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Can you escape the 100 room X

Can you escape the 100 room X for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I could give you 5, but the objects are too small to understand what they are, the games are boring and they're only a waste of time. You try to mix up every time you can. Level 40, there are Chinese(?) numbers not well written, so it's hard to understand, unless you're a Chinese. All the times silly tricks to push people to spend money. Ask for money, I won't give you anything, but there are always someone who has money and time to waste, even in stupid games like this.
On some stages there's no logic at all. It will be better to provide the steps and detailed solutions to the puzzles. Also make the some provison to zoom in to the scene as people are playing on mobile device there's so much inconvenience to search for items hidden in the scene. In addition please make a zoom option for collected items, for most of the time we can't even recognize what the hell is that item and where to use it. Most people play this game on desktop or bigger screen tablet. Bu
These games, while a bit visually clunky, are entertaining and sometimes challenging. I like the look of this latest updated version.
This game needs serious work done to it. For example, Lvl 24, the kids room. I put the right code in the door and nothing happens. Use a hint and it lights up the paper with the clue, once u click on it, u have to use ANOTHER hint to put the numbers in the right spot before the door will even accept the code. Similar issues have happened on multiple levels.
Not enough hints. Even if I use advertise it will not give me a free hint after. Sometimes I don't see the connection between the puzzle and the solution!!
Great game, never thought i could enjoy a game like this.Its mind blowing and you must put your mind to it if you want to go to the next level
Kudos to the dev's for adding daily free hints, bcuz it's impossible to play without them. I've been a big fan of HK's game (until this version.) Obscure math problems, illogical solutions and a lack of instructions made this an exercise in hair-pulling. Uninstalled when I couldn't solve level 40.
The mini games are annoying and feel out of place in an escape game. I spend far too many hints skipping them. (Especially since there are never directions and half the time i don't even know what the objective is.)
I love these games a lot. Some of the levels are pretty hard. I do like how the hints are fairly easy to get though and you don't have to wait hours to get one hint. Overall, very impressed
Nice detail, solution not always logical when no example given. Hints helpful but sometimes deducted with no actual hint to solution given. Hints not always added either when watching an ad. Bit glitchy
Challenging. I don't like the Chinese character puzzles or the devil/occult leaning levels. Some puzzles have no clues on how to solve and some make no sense, even when using a hint to see the answer. However, most levels are fun and challenging.
Love this game. No restrictions like some games where you are timed or have to collect stars and cash to progress. Just a keen eye and a bit of lateral thinking. Please move the hint button. I am right-handed and keep catching it by mistake while playing.
Fun game, very little ads. Some puzzles are ridiculous and almost impossible to solve without hints, but the majority of the game is great.
Great challenging game that doesn't milk you for money. The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is that the only way to search is to randomly click for clues.
I love games like this, because they keep me interested. I like that you can watch ads for free hints if you need them. No need to pay money for them, which I am not allowed to do. Sometimes I do need a hint, so I am thankful for the sponsors, as well as the developers, for giving us the ad option. This game makes you think, but isn't so hard that you want to just quit and delete it like some other games I have played. Good game. Thank you! :)
some very tricky puzzles but stick at it because they're all defeatable! Being able to magnify the itinerary items would be helpful as it's not always easy to make out what they are
There needs to be some direction or clue explaining some of the puzzles. Also, watching a video to get a clue, should actually give you a clue.
Really like the game. Makes you think. Clues are available but sometimes you have to wait a day to generate. Things need to be done in order most of the time. A real pain if you have to burn three hints but some times you have too to pass to the next item.
This game was great and all but the thing, sometimes its so hard to find what you should do next since it lacks hints. The minigames it has is great and enjoyable as well. I just wish that it has like a simple clue to see where and what you should click rather than tapping the screen multiple times to find the puzzles. Nevertheless , it is very entertaining, brain-racking, sometimes frustrating but I guess its fine once you beat it.
Thoroughly enjoy this game! But sometimes it's difficult to tell what an item is (in some levels) so I end up just winging it. If you provide a title for the items picked up I think it would make this game even better than it already is. ☺️
After using hints to clear a puzzle. The game still wouldn't accept the correct answer. It's a garbage interface. I spent money only to be used as a wasted of time. It's better to google solutions
WARNING: Due to the enjoyment of this game, you may be addicted after long term use! Proceed with caution!
Impossible puzzles in languages I don't know, I finished the game, but I solved more rooms using hints than not, very frustrating.
This game can be difficult but there is cheat help o youtube. Some of the puzzles are almost impossible to figure out. I like it because being in my 60's i think it helps with my brain. I enjoy these games very much.
A great game for your brain. Just what I've been looking for. You have to watch ads if you want a hint. I like this because it makes people not relying on hints. For most of the parts, I could get through without hints. But a part really amazed me after seeing the hint (the number 8 shaped in different colorful sticks). Very well designed! Bravo! I like this level of challenging.
As always, an absolutely brilliant game. I've played every single one and they're always challenging... Sometimes I don't understand the answers to some levels but I love how difficult they can be yet achievable. Keep them coming guys, I can't find another escape game anywhere near as good as these! Edited as this game is super glitchy. Alas I'm having to replay the level twice as the game freezes when I unlock it!
Things that made this game unneccessarily frustrating: 1) you cant get a true hint for a puzzle. You have to spend three hints and only option is to completely pass the puzzle. It makes it annoying when you just dont know where to start OR you almost have but something just isnt clicking. 2) you dont get the solution or a chance to review the solution if you have to pass a puzzle. I'm convinced that at least 1 puzzle was actually unsolvable. I want to be proven otherwise.
I'm really enjoying this puzzle game! However, occasionally there are times when the game wants the player to do an activity without any clear guidance. I'm not suggesting the game should give away the answers too easily, but maybe a little more defined when giving some hints.
Overall the game wasn't bad the graphics need better quality for future editions .good to fill a couple of days. Some of the puzzles were sort of repetitive and some didn't make any sense. Wasn't bothered at all by the ads. Most of the game play and puzzles are moderate and you can easily get hints though you will not need much of them
This is the most fun version I've played and I've played a LOT of these escape room games! Fun rooms, fun puzzles... I'd definitely recommend!
Excellent game series. Challenging without being ridiculous. Can earn hints by watching ads which were always sufficient and worked. The only reason I gave it four stars was because it's actually only 50 rooms and not 100. Bummer!
Just finished whole level. The graphic this time seems lacking off compared to previous series. Also those levels with Chinese characters are way too hard to pass. It'd be good to be able to carry the bought hints to another level. You just need to add those in store history and connect each level. Or our money is spent in vain.
a fun time killer, the levels keep changing difficulty ex. easy to hard back to easy, which i find to be a nice change of pace though the end puzzles can sometimes be tedious and nearly impossible to solve especially the picture ones as you have no idea what it's suppose to look like but it's easy to get hints which can be used to skip them and the lvls have great design too overall a good puzzle game
enjoy the challenges of figuring out what you have to do to unlock the items needed. puzzles are fun, thought provoking, and just tough enough to succeed without becoming discouraged.
lots of fun! i love to play mind puzzles a lot! you really have to have patience but it's totally worth it when you need a mind game to keep you distracted and interested!!!!!
Too little guidance on some puzzles - no way to figure out what you need to do! I'm all for puzzles, but you've got to have a starting point. And the final level was so poor, a total anti-climax.
Good but clues and games aren't always clear on how to play. Some clues are so small or blend so much with the background that you either can't see them at all or totally miss them. There is also a lack of logic in some of the rooms, especially when math is involved. It's good to make it challenging but no fun when it's impossible to figure out.
Another excellent escape room game. Thank you for making it so the music and sound effects can be switched on or off separately
i love this game.but dont use Chinese puzzle language.we dont understand .i played all level(1to 10) of this game . I'm waiting for new level.plz made it.
The clues on this game is so vague as to be nonexistent. This isn't just frustrating it's downright stupid. Absolutely no logic when trying to find Clues. Other games seem to do it better. Word of advice advice - Don't waste your time you only frustrate yourself
Great game which is so fun to play. The graphics are amazing. Sometimes though when you are doing a puzzle I am not sure what to do if no example is provided. It is helpful to have the hints incase you need them & if you want to skip over a puzzle completely. Keep them coming! These are my favourite games.
I love this game!🎮 🕹All of the different editions. Sometimes I get wrapped up in them for hours⏳⌛😳👀. Ive spent days⚰☠🧟‍♂️ on this game🤳 and when i finally came back to reality i learned that i lost my job and my wife was demanding a divorce💔🏚. What can you do 🤷‍♂️? At least I'll always have this amazing game. Great job developers. PS... non of that really happened. Just wanted a reason to use emojis that i never use. Good game tho.
Could be a blast! Just needs a few tweaks. Some of the puzzles have a question mark and let you see what you're trying to accomplish. All of them need this! Otherwise, it's extremely frustrating and even after getting hints to solve - it's hard to figure out what you were trying to do. It would be great if you could use just one hint to maybe give you a starting point for a puzzle. Lots of times you don't need them to be solved, you just need a clue. Otherwise this is super fun and addicting!
Loving this game, but I cannot unlock the safe on level 38!!! I have the code from the computer screen, and even used a hint to verify, but it will not open! Ive been stuck here for awhile trying different ways to enter it. Any tips?
I am up to level 40 and the little circle pieces on the tables are one way, then you need to solve the corresponding puzzle where the pieces are the wrong way with no indication of how to turn them.
A nice change from the match-three and similar games. This one makes you use logic and outside-the-box thinking.
Great escape games - so many different puzzles - only downsides are sometimes the answers to the the maths puzzles are a bit obscure and lots of times the setting is so dark it can only be played at night - neither are enough to put me off playing the next one!
i"ve spun the hint wheel 37 times and it lands on the EXACT same AD EVERY TIME (between the 2x and 3x)!!! Every time? c"mon, why offer if it"s fake? UPDATE: 52 spins...I FINALLY got 1 hint!
I really like this game. You can earn hints. Unlike a lot of the other games, you get several hints and then you have to buy the rest. And it's not too easy and it's not unsolvable. 👍
The graphics seem quite a bit different from the previous versions but still enjoyable, we'll see as the game progresses on other issues.
I LOVE these games!! They are challenging but not impossible! I also love that there are 50 levels and you can play them all for FREE!!!!
some of the games were hard to even get started w/o instructions. and afew made no sense and to use 3 hints to skip. would have liked a hint to at least get started.
I love this game, but this particular version gives the most confusing puzzles. The instructions make no sense in half of the rooms and I've had to solve them by using hints or guessing - more than any other version. It
Great game but could do with at least a clue/ hint for some of the puzzles. Took a long time to solve them as had no idea on what to do yet some puzzles have a question mark but others don't
I enjoy very much the complexity of the puzzles and you do not have to spend cash to play the game. This game and all its chapters keep me busy on long boring nights when i need to wind down but keep my brain active.
It is a challenge to find the clues but there is help to get past it , good game to past the time during this covid lock down.
Much harder than others I have played. Has really challenged me. There is a lot of maths in this one. But have thoroughly enjoyed playing it.
During coronavirus lockdown my subconscious need to escape has lead to many hours spent on these games. As someone else said, somehow the puzzles don't get old. Occasionally it's frustrating because I don't see a clue or a location, but that's what the hints are for. This game has helped me through the pandemic! Thank you.
cannot figure out why this says it is can you escape 100 rooms X but it is actually 50 rooms when you download it. what happened to the 100 rooms? they all say 50 rooms once downloaded
I don't understand why when I request a clue it goes straight to give up three clues to quit. How is that helpful? When you say "play the game" and it's a game you've never seen before, a little clue as to how to play the game would be nice. This will be the fourth deleted game for the same reason. Sad too because it was kind a fun to play.
I think this might be the best one in the series, very inventive puzzles on each round and loads of puzzles on each level. Love this!!
The app itself is good. There are some puzzles or games that are difficult to solve with no idea what direction to start. When I use hints to solve them it would be nice if the solution stayed onscreen long enough to at least see what it is instead of flashing on then off immediately. If I need to give up three hints for a solution I ought to get some info in return.
The only problem I have with this game... is that your supposed to get a hint when you watch the ads.... well no hint is ever given!
Played many of these games.this one is on par with my favourites .some clues seem hard to solve but once you work it out it is satisfying and not impossible.
I love this game but at times ya just have to walk away from it . it gets frustrating when you dont have internet & the option of getting hints lol
Great way to work your brain cells. The puzzles are really thought provoking - in every volume. There are a select group of puzzles in which the solutions don't make sense no matter how you look at it, even after watching the online tutorials! But all in all, the puzzles are challenging and a great way to lose yourself for a few hours.
Really enjoying this game but keeps refusing to load. Same happening at different level. So annoying!
Got stuck at level 40! Why is it so complicated? The hints are of no use, the pieces are all reversed couldn't find a way out of it. I hate to leave such games mid-way but have no other option.
Great game. And i love how payment is optional if your not smart enough to figure it out on your own.⭐⭐⭐⭐
Game is great. Ads are AWFUL. Way too many, and half the ads that are supposed to get a hint result in your staring at the screen and not getting a hint The home design ad NEVER gets you a hint, but I have to watch it every other ad. There are several this way, but only one I can remember right now (Facebook messenger is 50/50. Another add about some ecollege as well). If they'd fix the stupid ads or get rid of the ones that don't work, it could be 4 stars.
Great for a distraction. Sometimes it would be nice to know what needs to be done to solve the puzzle and what are the objects we collect. Just a label would be nice if possible.
Some puzzle are too difficult and illogical... After the help of hints don't understand the logic... Quite at level 38..
Level25, the door password i already find but when i input the number the door not open, and i try thw others still cant,, and i input the number that i find again, then the door open,, the puzzle almost same as the season before,,, and ,the room also,,, the most of the puzzle solve because of the lucky not with brain, because even we find the password sometimes cant open, puzzle also like that,, the last puzzle is different with the bagua puzzle,,, it just can be solve with hint,,,,
Love these escape games. Really, really happy with daily hint bonus. Needed something better than spinning the wheel.
Unable to get through level 24 as the 6 digit code on the litmus paper simply does not work even when provided with the answer. (Edit) Found out what I was doing wrong - sorry. Rating changed to 5 stars as I always enjoy your games.
Ok. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to know what is needed to solve a puzzle because there are no instructions telling you what it is supposed to look like when solved. Sometimes there is a picture that is clear, and sometimes the picture is vague. Some solutions make no sense, and even after watchimg the walk through it is difficult to figure out what a clue meant. There are some interesting parts and graphics.
So far, so good. I am enjoying this. There are puzzles that I haven't encountered before. Edit: I have enjoyed myself , but I am now quitting at level 45. I am quite willing to watch an ad for a hint point, but then I expect to given that point. Otherwise, I believe that the programmers are cheating. I am tired of watching ads, for nothing.
This is fun 😄 I downloaded the newer one first and have been finishing and going backwards and this one is actually better than the newer one. They are all good though if you enjoy these kinds of games.
The new feature of bonus hints each day is excellent. Graphics are good. However, from about level 35 some of the puzzles seemed ridiculously difficult to figure out, and even watching a walkthrough didn't always explain the logic behind them. And what was level 50 about?! I still enjoyed it but not as much as some of the others.
Game is designed so you need hints, and looking ads to get them. It's not intuitive and a lot of things are carefully hidden.
Credit where it's due. This version of the series is actually do-able, without having to use "hints" (they're NOT hints, they're solutions!😤) on EVERY level! But, you still can't just get an actual "hint"!? Why? I don't want you to completely solve it for me without explanation, I want a small hint to help me solve it myself!
2nd download from these guys and same issue, I watch ads don't get the promised hints.... Will delete which is irritating given that the graphics are lovely and there is just the right amount of brain power needed.
Great game. I've played a lot of this game series. Still having trouble getting the free hints when you watch an ad though. Needs to be fixed.
Great graphics! Excellent puzzles. Occasionally how to proceed is too vague and math posers are obtuse. Overall, lots of fun. We've solved 460 rooms and counting.
This game suck. First, the free daily hints doesn't roll over, it never go past day 1. Second, a lot of the smaller games within the game can't resolve Itself. When I solved the puzzle nothing happens, and I waste a hint, get the same answer and still nothing happen. I can't get to the next level. I have to uninstall.
Some puzzles near impossible. Watch ad to get a hint is a waste of time cus you get no hint. Great game besides that. Lots of fun
It was GREAT until I reached level 40. I just could not get the puzzle on this one so I gave up. Wish there was a way to skip it.
It's good, it's should be little different when come to use of hint, like don't solve the total puzzle with 3 hint, just give a hint with 1 hint. And maths they are too much, we are here to play game not here for a math class. Reduce the math portions, and give more items to find. That's all want to say.
Too many ads!! I enjoy the game however, unless your rich and can keep buying hints you have to spin the wheel quite a few times to win any hints, which is very annoying!! I understand that playing the ads supports the game but I'd much rather watch a 30 second ad to get a hint then spinning a wheel 5 or 6 times before I get a hint. Works out to the same thing anyways with the ad watching.
Alot of my time has been spent on this series of escape games. I enjoy them. But, like IIIV, this one has a lot of glitches. Level 24, I completed the puzzle correctly(confirmed by YouTube walk thru) the door did not open. Next day it did. Levels 8,13,14,17,19 you touch an object but can't pick it up. Come back ltr, you can. Complete a puzzle, nothing. Must go out n back in. And on 40, I don't understand Asian writing or know how to work an abacus. Need hints to get thru the entire level.
This game is very unique, it has many challenges that is so hard to solve but it can also exercise your brain so im giving it 5 stars
Loved the game until I got to the puzzle that required dexterity to accomplish. I'm OLD and don't have the eye hand coordination for that type of game. I'd give it 5 stars if not for that. (Well, that and a couple of illogical math puzzles, but like I said, I'm old.L
I hated Level 40. I moved the pieces through steps 1 2 and 3 and still didn't solve the puzzle. The white round pieces are hard to see. I spent 9 hunts cause the map kept disappearing. I would spend the 3 hunts for it to be solved for me but that is not an option!!!!I have played a lot of escape games whoever made this Level and the one in the music room with the flashing lights should be fired!!!
Really enjoy the puzzles when they work, but there are glitches sometimes. Very annoying that there are glitches with the hints - especially if you've paid for them and they don't arrive! Can't work out how to complain about this - sorry to do so via a review. Sorry out the glitches and this would be 5 star.
Ok game is good but some puzzles suck and when you watckba video your hints do not show up total thumbs down to the entire series of the game. Hours of water on nothing
Creative program. Puzzles/controls inconsistent. Some clocks dials spin others must be tapped. Some puzzles have a reset and "?" Others don't.
Escape room 50 number 10 on the 40th level is impossible to pass!! I uninstalled bc I couldn't figure it out!! Boo! Your games within each room are very difficult on most levels bc there is no point of reference and your hint button usually doesn't give you much info besides pointing you in the next direction...as if I couldn't figure that out on my own!? Jeez!! Too frustrating!!
Love it. Just one criticism, it robs your hints when you use them, like if youre in a puzzle, you request a hint, and it takes you out of the puzzle you're in and leads you elsewhere then uses that hint up when you're expecting it to explain why it took you out of the previous puzzle in the first place. You end up using another hint unnecessarily. It's a swizz!
Really enjoying this game and how you have to really look at all the information to get the next item. Keep a paper and pen to hand for when you need to keep a note or work sequences out.
Fun. I enjoyed it. It's not too hard which i could just entertain myself when i have a few minutes by myself.
Great game. Challenging puzzles. Many of them do not have instructions and you need to figure them out through trial and error but all are doable. Ads only after you figure out the room and is moving to the next level. Overall great fun
Enjoying the game but the free hints spin gets on the ads mark almost every spin. There should be an option to start the spin and stop it.
Absulately Outstanding game home u guys will lauch next 11th part as soon as possible we people specially tis kind of game lovers are waiting for the next leve and also hope there will some kind of Awesome change in graphic and task can be seen in the next part...thanx for provideing us like this king of a lovely game
Some floors are really difficult and they challenge your wits. But its so addictive. I love the feeling when i've beat a challenging floor. Its hard to concentrate on other matters when i have a puzzel that requires a little extra brain power.
Starts off really good but then the puzzles start making no sense whatsoever. Ended up using 9 hints on one level to pass the puzzles. Disappointed as it was fun to start off with. Will likely uninstall the game before I reach the end.
So far the games have made sense. Better than the first 9 some of the mathematical games made no sense without instruction, and the hints just solved the puzzle. Just finished 10, some of the math puzzles are unsolvable without instruction, so save up hints, to cheat and just solve the puzzles,( hints)= solve.!!!
The game is fun but some of the clues are too small to make out. And some of the puzzles make no sense like (2 24 8 30 = 24) or (19 43 11 5 = 136) who in the hell could figure that out
I gave it such a low star rate because you have a very limited amount of hints. So, if you get stuck, sometimes you have to wait days to get help, but they expect you to watch full ads. Hhmmmm, not so good.
Some of the clues are so tiny that a magnifying glass is necessary. Less atmospheric shadow would help.
Would have been a great game but for the fact that some clues are ridiculously difficult and every game requires 3 hints and the spin always takes a person to either ad or just 1 hint.
Addictive game! Lots of challenging puzzles. Math is not my strong point so alot of the math based ones I have to use hints for. Over all fun app and I play it daily
The game is ok. It doesn't have realistic hints. Doesn't give directions on how to complete a puzzle or locks it in if you get a partial part correct. You have to buy hints. Most games offer hints for free. If you have absolutely nothing to do but figure it out, this is your game.
I absolutely love love love this game. The ads are not too bad sometimes either and the puzzles are really challenging
Some of the games within are so random and so unclear there is no way to figure them out but for the most part they are fun and just challenging enough to feel accomplished and stay interested.
Puzzles are too small or not in English so I have to use hints and some spots you're suppose to click on are so small even though you have touched every spot on the board some how you miss it until you use a hint
Love this game series. Use your brain to solve puzzles and escape the room. Ads are slightly annoying esp when they don't give you a way to close them and you have to close the game down and restart. But the hints they give you are very useful.
Lol love the game, one of the best escape ones I've found, not too irritating, but I've found a few things taken from other media, like the symbols in level 9 (taken from mortal instruments series of books, show and movie) don't overly care, and don't know if they're something copy righted but yeah, if the developers just found random symbols or used it because they like the series cool lol
I really enjoy this game except some of the solutions are sometimes soooo freakin obscure that you have to use hints to pass it. The puzzles are great, difficult but not too hard. Its only when you need to get a passcode that sometimes the way to get it is completely obscure and Im just left going.....well thats just stupid.
I like the puzzles, but the colors and movement are a bit distracting in some levels. Still fun and challenging.
Love this game! Just wished it game clues on how to play some of the puzzles instead of completing them for you as you don't see how to do them.
Just thought you should know this one has a glitch on level 9. Luckily I wasn't that far in so deleted it and downloaded again. Hoping it doesnt repeat. Great games otherwise.
This is one of the best escape games I have found for a long time. The graphics are attractive, the clues are thought provoking without being overly frustrating and the levels are imaginative. You can get clues by watching an advert but this isn't intrusive in any way. My only complaint is that it is easy to hit the hint button by mistake. It would be good to see more like this.
So far the worst of the escape room games. Feels like several items cannot even be picked up until you use a hint. I've been a fan of other versions.
yes i do like this game, also i like the way you can get hints with just watching a video i in joy your escape games thank you
Rip Off. I spent actual money for hints in a previous version of this game. I was disappointed when I learned I could not keep that purchase that I spent actual money on until I had used all of the hints. Between my son & I, we enjoy the game, but some puzzles make no sense & even the hints don't, but it helps us progress. Think I'm done with these rip off games.
The same issues as with previous games in this series: puzzles/minigames with no instructions or descriptions of what's supposed to be done, all or nothing approach to solving a puzzle using hints, endless repetition of the same sort of puzzles, no description of inventory items. At least they added separate controls for game music and sound - I'll add a star for that.
stuck on level 35, putting in the correct code that is on the locker for the dial box and its not doing anything. help?
Alot of my time has been spent on this series of escape games. I enjoy them. But, like VIII, this one has a lot of glitches. Level 24, I completed the puzzle correctly (confirmed by YouTube walk thru) the door did not open. Next day it did. Levels 8,13,14,17,19 you touch an object but can't pick it up. Come back ltr, you can. Complete a puzzle, nothing. Must go out n back in. On level 40, I don't understand Asian writing or know how to work an abacus. Needed hints to get thru the entire level.
Enjoy playing yet on the rare occasion I get stuck, instead of a simple hint to figure out a puzzle, it is an automatic answer that solves the puzzle at the price of three hints.
Good but has glitches where a puzzle can be correct but will not work. Level has to be reset and it will work the second time.
Excellent escape room game. Levels are very creative and different, so it doesn't get repetitive. Some games are hard and some items are hard to notice. But the game like this must be challenging not to get boring. It can be solved without hints, if you are patient and persistent enough. Attention: it is also very addictive!
Played all the previous escapes. This is one of the best ones so far. First completion without using hints. Difficulty ranges from easy to very challenging (for me). The hardest one took 3 days to figure out. Final room was a worthy finale. Performs well on mid-tier devices but has high power consumption.
Good and interesting but some of the puzzles are impossible to figure out without using hints and I'm only on level 19, addition, some of these puzzles are actually impossible to figure out without hints, even using hints to solve the puzzles I have no idea how they came up with some of the solutions with the answer revealed in front of me..
Some puzzles have no explanation of what to do, then you have to watch at least 5 adds just to get a hint, but you need 3 hints. So most of the time you have to watch at least 15 adds just to complete a puzzle that makes absolutely no sense. I'm sorry but that gets old really fast. Makes me want to uninstall the game and find something better. Later!
i like room X the best so far. i like when you need multiple pieces to make a tool. it makes it more interesting.
Good game to kill time. Some puzzles you wouldn't think to solve in a specific manor, so that's when a hint or answer is needed. But, don't penalize us with ridiculous ads if we used up all of our allotted hint/answer usage. Then forced to buy hint/answer usage. My only gripe is with ads.
I really like this so far. I'm on room 5. It's difficult compared to another escape game I've played. Once I start on a room it's hard to pull myself away.
Some of these puzzles make absolutely no sense. There is no logical progression making them tedious and frustrating at best. Maybe I had to play the first 9 games to understand but once I hit level 33 I had to uninstall.
world's best escape game i love to play this game, but plz i cant wait for new version you guys take long time to launch new version. i have solved all levels of can you escape 100 rooms x now waiting for xi version waiting is too hard plz launch it ASAP.
For this one some of the logic behind the math puzzles, even with the hints, is hard to follow. This most recent level I finished had a end puzzle with animal names in a language with lots of lines that were hard to see on my screen and distinguish between. Some of the areas for clicking are too close together for my phone (S9) causing some issues for puzzles especially with timing.
Would give 5 stars if items you find have a label because the items are small it's hard sometimes to actually see what it is.. other then that it's a good time killer.
so far its just ok now not to happy with this game! you watch an ad to get hints but you never recieve the hint!!!
I really don't like some of the scenes which I find depressing and almost disturbing. But it's excellent for a free game and kudos for taking note of the comments about hints which were made in reviews for escape room ix
Great game which puts your mind to the test. Difficulty level is moderate. One feedback I have it to allow to zoom in on the article we have in our inventory. Not always clear what we have picked up.
Starts off pretty good, there is a reasonable amount of logic to the games. However, they try to make it harder by adding in absolute nonsense so you have to watch adds to get puzzles. Also the math puzzles are just dumb, sure they are hard but there is nothing fun about them, get them out of the game please and use an actual puzzle.
Out of all the room versions this is my favorite!! I am loving everthing about X! I am going to be really bummed out when I finish cause there is no XI. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!!!
Challenging with these number puzzles as I find it difficult to think their way. The main issue with this game is how much battery it consumes. On a new phone, it can consume 50% in 1.5 hours which is like the phone use for me in over 24 hours.
I'm enjoying the game I've also done the other games too. The only thing i would change is when u have hints wether u have bought them or there free daily ones I think you should be able to use them on another game. For example i bought hints I finished the 50 levels still had hints left but had to lose them when I started the next game
Good enough game. Some puzzles don't make sense to me, no matter how I try to work them, there doesn't seem to be an answer.
"Play this game!" We're not going to tell you how, though. You have to buy hints for that(games take 3 hints instead of 1 of course). I figured most of them out but some were even too hard for me. I played VII first and that gave you instructions at least. It's a fun game once you learn what you have to look for- minus the games(they're also fun just have to figure out what the hell you're supposed to do.
I love these Escape room Apps. So challenging and you get a feeling of accomplishment when you complete a level.
Meh game, ridiculous puzzles that had very little logic but not the worst puzzle game of it's kind but definitely far from the best also.
I like this game, but my god a lot of puzzles even if you use hint still looking and thinking how on earth anyone would know what mathematics to do there, and what a hell? No logic what so ever.
sooo..., good i enjoy very much the puzzles are interesting i like it but some puzzle's i could not play because i can not understand, so please give a clues other wise it is very nice, that hints really help me other wise I may quit
I really love this game,it makes me think. Fun to play but can be frustrating at times. Anyone who love brain games would love this!
i enjoyed the rooms. some of the puzzles were very difficult. most did not have either instructions or what final outcome should be. definitely makes you use your brain!
Some games are extremely complex others are fun and challenging...if you need a hint you can spin if you get an ad you watch and should then receive a hint but dont...not sure why....don't play often
Game is interesting 👌 I like to play this game. it's fantastic..but some time input password is very complex,on this game.no clues to Idea how put the password to solve level.
As with all in this series, hints need to be easier to come by. And instructions for some of the puzzles need to be clearer ... Especially those that are "games" so that you don't use up three hints when you just need a small nudge in the right direction.
Nice puzzles to make you think but not so hard, you can figure them out with a little thought which is the point of these games! I like that you can get hints just by watching ads- love these escape games
Some of the puzzles seem impossible but there are enough free hints to get through if you save them for those particular ones.
No extra money needed to enjoy...once you have done the first 2 or 3 then it's easier to predict where the clues are. The puzzles can still be quite challenging but mixed in with not so hard so the challenge of the game keeps fresh with each level.
I have played several games in this series. The graphics are great. The storyline flows nicely. My only complaint is with the mini games. You don't provide any instructions with the majority of them. Another is that when you are having problems solving one you can't just simply get a hint but you must use 3 hints and skip that game. There were several I would've liked to play. All around though these are great games that have been hours of fun for me. Thank you!
Stuck on 16, I pulled the box out but it isn't opening when i tap on it. Clearly, others are able to get past that, why can't I?
I agree to see some ads if I want free hints, but with this new way with the wheel de luxe I watch the ad and I do not get the hint. If I do not get a hint after I watch an ad for several times I give up and that is it. Other than that it is a nice game to play