move called "Release the Falcon" which naturally is a move for Shun Nitta but my idea involves Hiroshi Jito as well. It starts with Jito with his arm placed in the way falcon trainers hold falcons. Nitta then jumps onto his arm and a falcon soars behind Nitta who performs a header shot into the goal. If this idea is good please put it into the game.
Overall good game. I played it for around 1 1/2 Years or so but now got a new handy had to download the game again and boom..I linked my account with Google but all it says now when I try to link it that the is no Account Linked. I had a really good team and spent a lot of time and even a bit of money around 50โ‚ฌ. Please I want it back..
It'll be great if developer keep up the good work and listen to players suggestion. If developer can add new features like guaranteed paid pick-up players, add extra resource for us to grind gems continuously, selling emblem and unic non-country jersey, pull rate each pick-up player increased from below 1% to at least 5%, create more dramatic clips like ball hit and crack the wall & player injured, and etc. More profit will come to you if you make it happen and win-win situation for us. Thanks.
The best captain tsubasa mobile game so far. So many way to farm gems, f2p friendly except you want to be a top rank. I love the skill animation and story. But sometimes the story part will error only black screen. So please fix that bug, thanks
It's like a casino slot game. Only with card collecting concept. I seen the trailer for the console version. And so I thought it would be like that. Maybe not like EA's fifa. But I was hoping for PES like but anime version. And this ain't it. I'm a fan of the anime so i still play this to just get collect the characters. Other then that, the overall game is useless n boring.
Stunt shot is on the wrong Sano Its supposed to be MS Sano The game is nice Make the theme music the start song (the one that is not start dash)
Great game that has lost its way. It's become too pay to win and reliant on 5 door to the future characters in order to compete content. All other units beside this set of players are useless.
Since the maintenance at 21st october 2020 my game cannot open the transfer section. I had tried to re-download the game but it still freeze. Please fix this problem
I am quit this game. I am a big tsubasa fans. But the recent event that we need to use hyuga and sano japan uniform player is so disapointing. The grinding need a lot of time. The match went too long but need to grind about 999 times per event. Some event cant be skip. Some even can skip but still need skip ticket. The rate is so bad. Goodbye CTZ
You want 3 star player(s) in every draw? In your dreams. The percentage to get 3 star player is 0.00001% per draw. Rip off gatcha. Don't spend your money for this trashy game. Stupid developer, shame on you. 0 star from me.
I wanna like the game ..I really do .. but the ridiculist looking mini characters not helping at all. plus the gameplay is meaningless I was watching the game and scoring without knowing how and why !? whats the point of this game if there is no real game play ...I don't get it .. btw ..I a huge fan of captain tsubasa games .. sadly to say this game is very qustionable .
All i can say its that you need patience and youll be the best lover and player of the game, no adds too, and .....๐Ÿ˜
Dev team need to work very hard on free gems daily giveaway & pick-up transfer pull rate. How was your feeling when you use 3k gems just to get all trash 'R' players? Even you reach the top, there's no guarantee you can get pick-up player because the pull rate is not 100%. Also, why we need 140/200 medals to get fully upgraded pick-up player? We need almost 42k/60k gems just to collect those medals for change. Very expensive paid gems, & use them for nothing all the time. Very dissapointed ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ.
Game is a P2W game nothing interesting you can't get the new OP units unless you pay for them or you go through the stupid step thingy I'm uninstalling this
Nice game and I love captain tsubassa very looks very nice I love it captain tsubassa wow looks great I love it captain tsubassa .Me and my brother we love captain tsubassa very much I love and also my brother love it very much my age is 9 and my brother aged is 7 and it is very Very Very much I love it. And very nice game and hi guys do you love captain tsubassa or no.but me I love it very much it's such as a nice game wow I love captain tsubassa very much and sitting with my brother to play๐Ÿ‘ผ
Pretty flipping awesome game. One of the best gacha games I've played in a while. Right up there with Dokkan
Overall, this is good enough, but i think it'll be more fun if you add friend feature and PvP feature. Thanks.
bad gacha rate, even if you put 5% rate, the other game really good at that, at least try to put step up gacha to guaranteed the player get certain rooster event
Excellent game. Best gameplay of captain tsubasa. But the top up [email protected] reward are quite low. Price of top up expensive but not give much benefit to the player. If much cheaper with the good reward I think much more player will start to top up if the price are low and give interesting reward
Great game I love it but the new chapter 26 doesn't realse yet. Please release a new chapter quickly ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Alot of tricky useless soc-players, new style but worse than other Tsubasa games. Worst game ever, only 1 button to press, and crazy luck decide everything, no strategy. Extremly low gacha rate. Ricdiculous arenna system. 1.5 years released, hundreds of characters, still having ONLY 5 pages of team formation = 5 tactics. Is this game cheap and simple like this??? I need 10-20 pages. Unreasonable skimpy, What do you think? Bad customer support, automated respone. 1 star.
The league match has a bugs, after winning the game, the score was 20-21 draw then the screen was mess, such wasting LP. Please fix it
It's a really good game but I find it difficult to communicate to the server. Please make it easier for me to cmunicate to the server.
I like the game and I gave it 4 star because there is no multiplayer in the game please add multiplayer and I will give it 5 stars
Communication error occured. Error code: 0001. Go back to the title screen. This happen on Main Story, Side Stories and Badge Matches. I got no problem with my connection, so FIX THIS ASAP!
The reason why I give this a one star is because theres a bug and it about the twins and THEY CANT EVEN SHOOT THE BALL and ONLY MY OTHER PLAYERS CAN!!!
The best online game ever... no commercial, easy to play and a great fun level. For Tsubasa fans a must play Game! P.s. don't forget to connect with Google account to safe the game. I lost my success and don't want to start new again. That's sad. But still 5 Star's
it good but the tutorial is not enough for me as a first timer, too many mechanics that you need to try for yourself, if you can give a first timer like me a better tutorial then this game gonna be very good
This game is awesome. You guys should really try this game. It's got it all except some minor bugs, but it doesn't matter because the game is awesome overall
Good game - worst dev progress. Everything is good but the rate they are releasing new characters are very slow. Its almost 2 years time but there are no sign of players such as Kluivoort, Rivault...etc the dev just keep recycle old players with new versions. Worst of all are those recycle players are Jap players only
The cost of energy is increased and the rate of medal badge drop is decreased after maintenance, i like it before maintenance, but idk for now on, maybe dev can make it easier to get badge for free player. Thanks
7% ssr player on zerofest banner but the ssr is hard to get. And once get ssr it's low tier player which rate is lower than rate up player. How come I can get old ssr with 0.02% chance when the pick up player is with 0.8% chance??! 7 multis and only get the low tier ssr on this zerofest banner. You should fix those probabilites on your game, scammer. Edit : beside ridiculous rate, you now become more stingy about rainbow balls huh? Just close the game already man
Good updated. But the rate to get event player are still very low. Less than 5%. For me this is too much. If you really want to make money. Put also premium transfer (paid) that guaranteed (100%) to get new player after paid. But for new user and no money. Please make at least 10-20%. Need a lot time to salvage but after hard work still get useless player. Pity on player who love the game but need to uninstall the game because of their frustration. For me, this game a lot better than others ver.
I'm very disappointed with the Gacha that I get always with the same character that I already have. I have wasted money, time and always joined the season but not comparable with what I got. I am very disappointed!!!!!
Really great game have stopped playing it from last month very very addictive. But I wish they would fix loading screen of every skill and place and you should be able to change game play to manual to control the character. Also add some shots from inazuma eleven that will be nice.but if u can can u make an inazuma eleven game same controls
BUG WHEN I CLICK "TRANSFER" is solved But when i login into the game there is a pop up saying "The master does not exist. Medal master data. Id = ******" (there is an id but i cencored it by using *)"
This game is amazing! Captain Tsubasa Zero Miracle Shot is the best soccer game! The chances of getting 3-star players is great, because the chance isn't too high or too low! I got Ryoma Hino second try on the World Transfer Uruguay Arc, and Karl Heinz Schneider as my first 3-star player! Keep it up!
It's good of please make i easy to get gems cause its really annoying to grind then spend gems to get not so good players
CTZ getting better. However it needs a bit improvement. Event story tasks too hard, also can't use skip ticket for grinding purpose. Gems price still expensive. No new story. No in-game update, always offline for maintenance routine. Transfer section needs improvement on pull rate and medals giveaway. League mode too bored. Hackers everywhere. Make real time match against other player, also put new kind of match like bracket etc. One more, we are suppose to see our opponents profile. TQ.
After several month, dev give us new player. Keep going this progress. But please give us plenty free RB like used to be. Free RB so hard to get lately. And 1 more that I appreciated a lot. No more grinding like hell. Thanks dev.
Dear developer Can you do auto repeat in this game? (when finished the match and want to continue the next match) I think this is very useful for players (including me) who want to farm needs enanchement, evolution, limit break & gold. so we don't have to touch the screen continuously for the game to run properly. Thanks
After 2 years playing CTZ, here's my honest review. Dev progress so bad. This game designed for rich kids only. There's still no winยฒ situation between dev & players. Very tough in-game progress but puny rewards. Event story comes with ridiculous tasks. Gems prices super expensive. No multiplayer option. League mode is a trash & bored. Transfer section is a joke, where you can use your collected/paid gems for nothing. Very pathetic pick-up player/card pull rate. 1 star is too much. I'm done.
The Good Side : The story is good, animation good, Gacha just fair, so many character, side story available, the custom for team is good The Bad Side : The story limited to 27 chapters ( done in 10 day or less), I feel MF and DF less important than FW and GK ( sometime DF useless) , The way to collect gem is very limited I Hope They add new chapters soon
Game is becoming bad and dry not putting more transfers and different characters such as tomeya,Levin, Correct me if they are in Need to put more arcs characters such as golden 23 road to 2002 rising sun World youth you guys only put japan players in transfer alot and you don't even reply
I really like how the game is from Captain Tsubasa. I wish that on the pitch, it was much smoother when the players move.
Game is designed for whales only and a very unfriendly F2P game. It's very difficult to progress in this game unless you are spending alot of money because the upgrade process requires you to pull a character multiple times in order to max the skills but the ingame resource is tiny.
I'm a fan of Captain Tsubasa because of its story, and this game is super awesome for me, which is not a professional gamer. Overall: best story, good animation & addicting.
For long time playing this game, it's kinda play to win game, when you must top up to get best player
The gameplay is fun compare to other tsubasa game, and I love the bonus gem in mission and also in event story. I kinda confuse why our striker do pass, backpass, or centering rather than shooting compare to our opponent where they will shooting on sight? Eventhough i set the strategy to attack fiercely. That makes our keeper will ran out a catching skill to use for regular shoot instead of miracle shoot. And rate for 3 stars player is a joke, especially for keeper. I will give more star if shooting mechanism improving
More Football Manager than FIFA. The skill system gets a bit repetitive, but as long as you have a great GK and FWs, you'll be OK. I leave 'em playing, and when I check on them, they're up 2-0.
My only gripe is how oftenly it need update, like every week, worse that it has to be update from gplay. Made the updates ingame! Every other games done it ingame.