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Captain Knife

Captain Knife for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Shape Keeper Ltd located at UNIT D 16/F ONE CAPTAL PLACE 18 LUARD ROAD WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I feel like the rest of the people that has been playing this game. You get all the way up to pay out and the board stop paying out you just get coins. Almost a waist of time. I okay ever now and then just to see if it pays out not much I'm up to $93 and some change. It stops issuing out πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ.. I'm gonna delete it if I get to frustrated...........
No game that deceives you into playing by offering you cash payouts is even worth a 1 star rating. I am at $90.00, and it just doesnt give me any more cash credits ever anymore. This is deceitful and should be investigated by authorities. The owners should be jailed for fraud. Google should make sure these programs are legit, but they o obviously do not.
Great game until i got to $90.38. Then it stopped lettng me earn money. You have to reach $100.00 to cash out. Yea you responded eith a automated message, but yall dont want to pay $100.00 so you wont let me reach the $100 to cash out. All B.S!!
Well I played and got up to 97.27 after that you don't land on money after you spin, play all day and kelp landing on gold coins. You also have to get a 100.00 before you can Cash out.. After that I don't know if you can collect anything. This game is a big deal to me. I don't think they should be advertising winning money, when you don't get up to Cash out.
This game is quite addicting. And at first, the boards were paying out alot of real cash, I got myself all the way to $70. But now the boards are only filled with coins, hardly any of the green dollar bills to throw at. Not even the boss fights are producing any green dollars to throw at. And the spinner is really only landing on the coin payout, not the real money there either. I really hope it picks up, cuz like I said its addicting AND fun!
It's a liars game I'm on level 533 and stuck on 90 bucks now for months. I'm pissed cause after I've played it this long I should of got something. I use to really like it
Game is good to kill time but not for get money before I was collecting money but when I reach $90.00 after that just getting amazone points not even showing money symbol for almost 4months now.
I must say, the performance of Captain Knife is incredible! Haven't encountered any lags or errors from this game yet, but hopefully it stays that way while I'm earning my daily rewards. However, using an email address should also be another option to secure your account.
So far i am enjoying this game its pretty addictive its really fun to play graphics are pretty cool could be better with the money with every level but im not complaning the saying goes you get what you play for so im not having any issues with it i just litterally started playing the game last night and im just about up to 40.00 already so thank you guys that developed this game its a really enjoyable game
It has been frozen for hours and I can't launch the knife. I have really enjoyed this game but, it seems to be turning out just like other games. It also stopped giving me cash to hit and in spins. It only gives gold now that I am at $90.411 It has just unfrozen but still gold only. I was excited that this was possibly a game that did pay out as I love playing it. This is an update of my last review. I have been stuck on 1m gold for a couple months and haven't got a penny either. SCAM
Fake app - I got close to $83.00 & then the next 15 boards were no money and minimal Amazon coins. 6 of those 15 boards had nothing on them (no coins and no bills). This app is just an ad machine making them money and us nothing.
Fun and fast pace ...but it appears that it's not going to pay out because like all the other games that stop paying just before you reach the payout mark ...really ....I think that all these games should have to be linked to a papal account before you are able to play ...it's funny that they pay you by PayPal but never ask for any PayPal account info ...and can anyone say that they know someone who has" WON" and cashed in for the money and has really received the money ?
Still fun , I've seen worst app , perfect when I'm bored or waiting , the only bug that's annoying , comes from the adds that keeps frozin after you beat the rewars boss chest level. Just confirm reward skip to next to not waste more time
Don't bother downloading. Yes, they say they will make it better that's yet to be seen. Just like they all said, got to $90.56 and low and behold not one cent past that. No cash on logs anymore, no cash in the chest, and none on the wheel. Waste of time. And isn't it funny how they get money from every ad you have to watch yet they can't pay anything out. Deceiving, false advertising , just plain liars.
Same thing give me gold coins and no rewords ineed 6.25 and when you get to almost 100 it stop pay pal money
Scam. Just like the others. Pays till you're close to pay out then stops giving cash completely. Been months since I've seen cash. So deleting, if they won't share their income from all these ads we have to watch, then I'm not watching anymore. I think 2 months with almost daily play and nΓ² sharing of the wealth. Good bye!
Takes for ever to get to 100.00 to cash out and when you get within 10 bucks of cashing out they stop giving cash on the board only Amazon Points very frustrating been playing for 3 weeks and still haven't been able to cash out I'm only at $90.13
I won $2 yesterday the game started glitching an went off screen on its on the. It did it couple times. An last night I won $8 an again the game glitch an went off on its on when I hit next stage. That's not fair. I played this game four hours an lost $10. Game is fun I enjoy it. But seems closer to the $100 it's acting up when it was working fine.
This is 1 of kind App because it rewards allot better then most other quick Fix games do... Give it a try you'll not be in search of rectify'ing intracity inequaties.
So far so good. We'll see if I can actually cash out or if the rewards drop down to $0.01 like other games.
Stopped making money at 90 dollars continued playing thinking maybe they just make it harder once you get close to cashing out but that was not the case its a waste of time if you are trying to make money
Actually a pretty fun game, but it's marketed for winning money. I got up to $92.71 and have not won any cash in MONTHS. Wheels no longer have bills, you can't spin money on the prize wheel, and you need $100 before the game allows you to cash out. And if the coin collecting is your game, you need three to ten million to do anything ($2 - $10 to Amazon) and good luck getting that in a reasonable time.
This is quite disappointing. After about 60 levels there are no monetary benefits. I'm now around level 90 and I've had absolutely no cash opportunities even the chest and the spinning wheel have yielded no cash. I will be deleting this game even though I'm at $92 I've been here for the last 8 to 10 days. I do not wish to play a game that appears to scam people out of their time with the promise of money.
I have been playing a while now. I have a little over 90.00 now i NEVER get anymore money on the wheel or in the chest. Love the neon look but gonna report this game then DELETE IT. Sad just another scam. Mary Quimby. 🎁 NOT !!!!
Fun game , but it is taking forever to get to cash out I've been playing the game for about 2 months now.
Gets you to $90 and stops paying. Stuck there for 4 weeks. I was asked to update my, but it's been almost 2 months and I'm still at $90
Im loving every bit of this game i wish it paid more at a time or i could hit a good jackpot!! Ive gotten all the way to tume ti cash out and -------------- NOTHING!! PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MONEY OFF THE OTHER GAMES !! Luck Box!! Ive been stuck on it for ever seems like!! But i like plaing this game i just hipe it pays out and not DRAG OUT
Fake money game. I've been on $95 for 4 months and climbing very slowly with the coins. You need 3 million just to get $2 amazon card. Delete πŸ’©
Well so far I've earned $28.00 & Now I'm waiting to actually see if they are going to pay out once I get the amount needed! OR if it's just like the other apps that won't do anything
When you spend the wheel I've been playing it for over a month now it will not land on a dollar bill or sent or nothing no green just coin why does it just keep on landed on coin is this a fix game or what I'm ready to delete this game never again when I spin that wheel I better get on a $5 bill a dollar bill I better get on something green
When the game first thought so he gives you more money then it just lacks up and you get no more money at all it's very rare so you're my personal penguin is hard as make money in this game because it takes so long
lnstaII (WHAFF) App Now! Great app. Great concept. Great way to start investing. I wish they didn't update the look of the graphs, the latest update made it look cartoonish and more difficult to get pertinent info. It probably was related to the market diving. They made less obvious the market downturns. They stopped updating the widget at downturns so that it only updates on the widget when there are gains. Also, there used to be some problems connecting to accounts at my credit union but thats better now.
Fun not too hard but don't expect to ever get to the payout amount five days five hundred boards and one hundred levels cleared and not even earned 1/100 of a cent scam to get people to watch as just like all shape keeper apps
My real rating is not even one star Only rating 5 so people will read I played for 25 minutes and the amount of money that I won was less than a dollar, in the amount of Amazon money I won was $0.47 this game is a waste of time
Same as all the other nonpaying apps. Has decent graphics and gameplay way to many ads to not payout.
This is gonna be much like all the other reviews. They are promising a pay out with the ad but it's never gonna come. You get to 90 and they stop all chances of actually winning anything. I have had this game for a while now and I haven't even gotten a gift card. Unless you want a 2 dollar Amazon card. This is just a company banking off ads and lying to everyone they get to play the game. You won't win any money. If will take you a good while to get a gift card that's worth anything.
Don't like this game got to 91 dollars and won't give me anymore and can only checkout at. 100 sad thing game is stupid