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Can you escape the 100 room  VIII

Can you escape the 100 room VIII for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very interesting and adventurous game. Best played but it's hard to. But I still love It sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............................................................................................................................................ much. Thanks pretty much.
By far the most annoying version i played so far some puzzles are quite good i have to admit but the rest is totally pointless to even try. Most of the puzzles are either time consuming rotation puzzles where there is no thinking to it or impossible to figure out number combinations because there was no logic to it at all and when you use the hints it doesn't make any sense. The game is really pushing for you to use up all the hints till you get stuck and have no other option but to spend money
This is not a game it's a advertising store. Once the advertisement comes on your screen you can't skip it. You have to quit the game to skip the ad. You can't play the game with internet connection on. I had quit the game about 10 times to skip ad in a single level. Totally rubbish game.
Some puzzles do not make ANY sense! Even with the help of the hints, they still do not make any sense. I follow patterns and sequences. Several rooms do not. There are many places to tap and the game won't recognize until you initiate the hint. Fix the bugs, please.
It's not always logical or clear where to find clues to some puzzles. Have to use hints a lot. Earlier editions of 50 rooms were not so perplexing. Once the puzzles are completed it would be nice to see it a little longer to see the finish product. Especially when hints are used to solve the game, I want to see where I was going wrong. Why did I not get extra hints when I rated you the first time I wrote this. Previous versions gave 3 or 4 hints in reward. Not cool. Need hints more in this v.8.
I've played the first seven of these games in the series so I thought I knew the rhyme and rhythm of the puzzles, but this time, there are few explanations on what is needed to be done to solve the puzzles. Many of the combination puzzles are not logical. I'm only on level 17 and so far have used the hints to escape every room. Skip this one and try the first seven games in the series.
i enjoy the game for the most part, but some of the puzzles need more explanation and the free hints for watching ads doesn't work.
Some of the puzzles just don't make any sense without instructions. And unfortunately, the ones that give you instruction don't use words, just unclear illustrations.
I like it ... It is a great game that you have become addicted to. There are many puzzles, some of them are very easy, the other is difficult, and you need math and intuitive speed. Once I finish one , I download another one
I love this game! It challenges your mind in many different ways and is plain fun. Though there are some of the puzzles are almost impossible to do or they don't make any sense on how they got to the solution. I also wish that the game would give you free hints every 15min of game time. The "free" hints spinning wheel hardly ever lands on the free hints. I'm finding myself get super frustrated that I can't pass a level cuz I can't figure the puzzle.
Some items you need are in no way noticable and wouldn't be found unless you use a hint of just randomly click everywhere! On the screen kinda annoying but a real challenge
he game was fun and sometimes hard. The only complaint i have is sometimes the ads freeze up and I have to turn off my computer so I can contnue to play.
Fun game. Definitely one of the more challenging of the series! Some games are just a matter of luck, though. No logical sequence. Kind of frustrating.
I love the game, (yes there is a but) but I hate when I have no idea what the puzzle is or what I'm supposed to do. Unlike the other levels I never get a bouncing hint box and I need some to help me.
The clues are quite rundom and don't help to solve the games. I had to purchase extra hints twice where in the previous games could solve without so many extra hints. They make us buy the hints which is a miss. No one eventually will play this game
This is an awesome game that keeps you interested and makes you use your noodle. However, some of the puzzles are impossible to figure out and even when I use a hint to get the answer, I have no idea how the answer came to be.
All of the solutions are so obscure. Even when I finally use a hint, I cant make sense of what they've done mathmatically to get to the solution.
Some games need better instructions then just "play this game" you don't know what to do??! Plus scenes could be a bit brighter, even with ipad turned up I miss clues because it's just too dark to see them. What's wrong with having a lighter scene??
This is got 2 be one of the worst games I've ever played the sums puzzles don't make absolutely any sense at all boring rubbish in some puzzles it gives you the number 4687 then you have to put in 6423 I mean really uninstalling sorry this game is getting really bad reviews..
Love the challenge...only wish there were instructions on how to play the games....usually have no idea of what you need to do to complete them....some of them instruct what the goal is but usually none do
As all the other reviewers have stated about puzzle solving I agree with them. Having to use hints when you have the correct answer is discouraging, plus no instructions on what needs to be accomplised in a lot of the puzzles. I only used hint's when absolutley necessary as should be and when using hints many have only led me out of an area whithout any help. As I stated earlier I about the other reviewers post I haven't seen any positive responses from the developer to resolve these issues.
ok so i was addicted BUT...IDK what happened to this version (viii) but not one clue or hint is ever offered. even if you wait a certain amount of time no hints are given. that really sucks!!! i stopped playing because level 18 is really hard and i just got turned off by the fact that no hints are offered whats so ever and i cant solve that puzzle on the door :( update. well finally after taking a 1month break i went back and final beat the level... and the whole game. love these games!
Awful! The fact that I got stuck on Level 2!! By some ridiculous unfathomable "puzzle" annoyed me. Then L6, 8, 13.... uninstall. No logic to them and when you use the hints, no explanation. Or, the "explanation" is vague, at best!
So far so good up to level 4 with no complaints. Some clues are quite hidden so i had to use hints to find where to click. But that's the point isnt it?! To be challenging!..update..im just about done and the puzzles dont make any sense and when u use hints to solve it doesnt show u how to actually solve it. Not impressed. 😒
Some puzzles are very difficult. You can't just go to YouTube and get the solution from a walk through video. If you run out of hints, you can't solve the puzzle to advance to the next level. sometimes it lets you try to spin to get free hints. But every time it lands on ads. No hint. the earlier series let you get more hints. I am very bored with this game. Some of the puzzles make absolutely no sense. Even if you go to YouTube and watch the walk thru.
Fun game. Definitely one of the more challenging of the series! Some games are just a matter of luck, though. No logical sequence. Kind of frustrating. No rhyme or reason for the numbers(letters) on phone.
Love this game, some levels are extremely challenging but most are very fun..artwork is really detailed and colorful..every once in a while a step seems impossible, but you can use hints to progress past this. Other than that, wonderful game..
In the same mould as earlier chapters, but different enough. Some puzzles very puzzling, not sure I understand them all even now. They start easy enough but get harder, some respite in the early 30s. I wouldn't like to try on small screen, as sometimes it is difficult to tell what objects are even on tablet. Fortunately you are not penalised for random pressing. Works when not connected to the interweb.
Have to use way too many hints. Level 23 one clue is the numbers is a football and basketball players. Really? Not everyone knows that type of information. One puzzle, I can't even figure out what needs to be done to solve it and am unable to get more hints. I don't always want my puzzles solved.....just give an idea what needs to be done!
I hate being pestered to rate, especially when it happens multiple times in a single level due to going back and forth between rooms. If it only asked every time I opened the game I'd rate higher.
The majority of the puzzles are good, however, there are some that make absolutely no sense or the solution is related to some obscure object that has no relationship with the puzzle. With the help of hints it can be passed, otherwise you'd have to spend immense time attempting to figure out what clue is related to the answer
I really like playing but there alot of glitches. Its a good thing there are hints so you can skip by them and move on. If they were fixed I would have given it a better rating.
Fun till you get stuck and you have to spin 10+ times and at least 5 min between videos and then your reward is what the ad an no hint. Made it to level 45-50 and sucks cause I got to get rid of the game. Might I say if someone watches an ad an gets no reward maybe try fixing it.
The puzzles are more annoying than enjoyable. Some have no sense at all. And free hints are not given anyolmore which is a big let down. Enjoyed the series until now. Too bad.
Glitchy. Can't close ads once they open. Recently updated and this issue is ten times worse on several versions of this game
An exasperating mess! I've enjoyed most all the dev's other games, but #8 was infuriating. The gift-box hint option is gone & you can spin for free hints up 20+ times without results. Many puzzles don't follow logic and the math-based ones are absurdly difficult. Arrrggh!
It's a fun game but some of the puzzles are just too difficult to figure what the object of them is. The solutions are so obscure that it's impossible to solve them without resorting to help from the internet. Then when you see the solution you still can't understand how it makes any sense.
started fine, got stuck with a puzzle level 17 no hints given. Pity I was enjoying the game. Second time round, hope the hiccup has been sorted. Good game and graphics.
Level 33 will not use any of my hints and I have plenty. I've used the hint tab to get thru it but it keeps showing me the same thing about the butterflies and I have put them in the right position and it still won't work
Graphics are poor, the images highly pixellated even in a small display like a phone. Most of the times the puzzles and the clues don't follow any logic. The game is poor, where you might have been clicking at the right place all along but were off by a millimeter so it won't register. The flaws seem to have been included on purpose so that the player is forced to use the hints. This makes the developer seem unethical and unprofessional.
Not satisfied with the part of the advertisement, how many times I've watched advertisements without getting the hints !
One of the puzzles can't be solved without the hint (episode 37 I think) plus the wheel of fortune NEVER gives hints, I tried at least 50 times plus no free hints by watching ads pop up the entire time unlike the other games so far. So basically forces people into spending their money on a "free" game.
what happened to the hints? can't find any option to view adverts, or even buy them (to be fair, I wouldn't). have enjoyed the other games but not this.
It's great for your brain. It seems that a lot of the puzzles are just the same over and over. So it gets boring. Many of the clues don't make sense. I love escape games but this level is boring.
This game is fun, but some of the puzzles and clues need more explanation as they don't make sense and you'd never guess how to solve them
The puzzles in this game make little sense, even the hints as to how to solve the puzzle are often vague. This doesn't match up to the first 7 games, I recommend skipping version 8 all together, save yourself the frustration.
Enjoy playing your escape games..great graphics and themes..hooked on solveing but after 6 or so levels i get stuck & give up...
I have had the best time playing all these escape games in this family. Seriously, if you want a exceptionally designed game and a game that is actually challenging, then look no further. This is it!!!!!
I have enjoyed previous versions, but Vlll sucks, several puzzles seem very random with no clear connection to the "?" direction/hint. bugs on several levels in which you have to close out the game and restart it several times to get it to work. level 26 door will not open to progress to next room. this version is poor quality compared to others.
These games are great! I do not like this version as much as others though. The puzzles can be difficult to see on a phone with no way to magnify and several puzzles in this version don't make sense even after seeing the hint walkthrough. This version is still fun but not as much as others they offer.
I like the game in general, but I wish there were more details, as when we pick up objects, it would indicate what the objects are, because some of them are unclear. Also, maybe adding some interactions with characters throughout the game, it would feel less lonely. Apart from that, it's a good game.
Omg I love this game very much and I think I am falling in love with this game. That's very fantastic but there is a problem hint and free hints it doesn't working what to I do. But the game is very fantastic. I love this game.
the game is great, but the hint disappeared when i reach some level. and there is no additional hint like the previous escape game. and some puzzle dont have any clue how to solve it, so its really confusing.
Creative program. Terrible controls. Tapping several times before items are selected. Plenty of ads but no hints! Level 27 missing information (+/-) signs!!
I have liked all of these games 1-7, but this one has puzzles that have solutions that are so obscure that even after using clues they don't make any sense. For example, level 26 d=g means add 3 to every number in the sequence of the given combination. I get that g is 3 letters after d, but the next step is a leap.
Some of the puzzles are so obscure you can't figure them out without a hint and even after you see the answer you can't understand what they mean but I'm still enjoying the ones I can solve.
It's an ok game but some of the puzzles are confusing. I have a feeling it is because the developer isn't from the States. I live in the United States. There seem to be cultural references/ cultural assumptions that don't correlate to my lived experiences. It's a good idea but needs work/ more consistently in the way puzzles are presented.
The triangle puzzle on level 26 might be unsolvable. So many of the bars won't move and so many of the empty spots won't allow for a bar placement. Very frustrating. The code puzzle on level 37 has one "acceptable" solution, even though there is at least one other solution - the one I found.
Love it BUT sometimes a clue is really needed to give you some sort of idea. Also when you use a hint it would really help to show you how it's actually solved, as this would help to understand for future games
No hints this time, some puzzles make no sense, and with no way to pass them, the game becomes more irritating than entertaining.
most of the rooms make no sense and are difficult to find the correlation between the clues. this is my least favorite of all the escape rooms
On level 26 when I get to the triangle puzzle, it does not allow me to place the pieces down in some areas. I have had previous problems in other levels. The graphics are great and I love playing these type of games. I just don't like it when they freeze up and I have to restart my phone.
I'm not very happy because i reached level 42 and no hints accumulated then i won a hint and it didn't show up so not sure if it is a glitch or if that is how it goes when you reach the final levels ???
This is a pretty good game It has many different types of things that you need to solve the puzzle are pretty hard tho but overall it a good game I recommend to play for keeping your brain moving
More pointless/harder than necessary puzzles than usual (I've been working my way through all the escape the room games in this series). Found myself using hints more than usual because of this.
I LOVE this series of games! I just wish there would be more instructions for some of the puzzles... some just don't make sense AT ALL!
Definitely the worst out of all 8. The others were challenging, but made sense. In this one, the puzzles just do not appear logical. I finally caved and used a hint on level 6, and even with the hint it made no sense and could not deduce how someone is supposed to arrive at that conclusion. Edit: hints do not replenish like they do in 1-7 and by the mid 30s some of the puzzles are just ridiculous. changed to 1 star. Amazing how EVERY single one of their games is 4.5 stars 🤔
Addictive!!! Difficult puzzles that will have you scratching your head for days...if you can resist looking up guides on youtube that is.
A few too many long repetitive puzzles for my taste but otherwise, entertaining. I was looking for clues to analyze in order to escape. If I wanted to do Rubik's cube type puzzles, I would look for those. Inserting them into the escape puzzle makes it drag to much, I think.
I have played all the way through to 8 but I may stop. puzzles are not hard. but if you have never seen them or know info on what the developer knows they are impossible without hints that you can't get even if you spin the wheel by clicking on the hints you always get ads and no hints for watching. I am stuck. I have asked a number of friends to help and even watched walk through. I have wrote it on paper etc. I know the developer knows because others have said the same. it has potential.
love the game. however its strange that almost every time when I know the clue or where to tap it won't register my tap until I use a clue from the ones I purchased. to me that is just a little shady. upsetting to say the least
These games are normally very enjoyable. However, this particular version is filled with puzzles that are VERY obscure. I was unable to understand several of them even after seeing the solutions. I will be uninstalling this version in search of a more satisfying game.
In the words of Burn Notice: "Michael Westen: [voice-over] When you're communicating in code, sometimes you just have to hope that whoever you're talking to is smart enough to figure out what you're saying. Use a code that's too simple, and it will get broken. Use a code that's too complex, and you're just talking to yourself." Several of the puzzles are the game designers talking to themselves. The rest of the puzzles are great. Expect to use the video walk-thru or use hints on many of the levels.
Great game. Challenging puzzles but not so much that you get really frustrated and quit. i struggle with some being colorblind however.
Many games don't make sense and there are no instructions. A major step down from #7. Even after using hints, I'm left wondering how some items connect. I've never had this problem in any other game... online or in person. Do better. Thanks.
I still can't give these games 5 stars. Some of the games re too far out of the box that the only way to solve them is to use hints. Other times you can solve a puzzle correctly but the game says you don't, and again you are forced to use your hints to proceed. And finally, there are times you can repeatedly tap on a spot and nothing happens, yet when you use a hint it has you tap on the exact same spot.
Can't get enough of the Can you escape series. Some of the puzzles could use a little more instructions. Fun game. Mind exercise at it's finest.
Great game. It gets harder as you go along! Even the mini games get very hard! Stock up on hints! You're gonna need then!
Hints are broken. No daily ad watch to get hints like previous versions, the ad wheel only gives ads and never hints (here's a novel idea: just give hints for watching ads and don't have a lying wheel), and now the refilling 1-hint meter has been stuck for three days without giving a hint.
Alot of the puzzles make no sense. There is barely any kind of clues that help you figure things out. When i used the hints on several puzzles the answer seemed almost just random.
Things were going well until level 8. I needed a hint to figure out what to do next after the painting was on the table. What happened to the hints?? Finally had to go to YouTube to get solutions. FIX THE HINTS!!!
Great game, some puzzles dont make sence even with the hints sometimes, and getting hints is a pain you either pay for them or spin a wheel which gives you between 1 and 3 free hints but you have to spin it a good 30 times before you win them other than that the game is great
Fun and challenging, but probably the least fun in the Can you Escape series so far. Either too easy or too challenging, no middle ground.
Originally gave this 3 stars, but after playing awhile gotta downgrade it. as per other comments some of the puzzels dont really work logically, but most of all the hint systems is completly broken, dont get any daily free hints and you never get a hint rewarded for watching ads. makes the game almost unplayable unless you pay for hints.
One of the better puzzle games... great graphics and mix of simple and more lateral mini games... mini game instructions are sometimes confusing but if you have enough hints it's ok.
The mini games often are boring, quite rarely interesting. It's a waste of time, even more when there are no instructions and you have to stay for long time thinking... people have enough to think during their jobs, you don't do anything to try to give some relaxation. Less stupid mini games and more clues, the latter can change your game from "I can't, I'm too bored, I'm going to uninstall", to "wow it's interesting, I like it!"
Please fix lever 35. I solved the problem with the butterflies on the brick wall but it doesn't give a clue and won't let you go any further. I just keep building up hints.
I don't like that if you need to use the tips to figure a puzzle, the game immediately solves it and moves to the next section. Pause the puzzle with the answer so we can see what we didn't figure out. Also this version viii has you watch a bunch of ads as a chance to maybe receive a tip. NOT COOL!
I enjoy the clues but sometimes the mini games you use are confusing and you have no idea what you are supposed to do in them.
Fun game but PLEASE provide "directions" on more of the games! Not all of us are brainiacs! AND, when you do provide directions, maybe be a little more clear on what the heck you're looking for!
I like these games but, some of the puzzles are ridiculous. No indication of what you are supposed to do. And some of the math , I have used hints to see solution and it still makes no sense. Have no idea how you arrive at some of these solutions. I like that I have to think but damn !!
Meh... I expected something better. It's just stupid and I usually like puzzle/escape rooms. It seems poorly thought out and uncreative.
The free hint wheel gives only ads, but won't give the free hint. This last spin was my 4th, and no hint. 😧 I don't understand why the store won't let me purchase any hints. I've been trying for two days and the arrows just keep going around in a circle, then the X pops up to leave the purchase page. There is a glitch in thge purchase ap that needs to be corrected. 😡
Good game but some of the puzzles can't be completed unless you use hints. These take 3 hints to complete and if you have run out of hints you have the option to buy or watch ads to get more, if you choose to watch ads you will have to sit through 3 ads where you will get between 1, 2 or 3 hints BE WARNED MOST TIMES YOU WILL ONLY GET ONE HINT. (VERY FRUSTRATING).
I love these games...except on the 2nd set level 4. Its the triangle puzzle and after a couple of wrong guesses it doesn't let me use the same pieces or place them in the same spot. very frustrating. will taste higher when fixed.
These escape games are great entertainment and do stimulate brain activity ! The one limitation that occurs now and then is with the "Play this game" episodes. Some of these are so intricate and take so much time that they are not really worth pursuing. The occasional bits of help provided are not much help and it would be better to be able to expend one hint for a little help rather than using 3 hints and having it done for you ! Nonetheless, the best games I have found for quite a while.
Game was enjoyable until about Level 17. Ads appear about every 15 seconds right in the middle of solving a puzzle. Then the puzzle resets. Very annoying.
Ok in general but not all puzzles make sense even after using 3 hints to find the solution. Even on a 10 inch tablet some items to explore are invisible so you need to touch every part of the screen and trust to luck.Game has tendancy to freeze occasionally.The Home icon does not work and just shows a black screen. Uninstalled .
This game nickel and dimes you to buy coins for hints. The games itself is not worth it. The game is too small. At times you can't see the game pieces and the mini games don't have some sort of instructions so at times you are forced to use your hints. Ads constant which destroys the momentum of the game. I really give this game a minus 20.
Used to use the daily hints and spinning for just a few of the toughest puzzles. Version vii was good as there was some explanations of puzzles which meant you could understand what to do, with this version viii there isn't an explanation, the spinning for hints doesn't work and daily hints have vanished it seems. Close to deleting and already annoyed as the puzzles seem to be less logical and a lot harder in every single level. Shame really as previously a good developer.
Addictive game but a bit confusing. Not good at explaining on what to do to try to solve some of the puzzles.
This game is fun but when u use the free hint it doesn't give u free hints it give u more ads than anything i useed it and it has giving me 20 ads in a roll and that not right
It will be good if you give 3 free hints daily as you gave in the previous episodes... I'm not satisfied like the previous parts... After completing all the previous episodes only I installed this expecting the same in all the other previous episodes... It disappointed me.
I like this game, gameplay pretty good on my phone as I have great near-vision! The only drawback is the sense of some some of the mini games - i.e. There isn't any. Enjoying it though and it gives you plenty of hints each day and by watching ads.
Please assist with level 26 door Code. Each time I go in it gives me a a new code. I don't understand the D=G? Someone said +3 which I tried but didn't work. Please help.
Daily hints don't work. Get day 1 and 2 then nothing then back to day 1. Pay 3 hints to solve puzzle but doesn't show how it is solved . Not right !
I really like these games. BUT the functionality of the earn hints really leaves something to be desired. I only actually get a hint about 1 out of 20 tries. and I do follow through. what a bummer to spend so much time trying for nothing. :(
The free hints don't work! I appreciate the option to watch an ad for a free hint but after I have watched the ad I would actually like to receive my free hint! That shouldn't be too much to ask. My review would be 5 stars if it weren't for this issue
Gets stuck on first screen, can't use coin at all, hints don't work just crashes when you go to watch add. Pointless
I've played newer chapters of this series, and they are much better, with more organic brain teasers. Skip the earlier ones like this one. Nothing is more frustrating than a puzzle that can't be solved without "cheating". When resorting to using a hint, the response should be "Oh! I should have thought of that!" Not "How the hell would I have thought to do THAT?"
Up until VII I always gave you 4's but being that you have started to cheat SO BAD I have decided that I would lower your score and give you Bad feedback as maybe this would prompt you to make you send your coding team in to remove the cheats as it is hard enough to beat your levels without that.... peace out
Good puzzles, but I have clicked on several areas that I had the right piece or sequence and nothing happened. After going in and out of the puzzle several times it eventually started to work. It gets frustrating when you don't know if you are right or wrong if the puzzle doesn't react properly. This needs to be fixed before this game is even worth playing! Even the hints are telling me that I am correct. Really annoying!
Very enjoyable. You can accumulate plenty of hints just for playing daily to solve any puzzles you can't figure out.
Quite a number of ridiculous puzzles that don't make sense. Earlier games were better. I think game makers simply want players to view ads to get hints.
I have played through all of the 7 prior escape games and loved them. In version 8 however, Level 6 and 7 both had puzzles where the answers made no sense. In addition, the hints no longer replenish. I'm stuck at, as the other users. We will not pay for hints for a broken game. This was fine before your update. 😒
Every escape game this company makes is more about taking hours to solve one puzzle instead of that time being spent on searching for objects and clues. Complete opposite of what I want. Completely missed the mark for me.
the puzzles in this series make zero logical sense. there is no way to deduce many of the solutions from any clues provided without getting hints. its annoying. sucks, because the other games in the series are very good.
I love the escape games. Many of the puzzles don't seem to make sense, even after using clues to finish it. Each room has multiple items to find and place in order to reveal the next step and two puzzles to complete. I seriously can only do one room a night. It is frustrating to finish seven days collecting higher number of hints and then be bumped back to the first day one hint.
Addictive game. Very annoying sometimes though as some games make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Even when you get the clues they still make no sense.
Very challenging. More than any of the previous version. Some clues doesnt make any sense for an above average joes. You'll need the tips but you coul always get it from time to time.
Can't get past level 6 because of the password. Tried several different ones and nothing. I am unable to get any hints because the wheel only lands on ads and this one doesn't have the watch ad option to gain more hints. I've also had a look on YouTube but none of the codes have worked. I've really enjoyed these games in the past and it's a shame something like a silly password ruins it. Uninstalled!
Interesting challenges but some of the games are very frustrating as you have no idea what you are meant to be achieving. Good way to while away time though.
As much as I am addictive to HO games since 1996. Now that I use a tablet as hate windows 10. And my tablet has 128Gb ram. The game is struggling, after each room the game screen goes totally black and you can not fix it at first i though I was in the d a rk as tapping on things I could here them only way to stop the black screen was to shut my whole tablet off. Now when playing lost land seriies and have no issues sorry uninstalling
I tried the first 4 rooms and I already had 3 bugged puzzles - I solved them and nothing happened and when I used "THE HELP" it offered me my own solution!
Good start then the games didn't have instructions and were not intuitive. I question whether some of the games could even be accomplished. I won't be playing these games anymore.
So far this version has been a bit more frustrating. The rules for the games haven't always been clear. Even when I use a hint to get a code, the explanation has left me more baffled. Also when you correctly, solve a puzzle, the prize isn't always revealed in the same location as the game. I've solved a puzzle, then had to use a hint to figure out where the prize was to be claimed. Also, this version was more glitchy than previous ones.
More challenging, but frustrating and some of the puzzles make no logical sense. Also the hints do no replenish like in previous escape rooms so unless you are willing to purchase hints, you will become stuck with unsolvable puzzles (level 37).
This was my third download of the series, and by far the worst. Many of the puzzles don't make any sense even after using hints, and puzzles are my forte. The others from this developer were much better. I doubt I will continue playing this one.
On level 46 in the 50 rooms escape i lost 3 hints because when I tried to use them, it didn't show me what to do. I agree with the other reviews.
I had to reinstall due to level 10 locked up at the end and gave me the red arrow at the bottom left of the screen like it does on pop out screens but on the main screen
I agree with John C. 11/9/2020. Sometimes I just need another little clue. Could someone please tell me how the clue in level 6, to get into the medecine cabinet, makes any sense? I really like the game.
When you need a hint, it takes way too long to get one, unless you make purchases. The previous version I tried was nothing like this one. 3 different days on the same puzzle and no hint at all. I like trying to figure it out, but not so much when it takes too much time for one thing.
Very good challenges, mostly. You will need the hints, use them wisely. Some of the explanations are bizarre, no way to figure out. I am enjoying it. Very satisfying when you succeed.
I would give it a higher rating but many of the puzzles dont make sense and there's no clarification of what's expected. also after watching the ads, the hint is not added as indicated, so this is useless and frustrating.
I'm only in the third room but so far it's really fun! It's challenging without getting too frustrating. These are fun if you can take your time and enjoy finding the clues, etc. Not great for instant gratification type people.
I enjoy playing these games, for the most part. However there need to be better directions/examples to explain the games. Also ask for a hint, I expect a hint, not a solution! Instead of using, I find a walkthrough on you tube and watch it just to the point where I can figure out what to do next, not to the solution. Sometimes I have to do this several times to complete the puzzle. Even then sometimes I just can't follow it, so then I use the 3 hints to bypass. I still like to play!
Its a fun game but you watch an ad for hint and get no hint. I let the ads play to the end and nothing, then have to wait five minutes to do it again and still nothing. Why have a wheel that has you watch ads for nothing?
Too darn exasperating to spend hours on several puzzles, watch the walkthrough & shake my head at the logic. Yet I very much enjoyed most of the levels and loved Rooms V & IX. Haven't found another Dev that compares to the excellent graphics, controls, price, 50 separate room games & hours of playtime. Superlative Apps & anticipating No. X;)
Not intuitive like the others. Some steps make zero sense and the "clues" they give you offer little to no explanation. I've been playing all of these games in order starting with the 1st 50 rooms, and this one is the weakest one so far. I understand the devs need to make money on people buying hints, but when you are forced to use them because it's impossible to progress further, it's very frustrating.
i like all series of this game 1 to 10 i like veeerrrryyyyyy muuuuccchhhhh this game.just one thing is not good that some puzzles are ilegible making no sense otherwise fantastic work keep it up and now i m w8ing can u escape the 100 rooms xi plzzzz tell me when this will b on.thanks.i m w8ing for ur reply.
Fun and challenging game. The one thing that I wish was clearer is instructions about solving the puzzle. It is difficult to know what they are asking you to do. I like the hints.
some of the puzzles are virtually impossible. for example, pictures of sports people and your expected to know their jersey numbers. If you're like me and don't follow ANY sports, you're stuck. Also some of the puzzles have fine details that aren't visible even on a 10 inch tablet.
Just trying to get out of the app or getting too close to the hint button wastes your hint. I get that confirmation can be annoying but for this game its pretty devastating to accidentally use a hint and all it does is the bare minimum anyways unless you are on a puzzle. Also, sometimes the clues are way too vague and the puzzles impossible without a hint. We are trying to get through the rooms and have fun not get stuck in the same place for a week.
Not as good as the previous ones. Some of the clues and puzzles make absolutely no sense. I have all the previous games to this one in the series. This one is definately frustrating at times.
Fun, but confusing at times. There needs to be more explanation on certain puzzles as to what the object of the game is.
It's ok, the game is very vague so unless you can know what the creator was thinking, than most your play will be just guessing. Good graphics though.
Still enjoying the challenges these games have. Some times quite chuffed I've worked out what's required, even without a clue, but sometimes frustrated that I cannot work it out and have to resort to hints. Good work though, thank you whoever came up with the ideas.
This one has alot of good puzzles in it and the graphics are pretty good. it just lacks a few things. First of all some of the objects are hard to identify it should say what they are and the other issue is that some of the puzzles dont make sense at all or there aren't clear directions on how to play. it is no fun having to look up the walkthrough because you have no idea what to do.
Some of the puzzles are really obscure and close to impossible to figure out. Just finished a level where I was expected to mimic the shape of a completely random object in the room to complete a puzzle. Never would have figured that out without a hint. Otherwise, gameplay is smooth and keeps me entertained.
Some of the puzzles are so random that they are impossible to figure out. I've done several of these (from this series) and love them, but this one is a bit disappointing.
It's fun to play escape games. I enjoy your franchise the best, and have a great time figuring the puzzles out. Some problems are more difficult, which mean I have to activate my brain. LOL Keep up the good work!
I would give this game a 5 except if you do use hints to solve a puzzle you never learn the solution to the puzzle. This is frustrating because I spend a lot of time trying to solve them first.
Way too many silly games, using way too many hints trying to figure out solutions that make no sense, plus pause the game, or wait for me to push a button, so I can see what the solution actually was. For what I've seen these solutions are things you make up, but don't make any sense. I don't mind spending a day or so trying to figure something out, but when I spend the time and I see your solution doen't make sense, it pisses me off.
I just wish it wasn't so dark. It's hard to see some of the things in the game, other than that the game is really fun and challenging. Some of the games need instructions of what to do.
The game is fun but you getting no hints when you watch ads and it's sucks seeing the same ads and getting nothing for it tired seen the same ads.
Dont bother. I've played a few of these escape games and this version is horrible. The games glitch all the time and you cant earn more help. If you want more than 1 help you have to pay or spin the wheel. The wheel should give you help about half the time but it's more like 10%. Deleting at level 26.
I love playing escape games BUT hate running into a lot of ads or glitches. This escape game is by for the best i have played. Have'nt had any problems what so ever. So thank you developers for a job well done ! 😊
The main downfall, for me, is that not all the puzzles come with instructions. That might be part of the fun for some, but i find it frustrating.
There are so many puzzles that are unsolvable without hints that it's pointless. Such as finding numbers amongst objects, but there's one you can only see once you've already typed in the numbers! Also,the point of hints is to give you an idea of how to solve it, but all they do is point at the object you've already found or just tell you the answer. Too frustrating to bother continuing.
A nice looking game. However I can't give it a high rating because first - one wants to become better at solving these puzzles, but doesn't as the most difficult puzzles are not explained, the game simply takes your 3 tips and you move on. So whenever you get the same puzzle in the future you are as clueless as the first time. Second - inability to expand inventory. Items there are not zoomable and are sometimes so small one can't always tell what they are even on a relatively big mobile screen
Literally said if you watch an ad, you get a free hint, I never got my hints after getting 30+ ads, I'm owed over 30 hints, but it doesn't matter as I uninstalled this terrible game, fix this and maybe I'll play it again
I've loved each version up until VIII. I feel the clues are a bit random (for lack of a better word). Many of the codes don't make sense; even when I watch the walkthrough online. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the previous versions. Can't wait to get to version IX.
I really like this game. The only downside is some puzzles are impossible to solve without clues or watching walk through tutorials. I like the challenge of the puzzles but some of them are so frustrating that I have to put the game down for a few days and end up deleting it.
Some of the puzzles are difficult to figure out what to do and some, like the badge on level 6, don't respond even when you get them right. I had to use 3 hints even though I had it right. Still good escape game series though.
I've played all 50 room escape from 1 until 12 but jumped 8. This one doesn't make sense there are puzzles even if you use hints will never show you how it happened. It hard than 12. Maybe when they made this one they had screws missing in their heads.
I love escape room games and this series is one of the better ones, but I wish there was an option to skip the really hard puzzles. I'd say at least half of the puzzles are easy enough to figure out (it also helps when there are indications or instructions on how to play, some give you no clues whatsoever!) but some are SO HARD it makes the game not fun. Most of the time you can find walkthrough solutions on youtube, but it sucks to have to use that! A skip option would be so much better!!
I love this type of game, I've been playing all of them without issue... But this one, well, I'm just stuck. A bunch of puzzles aren't logical so thank God for YouTube walkthroughs... But now I've been stuck at the door of level 37 and there are no hints to bypass it. Frustrating. I think I've been spinning these shapes for four days.
Absolutely Addictive. I am 68 and can't get enough. Super congratulations to the developers. Thank you for providing a mentally challenging game that doesn't require constant payment to participate.
how do I get either my money back or the hints I bought. $4.99 for 40 hints ... nothing has shown up. out of curiosity I went back and purchased 6 for $.99, and they showed right up.
Have been enjoying these games, early on in this one, we'll see how it goes. Also would save hints if how to on some of the puzzles was available as well as option for hints to help, not just solve.
Although the puzzles seem solvable there's absolutely no instructions. So an easily solvable puzzle costs you some cheats (unless you have time to figure out what they want).
The hints wheel is tampered. There are 6 possible results with 3 being ad and others being hints. So there should be equal probability of getting hint or ad. But I get hints in every 5 to 10 tries. So the wheel is definitely tampered. 🙁
Some of the puzzles are too difficult. Thankfully there's walk throughs on YouTube. Most levels will need it.
I really like the concept, but you leave us in the dark at times. Please let us know what we are working towards. The screens are dark and hard to make out. The markings on the books in the one I'm doing, can hardly be seen. The clues are not readily identified until it happens to go somewhere. Keep making more.
game is fun but it stuck at level 38! it's so hard some mini games are really confusing the hints are not that helpful you hardly can get one hint unlike other versions are more likely to get help I'm having it for long long time now!
Hints aren't really useful as they simply solve the puzzle for you and many puzzles /games don't come with instructions. Otherwise an interesting game.
Downloaded this one day when I was super bored due to the lockdown. Turned out to be the best puzzle game app series ever made! Thank you for this. Just finished part 7 of the series. Now playing part 8! I have one tiny suggestion - It would be great if there was a "Colorblind mode" so that people like me can the colors apart easily. That was the only ONE thing that bugged me throughout.
Some of the clues are hard to see. And some of the mini games should have discriptions. It's hard to understand what to do sometimes.
I can't get through most mini games without hints. I am in level 29 on a mini game that I have done exactly like what hint showed and the game will not acknowledge it. So now I probably will have to get new game. I am not happy