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Candy Farm: Magic cake town & cookie dragon story

Candy Farm: Magic cake town & cookie dragon story for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Worst game ever! I can even get past the first step. I downloaded and when it comes to doing the first harvest of the 4 candies to cheer up the princess it just sits there. It won't do anything.
I like it but they don't give you anuff stuff to get land becase they give you anuff stuff to buy ,one more thing storge is small just saying.😳
They said download this game app play and get 10 gems. I downloaded 2 hours ago still didnt receive any gems. Otherwise the game is awesome
The game keeps freezing as i open it so half the time i cant play it. I even uninstalled and reinstalled to the same issue. The game has alot of potential but no follow through
Really cute and kind of reminds me of Cartoon City. The characters are adorable and the gameplay is very relaxing. The products dont take long to process or grow. I really like it so far
I've played other farming games. This one is better in my opinion. Thank you for a "girly" game, my twin grand-daughters, aged 2 love to watch the graphics. Good job.
I like this game but it has a problem. While planting candies sometime it will become zero.It is a beautiful game with super graphics. I love the characters.πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€
Really enjoying this game. My only complaint is that the time between collecting items and being about to use them to make other products is timed right....your storage fills up to fast
ok I'm adding 3 stars and I barely even played it and I already like it but a small problem once I place and item it stays there forever I cant find a button to move items where I want the. to and once I place I can never change its place probably so might wanna add that just to make people comfortable with how they want it to look if you'll reply. edit: so your gonna add a button so that people can move items wherever they want right? Edit: ya I, finally found the moving button nvm πŸ˜…
Cute, so far, but already taking too long to do simple tasks...can't fit anything anywhere. Expansions are a joke, apparently, because I didn't even get enough space to add a yard! I have plenty of space, without all the extra I ING and candy, that can't be removed! Spanners are very few and far between...losing patience, already. I'm probably just going to delete.
please add the ability to login to Google play for people who don't have Facebook know if you don't do what I asked for will never play your games again add the ability to to add friends from your android phone contact list and add decorations to please
This game is very nice πŸ’ž but I am giving only 2 stars because- 1. You can make more animal like- cotton candy panda 🐼,etc. 2. You can make more plants like- colour ball plant , etc. 3. You can devloped many things like- all the towers and all the graphics.
Love the game its cute but it expect you to buy expensive stuff to do quests and time to make them is so long. Especially to make animal food.
Absolutley adorable and friendly. Easy to learn and relaxing to play. No rush, layed back. You should give this game a go I'm glad I did πŸ₯°
This game is extremely cute but kinda boring... But still download it.. its lovely... Buh could you make it more lively... It looks like something you just wanted to put out as a test rat or something please improve it... I'll gladly update or download any new version of the game... Animals are extremely cute and awesome.. Plants are great... The game is awesome buh just doesn't have much to do that's all.. I'd like if you guys could create a zoo game too I'd totally download and rate it five stars... I swear on that ..and I absolutely love the fact that your games are amalgams don't require Wi-Fi or much space.. Love you guys a whole lot... Much love for this game.. Play it all the time ... Don't forge a out the zoo game... Please make my wish come true
This is the best game i have played i love this game and monster farm. My favorite.This game is good for small kids. I love candies and love this game.keep it up. So i prefer to give 5 starsπŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ™‚β­
Super app download it and enjoy Just try it!! Very nice game or app Recommended for kids or younger ones This game is like a world or can call a town or city filled with candies ,sweets all those sweet things..try it then you will not leave it at all Directly download it...
I love this game because it is very good I don't have any problem there from this game I love its features it is very nice game for kids no one can say that it is bad game thank you Candy farm I love this game forever I have started it playing from today now I am only level 8 I am giving five stars for it it is the most good game in my life in phone whenever I am sad I play this game and my mood is happy now I am playing it thank you so much Candy farm all foranj games are really goodπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I loved your game. But there is a reason why I rated 4 stars. Please dont let the Jello, gummy and sugar trees be cut. Please let the beautiful food trees be as decorations and they can moved wherever I want. For the ingredients, please make it to do from the chocolates or candy etc. But please don't let the delicious trees be cut .Please . I will rate 5 stars for sure.
Worst game ever, it looks cute but it's very very annoying I mean you can't even last that long in the game it just a check-in and check-out something is not something you can play for long because they take too much time in doing everything and it's so annoying please less time taken in farming and give enough money
fun game and addictive. colors are fun and I like characters but they need to do more. you run out of space too easily and when you buy into next area it's very small.
Oh yummy game!!! Makes me hungry....too cute. It is by far one of the cutest games I have ever played. It is simple but very relaxing to play. Way to go!!!
The same problem like ur others game ,the train fulfil it's order automatically and the oder r changed automatically,pls fix this
I love the game itself. However, it takes forever to level up or to get the money amount high enough to buy things (which is also why it takes forever to get anywhere). Would be a great game if it wasn't so limiting. If you keep playing you can get far. I like it more and more.- downside is it doesn't work anymore... Freezes the second I open it to play and doesn't respond to me.
Just like other farm games but super colorful and cute. Things things take too long and game is sometimes slow but it's full of candy happiness.
I can only rate two star because I don't like the game much, because I didn't get money at all in this game.....but I will put many stars for animation.... that's why I uninstalled this game...but I like your fast reply for the problem, thank you!!!!I have been tried your another game also ......
OMG Love πŸ’œ this game! It's so cute! I only gave you 4 stars bc I wish there was another way to win rubies other than buying or doing the other apps. How about playing a game or something for us to work towards to get those. I spend way much more time on other games then I ever do on this one bc of the lack of anything to do. Fix that and definitely I will change to 5 stars bc I absolutely adore this game.
I like the concept. It's soooo cute especially the animals. πŸ’• Can you please add more decorations such as little paths just to separate sections for animal pens, farm plots, and factories? 😊
I loved this game so much because I love farming and this type of farming is very nice experience for me
I love this game but there's no levels after 28??? my game says 28 max. no more challenge. making coins I really can't use anymore.
The game is so good and cute. But can you make the coins collecting little faster. And the candy seeds should be brought from coins not from gems. Thanks for making such a delicious game.
I want to like this game but it's in-game currency system is so unbalanced. Example: I can't upgrade my storage without spending in-game cash because I can't get the required items to do so. I'm out of storage room which means I can't put any thing in my inventory (the required items) but I also can't sell my items to make storage room, because I can't have any of the required items, candies, for the elephant to sell. AKA this game blatantly does ridiculous microtransactions. Don't bother.
Cute farming game, only one thing I have noticed so far that I don't like is that there isn't much space to put the things you need in, and even if you get more later it's all on small patches and different levels.
Cool and great game. Love the way you can make all kinds of candies from planting and feeding the animals.. Cool .
Okay so I've read everybody's review before I decided to add one and well I'm going to have to say I agree with everybody I want to go play it this morning and all it does is opens up and freezes up I've tried to delete the app reinstall the app nothing so if y'all want this app to go anywhere glitches fixed on it
Love the cuteness of the graphics and style. No problems yet but needs more space to put items and buildings.
I'm really enjoying this game. I love the colors and all the yummy looking candy. This is A game I could play for a long time. But I'm at level 14 and its saying to ask for more coin than I can collect. I don't enjoy my game being at a stand still for two days so that I can make enough coin to move on. Then I buy what I need and have to buy something else and wait to earn the coin. I will most likely stop playing this game if I can't earn more coin. I have lots more coin in the Halloween game but no tasks.
this game could have so much potential if it werent so hard to earn stars,money,had other missions,.other games like give you reason to come back,want to spend money, and more importantly continue with excitement to see whats next.graphics are so beautiful and cute just needs more thought to game play
Cute farming game. Building editor is rough to work with. Not for those who lack patience since everything takes forever to finish. Definately a money pit if you want to progress quickly. I'm uninstalling, Township is better.
Candy Farm is so much fun to play it reminds me of Candy Land when I was little I really love this game the animals are so cute , the graphic are Great this is really addicting !!! Keep up the good work!❀❀❀
I love this game its alot of fun !!! I would of gave you 5 stars but i took 1 star away because there to many ads. But its fine. Im really loving this gameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
very nice and good game in real game and the first thing that struck me as I am concerned about the location on Google play music and the first thing that struck me as I am not sure how long I'll be in the app store and full movies in tamil tiger woods has a good day and good game in real game and the first thing that struck me as I am not sure how long I'll be in the app is not install the heavy bus simulator in tamil tiger woods has you are not sure how long I'll have a look at this stage of go
so much fun and I love the fact that it's easy to earn diamonds not one of those type games where you get so far and get stuck absolutely adore it!!!
i wanted to like this game. but its hard to make coins. wont be keeping this game. you have no houses or people to help bring in coin.
Not bad but hard to go on.. Lot of foranj games are not easy to move on.. when u get higher.. Storage problem and lack of items.. But a nice game.. I have played lot of foranj games..maybe 6 or more I don't remember.. I couldn't play longer it's hard..
Reminds me of the board game Candy Land. If ur looking for a amazing stimulator game this is your game
This game is very cute . But also very bad. Because when ever I need some space in my silo I always need some ruby. And if I don't have enough ruby, I need to buy them . This is very unfair.
I love the theme and how pretty and clever the animals are. But its a bit too hard to get anywhere on here without purchasing with cash. Im the type of person who does not use real life cash in games. Im definitely not subscribing for $11.99 ! Thats insane! Your hopes are too high, and the game gets boring when it takes 3 days just to get anywhere. Delete.
Super cute game!!!!!!! I love everything about it, I love all the bright colors and all the yummy sweets!!
I like the game. But its very hard to get any where without buying gems. Thats not really fair. Ill keep plugging at it. But if nothing changes, i may uninstall it.
I love this game it is so cute I really love this one easy to play the game helps you out with videos to watch which is really cool.
Children might enjoy this brightly-coloured sugar overload, but be advised that this game is secretly pay-to-play. Yes, technically you grind away for a week to find one spatula, but get real - it makes much more sense to just uninstall.
Similar to other farm games made by the same company. Not as into this as I thought I would be and like the other games requires a lot of diamonds / spending real money on fake money to get more enjoyment out of it.
Seemed enjoyable but was a struggle to start playing. Fund income vs fund outlay never could be balanced properly. The game seriously needs market stalls and cloud save.
Wow thank u so much for making this game I was looking for a candy growing game candies chocolates and all things moves so I feel this farm is alive and real it takes me to a fantasy land but diamonds r hard to earn please make a new diary and wheat corn animal farm where we can zoom the screen to bigger like candy farm and move things like candy farm .
I really like this game you farm candy in it and you cannot find it anywhere else on the app on your iPad if you ever want to play it can't find it on there that's the only thing I don't like but I would say yeah totally play it you get to farm candy