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Cannons Evolved - Demolish, Cannon & Ball Shooting

Cannons Evolved - Demolish, Cannon & Ball Shooting for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Citadel Games located at 14629 Southwest 104 Street #476 Miami FL 33186. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So much fun! Wild creative cannons, unlike any other ball shooting game I've played before, quite unique.
I love to play this game to pass the time. The graphics are brilliant and its not draining my battery when i play it, would like to see more weapons like a rail gun or maybe some WW2 weapons like the howitzer and flak cannon in the future. But all in all i love it.
Every so often the level will get stuck after all the balls are shot. It won't give you the points screen to continue
I really enjoy this game. Only reason didnt give it a five is because you can not tell how far or close you're shooting if you're shooting right in front of you. Other than that it's a really great game.
Pretty easy levels early on, gets progressively challenging but offset by the new ammo you can get and skills. Generous in game store, I was surprised at what you could get with the medium sized packages.
Good game. The obstacles, could be a little easier to get through sometimes but it is a little challenging, so I guess that is the point of the game.
Very good! The game isn't graphically demanding so odds are good that low end devices can run this well. Good time killer, and placing your shots well while also taking distance and obstacles into account can occasionally take a fair bit of thought. My only complaint (and I use that term loosely) is that it feels next to impossible to lose.
Its super satisfying, yet a little frustrating when the buildings are just out of reach, but that's why I love this game. Its addicting enough to keep playing it, but because buildings don't regenerate while playing makes sure you take breaks- not only that: The ad balance is pretty chill.
So much fun, I like that it's different from most games that do this sort of cannon shooting theme. Different physics, creative gear, I like it.
This is such a fun ball shooting game. At first I thought because you start with the normal cannon that it was just another basic cannon game, but the ammo types and other cannons really change how you play the game. I just purchased the grape shot but opted in some of the opportunities to test new ammo and the tornado is insane!
I like it overall, the sound effects of cannons firing and cannon balls exploding is fantastic. I play it on full blast. I'm a sounds guy, and I appreciate when games have good music and sound effects. I enjoy the fact that each cannon has a different sound, and that not all cannonballs sound differently.
Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that every single level I've played (74 at this time) has unique structures? Towers, houses, statues, fruits, cannons, cars, helicopters, planes, etc. It's just too fun.
Good game....fun with the different ammo types. The problem i have though is it doesn't always save progress...i have to repeat levels when i come back.
This game is a time killer. The obstacles are difficult to pass through and it really gives some challenge. Despite this, there is a problem with the test rounds of Death from Above for the ribault. There seems to be no cannonballs falling from the sky after firing a salvo of it.
Its pretty fun but the controls suck. Hate the spin animation when you follow the ball, wish the camera would stop directly infont of the destruction. Also the gamecsouds are a completely different volume to the results screen. If you turn up the volume to appreciate the cannon blast sound you will suffer with the sound of stars. Good game but needs work.
Amateur hour. Somebody spent an afternoon and programmed this. Poorly. Reminds me of a 'shareware' DOS game from the 80's.
Pretty good game. Constant adds and you have to watch a add to get the extra coins AFTER EVERY LEVEL!! Just so you are able purchase the upgrades and different cannons but as I say this I still play it every day.... And watch the ads. The Devs gotta get thiers too so advertise away. So it's worth it I suppose. It's a pretty good game
Quit a good game, got all the canons and on lvl 380. From now on the lvls are impossible, the objects move way to fast that u just keep hitting them no matter what u do.
Interesting game. Liked ur game alot. Dont mind the ads between the scenarios, its when u go to change ammo or cannons and u put that little 5 second ad in there. The game seems to freeze every once in a while. Have to restart. Loose whatever level ur on. Good game though. K. Shoopman
Did I just find the first cannon shooting game that doesn't make my phone lag, heat up and crash? Yes. I. Did. I don't know how you did it, but watching hundreds of cubes fall down at what I think is 60 FPS is just marvelous.
I'm enjoying it greatly my only complaint is I wish you could switch ammo in the middle of a level. Other than that it's a fantastic game
Cool game. Ads suck but, they seem to be a part of the game. As many are these days. I dont jave much else to say about the game . .......................................................
What a fun hidden gem! Smooth controls, fluid gameplay and unique levels. The first cannon is not all that wild until you get the grapeshot, but the cannon I really want is the Phaser with the laser ball. Overall great ball shooting game.
I've always had a keen on demolition based games. Physics are semi present and that's fine, it adds a unique flavor to the game instead of being like every other demolition game out there or cannon shot even.
Am being generous with the 3 stars. The game would be fun if you didntt have to play $110 for all the cannons and cannonballs.
Its a fun game and a good way to kill 15 minutes, but the big flashing buy now option in the bottom left for 75 dollars its a bit pushy.
This game needs some work. A few things like the ammo selected does not work and the aiming is a little messed up. You aim at something it will be point at a solid wall with nothing in the way before that and it misses.
This takes the cake for creativity. Freaking 15 different ammunition that behave uniquely! Nothing compares! Not VOODOO's Castle wreck or Demolish!, not ball shoot, nothing. You can replay levels with different cannons/ammo and have double the fun.
Complete scam. Seriously tries to auto charge $80 then $50 when click on the ingame shop, which the game tells you to do.
So far so good. I'm enjoying it. The levels aren't too difficult but do take some creative thinking at times. Just challenging enough to make it interesting and just easy enough to make it fun to play when I have the time. Though I did expect more castle and tower destroying and less random objects floating in the sky.
It's the best cannon game I've played yet. I've always been a fan of this style of game, but with a variety of cannons that actually do different things, a variety of targets, and interesting and challenging obstacles, it is by far my favorite so far.
are you kidding me, this is insane! what a great time waster, I love the creativity behind each ammo and cannon, I like how this isnt trying to recycle levels and you can tell they are unique. No repeat obstacles, no repeat buildings. You absolute madmen, brilliant!
Boring, Boring, and Boring. Not even a good time waster. Controls are ok, except when there is something in the foreground, jn which case good luck shooting past it the first go-round because its not where it appears.
Very nice concept a fun game to play during public transportation, or while bored out of your mind locked up in your house. So to speak xD devsπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ
Not a bad game to pass the time. Doesn't give you but 250 after completing a level and the upgrades and new cannons are expensive so it makes getting them difficult. Otherwise a good game.
Fun game for the most part. Get a little aggravated with some stages not because of any other reason than my own timing.
The first levels seem pretty easy, I'm hoping they get harder soon. I've started to get the obstacles and it adds a nice challenge. Big plus for me is that ads don't seem to be so disruptive, I get like idk 1 every 4 or 5 levels, so props for that
This game is awesome πŸ‘ I like how you have put in different cannon's and how the top cannon (I've forgotten what it's called) but it's only 50,000 credits. Five stars for this game people πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ™‚
Gentlemen we have here VOODOOs direct competitor. It has ads of course, but one ad every 3 levels is so much better than 1 ad every 1 level. Props devs!
Quite simply one of the most fun games I've played in a while. Finally something unique and not a ripoff of all these standard "shoot this ball here" games.
A friend recommended this game to me, and it did not disappoint. What a gem. It has some ads but at least it isn't one ad per level. Thank goodness for that, I think I got like an ad every 3 levels or so.
A simple game concept with reasonable graphics (Hi-def would not add to the game so not a problem) Suitable for just dipping in and out as well as a something a little longer. Difficulty slope seems quite gentle so unlikely to meet a deadlock and controls straight forward. Adverts are there but not too annoying and in some cases optional. Update 10/10 Still playable.
I love this game really much you can grab anything and then get a lot of money to sides up you should buy you to get this game it's great it's amazing you will never know if you play it if you play you'll be feeling happy happy happy happy happy AA will love this game forever
I've always been a fan of physics games and destruction, so this new game hits the spot for me. One question, is there a particular reason why gravity doesnt work for cubes you don't hit? I find myself wanting to have a tower that has been hit at the base fall down instead of floating. I'm assuming it's because of all the floating structures that couldn't stay up? Or maybe performance? I have played some other games like this where it was a lagfest.
Fun, easy to learn and a challenge to see just how much you can destroy with each shot. At times its frusteating but the more you play the more you learn how to maximize the shots.
Destruction game with pseudo physics. More annoying than challenging due to the fact that cannonballs will not explode when hitting the ground / will only function when hitting the boxes. The silly geometric shapes that move at likewise silly speed and will catch the cannonballs might be meant to make the game challenging, but quite frankly that is just a misguided annoyance, especially with the minor control issues in delayed function of the fire button.
Great game to play during the lockdown. Sometimes I repeat levels when I get new cannon balls just because its so much fun. Aiming the cannon is half the fun for me, it controls so well and fluid. Got some nice designs as well that I wasnt expecting like going from huge towers to thin swords, and the obstacles get nuts. Solid 5 stars, good job.
Not gonna lie, I thought this was another hypercasual what is this ad hell type of game. Pleasantly surprised that its not. It has enough depth to be a bit beyond casual given the challenges of later levels.
Cannons Evolved has everything a casual game should have: obstacles, uniqueness and addictive shooting mechanics. You can play the entire game without spending a dime.
Very cool idea. Would like the graphics polished a little. And it would be cool if I could click on all the menu screen options and on the package specials but everytime one comes up and i press buy, it clicks the screen behind it. So for the partially broken menu and choppy graphics I give it 3 stars all around. For the idea and what this could be id give it 5 stars.
Dont care about the ads this game is fun more than fun crazy. About the ads. I care about ads. Because you get to download more fun games. Rock onπŸ˜œπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†πŸ€ž
Update: up to 5 stars just based on speed of response from developer! Other than this soon to be fixed bug, it is a great game. No repeat levels, good range of difficulty, doesn't take long to collect coins for upgrades & great variety of cannons and ammo. A moveable camera would be helpful but it doesn't detract. Awesome Really like the game and will update this to higher rating if issue gets fixed. Can't complete level 330 as it doesn't register completion of 1st shot. Can't fire second shot.
I'm going to give you a lengthy review because I believe this game deserves it. Graphics: 8/10 The cannons look great and so do the explosions, the scenery is a nice low poly environment. Audio 10/10 Cannons sound hard when firing, explosions sound destructive. Gameplay 10/10 It's just pure joy, it's fun and addictive, it has replay-value given there are 15 unique ammo for 4 unique cannons. Ads 6/10 Not too obstructive, but I understand devs gotta eat and paying to remove ads is cheap. All in al
Shooting cannons to destroy stuff is fun. I like the idea but the camera doesn't move which makes aiming more difficult than it needs to be. I'd like the camera to stick to the rear of the cannon so I can aim. Or if you're in love with the camera being locked give me the option to invert aiming controls. That way it feels like I'm moving the rear of the cannon which makes more sense to me. Also I watched an ad and didn't receive the reward for doing so.
I'm sorry, I don't like your game, I thought to destroy buildings, castles and so on,. The structures you have to destroy are for kids, I'm not. Seeing that the structure doesn't fall down after being hit and you see that there's nothing that can keep it in site is unrealistic. Then I got miss when I clearly hit the structure. Never mind, it's not a game for me, but when and if you'll use "real" structures, then I'll be back and maybe you'll get 5 stars.
Fun game so far wish you would earn gold proportionate to the level though. Its almost rigged to force to play to win.
It,s good but my only problem is that when I use the bouncy ball and it hits something all the bounce goes straight up where I already cleard
Is simple and havent played a noncomplicated game in long time. Game is not boreing. Is a welcomed change of pace.
This game had great potential but needs a serious update when it comes to shooting obstacles through the fence. It seems that there are more areas where you will miss if the shot is close to this object than places where the Cannon ball can go through. The blocks should also be in other colors due to it being hard to differentiate the dimensions of what you want to knock down. I did not mind that these are floating objects but certain stages should have you work with gravity.