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Capital Fun!

Capital Fun! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Playvision, Inc. located at Россия, г. Санкт-Петербург, Беловодский переулок, дом 6, литера А. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would be 5 🌟 if the ads would work to double your income so has become a long uphill battle also purchased 20 diamonds as it said that any purchase would disable ads it doesn't Edit: uninstalled the game which fixed the issue with the ads not playing but now have to restart from the beginning so now gets 1star not 3 Edit again scratch that ads stopped working after the first one to double income so unable to get the gold bars uninstalled
great time consuming app but can't play it unless you use hot spot or have Wi-fi I have data but it still won't let me play without the other lo
Awesome game!!!...easy to understand..well balanced and no intrusive ads. You can watch them if you want but is not needed..i do because it helps you alot..again well balanced..This game is a must have for idle fans!
An ok game,lots of ways to make this better,but now when I log in,it tells me that I have no internet,and switches off!!! UNINSTALL!!
Would like to say it is a nice way to pass time and if one comes here expecting a mind engulfing game dealing with money gain and loss then pls come in here
A fairly simplistic idle using the adventure capitalist mechanics, however has some pretty steep drawbacks. First, a forced ad the first time you level up after opening the app. That almost caused me to uninstall instantly. Secondly, no offline progress unless you force close the app. Third, your overall progress from city to city is gated behind a competition against other players. This means progress will be slow going unless you end up spending more money than others. A good idea falls flat
The game doesn't load past the splash screen. Just stays stuck. I doubt issues get any better if you ever go past the loading screen. Left phone on charge in both wifi data and mobile shut off sleep mode for and hour each data type...nothi g. Cleary glitchy and bad app. Dont wSte your time or storage space
i installed this game a couple of times and every single time il get this russian looking writing on the loading screen and the game doesnt load up
Game is a good time passer for me! I gave 3 stars because the game could use work. It needs something different that makes it stand out from all the other idle games like this!!
Have been playing for a while, game sucks now that it has a permanent ad at the bottom. I am uninstalling it now because of that, i was probably watching 5-8 ads everytime i played in order to get some extra money. Placing a permanent ad was too much, well done to the developer, greed has driven me away. Dont install this ad infested crapware.
The only thing I would like to be able to do is go back to completed cities to top my badges out. Either that or have the option to stay in the current city or move on to the next city
I got to 3rd city and game wont load keeps saying no connected to internet which I clearly am. Try restarting phone and reinstalling the game nothing works. What a waste of time. Unistalled forever bye bye.
It's a cool game, they allow you to watch 6 videos to gain 7 free gold, however, it doesn't always credit you each time after a video. I'm having to watch 20-24 plus videos (on average) to get the 7 gold. (You need 50 gold to make a good purchase). That's the only reason why I might Uninstall the game. Seriously though, they owe me a lot of gold... .......... ........... Edit: **** I deleted the game. It got to be too ridiculous of how many ads i watched and never got credit for them.
It was working but now it doesn't get my internet connection and won't start again last time I reset it started over and now it stopped working again at the same place... Happened again I hope it doesn't take 2 to 3 days to fix again
I love this type of game and this has unique aspects. But it's yet another game ruined by Greed. 8 hours or 50 gold to progress at 3rd city... reached 3rd city today and 2 minutes of game play. And now 8 hours or spend money to progress....
Please fix the game. Ads are broken and just stall on "Loading". Updated... ads seem to be fixed, but need new cities
game does good for a couple of days, and then you go to play it and it comes up in russian and wont load.
Honestly, with most games of this genre, I play for a day or two, maybe 5 days tops before i get bored. But the competitive nature of reaching the highest level before others and leaving for a new location and starting over from scratch leaves it refreshing all the time. I definitely recommend this one!
Was flying in the first level. Got first place on the tournament to move to Las Vegas, went to reload the game but wouldn't allow me back on. Deleted the game and won't be playing again. Especially after spending money on the game to advance 👎👎
Expirience is very good. Just think you could do with some events etc as gets a bit boring doing the same thing over and over
Cool time killer very easy and simple i like the grind of it level up and you recycle and and gain investors and do it over again #2 thumbs up
It takes me about 10 mins to load this because it says there is no internet available! Please fix and will re rate 5 stars because other than that it's great.
Prestige system is broken. Tutorial forces you to click buttons to proceed even if you don't want to. Knowing the gift gold has to be used to build an office during prestige would be nice. Just another money grubbing game. Find another game to spend time in, this one is greedy.
Does not save a backup so when getting a new phone I had to start over. Now it has forced popup ads as well with no reward. Used to be a good game and now nah i'll pass
It has a lot of potential. There are a handful of things that needs to be fixed and added though. Scientific notations is something I always want in an idle game. Daily challenges/quests to earn premium currency. More statistics, such as total income rate, how much income will increase if I buy a certain amount of upgrades. And one of the most important thing when it comes to these kinds of games: the numbers always goes up. It needs permanent rewards and upgrades is very much needed.
Keeps saying no Internet connection. Even though I have full signal and everything else seems to connect.
Was just starting to get into the game. But a half hour later of going back to game. It won't load up because "it cant connect to internet" Not once have i ever had this problem with any other game. It wont recognise my wifi or 4g. So i cant get on to play
Rubbish, took 4min to load then tells me no internet even with full signal, maybe you guys should pay your provider so u can get a service out
It would be great if i could leave the game and come back to more money than when i left . The game seems to pause every time i exit it.
The game is good tbh only ads that come are the ones for a bonus so can handle that I've now come to the end of the game and all of a sudden the language has changed and I can't see anyway of changing it back I dunno what's happened but I've just updated the game too and no change other than that game is an all around good time waster
I enjoyed the game very much until it said ... Internet not found, Not connection to internet... again and again, when in fact my connection to the internet is very much intact. Edit: Now I am able to log into the game.Ty.
I have played it 6 or 7 times now. Runs okay even on a very slow phone. Due to inattention I didn't realize until this last time I played just how crucial your "Success Level" is. I never realized that you click on the crown to see the leader board. It is a pity that it's not a little more intuitive to navigate.
I really enjoy the game. However I can't ever watch an add. Ever! I can't do much to help advance since none of the adds will ever load.
I enjoy and love this game but after 2 days i fet a silver medal and move to las vegas. Otherwise if i can play on my own time and get to lvl 123 i get gold medal and 50 gold. No chance to go back and do better, all the investors wasted. Just plop me down into a new event and a new business just to eventually have that taken away too.
Great little game to pass the time while you wait on your commode doing your irl business. Yet after 3 days of playing it now wont load at all. I just keep getting "no internet connection" everytime
Great game, just got it today, and I don't know when I'll start gaining investors, I've currently made $3T
The ads stopped working.. I'm connected to internet but ads won't play. I should get the reward even if ads don't play. Sometimes they work but very rarely. They used to work all the time.
Was great, saved up a ton of investors then it just wipes everything you earned and forces you to a new city. You don't keep any progress. What's the point of working for all those investors and everything if you just wipe them randomly?? Need to sort that and it will be much more fun.
I was having fun, but then I watched the ad's to give me more money and although I watched it it didn't work. I think that's disgraceful that you are ripping people off like this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, IT'S A CON
The game play is good. I like that it changes regularly. Problem is that a lot of the level up multipliers don't work. Especially in Paris. Supposed to get x555 for reaching 120 in Magic Tricks. Nothing. Several are doing this. Makes.ot very hard to progress.
One of the best games of this type I've ever played. Most games get really repetitive pretty quickly but the dynamics of working you way from city to city is great. Especially since each city has unique combinations
A good idle game, after the first few stages it takes days to move up but popping on every few hours to fiddle with it isn't bad. Ads do play on rewards as well as some upgrades but the upgrade ads can be backed out of which I greatly appreciate
Not a bad game. Would be awesome if waiting time was faster. Looks like it takes ages to get investors that's my reason I leave the game. I haven't left yet
This is the best Application that I have ever work with,. Thank you so Very much.for It's ,Creation and Development. Sincerely. Mary Anne Coleman.
I really like the business tycoon/ idle tap games, this game is great and I love it. Its fun and keeps me interested. trying to get more money. increasing speed just can't get enough...
I was really enjoying this game until today. Every time I open the app it says "No connection to internet" even though I have internet connection.
You can not open the app even after 20 or so tries .. it just says no Internet. This has been going on for quite some time and they don't even seem to care ... not even enough to respond to the reviews ... very good sign it is a very poor development team.
Las Update sent this game all the way down to one star. Impossible to level up. Half the time u can't even enter the game cause it gets stuck loading and when it does u realize u lost all the progress u got last time u played. I hung around a waiting for the bug to be fixed, but this is beyond frustrating. I just unistalled it now. I'm done with this.
Sold my business in game. New tower was built now the game won't do anything. The only indication something is working is the timer is ticking on the New York leader board. Do I have to wait now?!
I always get "no internet" even though I have an active internet connection. Wont even let me play. Uninstalled and blocked this game on my list.
Fun enough game honestly, until you reach a certain point where you literally just can't play the game without waiting or spending money. There's an 8 hour wait to "prestige" when the time until the next prestige is an hour tops. The only way to skip it without waiting is to BUY. With no other areas, or zone, you just end up turning it off. It's a shame too because it's actually a pretty fun game.
It has been a fun game but now will not open up just keeps telling me no Internet connection, yet all my other games that require internet are working. Would of been 5 star otherwise keeps me busy when I'm bored.
Game fails to take purchases. Bad coding. Tried twice. Game goes back in time by three minutes before you receive. Developer no response.
I will make 5 stars after a few more days. This is a really great game compared to many other idle games Ive played. I'll be back if I can come up with any ideas. Good job Devs. Thanks!!
You can not open the app even after 20 or so tries .. it just says no Internet. This has been going on for quite some time and they don't even seem to care ... not even enough to respond to the reviews ... very good sign it is a very poor development team. It has been slightly improved
I bought the 1.99 pack 2 days ago and now all items are gone along with the 2 $. Progress is halted do to a bug that takes me straight to my event ranking. This happens every time I relaunch app. Takes me to same place every single time no matter the progress I make. Pls Fix :(
It's a simple time waster. The game clock does not work properly when not playing the game. If you close the app for an hour, you could get credit for 15 minutes or 4 hours, most often the lesser. New updates has extra ads on the main screen, I instantly deleted upon seeing this. Not worth it now.