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Captain Tom Galactic Traveler

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Picodongames located at Picodongames Apt 343 624 Avenue du Pirée 34000 Montpellier France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a brilliant physics puzzle game wrapped in a casual, post-arcade game. Simple illustrations and sound efffects are married to the phenomenal 3D power that thr Unity engine offers. The difficulty curve is decent. No sudden spikes, or puzzles that are "beginner level". The developer even took the time to fill the space between star systems with comets. This has to be the best way to describe the "little detail". This was fun to play, never got boring and never ceased to challenge me.
One of the best most relaxing games I have ever had the pleasure to play. The controls are fluid, the levels are challanging but not overly complicated, the story and gameplay is fantastic. The ads are minimal and optional, I love that concept. Can't wait for the new levels. Great job team! Android gaming at its best. <3
Best game ever. No exaggeration....it's lovely. You can really tell the developers have put a great deal of thought into every aspect of the game. The effects of gravity are SUPERB. My only niggle is when I.'search for new galaxies, nothing happens. Just get an ad. Bravo though...really great game.
The controls aren't great. Its hard to tell which way you're going. Also, the game doesn't seem to go anywhere. It starts with the idea you're saving your cat but you are mostly just seeding planets and collecting oxygen. Where is the cat?
Whoops, I was editing and accidentally deleted my review lol [NOTE to Dev- I got your reply, thanks for the valuable information!] This game is not that difficult to complete, as long as you take breaks to "grind" out extra lives by collecting bubbles. When you get 200, it automatically trades 100 bubbles for 1 extra life. However, you can challenge yourself by hitting the Level Reset button everytime you get hit, so then you'll have to complete each area w/o getting hit.
LOVE IT! This game has great graphics, not too hard and very fun to play! It kind of reminds me of 'The little prince' planets. Also, developer was very clever with the ads! Not intrusive at all. Really magnificent work. So addicting I finished it in two days.
I really liked this game. It's a cute, simple yet unique concept and not too hard to understand. It'll take a bit to master the controls though ha. I have a few minor annoyances but nothing too big. The music keeps a chill vibe when playing but the bubble collecting sound is too loud and overpowers everything else. I don't know though, it might be just my tablet. Another was, it took me a while to realize the "Share/Download" icon was actually indicating for me to go down a tube lol. Finally, I get vertigo pretty quickly so, it makes it difficult for me to play this game for longer than 10-15mins at a time. Good game though :) be safe out there and good luck!! ~Starlit
This game was amazing! It Kept me interested, art style was gorgeous, and every second of the gameplay kept me doing something and always wanting to do more. Little pixelated for my taste but other than looking slightly new this is by far my favorite mobile game in a very long time
What do you get when you cross a 2D Mario Galaxy-esque game with Bubble Bobble? The answer is a fun game where you explore a solar system of small planetoids in search for stars, while gathering bubbles which you use to kill enemies with. Each stage is well put together, requiring some skill and exploration. To top it of, the art style is very good (looking excellent on AMOLED displays), and the controls intuitive. I cannot confirm if the game plays with Bluetooth controllers, which would be a +
In essence, the game is reasonably good, but the advertisement pop ups, that occur within the game, are fine. The issue is when it doesn't just stay in the app. The ads keep popping up around my phone, even when I've completely shut down the app. Not to mention, everytime I now conduct a Google search, it immediately gives me security error.
I loved every bit of the game and enjoyed playing it. But I'm stuck at the satellite part where searching for new galaxies, everytime I press search it shows an ad, after the ad is finished I press search and again, another ad, and so on. Advise me to what to do next?
This game is absolutely great but the left and right buttons are awful. They either need to be beside each other or directly over each other. Needed to move quickly and went to press the direction button where it should feel natural and I end up losing tons of bubbles. But overall, it is a great game.
This game is rediculously simple but also really cute and fun. I also enjoy the way ads are integrated into the game and don't feel forced on you. I hope to work on these sorts of games in the future! Good work guys :)
Simple, beautiful, and fun. I love this game. No BS, microtransactions, forced ads, etc. It's not too hard but gives you some good challenges. I found my kitty today! Thank you to the developers for keeping it real and making such a great game. I hope more levels will be added soon.
This game came up in my recommended and im thankful for that. The graphics are really nice and the sun looks good when you complete a level. It's quite easy once you got the hang of it. The levels are the same idea but there is enough variety in them to keep them interesting. One thing you could add is spaceship damage. This woud make the landing booster button actually useful instead of just smashing into every planet. Other than that, it's a great little game and im eagerly awaiting new levels.
It really doesn't make sense that this game isn't at the top of the charts. It's better than every single one if them in absolutely evey aspect. This is a brilliant, beautifully made game! And absolutely no ads, probably why this game hasn't been put at #1 by Google.
This game looks and feels amazing! I love it! (Suggestion: coloring the things as you go traveling by.) (P.S.: there is a lot of spotlight on "Mars: Mars", by Pomelo Games, now. If you liked that, you should definitely play "Captain Tom".)
Love this game! Gather bubbles, find your way through obstacles, avoid or stomp on cute monsters, and fly through space. Fun graphics with a grayscale color palette and geometric shapes. Its fantastic and unique, and relaxing to play.
Hello developers. . I just only want to say this game is soo much interactive with many interesting mini puzzles. .controls are very smooth. .music is also nice. .really its just awesome. . Sry but. .. . I don't know this is happen only with me or not. .but when my all lives ended after that whole gameplay become messed. .nothing is working as previous even after restart the level and reset whole game. ..soo I just close it and reinstall. ..than everything become normal.... I don't know why it happens is it a bug or something don't know ...but really it just spoil whole interest and attractiveness of the game. . Apart this everything is soo good I really want to play it again but also don't want to experience those abnormal things. ..please fix it if possible. .thnq. .
I absolutely love this game! It kind of feels like a free roam adventure. The physics are believable. It's free so you can't beat that. The only thing I would ask is to make more levels or a sequel. Maybe where he looks for his friend or lover. Have his cat as a tool to solve puzzles (possibly a laser pointer to direct cat's movements) idk...superb game tho!
This is an excellent game. There are hints from classic arcade platformers like Mario and Bubble Bobble, and the background music along with the color tones creates a nice atmosphere. Every planet is unique and exciting. Great job!
like many comments, i was not expecting much, a monochromatic indie fluff game, no intrusive ads, actually want to report that i cannot watch ads to support the dev. but this is a legit great space exploration platformer, it's not a breeze as i thought it would be, like just artsy walk simulators. it's not the hardest but the presence of lives says alot. recommended.
Realistically it's for 3 stars, but since it's completely free without any waiting or p2w or intrusive ads, I give it 4 stars. But it's very repetitive, there are very little differences between levels, it also is a lot monochromatic until you finish the level, i.e. with some colors added it would be much more beautiful. Also it seems like an unfinished game - there are some concepts implemented and that's it.
Great game. One of the best games I have ever played. Like I really enjoyed the controls of the game and the graphics is simple and awesome. It's not very long that you will get bored or very short which is great. Keep doing more games Picodongames , you have my support 😉.
I had some high expectations of this game based on the reviews, and I wasn't dissapointed! It's an easy game, but still engaging. Each planet feels unique, and their puzzles are all fairly clever. The game was a bit short, so I'm very excited for the extra levels to come out. All in all, one of my favorite games for my phone!
Its alright but you can only listen the same loop of music for so long before it gets sickening. For me it was about five minutes. The actual game however is pretty good. Its simple and fun but absolutely needs a soundtrack to go with it.
Best free mobile game I ever played, better than 90% of the garbage present on this platform, if you are someone who is looking for a mello experience while still being able to face a challenge, this game is perfect for you. Sound degsine, level degsineand UI are exceptional, you can go at you own pace and there is no rush to finish the game. There are a few kinks here and there but you only see them if you are looking for them, I have no complaints and can't recommend this game enough.Great job
I downloaded this game and played it so frequently that I finished it in 4 days. It's asthetically pleasing, and has very creative levels. The concept and execution of the game was brilliant. It was truly a pleasure to play.
The "real time" like travel from planet to planet is relaxing and fun. Very imaginative and beautiful game. Ability to make space ship upgrades as an in app purchase may add additional fun plus it may create a new revenue stream to support sequels. Very well done!! Boss levels may be a nice addition for future versions too. One of the best mobile games I've played to date...
This game is pretty fun, but once I got to the fourth landing something happened. I died when it beeped dor a while. After I came back from dying, I couldn't control it and the spaceman would move on his own and go through the ground. I was really happy to find it and enjoyed playing. Please fix so I can play more.
This is such a lovely and smooth game. As someone with very bad anxiety its so nice and calming for when you're nervous, but it's also just overall beautiful and fun. The only thing I would critique is the ship and walking can be a bit slow at times. The music, graphics, gameplay, etc is wonderful.
What a lovely surprise.. I thought this was going to be very dull, luckily the controls worked and I gave it a go.. Wow.. It is another game that takes me back to the good old days of the ZX Spectrum and the NES. Echoes of Lunar Jetman, Mario (the pipes), Lunar Lander, Manic Miner... But all wrapped in a genuinely original package! Cool sounds too! Really restored my faith in the future of games! More!
In all honesty I was super bored and tired and wanting to sleep when I came across this game ,and fell in love with it . The graphics are simple yet playable ,the character only makes jump grunt BOOST noises ,the floating into space feeling gives me anxiety ,but gravity pulls me back ,the enemies are scary but cute again scary bug creatures ,and I can travel ! The controls are extremely ON POINT (i.e up,down ,side left ,side right back) it got confusing at first but you get use to it quickly. Oh bubbles give you life and ammo and other things ? Def next to one of my favorite mobile games (hint:the ads give you quite a bit of bubbles ,so those 58 seconds are worth it !) If I can give more stars I would !!!way to go creator !
I thought the game had potential but having the controls only work about half the time and even stop working when I didn't move my fingers implies this game needs work. I could tolerate the game insisting on being in portrait mode despite landscape seeming more intuitive but when I kept dieing at stupid times simply because the controls didn't work and i wasn't even out of the first constellation yet; I gave up. perhaps moving right or left instead of static points would help?
Brilliant game. I have enjoyed this game from start to finish. Highly recommend this game. The controls can be a little irritating, but I can get over that.
This is among the best android games I've played. The limited pallette belies the subtle complexities and clever mechanics going on, with a variety of challenges, and most of all, fun! For me, this is a perfect casual game - my only disappointment is that it ended! :)
I'll be honest here, it's a great game but I don't know if it's only happening with my game but when I click on show video it's not showing any video but it does add bubbles in my game.
I didn't know what to expect, installed on the of chance but this game is great, graphics are nice, the controls work really well. going to different planets planting seeds as you go, find your stars to provide the light for the plants and trees to grow. Remember to collect bubbles! needed for your survival. Recommended for all ages, nice, casual game.
This is a great idea, and the aesthetics are nice! I would say the you need player progression to keep someone playing the game. I gave it a try and it was fun for and hour but in that time there was no abilities to be upgraded and no rewards to be had (the shooting star was the closest thing to a reward: great idea btw). I suggest giving players rewards for continuing to play your app. Maybe ad various bubble blasters like fast burst, and triple blast, or change the way the jet pack functions (faster or longer), or maybe even introduce a double jump or a sprint function. Anyway. Great start, just needs more development as one plays in order to keep the players attention.
This game is an adorable challenge! You can dive into this little world and help Captain Tom find his cat through many strange and fun puzzle worlds. No fear factors or suspense, just a really great relaxing puzzle game.
Beautiful, relaxing and simple to grasp. However, I parked my ship a bit wonky and couldn't take of again. Reset the game but it showed up upside down. Then drifted through the level inside the asteroid and showed up on the outside again. Just letting you know. Reinstalling the game now because I love it 💕
Despite PAYING far this game I have just had to sit through a 30 second advert in order to move up a level.. Blatant rip off and if I could get a refund I would.
Lovely game. Found it by chance. It's simple and easy to play but it's really nice how there's a mixture of things to do and it's lovely how the planet all lights up when you get three stars. My only gripe is that the left and right controls should be beside and not above each other. A number of times I've missed one or the other and I think it would be easier to find them if you can slide your thumb left or right.