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Capsulemon Fight! : Global Monster Slingshot PvP

Capsulemon Fight! : Global Monster Slingshot PvP for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by allm located at 08390 서울특별시 구로구 디지털로 288 대륭포스트타워1차 1504호. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very unique and fun, I really enjoy the strategy thought involved. Please add more Character customizing. Would be really great to create a personalized custom avatar, great work in creating such a unique mobile game. 👍 Still I feel that it Needs more Character customizing. The Newest update has been great too btw, please Keep updates coming, thanx
I just started and brings memories from the version i played back in 2014 that was from japan that got shutdown. I have some requests. Can we get more dragons please? Also I love the sea dragon she a beauty. Please make a legendary version of her and add wings to her and make her bigger.
hello,i wanna up some issue here...why i cannot buy a diamond,it said that my prepaid is unavailable...but i'm using the line right now,i wanna know if that any bug or something else...please fix it,its really make me annoying right now...
i had pull to 2 star. as f2p it's hard to pass bronze league why? money of cause! everytime u get that bronze u face strong player and u get demoted back. i lost passion cause of that.
Graphic is great,gameplay is fantastic and the game was fun.Maybe just add more legendary one makes it so perfect
This game is awesome, very creative and I love the battle system! The PVP is interesting and characters are not difficult to manage, constant battling with plenty of rank rewards. I have yet to dislike this game based on being a new player. Hopefully, the designers will not change much if they decide to update because their might be instability .
Its a blast get it on to the point now i love this game ive been ignoring it because the among us game ive been asking my brother for the pc to play it all the time i love the great fun .
Fast paste that first seems like a lot but then once you follow the tutorials first and save up your gold and upgrades. Trust oh yeah and save diamonds great deals.
This is so cool and strategic game. I love all different types of your monster, with their fantastic abilities. Good job! One of my fav., is Sea Dragon.
A good game alright but I really want a trading station or something cause I want to give my friends some of my Mons...
gameplay is awesome until you are ranked high enough to play versus legendary units. I mean why did you unbalance the game so much with legendary units like that ?
This game is the best I love it that is why I gave it 5 🌟 I really enjoyed it I played the game everytime.you guys should really play this game and enjoy it this game is slingshot you can unlock monster and win against your opponent it an easy game and you can even become the champion in this game about the graphics it really good and clear this game the best the game doesn't takes time to download and the character is really cool.and in the there's no multiple player and me I won many game
One of the best game that I play it's entertaining and you don't have to use money if you want to get stronger unlike other games.
It's so fun to play!this game Is really different from the other monsters game.EXAMPLE:pokemon masters Ex.those game stuck by loading,and I'm thinking this game took long time for loading to
You guys seen monster strike before something like what they do when they bumped i mean monster strike was the reason im here in the first place and i guess i didnt say it right but what i meant was when your monsters cross each other
Definitely need content update, marketing, and official pages other than facebook. Great game, great potential, need faster action to update if not then game will die due to boredom
An Amazing Game. Must Play. I am playing from just 5 days and Yes i am on first - Nick name - Ranveeer 😃 Loved it. Best thing i loved about this game is when i started playing there was not much instructions and it made me stick to the game. Keep some events and also make option to send friend request so that People can see each other online and can have more fun.
This game is really fun it's easy to get into and play great graphics overall one of the best mobile games I've played yet
Good game, however there hasn't been any new stuff since the beginning. Gems and gold stop coming after a while so the boredom sets in now.
Great game it's got an authentic feel to it even though it's not the most original of anime battle type game. It compares in a league of its own as it's set apart with a fresh look and feel to a classic blend.
Truly one of a kind games. Expect it to be like other puzzle game, but surprisingly it stand on its own as a pinball-monster-brawler game.
No complaints. A great game it is fun and a great time killer. The graphics are great but the easy to learn gameplay is addictive. Definitely give this game a try.
Fun easy to learn....... Matchmaking has gone downhill.... Not sure if it's a player number thing .... But pairing a 2500-2600 with 3k plus players,?! How about some new monsters..... Or more upkeep on meta...BOT boost. Or eefreet for the win????? Where's the diversity we grew to love in this game?
Bro very best, and do more monster skill and more card monster strong, level maximum all how much and level the characteristic and more powerfull. this my option and some card special light and grafic is okay now, now update the I tell in first word. This game very bestt and awesome
It's a great game but I face some freezes in between and opening crates takes much time but I enjoy a lot this game can deserve 5 star after some improvement.
Game is great. But I can't seems to link with my Google Play account. The button is red and nothing happens when I click it, please help. Edit: The CS have helped me solve this problem. Thanks a lot. 5 Star!
-Pros: Quick pvp fights, good graphics and sounds. -Cons: P2W (of course), depends mostly on luck to level the monsters; little to no PvE content, strategies, balancements, game modes, events and updates; metagame lasts a really long time. -This is my 2nd review, i gave an extra whole YEAR of patience after my 1st review. The game became a bit less p2w and fixed most of connection issues, that was their focus a year ago. It doesn't have much to offer but it's fun, anyone can enjoy it for a week or 2 before getting boring. If you can't find anything to play lately, give it a chance.
Very addicting ,nice graphics,has a lot of potential, and the only thing I see wrong is in PvP match's sometimes it just doesn't let you make a move during your turn and thats with excellent internet connection I think it's worth looking into to make sure it's not a bug.
It's Very Different From The Normal Gamez I Play But I Find It Fun And Addictive, Challengin As Well And Competitive You Really Do Need A Strategy To Win And I Like That.
EDIT:Still a very fun and engaging game. Still F2P so that's also good news. Now I will give them credit and say they will offer a variety of deals on their content and many had very low price point. Umm.. So far the first hours of play have been very fun. I plan on playing this F2P so we shall see how this goes! Will edit review after some more testing.👏
I wish i could rate negative stars, i would make them as low as possible, i have reached out through in game and still gotten no reply, this game has no reason for in game purchases especially when the deals are false advertised, i want my 4 epics
Good game. Would like for different ways for getting legendary/epic monsters. Stopped playing as well because there have been no updates or additions of new capsulemon.
I love the game but why I cant load my save data that I have sync to my Google account when I uninstall and reinstall it ?
Okay there's some cheaters in the game I was about to win this match in rank when suddenly I couldn't select or move my capsulemon and the timer kept on running and deducting my health I couldn't do anything... and I was on a 10 pvp win streak and that's super unfair that I'm thinking about deleting the game
I enjoy the good active thinking to this game always got to think through the bounces for combo's for max damage and activations friendlies
This game brings me back to the days when monster stirke was on the play store but with a much better battle system and fluid performance.
I like the the please create more monsters and more summoner like bunny lolita,ang arc angel or elf to spies up the duel game
A lot of rewards is f2p friendly. Gets more complex as you progress. Ive progressed as far as I can without more time/money. The pay wall is slight, but you run into high ranked players in low tier bracket. They suck but they have better cards than you. Not really the games fault for that. 4star. Bcuz there is not a lot for variety. 1vs1 or story,puzzle mode. I havnt tried clan wars yet. Needs more competitive variety of things to do. Not much else reason to play.
I think some players are cheating, they have too much damage eventhough their level is not that high. Care to investigate on this. 🤔
This game is great! But... Pirate character is a bit weak. I need my pirate character needs 1000 to upgrade. And the pirate character's skill is a bit weak. If i upgrade it the damage become slightly better. But i need 1000 gold?!?! Other than that. Thia game is great. Keep up the good work!
The game is quite good, but lack of events. I also suggest player can get elixir from pvp battle and more option in explore mode.
Like the game a lot. Closest thing monster strike. Def not p2w at the lower tiers. Would like to see improvement in deck building.( Like a swipe function to go to next card.) Other than that's game is solid and really balanced.
This game is just like monster strike, its fantastic "), the only fault i find with this game is that there is only 3 characters, otherwise its great
Good game i have some ideas if you want to add it so 1. Trade in clan you can trade your monsters 2. Edit your character like you can change color of his eyes hair and that stuff uh yeah i forgot the number 3 but yeah if i remember i will write so yeah please read this :3
This game is fun,new monsters ive never seen, except the only thing that i think they are missing is the evolutions, anyway pls play this game and oh yeah im making videos of this.
Best slingshot based game since monster strike... Don't need to pay to play to enjoy it or to improve standings..all it needs is evolutions and more PvE and PvP options
Been here since day 1, recomend it to everyone, do wanna say to the makers tho, you should make cards that have similar traits that the summoners have, I think that would be cool. Only down side is, would like to see new monsters come out soon, been waiting for this next one for a long time. Keep it up guys, doing great
I downloaded this game again and when I tried to log on to my google play account, it doesn't seem to work. I tried tapping the log in button for google play and nothing happens. I hope this will be fixed soon. EDIT:Thank you, I tried it and it is finally working,but the problem is I don't know how will my old account can be retrieved. Is there anything I should do after logging in or something that will pop-up? EDIT: Yes.Where should I put it?
This game is obviously a ripoff of Monster Strike. But I'm okay with that, given that the devs of that game axed the English version. English in the game could use some work though. Overall it's pretty good, if you liked Monster Strike you'll probably like this too.
A pretty decent game. Brings me back to the good old days of monster strike. I love the designs of the characters (both the monsters and humans) and the spells are pretty cool. Although the lack of main characters or hero characters or whatever they're called are low so s little more of them would be nice to spice up the gameplay. Another problem I have is the voice acting could use a little work, they're not the worst thing ever but still something that needs to be improved. Overall a nice game
Very fun game with great animations. You can tell the developers payed attention to detail. Highly recommend!
Fully free and fair game!!! Really enjoy the mechanics as well as the battle pace. Gives tons of free diamond, cards and coins. Best free to play game yet!!!