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Candy Blast: Sugar Splash

Candy Blast: Sugar Splash for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just started (I'm on level 37) and so far I think this is a fun game. I almost didn't play because someone was complaining about ALL the lengthy ads. They do have ads, but they are so quick it's not worth getting upset over. Every once in a while you get a bit longer advertisement, but seriously people this game is free. If you want games without ads pay for them. Someone also said how the game became hard very quickly. So far that hasn't happened
Love the game but no new level's once you get up there it's over ! No customer support to tefund your money or ask why. Dont download if you want a long lasting game.
Great game! Ads are really not an issue. Its easy to click the back button to avoid them. Not a big deal folks. I love the game and will continue to play!!!
The game is a good match game with plenty of variations to keep one playing( level 670). Now that political ads are showing up, I'm gone since there is only 1 side being presented - KEEP POLITICS OUT OF GAMES.
love the game but the 30 second ads after every level fail is really pissing me off and I'm not paying to remove the ads. better to delete the game and find another one
Well implemented match-3 game. Has mechanisms built in to nudge you to victory of you've lost a level many times.
Too many ads put into my phone's internal storage from Google. Every time the game is opened, Google drops in cached, unity, screenshot ads into the "device folders" tab under my Google account. Terribly annoying. Slowing down the phone, like a virus. Had to be manually removed, deleted, and cleaned. Very bad for the device. Uninstalled.
I have had this app several months. I did love this app but now more times than not you have to watch 2 and 3 ads before you get to play a level. Then you have to wait for the ads to load. Sometimes the screen dims and it says the ads are loading. While they are loading sometimes you can play but the screen is so dim you can barely see it. Taking up my battery for ads and waiting on ads to load. Most ads are too long. lt wasn't that bad in the beginning. Fix this and I will give you 5 stars
I loved it, ive been playing this game for quiet sometime,now all of a sudden its started charging me on the wheel,it gives me no free lives or even to watch an add to gain free moves,this time yesterday I would have given it 5 stars,but as of lastnight all that changed. I'm done with it!!
The itself is you standard match 3 game that are all over. The only reason I gave this 3 stars is because there are too many ads. Either ingame store., banner, or between game ads. Now I know for a free game you need to have ads to generate income to cover costs. But in this case the ads can be turned down just a little bit.
This game is similar too Candy Crush, the only difference is that this game doesn't make me want too rip my hair out! This game is more relaxing than that, and it's not impossible too pass levels. I'm enjoying this game very much, the effects are unique too other games of this type which is cool. The only negative is the adds, they're annoying but it doesn't effect my enjoyment of the game. Keep the updates coming because the game is good! 🍬🍭
I would give it 5 stars, except you NEVER get 3 coins when you pick the gift boxes...seriously?!...you have to resort to that kind of trickery?
Used to be a good game however excessive ads have ruined it completely will not be loading this again
Good game but why does so long to load? Also ads will freeze game so you have to x out and re load game. Gets frustrating !!!!!!! Fix this game
Alot of fun to start...but now, even more fun! It's getting a little more challenging! Good power boosts, too!
Overall a good game, a little annoying that the levels have to be re-played so many times even if you needed just one more move to complete the level. It appears to be quite deliberate by the creators of the game to "force" or "coerce" you into buy extra moves.
Only just started playing today. Easy levels when I first got going but coming up level 30 and getting little bit more challenging, sp here goes...
Simple, easy 2 learn. Cute, vibrant colors, good sounds, smooth gameplay. No annoying characters or sounds. A bit easy, but a great casual game, relaxing. Good for All ages.
I have been playing this game for quite a considerable time but have had to uninstall. When i reinstalled, it did not recognise my device so I have to start all over again from level 1 x not happy about this at all. Any advice?
Was a good enjoyable game until the new update on the 12th May 2020...now the game just constantly freezes. Annoying when I've done over a thousand levels, hence only the 1 star
the adds are a pain don't get enough moves and we have to by more things if we wont special which . is stupid.
Wrote previous review and nothing's been done. Game now deleted. 3 stars to 1 for poor customer service.... 1st review. First don't mind ads but this has too many. But still loved playing it, found it relaxing. Then I get to level 2621 and it shows to clear 37 glass blocks but there aren't any. After trying different ways I now have to stop. Tried Googling the how to and their is no Candy Blast in search engine. Disappointing as I did like playing this game.
I only have one complaint, and it's that the game doesn't save your place like pretty much any other game does- so every time you open the app to play you have to scroll ALLLL the way through the levels to where you left off. Not a huge issue, but annoying. Really fun otherwise. Edit- the latest update fixed the issue.. 5 stars now :)
By far the best game of this type! Played over 900 levels and never had to deal with animations 'chasing' you. Relaxing and strategic.
I am absolutely hooked on this game.. I just thought, I will try it and I love it. Absolutely awesome πŸ‘
My 1st review was 5 star's. I just started playing tonight and started with 58 credits i had bought last week, i wo 3 more an hr ago and now i only have 5, only 5. I want my 61 back. I didn't use any of them. Please put them back. Karen Richardson
Thanks for giving a game, that I can't put down, I play so much I have to stop and met it charge up, before I continue!!
No reward for playing well, I mean, unless you really love ads. Good knock off of Crush but the ads are just too annoying. Pass a level and be rewarded with an ad. Every level they are begging for .99 cents. It's not just annoying, it's sad. The ads get longer the more you play. I guess they figure at some point you will get so annoyed that you pay for the ads to go away. I'll be deleting it soon.
This game is really fun, but it frequently crashes. I just downloaded the update today, but now it is much slower than it was.
Game is good but it sad that is know way to save your game progress you should at least added Facebook connect are even Google play games because you will have to start all over if you happen to need a new phone
Each level is fast paced. it's on my to do list, for days I have things I don't want to do; will update after a month. I make purchases, which are too expensive, but at times it's the only way to move forward.
I've got to level 1897 and its frozen so cannot move candies All other previous levels work and can use hammer etc. This happened after update.
Used to be great. Now slow. Freezes frequently so have 're start app and losing in game upgrades. Ad at the bottom pushes up screen making harder to play and see top row. If not fixed on next upgrade I will uninstall. Shame.
Addicting! Ads are only 5-15 seconds! My favorite game so far! SICK of 30 second ADS!! Bright, colorful - few distractions! πŸ’ž
A fun game that is ruined by constant long running ads. People load games to play them. If all you can really do is watch ads then it's best to uninstall!
It's a good game. I guess I wonder why there are even points? You don't win prizes with them. They don't give you stars or anything to accumulate to win tools. And other "accomplishments" only give you discounts to buy tools not win them. It is challenging. It is good. But there are pieces that don't fit in order to make this a seamless game.
I played until episode >150, then google play store remind me to update, after I successfully update, I try to continue playing the game, i found that the game jammed at the front page i.e.the page started with episode 1,2,3...i touched everywhere on the screen, no response, all jammed, why la why...
Still enjoying the game. It is fun and relaxing. Thanks for a bad comment about the add popping up in every two levels, I knew what I can expect. If you are not ready for the add, you'd better install other games. :)
When I came back to the game it started me back at the first level of game. I don't give a new game a second chance. Especially with losing levels.
Love this game however, it constantly freezes up which is VERY frustrating. Wish you would check this out as I see a lot of other players have the same problem. If this can't be fixed or acknowledged I will just uninstall and move on to a different game.
Just wanted to let you know I was up to level 2403 and the game frozed tried for 2days to get it to work. Had to finally delete it thing I could get it back but no luck . So kind of disappointed. So starting all over again. Thank you .
this is a pretty cool game it's fun that's a lot of commercials but I can handle that you only have five seconds of them so no big whoop be there but it's easy very relaxing should try it great game
luv the game! its addictive!!! its one of those 'JUST ONE MORE TIME! ' games! Played for over 2 hrs last night, couldnt stop!! lol
I am totally agreed with Allana' s comment because it is really a good game for candy lovers without any Timelimits and panelties so I really enjoyed it.
since I just began playing last evening I can't give a solid review as of now. will check back later.
This game is literal perfection. No wasting time between levels. Even a skip option for a win finale to keep things moving! Ads are very quick and dont have to beat the x for an hour to get it to move on. I would actually pay for this game i like it so much. But the ads are actually bearable and quick. The writer of this game was writing with the player in mind. EVERY little thing that annoys me enough to uninstall other match games has been solved here. Thanks for the game i cant put it down.
Game was great till I updated it a few days ago now it's play a game runs an ad play a game run ad, one for one that's no fun
keeping my star rating at 2 stars for the fact of the barage of ads and that there are no ads that give you coins if you watch them. might not be so bad if this happened ! you basically get no help at all... been on level 100 for 3 Days& refuse to spend money for help! For these reasons I'm uninstalling!
I use to love this game. Now it freezes all the time, during spinning the wheel,game starting, and even during the game. You get this loading message and you can't play, so you have to shut down and reload the game and you lose any bonus items you add to the level your playing. Fix this issue or I am deleting..
Game keeps crashing after 3 or 4 moves since most recent update - shame. Really enjoyed playing it up until then ☹️
first time player and Game is intuitive. I can see the attraction in the game. Much better for those who find Candy Crush too much movement and too fast paced.
Waste of data and time,fix faults of freezing nd closing while mid play.please refund my data 4th game i downloaded nd uninstalled.
Too many ads. You're making money from me watching ads.... I don't make any money. ☹️ I'm uninstalling the game.
Would be 5 stars, if not for all the ads. I understand that this is revenue for the company, and they offer a way to make the ads go away, but it's still irksome.
Not sure why this game lately started advertising political candidates. Enjoyed it until that happened.
this is a great game! today is the first day I've ever played it. and i have been on it three hours straight. be careful when you start, because you will become addicted really fast! in other words i love love love ❀️ it
I've had this game for a year and love it but now it's showing ads with sexual content from matchington mansion. Naked people under blankets that are obviously portraying sex and a cartoon man fondling a naked womans leg while his wife and kid are outside the window is not appropriate for children and it comes on in between each game sometimes twice. I'll be deleting this app if something is not done about this.
Very addictive, graphics are great,easy to switch and reset rows..really like this game very entertaining πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ
After a good review I have had to change my mind. My game has been frozen for three days. Really disapointed
More and more Ads. I got to a point that the ads were longer than the game play. It was a fun game until then. The ads were so bad that I got a long ad to just leave the game. That was the final straw for me. Time to remove the game.
Way too easy in the initial levels, only takes about 15 seconds per level, AND then there is an ad after every two levels! So you play for 30 seconds and then listen to a 10-second ad. That wouldn't be so bad except that (even when I have the sound turned off, the ad cuts off my audiobook), and it doesn't come back on when the ad ends. Then I have to go to Overdrive and turn my book on, and then go back to the game. Sorry, not doing that. Uninstalling.
I just started playing, and I already noticed that this one gives you more bonuses etc.. am addicted😍
No or very less power ups, insufficient number of moves for each stage, getting stuck in the same level repeatedly. Now I don't like this game after I came to level 40. I thought I could enjoy this game, but now going to uninstall.
very fun game.. but need to have a way to get boosts without having to pay. Also, better way to get points. Thank you !
The game is fun but has frozen up on me 4 times in the past 10 minutes so I gave up! I will be deleting this app dont waste the space on your phone downloading it.
Still at level 2400. Did not update yet! Today is the 28th of November & still no more levels. Is that as high as it goes?
Great update. Happy to get boosters and coins by watching ad. I have cleared over 600 levels and have not spent any money to win. All levels can be beat without boosters as well-makes game challenging.. Hope you add same opportunity to juice pop.
Great game!! I have been stuck at level 2400 for about 3 weeks because there's no more levels. Are there plans to add more levels?
I'm loving my very special game. It's awesome. I'm always putting up other games but when i get hook i'm hooked lol. ENJOYING MYSELF AT ALL TIMES
I really like this game and it is very easy for play, but certain levels are very challenging to play. All in all I think this game is terrific!
fun. I am a bit addicted. 😠😰😫 what have you done with it. it's quite spoiled. silly to change it so you can't get by levels. 5 stars reduced to 1 . hopeless now. totally ruined even if you re install it.
When you are playing and you need a booster there is an ad on top of them. Cannot get it to move. Waste of time. If you want ad free it cost you. Other games has ads but NOT in front of boosters so you are unable to win the game. I just wasted money to purchase some boosters. Uninstalling this game immediately.
It's a lot of fun and pretty easy. You need to be more generous with the money and more of the boosters. It really keeps your interest.
This is a great game. It is fun, not too hard, and passes the time quickly. There are ads but they last about 5 seconds and then you can exit them. I recommend this game to anyone who has a few minutes of spare time - or more!
I am currently on level 1098 of this game, so you can see I've enjoyed it for a long time. Recently, I've been getting a yellow LOADING message and have to quit the game to get out of it. This is SO VERY ANNOYING. Please address!
When are there going to be new levels ???? love this game, but so slow in updating the levels ? I am at level1966.
Really enjoy the game, but the adverts every level drive me crazy. Please keep the adverts to a minimum or at the beginning when you start the game.
candy blast is a great game to play, but it becomes too difficult too quick in my opinion and the cost to keep the rockets, magic wand, bombs, i would not recommend it for my children to play. This is my own honesty. Sorry, but im out!!
How many levels does Candy Blast has? I'm already at level 2160. Every time I finished an episode, it will take at least 2 days to get a new episode. Why?
It was fine until I was approaching level 1250 and it crashed. Had to uninstall it so lost all my levels and boosters. So, not terribly happy.
Boring, freezes constantly, too stingy with coins and way too many ads....what happened?? Used to love your games, now it seems like you just don't care!! 😑
This app keeps freezing and kicking you out. Would be nice if you would fix it. Like the game but at this rate I'm getting fed up and ready to uninstall it.
The game gave me more levels two days ago. Now it has gone back to just 2440. The other day it was 2540. How do I get more levels?
Although I enjoyed the game, somehow it seems to be as if it is a game that causes my phone to get a lot of viruses and won't let me exit.It always stay on a download link for something else!
After playing Candy Crush for a while, this is a welcome relief as it's not so busy; just move the pieces to achieve goal, no stuff flashing at you all the time, just play the game. THIS game us very relaxing!! ***Item of note to developers*** I cannot use my stylus. I'm fat-fingered & often miss the piece I intended to move. Have never had this problem with any other game or app. Thanks.
It's a fun game. Too many ads ... some cool puzzles but you hardly get them. Then at level 2700 it ends? Time to find a new game. Yes I have the latest version.