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Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i am at level 228 but am not getting the points given on each piece. For example, if I clear 3 pieces with extra points assigned, I am lucky if I get one point for it. why am I not getting the points I should be getting. I have spent a good deal of money buying extra games, and this level especially feels like I am being scammed!
Can you please fix the restsrt issue. I be in the middle of playing a game and it automatically restarts, I lose my game progress and life.
please fix your app. I use to love this game but all it does now is shuts off by itself. every single time. I have uninstalled and installed numerous times. I have updated my phone. this is the only game that does this. and it's not the phone because I play it on 2 different phones. and both do the same thing.
I already in my teblet, but now not starting, I can't reinstall coz,I'm afraid to lose my 280 levels, please help me, thanks
I really like the game except that lately the game closes in the middle of a round and I lose the lives. Happening more and more. ready to say goodbye. I have emailed support but they think I just want more lives and don't seem interested in fixing the bugs.
Sloooooow. Kicks you out, even in the middle of of a game. Not enough opportunities to gain prizes. I'm with the person who says they've been on the same level forever. Close to deleting. update....had it with the glitches on this game...goodbye
The game is fun but it takes FOREVER to load. There are also too many sub-contests going on at once that you need to wait to preview before you can eventually play. Not worth it.
the game is amazing and addictive. the only problem is the issue of not responding when playing it. always having problem with google play store. pls do something about it.
I play this game, but it crashes constantly. My phone tells me it's not compatible with Google Play. Frustrating that I watch video to earn points. Video crashes & lose all points. Also, when you're about to win & get triple points, game crashes & again lose points, the game, & a life. Tired of restarting over & over. Best fix is to delete game & try something that works.
1.very slow loading. 2. App crashing 2 to 5 times per day and I lose lives.3."rewards" which you can get only at the begging of the game are mostly useless. very poor programming:(((((
it's very very very slow. i finally passed level 181 and existed the game only to be surprised later when i open it again that i didn't reach level 182. super frustrated, i mean i like this game but it's getting on my nerves now. if the problem doesn't get fixed I'm afraid i will uninstall it.
This game is fun but takes way too long to load on Android and there are too many screens at the beginning you have to see and x out to even start the game..also this game freezes and can't continue. Doesn't make for a good game.
Great game but annoying when it regularly pops up & asks u if u want notifications & if u tap the "dont show this again" box it still continues to do it...every....single.....time, & ultra often. Dont have that an option if your not going to honour it.
I was on level 536 it erased all my data started me over and i was already being kicked out of games losing lives and it was taking coins. All a sudden it takes all my progress and i even restored the file, it still didn't allow me to regain my old account. it also take gems and drop during play. It cause you to fail and a life. The game was the best ever, but just like every other game, it updated which causes more problems than before, simply to make it cost currency to play due to difficulty.
FUN game, this app will crash too often. Takes quite awhile to reboot. IPad or even a new Samsung Tablet they are always struggling with Candy Blast Mania. l thought it was equipment so I switched to Tablet.
It is a very beautiful but inflexible game. There are no incentives or awards and slow loading and annoying ads. It has very difficult stages and can not be traversed unless you buy something from the game . This is unfair and does not meet the aspirations of the players of this game I played for 4 years and finally I was bored by the stages of the game
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
too many repetitive popups .. when you get the 30 mins of free time, its more like 28 after you have responded to all the popups .. 30 mins should start when you begin the next level .. level 285 is problematic, on several occasions i made 2-3 moves and the moves left goes to zero and then exits and deducts a life .. thisbhas happened to me 3 times after i reloaded ..
The concept of the game itself is great but this game takes upwards of 15 minutes to load sometimes. It constantly freezes up, it'll boot you back to your home screen in the middle of the game (which costs you that life) and then you have to completely reload the game again to play. When you contact the developer, they'll blame your device no matter how much you've upgraded it. I've been playing it for years and they keep adding more stuff without fixing the bugs. Their other games work just fine, just not this one.
No problems til last update. Slow to load. Now the app closes while I am in the middle of all level types. Which takes the energy used to start the game. Disappointed have been playing for 2 yrs.
Great until I switched from an iphone to android. There is no connect to FaceBook button in the settings menu. What the Hell 😧
I used to love playing this game but not so much anymore. Game either freezes or crashes. please fix the bugs so I can enjoy this game again.
game likes to quit if I am actually winning and seems like additional ads when you win extra time so you really don't get the extra time
As much as I love playing this game, I'm tired of it CONSTANTLY crashing! I've lost more lives to the app shutting down in the middle of a game than I can count. I've complained about this to the developer and was told it must be my device. I play on 3 devices on 2 different operating systems and it happens on ALL 3!
Submitted email request 3 weeks ago using proper form and ID as requested. No fix, no feedback, no fun. Frequently shuts down for no reason, multiple times a day.
Game keeps crashing every time I open it. I have lost all of my lives because it shuts down in the middle of playing. Please fix asap!!!
really enjoy playing this game. Offers good prizes (note: Apple users seem to get better than Android) BUT seems to now crash all the time. Makes you loose lives, when you use the extra blasts and prizes. very very frustrating... This is a shame. Otherwise would enjoy.
This game is good. But recently it crashes too much in between and thus i end up losing a life. If its not fixed then there is no option but to uninstall the game. It seems developers are least bothered by the issues.
I love the challenges in this game, however, it freezes up and kicks me out/off usually in the middle of a game when things are looking promising. Other wise would have gotten all 5 stars instead of only 4. Fix the glitches please.
slow booting. goes through at least 2 cycles of side games before you can play the game. If it doesn't shut down in the middle of a game, it's a very fun game.
I love the game it took my a while to get to the 500 level but upon my old tablet breaking once install in a new device you have to start from level one . I wish there was a way that on my android n new tablet could pick up the level I was in
I love this game but it always loses my lives. It signs out during game play. I have lost at least 2 plays per day. Sometimes its after I win and then I have to replay level.
Its a fun game, but it always closes right in the middle of game play, which takes lives away, and ive lost gems for whatever reason as well. Ready to delete it
Level 2227 is a duplicate of an earlier level, not sure the level number but certainly recent. Also, game is crashing a lot now compared to before.
Crashes all the time. Especially when I'm doing good on a level. Have spent a lot of time and too much money for a game that crashes too much. It just osed on me 3 times in a row.
i love the game and am giving 5 stars because it is my favorite of all the "Candy Games" out there. However i jave a serious issue with the game crashing - I'll be in the playing a level and down it goes erasing a life with it even when it crashes becore ive played a move. FYI, I am playing on a Pixel II. maybe this is a known issue, but it is super frustrating when i happens...
I love this game but lately it has caused me more anguish than joy😡 The game suddenly stops or freezes constantly. It is very frustrating to win a level and "poof" the game disappears and I want to throw my phone against the wall😠 I'm on level 2867 and I still enjoy playing after 5 or 6 years so please fix the glitches🙇
I used to love this app so much, I spent so much money on it. But it's constantly crashing. I'll spend hours on a level and when I'm finally about to complete it, it crashes. i have wasted so much time and money for it to keep crashing on me. Disappointing. After tonight I refuse to play anymore.
Love the game & variety of puzzles - great graphics but since last update taking forever to load & keep gettn kicked out - extremely irritating when u'v just spent $'s to beat the challenge & lose evrything🤐 wouldv rated 4stars like b4 but ??? NOT anymore!!
It's slow. It kicks u out in the middle of a game and takes forever to get back in. Uses alot of data and doesn't work well when on Wi-Fi irrespective of the speed or quality of wifi. Can be much better, it will be fun then. And takes your gold without permission so frustrated. Uninstalling this game
Crashes quite often .Played great until the last two updates. Has become very frustrating. Takes forever to get to your game. Have been on this level 863 forever! THINK IT IS CLOSE TO DELETING TIME!
As if this game couldn't get any worse!! ive been play a level forever and a day until today. Had to buy extra lives and when I did so it crashed!!! BUT IT DOES IT CONSTANTLY!! I can't get a refund or I can't buy extra lives because I continually click to no avail. It's absolutely useless to try. This game needs major help. I AM TAKING YOU DOWN TO ONE STAR!!! AFTER REALIZING THAT SO MANY OTHERS HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM AND YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT IM SICK!!!?
the game keeps kicking off when I'm playing!! I really enjoy this game but it gets irritating after awhile.
love it but the game has slowed down loading and sometimes makes it realy long and boring. only happened after about level 400. even though its slow , I still love playing it.
This game is little bit different than other candy games however you have wait 1 hour for a new life. Also you need to connect to internet every 2_3 das otherwise it won't work. After getting latest update it's not working which is very irritating.
I love this game I really do. But IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! And today unfortunately, I am uninstalling it bcuz I have been on level 572 for a year. Months ago I stopped playing bcuz I couldn't get past this level and it pissed me off. I have literally played it over 100 times. I just recently started playing again thinking maybe I could get past it. After about 3 hours of playing over and over again I QUIT! Please fix this horrible level! Your game is fun...until you've been on the same level for a year!
Game is seriously flawed. Downloaded and it won't open on my tablet. It has worked on my phone. Guess I'll delete and forget it. in reading all the reviews, mostly bad, obviously the creators don't care. A majority of the comments are the same. Storm8 should be removed from Google Play.
Dear all players, please do not download this game. The developers has been inactive over a year now. No game updates and nothing at all. No social connections to the game cloud so that you can play on another device. No option for you to save the game so that you continue again some other time. Once you reinstall, you have to replay the levels again from start. Good luck!
This game is slow no matter what phone I use. It takes forever to load, stalls and restarts everytime. This used to be my favorite game but now it's getting impossible to play and enjoy it.
The application unexpectedly shuts off, especially during tournaments. I have lost so many gems due to this issue. I know I will not be compensated for this issue. this problem has been on going for over a year. I believe this is due to complication the game and make you buy more gems. I have installed all new upgrades, to no avail. very disappointed!!!