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Can you escape the 100 room XI

Can you escape the 100 room XI for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Liking it so far. I ended up doing the whole game, bought some hints along the way when I got stuck, I have now finished it with 23 hints left. I can't get my money Bach and I can't take my hints with me onto a new game so I've wasted my money buying hints. I've now downloaded another one in the series. I won't be buying hints. If I get stuck I will just uninstall.
I am hooked on these room escape games I will probably play all of them the puzzles keep you thinking out of the norm great game
It was fun while it lasted. Unfortunately, the flower game on level 3 wont do anything no matter what I try. I even watched a walkthrough. I would've liked to complete the game before I did a review, but if I cannot get past level 3 because the game is not responding, then I'd be wasting my time as I'm sure there are other glitches as well...
Once you have picked up an item it should not allow you in it again , I find it wasting my time. This is the worst game i have played out of all the rescue games and I have played alot of them.
Love the game but some of the puzzles are so obtuse. Hints are supposed to be just that, not an option to skip or cancel which leaves you back where you started. Just want a hint on how to complete the puzzle myself. Getting better though.
Very Nice . Enjoyable game. Loving it . I really like this game. And this is the best game ever I had played. And I had played lots of games . There are many advertisements but it's ok because advertisements are part of games. I reccomend this game . I hope you download this game and enjoy the game. And please rate the so that others can also download and enjoy the game . Please . Please. Please. Please. Best game . Nice game . I am really thankful for the makers for making this game . Thank
I would've thought version 11 of this game would've ironed out all the issues with previous versions. The puzzles and explanations (if offered) are very ambiguous. There is algebra involved with some of the clues and the puzzle explanation doesn't tell u that u need 2 use algebra. I was sick of accumulating clues just 2 solve puzzles that made no sense. Even when you get the answer, there's no explanation. I can't tell what the inventory is on my mobile screen. It's too small.
I thought at last a game that makes me think.. however I think i am sick to death of having to look... which I don't.... of advert after advert after advert for games I AM NOT GOING TO INSTALL!!... I have only had this game for a couple of hours. Its not fun, and I expect i will be uninstalling it shortly
The game play is good, but there's room for improvement. Please add some text to say what an item is, it's hard to tell from the graphics alone. Also there needs to be some restrictions once you've picked up an item from a place you should not be able to click there again unless there is something to see as a clue or if there is a second item that needs to be collected from the same place. Puzzles get difficult the further you progress. The mathematics for some puzzles are excessively difficult
Good but flawed. There are ads of course, but sometimes they bug out and will cover your entire screen, leaving no way to close them out and continue with the game. The only way to proceed is to close the app, relaunch, watch yet another ad, close (hopefully) and continue. Also, while most of the puzzles are fun and challenging, there are a number that are so frustratingly vague, just figuring out what you need to do is the entire challenge. It wouldn't kill them to explain things a bit more.
It is nice for the first 20 levels, but then it is just made to be unsolvable so you have to use clues (and buy with money) because the games are either too boring or really illogical...potty
Really enjoy playing the game, the thinking that goes into figuring out each rooms puzzles keeps me busy. The only problem is when I need to get more clues and go to the free ads, I never get any credit for watching the ads no matter how many ads I watch......
Good effort to keep the game interesting. Twice now I had to ask for a clue to get it to accept the correct action. In the amusement park I swung my knife at everything, multipule times. But as soon as I used a clue it let me cut the pouch on the broken merry go round pony. The other time I used the brush on everything. Even being delibrate with it on the dusty table. Used a clue and Shazam! Could be me but I know I made the effort and the game was being to picky or waiting for a clue.
Hints should be easier to earn. Some are impossible to do without hints. When you win a level you should get like 2 hints as a reward.
I was enjoying it okay, although a couple puzzles made no sense even with the clues giving me the answers and, at only Level 13, the app stopped letting me do what was necessary. I knew I was to put the film on the table, and the hint even told me to, but the app wouldn't move the film. I couldn't move on to the next level without finishing that game, but I couldn't finish that game. So, I had to uninstall the app.
Fun game...some of the puzzles are a little hard to figure out what you are trying to solve but not so complicated that you lose interest
this game was awesome. i actually enjoyed playing it. the only problem though, the app crashes and when i re-run it, all my progress is GONE. back to level 1. i was okay with it at first and just played all over again but it happened over and over i got pissed. what a waste. i'm unstalling it now. it's a shame since i really liked it, but i can't keep playing from the very start everytime this happens.
Fun game. Relaxing and fast paced. No crazy math puzzles or tedious 15 minute puzzles. Great graphics, not bombarded with ads. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is you have to have the basic functions for escape games. Must have a description of the items you collect in inventory. When you're done with a clue or puzzle that window should close and not open again. Fix that it would be 5 star....nonetheless great game.
I absolutely love this game,it makes my brain thinkπŸ€“ it's great to play and will confuse you at times but it makes total sense once you get it. Anyone who loves thinking games would love this!
One there is to many ads. If i need a hint i have to watch like 2 or 3 ads to get the hint and sometimes i never get it. The graphics r good and each level has a different theme which i like. I just dont like not being able to get the hint if i need it.
Had to uninstall immediately. Glitched out in game and couldn't move off the screen I was on, then twice on rotten ads. 'state of survival' ads were just a little bit too carnival aggressive for me while trying to play an escape room. Biggest point was that every time I went to play there was no exit on my screen once in another window. might not be build for pixel 4 Looked like it would be fun otherwise.
Fun but I like when the mini games have a ? to explain the mini games to you. Other than that I like it
The game itself is great. It's very fun and just complicated enough not to be too easy. But the ads are a problem. There's no way to exit an ad, so I have to constantly close and reopen the app to play.
Enjoyable and relaxing for when I don't feel like doing anything tedious while watching the telly. Downsides are that some mathematical puzzles are not obvious with little clues, it would benefit from having more background music instead of the same tune (which is good though) throughout the game, and completing the last room could do with more than just a screen congratulating you. Unsure what could be a final prize but something a little less anti-climactic would be good.
Ive done the first 4 levels. The tutorial works really well to let you know how to play and the clues are juuuust hard enough to keep you thinking but feel good about figuring things out. As with any app I hate the adds after each level but its a really fun game!
Its a great game and I would have gave it 5 stars but everytime I watch an ad for a free hint it never rewards me with the hint. The first game in the series did but for some reason in this one it never gives it to me. I've had to of wasted the majority watching adds for parts I get stuck on in hopes it'll work. After about 3-4 videos of not working I just YouTube the answers to get by the level. Hope this gets resolved. Although ill probably be on the 3rd game by the time its fixed.
When you watch an advert to get a life you are not given the extra life? Frustrating, as it's a good challenging game and great puzzles. Unfortunately, I was stuck and watched the ads to bypass a couple of the puzzles but was not rewarded with the extra life. But all in all, a great app and game
Usually I like these games but there was one level that was too effing scary for me to get past (I think 35?) I had to uninstall the whole thing rather than try to get past it. Please just let us skip around and choose levels so I can avoid nightmares (or just don't make levels with creepy ghosts!). Also some of the minigames are so annoying to figure out. It's more frustrating than intellectually challenging.
I appreciate the amount of time it must have taken to make all this rather good drawings. The game however is quite bad. It's the same obvious "puzzles" over and over again. The few times you get stuck for a while it's probably because the interface is wonky or unintuitive. The "E=MC2" puzzle is the worst ever. I put the right symbols in the right place, but nothing happened. After I found a note with the text "E=MC2" it solved itself. πŸ˜‘ Please put som effort into the actual puzzles!
It's an o.k. game but some puzzles require too many moves to complete. Some ads have no way to go back to the game, so I have to close it and restart to move to the next level. Almost all of the puzzles require 3 hints. As far as I can tell it's impossible to get 3 hints in one day. If I have to wait a day to get a hint I don't play as often so in the long run they lose ad revenue.
Just ok. Too many math- oriented solutions for my liking. Not all of us enjoy or even remember algebra. I much prefer artistic, creative, logical aspects as solutions in escape games.
Overall it is very good and challenging. My only disappointment? Relying on the "3 clues" does not allow you to actually learn how to resolve the task, but rather sprints directly to the solution, leaving you in the dark. So, you can't learn from it.
I have enjoyed this game but have a problem with the telephone booth in level 42. The hint says 253684 and the same number is used in the walk through. Sometimes I have to tap a number several times before it lights up. But,, it never works. So, I'm totally stuck.
Great game! Makes you think and reason. Hints are available and needed. Only if you lose your patience. No pressure to buy anyting to keep playing. You'll get hooked once you start playing. Need more games like this. If you're tired of having to build things grow things and kill things over and over just to be able to do it again over and over , this game is for you!
Some puzzles don't make sense and when you skip it you see you were doing it right to start with. You need instructions on how to complete games if it not obvious ok game probably won't play long gets hard too quick
This game is really cool I love the challeng of having to use my noodle (Brain) to figure out the puzzles and get out of the rooms. Only drawback is that alot of the puzzles do not have instructions so you got to figure out how to actually do the puzzles. So it's a puzzle inside of a puzzle sometimes. Overall great game for those of us who like to stimulate our minds.
Love it!! interesting. But there should be ways to get more hints like ads or something else that's the where you get stuck in game, and also some riddles they don't make sense to you need to go for hints no option.
Pretty interesting though there were times when I solved a puzzle without going through the necessary hints or in the order I was supposed to and the mechanism wouldn't open until I followed the correct order. It made me question my own sanity a bit hahaha (ie. The order of the solar system planets or Albert Einstein's famous equation) but otherwise, quite fun!
Awesome, as are all ten of its predecessors. Don't expect every challenge to be handed to you; thought, logic and reasoning skills are required. Some things are solved simply on a trial and error basis. If you cannot solve a puzzle you can use 3 hints to obtain the solution, but if you're determined you can arrive at the solution yourself. I can't get enough of this series as it is hands down the best!
five stars but for minor problem with proportion on my galaxy s20 {i think. i'm tired X-} &, yet again, a major problem with ad money suckage. eg: one knows what to do, one does it, sometimes one does it ten times give or take, game keeps marking player wrong until, eventually, about to beat head in, convinced self is daft, player buys four hints to do one thing . . . . & it turns out to be the exact same thing player did initially. of course. elsewise, y'know, it's all good.
I would like to see how they come up with the solutions that I ask for hints on to help me make sense of what I was missing, instead of just solving them for me. Some of the solutions don't make any logical sense as to how I was going to figure it out on my own with the provided possibilities. I do love this game though! Thank you for your creativity!
I've played all the games in this series so far. This one isn't the best, but still ok to kill a bit of time. Inconsistent puzzles (need to move a chair to reach a book shelf on one level, but can get to the top of a flag pole the next). Some puzzles are too obscure. Better played on a tablet than phone as some of the puzzles can be awkward to find on a phone so random screen tapping needed on some levels.
Good game, but not always clearwhat the pojnt of a puzzle is... meaning beyond just figuring out how to do something beyond using clues and basic logic
I like the game well enough. However when requesting a few hint and the spin lands on ad, I don't get a hint. What's the point? Just make it win hint or no hint. The requirement to watch an ad for no reward is unnecessary. Also some of the puzzles are not clear on how to solve. Even with the "?" it still isn't clear.
It is frustrating when a clue to a game makes no sense. And I don't necessarily want to use three hints to pass a game, but just one hint to get a better clue, or any clue at all, would be nice.
Awesome best game for children and adults and children and young adults with which you can see that the sun sweeps equal opportunity
Quality game with good graphics. Each level seems to have a new and unique puzzle which is nice. Limited adds only after level. Not so difficult that you cannot solve. Not pay to play. Went through their first 50 level game liked it so much I downloaded this one.
Was enjoying it, even the ads weren't too intrusive. But I got to level 47, which was a miniature version of a full level from Spotlight: Room Escape. Since I can't be positive that this one came second, I'm giving it three stars. It's not too difficult so it's a way to exercise your thinking skills without getting too frustrated, at least. Still, uninstalled.
Why is this game actually good?! I was expecting to be bored or be induced to rage quit but this game continues to impress with each level. The puzzles are nearly all unique and most are solvable with a decent amount of work which lends to satisfaction and a nice sense of accomplishment. Best recreation of an escape room without the cost. Ads not as annoying and you don't need to pay for anything to solve the puzzles. Very weird for a mobile game, RARE GEM
Overall good. A lot of the time when you have these small room-by-room point-and-click games the ideas either get tedious or they become nonsensical. Here, the challenges seem well paced, and I'm still enjoying the challenge some thirty rooms in. Downsides. Occassional overuse of the same puzzle type. Manor downsides. Instructions on some puzzles are so vague I had no idea what I was meant to do. The watching adverts to get free hints thing never works for me. I just watch ads and get no reward
How the heck are you supposed to play a game if you don't know what to do...and this game could be fun and yes its challenging but the ads are very annoying...you should be able to watch a ad when you need a hint...not spin for one because the morgority of the time you get a freaking ad...uninstalling til yall can do better...
Love the game but there is something wrong with level 13, film strip step. Can't move on even with hints.
I really like these games. I wish all of the puzzles had instructions because sometimes I have no idea what the goal is. It is disappointing that you will never get free hints by watching ads, even though the option is there. If you want hints you will have to buy them
Fun game some good challenges. Graphics are good, but the items are small, should have a discription when you click on them. It's still a good game worth downloading
Interesting games. I've played 11 with 50 levels each. Some were really easy, some not but I never bought any clues. I watched the videos for free clues.
Got thru all 50 levels with 29 hints left !!! Such an accomplishment...hey, this pandemic is making me grateful for any wins I can get lol.
Not too easy, not too hard. Game suffers from "click randomly"-itis because its not clear what you can pick up and what you cant until you click on it. Its not annoying though unlike other games. Some puzzles require thinking but not all, many simon-says or sequence puzzles
For what they are these puzzles are spot on. I usually enjoy more dynamicc puzzle games like The Room and The House of Da Vinci as such was apprehensive to play these type of puzzles but I am pleasantly surprised. Great variety of tasks, not too easy not too hard, just enough challenge to be nicely entertaining.
Its not stupid easy and not crazy hard... its just perfect enough to spend time, have fun and exercise your brain. I love it! Just a tip for developers: please add a subtitle for the items. Sometimes its hard to identify by the miniature.
Exceptional game, it has the usual easy puzzles early on most these puzzle games have. A few levels in though (around 15-20 for me) some of the levels get tricky and some of the clues not so obvious. Infuriating at times but in a good way lol
Hard to acquire hints and some puzzles to be completed on most levels are really difficult and time cosuming so Tbh I'm just reviewing so I can get a hint as I won't be able to move forward without the help, thus game premiturely deletedπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
I really love this game. It's challenging and compels you to think, search and be DETERMINED to find EVERY SINGLE PIECE of the puzzle before you go to work. So my advice, don't play this game before you go to work.
Good way of occupying your mind. Only at level 3 so far and it's not too hard. Did come to one game which froze so I had to use some of my hints to solve it, which was frustrating
Fun, not to hard but not to easy. Some make you think a bit for sure! Chance to get hints often. Definitely recommend πŸ™‚
It was fun!!! It's just that sometimes I found the answer b4 getting all the clues and it works as it was wrong. So when I found the last clue I got more confused bcoz I already tried that one but didn't work. So I ended up wasting hints that aren't necessary. Other than that all good πŸ‘
Same flaws as earlier episodes. Many minigames give no indication what's to be done; using a hint in this case gobbles up 3 hints & w/o showing the solution. Some puzzles won't resolve, even when giving the correct answer, until some other action is taken e.g. L11: Rearranging the Einstein equation won't work until you find a little slip giving the same answer. But possibly worst of all is that several clues are so difficult to read they turn into an eye test. UNINSTALLING.
Three stars because it started out GREAT but just like the rest, got to damn hard to quick. Each level was harder and harder to the point that I had to watch a walkthrough for each puzzle, for the most part. I might not be a genius but I'm not dumb by any means. It became a job quickly instead of a fun game to pass time.
Trying to escape during lockdown. Which one shall I escape first? At least enjoying this game, unlike lockdown!
Some ofvthe puzzles are unsolvable with out hints. No indication is given as to the solution. Therefore your only recourse is to buy hints. Uninstalled. I would pay if the game was worth it. Making a puzzle unsolvable is low.
Had to use 3 hints to solve a puzzle because it didn't work like it showed it would. Not happy about it.
Great game. Same as the others in the series. Only issue I have is that the ads are too wide for the screen so you cannot close them out. You have to close the game and then reopen it
Loved it! Excellent blend of diverse challenges, difficulty levels, rooms & graphics are always superb. Please keep making these superlative games!! I relish those "aha!" moments.πŸ€— p.s. not sure why the negative comments focus on logistics when hints display the factors, values, anwers...
I love this puzzle game. I can spend all day working on these rooms. Yes some of the puzzles can be frustrating but also that much more rewarding when finally do solve them.
I have played all of these escape games, and enjoyed them. Some puzzles were difficult but just watch the video on YouTube or use hints. I don't understand some of the negative comments. You get plenty of free hints each day plus you earn them as you go thru the game. I finished this one and had 43 hints left, all which I obtained for free. Granted if playing on a phone, it is a little harder to click on items, but that's not the devs fault. Also there are a few glitches but nothing is perfect.
The game is interesting. The only issue i have is that, when i spin for free him and it falls on ad, when the ad plays, i do not get my free hint. Pls fix it
Update. It's very good. But uninstalled. I prefer to just pay for a full game and enjoy it. Not into pay as you go. Just put a price on the full games and sell them that way. Also the clues are a scam to make you pay more. Usually when using a clue it brings you to the actual place and shows the clue. With this each step uses one clue. That's a rip off because you end up buying clues constantly (which I never did!)
I really enjoy the game, but sometimes the mini games don't make any sense as to how to play them or what the object of the game is.
Some puzzles are difficult to understand. They are not making any sense. Overall it is a good game. I like these type of games.
Many puzzles require familiarity with the type of puzzle with insufficient in-game explanation. Also, some puzzles have multiple logical solutions, but only one is accepted, requiring guesswork. Most of the game is simple enough and fun.
The puzzles are fun. There are a few bugs in game play that require you to use a hint to complete. I love these games and thank the developer.
Having to watch 30 second ads to get a hint is grueling if you need a little help & don't want to pay for hints.
I am enjoying this game although some of the puzzles have me scratching my head to how I was meant to reach the answer they were so cryptic, a couple of bugs too but nothing major. Definitely recommend playing it though.
Like thses games but some are way to dark to see all clues. some mini games need more instructions than "play this" as well.
The game itself is fun, when you can play. The amount of game ads is absolutely ridiculous. And, the fact you have to close the game and reopen to get passed the ad is frustrating especially when the ad continuously opens first and it is near impossible to get into the game. Although I understand add are necessary to keep free games going, priority should be the game, not the ads.
A mindbloggling expirence. Too tough and that is the essence of this kind of puzzle games. Well and secondly the most difficult mystrey game I have ever played. Its so hood game to use our mind at a preper place. Credits to the developers of this game.
The game play is good, but there's room for improvement. Please add some text to say what an item is, it's hard to tell from the graphics alone. Also there needs to be some restrictions once you've picked up an item from a place you should not be able to click there again unless there is something to see as a clue or if there is a second item that needs to be collected from the same place.
I am Addicted! So many fun but intellectually challenging puzzles that make me feel smart when I get them! Some rooms are a bit overcrowded with things that feel like you should press it but doesn't do anything. Also it should be clearer that some objects need to be put together like how they do set pieces (cards, lics, tokens, etc) where you have 1/3 collected, 2/3 collected and so on. Overall great game.
I have played every game from escape 1 to 10 but still I find it very interesting...Now I am gonna play this one...I think this is also gonna be fun..such an amazing game...I wish that it was not virtual..it was real
An enjoyable game. Some of the tasks seem to not have enough info or even a clue as to how to go about solving them, but perhaps that's because my brain doesn't work that way! Good graphics and clearly a lot of thought and planning has gone into devising the tasks.
It's a nice relaxing adventure. Biggest problem is when it makes u watch an ad and no "x" comes up for you to close ad and resume play. U have close the whole game and reopen. Very frustrating.
Quite tricky! If you find yourself thinking "It cannot possibly be that" then it is that. Everything is significant. It has been a fun distraction while I have been peddling away on the exercise bike! Thank you.
I like the special effects of this one. It has all the qualities so far of the last, with decency of puzzles and all, plus some extra special effects which make it the best so far!
Better, more logical puzzles than the previous chapters. Strangely, the "room escape" concept is a bit lost, as many levels are set outside in the open air. But same great artwork and air of mystery.
Excellent. Only problem was that i lost hints at end of play. Opened game next day and they were gone. Not a big deal since i maybe used 5 or 6 thru the whole set. I like this game!
Frustrating at times but its a great mental workout. When you get stuck (and you will) there are always YouTube videos to help. Once you get a sense of the logic of the game these are fewer and fewer. Victory is sweet and well earned. Enjoy!
Good, but it would make more sense if you could select an item to view it/get a description. Sometimes you cannot make out what the item in when it is in the inventory due to the small icons
Fun and challenging enough. I don't understand hints. You watch an ad to get a hint, that is fine with me. But I have not once seen what or where the hint was. Luckily I am stubborn enough to just keep trying, no matter how long it takes. Still enjoy playing.
Great puzzles for hours of fun. I was able to complete almost 94% without hints. A couple puzzle formats I've never seen before.
Very good. Makes you use your brain, even when you use a hint. Don't like the way you watch an add to obtain a free hint, as you don't receive the free hint. Please please get rid of the copthorne motor add as there is no option to close it, so you have to exit and go back into the game. This happens a lot and does sometimes make me feel like I'm losing the will to live 😱
If I could give zero I would. Ads for hints freeze and you have to close the game to continue without ever getting a hint after watching an ad for the entire run time. Game play is disjointed and makes little sense. The puzzles are simple and not entertaining. I want to finish this level and will probably uninstall. Don't bother downloading
I get tired of every scene being very similar in colour scheme, so even though they're very different settings (eg child's bedroom, recording studio, medieval dungeon, outdoors), they all have the same feel. Gameplay would have to be gripping to keep me in this samey atmosphere for long - but it isn't. Puzzles are samey too, except a very few that surprise you by being well thought out and a challenge. and while the artwork is pretty good, the resolution is too poor to identify most objects.
I love it it hold my attention and It is so exciting,keeps me on edge,. This is my favorite game. It's not to hard and not to easy. I can't run thru it, but I can get out the room . Some time it take me 30 min. Some times 1 to 2 hr. I like The hints they are so helpful. What I don't like is the games mode. It don't tell you how to play the games I have to figure it out my self, but I figured it out , it may just take a long time, but I get thru.
Not bad but some of the puzzles are extremely vague as to what is required. Some won't solve even if you gotten it right until you use a hint. Also have watched numerous ads to get hints and not received any.
This is a good game it keeps you looking for things and doing pizzle..when you do the spin you get ad but you don't get the hent...
Another great game in this series. Some interesting new twists. Don't give up on level 39! The phone books took me ages to figure out, and I just laughed when I got it! So glad I didn't take a hint! The game is hard on battery power, so just keep that in mind.
It's a good game, it glitches a lot. The ads aren't to bad, after every level and when your trying to get hints. Some of the hints you waste time watching an ad for and it gives you very little information. Alot of the really hard puzzles glitch to the point you cant play them causing you to watch ads to get hints. On one puzzle game kinda like bejeweled you have to collect a certain amount of a certain color and it glitches so bad it doesnt show the new pieces on the board. Decent game though
The game is nice and the rooms have challeging games. I gave it 3 stars, because this game wast battery from my phone because with the app opened in the background keeps your screen awake. I teste other apps and was this one provoking that. Please fixed it!
It's challenging, but very hard to see. It would be better if you could a magnifying option. But overall I like it
The third game of that series I'm playing. Some puzzles seem difficult at first until one tries and tries just to realize that the given configurations of the puzzle are impossible and there is no solution. When you can prove that to yourself you have probably mastered or at least understood the puzzle and it's time to close the app, wait a little bit or a little bit longer or do sth. else. Next time you open the app solving the puzzle with a by now possible configuration might even be fun.
I love the game, it's exciting, and really have to use the brain. Nice graphics, and the music fits too. My only problem: hard to get hints.
I have an anxiety disorder and this game really helps me to concentrate , and the puzzles are excellent πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
The game is really fun. Feels like an escape room. So far it's not been "hard" hopefully it progresses. Fairly predictable, but still makes you search and think. However, when the ads come on I can't click off of them and have to close the app each time. That is annoying.